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Sonya Summers is a character role-played by Spekel


Sonya Summers is a business woman and assassin. Known as a ruthless killer & business woman, she is one of the most feared women in the criminal underworld and will do anything to succeed.

Sonya Summers 3.0

Sonya is more subdued and thinks through her decisions when it comes to business and opportunities. She would rather run things behind the scenes and keep in the shadows. When something is not business oriented she will not hesitate to take matters into her own hands but has ultimately tried to smoothed things over with anyone she has had issues with. With this new outlook on life in Los Santos she has pretty good standing with most gangs in Los Santos.

One of Sonya's biggest fears is losing everything she has worked for and that is why she has nightmares of Randy Wrangler waiting for her outside of her warehouse and raiding her and taking everything. Sonya has been super cautious this go around in the city and always makes sure to be masked up and cover her tracks but she knows that nothing lasts forever in the city.

The number one goal for Sonya is to get her mansion back and be able to establish a base of operations out of Rockford Hills.

“Dipping My Toes” - Return to the City

Sonya returned to the city after an 8 month vacation and didn’t really have any plans but knew that making money was necessary to get anything started in the city. She caught up with her brother, Murphy Braun to get an idea of the current crime happenings as well as the PD response and handling of crime. Sonya met a lawyer in holding, Alfred Neuman, after getting incapacitated in a dust up with a cop. Alfred and Sonya met up after jail and he filled in on some information about crime as well and good ways of making money.

Sonya wanted to establish herself as well as see her standing with some Southside gangs. She met up with the Ballas and met up with The Families (GSF). Sonya and Mona Sanchez became acquainted again and Mona was able to hook Sonya up with some hardware. Before meeting up with GSF Sonya stole a motorcycle. She met up with GSF and while they were talking a man in a vest showed up with cops. The motorcycle that Sonya stole belonged to a BBMC member, Wolfe McCreedy and it seems like he contacted the cops and tracked the bike. Sonya pulled Wolfe aside out of the view of the cops and stabbed him for snitching and took off with his bike. She dumped the bike and the knife off in the ocean and then proceeded to head back to Forum Drive to continue her meeting with GSF. Shortly after restarting their meeting Wolfe showed up again and wanted to apologize to GSF about bringing the cops down. One of the GSF members pulled Sonya to the side and “no balls” her to stab Wolfe again. Sonya stabbed Wolfe and took his gang’s cut (denim jacket) off him before dumping him in a nearby lake.

“The Build” - Chopping and Growing

While leaving her apartment one day she came across an old friend Sal Rosenberg and a business team was born. Sal showed Sonya how to chop cars and that soon became Sonya’s primary source of income. While chopping cars is a good source of income, Sonya also realized it was also a good way to meet people that were not afraid to get their hands dirty and could potentially be good workers in the future.

One day outside the apartments there was a heavy police presence and Sonya saw someone in police custody and that they were being raided. A day or so later Sonya came across this person while chopping and found out that they were being raided due to weed. Sonya learned her name was Naomi and had questions for her about growing. Naomi was very informative and with that information Sonya wanted to start growing. Her and Sal began planting and growing.

Connections and Deliveries

Sonya one day got a phone call, randomly, and it was from one of her old workers from before she left the city for vacation. Sonya agreed to meet up with him and found out it was Kenny Cushman and found out that he is working for Smoke on the Water and that he wants to pay her back by offering her extra product that they are unable to sell, he wants to pay her back for giving him a chance in the city. They come to an agreement where he supplies her with dried bud, she does the deliveries and he gets a cut.

With Sonya and Sal’s grow-op in full swing, one day while packaging weed, someone showed up and Sonya pulled a shotgun on this person. This person ended up being Chief (Baada Ka), this soon became a common occurrence when Sonya and Chief came across each other at the packing place. After some meetings and discussions Sonya agreed to do some delivery runs for Chief and Street Team.

With all these connections Sonya wanted to start getting some of the people she met while chopping to run some weed deliveries. Dima was the first and she showed him the ropes. She preferred that her runners steal a box delivery truck and dress up as a delivery person and follow all traffic laws. Dima proved to be somewhat reliable after a few runs but was caught after a few and got a drug trafficking charge. Sonya continues to try out new people for runs but no one seemed to be reliable.


Murphy Braun (Estranged Brother)

Upon arriving back in the city Sonya met up with Murphy Braun, her brother, and nothing really changed with the relationship, and that led to disagreements and arguments. Sonya always had Murphy back and even killed someone for Murphy because the person threw a shoe at Murphy. Murphy got a beach house and gave Sonya a key and she decorated the house.

Murphy was included in the Chang Gang Olympics and one of the challenges was to kidnap a judge. Murphy thinking that his being a lawyer made it okay for him to try to hold up a judge and kidnap them resulted in Murphy being arrested and losing his bar license. When Sonya woke up Murphy had lied to her about the reasoning for his arrest and loss of bar license and got Sonya riled up which resulted in her driving her car into town hall and pointing a gun at the judge who then told Sonya the truth which made her more upset now at Murphy. Sonya felt manipulated and used by Murphy and after some arguing decided to leave the argument without doing something she’d regret. But as she was leaving, Murphy started shooting her in the back and she ended up downing Murphy but getting arrested for it. Murphy wanted to catch Sonya in jail after the situation to tell her about how his pizza order got messed up and just ruined his whole day,  understandably she didn’t want to hear any of it and walked away. Continue reading here.

Sean Tinker

Sonya caught up with her son, Sean Tinker, shortly after returning to the city and found out that he was in debt and wanted him to get sorted on that. He was also in possession of a stash house in Sandy Shores. He gave Sonya a Granger as she didn’t have a vehicle at the time. Tinker quickly was able to assist his mother in her dealings and they spent a whole day trying to find the best areas to sell meth. This led Tinker to getting his own table and wanting to cook enough meth for a meth run.

Sonya introduced Tinker to the Italians which included Zelda Johansson whom Sonya thought would be great to have an arranged marriage between Tinker and Zelda to make both families stronger. While Tinker was back and helping his mother there were times when Sonya thought that Tinker was annoyed or being difficult with her which led to some disagreements. Right around the time the Alliance formed Tinker was visiting the city less often.

Carmine Mosca

While Sonya was hanging out with Tinker, Tinker received a phone call from Carmine Mosca, an old worker from the past. Carmine started doing weed runs for Sonya as well as doing Dodo runs to get some money. Carmine became quite reliable with the weed runs doing six successfully until he was finally caught. With Tinker showing up in the city less Sonya started referring to him as her number two. Sonya introduced Carmine to the Italians and he was present during the Alliance meeting. With Sonya’s time in the city quickly coming to an end she reached out to Toni of the Italians to make sure that Carmine was taken care of and Toni agreed to let Carmine join the Italian family.

Stacey Doyle

Sonya one day asked Stacey Doyle if she wanted to be her daughter and Stacey agreed and they went down to town hall, found a judge and made it official. Stacey has helped Sonya get out of some situations from the cops without hesitation and proves she’ll do anything for her mother unconditionally.

“A Familiar Face” - The Koreans

While getting her horoscope at the pier and getting caught up on some new illegal activities being available  by Leland Jones, Sonya received a call from a familiar friend, Sun Moon. Sonya and Sun Moon met up and caught up. Sonya was introduced to the Koreans: Pahn Gu and Mina Kwon. Sonya would meet up with them routinely and deliver them cooked meth as they share a table 50/50 as well as a warehouse together. The Koreans and Sonya both approached two other gangs about forming an alliance to push meth in the same location to increase prices as the Koreans were having trouble holding territory on their own.

“Tall Glass of Water” - The Italians

Sonya had set up to sell lockpicks to someone off of Yellow Pages, but the person was taking too long to meet up with her so just for the trouble of her having to wait she was going to teach him a lesson. When the two finally crossed paths they met up at Legion Square bank and Sonya pointed a gun at the two men that showed up in the car. She got the person from Yellow Pages out of the car but the other person didn’t move or say anything. Sonya assumed that person was in their head or having “issues” so she proceeded to take the one into the alley next to the bank but was soon as she did it so happens that a cop was driving by and say her doing it BUT also at the same time the passenger in the car pulled out their gun and started firing on Sonya. The cops took down all involved and took them all down. Even while downed the passenger was telling what had happened and snitching to the cops. Sonya wanted to teach this person a lesson. All were taken to MRPD and Sonya pleaded guilty and went to jail. The passengers wanted a bench trial. So Sonya wanted to get out of prison as soon as possible.

While in prison and checking on how much time she had remaining she was passing the visitor stalls and a guy called out to her “How you doin’ tall glass of water?” which Sonya took as an insult and they went back and forth a bit before the other guy smooth things out. They eventually found out that all three of them were waiting for the snitch, Mickey Mouse, to show up. They introduced themselves as Toni Balbani and "Uncle T" (Maz Razi) of the Balbani Crime Family. They agreed to work together and take care of the snitch.

Sonya got a ride from prison from Sal and the Italians said they’d pick up Mickey. But Mickey was still in the process of getting his bench trial - unknown to the two groups. Sonya put out a tweet offering $10k for anyone picking up Mickey. After a bit Sonya decided to check the courthouse and stumbled upon Mickey’s bench trial. She took a seat and decided to wait to see the outcome.She reached out to Toni and Uncle T and they joined her in the audience. Unfortunately, the tweet that Sonya put out came back to bite her and the judge had asked the officer that was a witness to remove her from the audience, she left without issue. She waited around the courthouse and decided she wanted to stab Mickey. Uncle T informed her that Mickey was not going to jail and would be free but had requested an escort out of the courthouse as the two Italians were there and Sonya was there earlier. The escort did not stop Sonya and she stabbed Mickey in the courthouse lobby and was promptly gunned down and sent to jail.

The following day Sonya met up with the Italians and met all of them and got a tour of their mansion. They ended up having a roundtable meeting/discussion with all the members of the Italians and shared some of their criminal knowledge.Sonya shared the information that she learned about weed and growing with the italians Sonya would regularly meet up with the Italians and exchange information, shoot up the cops, and sometimes do kidnapping contracts together. They also receive cooked meth from Sonya and are part of the Alliance. Sonya mostly does business dealings with Boris Karishnikov.

“The Cave Cook” - Meth Queenpin

Sun Moon one day called Sonya to meet up with him. He proceeded to show her a laptop and a black dongle and they used both and discovered a table being available to cook meth. Sonya and Sun Moon decided to go halfsies and purchase a table. They bought the table for 150k and proceeded to test it out.

They needed a place to test out the meth table without being seen by opps. They both remembered a cave east of Bolingbroke penitentiary. There they were able to test out the table and Sonya was able to make her first batch of meth, strain: 76-gerbil. Sonya and Sun Moon decided that she would cook and the Koreans would push the meth on the streets. Before the meth business could get going Sonya wanted to make sure that she had a place to store the table to avoid it being lost if she ever got raided.

After acquiring a stash house Sonya began to cook, she was cooking as often as the boss would allow her to cook and it soon consumed her life for a bit. She would go back and forth to the cave/cove and sometimes would cook at Tinker’s house in Sandy Shores. She embraced the “Cave Cook” moniker she had given herself. She would cook and then drop off the bags in the Koreans’ mailbox and they would split the profits.

“Calm Before The Storm” - The Alliance

With the Koreans and Sonya in a business partnership and her being the supplier the Koreans found it difficult with their numbers and their schedule to be able to hold down a territory to sell meth without the prices being affected. Sonya was able to secure a warehouse with Sal, and the Koreans and they needed to start increasing income to be able to pay the loan and fees.  Sonya and the Koreans decided to bring in other gangs/families to help them hold down territory as well as sell more product.

As Sonya was working with the Koreans she found out that they were also selling meth for the Italians and helping them in the Little Soul area. So was presented with an opportunity to get all three families working together but to move out of the Little Soul as it was also where Chang Gang was residing. So a new territory was to be scouted.

Boris met up with Sonya and told her that he and Pahn reached out to different gangs and that the Marabunta Grande had shown interest in allowing them to be able to sell on one of their territories. There was also the inclusion of the Kitsune-Gumi Yakuza family through mutual friendship between, Vice of the Yazkuza and Pahn and Boris. Having three families patrolling a territory would be beneficial and Sonya felt up to the task of being able to supply the three families.

The Marabunta Grande wanted to meet up with all the families involved and come to terms. So after some scheduling a time was set and all four families were able to be represented and they met in the canals. During the meeting terms were made with the leader of the Marabunta Grande, Sergio Lopez:

  • Every two days every family receives five batches of meth.
  • Marabunta Grande receives their batches without a split until the grade quality reaches 70% or more.
  • Marabunta will provide protection and sell their batches to help raise the rep.
  • No texting Sergio.
  • No Selling on Fudge Lane.
  • The code word for selling is “Calm Before the Storm”
  • Only sell in El Burro Heights
  • Keep Sonya “safe” as she is the cook.

Sonya has been able to keep up with the orders as has reached Rank 2 for cooking. The alliance has stayed strong and Sonya has made some consolations with a couple of mishaps to keep the peace.

“Movin’ on Up” - Stash House To Warehouse

Sonya got a stash house through an acquaintance of Pahn. The house that was being used was up in Harmony in the motel. The stash house owner proved to be reliable and Sonya had no issues with him. Once the Alliance was formed more storage was needed so Sonya, Sal, and the Koreans began their search for a warehouse.

It took Sonya, Sal, and the Koreans a few days to find a suitable warehouse and when they did they decided to go in three split. They just needed to find someone to put the warehouse under their name. After a few people they had wanted fell through, Sonya decided to just use the same guy that had her stash house, he was hesitant but agreed. Sonya gave up the stash house and moved everything under the warehouse.

Everything was good with the warehouse until there was a bug in the MDW which showed all keys that everyone in the city had access to and the man that owned the warehouse got super nervous and Sonya, Sal, nor the Koreans were around and he confided with a friend of his and end up telling his friend what was in the warehouse and who was using it. He ended up telling Sonya about this and she understood his panic but was also upset and is debating on teaching him a lesson - but he has all the power and could revoke access or even end up selling the warehouse with everything inside.

Consolations for the Greater Good

With the forming of the alliance Sonya has had to make some consolations with her rules of the street and has caused her to think of certain people in the alliance differently.

The first test of her resolve was when Vice from the Yakuza and Boris from the Italians were both held up by Chang Gang after they tried to hold up Chang Gang which was a case of mistaken identity. While the two were held up their lives were threatened and their phones went through and Vice had a text message saying that someone was able to supply guns and Chang Gang wanted to know who the text message was talking about and after having a gun in his mouth Vice said “Sonya.” Luckily Sonya’s connect was Chang Gang - Flippy. With all this the three went to meet and explain themselves to Sonya.

During the meeting with Sonya, Vice apologized and the whole first part of the conversation was Boris trying to explain to Sonya why she shouldn’t be upset about her name being given out. Boris’ actions during this meeting put doubt into Boris’ personal over business mentality. Sonya did gain respect for Yami Kitsune during this meeting on how he knew this was a major mess up - what’s done is done, remaining calm, and wanting to work out a resolution. Sonya told Yami he is the only reason why Boris and Vice were still standing after the meeting.

The second test of her resolve was Pahn from the Koreans meeting a person known as “The Chemist” and giving out lots of information about their whole operation to “The Chemist.” Sonya really wanted to teach Pahn a lesson but she respected Sun Moon and wanted to talk to him first. When Sonya and Sun Moon met they came to the conclusion that the Koreans will take care of “The Chemist” and Pahn will be the one to kill him.

“Sorry I Fucked Your Shit Up”  - Headphones and the 2nd life.

When Sonya returned to the city and she started hanging out with Sal she also met some of his acquaintances.One of these acquaintances was a girl who called herself “Headphones” (Jules Abel) as she hasn’t told anyone in the city her name. With Sonya and Sal going into business together Headphones being with them became a common occurrence and Sonya would often hang out with “Headphones” when Sal wasn’t around.

Sonya and Headphones did a couple of chop jobs together when Sonya was just getting started. The two would often take little verbal shots (ribbing) and little compliments to one another in a playful manner and they became good friends. After getting to know Headphones Sonya found out that she was an aspiring hacker and Sonya started tweeting out “Ready Player One” which was a way for someone to get selected for a practice laptop to be able to hone their hacking skills. Sonya has always had the goal of finding a hacker in the wild. Sonya ended up getting Headphones on a job with the Koreans at a Fleeca and she nailed the hacking.

When Sonya acquired the meth table and before she got a warehouse she decided to lay low so that she wouldn’t get raided. While laying low she would spend most of her time doing chop jobs with Headphones and they continued to grow their relationship. During a random encounter someone approached Headphones and said that she had been looking into her and used her license plate to find out her real name. Headphones reached out to Sonya and Sonya promptly beat the memory out of the random person.

Sonya always made sure to keep Headphones out of trouble or any situations where Headphones could get arrested. This caution would mean that their encounters were not long as Sonya was cooking meth hourly and then in between cooks she would try to hangout with Headphones if she didn’t have business to attend to.

While doing a Dodo run one day a guy was holding a camera and recording in the direction of Sonya and Headphones’ and Sonya took offense to it and shot the man down. Somehow the police were able to identify that Sonya did it and upon returning to the Dodo depot her and Headphones were approached by the police which caused them to dip and try to evade the police. They were able to evade the police but Sonya had wanted to turn herself in. Sonya gave the keys to the truck she was in to Headphones and turned herself in. Unfortunately for Headphones the truck was stolen and not rented and she was arrested and was taken to holding, which is where Sonya was. Headphones would not share her name with the officer and luckily Sonya didn’t hear the officer say her name.

While Sonya was doing solo chop jobs, a mutual friend of hers and Headphones’, Jessi Adler, confided in Sonya that she liked Headphones and wanted to “explore” Headphones. Sonya told Jessi she was drunk and tried to ease her down. Sonya also gave “Headphones” a heads up of what Jessi had said.

Sonya had met one of Headphones’ friends, Zoey Marie, who was down financially and Sonya had offered her a weed run. Not 20 seconds after picking up the dead drop Zoey was arrested and interviewed by police. While being interviewed Zoey, not knowing Headphones’ real name, gave out a fake name “Lilith” to the police as the person she got the weed from. Sonya felt that this was snitching, even if it was a fake name, and had to teach Zoey a lesson and shot her.

After seeing Headphones in jail with her and shooting Zoey, Sonya made a decision where they shouldn’t hangout any longer. Sonya believed she was bad news and didn’t want Headphones to get into more trouble. Sonya was also fearful that she might end up killing Headphones. She said that if Headphones ever needed help she would mask up and deal with it.

The following day Sonya had an in-depth discussion on why she stabbed Jessi with Sal. Sonya had conflictions on her feelings toward Headphones, her criminal life as she knew it, and what the future could hold for her with decisions she was about to make.

During a Christmas concert Headphones and Jessi went together and were hanging out in the crowd. Jessi made a move and held Headphones’ hand, unfortunately for Jessi, Sonya was standing behind them and stabbed Jessi in a crowd full of people. Headphones was so confused about what happened as was Jessi. After the stabbing, Sonya and Headphones met up to discuss what happened but after some conversation Sonya wanted to be alone.

During that alone time, Sonya called Jessi and wanted to meet her in person to apologize. Jessi was apprehensive and didn’t want to meet Sonya alone. Jessi had said she was chopping with Headphones so Sonya and Sal waited for them to show up at the recycling center. Sonya and Sal scooped up Jessi and took her to the top of a building. Sonya proceeded to threaten Jessi that if she touched Headphones’ hand again that she would pay. Jessi asked “Why don’t you want me holding her hand?” to which Sonya replied “Because Jessi, she’s fuckin’ mine” and then Sonya shot Jessi.

After shooting Jessi, Sonya and Headphones met up on the wintry beach. Sonya admitted to shooting Jessi only after talking to Sal and reconfirming things with herself and that it won’t happen again. Headphones didn’t question the shooting but just wanted to understand why it happened. Sonya admitted it was an impulse shooting and based on raw emotion. Sonya said that she thought when Jessi said she liked Headphones she was just messing around but with the hand holding it flipped a switch. Headphones still didn’t understand why Sonya cared about Jessi liking her which led to Sonya asking her to put two and two together.

Headphones was confused by this as she thought Sonya was straight which led to Sonya saying that she likes people who she connects with and feels comfortable around regardless of what’s between their legs. Which is a limited few. Headphones replied with “Sorry. Sorry, I fucked your shit up.”  Sonya wanted Headphones to spill her guts since she shared so much. Headphones could only say she’s sorry she didn’t notice or pick up on it.  Headphones also  asked “Why do you have to say you like me and then be leaving in a month, you know nothing about me?” Sonya said she likes her for who she is now and isn’t going to judge her for whatever comes out and that she liked for the moment she met her.

Sonya felt like sharing her feelings with Headphones was a good choice as she didn’t want to lie to herself and to Headphones for the remaining month and she didn’t want to always have this regret with not sharing. All things she discussed with Sal. Sonya also agreed to help Headphones with her friend Lizzie Byrne who is facing the death penalty.

After their talk and a day or two they met up again to do chop jobs but decided to grab some pizza before heading out. Headphones also wanted to meet up with Zoey as well at Maldini’s. The host that seated them was the same guy that Headphones pointed out to Sonya had flirted with her. Which Headphones started texted him at the restaurant and pointed out that he wanted to meet her out side and said that he would murder for her. Which Sonya replied with “I need to go to the bathroom” and left the table. Headphones and Zoey went outside to talk. When Sonya returned to the table everyone was gone so she left, unknowingly leaving Headphones and Zoey behind. Headphones and Zoey went back inside looking for Sonya and the flirter told them that “the woman they were with went away crying and after she said she was going to murder me for hitting on headphones.”

After a bit Sonya and Headphones caught back up. When Headphones got in the car Sonya was on the phone with Sidwig, the flirter, and asking where he was. Sonya got out of the car and got out of earshot of Headphones to tell Sidwig something. This led to Headphones asking Sonya what that was all about to which Sonya brought up the fact that she should know why Sonya would be upset. Which led to a discussion about Sonya thinking that Headphones intentionally was making her jealous and she did not appreciate it and felt like she is being used as a pawn to entertain Headphones and her friends. Sonya feels like she’s in limbo as Headphones never once told her how she feels about Sonya, only and “I don’t know.”

While Sonya and Headphones were hanging out Headphones said she needed to talk to her. During the talk Headphones shared that she looks up to Sonya and she feels bad because she can’t return the same feelings as her. Maybe in time she will get feelings for someone and currently she doesn’t see anyone that way and has her reasons but can’t share them - to protect Sonya. Sonya said it's probably best that they are work colleagues going forward and that she needs to keep emotional distance from Headphones, keep it all strictly business & friendship.

“Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” - Lizzie's Jailbreak Planning

Headphones has a friend, Lizzie, in jail that is facing the death penalty and has mentioned it to Sonya multiple times. Headphones was trying to get a crew of her and Lizzie’s mutual friends to try to break her out of jail if the court decision was for death. This task was causing Headphones stress and Sonya offered to reach out to Chang Gang on Headphones’ behalf to see if they would be willing to do a jailbreak and to see how much it would cost.

Sonya set up a meeting with Mr. K and Headphones attended. Once Mr. K learned that Lizzie was in jail for torturing a cop, he agreed to help and would do the jailbreak for $350k. $50k was offered to be paid regardless if the jailbreak was needed or not. Pretty much like a standby fee. Headphones agreed to all this and reached out to her and Lizzie’s mutual friends to get money pooled together.

Sonya also suggested to Headphones that Lizzie can’t go back to the apartments if she is on the run and said a safe house would be needed. Sonya and Headphones looked for a Realtor and met up with Pillbot. After looking at a few properties they purchased a house (Marina Dr 8) in Sandy Shores together. After the purchase Sonya said “I do kinda want your name now.” and Headphones said “that’s nice” and brought up the reasons that Sonya didn’t want her name in the first place. Sonya then started getting confused as she was excited about buying a house with Headphones and them kind of living together, but Headphones only saw it as buying a safe house for Lizzie and nothing more. Sonya had Headphones reaffirm that there was nothing more than buying a safe house, which Headphones did. From there the conversation got awkward with Sonya reaffirming her feelings about Headphones and Headphones doing the same. This led to them going to do a Dodo before heading to bed where they didn’t speak to each other for the whole job.

The next time Sonya is in the city she drives to the beach where her and Headphones have had talks in the past and started writing a manifesto while crying and started walking toward the ocean. She returned to her car, and noticed an incoming call from Carmine. He asked to meet up with her to discuss her alarming text messages she's sent to him. She told him she needed fifteen minutes to take care of something, but would return his call. She hung up and headed north-east. She eventually reached an ocean cliff-side and explored the entire area. As she was leaving, she called Carmine who asked to meet at her location, she turned around, and waited for him to arrive.

She shared with Carmine that she wants to kidnap Headphones, put her in her trunk, and drive off a cliff into the ocean, she wouldn’t get out of the car herself either. She wants to be at peace. Carmine asked why. Sonya says because she’s in love and if she can’t have headphones then no one can. Carmine even offered to get rid of Headphones for her, which she was against. Carmine reiterated that Sonya was more important alive than dead and no girl was worth the trouble. Sonya mentions that Headphones thinks Sonya is the nicest person but that she was actually the Wolf in Sheep's clothing that the tarot card reader pulled for Headphones.

After the meeting with Carmine, Sonya dresses in all white and puts on a Wolf mask and then calls Headphones. They agree to meet and Headphones seems very disturbed by Sonya’s demeanour and her outfit. Sonya said it was for a party she had gone too. They both hopped into Sonya’s car and Sonya went to their beach spot. Headphones mentioned that Sonya was acting strange and Sonya confirmed with “I have been acting strange for the past couple of months, yes. Nice to meet you, I’m Sonya Summers.”, revealing her true self. Sonya said that with her soon departure that the house will still be taken care of and Headphones is free to live there. Lizzie, if not found guilty, doesn’t get to live there. Headphones said she is glad that “we have a place” (her and Sonya) which causes Sonya to leave the conversation and get in the car and she pulls up beside Headphones to get in.

During the car ride, Sonya asks Headphones why is she glad and makes her think that Headphones is either fucking with her head now or the last time they discussed. Headphones said that she might have misunderstood what Sonya was asking and then this brought up the Dodo run of silence and Sonya became more irritated and thinks Headphones is just telling her what she wants to hear. Then a discussion of their feelings and how Headphones kept flirting with Sonya even though she said she didn’t feel the same as Sonya. Sonya got more and more agitated as the discussion went on. Sonya felt used and did a lot for Headphones and did expect something back. Sonya Felt that Headphones was messing with her head and she doesn’t take flirting lightly.

The drive ended up at the lake by the safe house. Headphones said she had more to tell Sonya but Sonya was over it and not in the mood to hear what she had to say. Sonya called Headphones a narcissist and that she loves this attention but warned her that she'll run into people that won’t take it, like herself. Sonya then offered Headphones the time to say what she had to say, but Headphones dejectedly says it doesn’t matter and Sonya said it never does but this is your chance to say it.

Headphones said that she has thought about the two of them being together. That she’s never been with anybody and if she did decide to be with someone, it has to feel right. She also said that you can’t push someone to like you and people need time. Sonya felt differently that if people like each other, it doesn’t take time. Sonya brought up all the, she perceived, signals that Headphones was putting out and said that she doesn’t believe that Headphones never liked Sonya at any point and if that is true then her whole reality is fucked. Sonya asked Headphones “Was it all in my head? Did you ever like me?” Sonya’s attire was also brought up and Sonya alluded to the tarot card reading. Headphones said that persona she is trying to portray isn’t the real her and Sonya doesn’t scare her and never has and she feels safe around her. Sonya, frustrated by the “feel safe around her” comment, said she isn’t falling for her tricks a third time and got in the car and demanded Headphones get in. Headphones without hesitation, brazenly asked, “or what?”. Sonya drove off leaving Headphones behind.

Sonya drove to the top of a mountain and began having an internal argument with herself. She howled like a wolf and began pacing in circles. She’s sickened by what she has become: "A passive, dodo driving ...yuck". She asks herself why she just can’t find a man and pulls out her phone and tries to call Toni, no answer. She then sits at the edge of the mountain and thinks about how Headphones said that Sonya makes her feel safe and had second thoughts that she wanted to toss her into the ocean.

“A Change of Heart & Wedding Bells ” - Tarot Reading

After Sonya’s and Headphones’ talk and a day. Sonya sets her and Headphones up a tarot reading with Nancy Flutterbottom. Neither her nor Headphones talk to each other for the whole reading. After the reading the two go their separate ways. Sonya decides to call Nancy to further discuss her reading.

Sonya is conflicted with her plans with Headphones and isn’t sure if it’s the right decision as the tarot card eluded to them. Nancy says it's not a matter of right or wrong but mostly doing something the old way vs the new way and to try both starting with the old. Sonya says it can’t be both, it can only be one or the other. Nancy pulls another card and it’s the Death Card. Which means the new way. This conflicts Sonya more and she soon opens up to Nancy and asks her if Headphones likes her and Nancy says per the reading they both like each other. Sonya just doesn’t have time and asks Nancy what to do. Sonya said she started slow and then started ramping things up due to her time constraints. Nancy doesn’t think Sonya is crazy and the signs are there. Nancy tells Sonya to stop protecting herself and just go for it and go all in, which Sonya’s Moon card aligns with her not wanting to deal with feelings. Sonya comes to the conclusion she’ll try it one more time. Sonya thanks Nancy.

Sonya met with Tinker and Carmine to start getting business in order before her approaching departure and Carmine asks her if she is still thinking about doing what she was planning - she said it would be a last second decision and would need to feel it out. She had shared all this with Tinker, who gave his point of view with her from both sides; the "old way" verses the "new way". He worded it perfectly and wanted Sonya to do what made her happiest and what she needed. Sonya cited that she missed him, and she's grateful to him, as well as having him around always reduces her stress. She and Tinker meet up with Susie to say goodbye and to purchase handcuffs from her to use on Headphones just in case she decides to go with the “old” way.

Headphones was having issues with the train ticket and Lizzie’s trial was approaching. Even with all the uncertainties with Headphones, Sonya was still trying to get a hold of Chang Gang on the day of Lizzie’s trial and was not able to reach them. Sonya started taking it upon herself to try to break Lizzie out of the prison transport herself. She was able to get a hold of LJ (Leland Jones) who was willing to help her with the getaway. Luckily, Lizzie was not given the death penalty.

Sonya met up with Toni and the Italians and was saying her goodbyes and while they were bantering with each other the topic of Sonya having some things going on with some fine lady which resulted with a shotgun being put to the side of Carmine’s head. Sonya pulled Toni to the side and wanted to know who said what. Toni confessed that when asking Carmine about Sonya’s status Carmine said he might be a little late to the party.

Sonya told Toni that whatever Carmine said about her status was inaccurate and he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about. Then right after she said that Sonya said “I think we should get married, Toni we should get married.” Sonya then said it would be more of a business type marriage, a coming together of two families and that he is free to do what he wants with other women as long as she doesn’t catch him. They then decide to start planning the wedding. Sonya said that this has been in the back of her mind for quite a while and feels like the opportunity manifested itself tonight. Sonya feels like her hand was forced by Carmine and didn’t want Toni to feel that this whole idea was off the table. Sonya then proceeded to kick Carmine’s ass.

“Jules” - The Talk

After Lizzie’s trial Sonya and Headphones met for another talk. Sonya said she doesn’t like apologizing as everything she does has purpose and meaning behind it. She knows that bad behaviour can affect other people and for that she apologizes for that; She apologized for making Headphones feel a certain way. She also apologized to Headphones for telling her she was getting married over the phone and not in person.

Headphones apologized for what happened at the house and not explaining how she felt and that she wasn’t sure how she felt and didn’t want to say it incorrectly. She also apologized for not being more vocal and expressing her feelings or how she feels.

Sonya appreciates the apology but it wasn’t necessary and the pressure she put on Headphones was her own fault and that she went about her wanting them to be together was the wrong way. Sonya said that Headphones was the catalyst for the change in Sonya and it made her real uneasy changing from who she once was and she was blaming Headphones but she’s come to a sense of ease that maybe change isn’t a bad thing and thanks Headphones for the change and she thinks that she won’t go fully back to what she once was.

Sonya thinks she made the right decision and her dressing as a wolf and being unhinged was one of the last efforts of the old Sonya trying to resurge and she feels like she has repressed her for the final time. Sonya hopes in the future that Headphones will trust her to share her feelings, she would love to hear what she has to share.

Headphones appreciates how Sonya warned her of her past about who she was, but she never cared or judged her for it as it’s her own business, and she always made sure that Headphones was never involved. Headphones said it was hard at times to hear what Sonya did to her friends, but she understands. She also felt really uneasy because she anticipated that at any moment, it could have been her next.

Headphones mentioned that she felt unsettled the last time they were together and Sonya asked Headphones if she wanted to know the truth or not about what Sonya was going to do to her, and Headphones said that she didn't need to know because she sensed it. Sonya gave Headphones her word that will never happen again and that she is sorry for scaring her. Sonya said she is happy that she didn’t go through with it and even though Headphones didn’t say a lot of words, the words she did say reached out to her, specifically when she told Sonya that she makes her feel safe, there was no way she could have done it after that.

Sonya said that she had a certain image of herself and that she had died a big ego death. She never thought that she would see herself doing Dodo runs, but she would do anything and enjoy it if she was in Headphones’ company.

Headphones admitted it is hard for her to be vulnerable and hard for her to share her feelings and she’s sorry for that and Sonya said that she’s doing great and appreciates her for opening up. Headphones feels like she doesn’t say enough and it's never good enough. Sonya admits it's hard for her to share her feelings, too and she’ll only do it if she's around someone she trusts.

Sonya's known the amount of mental stress that Headphones goes through daily and asks if she can hug her. Headphones responds gently with, " can always hug me". Sonya hugs her and Headphones says, "that actually felt great", which prompts Sonya to hug her again.

Afterwards, Sonya asked Headphones a question: “What is your name?” Headphones asked if she’s sure and Sonya says "yeah, I do".

Headphones tells Sonya her name is “Jules”.

“Nice to meet you Jules, I’m Sonya.”

“Yeah, likewise.”

Sonya said she’s still going to call Jules, "Headphones" and that she likes the name Jules. Jules says that Sonya is one of the few people to know her real name. Sonya says that Jules is one of the few people to know that Sonya has a soul and a heart and feelings; that she changed her and didn’t have to say much to do it, she just had to be herself.

Sonya tells Jules that she has a few things she’s going to be worried about when she leaves. She’s going to miss Jules like crazy and she wants Jules to be safe. She wants Jules to reach out to her if she ever needs help and she’ll try to fly back into the city to take care of it.

Sonya and Jules move their conversation to their beach spot. Jules wanted to know how Sonya would feel about her hanging out with The Angels. Sonya encouraged it, saying it would be good for her to befriend people in the city. They discussed Sonya’s run in with Angels member, Alexander Campbell in the meth territory. Sonya assures Jules that she has no problems with Alex or The Angels, and that it was strictly due to a business obligation. Sonya suggests that Jules should attempt to join The Angels, which she immediately brushes off the idea and assumes they wouldn't want her or her problems. Sonya responds with, "Everyone has problems". She thinks Jules has the confidence, but needs to apply it to things that will actually help her be successful.

Jules said that she wishes she could tell Sonya everything, but if she shared more with her before she leaves, it would make Sonya feel worse. Sonya said either share now or take it back. Jules instead shares that she’s had a lot of fun with Sonya and enjoyed getting to know her and any chance she got to hang out with Sonya she would take it and it was worth it. They're glad that Sal introduced them. She appreciates Sonya taking care and protecting her from getting in trouble.

Sonya shares what her goals were when she first got back in the city and how she feels really accomplished even though she didn’t get through all of them because she had a big “distraction.” She also goes into her upcoming marriage with Toni and how if Jules’ feelings changed that she would drop Toni in a heartbeat.

Sonya then shoots a guy that Jessi brought to her to take care of. Her and Jules go get food at Maldini’s and then Sonya introduces Jules to the Yakuza so that they might be able to help Jules if she ever needs help. Sonya tells Yakuza that Jules is a hacker, as well.

“Future looks bright” - Planning for Departure

With Sonya’s departure being a hard line to get things done she wanted to make sure that all parties that she had dealings with were taken care of and in a good spot. She wanted to make sure that there is a cook for the alliance, make sure that her family is in a good spot and make sure that her other dealings have continuing connections.

While there have been a few instances where Sonya has questioned Carmine’s loyalty she wanted to make sure that he is taken care of this time around and not left hanging like her last time spent in the city. She reached out to Toni to see if Carmine would have a spot in the Italians and Toni agrees that he would be a good fit and agrees to take care of him while she is gone. She also gave Carmine her Granger.

Sonya met up with Tinker and she wants him to become the one to take over the meth cooking responsibilities. She and him go through spreadsheets and the different methods that it takes to cook and for him to be able to deliver the product. They also reach out to the families of the alliance to inform them of Tinker becoming the new cook.

Sonya didn’t want to leave Kenny out to dry since he was kind to offer his product and the opportunity to her so she wanted to say her goodbye to him as well as give him the name of the Koreans, Yakuza, and Italians to reach out to to have them run his product for him. They say their goodbyes on good terms and possibly Kenny in the future getting more involved in what Sonya is doing.

Sonya wanted to say goodbye to the Yakuza and she had Jules come along with her. Sonya shared that she respected and admired Yami and what he was doing with the Yakuza. She also wanted to tell them that Jules is a hacker and wants the Yakuza to consider her in any jobs. They say their goodbyes on good terms.

“Summer Time Dream” - Season Finale

With most of her affairs in order Sonya was finally in a good place. She was getting her car repaired and ran into Sarah Ableton. They agreed to catch up and wanted to first go hang out with Boe but ended up having their talk there.

Sonya met up with Jules and she was still on a high about their talk the previous night. She shared with Jules that she wasn’t feeling right about the marriage with Toni and decided to call it off. She was nervous and stressed about how to tell Toni. Jules mentioned that she was curious about a new outfit Sonya would dress her in.

Sonya told Jules to hop in the car and to not say a word about what outfits she picks out for Jules. They went to the clothing shop and after a few joke outfits Sonya dressed her up in a wedding dress and made her hang up the outfit in her apartment. They have a discussion outside of the apartments and then the tsunami comes.

Sonya woke up at the house in Sandy Shores and left Jules a note in the safe:


I love you


As Sonya was driving to the city she got a call from Murphy and agreed to meet him. Murphy sent her a ping in a far, out of the way location. Sonya was suspicious and Murphy said he has a proposition for her and that she is the only one that can get him his bar license back.

Sonya met with Murphy at the pinged location and they had an argument about the last time they were together. In the middle of the argument Jules called Sonya and Sonya said she would call her back. The argument was about how Sonya felt manipulated by Murphy and the half-truth he told her to get her riled up with the judge. Murphy needed Sonya to call the judge and tell him that holding him up was not his idea, Murphy kept offering her money to do it and Sonya was against it.

Sonya started walking away and said she doesn’t care about the money. He then asked, "what do you care about?" Murphy mocks her, asking her if she's in love. Sonya calls him a miserable fuck and turns to walk away but Murphy pulls out a gun and handcuffs her. Since Sonya has something to live for now she tries to reason with Murphy not to do it.

Murphy puts Sonya in the trunk and while driving Sonya mentions she has a lot to live for and Murphy explains that her not helping him is going to hurt a lot of people. Sonya mocks Murphy that his life is useless if he’s not a lawyer and that he means nothing to Chang Gang if he’s not a lawyer. She tells him he means a lot to her if he’s a lawyer or not and that he’s choosing them, who don’t really care about him, over her.

Murphy pulls her out of the trunk and he tells her what to do - make the call. Sonya, not really in a good spot, agreed to call. Murphy said good and that the gun was actually empty. Sonya made the call to judge Greyson and told him that she did it and it wasn’t Murphy’s idea at all.

After the call, Murphy puts her in handcuffs and says that part two will be that once he gets his license back and the dust settles that she will then kill Greyson. Sonya says she’ll need time to think about it. Sonya admits that yes, she’s going to plot to kill Murphy. Murphy says that all he does is clean up her messes and then brings up David Barker.

Murphy said that he had to clean up the mess with David Barker and why he didn’t represent him. Murphy said he told David to become a martyr of himself and then told Judge Lebarre how upset the criminals would be if David would die by firing squad. Then the criminals would go on to do magdump season and they would forget about what David stood for and what Sonya could have exposed. Thus killing her family so easily like it was nothing. Murphy then told Sonya that he never accepted her offer to be her brother.

Murphy said Sonya is more trouble than she's worth and that her heart is sometimes in the right place but her head never is. Sonya said she’s sad that she ever trusted him and sad that she ever considered him family and hopes he rots in hell.

Murphy then pulled out a gun and asked her if she had any words she wanted to get back to family?

Sonya: “Fuck Murphy Braun”

Murphy then shot Sonya in the head and then proceeded to drive the car, with her in the trunk, into the lake.

Sonya's Current Status with 3.0 Gangs

Sonya's Standing With 3.0 Gangs
Gang Standing
Chang Gang Good Terms with K - neutral with the others, bad with curtis
GSF Good terms, except for carter
Ballas Neutral terms/bad terms
Vagos Good with santi - the rest are neutral
Koreans Very good terms
Street Team Good terms
Bondi Boys Neutral
Italians Very good terms
BSK Unknown
Clean Boys Bad Terms
Yakuza Very Good Terms
Marabunta Grande Good Terms


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