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Sydney Frost is a character role-played by steamcharlie.

General Description

Sydney Frost is a former Dispatch FTO for the Los Santos Police Dispatch, Badge #D-1

She prides herself in her attempts to be kind, caring, and supportive in a city that is ultimately very dangerous.

Background Information

Sydney is a small-town Canadian, originally from BC.

She grew up on the west coast of Canada. In her early twenties, Sydney went travelling through Europe, during which fell in love with an American woman, Teresa Steeler, and moved to New York to be with her. They were happy together in the early stages, but as things progressed, Sydney slowly began to realize the manipulative and abusive nature of their relationship. After a few years together, Sydney left Teresa and went into hiding in a place where she knew that she would never be looked for: Los Santos.

Her brother, Parker Woods, knows that Sydney has changed her name and moved to the city.

Sydney suffers from severe depression.


Played By: steamcharlie
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