Tallie Savage is a character role-played by kfruntrfrunt.

Description[edit | edit source]

Tallie Savage is a Lieutenant for the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Lima-3. She also worked for Harmony Repairs Garage on the side as a mechanic.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Tallie was born to Jethro Tiller and Olivia Cantor. Their union was a matter of great controversy, given that Mr. Tiller was married and Olivia was the very young intern recently hired on to Mr. Tiller’s oil company as a secretary. As these things tend to go, Olivia fled the public eye and had her child against Mr. Tiller’s wishes. However, unable to care for the child, she left Tallie in the care of the foster care system.

Tallie was adopted by the Savages when she was 8, becoming the youngest in the family. As she grew older, the Savages realized how much trouble she would be more and more every day. She bullied many other kids, despite being smaller than most of them, resorting to pointed emotional attacks and constant harassment. As she got older, her tendencies changed, from attacks on people to attacks on property. She occupied much of her time with petty graffiti or smashing storefronts and cars, acting on a philosophy of anarchy that she embraced more fully as she grew up.

Her early adulthood was marked by two key events. The first of which was her first interaction with her half-brother Geoffry Tiller. The man, two years her senior, was deeply troubled and in the middle of a month-long stint off his medication. They talked at length about their various hang ups, finding easy comradery in their mutual distaste for their father, society at large, and their inability to affect change upon their environment in a meaningful way. Geoff tipped his hand to her, revealing his history of psychopathy and tendency toward malice, coloring it all as the fault of their shared progenitor. He laid out a plan for Jethro's murder before her, from which she instantly recoiled. That was the last they spoke, though Geoff often wrote her, despite her pleas for him to stop.

The second was when she finally snapped. During a misguided attempt to understand her problematic father, Tallie visited Jethro and spoke with him about many things, the main crux of which revolved around questions of why he treated her half-brother with such indignation and herself with flippant dismissal of her existence. Jethro provided no good answers, stoking a fury within her. She channeled that fury into hijacking his car, driving it through the front door of his home, and setting the thing alight. Tallie was arrested, but no charges were ever pressed. She was let go just a few days after her arrest, and would never speak to her father again.

She moved to Los Santos as a way of starting over, of finding a way to define herself outside the context of her troubled upbringing and ancestry.

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