Sybil Shepard is a character role-played by OurLadyOfRaptors.

Description Edit

Sybil Shepard is a part-time news reporter, yoga instructor, and loiterer. She is also an absolute potato driver, know to fly out the front window more times than not. She is very easy to talk into things, which can get her involved in things she normally wouldn't.

Backstory Edit

Sybil Shepard moved to Los Santos at the urging of her best friend Tom Candy. They hung out all the time, helping each other chop cars, hit pawn and try and make Sybil money and get Tom out of debt from jail. Tom, known for his crippling sugar addiction, was forced to leave town and go to rehabilitation to try and help his diabetes. When he came back, he had completely changed. A chip had been inserted in the back of his neck so he couldn't eat sugar at all and it made him tired and zombie like.

After a few days of having the chip in, Tom took his own life at the Pink Cage. Hubert was the last one to see him and he attempted to save Tom but it was too late. Sybil blames herself for not being there to help him and for not taking his mood change more seriously. One of her most prized items is his ID, given to her by him before he left for rehab.

After she lost Tom, she ended up dating Jesse Morales of the Aztecas. Over time she became affiliated with Aztecas, attending their meetings, having keys to houses, and providing them with materials. Todd Dee became like a brother to her and she has a stash house for him in her name. The more time she spent in southside, the more she acted like a southside gangster. It all came to a head when she put on Aztecas colors and joined the war against Vagos

There was a battle in which she and the people with her were downed and she mouthed off to Flippy. He grabbed her and took her to the pig pens where they burned her and left her for Jesse to find. It took so long for them to grab her that she ended up in the ICU for a while and has no memory of what happened that day. She realized that living in southside and being involved in that life wasn't the life for her.  

She broke up with Jesse via text because he wouldn't come back in to the city at the time and she was interested in Summer Mersion (and sleeping over at her place, with heavily implied sexy results). 

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