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Sparkle Lee is a character role-played by XxAshleyxX.


Sparkle Lee has a colorful personality and wears bright clothing to stand out of the crowd. She’s very eccentric, random at times, and social. Sparkle is very sexual towards people of any gender that she sees, whether they are friends or not.

She often wears the similar outfits, however her hair color changes frequently, always dyed two different colors. Because of her split-dyed hair, she is often compared to Jessie J. and other celebrities with similar hairstyles.

She has often expressed interest in becoming a therapist. To pursue this goal, she briefly tried to apply for a position as a therapist, but was quickly rejected because she was deemed too unprofessional. She has also unsuccessfully tried to work at the Burger Shot and the Rooster. She tends to avoid criminal activity as a source of income, however she doesn’t mind other people committing crimes.


Sparkle pretended to be Rebecca, just to get some dig information from her friend, to see what'd she said about her, behind her back. Rebecca looks like a business woman with softly spoken voice compared to how Sparkle naturally sounds. Rebecca is a horny person, despite its just Sparkle in general, being horny.


Sparkle goes by Shadow, depending if she gets caught by the law. Shadow shows her true self as who Sparkle really looks like. Despite seeing Sparkle with hair, Shadow shows that her hair is made out of wigs.

Background Information

Sparkle is addicted to cocaine from growing up. Her mother is a heroin addict, while her father previously served jailed time, but passed away from drowning in her home town pond. She used to escape from home troubles by hanging around with people who were bad influences. When she was 11, her house burnt down. She claims to not be responsible, but also mentioned that she has “a thing” sexually for arson.

Sparkle's Stories in Los Santos

New in Town
Sparkle first met Shivvy doing deliveries. She then learned he was running a taxi service. They then paired up and did some deliveries as well as show Sparkle around town.

Later on she met Tulip from Shivvy taxi service at the apartments. Tulip requested to go somewhere she could eat and was convinced to pay a visit at The Rooster’s Rest instead. Following an interesting conversation about eating “cocks”, Sparkle, Shivvy and Tulip were at The Rooster’s Rest when they encountered Tulip's mysterious enemy. Upon leaving the restaurant, Tulip's enemy said under his breath “You have a wonderful time in the city, you evil bitch.” Sparkle immediately questioned the mystery person to repeat the statement he’d said, but said “I heard, evil bitch.” He played it off as he didn’t say anything at all. While Sparkle left saying “Have a good day, you evil dick.”

Back in the car, Sparkle was listening how Tulip was expressing her frustration with the lack of therapists in Los Santos. Much to Tulip's surprise, Sparkle then said to Tulip that she, herself, was a therapist. Tulip asked Sparkle some questions that seemed a little dark. Sparkle assumes that she is expressing anxiety about haunting dreams she was having of her past life. Tulip also said she believed herself to be crazy. Sparkle is convinced that she was not, in fact, “crazy” and that the fact that Tulip was so self-aware and even questioning her own sanity in the first place, proves she is not. Sparkle also shared some wisdom advice regarding Tulip’s fixation with her past, “You can’t replace a period with a question mark”, meaning that you can’t change what has already happened. You must accept and move on.

The Trio headed off to Deans World. They were approached by a man selling unique shoes from the trunk of his car. Though nothing initially caught Sparkles eye.

While there, Sparkle and Tulip (who by this point had decided to become a therapist herself in order to help alleviate the marked lack of therapists in the city) had an impromptu therapy session with Shivvy. Sparkle decided to play "good therapist" while Tulip played "bad therapist". Throughout the session Sparkle was accordingly encouraging while Tulip incessantly degraded him. It was revealed that Shivvy does suffer depression and takes prozac and Viagra. The Viagra seemed to be too strong though, as Shivvy stated that he was always “on the rise” these days, but not in a good way. Shivvy also opened up about his difficult childhood and being forced into child stardom as a Bollywood dancer back in his hometown.

After fun and shenanigans, Everyone went their separate ways. They dropped Tulip to the apartments to go to sleep. There, Sparkle met a strange man in a purple SUV. His name is Mr. Choppins. He offered to give her a bus raid tour around Los Santos. Once they started Sparkle suffered a head problem and left in the middle of the tour. She’d felt bad for not staying. Would like to tour with him next time.

True Friendship
Sparkle was doing some errands around town but was trying to get job as a therapists. She ran into Regina from the Apartments, asking whether she knew someone, who was an Uber Driver. Regina was interrupted by her ringing phone by her boss, while Sparkle was eaves dropping. Sparkle then ask Regina what her career was, after the phone call had ended. Regina responded as a Therapists, in mental health. Regina helped Sparkle, guide her to Regina work place, while having an interesting conversation.

Sparkle met Miss. Plum, asking to apply to her job as a therapists, which didn’t go well for Sparkle. While being judged by her appearance and action, Miss. Plum said there’s no job available in her affirm. Sparkle kindly leaves and starts applying other jobs, that were available.

The next day, Sparkle brought a rental car and drove to Paleto Bay, where she saw an event happening, along the highway. Sparkle didn’t participate in the event, but was watching it from the side lines. As Sparkle leaves the event, she couldn't find her rental car and asked one of the crowd, to help find her car. Sparkle eventually found her car, without realising there were two car, that looked similarly like her with a different number plate.

Sparkle drove back to Los Santos. She started to feeling hungry and went to Burger Shot to order her meal. As she approach there, they were closing up shop, as one of the employees told her, you can go to Dean’s World and order from there. Sparkle drove to Dean’s World confused and asked someone at a booth if they were making a burger. Sparkle quickly asume she thought, she met worker before, who was working and preparing the booth, for someone else, who she saw, four days ago. Zayne greeted himself by his name and said he was new in town for a couple of days.

Sparkle was trying to give bribes to Zayne to make her a burger, but he felt uncomfortable and said “I’ll make you a burger, if you don’t touch my feet and stuff.” Zayne change the topic to get to know Sparkle. Sparkle was mainly thinking about her stomach and asked if he was still, selling burgers at his booth, which turned out he didn’t have food to sell. Zayne appoint Sparkle to go to Burger Shot, but she’d told him that it was closed, which seemed very weird to Zayne. Zayne guided Sparkle to the burger shot in Dean’s World, while liking his sassy walk. Zayne asked questions about Sparkle, but got distracted without ordering any food.

Sparkle and Zayne walked back to the booth. Sparkle asked Zayne if she could work with Zayne at Dean’s World, but he wasn’t sure, if his boss were approving people to work in the booth. Sparkle understood but stayed to cheer Zayne for his first shift in Dean’s World. Sparkle was Zayne first customer at the booth giving her a margarita and a burrito. Sparkle encounter a cute guy name Curtis, who was hungry, asked if there was something else he wanted to eat. Curtis flirted back saying “Vagina.” and exchange for their numbers to meet up for a hook up.

Later on Sparkle and Zayne went to the consort at Dean’s World, grooving and vibing to the beat of the music and listening to local singers, sing. They both met with Lucy who was vibing with them at the consort. As the consort finished, the trio went to Sparkle rental car and drove to Paleto Bay. As they got to Paleto, they went into the market and met Zayne boss. Sparkle asked Zayne boss, if there was a job available, He replied “yes, if you’re willing to do certain amount of time.” Which kind of, turned off Sparkle, while asking for less amount of hours.

Sparkle spotted a pet shop booth at the market and brought a pet rock named Balls Deep, as she saw all the other pets, she thought it would be easier to buy the rock than to maintain the animal. Sparkle joined back with the group of her friends and said she’d brought a pet rock. They question Sparkle as to what she named her pet rock. Sparkle answered as they started laughing, which made total sense with the name.

Later in the day, Sparkle, Zayne, Lucy and Francesco started a fishing job at The Paleto Markets. They caught many fish and sold them to a man, who was selling fish and head back to the apartments since it’s been a very long day for Sparkle and her friends.

Fishing, Friends, and Fun
Sparkle went to Paleto Market to see what was being sold and go fishing, and ran into Jessica, who she had met once before. They talked about “snorting cocaine on Mount Chileat” and discussed pasta. The pair bonded over different foods they like, including Sparkle’s combinations of grape soda and ice cream, and pancakes/French toast with peanut butter.

Jessica left to start fishing, so Sparkle decided to go see what was for sale. As she approached a booth, she started to feel some back pain. She asked the man working at the booth if he was selling anything for upper back pain. He suggested instead that she should buy cigarettes that could “relieve some stress”. Sparkle was uninterested and again requested advice on how to soothe her back pain. The booth attendant just repeated information about the product that he was selling, Smoothie Flavored Cigarettes. Sparkle began to get annoyed with him because he wasn’t being helpful, and only wanted to make money from her. A random guy interrupted and gave Sparkle a product that would help with her back pain, a heated bandage. The stranger left quickly, not saying his name or asking for payment. Then, a heated argument broke out between Sparkle and the guy who was selling the cigarettes. She walked away, with her final words to him being “I hope you slip on a banana peel!”

After she left that booth, she met a man at the fishing booth and asked him if he had a smoothie flavored cigarette. He didn’t have one, but she asked him to go to the booth and buy one for her if she gave him money. He agreed, and Sparkle gave him $150 to buy the cigarettes because she wasn’t sure how much they were worth. When the stranger got back, he claimed he had bought the cigarettes but they looked bad so he wanted to make sure they were okay, and accidentally smoked all of them. Sparkle was understanding, and didn’t mind too much. The stranger revealed himself to be Jeff Spencer. She asked him for the money back, and he was hesitant, but luckily, Jeff did give Sparkle her money back. They spoke for a minute about their differing opinions on the man at the booth, who Sparkle believed was very rude, but Jeff thought was nice.

Sparkle was about to leave Paleto Bay when she noticed her rental car had been stolen. She looked everywhere for her car, but couldn’t find it. Sparkle waited by the curb to try to hitchhike and see if anyone would give her a ride. For a while, no one was willing to pick her up, and she began giving up hope. Suddenly, a taxi driver drove out from a car park and asked her if she wanted a lift, as he was going to the Hospital down in Los Santos. Sparkle gratefully accepted the invitation and got in, asking to have an adventure. Sparkle asked who her driver was, and he introduced himself as Max Speedy. Like she does with many people, she flirted with him playfully. Max attempted to show off his car skills and tried to do a 360° move, but failed.

When Sparkle and Max got to the hospital, Sparkle went in and asked someone who was waiting if they were a doctor. The person Sparkle asked turned out to be an investigator. Sparkle asked the lady to let her taxi know she’d be coming back soon as she went to check up with the doctor. After she got checked, Sparkle randomly asked the investigator lady to marry her. The lady kindly rejected her offer, as they had only just met. Sparkle got back into Max’s taxi and the pair drove back Paleto Bay.

Sparkle suggested that they should fish, and Max accepted her offer and found a group of people who wanted to fish with them. Max followed the group with his car but suddenly, Sparkle accidently jumped out the car as it was driving and got badly injured. Max took Sparkle to his grandmother’s house and helped bandage her up. They both left the house and caught up with the fishing group and started to fish with them. When they got bored of fishing, they headed back to seafood booth and sold the fish they had caught and left.

Sparkle just wanna have Fun
Sparkle was on her way to Dean’s World to meet up with Zayne. As Sparkle got there, Zayne invited her to go to a rave with him and his friend, Charity, who was also in his car. Shortly after, Zayne jokingly told Sparkle to "Get out” from his car, after she made a joke that he didn’t like, she then jumped out of the car while it was driving. They quickly drove back to collect Sparkle again and drove straight to the rave.

When they arrived at the Rooster's Rest for the rave, as there weren’t too many people and it wasn’t super energetic at restaurant. Sparkle immediately went towards a few people by the stage and asked if they wanted to do some ecstasy. She also mentioned to one of them “you turn me on so much”. After a minute, she figured out how to dance with glow sticks like everyone else. She asked around, if someone had cocaine or ecstasy, but they only had meth on them, in which she refused to take. Sparkle was offered a “semen special”, she stated “I haven’t had one of those, since my uncle!”

Everyone were waving their glow sticks around and yelling “Glory to the Cock!” Eventually, Zayne had to go to bed which made Sparkle sad. She briefly compared stories of meeting Zayne with another person before going back to dancing around. She went and ordered a semen special, mentioning “I really like semen.”

Sparkle began talking to Charity about heists. When she found out that it was a cause of stress for Charity due to trauma, she advised her to get over her fears. She then told a few sexual stories before convincing the woman to go to the vault with her. They ran together to the vault. As they got to the vault, Sparkle met a man who said his eyes were seeing things. She told him he smells good, got her money, and withdrew it from the Bank.

She left and found Charity sitting on the ground. Despite the fact that the man didn’t call her weird, Sparkle insisted that he did and repeatedly accused him of saying and thinking it. When he entered to his car, as she kept harassing him through the window. Sparkle accidentally punched Charity but shortly after she sense that Charity was stressed and asked what was wrong. Charity suggested they leave the vault, so they did. Sparkle began to see what she believed were hallucinations, and thought that she and Charity were tripping on drugs or that she had been drugged. She broke into a car, only to realize that they both had no lock pick, and leave the car. Sparkle still wanted to leave, so she went to ask someone for a ride.

Sparkle began to talk to Charity about therapy, and how a therapist would help her with her trauma. She tries to give Charity therapy session, by asking about her episode, asking if yelling at her, with a gun to her head and re-enact the scene would help. Sparkle instantly gave her pet rock "Balls Deep" to Charity. Sparkle then said, to keep it until they meet again. Sparkle also advised her to ignore the mean guy who she wanted to punch because he made fun of her.

Coasters and Concerts
Sparkle and Zayne were texting and decided that they would meet at the Burger Shot. When Sparkle arrived there, she ran into her friend, Hubcap. They started talking about the chaos currently happening there, with EMS behind them, people on the roof, and people doing flips all over. Sparkle mentioned her job search struggles when she found out that Hubcap worked at Burger Shot, though he couldn’t help her. They also talked to David Berry briefly, before Zayne arrived. Sparkle then shared a story about how she had a speech impediment as a kid and said her name as “Spaw-kow Wee” and people would bully her and throw coins at her.

After Hubcap left, Sparkle and Zayne got into Zayne’s car. They drove to the apartments, where they stayed for a minute before getting back into the car. Sparkle complimented Zayne’s scent, which he revealed was vanilla. He returned the compliment, and she told him that her scent was an imported fragrance called “Camel Piss”. When they arrived at Dean’s World and got out of the car, Sparkle twatted that she prefers Zayne with a Y over Zane without a Y. Zane without a Y, who she was not with, responded “next time i see you, all fists up”, threatening to fight her, and she replied with a sexual joke. Zayne left Sparkle to smoke alone for a minute, going to talk to another friend he saw.

When Zayne returned, they began discussing what to do for the night, and decided trivia night sounded fun, though they weren’t certain what they would do. Zayne began to carry Sparkle because she said she was too busy smoking to walk. They briefly stopped at the fishing booth to sell Sparkle’s fish, where Zayne struggled to put Sparkle back onto the ground, though he was eventually successful and Sparkle sold her fish. While walking away, she pretended she was going to punch him, but instead jokingly mimed kissing him. When Zayne mentioned his boyfriend, they started talking about him, and Sparkle made some sexual jokes like how Zayne likes his boyfriends “seamen” that he knows, making it sound like she said “semen”.

They saw bumper cars, which Sparkle decided to play immediately, begging Zayne to join until he eventually did. He also convinced another woman to play with them. After they finished the game, she revealed that her name is Babe. They talked about Babe’s friend who had just gotten a job at the Rooster Rest and how Sparkle was rejected when she asked for a job there. They decided to go on a rollercoaster, however it left before they could get onto it, prompting Sparkle to try to chase it and jump on. Everyone was worried that she would get hurt, but she gave up after climbing one hill, so she didn’t get hurt. The group and another group all got onto the ride, and when it began Sparkle said that she was excited to get the “panty-tingles”, but soon began to feel like she was going to throw up. Right as the ride ended, she vomited. She apologized and they all left the roller coaster.

Sparkle, Zayne, and Babe went over towards the stage, where some music was being played, and danced in the crowd. She found a friend in the crowd and asked him what happened to his wheelchair, finding out that he only needed crutches now. She was sad about that because she “never got to take [him] for a ride”. Then, they met another woman, who told Zayne he seemed like the cooler Zayne/Zane. Sparkle introduced herself as a third Zane to confuse the woman. Before she could introduce herself with her real name, someone went on stage, so they stopped talking and started cheering and listening to his music. Next, Hubcap went up on stage and started performing. The crowd all began running in circles, accidentally trampling a few people including Sparkle at one point.

During the concert, Sparkle found the crowd too chaotic, and ran off to the closest booth, where she talked to a few people. She went to another booth and told a group of people who she told that she had a bacterial infection that she believed to have cured with alcohol. She pulled one man aside, who said he was new in town, named Walter. She felt like he was familiar, as if they had met before. They talked for a minute while he had a smoke, enjoying the concert. They exchanged numbers before separating.

Sparkle went back to Zayne on the dock, and pointed out how the song being played sounded like “Every Road Has Its Thorns”, before singing the song while Hubcap was still performing. Zayne began to compliment Sparkle, but she fell into the ocean while he was talking. After a minute, she walked the long walk back and found him by the stage. The crowd was singing a song using fart sounds, and Sparkle joined in, before stating that it smelled like farts and gagging. Hubcap asked for song suggestions, and Sparkle yelled “Bacterial Infection” which he began singing a song about, called “Burns When I Pee”. Sparkle talked to a few people while the song played. Afterwards, she told Hubcap “I hope your wiener feels better” referring to the song. They discussed bacterial infections for a moment before Hubcap started playing a new song, “Fashion Disaster”, which Sparkle said was one of her favorite songs. The crowd did a lot of different dances. Before one song, Hubcap told the story of how he gave himself his first tattoo, a pineapple on his arm, using sewing machine parts. Sparkle and many others were very impressed. She randomly shouted about her nipples during the song, which surprised many, but not the singer. The concert ended with everyone yelling about how much they love Hubcap.

Criminal Record

  • On May 24th, 2021: Sparkle has a criminal record. She'd served 18 months in jail, for interfering a crime scene, while working as a journalist. Sparkle tried to ask for a lawyer, but pleaded guilty for the charges.
  • Sparkle hasn't robbed any San Andreas Banks, but was held (the worst) hostage at The Vault.

Notable Quotes

“I hope you slip on a banana peel!” to someone who was being rude while trying to sell cigarettes to her
“Hammer me” to Ramee, while he was threatening her with a sledgehammer
“Lubricate me, be my lubricant!” to someone with a paintball gun, asking them to shoot her because she “likes it”
“They don’t call me Herpes queen for nothing” while talking about how many bacterial infections she’s had
“We don't sell Jesus here” Someone responded saying “Oh Jesus” in shock, while Sparkle misheard them and thought they were asking, if she was selling a Jesus item.

Played By: XxAshleyxX
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