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Stanley Wilkinson is a character played by Pengwin.


He is known for his signature white outfit, white mask, and black top-hat and for constantly asking members of the HoA for money because he is consistently poor. When unmasked, Stanley has spiked hair and a short beard, he is rarely seen without his top hat and signature white mask.


Stanley is one of the longest-standing and one of the oldest tenured members of the HoA. He is the self-proclaimed HoA punching bag as he is targeted by many HoA members (mostly Siz Fulker) due to his silly/goofy demeanor and his ability to frustrate people.


  • He has a long standing rivalry with Ranger Ziggy Buggs.
  • Stanley is not related to Bovice, at least according to Bovice.
  • Dislikes fishing and states that "he would rather drown in the river than go fishing".
  • Members of the HoA refuse to let Stanley go into the ICU as they take him to Grandma's House and revive him. This has recurred multiple times and Stanley even questioned why they won't let him die.
  • He has an alternate persona named Jake Crime.
  • Stanley has lost both of his testicles, each from a different situation.
  • His penis was clamped by Siz using a pipe wrench, which caused it to fall off.


  • "I need money!"
  • "I'm the cum!"


Played By: Pengwin
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