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Snow White is a character role-played by FiddleStyxVR.


Snow White is a mysterious cat person living in Los Santos. Snow might not be the brightest cat of the litter, but he will always try his very best when it comes to his job and his relationships with friends. A strange case of amnesia plagues his mind rendering him unable to remember anything or anyone from his past or how he even ended up in Los Santos, but he won't give up trying to learn what happened to him.

Snow White is currently presumed to be dead as multiple calls went out to his loved ones on his emergency contacts claiming that he died in the hospital in another country while on vacation seeking recovery from Pneumonia. They have refused to elaborate further, apart from his cause of death being Acute Pulmonary Edema cause by the liquids in his lungs from Pneumonia. They've also claimed that they are unable to release his body as it would be incredibly difficult to bring it back into LS.


Not much is known about Snow White’s background at this time. It’s a mystery even to himself. All he knew when he woke up was his name and birthday, but only because the ID he held in his pocket revealed them.