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Sydney Frost is a character role-played by steamcharlie. Her maiden name is Woods, but she used Bearmont as her surname until marrying Mike Frost.

General Description

Sydney Frost is a Lead Dispatch FTO for the Los Santos Police Dispatch, Badge #D-1

She was a Cadet for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #582.

She prides herself in her attempts to be kind, caring, and supportive in a city that is ultimately very dangerous.

Background Information

Sydney is a small-town Canadian, originally from BC.

She grew up on the west coast of Canada. In her early twenties, Sydney went travelling through Europe, during which fell in love with an American woman, Teresa Steeler, and moved to New York to be with her. They were happy together in the early stages, but as things progressed, Sydney slowly began to realize the manipulative and abusive nature of their relationship. After a few years together, Sydney left Teresa and went into hiding in a place where she knew that she would never be looked for: Los Santos.

Her brother, Damien Woods, knows that Sydney has changed her name and moved to the city.

Sydney suffers from severe depression. After Chris died, she started seeing Johnathan Wright for therapy in order to help her move through the grieving process. Over the weeks, they became friends and ended their doctor/patient relationship in order to avoid any conflicts. Johnathan passed her case to William Thatch. William is likely the person who knows the most about Sydney in the city, and has helped her immensely in dealing with her depression in healthy ways.


Currently Married to Mike Frost. After spending a lot of time together as friends, Frost asked Sydney out during a picnic date at the NW Raton Canyon Overlook near Chumash. Mike proposed to Sydney on July 31st 2020, which she accepted. He told her he had a surprise and insisted they get dressed up nicely, then drove them both to the Overlook point where he recreated their first date before asking her to marry him.

On 6th November 2020 - Sydney arranged a impromptu wedding, with all the issues and surprises of late she wanted it done before anything happened to either herself or Frost. Sydney took Mike Frost's last name to become Mrs. Sydney Frost.

Sydney and Mike Photo Gallery:

Formerly dating Casey Valentine. They met at MRPD on her first day of work when he asked for a hug after the announcement of Amara's death. Shortly after, they started flirting. Casey asked her to officially be his girlfriend while visiting her off duty one day at the MRPD front desk. They have since parted ways, mutually and on good terms.

Considers Johnathan Wright, Joey Keys, Kevin Keyte, Daniel Rogers, and Ekaterina Alekseyevna to be among her closest friends. Charlie Spresso was also among these until they had a falling out where Sydney admitted to Charlie that she couldn't give their friendship what it needed at the time, which Charlie did not take well. Thankfully, they have made amends and repaired their friendship.

Until his death, Chris McGrawl was her best friend in the city. She had considered becoming his paralegal for a time, but ultimately felt that she would be the most helpful and happiest at MRPD. She was very deeply affected by his death, and struggled for a long time to come to terms. One day in 'visiting Chris', she carved a small memorial into the landing on the tower of the dam that reads:

RIP Chris

miss you

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Civilian Administrator
Hired by Senior Officer Jack Ripley January 5th, 2020
Civilian Dispatcher
Hired by Trooper Tony Andrews March 13, 2020
Accepted into Academy - Badge #R-2 [1] May 9th, 2020
Passed Academy - Badge #582 May 11th, 2020
Resigned July 28th, 2020
Lead Dispatch FTO
Resigned from the Blaine County Sheriff's Office to work in Dispatch July 29th, 2020


  • One of Bryce Miller's dads.
  • Strongly believes that Murphy Braun had a hand in the murder of Chris McGrawl.
  • Wants to help reshape the public image of the PD in the city. She believes that the fractured relationship between the citizens and the police force can be healed with some work.
  • Dislikes guns, but carries one after Casey Valentine offered to teach her how to shoot.
  • Used to carry a baseball bat for therapeutic reasons. William Thatch has suggested that she no longer needs it.
  • Has a tendency to dig for information in situations, despite being told that it is unsafe for her to do so. After seeing the danger that it put Flop, Charlie, and various others in, she has started to stop doing this.
  • Wore an over-sized suit jacket to Chris McGrawl's funeral in homage to the pastel suit she always saw him in.
  • Considers Joey Keys to be like a brother to her.
  • Sees Richard Dark, Matt Rhodes, and Jack Ripley as mentors/father figures.
  • Sees Lauren Forcer as her "BCSO Mom" and credits her for helping her through police academy.
  • Has been "adopted" by Claudia Gartner and Auggie Stitzler. She fondly refers to them as "Mom & Dad".
  • Adopted Kevin Keyte as one of her sons, as well as Cameron Dupres up until his death.
  • 31/07/2020 - Got Engaged to Mike Frost.
  • Due to "forced lore", Sydney often smells like lavender as a result of using lavender and juniper scented shampoo and conditioner.