Sun Moon is a character role-played by Kimchi.

Description[edit | edit source]

Sun Moon is a businessman, entrepreneur, and leader of the Little Seoul chapter of the Korean Mafia. His main job is buying and selling Bits and Bobs, he also works as a car seller for PDM, and manager at Lifeinvader but mostly he helps other people when employees are not around. He is also the former owner of Fast Lane Imports.

Korean Mafia[edit | edit source]

Sun Moon is the leader of the Korean mafia, also known as Sun Clan. Members of the clan are like family to Sun Moon, more than just members and because of that he calls them grandsons and granddaughters. To join, Sun Moon needs to see something interesting in you, and you need to prove that you want to join, with a "Leap of Faith".

Fast Lane[edit | edit source]

Sun Moon gave away one million dollars during his million dollar race. He did not care about losing the money he told everyone he would quickly make the money back. He planned to do this by selling an abundance of special edition vehicles at Fast Lane Imports. This angered many because these vehicles were previously rare and difficult to obtain. He did this without advising his family and ultimately lost his business.

Family Fallout[edit | edit source]

Without seeking consent from any of his family members (including Tim Lee, his grandson) Sun Moon chose to give away most of the Korean Mafia's stash to the Leanbois. Lee, infuriated by what he considered an act of betrayal, would later admonish Moon, exclaiming that he believed his grandfather had forgotten his Korean heritage before throwing him from a rooftop in an attempted revenge killing. Moon would eventually recover from the assault, however, and has been at odds with his family ever since. 

Sushimoto[edit | edit source]

Sun Moon recently met with a group of Japanese businessmen whom are looking to open a high-end restaurant in Los Santos that they are tentatively calling "Sushimoto". The project has piqued Moon's interest, and he has been negotiating terms with the group on a deal that would see him make a seven-figure investment in the business.  

Rooster Cab Co.[edit | edit source]

Sun Moon joined Rooster Cab Co. at the request of Lang Buddha. Buddha wanted to help with the legal and illegal side of the business, and bring more attention to the business.

He was robbed by Jordan Steele and a crew of Rooster Cab drivers including James "Apples" Apeller and Moon's gold bars, phone and uzi were taken. Jordan spared Moon's life and promised to repay Sun Moon by doing a job for him in the future. Sun Moon did not forgive Apples and vowed to get revenge on him for the incident.

Disappearance of Sun Moon[edit | edit source]

Sun Moon was shot by Alabaster Slim under orders from Johnny Cassle on March 30, 2020 after Payne Gang discovered that he and Bobby “Dragon” Goodman were leaking info on Nino Chavez and the Warehouses. Dragon died, but Sun Moon's status is currently unknown.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Da Herro"
  • "I'm a Dorifto Kingu and people call me Supraman"
  • ''It wasn't me...It's not my fault''

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