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Stephanie "Sooty" Gamwich is a character role-played by MadameGandalf.

General Description

Stephanie Gamwich, better known as Sooty, is a mixologist at Mojito Inn. Her dream, however is to work in some way with explosives! She will do whatever she can to take the city with a BOOM, light up the sky with her name and become the best "cocktail maker" there is! She's fun-loving, dramatic, enthusiastic, easily bored and a bit explosive. By the way, if something blew up nearby it wasn't her...

Background Information

Born and raised in Ardev (a small town in the Breland’s), Stephanie "Sooty" Gamwich led a simple and happy, small-town life. Everybody knew everyone in this town, and it didn’t help that Sooty was related to half of them. The town was loaded with aunts, uncles, cousins, great-aunts, great-uncles, more cousins, great-grandparents, even more cousins… All of whom were very close, and regularly had warm and loving family gatherings with tables filled with a plethora of food and drink and elaborate floral decorum. While definitely not a family of wealth, they took pride in their honest days labour; whether farming, cobbling, blacksmithing, cleaning, fishing, cooking or tailoring etc. the Gamwich’s were a happy bunch, always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Sooty was particularly close to her immediate family: her mother, father, her older brother and younger sister, as well as her grandmother (on her mother’s side) and her grandfather (on her father’s side). Her parents were loving and nurturing, raising Sooty with support, encouragement and laughter. Her older brother was taller than the rest of her family, and while he would often tease Sooty for her lack of height and many eccentricities, he was very protective of her. Her younger sister was very sweet and naive, preferring to spend her time gathering flowers (tulips in particular) and arrange them into beautiful arrangements, something Sooty always admired and loved about her. Sooty was the apple of her grandfather’s eye and would often bring a secret stash of sweet treats for Sooty to sink her teeth into. She was closest however, to her spunky grandmother, whom she would give private demonstrations of her latest experiments and share many of her secrets with late into the night.

      Three times a year, this troope would head to Galethspyre to enjoy the spectacle of its grand State Fairs. It was here that Sooty discovered her love of “things that go BOOM!”. The fireworks display was quite something to behold, and Sooty immediately fell in love. The burst of bright colours in the night sky, the smell of the smoke lingering in the air and the thunderous BOOM that left her ears ringing; Sooty knew that no matter what she did in life, she wanted to do something explosive!

This passion did not come without its initial accidents, however. Many a shed, window, and basement were harmed in the making of Sooty’s experiments growing up, much to the dismay of her family, leaving her to be constantly covered in powders, dirt and soot (earning her the nickname “Sooty”, as coined by her older brother). Sooty took it upon herself to have many an experiment with different combinations of chemicals she would haggle and barter for (from too many shady people to count...), to explore their explosive possibilities. Filled with determination, Sooty was willing to do what she needed to, to learn more and experiment further, even if it meant having "sticky fingers" for funds. Eventually with time, she learned to hone her craft (and in turn destroy less buildings and furniture), creating effective and powerful bombs of many uses that could sell for a fair price!

       As she got older, Sooty's ambitions started to become as grand as her explosions, and the small-town atmosphere was starting to feel claustrophobic. She'd spend many nights, sitting with her grandmother and staring at the stars or fireworks sparkling in the sky, talking about not feeling satisfied with this life as her calling; how she longed for something more. There was just not much fun to blowing up hay-bales or fishing barrels... and fireworks were only deemed appropriate for "special occasions". She felt like she wasn't contributing here, and along with her dreams of the lights, the sparkles, the noises, the people... metropolis was calling to her. With encouragement from her grandmother, eventually, she decided her passion and talent for "things that go BOOM" may have more use in the corrupted and erruptive underbelly of the city, than their rural small-faming-fishing-town. Packing just a few clothes and couple of her favourite powders for her "cocktail recipes", Sooty gave her family a tearful farewell, vowing to contribute to them all she could, even if from afar.

Arrival to the City

Upon arriving at the city, Sooty found herself slightly overwhelmed by both how crowded and isolated the city felt. She found herself wondering around the streets feeling lost, confused and alone, often doubting whether she made the right decision in moving. It wasn't long before she came across a bicycle (that appeared to be abandoned) and soon enough Sooty was on her way through the city! She headed to Dean World where she got to meet Hung Jai Min and fell in love with his hit song "GTTC".

After searching for a job lead at Mojito Inn, she was kidnapped by an unknown stranger at gun point, who led her to an ally and robbed her. However, Sooty's charm and interest in explosives intrigued her kidnapper, and before she knew it, she was in a mask and assisting in a robbery to prove her trustworthiness in order to learn more about "big BOOMS" in the city. Her assailant however, robbed the wrong taco truck, leading to his death and Sooty explaining at gunpoint how lost and confused she was to a man in a yellow bandana. Showing mercy and recognising the awkward situation she was in, they allowed Sooty to run warning her to "never return".

Once again lost and alone, Sooty cried to herself behind a dumpster before finally finding an intriguing taxi driver, Dave Perry! Dave also took to Sooty's charm and interest in explosives, to heart, and asked her out on a date while grabbing food at Burger Shot together. Sooty was enthusiastic, but adamant to express to Dave it would be a platonic date only. Dave, heartbroken, ran away in tears, stranding her with her fries but no friends. Fortunately, focussing on food allowed Sooty to overhear a conversation about explosives that led to an impulsive and devious friendship with Livvy & Pedro, who introduced Sooty to shoe fights & drugs, before taking her to a dual being hosted by Gheto Kaiba. Gheto unfortunately got stabbed at the dual, leading to Sooty and Livvy attempting to use a pentagram to bring Gheto back to health, much to Geralt of Rivia's dismay.

Deciding that all that could be done was done, Livvy convinced Sooty to try some Absinthe, and while drunk convinced Sooty to drink even more and punch people... to which Sooty drunkenly obliged, mistaking Livvy to be her conscious and her mother. After clumsily punching strangers, Sooty finished her night, dancing away to concert at Dean World while loaded on Absinthe.

She would later reflect that she had a great day, even if the only things that went "boom" were fire hydrants.