Sun Moon is a businessman entrepreneur and leader of the Korean Mafia.

He is roleplayed by Kimchi

Description Edit

Sun Moon is a middle man of sorts, first of all he is the leader of the chapter in Little Seoul, Los Santos in regards to the Korean Mafia (Sun Clan). His main job is buying and selling Bits and Bobs, he also works as a car seller for PDM, and manager in Facebook but mostly he helps other people when employees are not around. He looks similar to Leslie Ling and because of that some people often mistake them.

Korean Mafia Edit

Sun Moon is the leader of the Korean mafia also known as Sun Clan. Members of the clan are like family to Sun Moon, more than just members and because of that he calls them grandsons and granddaughters. To join, Sun Moon needs to see something interesting in you, and you need to prove that you want to join, with a "Leap of Faith"

Quotes Edit

"Da Herro"
"Im a Dorifto Kingu and people call me Supraman"
''It wasn't me / Its not my fault''

Gallery Edit

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