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Squid Game was an event organized and held by an unknown organization represented by The Front Man in collaboration with Dean Watson and other VIP members. The game was held on an unknown island (Believed to be Cayo Perico), somewhere in Los Santos, October 29th 2021.

There were both VIP participants and normal participants. VIP participants were recruited by Dean Watson himself. Normal Participants were chosen by Timothy. Both groups had the option to play in the game, however VIP's could chose to just spectate. Five of the normal Participants were chosen to become VIP's after they were eliminated.

There were around 80 participants and the winning prize was $2,000,000, after 5 hours of ruthless and heart wrenching games, the winner of the money and the games was #007 Randy Bullet.


Recruiting Participants

Various individuals in Los Santos were invited to partake in an event named the "squid game". They were contacted by a mysterious man named Timothy who later revealed their full name, their partner name and current financial situation including all legal and illegal assets, amount of money in their pocket and in their bank account, and also their current debts leaving them no choice but to meet him as he also offered them a lucrative "business" opportunity. They were instructed by Timothy to either meet him at specific location or at random underground subways. Timothy were always seen wearing a black suit and carried a briefcase, accompanied by two armed workers wearing all pink and face mask with geometric shape on it. Upon their arrival, Timothy offered them to play a simple mini-game with him, guessing his number from 1-10 and if they fail to guess the correct number, he will slap them but if they win, they'll get easy $1000 cash.

Timothy encouraged them to try again and gave another option to play different mini-game if they fail. When they won or passed certain criteria, Timothy handed them a small brown card with "⭕ꕔ⬜" shapes on it and asked them if they want the $1000 cash now or to participate in the main game to win even more money. The individual may choose to participate in the game or not by keeping or rejecting the card. Timothy warned them to keep the card safe at all cost and they have to pretend that their meet up never happened. Their participant number is shown at the back of the card and the card contains a microchip that broadcast an accessible discordia URL link that automatically copied into their hand phone internet browser for more information about the game.

VIP participants were recruited personally by Dean Watson, usually accompanied by Leslie Lingberg. The VIPs are among the richest and successful in Los Santos. The VIPs received the exact same card as normal participants and like Timothy, Dean also warned them to keep the card safe and keeping the game information to themselves. Unlike normal participants, they have unique one-digit participant number. The VIP privileges including to be able to join the game and will be excluded from the execution if they lose and they are also able to make bets on the game. If the participants lose the card and fail to retrieve it within 24 hours, their participation would be automatically revoked and they will pay that mistake with their own life. They will also get a strike point out of three if they leak about the game or the meet up in public and it would also result in same way as above. However, the rule is quite lenient towards the VIPs.

Game one - Preliminary round

The participants were scattered all over in the city of Los Santos awaiting for the pickup to the game location after receiving instructions via their discordia. A Pink Worker came with a van to pick them from their current location. As soon as they entered the van, sleeping gas was released and all of the participants were unconscious and brought to an unknown island somewhere in Los Santos. Dundee apparently is the only one who knew the exact location as he was stranded on the northern part of the island when he was being ocean-dumped by the corrupted police officers months ago (clip).

As participants awoke on the unknown Island, they were all wearing green overall sportswear with their respective participant numbers on their left chest and on their back. They were beckoned by the voice of The Front Man to collect shapes in order to open up the elevator door to the lobby area. This task involved five people coming together, with different shapes to open up the door and flee to the safety of the Lobby. The catch to this task was that there was only a limited number of shapes and the various elevators on the island could only be used once, this meant that participants had to be fast and at some points, they had to betray the new friends they made along the way.

For those that did not make it to the elevator in time, they were all gathered together in front of the open stage with a big white screen and they were being told that random participant numbers will be picked out and shown in the white screen as their last chance to be taken to the Lobby to join the next game. Anyone who did not make it into this margin was shot and disqualified.

Game Two - Red light, Green Light

The Lobby was the gathering place for the participants to receive their instructions, their meals and bunk beds were provided for them to take a break after each games. As qualified participants from the number lottery made it to the Lobby, The Front Man, Timothy, and the spectator VIPs soon entered. The Front Man told the participants that they will be competing against each other in multiple games and then showed them the prize money that was on top of them in a hanged giant transparent piggy bank. The participants were instructed to form a line and led by The Front Man and his Pink Workers into a colorful maze to an elevator, bringing them to the next game arena.

Upon following The Front Man and his Pink Workers to the arena, the participants were met with a vast, sandy room that had a tree with a large doll and a large white screen on top of it at the very end of it. They were made aware that they were about to play a game of "Red Light, Green Light" and the only task was to make it to the end of the arena without moving when the light was red, shown in the large screen without time constraint. As the music began to play, participants ran towards the tree, some failing to stop in time and getting shot/disqualified.

However, a large quantity of participants managed to make it to the end and were safety taken back to the lobby area.

Game Three - Tag Game

After Game Two, the participants had a chance to take a break before their next game in the Lobby, some took a nap and some were extremely aware of their surrounding as there were participants planning to kill others in order to increase their winning chance. The tension arise when the lights were switched off in the Lobby. As anticipated, some participants incited a fight and chaos ensued, there were participants who avoided the conflict by staying on the highest bunk bed.

After the fight became more intense, The Front Man and the spectator VIPs entered the Lobby and released stun grenades to force stop the participants form further killing each other. Unfortunately, there were few casualties from the fight. The remaining participants then were brought again into the colorful maze to the next stage of the game. They were brought to a different room, a completely white room with three mannequins at the center. The participants were required to choose one of the mannequins and they get to choose numbers from it. As soon as they chose their numbers, sleeping gas was released in the room and all of them were unconscious.

The participants then found themselves in a different outdoor location, an open-mansion that hung over a cliff-face. This is where they were made aware that they were going to play an individual game of tag according to their chosen numbers. Members of the game must carry the Tag on their back and avoid being tackled by other participants; if they are tackled they will lose their tag and the offender will receive their tag. Players with a tag at the end would go through to the next round, those without would be disqualified. A catch to this game was, when they first lost their tag, they had a limited amount of time to find a tag or the participant would explode and be disqualified.

Game Four - Maze Duo

After Game Three, the remaining participants were brought again to the Lobby for a short break before being escorted by Pink Workers and Timothy into the next game arena. They were brought to a giant two floors maze room. This is where they were made aware that they were going to play in the maze, which required a partner. The game required two people as a team to play, the "instructor" and the "player" roles. The participants were given a walkie-talkie so they can communicate with their partner.

The participants with "instructor" role were brought to the first floor which gave them access to the aerial view of the whole maze, their role is to navigate their partner in the maze to reach the end of it. The participants in the maze cannot see the whole maze as the walls are way taller than them and they depend heavily on their "instructor" partner's comm. The catch of this game is only half of the teams will make it to the next game which required them to reach the end of the maze together with their partner, faster than other teams in order to be qualified.

A lot of teams managed to reach the end of the maze while some teams were still struggling. However, when the qualification quota were met, the rest of them were ended up getting shot/disqualified. The remaining participants need to be with their partner to be qualified, participants who survived the game but without bringing their partner as The Front Man checked their eligibility after the game ended in the Lobby, will also be shot/disqualified.

Game Five - 24 Marbles

After Game Four, the participants stayed in the Lobby for a short break awaiting further instructions about the next game. Each participants later were given a marble bag contained 12 marbles and will play with their previous maze partner. They were then escorted to the beach, another outdoor location, where the game will commence. However, they found out that they will not be playing with their partner but against them.

The rule of the game is simple, the participants need to collect all 24 marbles; 12 originally owned by them and 12 more from their partner within 15 minutes. Both will be eliminated if neither one of them have all 24 marbles, they were also allowed to determine what games that they want to play against their partner as long as no violence is involved which can resulted in elimination if committed.

After the game ended, there were only five finalists left (2 VIPs & 3 Normal participants); Randy Bullet, Francis J Francer, Gloryon, Mike Block, and Siz Fulker. They were brought back to the lobby and were given a pistol, bullets, and three smoke grenades shortly after.

Game Six - Battle Royale

The finalists were escorted to the final game location, a similar maze room from Game Four yet with much simpler design and lower walls. The finalists were scattered at random location inside the maze and were instructed to stay where they are until the game begin. The final game required them to kill each other (battle royale) within 15 minutes, and last man standing wins. The VIPs and The Front Man were watching the game on top of the maze walls as the game begin. The finalists were allowed to stand and walk on top of the walls to scout the area.

Participant #217, Mike Block was the first finalist killed in the game by participant #010, Siz Fulker and shortly after followed by Siz Fulker himself, killed by participant #069, Francis J Francer. With only three finalists remaining, participant #007 Randy Bullet decided to team up with #069, Francis J Francer to eliminate participant #995, Gloryon with Randy finally killed him after Gloryon saw through their plan.

The team soon broke up after Gloryon's death under mutual agreement from both Randy Bullet and Francis J Francer. Randy Bullet involved in an intense shoot out versus #069, Francis J Francer and with only 30 seconds left - Randy Bullet, number #007 (VIP participant) is officially the WINNER of the Squid Game after he managed to clutch kill #069 Francis J Francer.