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Sooty Gamwich is a character role-played by MadameGandalf.

The Mime Wars:[]

Sooty waved her Clowns a tearful farewell at the airport, running after the plane, fireworks exploding and glittering behind her... before quickly jumping into a chopper and doing a mission-impossible moment to help Seven "skydive" to the plane the Clowns had already taken off in without him!

Touching back down, she packed her bags with her pre-pre husband, Richard "Dick" Tips, and their dogs (Fawkes & Baxter), to set off on a "Clown Pilgrimage" to cure the *"Mime-itis"(*) given to her by friend-turned-traitor, Yuri Popov. "The Elder Clown", Happy, gave her a needle containing his blood to keep her talking, and so she began her "Clown-grimage" and task to find the OMEGA MIME before she lost her voice forever.

The Clowns believed that Sooty would return to them and join in the war once she had found her cure, however Kirk knew that even before she contracted *"Mime-itis" * , that she had no intention/major doubts about joining them (originally intending to go on a "quick vacation before war" with the possibility of never showing up). He promised to keep her secret, making this the first time she's ever lied to the Clowns.

It is unknown to the Clowns how long it took Sooty to finish her "Clown-grimage", or the details of how she achieved it, but after all the years that have passed, Sooty and Dick have finally returned to Los Santos, hoping to give city-life another go and hoping to start anew! After all, they got a "chussy" to come home to... right?

But old habits die hard, and some of the funny is worth a hell of a lot more than money...

  • Spark Note: (turns out Yuri Popov is a descendent of the first historically recorded Clown of the same name; This Clown was eventually driven mad and became the Alpha Mime, teaching his lineage the ways of Mimes along with everything anyone could know about being a Clown. With this Knowledge, Yuri infiltrated the Clowns to taste "Alpha Clown Blood" and complete his final task in becoming the new "Omega Mime".

Background Information[]

A lot can happen in five years, a lot can change in five years, and a lot can fail in five years. Sooty's fears of war may have subsided, and her intentions may have altered to a wish to help... but the decision was stripped away from her.

Upon meeting with Happy again in Los Santos, it was revealed that Sooty never did manage to find a cure to her “mime-itis”.

Instead, Happy “The Elder”, met with Sooty & Dick at different points throughout their travels / “clown-grimage” to provide doses of his blood in order to keep the “mime-itis” at bay. While Windsong partied in the background (seemingly unaware she even ever went to Brazil at all...), Happy provided Sooty with vials of his blood, promising to keep it secret from the other Clowns that she was still infected.

As guilty as she felt for never going to war (especially after originally believing she’d just simply “not show up”, as revealed by Kirk), as well as all the times she debated with herself about joining her family there and being by their side, Sooty knew it’d be unsafe for her to join them. What would happen if she became a mime mid-war-time? Instead, she continued her Clown-grimage in the hope of one day finding the cure. With some encouragement from Dick, she decided to soak in the moment of every part of their travels until returning home.

Maybe it’s better the Clowns believe her to be a “deserter” over the idea of her still at risk of becoming a mime…


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