Special Prosecutor's Unit

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The Special Prosecutor's Unit is the current Legal Unit working for the Police Department. The Unit was founded and led by Serge Cross, before he took a step back to focus on becoming a Police Officer.


The Special Prosecutor's Unit is responsible for Prosecution of individuals put on trial by the Unified Police Department, for Held Until Trial cases and Regular Docket Cases. The Unit also writes and approves Plea Deals for guilty verdicts.

In addition, the SPU is responsible for Prosecuting Police Officers for internal matters, and acts as Defense Counsel when the Police Department is being Sued in Civil Court.

Finally, the Special Prosecutor's Unit is in charge of receiving and fulfilling FOIA Requests for Police Reports. This is currently handled by Chief of Detectives Jeffrey Bundy, though in the future this task will be left to the Lead Prosecutors.


Former Special Prosecutors

Name Role Note Date
Serge Cross Founder & Lead Prosecutor Resigned following unappreciation from Sheriff Pred October 29th, 2021
Arthur MacNee Lead Prosecutor Elected as a Judge October 31st, 2021
Siobhan Fitzpatrick Prosecutor Resigned to provide Defense to those in need November 27th, 2021
John Doe Lead EU Prosecutor Resigned January 15th, 2022
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