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The Appreciate Spoons Club (ASC) aka the Spoon Cult is a very elusive and secretive group. Very few know about the Spoon Cult and even fewer have seen the members during one of their many secret meetings. Their entire "Club" is built around worshiping and talking exclusively about spoons.

There is very little information regarding the cult due to the members anonymity but there is enough to get a peek into their Spoon praising lives through information of their dealers, witnesses, business partners, and prior attendees of this group.


Meetings are organized, semi-often, and secretive, always in different spots all over Los Santos these Cult members rather email or text where and when their next meeting is going to be. Meetings usually last about 10 minutes all the way up to multiple hours. This is due to the fact that the members will do activities, play games, run experiments, and just discuss all spoon related topics and relations to it.

The members are all predominantly wealthy and all are assumed to be loose cannons due to previous encounters that have been attempted of being hidden. Most members have no criminal records or criminal background with the police and try to never get caught whilst preforming heinous actions during meetings and activities.


Activities in the meetings can range anywhere from playing Dice games, Gambling with spoons all the way to tormenting hostages, and forcing strangers to interact with spoons. The members usually will have more passive games however they can get more erratic the more meetings that don't have any "special" activities.

A list of activities that has ever been reported as follows:

  • Gambling Spoons whilst rolling dice.
  • Paying poor/homeless people to get beaten up without telling or calling the cops
  • Racing
  • Throwing captives into bodies of water
  • Hiking up Mt. Chiliad
  • Chants, Rituals, and Tribal like Dancing
  • Taking Hostages to torment
  • Poem/Story telling
  • Sitting around a campfire
  • Hiking
  • Strolling on the beach/pier
  • Swimming
  • Crashing cars into rivers/pools/the sea
  • Waiting outside of prisons to talk to released convicts

The Members

The amount of members is unknown and can always be changing. Those who join A.S.C. will never disclose any information about the innerworkings about what goes on in the meetings and will never even admit to knowing about any such group. Most members are very good about not expressing any knowledge about the group and wont be phased about negatively talking about aforementioned group or spoons. The leader is still unknown as well as the higher up officials in the cult. Some identities have been leaked by informants, Ex Cultists, dealers, and previous hostages.


Dealers are not members of ASC but they are hired people that get paid a great sum of money to make trips to the prison and buy Spoons off of the recently released convicts. Once obtained they leave them in a predetermined location for them to be picked up by an ASC member and once obtained the dealer will get a wire transfer for each Spoon they deliver. Soon to be dealers are usually taken in randomly, offered the job, quizzed, and then tested for loyalty and other qualities and then they are prompted on what will happen, what they will do, etc.

There are only 4 known dealers.

Joining The Club

No one fully knows how to get into the club. It is assumed that you have to know one of the Dealers in order just to get in contact with the Members and then from there you need to try and show tons of interest to try and get an invitation to join. When being inaugurated they put you through a series of tests to see whether or not you are worthy and finally when they feel as if you are worthy to join they will take you to Hill Valley Cemetery to then do rituals and make you chant their V.A.C.T. (Value Appreciate Cherish Treasure) in order to finish the ceremony. It is not fully described what happens during the ceremony however we do know the location and that they preform rituals.

Prisoner Poachers

In order for ASC to get their spoons they need to go to prison in order to get them. However, they are people who have no criminal history and don't plan on getting one. They are more than willing to buy them off people however due to the secrecy of ASC they choose not to talk about Spoon Cult relations outside of their meetings and activities. So in order to get their spoons they will hire trusted Dealers to scout the prison for recently released convicts and buy them off of them to later return and make a very generous profit.

There is another way they obtain their spoons that isn't buying them and its Prisoner Poaching. What the group will do is read the newspaper to see if someone was incarcerated recently and wait outside of the Bolingbroke penitentiary and talk amongst themselves until a convict comes out of the jail. Once the convict leaves they will approach them in a vehicle and order them into it. Once in the vehicle they are taken to an isolated area and command them to give them all of their spoons. If they don't comply or don't have any they will be lightly beaten and left in the middle of nowhere.

The Spoons


No one really knows why this group enjoys spoons as much as they do, however, there is information about what the spoons that they obsess over are and how these spoons can be obtained. The spoons that ASC collect are "Ass Lockpicks" that resemble a wooden spoon that are obtained in Bolingbroke penitentiary by trading in 1 Prison Food for 1 Spoon that takes up a good amount of time to get. These spoons are kept by the members and brought to every single meeting to use in their games and other cultist activities that they have