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Sofia Castellano is a character role-played by Ellegrenn.

General Information

Sofia is well connected with the city, sometimes regarded as "having her hands in too many pots". She is known to quickly connect with people and use these connections to her advantage, this occurs with both the big gangs of the city and average civilians. She also shares all of her business with her work-husband, Otto Delmar.


On October 25th 2021, Sofia was caught during a car boost and ended up getting her phone records subpoenaed. Due to her various connections and lack of awareness when texting, this caused everyone around her to become exposed. This included individuals such as Raymond Romanov, Mr. Kebun, Otto Delmar, Hutch Hutcherson, Nino Chavez, Vinny Pistone, Siz Fulker, Carmella Corset, Mary Mushkin, Curtis Swoleroid, Eugene Zuckerberg, Vasily Sazkaljovich, Randy Bullet, Riley Carter, Saleem Shakib, Jean Paul, Harry Brown, Pablo Loco, Francis J Francer and Speedy. Allowing gun connects, thermite makers, VIN scratchers and drug links to be exposed to the Police.

This led the biggest people in the city to come together on November 2nd 2021 to discuss the mess she had caused. This meeting had individuals such as: Cleanbois, Chang Gang, Vagos, Leslie Lingberg and Otto Delmar- who all agreed that Sofia should either be completely avoided or married off so that she would become conflicted.

Unfortunately, before any plan could be played by the Vagos, Cleanbois, Chang Chang and their associates, she was deported out of the city. Her return is possible, but no one is completely certain.