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Sunny Brooks is a character role-played by MsTeamKK


Sunny Brooks or Sunny Shenanigans as some know her as, is a Southern Belle and will say "Hi!" to everyone in Los Santos. Sunny is a relationship guru and makeover expert. She may or may not get kidnapped and stabbed on a regular occasion.

Sunny can typically be seen roaming around in one of her perfect flower covered dresses. It is believed that these dresses are expressing her fun, open and loving personality.


Sunny has a very outgoing and friendly personality, she can make the toughest person in the city laugh within only a few minutes. Other than being very friendly and outgoing she is also very open and accepting to strangers and isn't too hard on instantly trusting someone. Sometimes this bites her in the butt which leads to people taking advantage of it. Such as the time she got arrested for burglary as someone convinced her that they were just visiting houses to do charity work.

Sunny is very oblivious and doesn't think negatively about certain situations, she always sees the positive and turns something bad in something fun and good, even though that isn't always the case.

The only thing Sunny is absolutely against is swearing or cussing, if Sunny catches you doing any of these she will make you put a dollar in the swearjar!