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Sophia McMoo is a character role-played by CowsMooingNSuch.


Sophia was born on April 24th, 1992 to immigrant parents who met in Washington, DC. Her mother is Korean and her father is Italian. She has a sister named Natalia who is 5 years younger than her. Most of her early childhood was spent on her parent’s dairy farm in Nebraska. Due to the success of the dairy farm, her parents bought a large home in Northern Alderney, Liberty City, in the neighborhood of Westdyke shortly before she started high school. Upon graduating high school a year early at the age of 17, she entered the Air Force and became a helicopter pilot and later expanded her role into a generalized transport specialist. 8 years later upon her promotion to Master sergeant at the age of 25, Sophia was recruited into a top secret special forces unit under the code name ‘Operator 13’. 3 years later, Sophia left the military after sustaining an injury which left her needing months of reconstructive surgery on her vocal cords. She was awarded the purple heart upon her exit from the military. The first thing she did after leaving the military was to dye all of the hair Teal. Due to financial hardship, Sophia put all of her money from the military into the family dairy farm to keep it afloat and became it's accountant. In order to help her decide what to do with her life, she decided to move to Los Santos.

Physical Description

Sophia has Long Teal hair that she usually wears freely. She has light olive skin, blue eyes, and a toned physique. She typically wears leather jackets, tight pants, and either vibrantly colored or black clothes. Since moving to the city, she has expanded her sense of fashion to include more vibrant colors as well as dresses and suits. She has also gotten several tattoos since moving to the city, including a spider on her left calf, a green dragon on her right leg, a grenade surrounded by the phrase 'have a nice day' on her right arm, and a skull with a rose on her left arm. She also uses temporary hair dye with certain outfits that she wears, allowing her to have red, green, purple, or orange hair at times.


Sophia is rather shy but still loves to talk to those she knows. She will do whatever she can to help out those in need. She is highly analytical but can be slightly dense. She is also slightly clumsy as evidenced by her interactions with others. Her vocal pitch will sometimes change drastically due to the damage to her vocal cords.

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