Stacey Doyle is a character role-played by TheGeekEntry.


Stacey Doyle is one of the top artists in Los Santos. Stacy is known for both her lifelike portraits of the residents of the city and her "illudestrations" or nudes.

Stacy aka THE NUDE SCAMMAZER is a crazy character who is probably responsible for all the nudes that have been leaked in the city. Stacey seeks adventure and success in the city of Los Santos. She is often seen at crime scenes or anywhere there are police vehicles. Stacey has made repeated non-consensual sexual advancements toward these unsuspecting vehicles.

Stacey will often call anyone from a passer-by to a friend "honey" or tell them that she loves them. She employs an assistant for her work as an artist in order to keep her subjects engaged whist she captures their likeness. When her assistant is not available Stacey has been known to employ the subjects friends or a random member of the public to keep her subject entertained.

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