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The Soy Gang, or Soy Boys, are a loose group of individuals that occasionally hang out together to do crimes, joyride, rob houses, and hunt for Black Panthers. The initial crew was brought together by Irwin Dundee, but it was unofficial until Benji Ramos named it and delegated the leadership role to Jean Paul since he does the "Soy Walk" (Quick) style all the time. It recently became official with confirmation from Benji Ramos and Yuno Sykk, though Jean Paul is hesitant with the idea of associating with a gang for now since according to him gangs can bring a lot of problems but Benji insists that he is still a member of the collective.

According to people who are told about the Soy Gang, they see them as a chaotic group of criminals who get into all kinds of shenanigans.

Three members of the Soy Gang are, as they call themselves "Certified Bank Bustas", or "Bertified Bank Bobber" in one case. Those three being X ,Benji & Yuno Sykk, all of them being already notorious for hacking and escaping successfully multiples Fleecas (Green Banks) and Paletos (Blue Bank) in the city with X also being the first one to rob a Fleeca, and later on a Paleto bank successfully on his own.

With Yuno Sykk being given the role of The Hacker because of his flawless record of bank hacks. His first hack on a Fleeca (Green Banks) was done flawlessly on the first try. His First Paleto (Blue Banks) being the same result. By the Soy Gang's first official heist together on the Paleto (Blue Banks), he has a record and 4/4 successful hacks with three of them being one-shots. He often wore an "X" outfit in honor of X during his "Cruise". His growing skill has led him to successfully hack the City Vault on his own multiple times. He has only ever failed two "hacks," (hack in this case meaning breaking the device made to infiltrate the bank) both of which is that of the lower city vault USB hack. He was, however, very close to accomplishing the hardest task so far in the city being only 1 number off the correct answer. On July 6, 2021, Yuno was able to conquer his demons and finally finished the USB hack he has failed twice. He also completed the hack twice, both in one-shot, redeeming himself from his past failures.

As for Irwin Dundee, he specializes in driving. Fitting the name of The Driver. With him on the steering wheel, the Soy Boys make a clean getaway almost every time, no matter how bright their glowing shoes, clothing and vehicle are. His skills on the road is rivalled only by the greatest of NASCAR Drivers, having easily escaped dozens of police chases, with multiple of them having helicopters on it. He would often put an anonymous tip just too spice things up a bit since most chases leave him bored.

Jean "X" Paul, is currently planning for a big vault heist and considering to bring all the Soy Gang and train them for the job. He will be in charge of getting intel on how to break the vault - The biggest bank in Los Santos - and the materials needed for the job after cutting a deal with the Chang Gang, by giving them red dongles to try breaking the vault in exchange for Intel. Along with a masked DEMON that will give him the opportunity to buy the required items to break the vault. Just as what The Mastermind would do.






Team BDXY, the main consisting four of the Soy Gang that includes:

  • B / Mr.B aka Benji Ramos,The Planner: Founder of the Soy Gang and ex-vice-El Jefe of the Vagos. Being in one of the top gangs of LS, His resourcefulness helps out with the Soy Boys prepping their plans. Currently leading his new group, The Seaside Family.
  • D / Uncle Dundee aka Irwin Dundee, The Driver: Founder and Prime Minister of the Bondi Boys, superior in escaping the cops with his immense driving skills. No heist is inescapable with him around.
  • X / Ghost Rida aka Jean Paul, The Mastermind: Founder and Superior Leader of Gulag Gang, X is one of Los Santos' biggest criminals, given the title of honorary leader of the group by Benji and Yuno. He acts as the leader and mastermind of the group, as well as a shooter if the need ever arises. X is also a member of the Cleanbois.
  • Y / Yuno aka Yuno Sykk, The Hacker: A criminal prodigy member of the Cleanbois and genius hacker who commits crime with sole goal of having fun first, money second. He is also known for his communication skills and his silver tongue in persuading the cops.
  • In short how the Bois operate: Jean Paul conjures a plan to maximize their success rate, alongside with Benji and Dundee giving their small input to complete the plan. Benji having access to advance weaponry and equipment at his disposal making prepping any heist immeasurably fast. With Dundee behind the wheel, plans their route for safety and effectiveness with his Dundee Specials. Lastly with a degree in coding, Yuno Sykk can crack any safe in a matter of seconds. Making him one of the best in the city. The four bois make a deadly combination when they join forces.
  • X and Yuno are both the protégés of Dundee, and Mr. B, to some extent.

Soy On The Side (SOS)

Soy On The Side by The Almighty Smokes

After the Soy Boys broke up, Dundee attempted to start Soy On The Side, a group that paid homage to the original Soy Gang. The crew consisted of two members from the BBMC and two members from the Clean Bois - Dundee, Barry Benson, Mickey S, and Raymond Romanov. They completed a spree of successful bank heists together but grew apart due to Mickey's work for the Clean Cartel, Ray creating his own street gang, R.U.S.T, and Dundee and Barry focusing on building up their own club, the BBMC, together.

The Soy Boys

The Soy Gang was initially an idea brought by two of the most befriended criminals, Irwin Dundee and Benji Ramos(Mr.B) to Jean Paul(X) despite his lack of interest in its creation. The Soy Gang was formed, later leading to expansion in form of one member, Yuno Sykk, who was brought into the squad after being taken under Dundee's wing, and hanging around with Dundee and Benji multiple times. All the members of the Soy Gang are very iconic in their own way and are well known around the city.

Jean Paul / X

Jean Paul or X is widely known as one of the biggest criminals the city have ever known as he has done many high-tier crimes, multiple bank heists, constant altercations with the gangs and has had a feud against the Police in which he killed many cops during his "Cop hunts" and dumped their cars into the ocean to feed the KRAKEN, or exploded them to feed the DRAGON while acting as a lone wolf against adversity.

He considers himself to be the Hero of Los Santos since he serves justice to the corrupt cops that arrest criminals for no reasons or charging them astronomical amounts of fines and according to him the only way to equilibrate the balance is to mess with their cars in which he destroyed +20 cars to date since it affects their budget to the point where they threatened him via their officials to give him the 9s (9999 hours of jail time). He is also famous for his #LETEMKNOW movement with Dundee and Benji (XYB Trio) in which they take pictures after escaping the cops and post them on Twatter.

Alongside the Soy Gang members, he has done various crimes like house robberies, heists, murder, and grand theft auto. After several weeks, he met Yuno first at the apartments and ironically punched him to take off his helmet since he had voice problems. He later met him officially through his close friends, Benji and Dundee, and has done some joyriding, house robberies, and hunting together. Dundee and Benji consider X as their brother and always tell Yuno about their criminal tales. X is respected by his criminal peers since he does crimes on his own like where he even escaped an unprecedented solo bank heist from several cops and a helicopter or when he engaged and won a gunfight against Cops with AR rifles on his own or even engaging a 1 versus 3 gunfight against Dexx's GSF and killing all three of them while being shot firsthand.

As a criminal, he has solid relationships with the Vagos, Ballas & the Chang Gang. He often names himself as the Certified Bank Busta since he is widely known among criminals and cops to have successfully done many Bank heists and have great hacking skills. He is a go-to hacker contacted daily by many criminals to bust their banks open. Carried by his street cred, he rarely gets robbed nowadays by criminals during crimes such as the Dark Market Oxy runs or House robberies runs whenever he unveils his true identity behind the mask even when he is all vulnerable and alone. Known for having sometimes a huge high temper, he's been on numerous "Cruise ships" after a series of furious altercations with the cops. Although he cares about his friends, he is hesitant about the idea of joining a gang since according to him it brings a lot of tensions and if everyone is on friendly terms with everyone in the city, there won't be storylines and feuds with other parties. He prefers for now to be a lone wolf but he cares deeply about his friends and doesn't wanna involve them in his own problems. He is also the only person in the entire city that successfully hacked and escaped in a solo bank robbery, claiming the title of Solo Bank Busta.

X is the main inspiration that made Benji consider creating the group and gave him the leadership role even when X was against joining it. He has a commanding presence making him most of the time the center of interest he also is known for bringing great ideas and schemes to the table and is considered one of the reasons why Burger Shot is getting back on their foot lately by inspiring the workers by his attitude and his criminal ways to do things. Although X is known for being violent in his ways to do things, his soft side rubs on his friends. He hates robbing or antagonizing people and considers it petty and is quite kind and helpful around the guys he trusts to the point where Benji considers him a soyboy. On the other hand, he has a wrathful side mainly because of his altercations with the cops and the characters that betray him or do him wrong and seek to destroy them in any way he can.

As his best friend Benji insists that he is a part of the SOY GANG whether he likes it or not and considered him the leader because of his rare soft & soy moments and for doing and popularizing the 'Soy Walk'.

Lately, X has surprisingly been open to the idea of embracing the Soy Gang. The four members decided to reunite to do a Paleto Job together marking the comeback of X and this was a great way to officialize the group. X, the criminal mastermind is now eager to do a Vault job and earn the title of the VAULT BUSTA, working tirelessly behind the back of Soy Gang to gather intel from various criminals and getting the resources needed to fund the job, he is mainly considering bringing the Soy Gang as his associates to break the biggest and toughest bank in the city and decided to lay some big plans and train all three members and toughening them up when the time is due.

Yuno Sykk / Y

Yuno is one of the fresher faces to the city. He is known for wearing his iconic black helmet, kind demeanor, and originally pacifist tendencies. But his encounter with Irwin Dundee and Benji Ramos changed that. As he did with X before, Dundee mentored Yuno about the crime life and has planted into his head that the most fun and adrenaline a person can have in the city is by doing crimes. The thrill of it, the cops chasing after you, the house robberies and the riches you can get from them. All of that caught Yuno's interest to the point where he can't wait for the night to come to do daily house robberies.

Dundee introduced Yuno to his friend Benji (Mr. B), the vice-leader of the feared Vagos. Dundee and Benji, alongside X, were a notorious trio (X, Y, &, B), they would often tell Yuno about their stories and shenanigans. They consider him a nicer version of X since they both have similar tendencies: a penchant for fancy cars, doing crime, and using the catchphrase "Turning a new leaf". It came to the point where they named him "X v2 but nicer" since X is more violent while Yuno is more diplomatic and takes the safe approach. Yuno is actually highly intelligent and charismatic, he has a talent of talking himself out of any situation against the cops or gang members and is a prodigal bank hacker. His kind nature is often deceiving which makes him one of the most unpredictable people to deal with in the city.

He is very ambitious and tries daily to climb the ranks of criminal life, though usually willfully ignorant of the cost to get there. Inspired by Dundee and Benji's teachings and hearing from his friends about the criminal deeds that Jean Paul has done, made him consider X as his idol and the "Greatest criminal mastermind of our generation". After X's departure/ cruise trip, since X always robbed banks, Yuno decided to do his first bank heist in his honor, so X can still live in peoples minds and wore his "Chips outfit" which created a very ironic moment with Benji, who thought for a second that he really was X.

Determined to be a "Certified Bank Busta", Yuno learned how to hack banks through an online course, a course he has proved to be prodigal in. During his second bank robbery, he called himself X as he did previously, and his team respectively code-named themselves Q, C, L (xQcL). He flawlessly hacked a Fleeca on his first try and later screamed "We did it for X!" while he did the heist. He would also do the same thing for his third bank, and first Paleto, with the new and improved, harder-to-hack, security measures alongside Lang Buddha, Tony Corleone, and Raymond Romanov. Succeeding where a veteran failed, and hacked the bank on his first try no less.

Since then, he has proved to be a prodigy in hacking, successfully completing multiple bank hacks on the first try and never failing a single hacking job, earning himself a name as the best, most reliable hacker in the city. Benji Ramos constantly refers to him as a "Hacking Savant" when talking to others, stating how eerily amazing he is at it. That prodigal talent has also transferred to his skill with Thermite, showing an unnatural prowess and skill, and being able to do it first try during his first vault heist, on on all three doors. This record of flawless hacking and Thermiting would then extend to the next Vaults that Yuno would do. He's so good at it, that after the Team Rocket: Rainbow Road Heist, he had basically hacked three entire vaults all by himself, and that is not an easy feat. He is also considered a "mentor" by other upcoming hackers in the city, most notably Olivia Harvey and Wolfe McCreedy.

Benji Ramos / B

Benji Ramos or MR. B is the founder of Soy Gang and the "Vice El Jefe" of the Vagos. He met both X firsthand and Yuno through Irwin Dundee. Benji although he is known as a ruthless criminal in the streets and acts differently while he is not with his friends, has deep care and a soft side for the Soy Gang members. The idea of creating a collective came through Benji's head because he hangs with them most of the time finds X's looks and walk style and Yuno's kind attitude as Soy. Benji got his name Mr. B from Jean Paul since he and Dundee code-named themselves respectively X and Y forming the XYB TRIO and did various crimes together from grand theft, to murdering people, joyriding and stealing cop cars, and house robberies. After some time, he met Yuno and helped him alongside Dundee on his daily house robberies. Since X was not always around with the boys, B and Dundee always brought him up to Yuno and consider him as a nicer version of X as they see similar traits between the both of them. They have a sort of feeling that they never feel the void X leaves because Yuno hangs with them. This only motivated Benji to create this group and wants people to take notice of them as a collective, officially renaming them BDYX (Benji, Dundee, X, Yuno).

Benji is known to have flirty episodes from time to time. He used X as a worker for his boyfriend-for-rent idea and made money off him from several girls in the city. He also tried to do the same thing with Yuno and loves to tease him about girls and the fact that he seems to always be surrounded by them despite them "not being into him that way". Benji apparently had a lot of history with Dundee before even meeting X and Yuno since they were part of the same gang back in Los Santos 2.0. Benji is also known as the bertified bank bobber since he did several bank heists with X and the Vagos. Benji considers the Soy Gang members as his family and is ready to do whatever it takes to help out his brothers.

Irwin Dundee / D

Irwin Dundee is a long-time friend of Benji and ironically the first friend that both X and Yuno respectively made in the city. Dundee is very experienced within the city and is known for his driving skills and his "Dundee Specials" escaping plans against the cops. He showed the ropes to both X & Yuno and introduced them to the city. He is known for hating the "Coppa-dogs" and constantly does crimes with Yuno & Benji. Dundee is known for having a very comedic nature but at the same time he is considered a doofus, but he has a big heart and can do anything to help out his friends. He introduced X to his long-time friend Benji Ramos and formed a trio of criminals that rob houses and annoy the police. They #LETEMKNOW after successfully escaping them and posting pictures of the three of them on twatter. Dundee is also famous for using the catchphrase SEND ITTT whenever he and X were going on high speed with their cars or doing car stunts. Dundee recently embarked on a series of events with the intention of teaching Yuno a life lesson, explaining to him that to maintain a relationship there is the need to take sides and that making real friends requires to "break some hearts", otherwise you'll only be taken advantage of. Dundee is currently the leader of his own faction the Bondi Boys MC which he recently brought back to life.

Heist Log

Type Date Roles Outcome Details Loot
Paleto April 16, 2021 Success First try hack by Yuno Sykk Marked Bills x ~200

Gemstone x 1

Inked Bag x 1

Red Dongle x1

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
Vault July 2, 2021 Failed Benji and Collin managed to escape with 1/3 of the loot. TBA
Dundee and X were captured during the escape and lost the rest of the loot.
Vault November 26, 2021 Success
  • An attempt to create the longest police chase.
  • X Had robbed Base City Bank and Harmony Fleeca Bank for stalling their vault heist. Then the loot was stolen later on.
Mark Bills x ~400

Gemstone x 2

Inked Bag x 4

Advance VPN x 1