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Stacey Doyle is a character role-played by TheGeekEntry.


Stacey Doyle is one of the top artists in Los Santos. She has made a lucrative business out of providing commissioned artwork to the people of Los Santos. She is known for her lifelike portraits of the residents of the city and her "illudestrations" or nudes. She has sold an online subscription service for access to her art collection called NoFans. More recently she has been selling a limited run print of her NoFans Vol #1 book which has received good reviews. Stacey may be responsible for all of the nudes that have been leaked in the city.

Stacey sexually identifies as a cop car, her pronouns are Wee and Woo. Though she has always asserted she is only sexually attracted to cop cars there has been some speculation she may also be attracted to humans too. She is mainly attracted to the interceptors however any cop car will do. She is often seen near police vehicles and will often leave Stacey stickers in the glovebox of these cars. She has made repeated non-consensual sexual advancements toward these unsuspecting vehicles.

She will often call anyone from a passer-by to a friend "honey" or tell them that she loves them. When her assistants are not available Stacey has been known to employ her drawing subjects friends or a random member of the public to keep her subject entertained while she is drawing them.

She mixes cocaine in with her foundation and had a heart tattooed on each cheek and is often seen wearing all black attire. Stacey is always seen wearing gloves as she has chemical burns on her hands from her life before Los Santos where she was processing drugs with her family. Stacey is always spontaneous and filter free. Although her drawing business has made her many thousands of dollars she is not concerned with money and is often seen giving large sums of money to friends or spending it at the Casino.

Stacey believes and tells everyone the lie that she used to be an officer in the PD and that she got fired. In reality she did not get through initial training and was let go, she was never actually an officer. Stacey has managed to convince most around her that she was a former member of the PD, so much so that she managed to convince Chief of Police Sam Baas to give her her imagined job back.

Gang Affiliations

Stacey has had a good relationship with most the gangs of Los Santos during her time in the city. In particular she has been a good friend of the Vagos. From when she entered the city Stacey had not intended to join any particular gang.

The Mandem

On May 25th 2021 Stacey first met two members of the Mandem, Adam and Remy while she was out recording the sights of the city with her camera. On the June 1st The Mandem commissioned a group nude drawing. Remy, Moses, Adam and Tommy were present for the drawing. Stacey's lifelike drawing highlighted some physical features of the Mandem which had previously gone unnoticed, this later led to a few nicknames to be created, Tiny T for Tommy and Adam Abunda for Adam.

Over the next few months she continued to become good friends with all of the Mandem and on several occasions she was able to help them out by providing them with money, guns, criminal tools and connections to the other gangs and members of the criminal underworld. As her relationship with the Mandem grew Stacey established herself as their Daddy with them being her kids.

On July 16th Stacey mentioned to the Mandem that someone in the city had been threatening her after an altercation and pointed the woman out to them. The Mandem kidnapped the woman and shot her in a secluded area with Stacey present. As they were fleeing the area a police officer responding pulled them all over and whilst GSR testing Eli and Dwayne fled the scene in a car. They were caught and Dwayne was shot in the process. Tommy, Moses and Stacey arrived at the hospital and held up the officer that was escorting Dwayne. She managed to get Dwayne to safety in the north of the city, and Tommy and Moses went into a separate car and gunned the cop down before he could chase after Stacey and Dwayne.

The Mandem decided to invite Stacey to join them and although she initially thought about it she decided to accept the offer with Eli, Tommy, Moses and Dwayne present. Stacey was the first full member to be invited to join after the original OG members. She was also the only female member. As Stacey spent more time with the Mandem she has gotten used to their British slang and has started to use it herself, sometimes to her own embarrassment when it has not been intentional.

After joining Stacey initially became key in driving the Mandem activities forward since becoming a full member, for example purchasing a storage unit for them to store their illegal goods in.

Over time, Stacey grew distant from the other members of The Mandem. While talking to Sam Baas, she was offered a place in the PD. Stacey wanted to take this position and get The Mandem inside information from the police. When she told Tommy about this, he did not seem pleased with having one of his gang members becoming a police officer. He said that people would look at The Mandem differently and would not trust any of them if they had a police officer amongst them. Dean then said that he wanted to talk to the others without Stacey, however Stacey did not take this well, putting her chain on the ground and walking away.

After this, Stacey told people that she had left The Mandem. Tommy was then told by Chase Stone that Stacey had been telling others what had happened. Tommy, along with the other members also said that she was no longer a member.


Picture Name Description Licence Plate
News Rumpo 4GNS6BXR
Savestra Blacked out with upgrades, a custom spoiler and red harness straps. D4IF2010


  • Stacey was the first person to join The Mandem. She was also the first female member, and the first, and currently only, person to leave.


  • "Good shit!"
  • "Hi Honey"
  • "I Love you"
  • "Yeea yeea"
  • "Bye, Love you, Bye!"