Sonya Summers is a character roleplayed by Spekel.

Biography Edit

Jailbreak and “Death” Edit

She was broken out of jail on Aug. 7, 2019, by the Chang Gang under the request of Nino Chavez, who wanted her dead. Following the successful jailbreak, she was then deceived by Chang and was brought directly to Nino in a remote location. She was then beaten in the head multiple times with a wrench by Allen Widemann under Nino's orders. Her body was then dumped in the bottom of the ocean. She was assumed to be deceased.

Sonya's Return Edit

After her body had been thrown into the ocean, a man going by the alias of "Funny Man" jumped in with scuba gear equipped, to scoop up Sonya, she was then brought to a secluded area where a mysterious doctor treated her.

Sonya and the doctor met up to have a talk in the Vanilla Unicorn. Sonya told the doctor that the last thing she remembered was sitting in jail, waiting to see whether or not she was getting a life sentence. The doctor explained to Sonya that for the next week she would not be in peak physical condition, and recommended that she does not get back into her usual activities.

The doctor told Sonya that aside from the drugs, she is alive because Gomer wanted her alive, Sonya immediately asked if Gomer was okay, to which the doctor responded; "It is Gomer Colton, Gomer is always fine."  

Sonya felt like she had lost everything, the doctor stated it was ensured she had lost everything, that her actions took everything out from beneath her. The doctor pointed out to Sonya that the only reason they were both standing there is because Irwin Dundee did not do as commanded, and by doing so Irwin procured a debt, one that he will have to pay, one that the doctor will have to settle with him.

The doctor told Sonya that while she is recovering her strength, he will fill in the gaps of her memory when necessary. The doctor told her that he would answer one question honestly, with no 'cryptic bullshit' as she had put it. Sonya asked; "If I walk out that door, am I going to be hunted?" ' The doctor replied; "Not by me, and not by Nino. But I cannot be certain that any previous hostilities were put to rest, if people know that you are alive." 

Sonya believed that she could deal with anyone who would dare to come after her. The doctor, however, knew better and explained that if she were to fire a gun, the recoil would probably tear her own face off, pointing out that she was barely alive and in no condition to fight. Sonya agreed with him and said she will lay low for a while to heal up and come up with a plan before heading back out. 

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