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Swan DeLeur is a character role-played by Crystalst.


Swan DeLeur is a serial pickup artist who values possessions over relationships.


poem by aSkepticalDreamer

Swan DeLeur was an orphan who lived on the streets
Teach taught her to scam people for her eats
Under his wing she learned how to thrive
Taught her how to steal, scam, swindle, and survive

He was the only one to show her affection
He saved her life, was under his protection
Together they steal everything under the sky
He tells her to do something, she won't ask why

In a cruel twist of fate, her mentor gets sick
They take a risky job, need money real quick
Swan messes up and he takes a knife to the gut
And he bleeds out, couldn't keep the wound shut

She comes to Los Santos for a fresh start
But she can't help but close off her heart
She spits out pickup lines that she doesn't mean
A single speck of emotion cannot be seen

She gets bored and is empty inside
Wants to feel some thrills, go on a wild ride
Down for anything that will make her feel
And temporarily help her heart heal

She spends her time perfecting her craft
For her mentor only died because she was daft
She keeps herself busy to distract her mind
Hopes what she's lost she can one day find

She has her name to remember her mentor by
And hopefully one day she can feel again or perhaps try


Vehicle Plate Value Note

(White "Luna")

7036L2J2 $322,000 Bought on March 18th, 2024
QSRGEQ8G $ - Bought on -


  • Swan DeLeur is the first character Crystalst made and applied for on NoPixel.
  • She has a Dice earring to symbolize Roland Nelson.
  • Mickey Sinclaire reminds Swan of her former mentor, which is why she wishes to work for him and follows his instructions without question.
  • Was voted prom king for Class 1-A of My Criminal Academia.



Played By: Crystalst
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