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Swan DeLeur is a character role-played by Crystalst.


Swan DeLeur is a serial pickup artist who values possessions over relationships. She currently holds a permanent position at Rooster's Rest.


Roland Nelson (close-friend)

Between Swan's personality and Roland's Religion, it's hard to say how close the two actually are. Their interesting dynamic aside, Swan and Roland are on very good terms. When they first met they rode around discussing Roland's love of fate that involves the dice then he suggested she start trying it out. Surprisingly Swan took him up on the offer, she would roll the die to determine some things but not on every decision like Roland would.

  • After being away for some time from the city and upon coming back, Roland's the only contact she remembers
  • Copy/Pasta for #Swoland: The year is 2050, Nopixel is played by less than 10 people. Roland has finally rolled a 1 on the question “will you ever make #swoland a thing”, “Swan I did it!” he yells excitedly. The sound echoes through the empty streets. Swan left long ago... (Credit: Shines_u)

Cleo Shaw (acquaintance)

Swan met Cleo on a chance encounter after a shift at Rooster's Rest. Cleo offered to give Swan a lift to the Vault, and afterwards Cleo opened up to Swan about her recent troubles which Swan gave sound advice, but unbeknownst to Swan, her flirtatious demeanor was too much for Cleo to handle.


  • She has a tattoo on her right arm
  • She was hired for the opening day of Rooster's Rest
  • She developed trust issues after ordering a well done steak at a restaurant once, only to receive it rare and was subsequently kicked out after asking for ketchup to go along with said steak
  • She has a Dice earring


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Played By: Crystalst
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