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Sydney Frost is a character role-played by steamcharlie.

General Description

Sydney Frost is a former Dispatch FTO for the Los Santos Police Dispatch, Badge #D-1

She prides herself in her attempts to be kind, caring, and supportive in a city that is ultimately very dangerous.

Background Information

Sydney is a small-town Canadian, originally from BC.

She grew up on the west coast of Canada. In her early twenties, Sydney went travelling through Europe, during which fell in love with an American woman, Teresa Steeler, and moved to New York to be with her. They were happy together in the early stages, but as things progressed, Sydney slowly began to realize the manipulative and abusive nature of their relationship. After a few years together, Sydney left Teresa, changed her last name, and (at her brother's suggestion) move to Los Santos, SA, knowing that Teresa was unlikely to look for her there.

Her brother, Parker Woods, is the only member of her immediate family that knows that Sydney has changed her name and moved to the city. Her parents are still in email and phone contact with Sydney, but have knowingly been left out from knowing where she moved to in case Teresa approached them.

Sydney suffers from severe depression and, until recently, had not coped with it in healthy ways.


  • Mike Frost: Ex-husband
    • Sydney and Mike Photo Gallery:
    • Frost and Sydney were married for approximately two years before Sydney ultimately put the divorce in motion. Though saddened to do so, she felt that she and Frost had drifted irreparably apart over the course of several months.
  • Damien Sharp: Close Friend
    • Damien is the person who likely knows the most about Sydney, including her past. He and her brother, Parker, had met and become friends while Damien had been visiting BC with family. It was Damien who helped Sydney settle in upon arriving in Los Santos for the first time, and they have been close friends ever since.
  • Dakota Black-Frost & Amelia Frost: Sisters (In Law)
    • Dakota and Amelia were quick to accept Sydney into their family when she married Mike. Despite the divorce, both have assured Sydney that they both still consider her to be a sister and that she would always be welcome with them.
  • Jack Ripley: Friend & Mentor
    • [x]
  • Edward Blake: Friend & Roommate
    • [x]
  • Bill Maze: Friend
    • [x]
  • Johnathan Wright: Friend & Former Therapist
    • [x]
  • Lauren Forcer: Mentor/Role Model
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  • Richard Dark: Mentor/Role Model
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Notable Events


  • Secretly wishes that the Dark-Rhodes family would "adopt" her, and occasionally calls Richard Dark "Dad" in hopes that it will stick one day
    • Dark has recently told her not to call him dad, stating "Because I'm not your dad!"
  • Has three tattoos: Two arrows crossed on her back, an interwoven designed ring around her right arm, and an intricate linework design on the back of her left calf
  • The scar through her right eyebrow came from tripping down some stairs in her home when she was five years old
  • Has worn glasses since she was eleven years old
  • Still believes that Murphy Braun was a driving factor in the murder of one of her closest friends, Chris McGrawl
  • Desperately wants to be involved with the therapy animal program due to her past experience and history with depression and the genuine belief that therapy animals are incredibly helpful towards the healing process


Played By: steamcharlie
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