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Streek Kur was an activist, news reporter, and serial nudist who associated with the Freefolk. He was played by UberHaxorNova .


Streek usually wore no clothes except for black gloves and a mask with green goggles. He claimed that he needed to wear the mask in order to breathe and thus there are no photos or footage of his actual face. He also had a deep voice but it is unknown if it was his real voice or an effect caused by the mask. The only other clothing item that he has worn was a pink jacket with a blue T-shirt underneath. He stored any items on his person within his rectum and enjoyed riding bikes around the city. During his citywide protests he remained very peaceful having only one hostile altercation with Gladys Berry which was later resolved. Streek is currently incarcerated at Bolingbroke Penitentiary and is believed to be in critical condition due to his severe injuries upon entering the prison and the subsequent lack of care by the prison staff (the character is no longer streamed by UberHaxorNova as Twitch gave his account a strike for the streaming of the nude character model.)


Early Life

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Roaming Los Santos

Vanilla Unicorn Incident

Streek's first sighting occurred by the Vanilla Unicorn when Dexx Martin noticed him on the roof of a liquor store which provoked Streek to run away. Later, Ziggy Buggs arrived at the location after receiving reports of a naked man. Dexx comes back and sees Streek on the roof once again causing him to finally leave the location.

The Next Day

Streek resurfaced once again the next day at the Dashound Bus Center. He ran around the streets of Los Santos eventually passing through Legion Square where he came across a police officer and a firetruck both of which didn't notice him. He continued to wander leading himself to Premium Deluxe Motorsport where he noticed someone enter the parking lot. In order to avoid confrontation he climbed onto the roof and hid until he heard a bicycle pull up which prompted him to go down and steal it.

Now with a new, faster mode of transport he was able to cover more ground but only a few minutes later he crashed it into a barrier, injuring himself badly. His protests continue unhindered for quite some time crossing the paths of EMS twice, Evita "Mother" Nimm, and James Carter. After getting bandages for his injuries he went to the Job Center and became a news reporter.

Incidents at Pillbox Medical

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First Arrest

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UberHaxorNova - Streek Kur (Full Stream)

Played By: UberHaxorNova
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