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Stealie Yastuffi is a character role-played by BananaDuck.


Stealie Yastuffi was born in Paris, Ohio in 1980. Despite his strong French accent, he is American and has a love for cheeseburgers, freedom, and fries.

Stealie is the self proclaimed most famous infamous thief in the city. During the evening hours he liberates valuable items from homes in Los Santos but when the sun rises his focus is on items that are foolishly left behind in vehicles.

He enjoys smoking cigarettes, complimenting other citizen's hair and fashion, and throwing money at people while shouting. Stealie is on the hunt for hair to fashion himself a wig to deal with his alopecia, often offering many thousands of dollars to citizens with especially luxurious hair.


Stealie is currently single, but has shown amorous intentions towards Frank Williams, who owes him a "bro date". He also attempted to meet Flop Dugong in room 26 in the Perrera Hotel for a date, but was subsequently arrested.

He is haunted by the memory of his ex lover, Jeremy, who cheated on him with another man. Stealie has been known to pay citizens of Los Santos to call themselves "Jeremy" while he throws money at them. It is unclear if this is therapeutic or a way for him to work out his grief for his failed relationship.