Stevo Strawberry is roleplayed by Shaggy_Steve


Stevo is relatively new to the city of Los Santos, having moved there from another city because he felt that the people from that city didn't value the opportunities they had. Stevo applied for for a VISA and moved to Los Santo with $5000 in his pocket.

On his first few days in Los Santos Stevo was stabbed multiple times by a serial killer, whom he later helped to bring down. After the stabbing Stevo flat-lined on the operating table twice but was luckily revived by Dr. Kai King. After he recovered, Allen Widemann gifted him a down payment for his Pfister Comet Rally car.

Stevo has shown great interest in joining the Police Force but was told "No, fuck off, you're just another Aussie Dundee" so he switched his sights to joining a Motorcycle Club. He showed a lot of interest in The Lost MC and the Bondi Boys MC but decided to join the Bondi Boys MC and signed a blood contract with them.

After joining with the Bondi Boys he quickly climbed through the ranks of the MC becoming the Treasure of the club. He is incharge of looking after the club funds and buying supplies like valuable goods, guns and property. He is one of the top ranking members of the Bondi Boys being a member of the Inner Circle. As of recently Stevo was voted in as Vice President of the Bondi Boys MC.

Stevo currently works for the Cluck'n Bell Trucking company and is very good friends with Raja Bahadur. Stevo runs a small time arms-dealer job on the side of what he has going on.

Stevo use to be the Vice President for the Bondi Boys MC, he is now the Sgt At Arms for The Fallen MC.

Personal Vehicles

Stevo owns an exclusive Rally Pfister Comet and a Dinka Double T motorbike.

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