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Sparky Kane is a character role-played by Louuis

General Description[]

Sparky Kane, or SK as he is more commonly known, is a charismatic gangster that moved to Los Santos from Romford, Essex. As a typical Essex boy, Sparky is partial to a fake tan and has a distinctive look with his buzzcut, piercing blue eyes and extensive tattoos. When he moved to Los Santos, the paperwork for his Visa and ID were filled in wrong, so he is legally 45 years old. He is most likely younger than this, but with his parents losing his birth certificate and both dying when he was young, he is unsure exactly how old he is. Sparky has always had an addictive personality and as a result, is prone to using narcotics (lean, pills) and smoking cigarettes. He is currently the founder and leader of the predominantly British street gang, the Manor.

Sparky is a very talented musician and rapper but his background and thirst for adrenaline means he cannot resist a life of crime. He has been known to say that he has 'Gangsteritus', and because of all the trauma in his life it is only when conducting illicit activities that he truly feels alive. Throughout his life, Sparky has always been heavily involved in drug distribution, but does also partake in other types of crime such as armed robbery, assault, grand theft auto, and extortion. When he has issues with people, he is known to be upfront and impulsive, often kidnapping those that crossed him in a trademark black van.

Background Information[]

Music: Wuchang -> MDM Records[]

Sparky came to the city looking to showcase his unique Grime and UK style of music. Fresh off the plane, he decided to audition at Wu Chang Records in front of Valentine Dalla and was signed not long after. However, after being signed to Wu Chang, he spoke with Dwayne Flores of MDM Records about potentially switching labels, in which Dwayne asked to see more activity from Sparky. As a result, he performed everyday at WuChella, where Tommy Tate was in the crowd, who listening to SK's music was not happy that Dwayne had passed up on the opportunity to sign him.

Tommy later pursued his interest in Sparky and with the help of Dwayne Flores they attempted to poach him from Wuchang. He eventually agreed to switch labels from Wu-Chang to MDM Records, where he signed and released hit tracks like Rivalry, Demon Time, and Medusa. During his time making music, Sparky Kane was a fairly controversial artist and frequently released disstracks directed towards criminal organisations, such as Seaside, and musical groups, like the Bimbos. SK also played a major role in the deterioration of relationships between Mandem and Chang Gang, as a line in one of his songs was directed at Wuchang's failure to pay him during his time at the label. This lyric was then overheard at the Vanilla Unicorn by members of Chang Gang during the infamous Big Toe concert. In the subsequent afterparty at the Mandem Block, members of Chang Gang pulled up with the purpose of blowing up the festivities. In the confusion, Sparky fired the first few shots in what would prove to be one of the most notorious conflicts ever in Los Santos.

Crime: Roadman -> Mandem[]

Outside of music and after spending a few months conducting small-scale drug dealing and petty crime, Sparky Kane would become one of the key members in the Mandem's short-lived street team called the Roadmen. Alongside Jay Martin, Sparky Kane was one of the leading figures of the group. The Roadmen and Sparky operated out of Blue Cage and were known to help MDM with their weed and meth activities, as well as taking part in lots of high-speed car boosting. The Roadmen regularly clashed with other groups such as the Aztecas, and also Hydra, after they sought to claim Blue Cage as part of their turf. Following the Roadmen's active involvement in the Mandem and Seaside conflict, the group was officially disbanded when Dean Quincy convinced Tommy Tate to incorporate the Roadmen members into the Mandem, as Mandem Associates (MDMA).

Of all the Roadmen to be made MDMA, Sparky Kane was the first to be officially made a member of Mandem. This was largely because of his close ties with Mandem leader, Tommy Tate. Tommy really saw the potential in Sparky and viewed him as his prodigy, offering him guidance and even being roommates with Sparky for a period. Once in Mandem, Sparky Kane quickly rose to become one of the more influential members of the gang, often leading complex drug operations involving the sale of Cocaine, Pills, and Lean. Sparky himself is a fairly street-smart individual but his impulsive tendencies meant that he occasionally made mistakes like when he was stung by the LSPD a number of times for both the sale of narcotics and drug trafficking. One of Sparky's more impulsive moments was also the faking of his own death at his 'music retirement' show, in order to escape one of his romantic interests, and fiancée, Elena Vega.

Even before being made a member of Mandem's hierarchy, Sparky Kane played an important role in the Mandem as he was known to be one of the few gang members that was able to get through to some of the more troublesome members, such as Dean Quincy and Matthew Antov. It was his charisma and respect from other gang members that eventually resulted in him being officially brought in by Patar as a member of the Mandem's High Command structure.

The Downfall of the Mandem and Leadership[]

The long absence of Tommy Tate and Patar's chaotic leadership in his place, is what would eventually spell the end of the Mandem in Los Santos and lead Sparky Kane down a very dark path. Following an extensive court case back in England, Tommy Tate returned to Los Santos with a desire to step away from leadership of the Mandem. This desire was particularly strong once he heard that many of the assets and relationships that he had worked hard to achieve during his leadership were now in wreck and ruin. In an emotionally charged meeting at Tommy's mansion in Tongva Hills, Sparky Kane was elected the new leader of the Mandem. Unfortunately for Sparky, during this meeting, members of the Mandem had refused to let Tommy step away from the gang and Sparky also made it clear to Tommy that he would not be allowed to leave the gang peacefully.

After only a few days of leadership, Tommy arranged a meeting between himself, Patar and Sparky in a metro station. In this meeting Sparky and Tommy butted heads over the new direction of the gang, with Sparky keen to give all Mandem members a fresh start under his leadership, and Tommy urging him to be more ruthless and get rid of the members Tommy saw as 'deadwood'. As the meeting was drawing to a close, Tommy Tate grew frustrated with Sparky and threw his Mandem chain on the floor and walked away. True to his word at Tommy's mansion, Sparky Kane then pulled out his revolver and shot Tommy in the back as he walked away. Before getting into a car with Patar and driving off, Sparky stood over the bleeding body of his former mentor and said: "You taught me to be a man of my word T, I loved you".

In the aftermath of the shooting, Patar Bellosh, still upset at some of things Tommy Tate had said in the subway, decided to drain the accounts and steal assets from the businesses that he had helped run for Tommy. Sparky was not consulted before Patar did this, but as the new leader of the Mandem Sparky stood by Patar's actions. After experiencing the betrayal of his former prodigy and learning about what Patar had done, Tommy used his personal resources and the connections he built during his time in the city to seek revenge on Sparky, Patar and the rest of the Mandem. The conflict that erupted ended tragically with Patar losing his left arm, Hydra taking away Mandem's access to their only methlab, and Tommy T blowing up the Mandem Block in front of Sparky and the rest of Mandem. This conflict had profound long term effects on Sparky's mental health with him having frequent PTSD episodes in which he relives certain events of the conflict.

After the block explosion, Sparky and the Mandem all went their separate ways. For most of the 5 years, Sparky stayed away from Los Santos as he was in hiding. Rumour has it, that the reason Sparky went underground and stopped his life of crime was because he murdered an infamous gang leader back in London.

Sparky Kane's Return[]

Fresh Beginnings and Grove Street[]

Following his absence from Los Santos, Sparky returned to the city a very different man to that when he left. When he arrived off the plane, his hair and beard were overgrown and he was wearing clothing unlike anything he used to wear. He had not committed crime whilst laying low, but upon his return he quickly began falling back into old bad habits. The first criminal offence that Sparky was caught for following his return Los Santos, was the armed robbery of a Gruppe 6 worker for a singular cigarette. It was this charge that very much set Sparky onto the path of crime again, and he started heavily distributing weed and organising armed robberies. His early activities resulted in some conflict with KURVICA, a Polish gang, after Sparky robbed Charles Espresso. Sparky has also organised a number of secretive operations, including the stealing of a crowbar from Eugene Zuckerburg, the kidnapping of Sal Rosenberg with Carmella Corset, and the stealing of 100 thousand dollars from Scam Squad.

In the past 5 years, all of the Mandem had gone their separate ways, but upon Sparky's return he started reconnecting with a few of his old gang members, such as Matthew Antov and James Malding. As part of a collective made up of some ex-MDM and other new faces, Sparky purchased a property on Grove Street as a base for his early criminal operations. The reason they chose Grove Street, was because Sparky and his group were approached by the Ballas to purchase the house next door to their own, as they trusted them more than the likes of Chang Gang who had also just moved into the area. The group that invested into the house were not a gang or a coherent criminal organisation, but very soon a smaller group (The Manor) within the house formed made up of those that Sparky had begun to work closely with. This group included: James Malding, Matthew Antov, Terry Linkston, Eli Porter, Stephen "Ste" O'Connor and Saint Martin. Sparky has also expressed interest in working with Capped 'Pigeon' Tarranova, Shanquan O'Neal, and Gigi Costello.

Drug Distribution and the Colombians[]

Upon his return to Los Santos, Sparky reconnected with his old friend Capped 'Pigeon' Tarranova, who made him aware of an opportunity to work as a lead distributor for the Colombian Cartel. Sparky had already been distributing marijuana in partnership with Dexx Martin, but he accepted Pigeon and the Cartel's offer to act as a distributor and also as an enforcer when needed. For now, he has been mainly distributing weed on behalf of the cartel, conducting drops from Crusade Estate, his traphouse in Grove Street, and Ganton Court.

Outside of cartel business, Sparky is known in the city as a top weed distributor with the homeless man that lives under the bridge, Benny, who respects him as one of the top sellers in the city. In partnership with Eli Porter, who is a master grower, Sparky and a few others from the Grove Street house started their own strain of weed called Barrett .50 Cali. Sparky and his associates had hoped to claim turf and push their strain on Crusade Estate, but following conversations with the Saints and DJ Cooper, they realised it was not yet possible. As a result, they chose instead to claim the Ballas turf surrounding their house, and pushed their strain there.

The Manor: A New Gang Forming[]

Following the robbery of Terry Linkston and James Malding during a Gruppe 6 job, Sparky and a few others searched for Jean Paul and Ginger Ale in order to get revenge. Spotting Jean Paul at the hospital, Terry Linkston hid in the trunk of Jean Paul's car eventually hopping out and robbing him at knifepoint in Legion Square. In the robbery Terry managed to acquire a PD Glock and USB device that Jean Paul had hidden in a nearby bush. In the aftermath of the robbery, Sparky and the others involved met up at Ganton Court to discuss their next steps. Very quickly, the conversation turned to naming the group that had begun to form within the Grove Street House. In the end, Sparky and the others settled on the name The Manor and intend to at least initially hold down Ganton Court as their area. The Manor as a name is an ode to the British slang term Manor meaning the estate or area under the control of a criminal group.

As a group, the Manor consists mostly of former members of The Mandem, but also with the addition of a few others, including former Seaside member Terry Linkston, Sparky's sister Kylie Kane, former Italians member Gigi Costello, former VFT member Tatianna Donatacci, and Luke Atar. The gang reps the colour blue as well as clothing from the brand Manor. The Manor's main ideology is to foster good connections but also make sure they are not walked over and their kindness be taken for weakness. They are very much in agreement that they will match the same energy given to them. The Manor is a new group and at this stage they are trying to build their reputation, without burning too many connections. However, they frequently rob Gruppe 6, Grime, and Snr Buns, and as a result have been involved in a number of small conflicts including with the likes of Marty Banks, KURVICA, and the Besties.

Crusade Estate: 'Little London'[]

After conversations with his good friend Solomon Walker and the discovery of a set of British-looking apartment blocks opposite the hospital, one of Sparky's goals in the city is the setting up an authentic British estate in Los Santos. Sparky has begun spreading the word to all sorts of British people about his future plans for Crusade Estate ('Little London'), and hopes that one day when the apartments there are purchasable, that he will be able to see his dream become a reality. Sparky dreams of becoming the topboy of Crusade Estate, where he hopes to lead his gang, The Manor. However, he does not intend for the Estate to be just the home of the gang but a refuge for all the British people that have emigrated to Los Santos.


"Suck your mum, blud" to BSK on Brogue Street.

"You taught me to be a man of my word T, I loved you" to Tommy Tate after shooting him.



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