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Steven Morales Joined ZooMafia as an Associate and steadily worked his way up to becoming a full Member of Royal Mafia as well as leader of the RM Associate Team (RMA) during the tsunami's when most higher ranking RM Members are not around.

Through numerous war encounters he has earned a reputation as the second best shooter of the group right behind War General Sky Parks.

Steven made his greatest marks in the Royal Mafia by acting as a key agent for valuable recruitment and by stepping up with wisdom when the Team has needed it the most.

Materials Business

Steven leads one of the largest and most successful materials enterprises in Los Santos as the wealthiest member of RM. He buys and resells materials in bulk quantities for profit.

Logo for Tacos El Gordo

Steven Plans to open a Taco Shop called Tacos El Gordo in the area of 'Little Mexico' in Los Santos.