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The Street Crimes Unit is the current investigative division for the Los Santos police force. The unit was established on August 8th, 2021.


The Street Crimes Unit aims to investigate and prosecute Los Santos's most dangerous criminals and gangs, as it strives for an average closure time of one week across all of its case files.

The detectives of this unit are expected to operate as detectives first, with patrol duties coming secondary. It aims to accomplish this through three tenets:

  1. Aggression. Detectives of this unit are expected to be aggressive with their investigations. The hoarding of information with no plan of action is discouraged; investigations should have a purpose.
  2. Autonomy. Detectives of this unit have been granted autonomy from patrol responsibilities. As part of this autonomy, they may pick and choose which cases and investigations they wish to work on, though they are expected to be investigating the majority of the time.
  3. Versatility. Detectives are expected to be versatile, instead of pigeonholing themselves into a specific role within the unit.


The unit is led by Daisy Dukakis AU, who also supervises her shift. Dukakis answers to High Command, who have the final say on many of the major decisions for the unit, such as recruitment.

The other supervisor for the unit is Sexton Hardcastle NA.

In addition, Jeffrey Bundy and Jenny Hall act as Detective Inspectors to the SCU, after retiring from the Chief of Detectives role.

Jackie Snow, Olivia Copper, Anita May, and Tracy Martell act as Advisors to the SCU.

K9 Units

Name Breed Rank Insignia Handler
Watson Border Collie Chief of Detectives
Daisy Dukakis
Sexton Hardcastle
Jeffrey Bundy
Jenny Hall
Ted Pit Bull Detective Inspector
Jeffrey Bundy
Ekko Siberian Husky Detective
Mina Price

Tools & Equipment

Property Type Image Address Description
Office Space Pending TBD The SCU Office has been approved for Construction, and is currently awaiting completion.
Briefing Room
69 Mission Row Inside of the Mission Row Police Department, the SCU has a Briefing Room equipped with soundproof walls and a projector screen. It is regularly used for biweekly meetings and case debriefs.
El Rancho Blvd 4 A warehouse owned by Arthur MacNee, SPU's Lead Prosecutor. The Three SCU Supervisors were given keys after Arthur discovered his former tenant was storing felonious amounts of weed inside.

Image Name
UM Invetero Coquette
UC Bravado Bison
UC Vapid Minivan (Gifted by BTF)
UC Sanchez
UC Seashark
UM Buffalo S
UM Crown Victoria

Image Name Description
ID Printing Machine Inside the Forensics Lab at MRPD is an ID Printing Machine capable of creating Fake IDs for Criminal Informants or people entering into Witness Protection. Authorization from an SCU Supervisor is required before use.
GoPixel Static.PNG
GoPixel Static Camera With the approval of Senior Detectives+, or members of High Command, officers can utilize up to 4 Static Cameras at once to perform remote surveillance on active situations. Similar to the Dashcams, they stream both Audio and Video, however they are not recorded, and do not produce still images. Officers viewing the footage, however, are able to testify in court to anything seen or heard.


Former Members

Name Role Note Date
Brenda Pancake Probationary Detective Removed due to Inactivity October 15th, 2021
Amber Gold Detective Removed due to Inactivity November 8th, 2021
Bob Smith Detective Removed due to Inactivity November 8th, 2021
Theodore Tinker Probationary Detective Removed due to Inactivity November 8th, 2021
Richard Dark Probationary Detective Resigned to focus on IA December 7th, 2021


Image Notes Artist
The First Meeting of the Street Crimes Unit

Amber Gold: MEKABEAR
Sexton Hardcastle: ByThyBeard
Daisy Dukakis: TinySpark
Jenny Hall: NikkisARiot
Jeffrey Bundy: OccamsSabre
Theodore Tinker: Tinker
Luka Kovacic: GopnikMedic
Bob Smith: Aleks
Richard Dark: Sock22

Street Crimes Unit Anime Intro

Jeffrey Bundy: OccamsSabre (Evangelion)
Jenny Hall: NikkisARiot (Angel Beats)
Daisy Dukakis: TinySpark
Sexton Hardcastle: ByThyBeard (DBZ)
Mackenzie Hayes: Zaquelle (Castlevania)
Mina Price: Kari
Lily Pond: LadyHope (Sword Art Online Season 2)
Luka Kovacic: GopnikMedic (Initial D)
Elizabeth Reed: madoreline
Serge Cross: LtSerge