The South Side Ballas were a south side street gang. They originally had the cul-de-sac of Grove St as their territory, but near the end of the gang's history, they had little to no territory since they lost their cul-de-sac territory to the rivaling East Side Ballas. Soon after the death of Kym “Lil K” Johnson, the last leader of the gang, the gang was disbanded and dissolved.

Description[edit | edit source]

The South Side Ballas, better known as simply the Ballas, were known for wearing the color purple. Members often drove purple vehicles as well.

Leanbois & Grove Street[edit | edit source]

Buddha, an OG of the Leanbois, re-purchased his grandma's house on Grove Street, this caused the rest of the Leanbois to purchase homes on Grove Street. The Leanbois started referring Grove Street as "Lean Street".

The Ballas proceeded to ask the Leanbois for rent money, which they refused. This provoked the Ballas into an ongoing war with the Leanbois over turf.

This war went on for months. Things reached more of a compromise after Big E became the leader of the Ballas.

Leaders[edit | edit source]

Curtis Davis III[edit | edit source]

Curtis was the first leader of the Ballas. Often autocratic in his leadership approach, Curtis was a passionate leader driven by anger at rival gang the Leanbois. He was irate over the Leanbois purchase of property on Grove Street and renaming the territory "Lean Street."

He recruited Arious Campbell, Emmanuel Biggs and Damian Frost to the Ballas.

Curtis then left town for a long period of time. Upon his unexpected return, Curtis was increasingly frustrated and felt the war with Leanbois was everlasting with no resolution.

As his frustrations grew he became more reckless which ultimately lead to his demise. During a botched bank robbery, he was killed by police.

Damian Frost[edit | edit source]

Damian Frost, who had a very close relationship to Curtis Davis III, took over as the leader of the Ballas following Curtis' death. He was the natural next leader figure since he was effectively the second-in-command under Curtis' leadership and a close friend of his. However, Frost only lasted as the leader of the gang for one day, as he died one day after Curtis.

Frost was extremely angry following Curtis' death. He was shot to death by police officers after holding Brittany Angel hostage, in an attempt to get revenge on the police for Curtis, who was shot and killed the previous day by the police.

Emmanuel "Big E" Biggs[edit | edit source]

After the death of Frost, Big E took command of the Ballas. Big E was trained by Curtis, Breezy and Frost, he observed their different leadership styles.

Soon after Big E arrived in the city he became very close friends with Boris Ivanov, the founder and leader of The Russian Mafia.

On March 15th, 2020, Boris and Big E were having a fallout over the partnership their respective gangs had established (The Russian Mafia and East Side Ballas) to wage war against the Vagos. It resulted in a gunfight between the two, resulting in the death of Big E at the hands of Boris.

Kym "K" Johnson[edit | edit source]

K was unceremoniously made the new leader of the Ballas after the untimely passing of Big E. He had fully intended to pass the torch onto her if and when he died as there were notes discovered of his intent left on his corpse.

She led the gang for a while before being shot and killed by the rivaling East Side Ballas. Specifically, the individual who killed her was Jack Cortair - he shot her to death in front of Pillbox Medical Center.

Split in the Ballas[edit | edit source]

Right around the time of Big E's death and K becoming the new leader of the Ballas, the only OG member of the Ballas left, Tyrone Biggums, returned to the city after being inactive for almost a year, with a desire to be the new leader of the Ballas instead. However, Kym refused this after Tyrone accused her of being behind the deaths of Curtis, Frost and Big E on the day Tyrone came back and Big E was killed. K then shot down Biggums in the cul-de-sac.

Because of this, a civil war started within the Ballas between the members who follow K, the Ballas on Grove Street, and the new members who follow Biggums, the Ballas now located on Fudge Lane. Chang Gang was backing up Tyrone during this war, fighting and helping him out with guns and supplies. After several days of fighting, Chang Gang felt ESB were strong enough to put up a fight and the war ended. As a result, Kym maintained her position as leader like Big E wanted, and one of her members switched sides, it was Novah Walker. This is also when the Ballas following Tyrone Biggums officially got their own territory on Fudge Lane. So there are now two separate sets of Ballas with separate leaders.

Second Turf War & Loss of the Cul-De-Sac[edit | edit source]

Conflict between the SSB and the Leanbois was triggered by an altercation between its members and LB's Denzel Williams, stirring both gangs into a second turf war for the cul-de-sac.

Terms for the war were set. The first gang to claim 25 of their rival's bandanas would take the 'sac'. Ownership of the territory had been a goal of the Leanbois for a year, and came to fruition with the death of CJ by Denzel in a final shoot out. Lil' K was also shot and thrown from a rooftop by Denzel in the fight, leaving her in critical condition at Pillbox Medical.

The Leanbois sold the cul-de-sac to Chang Gang. In turn, the sac was sold to Tyrone and his East Side Ballas. For the time being, this effectively crushed the powerbase of the SSB.

The South Side Ballas lost their central territory they held for a long time. They were then in a weak position, because they have minimal to no territory. This began their disbanding.

The End of the South Side Ballas[edit | edit source]

After the death of Kym “Lil K” Johnson, the gang slowly declined in activity within the following weeks. Soon after, the gang was disbanded and dissolved. It no longer exists. All the former territories of the gang was taken over by the East Side Ballas.

Deceased Members[edit | edit source]

Curtis Davis III † - Leader/OG Member, Deceased - August 27th, 2019

Damian Frost † - Leader/OG Member, Deceased - August 28th, 2019

Arious Campbell † - Full Member, Deceased - February 28th, 2020

Emmanuel Biggs † - Leader/OG Member, Deceased - March 15th, 2020

Elijiah Parks † - OG Member, Deceased - July 4th, 2020

Cardell Jones † - OG Member, Deceased - July 23rd, 2020

Kym “Lil K” Johnson † - Leader, Deceased - August 2, 2020.

Territory[edit | edit source]


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