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Skittles Mathers is a character role-played by Burn.


Skittles Mathers is a underestimated Trapper who came to Los Santos to show his amazing rhyming skills and become the best trapper in town. Besides rhyming in english Skittles also can rhyme in another language called "Language of God".

Unfortunately, after challenging and be defeated by Sheldon Jones in a Rap Battle¹ ², Skittles Mathers decided live in the sewer for the rest of his life until his get ready to defeat anyone in a rap battle.


  • Burguer Shot Freestyle.
  • "I see this bike is locked, with me; and almost sleeks like its a role block. What, can i need dick?wipe out the cock, glowing up together; and now you look in shocked. Now put that shit in the TikTok, Damn."
  • "Matching awfully hot, crackpot; acting awfully hot, crackpot; everything i see, makes me wonder and smack it in the spot."
  • "Listen here, i think you should go and grab a beer; everything that you see, is gonna about to disappear; your car; and going far; in fact, i think, i'll put it in the jar; pruuuh pruhh pruuh, sheeesh."
  • "Now wilest gonna, all i gonna say, is that: im feeling like blue bong; that i'm rapping; and nothing gonna be sipping, are u cuff? thats right; i'm fucking tough. Ham, Your life looks like a little rough, in the van 24/7; that's enough."
  • "Listen here, i see your girl got a beanie, okay; looking at you, you looking like a Minnie; pruuh; Man, i wanna gonna be honest; i feel like a got a spline; ten times we watch it and its kinds tiny; just like your dick, its looks like thick; thats why i gonna find your mother and slap her like a bitch, pruuuh sheeesh."
  • "Fuck the cop; i gonna give me a nice porsche; in fact, gets some water and feed a crab; looking at you, i'm about to stand a K-pop; so, if you don't turn around right now, i will gonna witlens my pants and show you the slap; just kidding it is a banana, we call its prop; skrrt."
  • "Dont worry i will come back, with a new stash; and i look at you and treat you like a trash; i will resurrect like a Fenix; i'm out, go ahead and install Linux."


  • "Sheeeeesh, skrrt!"
  • "My raps is like kidz bop."
  • "Matching awfully hot, crackpot."
  • "Acting awfully hot, crackpot."
  • "That is awfully hot, crackpot."
  • "I'm the best rapper, when i go to the toilet i'm also the best crapper."
  • "Don't wear my colors or else i will sleep with your mothers, Sheesh."

Played By: Burn
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