Stanley Wilkinson is a character played by Pengwin.

 Background Information Edit

Stanley is one of the longest-standing cadets and is one of the oldest tenured member in the HOA, though he rarely comes around.

Recent Events Edit

He recently came back to the city in search of Siz Fulker for a gun to possibly rob stores and for a cocaine connect, both of which apply to Siz.

His search for a connect has created a new nickname for himself called, the White Demon/Devil totally because he's not white and is definitely not racial in any sort of way and it's because he wants to sell cocaine.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm the White Demon/Devil!"
  • "Look, I'm white!"
  • "The White Devil takes what he wants!"
  • "I take what I want, it's the White Devil way!"

Trivia Edit

  • He used to have a gambling addiction
  • Has two aliases: The White Devil/Demon and The Snowman, both are definitely not racially charged. He wears a demon mask with a white top hat and a snowman mask, which is where he gets the aliases from.
  • He has a long standing rivalry with BCSO Detective Ziggy Buggs.

Gallery Edit

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