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T-800 Smith was a character role-played by pokelawls.


T-800 was an android from the future in 01/01/2090 and came to Los Santos investigating how the people of the past lived. Their voice box was damaged in the time travel and can only talk in unidentifiable whispers. T-800 takes the form of a homeless woman.


T-800 & T-700 would walk around Los Santos often being mistaken as locals. They would walk until they see a person and stare at them and follow them unless they get distracted by a closer target. Once confronting the target they will whisper and point at them.

T-800 & T-700 also as been know to hide inside people's cars and trunks as a form of hiding and travel.


  • The only person seen to be able to understand their whisper is Four Tee.
  • T-800 can not run.



Played By: pokelawls
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