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Stanley Wilkinson is a character played by Pengwin.


He is known for his signature white outfit, white mask, and black top-hat and for constantly asking members of the HOA for money because he is consistently poor.


He came back to the city in search of Siz Fulker for a gun to possibly rob stores and for a cocaine connect, both of which apply to Siz.

His search for a connect has created a new nickname for himself called, the White Demon/Devil totally because he's not white and is definitely not racial in any sort of way and it's because he wants to sell cocaine.


Though his journey to become a cocaine seller did not happen, he became a heavy pistol middleman instead. After Kaleb “Kleb” Rush and Huck Guthrie moved from heavy pistols to cocaine, Stanley was given the role of the HOA heavy pistol middleman for the Lost MC. He would go on to lose this connect on 12/24/20 after both: demonstrating a lackluster initiative to actually sell heavy pistols and revealing the location of the HOA's primary warehouse for illicit goods to Raphael Kristof (a known snitch).


Stanley is one of the longest-standing and one of the oldest tenured members of the HOA.


  • "I'm the White Demon/Devil!"
  • "Look, I'm white!"
  • "The White Devil takes what he wants!"
  • "I take what I want, it's the White Devil way!"
  • "I will wipe out your entire civilization!"
  • "There's no such thing as fake news!"
  • "Siz! ... I need money!"
  • "But what if instead of a child, it was a cripple?"
  • "I may have gone too far."


  • He used to have a gambling addiction
  • Has two aliases: The White Devil/Demon and The Snowman, both are definitely not racially charged. He wears a demon mask with a white top hat and a snowman mask, which is where he gets the aliases from.
  • He has a long standing rivalry with BCSO Senior Deputy Ziggy Buggs.
  • Stanley is not related to Bovice, at least according to Bovice.
  • Dislikes fishing and states that "he would rather drown in the river than go fishing".


Played By: Pengwin
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