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Stumbles Fumbles is a character role-played by FirecrackThat.


Stumbles Fumbles is a clown from Liberty City that recently moved to Los Santos as he felt Liberty City was too "Mime friendly". Is not a fan of being told or asked to perform by anyone.


Stumbles Fumbles was born in the second ring of a three ring circus to a bearded lady and a strong man and given up for adoption to their ring master. Worked for the circus he was born into until being drafted into the Clown Military to fight against Mimes in the Clown Wars (Mime Wars depending who you ask). Stumbles was eventually awarded the Clown Hat of honor for being part of the Clown Task Force that killed mime terrorist leader Jean-Louis Marceau and his group of Mime Insurrectionists. He wears the hat as part of his daily attire now. Stumbles was honorably discharged from the military after having stepped on a rake in an active rake field, he was awarded the Purple Clown Shoe.