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Solomon Walker is a character role-played by DustMonkey

General Description[]

Solomon Walker is the current Deputy Mayor of Los Santos, a criminal defense attorney and he was formerly a secret High Command member of the Already Dead MC and one of their founding members, dubbed the First Five.


Solomon is a British army veteran, serving in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers originally before transitioning out of the Regiment at the behest of a Major Lawrence Stirling. He had become Captain before being transitioned out with active tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The entire Walker family are military men and Solomon followed a proud tradition dating back centuries. He lost a daughter to cancer, and that grief gives him a profound respect for life and death.

He is a die hard West Ham fan and is forever blowing bubbles. While he can be a rough and tumble bloke underneath that tough exterior he is a teddy bear who loves his friends and family deeply and enjoys giving "cuddles."

After arriving in Los Santos six years ago, he founded The Cut Company LTD - an umbrella company which sat over several sub divisions including The Cut Security, The Cut Media and Marketing, and The Cut Surplus storefront, the latter selling a range of military surplus items within Los Santos.

As a criminal and businessman with a natural knack for sales, he negotiated ongoing supply and security arrangements with the Los Santos Police Department and the Mayor's office. Meanwhile, under the table he was arms dealing for most of the gangs in the city.

When the city collapsed following the events of the Sanguine War, Solomon began undercover military work abroad that is still shrouded in secrecy. Five years later, he received notice that Los Santos was reopening and they were looking for new residents to help rebuild. Enticed by new business opportunities, Solomon returned to Los Santos.

Solomon spent two months working towards getting a Bar license as he realised there were a relative lack of good legal defence for criminals in the city. On receiving his Bar, he has represented a host of criminals from members of Chang Gang, ADMC, The Manor, The Company, BBMC, Abdul AlRahim and many more. He was also working on establishing a law firm in the city.

Five Year Gap[]

An excerpt from Solomon's military records:

Rank - Captain

Regiment - Redacted

Cpt. Walker is hereby summarily discharged from incarceration in  "The Glasshouse" after being cleared on all counts.

Cpt. Walker is free to once again conduct himself in the manner accorded him before his arrest by Interpol leading to his being forcibly returned to the United Kingdom for trial.

The incidents leading to this arrest are summarised below:

Stirling Tactical Solutions - a PMC operated by a one Major Lawrence Stirling formerly of [REDACTED] regiment was operational as of December 2023. Other founding members of the board for the company as Captain Solomon Walker, whose primary tole seems to have been undertaking and organisation of operations in the field. While Major Stirling undertook negotiations and delivery with clients. Their areas of operation was primarily the Middle East- Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan,  Lebanon- Africa, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Sudan.

Accusations were made initially by a report for the Liberty City Times that this PMC was directly engaging in conflicts beyond the allowances of the Geneva Convention and that under the direction of Stirling and Walker directly undertook assassinations of key individuals in the regions regardless of affiliation and often on both sides of conflicts. Further evidence was presented to Interpol via the UN of arms dealing despite clear embargos in place on arms trade in several of these countries.

Interpol were able to locate and secure Cpt. Walker in The Maldives at a meeting between himself and REDACTED. His superior and business partner handed himself in a month later in London.

After a lengthy legislative process evidence came to light that both Walker and Stirling were in fact operating under orders from REDACTED and as such all charges domestic and international were dropped.

Chapter 1 - Life In ADMC[]

Upon first returning to Los Santos, Solomon was invited by former MC leader Barry Benson to join him in forming a new criminal enterprise - a motor club called Already Dead MC. As one of the First Five, Solomon accepted the position of High Command and became a Ghost member.

Solomon was attracted to Barry's vision of an organized crime group that had a vast network with members secretly embedded in all layers of the government and the city at large - from doctors and EMS to lawyers and public officials - all hidden under the hood of a public motor club.

He also was drawn to the name "Already Dead MC" - a reference to the sheer number of members who were veterans of various wars - from those in the Middle East to the Sanguine War.

Solomon oversaw the club finances and their intelligence network, the "Ghost" division.

After the events of the City Council massacre on 21st of May 2024 that resulted in the death of Terrance James "TJ" Walker , Solomon was finally blooded out of the club by Barry Benson on 24th of May 2024 for being aware the shooting is going to happen and not warning TJ or ADMC.

Chapter 2 - Solomanor[]

After the Events of the Council massacre Solomon understood and accepted his time in the ADMC was limited. this lead him to think about his roots and the people who were around him from the very beginning - The Manor boys.

A quote that kept ringing in his head was "if you don't bend, you'll eventually break", which lead him to the realisation that maybe after all, his home is with the Manor. Solomon reached out to Sparky Kane and STE, explaining his situation and where his mind's at and they were very happy to hear he's a free agent now and presented him with the offer of becoming head of MID (Manor Intelligence Division) and oversees their intelligence gathering operation as well as overseeing the legitimate side to the gang which Solomon gladly accepted.

After coming out of the ICU, Solomon's main wish was to speak to his adopted daughter - Rue Minmi. Unfortunately, the conversation took a turn when Rue told him she no longer wishes to have him in her life. This sent Solomon into deep sadness which quickly turned to rage. While driving away from the meeting location aimlessly, listening to music in his car, Solomon found himself at the location where he was blooded out of ADMC. It is then that Solomon took off his Dog Tags and buried them at the spot where he fell, that marked the metaphorical death of Solomon Walker and the rebirth of his Military alias "Issac Creed".

On 3rd of June, Manor once again surprised Solomon by purchasing a warehouse that went on to the market that same day. Within 30 minutes of finding out, SK had the funds ready and purchased the location for $700,000. SK transferred the property to Solomon to be used as the HQ for MID. This gesture in Solomon's eyes solidified Solomon's decision of joining the Manor even more and in his eyes it showed trust and that SK believed in him and his dream.

On 11th of July MID (Manor Intelligence Division) was disbanded by Sparky Kane.

Mayoral Campaign[]

Solomon ran for the second term of Mayor of Los Santos after being incensed by the blatant corruption of the previous mayors. His opponents were Maximilian Thoroughbred, Michael Simone, Archie Archer, Stanley Miller, Marlo Stanfield and Doug Loftis. Solomon received the second-highest amount of votes (164) and was elected Deputy Mayor on the 20th of April 2024.

He firmly believes in a balanced government with a strong foundation. Some of the policies he ran on are as follows:

  1. Raise the PD's pay, as well as those of doctors, lawyers and EMS. A stable government is created by having well-managed and funded government agencies.
  2. Rebuild the prison so that it is no longer a no man's land. Remove the demilitarised zone and reinstate an active Department of Corrections.
  3. Remove the adoption fraud charge. It creates artificial debt and is rift for corruption.
  4. Implement a Horny Tax. For those caught ERPing in public, have them pay a $250 fine.


  • Solomon can directly trace his family history back to the original formation of The Cut in 1896.
  • He is named after the original leader of The Cut who in turn was named after "King Solomon".
  • His best friend was Nomad Flint, who works in both the legal and illegal sides of business.
  • He's close with The Manor and former members of the Mandem, including Patar Bellosh, Matthew Antov, and Sparky Kane.
  • Solomon has also become close with Dougles Gunnaguther and trusts him enough to let him do robberies with him. He also managed to make him confess about him snitching to Officer Den "Zel" Shiesty. Solomon quickly figured that Dougles was feeding Officer Shiesty incorrect information and was leading him on. Solomon continued to trust Dougles.
  • He's worked very closely with Chang Gang, though he's mainly done business with Mr. Kebun and Ramee El-Rahman.