"Stan the water man! Here to get you wet!" ― Stans line

Stan Wheeler is a character roleplayed by Markiplier.

Most known by his nickname "Stan the water man" claims he is a 40 year old virgin, appears somewhat socially awkward and has a personal mission to hydrate the public. In order to achieve this mission he is attempting to run a private business of delivering bottled water.

Along his journey to fulfill and finance his mission he does various oddjobs along the way.

History and BiographyEdit


According to the voices in his head during his self monologues his background consists of conflicting information making his actual history difficult to determine.

Sometimes talking to himself in his head he recalls being in a coma, a past a marriage, going to therapy for anger management issues and committing murder. He also recalls wanting to win back his wife Denise and his sweet baby boy Roy, having lost them somehow.

He got in a coma in the past when riding along with the "lovely lady" Kiki Chanel.

Arriving in Los SantosEdit

When starting his journey in Los Santos on Mar 19, 2019 and trying to establish his delivery enterprise he meets a guy named Jimmy Bending who introduces him to the city and offers him a ride. He thinks him a friendly fellow and gives him the nickname "Friendly" Jimmie.

While riding around together he forms a bond with Jimmy, looking up to him and wishes himself to be cool like him.

Stan Wheeler and Jimmy Bending burglary murder

Stan witnesses Jimmy stabbing and murdering and it changes him, possibly for the rest of his life.

Fall to crime with JimmyEdit

After delivering crates of water and having bad luck and various problems he meets Jimmy again who offers him a job to tag along on, as long as he doesn't tell anybody about it. He agrees right away.[1]

Jimmy shows him the ropes of his nighttime activity of acquiring lockpicks and they perform a burglary in a home where there happen to be a man asleep. The unsuspecting Stan follows along and tries to justify his actions in his head "for friendship" until he realizes that his friendly Jim is a criminal, he fumbles and wakes up the sleeping man and starts to panic. Contrary to himself panicking Jimmy is quick to action, unsheathes a big knife and stabs the man without flinching.

After making their escape Stan asks Jimmy if the man will survive but Jimmy responds "Probably not, I stabbed him pretty good." to which Stan starts weeping and eventually pisses himself in his car. They banter about adult diapers and prostate issues until Stan comes to term and they decides that he would like to tag along robbing more houses.

Deputy of Fashion Kiki Chanel, Stan and Jimmy

Stopped by Deputy Officer of Fashion Kiki Chanel.

Kiki shockerEdit

His past caught up with him with his former dating prospect that caused his coma - namely Kiki Chanel called him and called him out for having stood her up on a promised date. Jimmy bringing up the uncertainty of Kiki's sex actually being male or female he hesitated to accept but eventually gave in to the idea as long as Jimmy would be there and offer his support.

Kiki questions Jimmy about labelling her

Kiki confronts Jimmy about being a bad influence and assuming her gender.

After being randomly robbed and used as hostage by a bird, a Clown and a Bear Kiki shows concern over Stans well being over the phone and tries to tell him what it means to be an accomplice and to sway him from spending more time with Jimmy. When they meet Jimmy gets questioned by Kiki who starts arguing, feeling offended by Jimmy assuming her gender pronouns.

Stan crying about letting Jimmy down and calling him an ex-friend

Stan crying his heart out to Emma Dupont and Dennis LaBarre in the hospital for letting Jimmy down.

Falling outEdit

Arguing about medical bills and Stans spasm punching his emotions of his ex-wife well up within him, he and Jimmy argue and he angrily calls him an "ex-friend", walks away right into a bar fight involving Kiki. Jimmy runs in and joins the brawl protecting his friend. The cops arrive and while riding to the hospital he cries his heart out, filled with regret about letting his best friend down.

Patiently seated in the hospital waiting room Jimmie was there to greet him. After apologizing they hugged it out and Stan promised that he would tell his son Roy about "The nicest crack-dealer in all of Los Santos - Friendly Jimmy".


  • He thinks the best of everyone and seldom realizes that what he's doing is criminal or illegal.
  • His fanny pack is a touchy subject which he explains by its utilitarian benefits of having everything that he needs readily available at all times.
  • Stan often has lengthy dialogues with himself inside his head.
  • He hates coffee with a passion calling it "The Devils Drink".
    • Sometimes he can't help himself from smashing and breaking coffee machines.
  • He has a tendency to accidentally jerk and punch random people, blaming it on a "delayed adrenal system".
  • His wife left him for a French-Canadian man named Frédéric who used to clean their pool. He was beautiful and Stan feels like he could never compete with that.
    • An alternate explanation told to Kiki his wife got together with their divorce attorney making it difficult from him to plead his case.
  • Stan and Jimmy made such an impact together being best friends that it spawned a lot of fan art and fan videos. Sometimes also shipping them together as a couple romantically.


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