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Spencer Smith is a character role-played by Carter.


Spencer Smith is a nineteen year old missionary from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church or Mormon Church). He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah by his Mormon Fundamentalist parents. Spencer's father had four wives, the first of which is his mother. Spencer has sixteen full-blooded siblings and thirty-six siblings in total. His favorite movie as a kid was "The Bang Bus" (Clip)



Behaviors & Appearance

Spencer is extremely dedicated to his mission. He will literally do anything to help others. However, Spencer is extremely naïve and his generosity is often taken advantage of.

Spencer is a 'by-the-book' typical missionary. He can be seen roaming Los Santos in the classic missionary garb of a white button-up shirt with a tie and dark grey pants. His primary mode of transportation is his "sweet mountain bike" that is equipped with a low-jack system and alarm that was provided to him by the church for his mission. He loves doing bike tricks for the locals of Los Santos which often ends up with him going to the Pillbox Medical Center for ice packs.

Wears protective religious undergarments that are dipped in Shungite to protect against 5G radiation. Spencer believes cats are the spawn of Satan. He isn't sure if animals go to the Celestial Kingdom, but knows for sure that all dogs go to Heaven.

Spencer lost his companion (Clip) on his way to Los Santos during a blackout. His name was Pitir Piper... Picked a peck of pickled peppers. That is super weird... But that is what they named him!

Spencer has titanium plates in his head as a result of being dropped as a child from his mom. She dropped him on his head like seventeen times. His plate provides some bullet protection but if shot in the plate it will render him incapacitated and require medial attention to get back on his feet.

Though Spencer is outwardly a kind and gentle soul, don't let that fool you. His volunteer work has caused serious mental duress from repeatedly being taken advantage of to commit heinous acts of violence. In order to keep himself together he excuses his past with "I was just helping", "They needed me to", and "They asked me to". Every act he commits that doesn't align with his own morals is simply made to be acceptable through the act of being kind to others. Due to all this, his inner monologue is filled with scripture and gangster rap (Clip).

Spencer's Theme songs:

SCALE$ - Perverted


Apashe ft. Instasamka - Uebok (Gotta Run)

Carter - The Blood Gods

Interests & Hobbies

  • Riding his bike (Especially doing tricks and going off jumps).
  • Spreading "The Good Word (Clip)".
  • Volunteering
  • Helping others

Common phrases

  • How ya doin'!?
  • Do you have a minute?
  • This one time...
  • Do you need any help?
  • Watch this!
  • Have a great day! or Have a Blessed day!
  • Have you ever watched The Lord of the Rings?
  • Scripture: Judas Priest 3:20 - A.C.A.B. , Amen.
  • Its not a cult.
  • I didn't ask.
  • Vibing
  • Crinngahhh

Community Service

  • In Nicaragua, hauled bananas in a building for 36 hours straight to help sick children.
  • In Afghanistan, taught yoga to ISIS (learned a few tricks while there, like superficial bomb defusing skills)
  • Helped kids in both Sri-Lanka and Cambodia to make Gucci Jackets, so they could feed their families.
  • Assisted people on january 6th 2021 in the US Capitol by bringing them food and water.
  • Assisted the US military in Venezuela by killing several political leaders, creating a political power vacuum which destabilized the economy.
  • In Sierra Leone, helped supply a village of child soldiers with arms and ammunition via airdrop.

Spencer's Acquaintances

Seymour Dates - Provides Seymour with juicey gossip

Party Hardy - Volunteered for his movie premiere selling tickets and providing security

Cindy Lou - Assisting Cindy with an investigation to find "God"

Nino Chavez - Nino and Spencer have a tight bond. Spencer offers to help Nino and visa versa.

Abdul AlRahim - Chases Abdul regularly (Clip) to share "The Good Word"

Roland Nelson - Rode his bike all the way to the fishing store and back to get a fishing rod for Roland.

Mel Bert Rickenbacker - After Mel's Prison sentence, he enlisted Spencer to help him get revenge.

Christmas Delnorte - Spencer is Christmas' sobriety sponsor (Doesn't think he will make anything of himself)

Dr. Noah Drake - Visits Dr. Drake regularly for ice packs and to share stories.

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer thinks Pixie is now his wife #2

Dr. Natasha Adams - Spencer thinks Natasha is now his wife #1

Dr. Austin Avery - Spencer loves talking religion, politics, and other stories with Dr. Avery

Four Tee - Spencer is #17 on Four Tee's friend list ( Clip ) after trying to help her blackmail Robert

Nikita Reznikov - Spencer has a good relationship with Nikita and Nikita is helping him decipher his Russian dreams.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Main article: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—Blood God

The Bishop - Showed Spencer the newest updated version of the bible. The Book of Blood.

Jackson Cole A.K.A. Lieutenant Brother MeHof - Spencer's first convert and Right hand man for Spencer

Sarah Ableton A.K.A. Sister Ableton

Brett "Lil PP" Maxwell - A.K.A. Brother PP

Garry Roche A.K.A. Brother Garry - The muscle of The church (wants to open a gym with the aid of the church)

Thomas Wilson A.K.A. Brother Wilson

Harry Phartz A.K.A. Brother Harry

Jesus Chris A.K.A. Brother Chris

Freddy Fastfingers - A.K.A. Brother Fastfingers

Flynn O'Connor A.K.A. Brother Flynn - Lieutenant Brother MeHof's first baptism

Shazza Dundee A.K.A. Sister Shazza - Extended member

Casho Cashing A.K.A. Brother Casho - Extended member

Jebediah Gennies A.K.A. Brother Jeb - Extended member

Spencer's Enemies

The Vanilla Unicorn Security - Beat Spencer up for consuming alcohol.

Hannah Hiltop - "Lied" about Spencer preaching "The Good Word" in the Vanilla Unicorn which resulted in a three-day ban from V.U. Sorted it out with her

Robert Spowylamywanowski - Robert Hospitalized (Clip) Spencer for scratching his brand new car. In a separate incident, Robert banned Spencer from Burgershot and attempted to assault him while he left, shortly after Spencer left Robert would accidentally run him over in the street, and drove off without helping him.

Satan - even though the Mormon church doesn't believe in Hell.

Maia Berkeley (Meta) - Stole Spencer's Bike and beat him up. (See below)

Crime Scene cop - Yelled at Spencer while he was trying to help.

Dr. George Halloway - Argued with Spencer during his time at Parsons.

Corrections Officer Shane Jones - Tried to take Spencer's Bike and lied about it.

Officer Johnny Divine - Attempted to help Shane Jones take Spencer's bike.

Matt Foley - Snubbed Spencer and said God didn't exist.

Randy Wrangler - Kidnapped and held Spencer at gun point post Robert frame-job.

Lil Erf - Shot Spencer in the back of the head ( Clip ) after Spencer refused to apologize. Sorted it out with him

Time in Los Santos

Met up with Casho and some other Australian tourists on his first day in Los Santos. They rode bikes together, went to the Vanilla Unicorn, and ended up at the Tattoo shop. At the Tattoo shop Casho asked Spencer for help determining if he wanted a face tattoo depending on how painful it was. Spencer received a very painful spider tattoo on his face and this caused Casho to decide on not getting a tattoo.

Met up with a "fellow Mormon" at the apartments who was in need of cash to resupply himself with more books of Mormon. This lead to Spencer receiving information on Burger Shot hating all religious people and using human meat in their meals. Spencer immediately called Seymour Dates with this juicey gossip.

After being hospitalized by Robert Spowylamywanowski, Spencer called Seymour with information about his assault.

A "Man in a red shirt" (Patar) asked Spencer for help to murder and skin "The Wish Lady" (Lady Juliet). While attempting to lure Lady Juliet away from Burger Shot, Abdul ran her over in his taxi (Clip) and incapacitated her. Spencer jumped at the opportunity and skinned her. He immediately used her hide to make "a neat hat" for the "Man in red". This event lead to Spencer being arrested and sent to prison for 35 months and being fined $3,500.

Spencer was enlisted to help Melbert after Mel's time in prison. Mel was seeking revenge against everyone who had wronged him. Spencer and Mel came up with secret aliases (Braxton Young and Billy respectively) for a plot to take out Lenny Large and Ai "Bitch" Musori for all the wrongs they've committed against Mel. Their attempts failed after Lenny suspected something fishy was up and pulled a gun as the crew rolled up. The police arrived shortly after causing the crew to flee and evade any consequences.

Later in the evening Mel returned on a motorcycle in disguise and instructed Spencer to stab Ai "Bitch" Musori after Mel failed to kidnap her. Spencer proceeded to lure Ai outside (Clip) and down the street from Burger Shot where he stabbed her (Clip) and escaped on his trusty bicycle.

Spencer had his bike stolen (Clip) and now is seeking to baptize the culprit, even by force if necessary. Spencer stole a car and purchased a firearm from Four Tee for $500 to assist in his quest for revenge. Spencer has enlisted the help of Nino Chavez and crew to hunt down the bike thief. Spencer follows her from the apartments in his stolen car until he feels he has her alone. However, Spencer isn't the most proficient driver and botches his action movie dismount (Clip) and loses the bike thief. Spencer eventually finds the bike thief and confronts her in front of the Vanilla Unicorn (Clip). Spencer held her up at gun point which lead to a shoot out resulting in Spencer missing all his shots (Clip) and being sent to the hospital. Spencer was arrested and escorted to jail after his hospital visit. While being interrogated Spencer tried to convert the police (Clip). Following his interrogation, Spencer was sent (Clip) to Parsons Rehabilitation Center for psychological evaluation.

At Parsons Rehabilitation Center Spencer met Dr. Pixie Plum and Dr. Natasha Adams. He attempted to tell them "The Good Word" about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. He revealed that he had been dreaming about Russian letters since he has arrived in Los Santos every night. Spencer wasn't sure what the letters mean, but they keep reoccurring in his sleep every night. He also spoke with them about his volunteer work when he was younger. Spencer was released from Parsons after Dr. Plum and Dr. Adams asked him for help. They said, "We need your help by behaving yourself and not getting us fired". Spencer only served a few hours of his 72 hour 51-50 psychological evaluation. Once released Spencer went for a Victory lap on his trusty mountain bike (Clip) and continued to spread "The Good Word"

The next day Spencer called Nino and headed over to the Rooster's Rest to start working. When he arrived Nino was extremely intoxicated and asked for Spencer's help to kick out a patron (Douglas Fir.) Spencer escorted Douglas outside and was interviewed by them (Article). After the interview Spencer returned inside the Roost and was harassed by the LARPers who keep calling him a 'Moron' instead of Mormon or LDS. For some reason the LARPers thought Spencer's "Class" is a level 2 Moron. Spencer confronted them about correcting their mistake... aggressively. They agreed to try harder. Spencer then headed outside to look for more people to spread "The Good Word" to.

While riding to the Pillbox, Spencer blacked out and crashed into a wall. He encountered his therapist Dr. Pixie Plum and was introduce to another therapist Dr. Austin Avery. They spoke at length about his time in Parsons, religion, politics, and Spencer's volunteer work. After his lovely conversation with his new acquaintances he rode off on his trusty mountain bike to continue spreading "The Good Word". While looking for new people to talk to, Spencer realized that he was low on cash. He called Dr. Pixie Plum to check in and ask for assistance in getting a fishing license to help him with his therapy and start making an honest living to help pay for his church tithes. Dr. Pixie Plum and Dr. Austin Avery met up with Spencer at the courthouse to sort out him getting a license.

While there Spencer met up with Jackson Cole (A.K.A. Brother Mehof). Through subtle persuasion Spencer convinced Jackson to be baptized (Clip) in the fountain at the courthouse. Spencer happily welcomed Brother Mehof to the church and went on his way. Shortly after departing the courthouse Spencer received a call from Lil PP who was seeking to be baptized and join the church. Spencer informed Lil PP to meet him at burger shot to talk about joining the church. Spencer called up Brother Mehof to assist with baptizing Lil PP. Heading into Burger Shot to get some food, he met up with James Marco St. Marco and enlisted his help to film the baptism. Spencer walked outside Burger Shot where he roasted a stoner and met up with Lil PP. Lil PP finished selling weed and the group headed down to the river and proceeded to baptize Lil PP (Clip).

Later in the evening Spencer was called by Brother Mehof to meet up with some potential new members. Spencer and Brother Mehof spoke to Sara (Sister Ableton) and she shared some stories of her kindness. She promised to meet up later with Brother Mehof and Spencer to talk about joining the church. On his way to the church Spencer lost his bike in the river and now needed a ride to the church. Spencer called Brother Mehof to come pick him up to take him to the church. During the ride to the church Spencer spotted a Bishop. The Bishop gladly tagged along with Spencer, Brother Mehof, and Sister Ableton to visit the church. During their tour of the church The Bishop revealed that the Book of Mormon isn't the newest iteration of the Bible. The newest version of the Bible was discovered on an island off the coast of Los Santos and it was titled "The Book of Blood". The group formed a pact to outwardly pose as the LDS church but in private would follow the teachings of The Book of Blood.

At the orders of Nino Chavez Spencer was taken hostage by Tony Corleone to assist with some "electrical work" at the bank. On the car ride to the meeting spot, Tony figured out that Spencer is willing to help him, but only if he asks for help. Tony took Spencer to a local clothing shop to change clothing to appear as an electrician. At the store Tony received a phone call that Spencer overheard. It seems Tony's plans for using Spencer as a hostage had changed. They then drove around town talking about all the kind things Spencer had done to help others. Spencer and Tony eventually parked in an alley to wait for a call from Tony's friends. They continued their conversation for an extended period of time before Tony received a call and Spencer was relieved of his hostage duties.

Spencer receives a phone call from Four Tee . She is seeking to frame Robert Spowylamywanowski for murder. Four Tee introduces Guy Jones ( a man who has been wronged by Robert for not hiring him at Burger Shot due to his voice ). Spencer attempts to lure Robert to the church with a tea deal. Plans fall through due to Four Tee and Guy Jones being pursued by the police and Spencer scrambles to cancel the meet up. Later on, Four Tee has Guy Jones kidnap Robert and bring him to the church where Spencer and Four Tee were waiting. Four Tee demands that Robert hit Spencer with a hammer ( Clip ) at gun point while she records. Robert hesitantly complies and downs Spencer. Four Tee and Guy Jones wrap up the frame job and rush Spencer to the ( Clip ) Pillbox Medical Center where Spencer finally sees Dr. Noah Drake since his stint in Parsons.

After recovering from his head trauma Spencer is picked up ( Kidnapped ) by Randy Wrangler. Randy demanded answers about what happened at the church. Spencer danced around his questions until Randy stopped in a parking garage and put Spencer in handcuffs ( Clip ). He asked Spencer for help ( which he could not refuse ) to lure Four Tee to the parking garage. Spencer reluctantly agreed to help. Hearing this Randy agreed to take Spencer on a one hour ride along to preach "The Good Word" ( Clip ). He was uncuffed and set free to call Four Tee. During their conversation Spencer did his best to clue Four Tee in on the setup without breaking his rules. After the conversation Spencer ran to the apartments and retrieved his bike to search of Four Tee to stop her from going to the garage. As he exited the parking Guy Jones accidently ran over Spencer. Spencer locked his bike and jumped in Guy's car to meet up with Four Tee. They find Four Tee and proceed to evade the police. During the drive Spencer tells Four Tee and Guy Jones that he was forced to help even though he didn't want to. During the conversation Guy Jones asks for help to determine what exactly happened and Spencer reveals all.

Moments and Clips

  • NOTE: Some clips are from other role-play characters and are meta to Spencer.

Sunday , February 14th, 2021 to Monday, February 15th, 2021

Spencer causes Kevin Whipaloo to MonkaW

Spencer asks an Aussie for a gun

Spencer burns a rando - Who Asked!?

Spencer break the cops after being 5150'd

Spencer read's a police officer's thoughts

Spencer roasts a psych doctor

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer opens up and Pixie snorts

Dr. Pixie Plum - Psych docs joke about Spencer

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer missed the rule about no skinning people

Dr. Pixie Plum Breaks & says she loves the RP

Dr. Pixie Plum - Compliments Spencer's RP

Dr. Pixie Plum - Masturbation lies causes Pixie to crack

Spencer jokes with the Psych Docs (Lion King)

Dr. Natasha Adams - Spencer does a joke and Natasha breaks (Lion King)

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer does a joke and Pixie laughs (Lion King)

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer lets everyone know what's going on - Pixie Laugh

Dr. Natasha Adams - Spencer roasts Dr. Halloway again

Dr. Natasha Adams - Spencer w/ Darkness, Roasts, and Trueing

Dr. Pixie Plum Breaks and snorts at Spencer's RP

Dr. Pixie Plum - Discusses releasing Spencer and breaks

Spencer helping homeless get homes ( 4House )

Spencer 5Head's Psych Docs

Spencer becomes a debatelord

Spencer recalls his volunteer work from 1/6/2021

Spencer gets into a "No-Yes" Match w/ doctors

Spencer flashbangs the Psych docs and Cops

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer Flashbang

Dr. Pixie Plum - Talks with chat about releasing Spencer early

Spencer "That wasn't very JosephSmithL of you"

Spencer recites scripture for cops (says ACAB)

Spencer recites scripture for cops (Wu-Tang Rap)

Spencer breaks the cops again

Spencer roasts another rando

Spencer checks up on wife #2

Spencer roasts some soybois

Monday, February 15th, 2021 to Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Cindy Lou - Spencer is the most dangerous man in Los Santos

Spencer is tired of being called a 'Moron' by the LARPers

Spencer doesn't like LDS Church being called a cult.

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer breaks Dr. Plum again

Spencer uses discount Ninja on Audible

Spencer has to cover cannibalism again

Spencer Baptizes his first person, Brother MeHof

Spencer roasts a rando stoner

Spencer further roasts a rando stoner

Spencer Baptizes Brother PP

James Marco St. Marco - Spencer Baptizes Brother PP (Cinematic view)

Spencer destroys a cross because the LDS church doesn't like crosses

Spencer goes deaf and talks about the Matrix

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer calls with an update

Dr. Pixie Plus - Discusses Spencer with other Psych docs

Spencer Baptizes Brother Gary

Spencer Baptizes another brother

Spencer Baptizes Brother Harry

Spencer Baptizes Sister Ableton

Spencer Baptizes Sister Shazza

Spencer Baptizes Brother Casho

Spencer does a double baptism

Spencer Baptizes Brother Chris

Spencer drops another Audible discount code

Lieutenant Brother MeHof Baptizes Brother Flynn

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 to Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

Spencer didn't ask, Mr. Jones (DOC)

Spencer rolls a Nat 20 on a religion check for the LARPers

Spencer Baptizes Brother Fastfingers

Tony Corleone - Tony and Nino talk about Hostage Spencer

Dr. Pixie Plum - Salamander Sermon

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer's discusses his future with Dr. Plum

Spencer witnesses a Bus runover Brother Jeb's Bike

Thursday, February 18th, 2021 to Friday, February 19th, 2021

Spencer "Racing is 99% about not crashing" **CRASHES**

Spencer Joseph Smith take the wheel

Spencer receives another divine intervention while driving

Spencer - Race #2 : Saved again!

Spencer - Don't ask spencer about exorcisms

Friday, February 19th, 2021 to Saturday, February 20th, 2021

Spencer - Does donut in stolen car

Spencer takes another L doing bike stunts

Dr. Pixie Plum - Walks into an interesting conversation in the ER

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer gets Pixie w/ the Audible discount code

Dr. Pixie Plum - Spencer mixes up holes and hearts

Dr. Pixie Plum - End of date with Spencer :)

Saturday, February 20th, 2021 to Sunday, February 21th, 2021

Spencer has an arm disease

Spencer and the gang causing havoc at the Burger Shot

Spencer learns the forbidden Jutsu of BIMX

Sunday, February 21th, 2021 to Monday, February 22th, 2021

Don and Nino discuss Spencer's donation plan

Monday, February 22th, 2021 to Tuesday, February 23th, 2021

Spencer watches Mel roll away

Spencer wonders who Carter is

Tuesday, February 23th, 2021 to Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

Spencer speaks "fluent" Spanish

Spencer gets a call from God

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021 to Thursday, February 25th, 2021

Spencer does a WICKED bike trick from the top of a crane

Spencer gets Emma's number after his WICKED trick

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 to Thursday, May 6th, 2021

Spencer gets a Birthday firing squad

Played By: Carter
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