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Talon is a terrorist organization.

Early History

"We are everywhere, we are everyone, fear us for we lurk in the shadows. We are Talon."

Talon is an organization handed down from generation to generation through Lang Buddha's lineage. The current incarnation of Talon is headquartered in the underground area hidden behind a false wall built into the basement of Rooster's Rest. The founding members are Lang Buddha, Ellie Dono, and Denzel Williams.



The ideology of Talon has been ambiguous, possibly due to the unusual combination of the organization being illegal as well as ancient.

One of its stated goals, to "give power back to the people," expresses a nostalgia for an imagined democratic society that never existed. At the same time, a different stated goal, to "pacify the citizenry" is both anti-democratic (the belief in a de-politicized public) and utopian (the belief that such a public will be capable of holding power).

Talon's relationship with authority is equally ambiguous. Talon's relative subjective position (heaven above, earth below) has historically been the signifying position of the oppressor. However, the nature of Talon's violence makes it unclear whether Talon's motivation is anti-authoritarian (desire for no masters) or authoritarian (desire for a new master).


After being freed from maximum security prison, Yung Dab began to steer Talon toward being a psychopolitical organization focused on changing the current Los Santos regime into a separatist autocracy under the patriarchy of Denzel Williams. Dab plans to mobilize the gangster capitalist power structures already present in the city as well as the feelings of helplessness and political alienation of the civilian population in order to build the coalition that Talon will need to engage in irregular warfare against the loyalists of the current regime.

Places of Interest

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Dean Watson

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Dean Watson is a major shareholder of Los Santos, representing a significant percent of the local economy. Dean became disillusioned with the Los Santos Justice Department after learning that they have been refusing to prosecute either Dean or entities owned by Dean out of fear and incompetence.

Dean came to the conclusion that if the Justice Department won't hold him accountable for his actions, then he will wreak havoc on the city to force the city to act.

Yung Dab

Yung Dab Prison Outfit.png

Maximilian Thoroughbred, better known as Yung Dab, is a former inmate of Bolingbroke Penitentiary who was exfiltrated from maximum security by Lang Buddha and members of The Guild.

On June 22, 2021, Lang tasked Dab with drafting a manifesto that will detail Talon's ideology. The document will be using the The Gnomes manifesto (also written by Dab) as inspiration.


Olivia Copper

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Olivia Copper is the State Trooper leading the investigaton for Talon-related crimes. Prior to the start of the investigation, Copper became friends with members of The Guild and continues to spend time with them when she is off-duty.


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Petunia Brookshire is the former CEO of Rooster's Rest who became targeted by Talon after revealing potentially destabilizing information about the organization.


Back in the torture chamber cropped.png

Meowfurryon was a former member of The Guild who experienced a dramatic change in personality after being tortured by Officer Sam Baas.

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