Steven Mathis is a character role played by GloryD.

Background[edit | edit source]

Steven Mathis (Stevie or Steve) was bullied during his time in school for being different in looks and in speech resulting in constant harassment and being bothered by his peers. His father, in particular, wasn't very nice either when it came to Stevie from yelling at him for not standing up for himself to his own personal hobby and enjoyment with technology.

Stevie was taken out of school and became home schooled due to the constant amount of harassment during his time at school. Stevie began becoming restless being within his own presence and became anti-social and began wondering what it would be like to live on his own in the world around him. Eventually he ran away from home and caught the train to Los Santos to experience the world on his own and see what it has to offer for someone like him.

Mother's Family[edit | edit source]

He ended up working for Facebook where he was giving a tour to Mother and Siz (on his first day in the city) which then resulted to befriending them both, that’s when Mother created The Family.

He later got involved with the stabbing of Windsong but was only there as Vivi was the one to stab her.The only person he helped kill was the Tarot Card reader.

Stevie also found out who kidnapped and stabbed Vivi when she told Jacob and Mother about the name "Styx" as given to him by Vivi.

He helped Vivi do some of the Darkweb quest as well.

Siz and Erin have both mentioned in a separate discussion that Stevie may be bipolar and that he has some anger issues due to him switching sides a lot.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Shut the frick up! You fricker!"
  • "You frickin' hecker!"
  • "You frickin' hecker fricker"
  • "You're a fricker and a hecker"
  • "hElLo!'
  • "oKaY!"
  • "Remember the Facebook TOUR!?"
  • "Put the ween in the vageen"
  • "HeY SiZ!"

Clips[edit | edit source]

[1]Stevie and Chang kissing and Big D getting jealous.

[2]Stevie and Siz having a brotherly bonding conversation.

Pictures[edit | edit source]


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