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General Description

The Street Team is a gang established in May 2021 that resides in Little Seoul. Street Team is currently led by two leaders, Mercury Frost and Pigeon, after interim leader Wayne Biggz and original leader Jaylen Carter stepped down.

Street Team rose to prominence as a crew working for Wayne Biggz of Chang Gang, serving as runners, pushers, and enforcers for his drug operations throughout Los Santos. Street Team eventually matured into its own gang specializing in large drug operations and carrying out their own criminal activities, both large and small.

Street Team's criminal reputation as a plucky group of loyal hustlers & willing drug runners under Chang Gang's crime syndicate eventually inspired other criminal groups in the city to establish their own "street teams", or sub-crews that grind and do dirty work for them.

Background Information

Street Team made a quick name for themselves in Los Santos due to their various connections & reputation as reliable grinders. Their strong sense of loyalty and willingness to do almost anything earned them the respect of many big names in the criminal underworld, most notably, Chang Gang.

The name Street Team was coined by Wayne Biggz, as they were his "street team"—a sub-group of criminals serving as runners, growers, pushers, and enforcers for his weed empire—when he met them through Billy Phresh. As their reputation & power grew, Street Team branched out and developed into its own organized gang with close ties to Chang Gang, operating as a branch of its criminal syndicate.


Street Team participates in crimes of all sizes, ranging from petty crime to organized trafficking operations, gang wars, and shootouts with police. Street Team members have organized & participated in numerous 100+ plant Changaloa Cartel marijuana harvests, robbed banks, reached 100% purity meth, and completed large meth runs and high-level boost contracts. They completed their first gang-only City Vault heist in July 2022 after members used practice laptops from The Game Masters. Some Street Team members have taken part in the Casino Heist alongside the Mariachi. ST member Pigeon is one of the biggest weapons and drug dealers in Los Santos.

The gang's lower-level crimes include scamming, stealing rims from vehicles, stealing ATMs, burglary, selling drugs on the street, and low-level boost contracts.


"You're pretty much CG at this point, alright, so if we're buying a turf, you move in with us" - Randy Bullet to Jaylen Carter

In November 2021, Chang Gang moved into Little Seoul and claimed it as home turf for the gang and transforming it into a hub for the gang's friends & associates. After talking to Randy Bullet, Jaylen Carter purchased a house in Little Seoul, leading to other members of Street Team to follow suit. Little Seoul became a hub for both CG & ST members alike, with both gangs sharing overlapping turf there. This was amplified when Hydra Gang also moved to Little Seoul in April 2022, strengthening ties between the gangs through proximity.

In June 2022, Street Team began eyeing new turf near Little Seoul to claim as their own, in the hopes of eventually obtaining a gang flag.

The Street Team block in Little Seoul was renovated on July 28, 2022. The project was carried out by Bob the Builder.


Chang Gang - Street Team works very closely with many of Chang Gang's legal and illegal operations and even established familial ties. Wayne Biggz and Mari Posa are honorary members, Jaylen was adopted by Vinny Pistone with Novah Walker becoming his adopted sister, and Lil Bleach was adopted by Ramee and April, but has also been mentored by Mr. Kebun. Street Team and CG members commit crime together and also support each others' businesses. For example, Street Team do a lot of work procuring cars and materials for both Hutch, Vinny, and Ramee's legal and illegal needs. Jaylen is the CEO of H&O Exports and is also a salesman for VLC Imports. Billy Phresh, James Malding, Lilly Pandia and others support Mr. Kebun, Ramee, and Chodie's businesses. Pigeon & Daph Lilith also traffic Class 1 and Class 2 weapons on behalf of Randy Bullet & Vinny.

Street Team has its own hierarchy and operates on its own, but is recognized as one of two branches of CG's criminal enterprise, alongside Hydra Gang.

Hydra Gang - As a fellow branch of the Chang Gang crime syndicate, Street Team & Hydra have close relations and occasionally commit crime together & back each other in war. After Hydra moved to Little Seoul in April 2022, the two gangs became so close the members began dating each other: Daph & Bogo, Arya & Phantom, and Mercury & Kio Shima.

Bowl Cut Gang - Members of the now defunct Bowl Cut Gang can often be seen committing crimes & fighting wars with Street Team or hanging out with them in Little Seoul. Ace Carter & Derek Dixon are Street Team associates and Stone Malone became a full member. They still proudly wear their bowl cut hairstyles.

The Families - Former Street Team leader Jaylen is technically a blooded-in GSF member and used to sometimes hang around their turf in the south side. He was gifted a GSF chain upon request by CG leader Mr. Kebun, whom produces them via The Jeweled Dragon. Mercury Frost & Pigeon also possessed GSF chains, as Mercury was dating Drew Jackson at the time. However, ST-GSF relations collapsed in May 2022 after the gang protected Drew from Dexx Martin during an internal feud. A short conflict ensued which saw two GSF members (Microphone & Megaphone) die and ST cut off all friendly ties with GSF, including Drew. Since then, relations have very slowly mended, with individual members such as Pigeon and Billy Sprinkle staying in contact.

Gulag Gang - N/A

Conflicts & Events

As allies of Chang Gang, Street Team members sometimes, but not always, participate in Chang Gang's conflicts and vice versa. Many Bowl Cut Gang members were absorbed by Street Team in 2022 and fight alongside each other.

Early conflicts
In January 2022, Street Team got into a short war with three gangs—Marabunta Grande, the Yakuza, & the Balbani Crime Family—all at the same time, & won the war. The war began over a dispute over meth distribution.

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March 13, 2022: Street Team invade the Lost compound
On March 13, 2022, Street Team & Bowl Cut Gang kidnapped two Lost MC members to use as hostages for a vault heist. The heist failed due to interference from the Bondi Boys MC, resulting in ST/BCG being gunned down and transported to Pillbox Medical Center. The Lost arrived & broke a Street Team member's finger to send a message to no longer kidnap Lost members. During the confrontation, Aubrey '4Head' Webster insulted the Lost's eagle (regarded as sacred to the club), prompting them to kidnap him & executed him by dropping him from a crane while being shot at, akin to "skeet shooting". Following the incident, Street Team & a BCG member began hunting for Lost members in Sandy Shores & formulating a plan to attack the Lost's compound at Stab City. ST used a Sand King to breach the east side of the compound, resulting in a gunfight that left only two ST members (Sport and Lil' Bleach) and one Lost member (Reed Dankleaf) alive. Unable to find Reed, ST negotiated to retrieve bodies & the two sides subsequently ended the beef. President of the Lost MC, Rudi Rinsen, privately asked Street Team to not tell other groups how they breached the compound.
March 15, 2022: First Street Team vs R.U.S.T. War

Street Team robbed a laptop from R.U.S.T. R.U.S.T. demanded money in return, & Street Team said no.

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March 27, 2022: Street Team/Bowl Cut Gang vs Marabunta Grande War

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May 2022: Beef with the Families

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June 23, 2022: Street Team vs Vagos War

The war ended on June 28th, 2022.

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July 14-29, 2022: Jaylen steps down as leader, Wayne made leader, 4Head & BCG leave Street Team

With Jaylen spending more time with CG and ST not moving as Bleach & 4head want it too, he decided to step down. After some roundabout conversation trying to find a new leader, Flippy suggests Wayne as a temporary leader, as he is their OG & wakes up earlier, & everyone in ST agreed.

July 30-August 5, 2022: Hydra-Street Team vs Gulag Gang War

Hutch temporarily joined Street Team on August 3 after he was annoyed at GG shooting up the CG Compound while fighting Street Team. Wayne made Hutch a temporary second-in-command to lead the gang in shootouts.

On August 5, a few GG members pushed ST block in Little Seoul, circling and repositioning throughout rooftops and back alleys in the area. Mercury, Daph, and later Q, huddled into a corner and held the southeastern approach into the compound after Bobby Porter was shot down while on the roof. Separately, Wayne had entered Little Seoul alone and his car was shot at, he then grabbed a rifle and repositioned all around Little Seoul, dropping Future and Richard while solo. He shot Elena Vega point blank after catching her alone in her car in the back exit of UwU cafe. The ST girls and Wayne were on separate radios and did not know they were both fighting GG at the same time. Not long after, Hutch woke up and he and Wayne decided to ride out to X-Mart to catch Marty after they saw him post on Twatter. They caught him riding solo at the gas station and robbed him of valuable equipment GG needed to rob the City Vault. Wayne and Hutch used this as a bargaining chip to end the war, to which Marty eventually agreed to end the war in exchange for getting his equipment back. With this, the war was over.

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August 5, 2022: Pigeon & Mercury become co-leaders

After Street Team's poor performance in the previous war against Gulag Gang, interim leader Wayne Biggz and temporary second-in-command Hutch Hutcherson, lost faith in the gang's future and both stepped down from their leadership roles. They both cited members leaving the gang, OGs going MIA, leadership issues, general weakness and back-to-back wars lost, and a supposed lack of focus, as reasons that Street Team's best days were far behind it. Wayne suggested that either Pigeon and/or Mercury step up and lead the gang as they emerged as the closest to being "leaders" after Jaylen stepped down. Wayne & Hutch argued that Street Team's supposed reputation as a weak and dying gang to outsiders was becoming a liability to the Chang Gang crime syndicate, and that if they could not lead themselves without a Chang Gang member leading, the gang should disband and members should probably join the revived Top Shottaz, allowing the Top Shottaz to take over the Street Team block in Little Seoul. Pigeon told Wayne that he would not let the Street Team ship sink, but it all depended on if Mercury wanted to step up, as she previously insisted she would only lead the gang alongside another member, not as a single leader.

After some discussions were held where Street Team members admitted the gang's state of weakness, Pigeon & Mercury agreed they would jointly lead the gang both as co-leaders with the aim of reviving the gang's stability, focus, and reputation, thus beginning a new chapter for the gang.


P Money - Street Team


  • Some Street Team members wear "ST" rings signifying their membership to the gang.
  • Street Team specializes in growing and trafficking marijuana.
  • Street Team uses Pigeon's 'Pigeon View' savings account as a gang account.