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Siz Fulker is a character role-played by UberHaxorNova.

Siz Fulker is a crime-lord, domestic terrorist, weapons and narcotics trafficker, racketeer, loan officer, and former security officer who is associated with multiple gangs and organizations in San Andreas. He is the founder and leader of the 🍊 Tang Gang 🍊 and the HOA (Homeowners Association/Hogs of Anarchy). He is also the owner of the Mirror Park Tavern.

Siz is a very irrational, impulsive, and yet passive man. However, when first settling into the state he was consistently ridiculed for his prominent facial scar, causing him to also become: timid, helpless, dependent, and insecure.

Until, after meeting a wide range of people such as Mother and Yung Dab (as well as experiencing many different scenarios throughout his time in the state), Siz gradually grew into an assertive, comfortable, and independent person in his own right.


On the surface, Siz is shown to be rather dim-witted when interacting with other people. However, he is a relatively fast learner and can soak in a lot of information that people give him, often using this to his advantage later.

Because of this, Siz is usually quite apathetic to strangers and often only helps someone to get something in return. Despite this, Siz does care deeply for his close friends and is quite willing to do what he can to help them (even if it doesn't directly benefit him in any way).

Siz has a history of being very chaotic as he often makes decisions on a whim, not showing concern about his criminal record. Siz also actively sought out trouble with cops should a favorable opportunity arise and has no interest in reforming to become a "better citizen". Although, since the 3.0 phone update he toned back this otherwise reckless attitude towards the police (at first due to fear of going into severe debt due to a lack of funds to pay off fines and later because of the real possibility of losing his criminal connections should he be investigated).

Siz also tends to exaggerate experiences such as saying, "I was beaten within an inch of my life" as well as giving very child-like or generally poor explanations of experiences (sometimes intentionally just to see how people react). Despite being somewhat reserved, Siz does a very good job of disguising himself when he goes into hiding, often taking up a brand new persona.

The aforementioned treatment towards Siz early in his time in the state caused him to be easily influenced (often following the requests of anyone who asked). However, this blind obedience had the unexpected result of him becoming close with many different influential organizations and individuals in San Andreas such as Mother and Yung Dab. Siz's personality also evolved from his interactions with these entities, with him picking up their (mostly bad) traits and characteristics. Because of Siz's experiences he gained a strong sense of self and can now even be seen leading others in his own endeavors (e.g. The HOA or heists).

After Dab's lockup and Mother's disappearance, Siz found himself leading what remained of The Family in addition to founding and growing his own group, the HOA. This in turn, led him to be more responsible for the sake of protecting his peers and maintaining his connections. And while this newfound responsibility didn't deter Siz from partaking in criminal activity, for a time it did force him to act less brashly when it came to crime (as it gave him a meaningful motivation to escape, whereas before getting caught was more or less of a minor personal inconvenience). Although in 2020, this largely took a turn in the complete opposite direction due to: the HOA giving up any real hope of maintaining a legal façade, the total lack of activities to do in the state aside from crime, and an increasingly apathetic and ineffective police force. And so, Siz was emboldened to up the ante and/or uniqueness of the crimes he committed (which he often did in the form of self-imposed handicaps or special conditions that made the execution of the crime unique and/or aided in the police's ability to pursue him for an arrest [e.g. easy identification for a warrant]) in order to elicit some kind of consequence upon himself to shake up the monotony of his daily criminal life. Siz dropped this behavior after the release of the 3.0 phone update in 2021 due to: the subsequent economic collapse that decimated his bank account (thus restricting his ability to be flippant in regards to evading the police for several months while he regained his wealth), the police becoming more effective overall, and crime in general becoming much more difficult to actually commit.

Of all the people he has met, Yung Dab imprinted on Siz the most. Siz actively tries to carry on his legacy as a terrorist and criminal, with the majority of Siz's decisions and motivations stemming from Dab's influence on him.

General Description

Siz is a muscled man with a large red scar covering the right side of his face. He used to be very uncomfortable when others looked at his scar since it tended to be a point of ridicule/shocking. However, after months of exposure most of the residents of San Andreas got used to Siz's face. (And when Siz does encounter a harsh newcomer, he now easily brushes off their comments as he's both: repeatedly heard practically every possible insult pertaining to his face and largely grown in self-confidence due to his supportive friends and own grand accomplishments.) The scar was originally a birthmark that was healed through a rejuvenation suit, however, it reappeared after an incident where Siz jumped off of a parking structure and the right side of his head impacted the pavement. This occurred due to a arguement between Steven "Stevie" Mathis and Windsong, he jumped off the top of the parking structure they were all on to keep from having to make a hard choice. Siz's treatment regarding his face caused him to be initially timid and unstable, an example of this instability was Siz's prominent use of random chance to resolve heavy decisions. Early on this used to be done through a coin flip, however, Siz later switched to using a D2 die.

After being kidnapped by some goons that threw him out of The Vanilla Unicorn in Canada, Siz lost a big toe and suffered third-degree burns across his entire body, having to then undergo recovery in a rejuvenation suit which also restored his face back to normal condition before regaining the scar in the parking structure incident described in the previous paragraph (it took nearly eight months before Siz happened upon a replacement toe, installed by Agnes Ranbough).

Ever since that incident, his "evil" half began to overtake his "good" half, causing him to become involved in many more criminal acts than before and allowing for his modern day persona to begin developing. Nowadays, Siz doesn't debate himself on what actions he should take and his previously iconic die roll has long since vanished.

Historically, he was mainly affiliated with: Evita "Mother" Nimm as one of her "children", one of Mother's other "children" Steven "Stevie" Mathis, and his ex-girlfriend Georgina "Windsong" Williams. Nowadays Siz is much more independent and connected as he (in addition to the businesses and gangs he runs) is associated with: Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana as second in command of the Vagos gang, Al Saab as his close friend and a former ally of the Leanbois, architect of Dark Web Jacob L. Harth as one of his longtime/trusted associates, the terrorist and rapper Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred (whom Siz refers to as "Step Dab") as a Gnome and his surrogate step-son, and is covertly associated with the serial killer Bovice Wilkinson as his trusted assistant and harborer. Other associates of Siz are/have been: his current girlfriend Griselda "Zelda" Harth, Buck† and Gomer Colton, his surrogate step-sisters (also Mother's "children") Victoria "Vivi" Veine and Erin Cox, Matt Joe (now called Kray Tor since the 3.0 phone update), Denzel Williams, Nino Chavez (estranged after the 3.0 phone update), Tony Corleone (estranged after the 3.0 phone update), Allen Widemann (came into conflict in mid 2020 and later estranged after the 3.0 phone update), Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez, and his lawyer and "best friend" Kevin Shaw (virtually vanished after Yung Dab was imprisoned in 2019 and didn't return until several weeks after Dab was broken out in 2021). With Yung Dab, Buck Colton†, Al Saab, Denzel, Tony Corleone, Speedy, Matt Joe, Jacob L. Harth, Juan Carlos Hernandez, and Griselda Harth being among those he counts as close friends.

Furthermore, for the majority the time he's been in the state Siz was regularly proportioned at a healthy weight. However, Siz first appeared obese on 11/2/20 after spending the prior two weeks mainly cooped up in his home playing video games. Although, Siz refused to acknowledge his rather large increase in weight and created a variety of excuses to explain his mass or reinterpret statements regarding his obesity. An initial prominent excuse was that he was, "suffering from muscle fatigue" (commonly interpreting the adjective "fat" as the acronym: Fatigue After Tension [F.A.T.]), when explaining his appearance. Siz lost this weight by 4/6/21.

Several months later (in preparation to fight James Arsenal in a boxing match) he began taking steroids from Garry Roche and trained with Bovice Wilkison twice; through this he managed to get yoked on 8/13/21.

Background Information

Not much is currently known about his background other than: he was raised in a homeless shelter, has a sister named Martha, has a twin brother named Kermy, has two foster brothers named Diz and Fiz, has another supposed sister in Liz (however he doubts her relation to him), never knew his parents or even his true age, yet is aware that his birth father is in prison and that his birth mother is in an institution, and has called his birth mother a “stingy bitch” to Fiz. Furthermore: he spent three years in Liberty City at some point in his past, used to live in a box under an underpass for a while after moving to the state, and is possibly of German ancestry after claiming that his middle name was "Der".

Bogg Kidnapping

Once arriving at Los Santos International Airport, Siz asked Bogg Dann‘s taxi service to drive him "home." Without a home, Bogg knew just where to take him, and Siz willingly got into Bogg's trunk upon request. Later, while stopped at a light Bogg and Officer "Brittany" Angel conversed, with Siz in the trunk and having his screams of help ignored. Siz was then offered to Otto Delmar after he asked Bogg for body armor, claiming Siz's name was Armor.

Next, Siz was offered to Mr. Wang Chang and was introduced to him as James, since chat meta-gamed revealing his real name. Bogg then proceeded to take Siz to the Pink Cage Motel and explained the room and other town tutorial-like aspects, both legal and not.

Meeting Mother and The Family

Siz met Mother on a tour of Facebook with Stevie. At the time, Stevie worked at Facebook and was conducting the tour for Mother and Siz.

Settling In

Trip to Canada

First trip

After having established himself, Siz was trying to take the train into the state when he realized that he had arrived too late and found the train to San Andreas full. Siz then decided to use this as an opportunity to take a much needed vacation and exchanged his Los Santos ticket for a ticket to Canada (at the time there were two servers, the usual streaming server [Server One] was full so UberHaxorNova decided to join Server Two [a server populated with more of the public rather than other content creators], with the other streamers tending to treat Server Two as an easy to enter grind server to advance their character's wealth for Server One [where they normally engaged in RP], these individuals [known as Canadians] generally were more hostile/dismissive and tended to "play the game" rather than engage in RP), disembarking the train before actually arriving at a specific Canadian city. Here he began to explore and meet new people and it is during this trip that Siz met his self-proclaimed best-friend, Kevin Shaw, attorney at law.

10% ownership

Here is also where Siz purchased his legendary 10% of the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club after meeting an unexpectedly locked door (at the time in San Andreas the bar was owned exclusively by locals who did not charge for entry). Originally the fee for the club was just for a one-week membership, however, a large brawl with locals broke out inside soon after Siz had entered (injuring Siz in the process). As compensation, the owner offered Siz 10% ownership of the club and a fee discount for the remainder of the one-week membership. Taking advantage of this, Siz extensively used the strip club as a bank/safehouse of sorts. (He used the ATMs in the front to withdraw money and the lockable doors and secluded backrooms to access the dark web in privacy.) Despite the one week duration having long expired, for several weeks afterward Siz continued to insist that he did, in fact, still own 10% of the Vanilla Unicorn strip club (a belief that came true on 2/27/2020 after the owner at the time, Alabaster Slim, gave Siz a partnership at the VU).

Kidnapping and rejuvenation suit

Siz had entered the Canadian branch of the Vanilla Unicorn to simply retrieve some money and inspect the property (as at the time his membership and partial ownership was still valid), however, another group of Canadians had occupied the property and were conducting a fortune-telling session as Siz entered. That group's security immediately told Siz to leave despite his membership and partial ownership to the club. When Siz wouldn't remove himself and then insulted one of the women in the group he was forcibly removed by their security and then got punched by the woman he insulted. In retaliation, Siz later stabbed her in the back when she didn't expect it, after which an altercation occurred where Siz was tased, cuffed, beat up, tased again while cuffed, downed, and then finally revived and arrested after an officer associated with the assaulting group pulled up to the scene in the parking lot of the Vanilla Unicorn. Here in police custody is where Siz was introduced to his attorney, Kevin Shaw. After successfully avoiding any jail time due to Shaw's skills the angered Canadians initiated a search for him to enact vigilante justice, but Siz managed to evade them after an intense pursuit. In a panic, he contacted his new best friend, Kevin Shaw, so he could get help in evading the Canadians. Sadly, Kevin had a long day shift, was very tired, and had to sleep, leaving Siz in his predicament. After being told by Kevin that he couldn't help, Siz dramatically guilt-tripped him by saying that if anything bad happened to him, it was on him (and him alone). Thus begun the habit of Siz guilt-tripping Kevin about pretty much everything that didn't go Siz's way. Additionally, as a result of this entire incident the owner of the Vanilla Unicorn at the time, Gunn Seffora Devereaux, had permanently banned Siz from the establishment (however on 9/19/19 Siz was unbanned by its new owner Arthur Hammond). That day Siz had managed to escape the Canadians and returned to Los Santos, but even back home he wasn't safe.

Later, after Siz had left Canada and returned to San Andreas the angry Canadians followed him and ambushed Siz by baiting him to a remote location with valuable information regarding the Dark Web. The Canadians managed to kidnap Siz, but in such an unorganized way that it took them two hours to decide on a place to take him (during which time Siz shat in the trunk he was stuffed into). After they made Siz apologize for what he had done and revoked his already expired 10% ownership, the kidnappers ended up beating him into a coma with a bat, robbed him of his belongings and money, cut off one of his toes, and tried to toss him into a furnace (although they missed and Siz's body landed to the side of the furnace) where he suffered third-degree burns.

When Siz finally woke up hours later, he had no recollection of those events. He woke up at the hospital in a special rejuvenation suit, a new innovation made by the modern research of Los Santos. This rejuvenation suit dispensed special healing liquid that healed Siz's body day by day, little by little. Siz then decided to throw away his tickets to Canada and pledged to never return to that damned place. Evidently, Siz made sure to call Kevin Shaw to let him know that everything happened because of him. Kevin Shaw felt bad and agreed to be Siz's lawyer, where he subsequently got him out of jail time on several occasions. Siz relied on Kevin Shaw ever since, guilt-tripping him when he could, with Kevin compensating him with care.

The Demise of Canada

Canada was deleted from the world by the almighty Koil, the father of Jesus, which caused very hostile Canadians who still (despite having already kidnapped and grievously injured Siz more than two months prior) had a grudge to bear against Siz to flock to San Andreas, where they mostly allied themselves to the Green Gang.

The Winery

Siz's first real job was at the Winery where he worked under Judd. In order to get the job, Siz had to go through an interview process, however, he failed the interview portion entirely. Despite this, Judd decided to conduct a field test with Siz to see if he was willing and able to do the jobs for the Winery properly. To this end, Judd accompanied Siz on a delivery job with the company van. Shortly after leaving the Winery, Judd had an apparent Siz doppelganger brought to Siz (however the doppelganger ran away after Siz attempted to kill him with a machete and the delivery promptly proceeded on). At the delivery point, Siz successfully made the delivery but was told by Judd that the delivery did not make as much money as it could've due to apparently damaged product. Having appeared to have failed the second test of Judd's, Siz began to drive back to the Winery in disappointment.

However, as Siz and the rest of the delivery crew attempted to drive away, what seemed to be a case of scuffilitis caused the van's tires to explode, immobilizing them and trapping Buck inside the van. After Judd made several attempts at tasing Buck out of the van, the police arrived (the locals reported the several taser shots as shots fired). While being questioned by the police Judd asked Siz to walk up to the group of cops on scene and fight them, which he did after one officer made particularly scathing comments about his face. It wasn't a long fight however as he was quickly overwhelmed, but luckily for Siz, the officers took pity on him because of his face and let him walk free. This garnered a lot of respect from Judd, who hired Siz on the spot as he was being taken away by the ambulance.

After getting the job, he was tasked with picking grapes and storing them, which he was good at, except the time where he stumbled down a hill and slammed his head against the fence, giving him a concussion. However, boredom with the job coupled with the lack of a consistent paycheck caused Siz to abandon the Winery entirely, finding much more fun/profit in a life of crime. Siz got a bit of respect from Gomer when Siz gave Judd the finger about hating his job at the Winery. His job was taken by Maxine, after Judd fired him for consistently not showing up for work (although legally Judd never terminated Siz's employment, and he was still listed as partnered with the Winery for about a month or two afterwards). By late 2019, Siz was rehired to the Winery by Joe Caine after the former took up Dom's position in the cocaine market (as a high rank at the Winery was what allowed one access to the cocaine manufacturing warehouse at the time).

Windsong Arc Storylines

First Time Meeting

Their first interaction was when Windsong encountered Siz at the Pink Cage, she ran away in fear and called him a zombie on Twitter. She was disgusted by his face because it reminded her of bloody meat, something that she hated seeing because she was a vegan. In subsequent interactions she would try to not look directly at Siz when talking to him, however, she did apologize to him about her initial harsh reaction and hoped to gain "good karma" from the apology, even going as far to defend him from other people's harsh comments about his scar.

Rejuvenation Suit Date

They would meet again later after Siz got his rejuvenation suit. Siz woke up wearing this suit after being kidnapped and critically injured by angry Canadians after he got off scot-free from the "10% Strip Club Ownership Stabbing." Kevin, Siz's current best friend and lawyer managed to avoid jail-time for Siz, but in doing so angered the Canadians who continue to hold a grudge.

With the rejuvenation suit obscuring his face, Windsong actually started to talk to Siz like a normal person. They had a semi-date as they went through multiple areas and activities, from a nature therapy outing with Kizzy (where Siz rolled a two on a deer, killing it), to then later doing yoga on the beach where Siz got his first erection from Windsong.

Since the rejuvenation suit had no way for Siz to access his erect penis, Windsong had to drive him to the hospital to see about getting the suit removed. When they arrived, they encountered a would-be doctor who managed to work the pad on the front of Siz's suit, removing it successfully and allowing Siz to immediately begin dealing with his erection. Before this, however, Siz had lied to Windsong about his age and told her that he was actually 14, causing her to recoil in disgust after Siz began to deal with his erection. Luckily the would-be doctor pulled Siz aside to discuss this and also told Siz to not publicly masturbate. Siz revealed that he was just pranking Windsong and assured her he would masturbate in private from now on (a promise he would not keep). Siz then told Windsong the truth about his age and went on to discover that his scar had been fully healed by the suit, much to the joy of Windsong.

Healed Siz Date / Taco Truck Incident

Later, Windsong and Siz were discussing the weed he had when a local Attack-a-Taco truck rammed into the back of Windsong's Sunflower. The driver then got out of his truck and proceeded to pull Windsong out of Sunflower and beat her up. In a fit of rage, Siz got out of the car and beat up the attacking taco truck driver, starting his vendetta against Attack-a-Taco.

Windsong and Siz would later drive off as Windsong asked Siz if he would beat people again, as Siz replied, he'd do it again for her. Later, another Attack-a-Taco truck slammed into them and the driver once again began to beat up Windsong. Both of them beat up the driver and drove into Siz's secret hiding place behind a club. Siz and Windsong were irritated by the loud music causing Siz to roll on the local DJ after he didn't respond to Siz's request to turn down the music. Siz rolled a two and stabbed the DJ without Windsong knowing.

They would later go up north to the local hippy hangout. Siz however accidentally got into a fight and stepped into a lit campfire, burning himself severely. They were saved by Hedi, the responding EMT after Windsong called an ambulance for Siz. Before Hedi left, a random local started trailing the injured Siz, angering Hedi who punched her in the vagina before departing with Siz.

Burning the Taco Headquarters / #Resolution

On his own, Siz found the Attack-a-Taco restaurant and planned to burn it down. Using cocaine he found in a local's house, he convinced Windsong to come with him. However, Stevie didn't approve of this at all and after Siz told him about it he tagged along to try to convince Siz to stop.

The first attempt resulted in all three of them being burned severely after a botched attempt (due to interference by Stevie) to light the gasoline trail laid by Siz.

Later, both Siz and Windsong got a ride from then Chief of Police Vladimir Raven and returned to the restaurant to finish the job. They managed to burn down the Attack-a-Taco restaurant along with a few of the customers' cars parked in front.

The Parking Lot Incident/ Injured Face Siz

The arson on Attack-a-Taco was the last straw for Stevie, as he considered Windsong a bad influence on Siz and called a meeting between the three of them and Kelly to try to get Siz to stop seeing Windsong. However, unbeknownst to Stevie, Siz was no longer the same defenseless person he met at the Facebook tour. Siz had actually already been turning to a life of crime on his own, as he found the crimes much more profitable and enjoyable than just doing tasks for Mother. Although Siz only began to reveal this side to Stevie after he was together with Windsong, causing Stevie to wrongly place blame on Windsong for his behavior.

During the meeting, Windsong and Stevie got into a heated argument, with both of them even drawing weapons. Eventually, Stevie told Siz that he had to make a choice between him and the Family or Windsong. Not wanting to make that choice Siz jumped off of the parking building they were meeting on, landing face-first onto the pavement several stories below. This left both Windsong and Stevie distraught and caused Siz to regain his signature scar. Windsong was so distraught that she entered a voluntary "sight strike" in which she blinded herself with heavily tinted sunglasses as she felt she didn't deserve to see after the harm she caused.

Edna's Bank Heist Test

One day when talking about Heidi's Ice Creams with Windsong and his brother Stevie, Siz heard a noise coming from the pool area in the Pink Cage. They were enlisted by what Siz called a "ninja looking guy", who identified himself as John. They were to do a mission that would "save" the city. Windsong opted to join in since she thought she will save the world, with Siz and Stevie the following suit.

Before the three met, Siz and Windsong were looking for a third member, and they got desperate enough to even just recruit a random person who Windsong punched after he asked what's wrong with Siz's face. It started with Siz calling his "best friend" Kevin to join them in the mission. Kevin, being a good lawyer, knew he shouldn't partake in any "bad" activity with Siz if he were to save Siz at court. Thus ultimately, Kevin refused the offer to join them. In this time, Windsong taught Siz how to gamble with dice. Siz played along with her sight strike and lied to her with the dice scores, but was valiant enough to still let her win despite her loyalty to her strike and not look at the dice and rely on her very opponent to say what their score was. With three dice, Siz told Windsong she got 19, which was impossible.

As the three (Siz, Windsong, Stevie) were ready for the mission they then met up with Edna, an old woman who seemed to be either delusional, a veteran worker for the force, or a criminal. She would give them code names and learned what their skills are.

  • Siz Codename "Hospital" = Power to be immune to the cops, this is due to his blind belief that he can't be jailed due to Kevin's legal skills
  • Stevie Codename "Pizza" = Power to see very far given his glasses and ability on computers given his past Facebook job.
  • Windsong Codename "Stardust" = Power to recycle.

Edna berated the three given their wild reactions and unnatural responses and called them millennials. She then taught them how to grab flashlights and attempted to do a pretend bank heist with them. At the bank, they started writing notes on paper saying, "this is only a drill." Given there was only one guard (at the time there was an NPC guard stationed in the bank entrance), Edna gave the signal to shoot him.

However, this did not go well as Windsong (still on her sight strike) missed the first taser shot. The guard then began to shoot at them and Edna pulled out her stun gun now that Windsong missed. Stevie tried to run away but was accidentally tased by Edna as he ran into her line of fire. Siz then tried to punch the guard, but missed and hit Windsong. The guard managed to shoot Edna and downed her, with Siz then managing to subdue the guard (but not before missing again and punching Edna in the face while she was getting shot). All four of them were now hurt and needed to go to the hospital. Since she was severely injured after the shooting Siz picked up Edna to take her to the car, only to have her bowels give out, releasing hot, steamy shit all over him.

It ended with them in the hospital, with Edna singing "Baby Shark" to sleep on her hospital bed.

The Mission

"John" would recruit the trio of Siz, Windsong, and Stevie to save a hostage on Grove street. This ended poorly (yet successful in their eyes) as all three of them got heavily injured. Siz had his lungs punctured and Stevie got his balls bit by a dog, but the hostage managed to escape during the police interference. A dog got shot down but later revived by the ice cream EMS, Heidi. Kevin, about to sleep, saw all three of them moaning in pain. Kevin was so disappointed they allowed themselves to be used as easily as they were. In fact, Kevin was so disappointed in them that he gave them the keys to his expensive car after a long discussion about doing bad things. Kevin ultimately went home to sleep disappointed when the trio just followed a running convict shouting a language they couldn't speak thinking it was the hostage they saved.

The House Invitation / The Convenience Store Robberies

Siz later saw on his radio scanner that a huge jailbreak had occurred at the prison that killed almost all the police officers in the state, giving him free rein to go on a crime spree. He brought Windsong along to investigate the jail and came across Heidi in her ambulance who told them ominously that there will be many deaths. Siz then made Windsong his getaway driver and used her car to go rob all the convenience stores around Los Santos. The voices in his head seemingly assumed full control, with Siz going on rampage robbing stores and locals for little to no money. However, partway through his spree, Windsong got into a car accident that caused Siz to fly out of the car and severely injure him. Despite this Siz managed to get back in and continued the robberies for a short time before succumbing to blood loss. Windsong then tried to take him up north to the hippy camp for treatment but realized they wouldn't help and took him to Pillbox before the tsunami hit.

Later, Siz invited Windsong to his newly bought home, revealing his weed plants, giving her a key, and allowing her to decorate the house. This, however, let the Family know about Windsong's interference and her capacity to tattle to everyone about the electronics shop idea (despite Siz never telling her about the idea in the first place). So, now believing that Windsong would be a liability, Mother got Jacob to try to kill her. Jacob however botched the assassination (she tased him and escaped to Pillbox where she described the attack to her doctor, where Siz coincidentally also happened to be) starting Siz's feud with the Family.

The Failed Assassination

Siz would later see Windsong injured in the hospital talking about a demonic emotionless voiced man shooting her and attempting to stab her. Siz knew it could only be Jacob. And this was the start of the Feud with the Family Arc.

The Breakup / Sexist Siz Arc

Windsong blamed Siz for the assassination attempt as his name was said during the assassination and kidnapped him after meeting with Vince Offer, the Sham-Wow guy. Siz knew that the only way to keep her safe was to break up with her. So, when Windsong called Siz a sexist (given his impulses to get angry and order her around) he took the opportunity to expand upon it and began to make sexist comments directed at her so she would be driven away. She didn't take kindly to this and attempted to run him over with Sunflower, but failed after Siz ran into the nearby river. Afterward, he would later pass the time with Stevie trying to save a deer stuck in a stand.

The Ultimate Race/ Equal Rights, Equal Fights

Windsong would later see Siz with his fully upgraded Brawler. Windsong, wanting to prove that women can drive, challenged Siz to a race. She was driving Tangerine, an orange version of Sunflower. While Siz drove his Brawler improved by Gomer.

The result was evident before the match started, Windsong's baseline hybrid lost both times to Siz's supped up Brawler. Even when Siz blew out his tires on the second race and had to stop for more than a minute to repair, he still managed to catch up and win the race. Windsong's Tangerine had a top speed of 90 mph, while Siz's Brawler was able to reach 150 mph.

After the race at the finish line, Windsong proclaimed that she trained in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) with John. Windsong wanted a duel between her and Siz, if she won, Siz would respect women. If Siz won, Windsong would tweet about Siz being a great man.

During the fight, Siz surprisingly dodged all of Windsong's punches and beat her up so bad that she stopped the fight midway. To make her feel better Siz claimed that he too had received training from John in CQC (In reality Siz hadn't received any sort of training and had actually performed poorly in most of the fights he was in prior to the duel.) Windsong then fulfilled her end of the bargain and tweeted about Siz's greatness.

New Neighbor RP

While trying to purchase a safe house in his surrogate sister's name (Erin) Siz came home to a horrible surprise. The realtor (who was going to sell said house to Erin) had just sold another house to Happy D'Klown with Windsong as his roommate, the house next to Siz's. This caused great distress to Siz because he found Windsong to be horribly annoying and wanted anything else than to have her as his neighbor.

Them moving in would be the start of various antics Siz would pull against his newfound neighbors. He began by leaving a pile of shit on their front porch, he then called the police on them after seeing Dab's Lamborghini in their driveway, and most recently on the same night, he broke into their house and began to shoot around to scare them.

Gang Violence, Sponsored by the HOA

After more than a month of being Siz's neighbor, Windsong and Siz had mostly gone their separate ways. Windsong had forgiven Siz for his harsh words during their breakup and moved on to focus on her weed enterprise, largely expanding it to the point where she was one of the largest weed suppliers in the state. She maintained many grow houses packed full of weed, mostly owned by the Vagos. However, she would often sell weed around areas claimed by the Leanbois and would often be taxed. Her attempts to dodge these taxes were met with hostility by Ricky Robins, a member of the Leanbois who had attempted to tax her many times to no avail. Eventually, this led to a confrontation where he held her at gunpoint and demanded access to one of her stash houses, resulting in his "collection" of the taxes by clearing out said stash house and then banned her from Lean Street. Despite this occurring, Windsong continued to sell on Lean Street when possible causing Ricky to become infuriated with her and wanting her dead for continuously disrespecting both his commands and the Leanbois.

Siz became involved when he witnessed Windsong cowering in fear behind her car over Ricky's very presence while visiting Lean Street to figure out an unrelated situation involving a possible police raid on Lean Boi properties on Lean Street. Siz questioned her as to why she was so scared, being careful not to give away his association with the Leanbois after hearing her explanation. This anonymity wouldn't last long however as Ricky eventually asked Siz what he knew about Windsong; when Siz informed him of the history between them Ricky devised a plan to bait Windsong into meeting him in a location where he and the other Leanbois would roll up and shoot her. This however never got a chance to take place as while driving around Mirror Park they (Tony, Ricky, Denzel, and Siz were all in one car) encountered Happy D'Klown driving with Windsong. Siz pulled up to Happy and began conversing only for Tony to hop out at the same time with an SMG, immediately opening fire on the car containing both Happy and Windsong. Happy was able to drive off without them pursuing and shortly afterwards both him and Windsong sent Siz harsh texts (with Windsong once again calling Siz a sexist and telling him to, "EAT SHIT AND DIE!").

Siz and company immediately began looking for them around the state, heading back down to Lean Street to drop Tony off after a repair at the Tuner Shop. They found the duo driving around down there and managed to intercept them on Strawberry street, however, Happy got out of his car and preemptively began shooting the others with a pistol as they got out, beginning a massive firefight. Ricky and Denzel then began to return fire with their class two weapons, however, Ricky severely injured Denzel by shooting him several times in the back of the head (as Denzel crossed into Ricky's line of fire while maneuvering to avoid gunfire from Happy). Despite being severely outgunned, Happy managed to down both Ricky and the hurt Denzel before being shot down by Siz (with his excellent marksmanship privately garnering some praise from Siz). Meanwhile, a short moment after Ricky and Denzel began returning fire, Siz got out of his car and approached Windsong, now hiding behind Happy's car with a combat pistol. As he approached her she began to open fire on Denzel, causing Siz to yell at her to stop before downing both Happy and her with a bullpup SMG whilst screaming, "Why! Why! Why did you guys do this!" Although, Siz's position as the last man standing was extremely short lived as less than 10 seconds after downing Windsong a random person named Luigi Bezos silently drove up and decided to take advantage of the chaos by conducting a drive-by shooting that downed Siz and then sped off. As a result of this, they all were taken into custody and driven to the hospital where Siz and company were let off with only possession charges (with the jail time waived). Happy was also immediately "let go" from the HOA once Siz and Denzel got out of the hospital (with the two deciding that his marksmanship didn't make up for the bullets and police fines he brought upon them), although Happy was never told this until more than a week later.

Mother & The Family Arc Storylines

The Facebook Tour

Siz first met Mother during his early days in the state while taking his pay from Facebook. There, in the Facebook lobby is where he would go on his fateful tour with Stevie and Mother.

Yung Dab

Siz first heard of him when he heard Mother talking about how she might have liked a rapper named Yung Dab. Through Mother, Siz met Yung Dab, where he confided into him that he was just trying to fuck Mother. Siz went along with Dab's charade and told Mother that he treated him well despite Siz being initially threatened by him. Dab would later show his personality and his life of crime by revealing a gun to threaten Stevie, and by offering Siz a cash award of $50,000 to assassinate the then Chief of Police Snow.

The Sexorcism

Siz would be invited by Mother to an exorcism which would later be revealed to be a sexorcism where a priest would fuck the demon inside the victim. Siz wore a paper bag on his head and started talking like Louis Armstrong to hide his real voice. This is also where he met Buck for the first time.

The Family Plan

Jacob gave Siz a shotgun for free, but he was pulled over for shortly afterwards for busted lights and was caught by the police. Siz ended up being charged $4000 for the shotgun. During this time, Jacob also told Siz the plans for the Family, Jacob wanted him to earn money to buy a home that would later be a front for an electronics store.


Mother took Stevie, Siz, and a newcomer Maxine, to a pier to discuss Family matters. Siz immediately became suspicious of her and treated Maxine with contempt, even secretly declaring her his new rival. Siz then caught wind that Maxine may have been an undercover cop, so he recruited a suspicious Stevie to gather evidence against her. After several days of investigation and the theft of her vehicle, it turned out that Maxine was not an undercover cop, but just an incompetent criminal.

Mother Returns

While working on Judge Coop Holliday's expungement program, Siz came across Mother at Garage Q. This being their first interaction in several months the meeting resulted in a very cold and awkward interaction while Coop introduced himself to Mother. He was surprised that Siz even had another relative in the state, as he had just recently learned Erin was his sister. While they were speaking together, Mother informed Coop and Siz that she was now running a taxi company called Rooster Cab Co. which gave Coop the idea to have Siz do free taxi rides under her company as apart of his expungement (as he had postulated the idea of giving free car rides in his Lamborghini the day before). Despite the awkward atmosphere, Mother invited Siz along with Chief Justice Labarre, and Khloe Brooks for a tour of her taxi company's building. During the ride over to the building Mother asked what Erin had been up to, with Labarre mentioning the precarious situation Erin is in and her lack of responsibility. Siz snarkily remarked that he had, "no idea where she got that from”, that Erin, “needed her Mother”, and that she, “always blames and points the finger at other people.”

The next day Siz showed up for his expungement program at Rooster Cab Co. on a bicycle and received his assignment from Mother. He was to pickup Matthew Payne and bring him to the company HQ and then ferry him to an event the company was going to have at Bahama Mama's West. Siz left Mother behind on purpose and drove to pickup Payne with Ellie, Siz commented on his distaste towards Mother and his desire to take any opportunity he could to stay away from her. After bringing Payne to the company HQ, he got into contact with Vivi, informed her about Mother's cab company, and asked her to come over to the company HQ. Once she arrived, Siz began convincing Vivi that Mother doesn't really care about her and that she shouldn't get too involved in whatever she was asking of her. This was further exasperated by the fact that Mother did not recognize Vivi had actually arrived for about the next hour and a half (She was wearing her private detective uniform, which obscures her face in addition to it being an outfit of hers that Mother had never seen before, even though her purple hair stood out from the back.) Vivi mentioned that if it wasn’t for Mother she wouldn’t have met Siz and Erin. Siz then proceeded to follow through with his assignment, driving Payne to the event at Bahama Mama's and completing his expungement work for the day.

Building Connections

The Killer Bovice

Bovice is the person Siz fears the most; his unstable persona, intimidating looks, reputation as a serial killer, and creepy voice consistently scare Siz (who Bovice refers to as, "Lil Mans") into doing whatever he desires of him. Siz first encountered Bovice by chance on the street where he had coerced Siz into letting him in his vehicle. Bovice then proceeded to become enraged, with him telling Siz that the only way to calm him down was through the use of cocaine. Having several baggies in his possession, Siz quickly returned to his home to appease Bovice (out of fear that he would murder him otherwise). Thus began his fearful relationship with Bovice. He would later take Siz along to stakeout locations under the guise of being Bugstars employees, with Siz taking up the Paul Desnutsio persona.

Bovice has so far forced Siz to take part in two murders, the murder of Kizzy Neveah(Siz's therapist at the time) and most recently Siz's neighbor Happy D'Klown. He also involved Siz in more Bugstars stakeouts and the planning and execution of a terrorist plot to kill all members of the Department of Justice in one fell swoop with three other accomplices (although this plot never did happen).

Despite the government bounty of $250,000 for information leading to Bovice's capture Siz refused to rat him out; he knew that word would spread about who brought him down and that Bovice would exact his revenge the next time Siz was sent to prison, ensuring that his next prison sentence was a death sentence.

Although Bovice would eventually be captured, putting their relationship temporarily on hold as it was no longer possible at the time for Siz to covertly associate himself with Bovice (as the Department of Corrections arranged all visitation with their prisoners, so Siz asking for visitation with Bovice would've caused suspicion). However, their relationship quickly redeveloped by the end of 2019 as Siz would become Bovice's primary middle man in selling ass-meth (methamphetamine smuggled out of jail in prisoner's anuses) to the state. In addition, in December 2019 Siz had managed to be jailed for "the 9's", joining Bovice in prison as a fellow lifer. By this point Siz as a person had also grown quite significantly since their first encounter, and so his blind fear for Bovice had softened into more of a respectful reverence.

However, this resurgence in activity with Bovice wouldn't last as the ass-meth market did not succeed and Bovice woke up less and less often. Those who required ass-meth often already had their own supply from their latest jail sentence (as anyone could smuggle ass-meth out of prison.) Furthermore, Bovice told Siz that he wanted to eliminate the primary competition to ass-meth, cocaine, by killing its distributor (which was Siz, unknown to Bovice) This only encouraged Siz to silently stop any real attempts to market ass-meth over cocaine, especially when coupled with governmental changes that further emphasized ass-meth's downsides compared to crack/cocaine, thus putting the final nail in the coffin for Bovice's aspirations to develop an ass-meth market.

This proved to be the last major interaction Siz had with Bovice for the remainder of 2.0. In fact, it wouldn't be until nearly six months after the release of the 3.0 phone update for them to seriously interact again. This occurred on 7/29/21 when Siz snuck into prison to finalize a deal to supply poisoned items to Bovice and receive physical training (although they did briefly speak to each other in visitation several days earlier).

Speedy and The Vagos

Siz had first met Speedy in a convenience store where they very quickly formed a friendship. Speedy was the one who showed Siz how gangs commit crimes and make money whereas Step Dab was the one who showed Siz how to do heists. To this end, Speedy showed Siz how to sell weed in bulk on the corner and even showed him how to grow it himself. Eventually, Speedy recruited Siz to manage the copious amount of weed plants in one of his houses, giving him a key to said residence, ten percent of all the product from each harvest, and one of the rooms inside it to do anything he wishes (Siz subsequently set up a masturbation area, complete with porn magazines, tissues, and lotion.) Siz was so good at attending the plants that Speedy decided to induct Siz into the Vagos and introduce him to his business partners once he further proved himself. However, a few days afterward, the future of the Vagos was beginning to look grim as all of his business partners had either died or left the state, leaving Speedy as the new El Jefe (the title for the leader of the Vagos) once Jesus died. However, the continuous profits from his weed operations were still excellent, allowing Speedy to purchase new assets and begin regrowing the Vagos to its former glory. After seeing Siz's continuous maintenance of his weed house in the Barrio, Speedy decided to reward him for his part in obtaining the funds he needed to rebuild the Vagos. So, Speedy told Siz that as a valued friend he was now his right hand man in the Vagos, with this position Speedy also gave him the key to his personal stash house in the Barrio where he keeps a large supply of various materials, drugs, and weapons (However, Siz rarely used this house for storage in fear that a raid on the property would've also resulted in any of his own stashed items being taken, as the property in question had been raided several times before.)

Speedy is always finding himself into some kind of trouble whether its prison, a gang war, or being taken as a hostage. There was one instance where Siz and Dab took Speedy hostage for a bank heist and Speedy got blasted in the back with a shotgun because he tried to take crack and run away. There was also a time where Speedy unloaded an Uzi into a motorcycle because he thought he was "destroying his enemy's vehicle" when in reality it was Siz's bike that he had just hot-wired five minutes prior. When the cops arrived asking what had happened, Speedy took off and Siz blamed the shooting on Sal who was running by right at that moment.

Despite always being in some kind of trouble, Speedy has a soft spot for Siz. He is always willing to protect him from any kind of threat, offer him advice, and guide him through whatever crime he may be committing. Speedy was even debating on buying Siz a Brawler, however, Siz had already bought one himself thanks to the Dab discount applied to the order by Al Saab. However, despite Speedy's apparent affection he constantly calls Siz by the derogatory nickname "Jizz" in almost every encounter in which he utters his name and had even initially threatened to brutally murder Siz should he betray him.

By 2020, Speedy got into the weapons dealing business and became a new source of guns for Siz (going from a former customer of Siz to his newest supplier), even going as far as giving out $35,000 worth of class 2's to him for free. This lasted for the remainder of 2.0, come 3.0 Speedy lost his weapon connect status and had to start from the bottom with everyone else.

Speedy reconfirmed Siz's position in the Vagos as Second-in-Command to the rest of the Vagos, this is significant not only because of the high-status this gives Siz in the gang but also because it was previously thought that the position was temporary and/or a joke. However, Siz was not public about his position within the Vagos (even to some of the other Vagos members and his closest friends) as he wanted to maintain a low profile about his true association with Speedy and the Vagos. To this end, he only exerted his influence in extraordinary circumstances as a last resort. Historically this was done by showing anyone who gave him trouble the fact that he had keys to Speedy's personal stash house in the Barrio, although he only ever had to do this twice. For the remainder of 2.0, and thus far in 3.0, Siz has yet to express any real affiliation to/authority over the Vagos and in fact (beyond picking up weapon purchases) rarely interacted with Speedy due to differing sleep schedules. Speedy has said that Siz is like a little brother to him and that if anybody fucks with him he’ll fuck them up more.

Bus Tour and Becoming a Gnome

Yung Dab and his Gnomes believed the Los Santos Police Department was corrupt and unjust, so they organized a plan to force the Department of Justice to wipe clean the records of every criminal in Los Santos. Yung Dab told Siz to steal a bus and take people on a tour around the state that would end in the parking lot of the Vinewood Racetrack where The Gnomes would take everyone on the bus hostage. Dab told Siz that if he was able to do this he would become apart of his inner circle and officially be a Gnome. Yung Dab also told Siz that the tour had to look as legitimate as possible, and that meant Siz would have to take a bullet to quell any suspicion on his part in their plans.

The tour didn't go as smoothly as planned, with many occupants (including Siz) suffering severe scuffilitis, however, the bus eventually made it to the final stop at the racetrack where the Gnomes were lying in wait. Siz was ordered off the bus and after a brief argument, he was shot in a non-fatal area as planned. The Gnomes then placed C-4 on the bus and told an occupant to drive as fast as possible around the track. This, however, did not end well as Yung Dab accidentally detonated the explosive prematurely, wounding everyone on the bus, but not causing any fatalities. The Gnomes then had to flee the scene before the police arrived, so they dragged Siz into the parking lot and stuffed him into a white car where he would later be found by EMS. He was later questioned by the police in the hospital, however, he refused to give up his Step Dab. After he was released from the hospital, he was welcomed into the Gnomes, gaining respect from Gomer, Chang, Jacob, and even Dab himself.

The Brawler

Siz was the first person in Los Santos to buy a Coil Brawler, which he was able to purchase after selling numerous ounces of weed, robbing houses, and partaking in bank robberies with his Step Dab. When he purchased it Siz was normally a shy, worrisome man, but with his Brawler he became greedy and fearless, something that earned him a great deal of respect in the world of crime.

The Brawler suffered from multiple interactions with the police but used its great off-road capabilities to its advantage. A prominent example of this was when Siz managed to evade the former "King of the Dirt" Detective Ziggy Buggs in off-road driving, claiming the title for himself. However, Deputy Michael Dias claimed to have taken the title from Siz after he later apprehended him in a chase involving the Brawler (despite the chase ending in a city alley and never having gone off-road). Dias' rule didn't last for long though as Siz reclaimed the title, "King of the Dirt" from Dias after successfully evading him and several other officers by climbing the slopes of Mount Chiliad in the Brawler.

Despite these achievements Siz has been caught in the Brawler before, these failures, however, were due to driver error rather than being eclipsed by a superior driver/vehicle. His failures have been when he: ran into a boulder on his first chase, ran into a tree later, got cornered in a dead-end alley, wrecked himself on a rock by the railroad tracks near Sandy Shores Airfield, wrecked the Brawler on a jump after foolishly turning around to rescue his pursuing officer (Dias) by ramming his patrol car back onto its wheels (this caused enough damage to the Brawler to wreck it on the next jump it made), when he got his Brawler stuck in an area behind a pool (however this resulted in him dying rather than getting caught as he bled out at the bottom of said pool), and when he crashed it after running over a spike-strip and having obscured vision due to taking crack-cocaine. (Although the Brawler did almost evade the pursuing officers for some distance despite running on flat tires.) When played to its strengths correctly, at the time the Brawler was able to easily evade the police and had successfully done so in over 10 separate police chases.

In 2.0, after first attaining a large amount of both wealth and notoriety in San Andreas Siz became much more antagonistic towards the police (more specifically Officers Ziggy and Dias) and actively started chases for fun rather than just as a means of escape from a crime (as he found the thrill of the chase well worth the possible jail time). Siz fully expected all these encounters to result in his capture (often making little effort to actually end the chase or evade in an efficient manner as that would defeat the purpose behind it) but had more often than not found unexpected ways out of any significant jail time and in some cases has even managed to successfully evade the police for a time (before inevitably either: simply turning himself in to get rid of the warrant or being captured in an unrelated chase/situation [usually on foot or in a vehicle other than his Brawler]).

On 11/20/19 Siz's Brawler was updated to the HOA standard. This variant sported a non-removable light bar, an improved fording depth, a new engine, and a livery that prominently displayed the seal of the HOA. Initially this limited its use in crime due to the unremovable prominent livery on the side that immediately linked whatever he was doing back to the HOA. However, over time the HOA began to care less and less about maintaining a public image with the police and Siz began to regularly use it in jobs.

Unfortunately, as he began to do this the HOA Brawler received a government mandated performance update that negatively affected its handling, top speed, and climbing ability. The Brawler thus became a novelty that was quite difficult to control in turns, did not out speed any police vehicle, was further hampered handling wise when used with a tuner chip, and only moderately climbed hills to any degree. It's only remaining advantage was the auto-correcting landing system, of which meant that it would always land on its tires (if used, something Siz often forgot to do in the heat of an escape). Despite it still retaining a limited advantage off-road, Siz began to slowly shift towards road pursuits, an area the Brawler did not excel in and was in fact at a disadvantage due to its poor turning radius. As a result, chases often ended in a crash or with a rare escape to the mountains. Siz also often made the choice to keep chases on the pavement with the Brawler when possible (to prevent the officers becoming upset at a constant routine as a similar situation had already occurred with Kraytor and his constant mountain evasion jewelry heists with his dune buggy at the time), where even with its impediments, it still out-shone the average PD cruiser. Because of Siz's shifting preference to city evasion tactics, he began to abandon use of the Brawler entirely for jobs, preferring instead to use his Subaru or local cars.

In addition, the acquisition of his 1/1 2012 Dodge Challenger that was customized for off-road rally racing dashed any desire to bring out his own poor performing HOA Brawler for use in a job as it was vastly inferior compared to the Challenger. For example, while without an auto-correct landing system, a trunk, or room for four, it had enhanced durability (being able to easily shove cars out of the way), enhanced wheel grip (allowing the scaling of barriers both on and off-road), better overall performance (a much higher top speed, acceleration, and torque), and a specialized engine snorkel that allows for limited water operations (so long as the waterline remains under the snorkel, positioned on the roofline).

By the 3.0 phone update, (aside from losing the auto-correcting landing feature late in 2.0) the Brawler remained relatively unchanged performance wise. Although by the time Siz was able to reacquire his own there was little incentive for him to use it in crime as: there were significantly better getaway vehicles one could easily acquire, his overall attitude towards how he handled crime had changed to aim for success over personal enjoyment (due to the extreme downsides to failure), and the severe reduction in how often he actually partook in heists.

Despite this, since the Brawler was the first personal vehicle he regularly drove in 3.0 it managed to initially retain some limited place in his day to day activities. Although, by August it was slowly faded out for simply using local vehicles. It was also never upgraded to the HOA standard, which in 3.0 had its performance impediments fixed and its former HOA livery gain the ability to be removed.

First "Date/Hangout" with Zelda Harth

Siz had met Zelda at the Pink Cage while riding around with Step Dab. He was running back to his room to grab something when he saw her and commented on her cute glasses. As he and Dab were about to leave again, he made Dab stop and asked him to go talk to her for him. Being the great Step Dad that he is, Dab went up to Zelda and told her that Siz was having a bad week after being ousted by his family and would appreciate it if she would go on a date with him, to which she agreed, but also said that she would not give him a handjob.

The next day Siz and Zelda met up and went down to the docks to get some ice cream. Right away Siz had surprised her because he "wasn't a basic bitch and taken her to Creampie and made a sexual innuendo about fucking her." After some small talk, Zelda asked Siz if he would help her take pictures of each police station, to which he agreed.

At one of the police stations, Siz left Zelda because he heard his car alarm going off. Upon reaching his car, he found the Chang Gang, who were plotting to steal his car. After they left he met up with Zelda again, who was also concerned that they were stealing his car. It was at this point where Siz learned that Zelda doesn't like falls because she always tells him "don't laugh and if you do, keep it to yourself." A few minutes later Zelda fell face-first off a roof to which Siz kept his laughter to himself.

Sometime later, Zelda took Siz up into the mountains to visit a secret cave that nobody else knew about and remarked on how it's the perfect place to murder someone. Luckily for Siz, she didn't want to murder him and proceeded to take him down to a large rock by the stream. After Siz told her that he'll jump off of it if she does. After Zelda nearly hit her head on the rock, Siz did a cannonball, however, he wasn't as lucky and slammed his back on the edge of the rock, knocked himself out, and fell into the river. After a brief search, Zelda was able to find Siz and dragged him out of the river. She then proceeded to drive Siz to the hospital via his beloved Brawler, and despite her having little to say about anything, even she admitted: "this car is awesome."

After he got released from the hospital, Siz showed off his home to Zelda and told her that he owns 10% of the parking lot next door. She took a brief look around and said that he had a nice place before she said that she had to leave. When Siz went out after her, she was nowhere to be found.

Life After "Step Dab"

The Last Dab

The Last Dab was the final heist conducted by Yung Dab, which led to his arrest and subsequent incarceration for life. It started out with Siz and Gomer meeting at the Tuner Shop to fix Siz's problem with his Brawler's armor. After the two figured out what the problem was, Siz called Dab and told him that he had come across another bank card. Dab, however, had already figured out one of the cards and what time-slot they could be used for. Dab then planned to meet Siz and Gomer at the Tuner Shop so the trio could do a heist and allow Siz to do some "smashy smashy" with his Brawler, however, he never showed up. Concerned, Siz called Dab and learned that he was being chased. Siz, being the great stepson that he is, decided that he would intercept the cops that were chasing Dab and ram them. After spending some time driving all around the city trying to catch up, Dab called Siz telling him that he managed to escape the cops and told him to come to meet him, Gomer, and Mel.

Not long after Siz met them a police officer rolled up because unbeknownst to them, a police helicopter had been following Dab the entire time since the start of the chase earlier. Dab drew his AK and forced the officer to drive away, but not even two minutes later police reinforcements arrived, making the group scramble. Dab ran behind Eugene's house, Mel took off into the neighborhood, and Siz and Gomer got in their cars and were ignored by the officers. Bobby Smith of the BCSO pursued Dab while over the radio fellow officers were heard asking "who has the AK" and less than five seconds later Smith bumped into an AK-wielding Dab who gunned him down, however, Smith was able to land a couple of shots into Dab before he went down. Dab, now bleeding out, crawled into Eugene's house where he was safe from the police but fell unconscious. During all this, Mel was arrested and sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Once Dab was treated and Mel was released, the group decided that they wanted to go big and go on a crime spree, starting with the jewelry store and then moving onto the big bank. The plan was that Dab would provide overwatch, Mel and Gomer would grab the goods, and Siz would ram the cops and do a drive-by.

The plan started out well with Siz distracting the cops while the others peppered them with rounds, however, an officer was able to get onto an adjacent roof and took out Dab. The chance of success was further diminished when Siz unknowingly shot Gomer and Mel in a drive-by and was then shot by a security guard himself. Bleeding out, Siz drove himself to safety and found shelter in a 7/11, where he fell unconscious due to blood loss while trying to bandage himself. During that time Mel and Dab were arrested and Gomer was rescued by a friend of his, however, he was knocked unconscious. After spending some time unconscious and his blood spilling onto the floor of the 7/11, Siz was rescued by no other than his crush, Griselda "Zelda" Harth.

Zelda stashed Siz's car behind some shipping crates and took him to Grandma's house, where they ran into Gomer and his friend. Siz then introduced Zelda as Sam so that they didn't know her real identity, something that she appreciated. She would then bring him to the clothing store so that he could lose his disguise and then brought him to his home. On the way, Siz told her that he met with her brother and that he passed on his message, which Zelda seemed pleased to hear. They also engaged in various small talk, suggesting that the pair had become more accustomed to each other.

Sometime later Siz learned that he had a warrant and that Dab had been arrested and was currently being held at the police station. Siz then disguised himself as Paul Deeznutsio, Attorney at Law so he could see his Step Dab, however, he never got close, the moment he walked into the station he was detained and searched before being told off and sent on his way. A short time later, Siz decided he was going to join his Step Dab and get himself imprisoned, so he drove to the police station in hopes of being chased and later arrested, but no officers would pursue him. Siz then encountered Jacob outside of the station, taking him into his Brawler and then proceeding to have a discussion while driving around the city. Jacob revealed that he planned to get revenge for the Gnomes by committing large-scale terrorism across the city, starting with supplying burner phones to criminals and working up to C-4 attacks, he also stated that he wanted Siz to be involved (potentially alluding to him wishing for Siz to follow his Step Dab's footsteps and become the next Gnome). Jacob also asked Siz, "are you fucking my sister" (Griselda Harth), which Siz denied, but he did admit that they had gone on dates and that she had saved his life twice. Jacob then told Siz that he had better treat her nicely as she does not like getting hurt, to which Siz replied that he would never willingly hurt her.

After returning Jacob to his car at the police station, Siz returned to his home where he spent multiple days depressed over the arrest of his Step Dab.

Post Dab (Depression Arc)

After a few days mourning over the imprisonment of Dab, Siz finally decided it was time to go back out into the world. Upon opening his phone, he noticed he received texts from Shaw, Mother, and Erin, all asking him if he was alright to which he responded no. He then paid his rent so that he didn't have to cry himself to sleep in his Brawler. After stopping to get some burgers, he then texted Zelda "Hi" to see if she was around.

Siz later met Uncle Buck, Detective Chang, and others at the diner next to the Pink Cage; Buck then briefly caught up with Siz, with the latter telling Buck about Dab's arrest and his own warrant. Buck told Siz that he could do whatever he wanted to do and should focus on bigger things. After Buck went to bed, Siz decided he was going to burgle some houses in hopes of getting some goodies that he could use in future crimes.

After Siz burgled a few houses Gomer called and told Siz that they needed to talk about Dab, so Siz met him at the Tuner Shop. Gomer explained that Dab had ratted himself out to the cops and told them that he was The Gnome. This resulted in Dab being charged with the hundreds of criminal acts he committed over his time in Los Santos and was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Siz became emotional but managed to keep it together and decided to do what Step Dab would want him to do: crime. Gomer then informed Siz that a small handful of people could make thermite, which can be used to quickly rob banks. The two then went their own ways, with Siz determined to get his hands on thermite.

Sometime later after being jailed once again, Siz asked the sky for a sign from Yung Dab during a depressive craze. Dab responded from the depths of the jail, behind multiple vault gates in a soft voice Siz could barely understand. The message was, "load the cocaine."

Second "Date/Hangout" with Zelda Harth

Siz and Zelda's second date started out with the latter taking pictures of various banks around the island. The two then drove around the island: visiting a giant dinosaur, sitting on an exhaust chimney shaped like a volcano, taking dirt paths through the mountains, and even climbed a hill overlooking the power plant where Zelda took even more pictures. Throughout the road trip, Siz got hungry and ate whatever he could find laying around including garbage and paint chips in Zelda's car. When Zelda questioned Siz about his willingness to eat trash, Siz responded that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Zelda agreed, revealing that she thought the same of Siz when she first heard of him, in reference to Mother's exclusion of Siz from the family. At one point the paint chips and garbage he ate, plus the volcano fumes shot up his ass upset his colon so much that he almost ended up shitting himself, but he managed to restrain it to an audibly loud fart which forced Zelda to drive him to his house so he could blow out his bowels.

The two also talked much more frequently than they did on the first date. The conversations were much more personal, with the two admitting that they like each other, and later sharing a moment while overlooking the prison. Also, at one point Zelda informed Siz that people were hunting him down so they could kill them, however, she told them not to. She later questioned if this even mattered because natural selection may take him away from her anyways.

Third Date with Zelda Harth

Siz and Zelda's third date was much more action-packed than the previous two dates, but it still contained a few sweet moments. The date started with Siz telling Zelda about Ravi the scammer, and after hearing about him, Zelda suggested they run him over in order to teach him a lesson. After a while, Zelda was finally able to convince the scammer to meet her in an alleyway, where Siz would then slam into him with his Brawler. The plan, however, didn't go as smoothly as planned since the scammer noticed Siz lying in wait, however, Siz was eventually able to ram the scammer Ravi multiple times, knocking him unconscious.

After teaching the scammer a lesson, the two-headed to the Pink Cage. While there, Zelda told Siz that if they are on a date he has to ask her first otherwise they are just hanging out. Siz, doing exactly what his Step Dab would do, shoots his shot and asked if she would like to go on a date, to which she said yes but also explained that she doesn't do handjobs and that she doesn't like watching the sunset or hanging out on the beach.

After the tsunami hit, the two traveled to a construction site, where Siz found and stole a bulldozer. Siz told Zelda that he had to use the bulldozer "to make a statement" believing the cops to be corrupt and even more cocky since Dab's life sentence. As he slowly made his way to the police department Zelda passed him and told him that he is an actual idiot, but he forged on to honor his Step Dab. He then used the bulldozer to wreck a parked police car at Mission Row and took the responding officers on a chase through the area around Mission Row, disabling several more cruisers until he was shot by Deputy Dias. Siz was then brought to the hospital where he witnessed Zelda verbally murder Deputy Dias.

Siz was then arrested and was facing an 80-month sentence, however, since Siz is such a stand-up guy, his sentence was reduced to 40 months. While in prison, Siz spoke to Speedy on the phone and learned that he is going to be promoted within the gang. He also spoke with Zelda and learned that she saw the entire incident with the bulldozer and that he had impressed her. Zelda explained to Siz that his Step Dab would be proud of him and Siz then cried in the rain and had resolved to carry out Dab's legacy.

More Connections

Siz and His Gun Empire?

After growing and selling copious amounts of weed in addition to robbing many banks (both big and small), Siz managed to amass a large amount of cash, respect, and property. This caused him to shift priorities, placing his and the community's enjoyment over his prior goal of simply attaining more money. In addition to intentionally starting chases with the police and wantonly committing crimes Siz decided to enter the world of weapons dealing through Erin Cox (Gomer to a lesser extent) and Jacob as Siz saw that it was difficult for the lesser citizens of Los Santos to acquire weapons (as the prices for said weapons were inflated and the ability to find them was difficult for new players). At first, Siz sold from his prior stash of weapons (mostly pistols with a few bullpup shotguns) along with some deliveries of compact rifles he bought off of Gomer. After Siz offloaded these weapons to various customers he then began receiving instructions about gathering orders for his secret supplier (a person who was whitelisted on the server to spawn in gun deliveries who told UberHaxorNova and other streamers he worked with to keep his identity a secret from their audiences to prevent metagaming) that was already delivering guns to Erin.

However, while Siz was able to find a customer in Speedy the supplier's prices were extremely overpriced when compared to the street prices for the corresponding weapons. This caused great distress to Siz as he was trying to open up a means for the people of Los Santos to easily obtain weapons, not trying to exploit their desperation. After discussing this fact with Gomer, he walked away from the conversation with the hope that Gomer would become his supplier so that he could sell weapons at a reasonable price.

Although, as it turned out his supplier had seemingly been out-competed by other people's ability to: at first receive weapons at the docks through the Wizard and Pixerium and then by the ability to craft weapons using crates. At around the same time that weapon crafting was introduced to the state Jacob approached Siz and informed him of his plans to shift the Family's weapons dealing to weapon's manufacturing, even showing him a new property that would becoming their storefront under the auspiciousness of an electronics store (which used to be the purpose for Siz's house [despite the fact that they never followed up on the idea]). After discovering that his supplier fell through, along with government changes eliminating weapon crafting, Siz decided to liquidate his weapon inventory (save for several pistols for personal use and various other weapons he was simply unable to offload).

After taking a two-week vacation to Japan to attend MarioCon (UberHaxorNova took a two-week hiatus from GTA RP to play Mario Maker 2 and to move to Oregon) Siz returned and transitioned into selling crack and cocaine in addition to weed and weapons, now with Speedy as his new class two supplier (and later his surrogate sister Vivi as his pistol connect).

Siz did not actively seek buyers (as he: already had an extensive list of potential buyers at his disposal, was usually too busy with other activities to dedicate time to finding others, and made enough money off of other ventures to not be too concerned over pushing as much weapons as possible) instead letting the opportunities "fall into his lap" as one might say. His most prominent customers were initially the Leanbois and Vagos, with him selling several large weapon orders to them in the past. Later in 2020 his customer base diversified to include ESB, Chang Gang, and fellow members of the HOA.

He was even approached by several people, including Rahme El-Rahman of the Chang Gang to act as a middle man in their weapons deals. However, in all of these Siz had either: essentially sidestepped the person making him the offer by already having an ongoing deal with their supplier (effectively making him a fellow salesman of their product with the same profit margins) or has declined to follow up on the offers due to higher prices than that of his current supplier, Speedy.

By the summer of 2020 Siz had largely gotten out of the class 2 market and instead got into contact with the Lost MC (the main Heavy Pistol connect for the state) and had arranged an agreement by which himself and other members of the HOA would become their pushers. Siz still occasionally purchased class 2's (for both members of the HOA who requested specific weapons and personal use) from Speedy, but not for resale.

In December of 2020 this arrangement with the Lost came to a close after they were raided and exposed by the police as the Heavy Pistol connect. This was further complicated by an apparent list of every single one of their pushers being found in said raid (placing Siz and the HOA in danger). As a result, the entire state lost their source of Heavy Pistols and Siz angrily declared to Lost leader Rudi Rinsen in jail that their organizations' business arrangement was finished regardless of how their sentencing turned out.

Siz Fulker and the Bloodhound

Deputy Michael Dias and Siz had a special relationship ever since they first met. Siz was the only person who had consistently offered Dias any sort of challenge during his police work (with the former evading a pursuing Dias a number of times), this had created a sort of intense rivalry between the two (mainly for the title of "King of the Dirt.") This pursuit rivalry spilled over to many other aspects of their interactions, with the two often exchanging banter whenever they encountered one another on the streets or during an arrest.

Despite the apparent rivalry, Dias did have a soft side for Siz and often gave him light punishments when captured and once even went out of his way to stop Siz from being raided by striking a deal with him to return the PD grade weapons he stole off of his person after he was downed by Siz (as possession of PD grade weapons is a raidable offense with a resulting jail time of 300 months and $15,000 fine per stolen weapon [which for Siz would've been equivalent to 1,200 months or 100 years for the four stolen PD weapons, not including any additional charges from whatever was uncovered in the raids]).

A few weeks later, Dias moved into the house two doors down from Siz's, which yielded great disdain from Siz as he now has to contend with yet another neighbor he does not like. In fact, Siz's first formal welcoming of Dias to the neighborhood resulted in an extended confrontation that eventually resulted in Siz kidnapping Dias right off of his property for use as a hostage in a Fleeca Bank robbery. Dias eventually moved off of the property to a new location in Paleto with the other officers; he sold the house to Siz who immediately put it to use as a stash house for Kray-Tor after transferring it to one of his HOA cadets.

Siz and Dias interactions temporarily came to a screeching halt in September of 2019 when Dias had been suspended from the police force for three days for using a flashbang against Siz and "overly aggressive policing". However, the flashing was a request on Siz's part as he had been trying to experience the effects of a flashbang (to "build up a tolerance") ever since he heard of the police force acquiring them and Dias offered to meet him in a remote location to test it out.

Since this suspension Dias had returned to duty, but interactions between the two were sparse ever since as Siz has both: adjusted his sleep schedule to one slightly different than Dias' and had been more adamant on evading the police in general as he did not want to have his accomplices lose out (as he now often committed crimes in a group). Additionally, their few interactions together had become much more hostile as Dias had (in Siz's eyes) became a white-knight for Lauren Forcer (a fellow officer who despised Siz and his HOA), creating tension between them as Dias came down hard on Siz's HOA actions in an attempt to impress Lauren.

The last time these two interacted with each other before his death was when Dias apprehended him for the murder of Tsury Nanakaze (which he witnessed from a police helicopter he was flying, of which began a long police chase that resulted in his arrest). In fact, Dias' death came directly at the hands of a member of the HOA (Denzel Williams) after a shootout occurred after they crashed their escape vehicle.

When Siz was told that Dias passed he was quite indifferent about the event, so much so that his immediate follow up question was whether or not his death would have an affect on an upcoming court case of his (as Dias was the primary witness who filed the police report against Siz for the murder of Tsury). Prior to the government seizing everyone's property in an attempt to pay off debts accrued after the 3.0 phone update, Siz used to own a pistol from Dias (which Denzel gave to the former).

Jacob Harth and the Dark Web

Siz initially was scared of Jacob as a whole due to his creepy voice and mysterious persona, however, over time this slowly degraded to simple respect as Siz encountered scarier personas and Jacob himself started to show a more humorous side to Siz.

Siz first heard of Jacob through Mother after she had told him that somebody suspicious was following her around. Later while driving around the city, Siz caught a glimpse of somebody on a bike spying on him from a distance. He chased the individual around until he managed to corner him under some stairs, the person drew a gun and briefly held Siz at gunpoint while Siz asked him who he was and why he was spying on him. The person revealed that he was Jacob and told Siz to remain quiet about his identity, leaving quickly on his bike.

Siz later saw Jacob when Mother arranged a meeting between the three of them at the Raven Slaughterhouse. During this meeting, Jacob took several pictures of Siz's face and informed the two that they would talk again. After this meeting, Mother and Siz became much more active on the Dark Web and she had begun to work closely with Jacob on various projects. Siz became integral to Jacob's plans after Dab got locked away as Siz became his new criminal front to spread chaos around the city. One example of this was the "electronics store" that Siz's house was supposed to be (as Mother and Jacob forwarded funds to Siz to buy his own home with plans to use it as a cover for a store that sold criminal goods). However, this idea was transferred to a different location owned by, and located next to, Zelda's apartment before being canned entirely due to extensive changes by the government that rendered the idea infeasible. By the end of 2.0, Jacob had been making massive renovations to the Dark Web and was been stockpiling VPNs, drugs, and weapons (which Siz occasionally pulled from).

Additionally, Jacob set up the criminal leaderboard on the Dark Web (an anonymous leaderboard for criminals that awards points based on the crime that's submitted [Siz was in first place for a significant amount of time]) where Siz was actively submitting crime clips in the hope of claiming the first-place prize of $50,000, several bricks of cocaine, and several different types of class two weapons. However, Jacob had stipulated that a minimum of at least 10 people must have submitted crimes to the leaderboard before the prizes were distributed (with the original closing date being one week after the leaderboard was opened). But, that minimum number wasn't reached before the one week had ended (causing Jacob to extend the prize date indefinitely until the minimum number of participants was reached). Siz (pseudonym Zis on the leaderboard) remained in second place behind Speedy until the leaderboard was shutdown after the 3.0 phone update, although this was due to the fact that Siz never bothered to upload any further clips to the leaderboard in the weeks leading up to and since the closing date.

To remedy the issue of the Dark Web's low user base, in late 2019 Jacob instructed Siz to attempt to spread knowledge of the Dark Web through the distribution of VPNs (a device that allows users to bypass the minigames and pass-code normally required to access the Dark Web). Although, Siz himself expressed concern that even with the VPNs people would still be "too lazy" to use the Dark Web in any real capacity (as seen by the people already on leaderboard), but Jacob assured him that when knowledge of its usefulness spread, more people would be enticed to use the Dark Web. Siz's stated strategy was to introduce the new criminals he encountered to the Dark Web through the sale of VPNs, however he never did this due to him either: forgetting the need to sell VPNs in its entirety or not even get a chance to make an offer as a situation rapidly developed (such as robbing a Fleeca Bank or an untimely brain explosion [hard crash]). And so, after several weeks Siz had only found one person willing to acquire a VPN (with this individual not being a new user, as they had already regularly accessed the Dark Web without a VPN) in exchange for a Panto.

Due to the above difficulty in finding new users on Siz's end, the migration of previously Dark Web exclusive services to other platforms in the state, in addition to a growing perception of its general uselessness among citizens of the state caused the development of the Dark Web to be effectively halted. Therefore, Siz shifted his priorities elsewhere and no longer focuses on finding new users for the now defunct Dark Web.

Months later in 2020, Jacob returned to Siz with plans to revive the Dark Web by distributing legal VPNs through his upcoming chain of electronic stores with physical locations around the state (such as one in Mirror Park). As apart of this, Jacob initially tasked Siz with giving him various electronics that used to be commonly found in home burglaries, which Siz was able to quickly fulfill due to his hording of said items as "collectibles". However, this amounted to nothing as the electronics store and revitalization of the Dark Web wouldn't happen for the entirety of 2020, due to it being reliant on construction that wouldn't be completed until the governmental 3.0 phone update expected for early 2021. Even after the realase of the 3.0 phone update and the opening of Jacob's Digital Den chain, the dark web itself remains defunct.

Siz and Loading the Cocaine

Denzel the Connect

After returning from MarioCon, Siz was introduced to the world of cocaine dealing when he was approached by Denzel Williams and his wife, Deannedruh "Dee" Sweet. Denzel and Dee met up with Siz and brought him up to speed with what he’s missed while being out of the city.

Denzel then stated that he distributes cocaine within the state and asked Siz if he was interested. Siz stated that he was interested and Denzel offered him a brick of cocaine for a discounted price of $17,000 with future prices being $20,000. He then explained the process of breaking down the brick and the areas and prices to sell to locals. Afterwards, they agreed to meet at a different location for payment and another location for the drop-off.

Otto, Nino, Speedy, Leanbois and the Seven Bricks

The Leanbois and Speedy (with Siz tagging along) arranged a meeting after Speedy, Lang Buddha, Denzel Williams and Ricky Robins kidnappped Joe Caine for ransom and received seven bricks of cocaine from Otto Delmar in exchange for Joe's safety. The meeting revolved around how they might deal with Otto's retaliation.

The group discussed how they might flip the seven bricks of cocaine quickly and quietly. Going through the options, Siz raised the name of Nino Chavez as a potential buyer. After a small deliberation, the group agreed and Siz stepped aside to call up Nino. Siz hinted that he had several bricks to offer as a middleman, to which Nino stated that he was interested. Siz stated their asking price of $150,000 for the seven bricks, as declared by Speedy, which resulted in Nino wanting to meet to discuss the price. Siz returned to the group to setup the meeting and called Nino back to inform him of the go ahead for the meeting. Nino became a little skeptical after hearing Speedy and the Leanbois were involved, yet he still was interested.

Nino arrived to the meeting and offered two options with one being to act as a middleman to another potential buyer or to lower the price. They argued on the price until Nino eventually said he was no longer interested and left. As the group gathered to figure out how they could flip the bricks themselves, Siz offered to buy them for $150,000. The group agreed and set the deal to happen at another place, thereby beginning Siz's first serious foray into the cocaine market.

The Top

By the end of 2019 Siz had carefully maneuvered his way into the upper echelons of the coke market in the state. He was firmly entrenched as one of the primary pushers to the south side gangs, ensuring a steady flow of income for himself and a consistent set of clientele for his boss (Dominique Woods). However, things would only get better for Siz as by March 15th, 2020 Dom had grown tired of managing the cocaine market and decided to quit and return to his home in Westside-Eastside Philadelphia, citing his boss' (Otto Delmar) obvious indifference to the health of the market by their decision to give out over 50 bricks of cocaine to one person on a whim. This left his position as a connect up for grabs and Siz took the opportunity to seize it. He eventually organized a meeting with Dom's other equal in the cocaine market Joe Caine where he successfully made his case for taking Dom's mantle over the other person vying for the position, Raja Bahadur. Once this was firmly secured, Siz worked to establish his own network of pushers and continued the legacy of odd and unique scenarios for coke dropoffs that Dom had endowed upon him as his connect. Although, such unique dropoffs eventually came to an end within a few months due to a combination of: some clientele not wanting to have to endure an entire scenario just to receive cocaine, Siz running out of practical ideas for drops, and Siz generally not being available/no longer being concerned with making drops "elaborate".

Through the remainder of 2.0, Siz, Joe Caine, and Otto were the only cocaine connects in the entire state, with Otto Delmar and Joe Caine rarely waking up to conduct business. Therefore, Siz was the state's de facto supplier of cocaine for the entire criminal underworld, allowing him a great deal of freedom in regards to management of the market. However, despite this freedom Siz decided to take a largely hands-off approach, while also making a conscientious effort to not engage in price gouging or blanket embargoes on groups for personal reasons (understanding the need for all groups in the state to maintain this source of income, despite how he may have personally felt towards them).

The Fall and Path to Rebuilding

Close to the end of 2.0, Siz decided to take a three week vacation vacation to Fiji to relax before the upcoming 3.0 phone update. On his return he discovered that all of his properties (except for the Mirror Park Tavern), assets (money, drugs, vehicles, gold, etc.), and phone contacts had vanished. In addition, he found his access to the cocaine manufacturing site had been revoked and a significant number of people completely forgot their association to Siz. As a result, Siz was completely distraught and was forced to start anew. In his investigation into what happened, Kael Soze told him that the GameStop short squeeze ruined the economy of San Andreas, forcing them to liquidate everyone's assets to stay afloat. Siz and much of the city were only left with $5,000 to their name.

Siz is currently in the process of building himself back up to the top. On one fateful day, he was given an opportunity by the Tavern VIP, Alexis. He was given samples of crystal-blue meth with a purity of one-hundred percent to keep and possibly sell onto the streets. He called up Al Saab to assist him with this newfound operation and to possibly source where these items came from. The two decided to tail the VIP to a parking lot where they caught him looking into the trunk of an inconspicuous black coupe. Saab held up the VIP while Siz looked into the trunk. Inside he found a fresh batch of meth neatly loaded into a clear plastic back; eighteen joints; and a black key with the words Optimus Prime etched into it. Siz and Saab took the VIP and drove up to the abandoned motel by Sandy Shores where they interrogated him. The VIP wasn't willing to give concise answers and instead gave out cryptic phrases before trying to escape the custody of the two. Then and there Saab and Siz shot down the VIP and then dumped his body off of the bridge next to the Pacific Coast highway. After this, the two scoured the city to possibly locate the manufacturing site of meth, but to no avail. Only Siz and Saab knew about the existence of the key and meth in the city.

However, this wouldn't last for long as the Lost also found a key to a lab located near their clubhouse. Although before this, Siz and Saab had managed to locate all three of the meth labs in the state, figured out where and how to sell meth to the locals, and determined that their key unlocked the lab in Grapeseed. This led to the duo experimenting in private for several days in their key's lab, desperately trying to figure out how to produce methamphetamine. In an effort to ease the heavy workload, the duo decided to bring in Manny McDaniels and Denzel Williams as help for the operation (Denzel dropped out of the operation about a week and a half later for personal reasons). They eventually succeeded in making their first batch on 2/16/21 after sinking several thousand dollars into the endeavor. Later on, while Manny's brain (the computer of the player behind the character) was malfunctioning, Julio and Kaleb Rush were brought in on the operation to assist in meth production as Siz required more than two people to work the machines.

In his efforts to build up a distribution network Siz made Nino Chavez one of his pushers on 2/18/21. He cited his trust in Nino due to his previous offers to entrust Siz with other important connections (such as heavy weapons distribution, which he had declined due to not wanting to overburden himself at the time). Siz also planned on integrating the Vagos into the distribution network as some prime selling locations were on their territory.

Although Nino's involvement eventually caused a conundrum as he was also involved with the Rooster's Rest, who managed to get a key to the Lost's lab on 3/7/21 after the latter had their key deactivated (thus making Nino also apart of Siz's competition). A day after RR managed to get access to their lab, Cheddar from the HOA also managed to find the local who was selling new keys to the meth labs, acquiring the key to the final lab (located in Los Santos, which he ended up giving to Siz after he tried asking several members of the HOA about the key).

After RR attempted to start operations at their lab, first the police and then HOA ended up discovering that location. RR got wind of the HOA observing them and sent some of their employees to tail Julio, who at the time was tailing RR. Fortunately for Siz, the RR employees were quickly spotted by Julio due to their extremely poor attempt at stealthily tailing him; Julio reported this activity to Siz who later confronted Nino about it. In that conversation Siz attempted to resolve the situation with RR, but due to Buddha being absent no progress was made. Furthermore, in an attempt to not burn his RR connections Nino attempted to draw Siz's attention away from RR and even attempted to trade their key for one of Siz's keys (which Siz heavily questioned and repeatedly denied).

A proper conversation between RR and Siz's lab group occurred on 3/8/21, but not before Siz thought he permanently lost his original Grapeseed lab to CG (it turned out to only be for a day) after a governmental update to meth deactivated that key of his (leaving Siz to believe that he was left with the lab in the city, an suboptimal location that was fairly well known and had poor soundproofing). Furthermore, testing by both Nino and Siz revealed that the effects of being high on low quality meth had changed to be worse than Burger Shot branded donuts (said meth no longer regenerated armor or granted a speed boost). The conversation between Siz's group and RR focused heavily on why RR shouldn't attempt to go at it alone, but in the end Buddha insisted on developing his own meth strain and pushing their own product.

In the following weeks Siz's group began working on raising the quality of their strain and finalizing the plan to push through Speedy. Unfortunately for Siz, on RR's first successful batch they managed to attain a quality of 82%, a level that had taken Siz's group weeks of trial and error and thousands of dollars to attain. This was compounded upon by Nino beginning to fully distance himself from Siz's operation, eventually becoming extremely paranoid of Siz's intentions. Furthermore, the Lost began undercutting everyone else by selling meth from their lab at cost while also producing more (due to spending more time cooking). The deal with the Vagos later fell through after Siz was away from the city for a few days and stopped delivering product. Speedy was forced to go with RR's strain as the rest of his gang was beginning to question why he was not opting for the more profitable product that was immediately available.

Despite these pitfalls, Siz and his lab forged on and managed to eventually establish a deal with the The Families to distribute his strain. At the same time Siz also managed to attain above 90% quality with his strain, but due to the nature of the deal with The Families quality became largely irrelevant as both sides still got a decent profit regardless. Unfortunately, Siz himself still remained quite poor. This was mainly because he had significant trouble converting his large stockpile of dirty bands of cash into clean cash he could safely deposit into his account. And while the Tavern was making a sizable profit, Siz was reluctant to pay himself any significant amount through the business due to fears of attracting an audit. Furthermore, through the use of loans Siz purchased several vehicles and his signature Mirror Park home (whose weekly payments further ate into what little wealth he had).

Beyond Meth there is only...Suffering?

Since the start of 3.0 one of the underlying themes for Siz was a persistent and sometimes oppressive atmosphere of complete suffering. This took many forms, but despite the circumstances Siz found the will to soldier on and even had some interesting ideas. The primary things that caused Siz the most strain in the first four months of 3.0 were: his meth operation (as described above), the DOJ's handling of taxes and audits, and internal HoA strife.

Siz's issues with taxes stemmed largely from the government's failure to clearly communicate how they would be implemented and later the drastic changes made to the tax code. This was further compounded upon by Judge Stanton's decision to audit Siz and Julio as apart of a larger audit on Burger Shot, despite the both of them not actually being employees of the business (they ended up being the only persons who were threatened with an audit as apart of the investigation). This incident led to Siz becoming extremely cautious with his income (thereby slowing the accumulation of wealth in his personal bank account) and choosing to permanently dodge Stanton to avoid an audit.

The primary issue with the HoA was their total apathy towards actually following any given group task combined with internal conflicts between certain members being dumped onto Siz. The former was most exemplified in, and was also first seen through, the majority of the group having a complete lack of interest in wanting to work at the Mirror Park Tavern (despite the group waiting over a year for the Tavern to officially open). Several repeated instances of this level of apathy towards other ideas culminated in Siz stopping any further attempts to give the group anymore goals and instead he decided to focus on his own personal endeavors. This resulted in the HoA itself entering into a period of inactivity as members began to wake up less and less often and rarely engaged in any group activities beyond the times when Siz himself awoke to move things along. The culmination of conflict within the group was a large meeting with most of the active members where Siz affirmed that: as adults they should've been able to deal with any internal difficulties themselves and also have been able to generate, present, and follow through with their own ideas for what they wanted to do (rather than look to Siz for everything).

One of the personal plans Siz intended to follow through on was a business idea involving collectible monster figurines based on citizens of the city, tentatively called "NoPixelmon". Siz planned to capitalize on the newly emerged collectible market that the Burger Shot toys had shown to be viable, leveraging high quality figurines and a large initial batch to grab a unique spot in the market (although after the release of the NoPixel Trading Card Game, Siz diverted focus to other endeavors and so never followed through on the idea). Furthermore, he also focused on expanding the poison operation from the Tavern, forging relationships with prospective customers throughout the city.

By June, things had begun to look up for Siz as his meth operation was fully profitable, he had found a way to launder his money regularly, the internal strife within the HoA had largely settled, he managed to rebuy his signature Brawler, and most surprising of all his adoptive step-father (Yung Dab) had escaped from prison and called Siz on 6/22/21. Later the same day Siz and Dab accidentally met inside Clean Manor while Buddha was giving Siz a tour of the mansion (although Siz didn't know it at the time as Dab was in disguise).

Fucking Corpos

Come July, Siz made the decision to go all in on the corpo life that had consumed the elite of the city. Despite his acquired hatred for "corpos" early on in 3.0, Siz came to this decision after Dab told him that he wanted Siz to reconcile his differences with Buddha and Dean so they could work together (in addition to general desperation to make some legitimate income, which "going corpo" allowed one to easily accomplish). To this end, he repaired his relationship with both of the latter and began seriously investing time into his civilian job at Ottos Autos. Although he earned little money at his time at Ottos, it led to his hiring at Diamond Hand Credit on 7/20/21 where he began dishing out loans at an astonishing rate.

His drive to hand out loans got Siz into conflict with James Arsenal, a fellow Ottos and Diamond Hand employee who had repeatedly infringed on Siz's vehicle sales and loan efforts. In fact, Siz was fired from Ottos and James was fired from Diamond Hand on 7/24/21 because of their conflict (specifically because of a situation at PDM where Siz shot up James after the latter was called down to the business while Siz was attempting to secure a loan with a customer). Although, by 7/27/21 James was rehired to Diamond Hand after conversing with his boss Marlo Stanfield (while Siz remained fired from Ottos until Bassem, Marlo's boss, also rehired him on 7/27/21).

As time passed by, Siz has significantly slowed down on the money lending as there have been significant actions placed to limit loan officers on the amount of money they can handout and overall lack of motivation. Siz began expanding his meth operation to new heights by making a business deal with Flippy and his crew and the Lost. Initially, Siz shared his lab key with Flippy and his crew but has expanded to the Lost sharing their key among the three groups. This plan would result in an increased meth output for all three groups involved, meaning they would be able to meet quotas and participate in meth runs (if desired).

Besides cooking meth, he has taken up racing after he developed an off-road racing group called Assblasters with John Miller and Stanly Lessfield. He is also a licensed helicopter pilot, being the only one in the HoA thus far.

Other Notable Relationships

Friends, Family, and Business Partners

Al Saab

Siz was introduced to Al Saab by Yung Dab for a bank job. They bonded over the numerous jobs they did together before and after Dab's lockup. As a result, he (and by extension the Leanbois) eventually became best friends, with Saab even considering Siz to be like a brother to him and would even take a bullet for one another. The two of them also have an inside joke about how much money they owe one another, where Siz often prompts Saab for a sum of money he "owes" him when they first meet/talk to each other for the day. This began as a legitimate question for when Saab first borrowed money from Siz and continuously delayed paying him back due to a lack of funds. Siz had hounded him for that money until he was finally repaid almost a week later. After this the two of them continuously racked up a debt with one another for a variety of reasons and eventually it got to the point where Siz simply would ask Saab, "Where's my money?" and Saab actually had to take a second to process whether or not he did still owe the amount Siz had claimed. Also, Saab will often tell Siz that he loves him and in response, Siz will often make all attempts to not reciprocate this. (Some common responses are for Siz to either: balk at Saab's declaration of love, ignore it completely, or immediately leave the conversation entirely to avoid it.)

After the 3.0 phone update, Siz brought Saab in on his methamphetamine production operation as his partner. He helped Siz start the operation and also helped cook; however, weeks into the operation and after numerous cooks he disappeared from the state. His disappearance caused Siz to ultimately replace him in the methamphetamine operation. He has yet to return to the state.

Denzel Williams

One of Siz's close associates from the Leanbois, his "God-Father-in-law", fellow Mirror Park resident, and a founding member of the HOA. Denzel became well acquainted with Siz when he was still working at the old Tuner Shop. When Siz returned to the state after taking a trip to MarioCon, Denzel revealed that he was originally supposed to kill Siz for his role in the stabbing of Kizzy Neveah, but decided against it. The two would later become good friends after Denzel would become LBA, and Siz would start doing more jobs with the Leanbois. Denzel considers Siz to be a brother to him, and considers Siz's people (Erin, Zelda, and Vivi) as family as well. He has even compared their relationship to that of Speedy and Buddha, saying "Denzel × Siz is the new Buddha × Speedy". Denzel was the first to extend the invitation for Siz to join LB, and event though he turned it down, still leaves the offer open for whenever he's ready. After Denzel was sent to prison killing Dias, Siz was one of the only people who gave some hope to Denzel, in addition to being the first person to smuggle in items for him. When Siz came out of the ICU in the new year, Denzel had already been released from life imprisonment, and had made some controversial decisions in the restructuring of the HOA, mainly in the firing of Mary Mushkin. A divide formed between them after Siz was left to clear things up himself, but also when LB decided to prioritize themselves and their members over close associates (something he didn't consider when he convinced Curtis to voice concerns about the gang not being together). After some tense back and forth between the two in the lead up to the war with Chang Gang, Denzel revealed that he didn't believe Siz was "ride or die", that he wouldn't have his back when it mattered, and said that he'll only consider him a brother again when he joins LB. Relations between them remained tense for a time, but ultimately smoothed over a few months later (especially after LB disbanded).

By the 3.0 phone update, relations with Denzel had improved significantly although the two never had a chance to really interact with one another until Denzel began his campaign for mayor. He got into contact with Siz looking for ways to utilize the poison abilities of the Mirror Park Tavern to take out problematic individuals, purchasing several poisoned items for a lump sum of cash. After being elected, he then offered his services (including weapon manufacturing) to Siz after expressing a desire to help his former group (the HOA) in any way he could.

Tony Corleone

The two first met when Siz was getting to know more members of the Leanbois and they became good friends after Siz did several different jobs with him. The two now occasionally partner up for criminal activities such as store/bank robberies (with Tony usually being the getaway driver). His driving skills impressed Siz, as he knew how to drift effectively; however when they first met Siz had not yet become used to the intense driving that Tony had become accustomed to and so he often got nauseous after prolonged bouts of drifting, with one particularly intense drifting demonstration causing Siz to vomit inside of Tony's car. A common interaction between the two is Tony commenting on how “cute” Siz is, with Siz often reciprocating and thanking him for the compliment.

Thus far their only real interactions since the 3.0 phone update have been short, casual talks in chance encounters.

Victoria "Vivi" Veine

As one of Mother's children, Vivi is Siz's surrogate sister. Siz was first introduced to Vivi by Mother, when Buck was acting as tutorial for him around the state. With Stevie, they all became good friends, however, her poor train ticket kept them from interacting for long periods of time. After Mother's disappearance, Vivi felt directionless and turned to Erin and Siz for guidance, and together they eventually pushed her out of Mother's shadow. She became Siz's pistol connect for a short while, and now currently owns Siz's former stash house that was passed down from Erin. She was also employed by the HOA as the Mayor of Mirror Park, but she distanced herself from the organization's activities to not draw suspicion towards her. Unofficially, Vivi is still considered apart of the organization, and will often assist them with different activities when she can. Siz has a soft spot for Vivi, accepting her for who she is in spite of being a serial killer and a murderer, and sometimes even assisting in her killings. He's very protective of her, and would come to her aid when she's in danger or exact revenge on those who intend to harm her as with Tsury Nanakaze, who kidnapped and made threats towards Vivi. Siz would go out of his way to hurt him and his wife, Zee Nanakaze, every chance he got to the point of executing Tsury in front of police, and risking his criminal record expungement by grabbing a gun after she was kidnapped by Ivan Tickles. In 2.0 Vivi was one of two people with keys to his Mirror Park home, the other being Kermy Fulker, though in both cases he never intended for them to keep them. She decorated his house with creepy mannequins marking the victims she murdered. When Vivi left the state Siz was sad to see her go, feeling as though she was the last piece of his family left (at least among those he liked). Although she did return a few months after the 3.0 phone update, not contacting Siz until 7/15/21 as she wanted her presence to remain a secret.

Erin Cox

One of Mother’s surrogate children and Black Mask’s daughter, she is Siz’s surrogate step sister. Siz met Erin at the recycling center where he learned she may be related to his father figure, Yung Dab, shortly after asking her out on a date (something he regrets and would prefer to forget). Not long after that she was bought into The Family as one of Mother's recruits, following a merger from Black Mask's side of the operation. At one point, Siz was the only person in the whole state that Erin 100% trusted, as he was the one that helped her become more independent when Mother and The Family made her feel left out, much like Siz was at one point when he was disowned by Mother for a short time. Having been the only two of Mother's children able to enter the state, the two forged a close bond over an extended period, helping each other out when the need arose. Erin was the person that Siz went to for help in avoiding a raid when he stole Dias’s PD weapons (as she was the owner of his stash house at the time). However, her frequent and over the top attempts to get his attention often got on his nerves and put them at odds with each other (eg. the HIV, her misplaced ego, needlessly escalating situations, or even simply being far too loud for far too long). The two largely fell out of sync following the Arthur/Bovice incident with Siz expressing annoyance knowing she was around, and Erin believing that he wanted nothing to do with her. Siz grew to dislike Erin, disappointed in her over her poor judgement of character, as well as siding with Arthur over him. After Siz came out of the ICU in 2020, their relationship began to mend when Erin revealed she had shot Theodore Martin in his honor, became a full-fledged criminal, and joined a girl gang in his absence. They would sometimes go on jobs together, and Erin would often call him to boast about her criminal escapades with the Angels. Despite her affection for her "Bro Bro", Erin is still considered by Siz to be "The Worst Sister" between her and Vivi. He doesn't acknowledge her as someone he's obligated to protect, nor does he have her "on his list" as someone he cares about, neither visiting her when she got life imprisonment or when she was sent to the ICU. However, Siz will occasionally go out of his way to not needlessly trouble Erin when he see's that she's depressed for a reason he finds legitimate. Since late 2019, their differing social circles resulted in them rarely encountering one another for more than a few minutes at a time (often only briefly greeting one another and engaging in small talk before moving on with what they were previously doing). After Vivi left, Siz expressed his frustration and sadness over Erin being one of his only relatives left, overall having negative feelings toward her.

After the 3.0 phone update, on 5/28/21, Erin became Siz's way back into the gun market as she made him one of her middlemen to push class one weapons through. Although, much to Siz's frustration, it took more than a month before he actually received his first shipment of weapons.

Arthur Hammond

Formerly Siz's second surrogate father figure, as well as the former owner of the Vanilla Unicorn. Siz first met Arthur after being taken to the Rest House following the jewelry store robbery gone wrong that resulted in Yung Dab getting life imprisonment, remarking that Siz's lack of subtlety could have ruined the entire heist. In their next proper interaction, Arthur took it upon himself to claim Siz as his son, which confused Siz initially, but over time he accepted it, giving Arthur the name "Dad 2" in return. When he was still owner of the Vanilla Unicorn, he used to occasionally leverage his influence to help Siz when asked and has even fired and/or banned people when needed, especially if they messed with Siz, Erin or Vivi. After piecing together that Arthur's goals and intentions conflicted with his own such as him gatekeeping C4 from him, his involvement in Bovice's incarceration, as well as him dating his sister behind the scenes, Siz reverted to only claiming one father figure, Yung Dab. As a result of this he now considers Arthur to be a difficult acquaintance with mild delusions of how life works. Siz was disgusted with the relationship and engagement of Arthur and Erin, but things became more positive since they went separate ways. By the end of 2.0 Siz and Arthur rarely encountered one another, and since the 3.0 phone update they have yet to even see each other.

Nino Chavez

Nino Chavez is the founder and former CEO of Sahara International in addition to the killer of Siz's phone shtick, as he never hangs up first. As their interactions are fairly limited, Siz's relationship to Nino is business-oriented. Pre-3.0, Nino either: purchased cocaine off of Siz for personal consumption or gave out "quests" for various items for Siz to hand into him (which Siz was initially able to complete the moment they were issued, as he had happened to have a large stockpile of the requested items at the time). Because of this, Nino was responsible for a significant percentage of Siz's wealth, since Siz completed a large amount of these "quests" with their large cash rewards (often in excess of $100,000).

After the 3.0 update and subsequent economic collapse, Nino lost all of his assets and thus was forced to start from the bottom with Siz. Although, due to the trust the two built up with one another in 2.0, Siz decided to include him as one of his pushers for his meth operation, though it didn't last long as Nino's group, the Cleanbois, received a key to another meth lab. This caused him to grow increasingly paranoid towards Siz's actions ultimately fracturing their relationship. They didn't see each other until 7/13/21 when Nino called Siz to catch up while stealing vehicles for GNE together. By this point Siz considered the whole fiasco with the meth dealings to be water under the bridge and they reconciled with eachother.

Allen Widemann

Much Like Nino Chavez, Allen was one of Siz's business partners. He owned Premium Deluxe Motorsport and managed Clucking Bell Farms where Siz was initially hired by Allen to work at. They grew closer over their occasional business discussions and continual gag of accusing the other of 'ducking' them. (It was rare for the two of them to meet one another as whenever Siz tried to arrange a meeting Allen had been either: preoccupied or not in the state.) Allen has also personally funded many of Siz's endeavors, such as purchasing the materials Siz needed to rob the vault for a time and expressing a willingness to buy a sailboat for one of Siz's heist ideas. Allen was considered a sponsor for the HOA as he has bought a Declasse Granger for HOA patrols and used to employ them as repossessors for Premium Deluxe Motorsport. Furthermore, Allen had purchased Yung Dab's Lamborghini before his imprisonment and had promised Siz he'd hold onto it until Siz thought the time was right for him to acquire it. This time came on 10/11/19 when Allen (contrary to the promise he made to Siz) put the car up for sale on Twitter for $250,000; to avoid the car being sold off to some stranger Siz got into contact with Allen and purchased the Lamborghini for $150,000 upfront with $20,000 payments every Friday until the agreed upon total of $250,000 was reached. When Siz shot Herbert The Pervert at the Vanilla Unicorn during a Wu-Chang Records event, Allen sided against him, marking the beginning of some tension between the two. Things became more heated when Allen became CGA, and then announced that he was taking over the Taco Shop for Chang Gang, and that, like it or not, there was nothing that Siz could do about it. This is part of what prompted Siz's departure from the Taco shop, and not long afterwards governmental changes to the shop's ability to clean bills prompted Allen to leave as well.

After the 3.0 phone update, government policy mandated that all citizens forgive/forget any conflict that they had with each other, thus resetting their relationship.

Matt Joe (Kray-Tor Skullfondler)

He is extremely close with Kray-Tor and consider each other like brothers. Siz was one of the first people to help Kray-Tor when he was new to the state, in exchange for the occasional shotgun and general criminal assistance he gives Siz any resources or gold watches he manages to acquire (as Kray-Tor has no other use for these materials). They first met when Kray-Tor complimented Siz’s Brawler and they’ve been close friends ever since. Siz, Denzel, and Kray-Tor are the founding members of the HOA (which Kray-Tor often patrols for as a Senior Lieutenant), with Kray-Tor stating that he “finally has a purpose” after joining the HOA. Kray-Tor always calls Siz “SEEZ” and prior to the 3.0 phone update used him as a sort of bank to hold his money (as his own bank account was greatly in debt and had preferred to ignore said debt rather than spend any money to pay it off).

Evita "Mother" Nimm

One of the first people Siz met in the state, she was instrumental in connecting him with the people who shaped who he would become. She founded The Family after meeting Siz and Stevie for the first time (becoming his surrogate mother), expanding it to many other family members before her disappearance near the end of the summer of 2019. Eventually, Siz outgrew working just for The Family and began to strike out on his own, especially after the failed assassination of his then-girlfriend (Windsong). Because of this, when Mother disappeared from state Siz took over as the leader of her children, directing them towards paths of self-sufficiency outside that of The Family, focusing the most on Vivi and Erin (the only other two "children" who still came to the state). When she returned for a short time, Siz warned Vivi about her, feeling they had grown beyond a need for her, and that she didn't truly care for them.

After the 3.0 phone update, government policy mandated that all citizens forgive/forget any conflict that they had with each other, thus resetting their relationship. She has yet to return to the state after the 3.0 phone update.

Buck Colton

He was one of the few individuals who did not immediately recoil in disgust when first interacting with Siz and his mangled scar on his first day in the state, and as a result, they quickly developed a friendship. As one of the first individuals Siz met in the state, Buck was seen as a parental figure (with Siz calling him Uncle Buck) as he gave him critical instructions on how the state works during his first day on 4/13/19. Although their interactions were usually short (due to their differing social circles), both of them usually had positive interactions and quickly developed a rapport of sorts. However, this positive relationship was temporarily soured on 9/19/19 over a dispute between Buck and the HOA that Siz led, as Buck had refused to pay the standard ten dollar fee, racked up 20 more dollars in HOA tickets, carjacked an HOA member's vehicle, and then kidnapped and killed the HOA's number one fan. This led to Buck disowning Siz the same day over his disagreements over the HOA. However, in the days since that incident, Buck had begun to show some remorse for his actions and eventually fully apologized for his behavior a week later, readopting Siz as his nephew. Buck became a member of the HOA a couple of weeks afterwards although he didn't really participate in any group activities as he was rarely around during their primary time zone at the time. Buck died near the end of 2.0, with Siz not finding out about his death until some time later.

Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez

One of the few people that know of Siz's position in the Vagos, Flippy works with Siz as one of his common criminal accomplices (historically, by mainly robbing banks together). They first met when Siz saved Flippy’s life when he was involved in a drive-by (Siz thought he was Bones, another Vagos member who also knew about Siz's ties), Siz ended up being arrested with the gun he took off of Flippy (Flippy let him take the gun so so he wouldn't be caught with it if he was frisked at the hospital by the police). After recovering at the hospital, he ran down to MRPD where Siz was being processed and shouted for the officers to release him, stating that he had saved his life. In return for taking the fall for possession of his gun and saving his life, Flippy made himself available for any future work he could assist with. This commonly took the form of Fleeca bank heists, but he also assisted in the kidnapping and murder of Castor Troy, delivering him to Siz for retribution over his traitorous actions. Flippy also helped Siz get revenge on Luigi Bezos by tipping him off about what car Luigi was driving at the time (a small orange car as he described it). He was a Cadet in the HOA until Siz decided to cut down on gang affiliated members in the HOA. Flippy, Siz and Curtis usually teamed up to do big jobs/planned shootouts against the police, and together were Chang Gang's main target of complaints regarding "Skittles Gang". Although in the final few months of 2.0, these complaints largely subsided.

After the 3.0 phone update, Flippy still regularly attempts to get Siz to participate in his heisting activities, but due to Siz's current situation and sleep schedule, rarely succeeds.

Matthew Payne

Founder and former owner of Payne Real Estate, Payne is another one of Siz's business partners, particularly with regards to the HOA. Payne employed the HOA as security for the houses in Vinewood Hills and Mirror Park as well as movers to clear foreclosed houses. He had also sponsored the original HOA Headquarters in Vinewood Hills, and had plans to employ the HOA for home security and Siz specifically to act as an ambassador of Payne Real Estate to deal with the Southside gangs. Payne intended to invite Siz into his personal army, the Payne Gang, however, Siz's shamelessness regarding his snitching lost him some respect with Payne. As a result of the HOA becoming more and more public with their criminal side (having driven out most home burglars in their territory they retreated back to Mirror Park to focus on themselves, they also became officially labeled as a gang in the MDT) Payne struck a deal with Siz to public disassociate himself from the HOA (instead he shifted to maintaining a private personal relationship with Siz) in order to keep police attention away from Payne Real Estate while allowing the HOA to continue their daily routine uninterrupted.

As apart of the 3.0 phone update, Payne Realty was shut down and the function of selling homes was automated. Payne's personal fortune was also stripped in the subsequent economic collapse and Siz's one encounter with him so far found a "down-bad" Matthew Payne, where he was begging for money outside MRPD.

Jerry Callow

When he's not a punching bag for the state and being accused of being a Predator, Jerry was Siz's and the HOA's defense attorney. Jerry acted as an adviser for Siz and was responsible for the legalities of the HOA. Jerry maintained the lease contract of the HOA Headquarters between Payne and the HOA. Jerry defended the HOA in court against a case by cadet Lauren Forcer but ultimately lost. Additionally, Every time Siz goes to lock pick one of Jerry's cars he always takes the weapons inside the car. He was replaced by Valkyrie Law, as they demonstrated that they could actually win cases for Siz. Siz and Jerry had not even seen one another for several months leading up to the 3.0 phone update, and since the update they have still not met each other.

Chang Gang

Siz maintains ties with the Chang Gang, especially with Ramee El-Rahman and Randy Bullet. Siz occasionally gets invited to, or helps out via resources/information for, their elaborate heists. Siz and Randy went on an adventure dressed as art dealers to sell the Starry Night to further Randy's goal of reaching $1,000,000 before Chang and they eventually sold it for $125,000 to Raja Bahadur. Ramee, Randy and Flippy asked Siz to be a fourth person to help them solve the power plant thermite placements after Pablo went to sleep. Siz told all three something they didn't know before which was that a fire extinguisher can easily stop them being burned, all of them got downed except for Ramee. Recently Siz has become somewhat tired of the constant bipolar interactions he started to have with the gang, where a call could start off with a legitimate threat to kill him over a petty matter yet end with a simple agreement and goodbye or vice versa. This behavior became especially noticeable after Ramee entered the collectible market and began heavily competing with Siz, although at first he made it appear as if he wanted to cooperate on opening a museum jointly as partners. After several blatant non-cooperative actions on Ramee's part Siz began to realize that Ramee had no intention of sharing any of the profits he made from selling his collectibles, or going ahead with his idea for a "pop-up" collectible museum. As a result, their once cooperative business partnership collapsed into pure competition, and coupled with the erratic behavior from Ramee and the rest of CG towards him, the relationship with him and the rest of Chang Gang was tenuous at best by the end of 2.0.

After the 3.0 phone update, government policy mandated that all citizens forgive/forget any conflict that they had with each other, thus resetting their relationship. The few interactions they've had thus far have been positive, if not short-lived.

Curtis Swoleroid

Curtis and Siz are known among their friends as the Demon (Curtis) and the Demon‘s Shadow (Siz). Siz himself has said that when doing a big job using heavy guns, Curtis' presence instills confidence within him as he feels Curtis is an excellent leader that he's easily able to follow. Likewise, Curtis has noticed that one of Siz’s strong points is that he’s a quick learner and an skilled subordinate, being able to efficiently follow his direction. Flippy, Siz and Curtis usually teamed up to do big jobs/planned shootouts against the police, and together were Chang Gang's main target of complaints regarding "Skittles Gang" (when CG was against such a concept).

Summer Mersion and Adrienne West

The lawyer duo of Valkyrie Legal, Summer Mersion and Adrienne West are Siz and the HOA's defense attorneys. Known for their fierce and relentless defenses in the court, they replaced Jerry Callow as Siz and the HOA's Lawyers. They have represented Siz and the HOA in the case of the Execution of Tsury Nanakaze and the dropped cases on the appeal of the police raid on HOA Headquarters and the HOA-Crimson Boomers Terrorism case which all resulted in varying degrees of success. Initially Summer was approached for the Execution of Tsury Nanakaze case and Adrienne West was subsequently brought on as per the request of Raja Bahadur.

Siz has yet to interact with Summer Mersion after the 3.0 phone update.

Wayne Biggaz

Member of Top Shottaz and a close ally to the Chang Gang, Wayne and Siz's previous interactions were very brief and that of which usually involved incidents with Chang Gang. When the Leanbois and Chang Gang went to war, Siz and Wayne found themselves at a crossroads trying to not involve themselves in the war. They encountered each other doing 'Taco Deliveries' for the then newly opened Taco Shop down in the Southside and naturally came together to manage the business in certain hours in place of the Leanbois and Vagos. They were widely recognized as the general managers of the Taco shop during their time zone, however, after governmental changes resulted in it becoming harder to make money through the shop (in addition to managerial changes forced onto Siz via the acquisition of CGA multimillionaire Allen Wildeman as a taco delivery employee and/or "back-end" man) Siz decided to take a less active role in the management of the taco shop, deciding to focus elsewhere. Siz would eventually end his partnership with Wayne after he took issue with Siz paying the delivery person cleaning bands for the shop (Ian Winners) extra after hearing that he had not been receiving enough money to fund his other endeavors, despite working long hours at the shop. Ian's subsequent poor explanation after initially receiving the extra payment to the rest of CG resulted in them believing Siz was attempting to secure Ian for himself, causing more confusion. However, after hearing Wayne's full explanation detailing that Ian's current wage was sufficient and expressing his anger over Siz trying to make him lose profits by paying Ian more, he declared his partnership in the Taco Shop over then and there and had left his relationship with Wayne on unstable footing. In the months since then, especially after the Taco Shop was shut down entirely, their relationship improved significantly. By the end of 2.0, when they did encounter one another they treated each other with amicability.

After the 3.0 phone update, government policy mandated that all citizens forgive/forget any conflict that they had with each other, thus further improving their relationship, although the two have yet to encounter one another.

Raja Bahadur

Raja and Siz were known as business partners who both had mutual respect for each other. While Siz was still dealing under Dom, they were both aware that they were the only coke distributors in the state. Raja and Siz also had an agreement where Siz and the HOA provided decryptors to Raja for him to sell them to prospective house robbers who he sent to Vinewood for the HOA to apprehend (where they retrieved the decryptors and gave them back to Raja to resell and continue the cycle). Raja had said that him and Siz even had the potential to run the state together. Raja gave every member of the HOA a 20% discount at QuickFix and 50% off repairs on the HOA Brawler. They first started talking more when Tsury (who was an employee of Quick Fix at the time) had problems with the HOA and some personal beef with Siz. Overtime Raja was upset with how Tsury was handling his vendetta against Siz and the HOA, which led to Raja firing Tsury until he made it clear that his vendetta was over. Raja helped Siz when the case for the kidnapping and execution of Tsury happened and introduced Siz to Adrienne who was taking the case with Summer (who was already working on the case). While both were in equally influential positions within the state's criminal underworld, Raja occasionally gave Siz advice. Siz also took and listened to Raja’s word in a meeting when Erin was angry at Raja for believing his actions resulted in Arthur being ‘ratted’ out to Raven and when Arthur had to kidnap Bovice. Due to also having to deal with egotistical criminals on a regular, Siz was able to understand Raja’s POV and believed his side of events. Even though Siz heard mixed reactions about Raja he believed that the two of them had a mutual understanding for one another and were on good terms. Although, once Dom's position in coke distribution became available, Siz moved on the opportunity and (knowing that Raja was his direct competitor for the spot) began to tell Joe Caine (the person directly responsible for choosing who would fill the role) rumors about how Raja kept a secret "black book" of all those who he dealt with as a safeguard in case he went down. This helped sway Joe to choose Siz over Raja (although Raja was unaware any of this occurred). After this point Siz and Raja rarely saw one another, with Raja ending up leaving the state entirely after his business was shut down due to the majority of his employees being deported/quitting.

Alabaster Slim

Slim was Siz’s adoptive uncle and a close friend of Yung Dab. They were highly trusting of each other and and were always down to work together in business or crime. Slim even took on Siz as apart of the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club, making him "Head of Drugs" and granting him access to the underground fighting arena/torture area. Although they only occasionally interacted with one another (due to differing sleep schedules and social circles) they did do a vault together, which at the time made them the second group to successfully complete it. By the end of 2.0 they were in talks about developing a partnership with Siz's [Mirror Park Tavern|Tavern] and the VU (with the former supplying moonshine to the latter).

However, after the 3.0 phone update Slim disassociated himself from the VU and forgot everything prior to the update, much to the dismay of Siz upon reuniting with him on his return to the city. Although despite this, Slim re-adopted Siz as his nephew minutes after meeting him (although this was preceded and followed up with a barrage of insults at Siz's weight and scarred face). After this initial interaction, Siz and Slim did not interact with one another in any meaningful way for over three months. Their next interaction occurred after Yung Dab's return when the three of them met up on a hillside and chatted. By this point Slim had regained his memory prior to the 3.0 phone update and was therefore no longer hostile to Siz.

Criminal Record

Current Criminal Record
Status of Drivers License: 0 points

Warrant Status: N/A

Kidnapping (2x)

Joyriding (2x)

Grand Theft Auto (1x)

Robbery (1x)

Burglary (2x)

Disobeying a Peace Officer (1x)

Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] (2x)

Resisting Arrest (4x)

Evading (4x)

Failure to Obey Traffic Controlled Devices (2x)

Third Degree Speeding (2x)

Illegal Turn (1x)

2.0 Criminal Record (6/20/20)

Drugs and Alcohol.png
Gang Afilliated.png
Status of Drivers License: 0 points

Accessory to Attempted Murder of a Government Employee x1

Accessory to Attempted Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x1

Accessory to Escaping Custody x5

Accessory to First Degree Robbery x4

Accessory to Robbery x16

Assault x1

Assault with Deadly Firearm x2

Assault with Deadly Weapon x28

Attempted Jailbreak x2

Attempted Manslaughter x2

Attempted Murder x3

Attempted Murder of a Government Employee x22

Attempted Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x1

Battery x5

Brandishing non Firearm x1

Brandishing of a Firearm x1

Burglary x2

Criminal Possession of Government-Issued Baton x1

Criminal Possession of Government-Issued Firearm x1

Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x70

Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x31

Criminal Possession of a Taser x27

Criminal Use of a Firearm x10

Disobeying a Peace Officer x2

Disorderly Conduct x1

Driving On The Wrong Side of The Road x2

Driving while Intoxicated x2

Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License x4

Escaping Custody x2

Evading x14

Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x3

Felony Hit and Run x1

Felony Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY or METH x1

Felony Possession of Crack Cocaine x1

Felony Possession of Marijuana x1

Felony Trespassing x3

First Degree Robbery x7

First Degree Speeding x3

Flying into Restricted Airspace x1

Gang Related Shooting x2

Grand Theft Auto x1

Joyriding x12

Kidnapping x28

Misdemeanor Possession of Cocaine x6

Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled

Dangerous Substance OXY or METH x49

Misdemeanor Possession of Crack x8

Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana x4

Negligent Driving x1

Obstruction of Justice x4

Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Proper Identification x1

Piloting Without a Proper License x2

Possession of Band of Notes and Small Band of Notes x2

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia x1

Possession of Molotov x1

Possession of Silencer or Suppressor x1

Possession of a Stolen Identification x1

Receiving Stolen Property in the First Degree x1

Receiving Stolen Property in the Third Degree x3

Reckless Driving x5

Reckless Endangerment x1

Reckless Evading x38

Resisting Arrest x35

Robbery x31

Street Racing x1

Tampering With a Vehicle x1

Unlawful Imprisonment x8

Vandalism of Government Property x1

Episode List

This is a list of all episodes and major happenings for each one, this will help people catch up and know when certain major or minor events happened if they wanted to go back and rewatch.

Links to the VOD are located below the stream title.

VOD's provided by:

Playlist: Siz Fulker • GTA V RP • No Pixel • UberHaxorNova


# Title/ VOD Stories

Siz Fulker 1

(April 19, 2019)


Bogg introduces Siz to the city

Siz meets Stevie

Siz's face gets berated by multiple people

Siz is adopted by Mother

Siz's delivery Job

The FaceBook Tour Ft. Stevie, Mother

"Zombie" Siz meets Windsong

The Sexorcism, Bag Head Siz

Siz meets Buck

The Truck Driving

Buck sees the true Siz

Siz's Therapy

Dab's $5 Tip, Snow Mission and Gun

Dab teaches Siz about life and women in his Lambo

The Roll: Dab vs Mother

Skating Park fight Ft. Stevie, Mother, Ziggy, Bobby

2 Siz Fulker 2-3

(April 21, 2019)


Mother calls them, The Family, the League of Villains

Mother's 'Hot' Secret Lair

Mother's 'Meaty' Secret Lair

Stevie's Bald

Windsong's Taxi Services

Buck and the Weed Party, Ft. Mel.

Mel Tazer vs Siz's Machete

Buck, Siz vs Bouncer

The Casino Blackjack and the Koreans Ft. Dab, Gomer, Buck, Mother

Siz meets Family Sister Vivi

Judd's Winery Job Interview Ft. Cops

Siz's Doppelganger James

Buck's Brother Gomer

Siz sports car test drive

Siz's first Car


Sidestory / Siz vs The Internet

(April 25, 2019)


Siz Happy Nice Canada Adventures

The Strip Club visit

Siz steals friendly canadian Car

Siz meets Kelly

Rumors of the Dark Web

4 Siz Until Internet goes away

(April 28, 2019)


The Strip Club Stabbing Incident

Siz vs the World

Kevin Shaw Attorney at Law!

Kevin protects Siz

Bug Man Siz Hides from the world

The Longest Kidnapping

The Rejuvination Suit

The Vagos Leader, Speedy

5 Fingers Crossed

(April 30, 2019)


Rejuvinaton Suit Siz

Windsong Nature adventure Ft. Deer

Siz's First Boner, the Orgy talk

Siz reveals 'real' age to Windsong

The Doctor who saved me

Healed Siz

Attack a Taco vs Windsong and Siz 1

Attack a Taco vs Windsong and Siz 2

Siz burns, Crazy Local woman vs Heidi

Siz's Sadness Jump

6 Waiting Room 1-2

(May 3, 2019)



Kevin calls Siz in front


Family vs Windsong

The Parking Lot Incident Jump

The Scar is Back

Stopped by Snow

7 Sizzle Down

(May 4, 2019)


Siz sees and tests the Brawler, Dab Approved

Buck Tutorial NPC; Robbing, Jobs, Recycle Centre, and more

Siz learns to rob houses

Siz vs Raja. The OxySwallow. Ft. Cops

Jacob's Meeting

The Broken Tail light

Jacob's Shotgun, the Weapon Business House Project

Speedy's Weed Business

James Tinklebottom

8 Its a jamboree

(May 8, 2019)


Maxi meets the Family, and Siz

Siz learns advanced lockpicks

Siz visits Speedy in prison

Siz Jewelry Store attempt

It was the Penguin Mask!

Siz's Jail Time

9 Siz gets Risky

(May 10, 2019)

1 | 2

The One man Band

Speedy's Big Time Weed Business

Dab's Shotgun

Edna's Ultimate Flawless Bank Heist Ft. Millenials

Kevin warns Siz don't do the mission

The Mission Ft. Stevie, Windsong

Kevin sees Siz did the mission anyway

10 This is Siz Ok

(May 11, 2019)

1 | 2

Siz's first time in the fight tournament

Champion Gomer

Vulture Siz fails Jewelry store with Dab's Shotgun

Dab teaches Siz how Heists Work

Dab, Siz Duo Paleto, Gomer's Blockade

Dab Plans the Explosive Bus Tour

Siz wants in Dab's Inner Circle

Dab's chose Siz as the Bus Driver

Stevie vs Dab on Siz's Path

Domestic Abuse caught on Camera

Siz plans the Bus Tour

Speedy's Forest Home

Siz becomes Speedy's Green Pusher/ Gardener

Speedy Teaches How Weed Grows

11 Siz Secret Stream

(May 12, 2019)


Mother teaches the Decryptors/ USBs

Mother and Siz finds a home for Jacob's Plan

Siz's new Home

New Home Celebration Ft. Dab, Buck, Mother

Dab's Limo

Siz introduces Bus Plan to Family Ft. Stevie, Dab, Mother

Mother Joyrides Dab's Limo

The Scuffening Ft. Buck, Mother, Stevie, Amara

Vagos Siz vs Jacob Dream Match

12 Sizzle me softly

(May 14, 2019)


The Underwater Tour Adventure Ft. Mother, Buck

Buck fixes Siz's jellyfish sting

Siz's tractor Ft. Mother

Buck teaches Siz the choplist

Siz gets fired from the winery

Siz vs Buck's Windshield and a Pole

Siz's new holy calling

Siz vs Speed, Round 2 Ft. Buck

Siz invites Windsong to his home

The Prison Break Aftermath

Siz's Convenience Store Heists Ft. Windsong

13 Sizzle my biscuits

(May 15, 2019)


"TJ's" World

Bugstars! Ft. Siz Paul and Not Bovice

Bovice World Assassination Ft. Siz

Dab, Saab, Siz Heist

Saab learns about Dab's Step son Siz

Siz Asks Hostaged Clown about Windsong

Saab, Dab, Siz VG Math Problem

Windsong's Failed Assassination

Alpha Siz angry at Mother

Speedy's Back Up, Vagos Siz

Speedy Warns The Family to not mess with Vagos

Deep voice Siz making up a "Confrontation with Jacob" scenario

Siz lets Ziggy know he might die, spills Family Ties

The Meetup with The Family, Clap those Cheeks

Siz opens up his problem about the Family

14 Mario Maker 2 Reaction

(May 16, 2019)


Siz sells weed with Ellie

The Windsong Breakup, Sexist Siz Stuck sheep

Saab's number

15 Siz in a situation

(May 18, 2019)


Mother and Siz have a talk

Missing Ex Girlfriend

Siz in Hiding

Siz watches the Fighting Tournament from Afar

Siz explains to Speedy the situation

Situation: Bovice World, Family Problem, Windsong Missing

Siz explains to Kevin the situation

Kevin's mustache

Waterfall Situation Explanation Ft. Mother, Carter, Kevin

Siz explains to White Knight Saab, Ellie

The Sports Car Show Ft. Dab, Kevin, Buck

Dab explains the Bus Tour Plan

Siz meets new sister Erin

Grimy Motherfucker hits poor ol Tyrone

16 Siz drives a bus... hopefully

(May 19, 2019)


Bus Tour attempt stopped by storm

Siz attempts to be a firefighter

Speedy's being followed by a Puto, Siz

Speedy's Back Up, Vagos Siz

Speedy's plan to lockdown Recycling Centre

Speedy, the Smart Business Man, Reckless Gangbanger

Judge vs Vagos

Siz saves a Judge

Family Meeting: Mother, Stevie, Carter, Vivi, Erin

Siz vs Bus Driver

Siz meets Speedy's Cousin

Speedy argues with Greens, Carter

17 Rip Freefolk

(May 22, 2019)


The Explosive Bus Tour Ft. The Gnomes

DnD Player vs Machine Gun

Siz is now initiated within Dab's Circle, get Paid $$

Siz meets Zelda for the first time

Wingman Dab helps Siz know Zelda

Zelda agrees Date, gives Phone Number. No Handjobs

Dab says Zelda is Jacob's sister

Boat plan Heist, Dab, Chang, Uchiha

The BRAWLER is Born, Saab Dab Discount

Siz vs the Statue Man

18 Chill

(May 23, 2019)


Siz vs the Scammer Ravi Ft. Bodyguard

Siz and Zelda First Date

Date: Sunset, Pier Pictures, Parkouring Ft. Chicken Worm

The River Jump

Siz invites Zelda to his home

19 War. Total War

(May 24, 2019)

1 | 2

Small banks come into town

Brawler gets Buffed

Siz's Brawler vs Cops Plan

Gomer, Dab, Taco Siz Heist, Ft. Speedy Hostage

Someone Shot Siz's Bike, Ft. Speedy

Speedy's Big Money Gift to Siz

20 Brawler Status

(May 25, 2019)


The small banks open season

Siz vultures on bank robbers

Siz robs the statue scammer

Siz's Brawler vs Windsong's Sunflower

Siz vs Windsong CQC Match

Siz hits a rock, Nature - 1

Siz hits a tree, Nature - 2

Siz meets Dundee in prison

Siz, the lifeguard

21 Me and My Brawler

(May 26, 2019)


The last time Siz meets Dab

The last jewelry store heist

Zelda saves Siz in the last moment

"Lawyer Paul" fails to meet Dab

22 Siz Depression

(May 31, 2019)


Siz meets Anabelle, Whiteman

Siz remembers Dab in his Lamborghini

Gomer consoles Siz and becomes his new mentor

Gomer teaches the ways of the Pixerium

Siz and Zelda hangs out, eats garbage

Siz jumps off again vs Dias

23 Siz Starving

(June 1, 2019)


The Warrant Made on the Spot

Local Cops Shoot Siz on Prison

Tuna guy stuck on Prison

Zelda Official Date

Cops vs Siz in a Bulldozer

Step Dab: Load the Cocaine


(June 3, 2019)


One Canadian still pissed off at Siz

Copper vs Siz

Speedy's 2nd in Command Siz

25 Siz Drizzle Bop

(June 5, 2019)

1 | 2

Tug Boat on land

Siz tries lockpicking power stations

Testing out the Trophy Truck

The Chicken Job ft. Allen

Ziggy scoping out the Drug Dealing strip

BlackJack with Gomer

26 Siz Opens Can

(June 6, 2019)

1 | 2

Fighting Tournament, Buck Wins

Siz runs over a cop

Siz discovers he can rob his neighbors

Buck Mountain Adventure

Siz burns a car, wrote "Free Dab"

Gomer and Taco Mansion Robbery

Gomer and Taco Bank Heists

27 Siz Can Crime

(June 7, 2019)

1 | 2

Nobody wants to rob a bank with Siz

Zelda talks about the family

Siz's first time racing

Siz races Speedy, Jesus, Gomer, Dundee, Eddie

Speedy turns into a Speedy Bump

Siz meets Kevin again after a long time

Mother and Alabaster offers help on the strip club stabbing

Mother reveals her gun deal business

Mother introduces Siz and Mask

Dundee Sends It

28 E3 Day 1 EA

(June 9, 2019)

1 | 2

Siz turns himself in after a scuffed escape

Siz teaches step sister Erin the weed ways

The Terminal Abduction gone very wrong

Speedy's first small bank heists

Speedy's 6x6 vs Mount Chilliad

Siz's neighbor is Windsong and the Clown!

The Scuffilitis Spreads

29 Siz and his Garbage

(June 12, 2019)


Siz and the Goblin talks dark web uprising

"Zis" visits darkweb 4.0 and the crime leaderboards

Siz's bank robbery vlogs

Grandab helps Siz vlog bank robbery against Dias

Erin gifts Siz a tazer

Siz vs Dias and Bobby in the city and mountains

Tunershop, Leanbois vs Purple gang prewar, Erin tries to get purple gang info

Zelda, Siz and Erin find buyers for their weed bulks

Erin vs Zelda accidental stabbing

The Matrix Room with Zelda

Everyone's an Arms Dealer or Buyer

Upcoming gang war + Dark web leaderboards = Street Wars I

30 Siz & his Troubles

(June 13, 2019)

1 | 2

Siz vlogs Buck and Maxy Mersion's empty jewelry heist

Siz vs his weed bulk

Siz's 'controversial' escape

Burger Chang and Glady's

Siz vlogs hostaged bank heist with Buck and Saab

Siz and Saab vlogged heist, hostaged Ryan, Saab's thermite practice

Meet the Mersions

Saab, Freya and Siz in Home Invasion. Ft. Mersions

Saab 3, Cops 0

Chang vs Chris drama, Saab vs Purples, Siz x Uber Eats Pasta

Saab and Siz escapes death car

Mime interupts Saab and Siz's bank streak

Siz saves Saab. Siz, The Backup Bodyguard

Kraytor approves the Brawler

Zelda tries Siz's fruit punch soaked weed

A blind man, A hippie, and a clown walk in Siz and Zelda's neighborhood

Zelda joyrides the Brawler at Mount Chilliad, Lovers' Quarrel ensues

Glady's "hot" blind man mountain and beach adventure

Erin follows Siz's dramatic, kidnap-filled, murderous, gossipy family footsteps

Siz reveals his past with family, Erin reveals her past, and Annabelle's truth

Erin reveals there's a citywide powerful "no schizo zone" overseer gun dealer

Erin becomes what Siz could have been without loyal friends and Dab's clout

Siz and Zelda fistbumps Brawler Ownership Death Deal

Siz, Zelda and Erin decides to meet up the secret gun dealer, schizo free

31 Siz and his weeds

(June 14, 2019)


Brothers Buck and Gomer in a tuner shop

Goodbye Gnome Outfit, Beige Jacket, Hello Discount Sonic, Siz Whirlpool Outfits

Cranky Cops vs Siz Multiple Chase

Mia, Snake Buck and Siz Whirlpool Robs 2 Banks with Kelly as Hostage

Siz sees Windsong Criminal News Record

Siz vs his Weed bulk

Siz becomes Tuna Guy's boss

Siz's Slowest Smallest Smartest Cars vs Dias

Dab's Car in The Lawn Party Neighbors vs 911 Dias

Dias watching Siz the whole time

The Neighborhood Shooting

Siz vs Dias: The Epic Chase, Vlogged

Dias vlogs his 24/7 Dirt Championship win against Siz

Siz vs Dias: Shitlord Duel in the Big House

Siz vs Dias Extended

Erin and Siz Slips Up Big Time

Erin and Siz Quiet Talk

32 Siz and his FailRP

(June 15, 2019)


Siz's 4 Ant Sized Felony

Siz vs Valuable Goods
The Weed Selling Mystery
Detective Chang vs the Weed Selling Mystery, On the Case!
Tuna Guy Hostaged While Calling Siz
Siz Whirlpool and Tuna Guy Bank Heist Team Up, Ft. Zelda and Brawler
Successful First Timer and Old Timer
Tuna Guy's Friends, Siz's Neighbors
Denzel vs Corrupt Cops 9999 Months Backstory
Zelda, Gomer and Chang Scare and Rough up Tuna Guy
OOC Meta: Kray-tor thinks Siz is Yung Dab 2.0 Crimelord
Siz Secret Dealer Talk
Erin and Siz becomes Mother and Jacob's Original Ambition
Kraytor the Clown Hunter will soon visit Siz's Neighbors
"Not" Kraytor and Siz "SnatchLicker" vs Dias and Ziggy Ft. Hostage
King of the Mountain Championship. Brawler vs Dias Ft. Wet Mountain
Silhouette of a Cop Car on the Mountain
Zis Uploads Siz's Accomplishments
Siz "Just Woke up" and Calls Dias

33 Siz & Attempted Prison

(June 15, 2019)


Early Jail RP

Siz's Learns about Kevin and Dab in Father's Day

Gomer solves the Weed Mystery

Selling Green in Green Territory

Siz Whirlpool, Gomer, Saab, vs Heists, Runescape Mia. Ft. Scuff

Siz, Coco, Maxi Heist, Ft. Hostaged WindTunnel

Mersions vs Chang Backstory

Bank Money, Blackjack Money, Full House

Siz vs Weed Bulk, New Streets

Tuna Guy Wins Big in BlackJack

Big Tuna, Big Dreams

Cop Chase: Small Car, Big Jumps, Wet Siz

Siz lets Big Tuna under E.R.I.N's Wing

Assault SMG Loot Crate

Tuna's Loyalty vs Sizter Erin

Big Tuna vs Big Boss Snake

34 Siz & Guns or Something

(June 17, 2019)


Offstream: Siz "Slays" "Sam". Meet Jacob, Gomer, Slim

Dream Episode: Millionaire Siz To The GTAOnlineVerse

OOC: Burnt Tuna Cookie Jar

Dream Episode: Siz To The GTAOnlineVerse 2

Dream Episode: Saab, Siz, Shaggy PrisonBreak Attempt

Dream Episode: Snowy Siz, Brawler Chase, Siz vs Cops, Trophy Truck

Dream Episode: Siz vs Vince "Sham Wow Scam Now"

Zelda's Weed Daddy Siz

Big Bank Heist: Saab, Sonic Siz, Gomer, Mario Chang Leap of Faith

Rolex Filled, Valuable Goods Filled Kraytor wants Clown Blood

A Barbarian, A Spec Op, A Hilbilly and A Crimelord walks in a Motel

Kraytor Teaches Windsong's Mom a Lesson, Finds Clown

Dias vs John look like Siz Backstory

John's Life Prison Worthy New Mission, Trust No One

Siz, Raccoon Wednesday Mushkin, Kraytor Clean Double Heist, Last Boomstick Erin hits Boss, Erin Gets Fired Backstory. Gun Deal Update

35 A Guy Streaming

(June 19, 2019)


OOC: Tuna vs Curtis Ft. Raheem

Gun Dealer Siz Ft. Kevin, Buck

Fireman "Paul", Ellie and Mia Mersion "Fixes" a Bank

Wednesday, Siz bank Roberry, Cheaper Gun Deals

Chang Uchiha Springer: Saab vs Brenda. Cameraman Siz

Trial by Combat - Brenda:Uchiha vs Saab:Chang

Shame! Ft. Brenda's Weed Truck

Siz and Kraytor Heist and Back Up. Ft. Wife Knife

UberDrivorSiz: Mia met Dab, Ft. Wednesday

The Cursed Garage, Ft. Salty Canadians

Abdul meets Brawler, Ft. Cop, Denzel

Stripclub Stabbing Incident Revisited Ft. Denzel, Jordan

Free Crimelord, Caught Carjacker. Ft. AJ "BigDick" Hunter


Root Beer Fueled Stream

(June 20, 2019)


Gun Dealer Crimelord Siz, Ft. Speedy, Gomer, Saab

Kelly's Gas Magic Trick, Mel vs Bus

OOC: Zis Soloing Crime Leaderboards

Good Jordan Fixes Pawn Shop Ban

Saab Sex Tips Ft. Trunk Scraps

Saab & Classy Yung Bag Heists, meets a 'Fortnite Kid'

Spoilers, Saab and the Single Second Getaway

Saab, Streek Voice Siz Heist, Ft. Crack and Chips

Saab, Siz Whirlpool Heist, Ft. News Team

CARMAGEDDON! Ft. Saab, Chips, Clown, Parking God, Police Force

Siz and "Mildred's" Car Ft. Bad Jordan

37 Siz Hides

(June 21 / 22, 2019)

1 | 2

Saab, Tony, Curtis, Siz 'FruitRoll' Whirlpool, Big Heist

Gun Dealer Siz Connections

Leanbois Big Bank Heist vs Dias and Williams Ft. Hostage

Saab vs Thermite Fire

Time Out: Scuffilitis. Time In: Epic Chase

The Last Saab Premonition in Leanbois birthplace. Ft. Dr Choi

Dias vs Siz King of the Dirt Callout

Siz, Saab, Tony Fruit talk Dias vs Siz, Saab Shootout Save

Siz's River Boat Ride Ft. Zelda

Siz 10/10 Swan Dive Ft. Tony

Stalker Diaz arc

Siz Hides, Ft. Dias & Bobby Revelation

"Auto Pilot" Car and the Slowest Chase Ft. Bobby, Dias

"Peter Parker" gets caught by Diaz

Electronics Store RP. Family Meeting

Siz and Zelda Ends The Old Age City in Flames

ASMR Hearing and Voices Ft. Erin, Copper

Vodka Drunk Gomer Siz in a Cop Car Ft. Erin

Siz's Long Lost Sister, Martha Fulker, Short Lived

Drunk Gomer Martha, Siz, Eugene in a Cop Car

Siz vs Ziggy Cop Car Chase Ft. Motorcycle Cop

Lord of the Mountain Ziggy vs Water, Ft. Cop vs Land

Siz "Blows Up" 4 Cops, Cheats Death, Siz Takes their bike!

Siz vs Cops 3v1 Mountain Chase

Ziggy catches Siz, must drive all the way back for his ID

Siz, I've come to bargain

Siz wants to go to jail so bad, God says no and Spreads Scuffilitis

Siz dreams of jumping off

38 Siz & New Vagos

(June 24, 2019)


Bearvice World vs Computer

Bovice Team Heist Plan

Denzel Weednation Backstory

Potential Weedlord, Ft. Greg

Denzel's Dont Trust Anyone Idea Ft. Alan

"Siz is not just a criminal, he's something else"

Siz and Erin's Twin Color Cars

Siz and Erin's Weed Business Ft. Roof Parkouring

Lil B Job Ft. Store Robbery, Diaz

New Cop Truck Dias Vs Brawler Siz, King of the Dirt Championship

Siz is not King of the Water

Dias Reclaims King of the Dirt

But not if Siz forgets

39 Mario Maker 1 Finale

(June 25, 2019)

1 | 2

High Windsong, Low Troubles

A Local Broke Erin's Car, Not Siz, Ft. Forums

Erin News, Good, She's a Weapon Dealer. Bad, She Got Snapped

Gun Price Go Up, Siz Mental State Go Down

ErinTor Outfit, DabCoin Crypto, Married Slim

Siz vs Erin's Tazer before Scuffilities Security God Ban

Denzel and Saab Wild Hostage Backstory

Siz Gun Dealer Update, Ft. Gomer, Slim Cox

Siz "I Blew up 4 Cops with my Mind" Story Ft. Gomer

HangUp Games: Denzel, Gomer, Greggy, Speedy

Cousin Gazza and WeedPusher Greggy

Nerfed Guns, Cars, Money, Weed, Speedy

Speedy, Sonic Siz Heist, Ft. Hostage Shooter

Speedy's into American Gangster, Siz is into Grinch

Speedy Public Murderer Respect Backstory

"Fernando", Sonic Siz Whirlpool Heist, Ft. Bobby

Speedy, Siz, Brawler, Vs 4 Cops, Ft. Scuff City

Spidey Gomer Siz, Speedy, Ft. Nice Hostage, Medic

Spidey Siz Dies Hidden Uncle Dundee sees Siz Wiki

40 Sizonian Fulker

(July 13, 2019)


While Siz played at MarioCon, Dias trained the art of Ultra Instinct

Knock Knock Neighbor Otto, Otto's orgasm voice
Duke New Camera, Citywide Announcement Radio
First Radio Music, Last Dab Music
French Fry Williams
Siz Hides Ft. Windsong, Denzel
Lean Red & Vagos vs Green & Ballas Backstory
Siz Loads the Cocaine Dead Drop Ft. Denzel Drop
Denzel and Siz Epic Cool Totally Unawkward Drug Deal
Siz, Jacob, Twitter and a Sandwich
Siz vs Dias Traffic RP
Siz's Karaoke Bar "Bomb Planted" Ft. Everyone
Mel, Bev, Mia, Siz vs Dias, Bobby, Copper Chase
Erin Story: Sonya's War Stopped, Dundee's Biker Gang. White Bricks
Erin Story: Siz, Erin and Mother sold guns that could have killed Carter
Erin Story: Bovice World
TMZ Erin and Siz interviews a man catching up with Billy
Siz Hides Again. "Jay" wins Trial by Purple Combat
Siz Hides More. Cops catches The Convenience Store Dumpster Slumper
Gazza Story: Dundees vs Leanbois

41 Whatever floats my boat

(July 15, 2019)


Siz Loads the Cocaine

Allen sold Dab's Lambo to Buck

Uncle Buck says no to Drugs

World War I : Lean, Vagos, vs Purple, Green,

World War II : Prune, Slim, Gomer, vs Korean, Biker, Mersion, Dundee

Trucknado vs Siz Ft. Gladys, Buck

Siz "Dies" in a hospital, Ft. Riggs, Choi, Bovice

Bugstars World Ft. Mia, Bovice

Foot Spider Evidence on Paul Desnutsio's Foot Ft. Mia

Denzel walks in a Bad Situation, Ft. Ricky, Mia, Kermit

Bovice Bugstars Plan Up, Hostage Plan Down

Red Gang \_ean Bois Affiliate Denzel, Ft. Hard R

Hard R's Kidnap Hank Challenge. World Record!

Siz Rolls for Hank's Life, Head Explodes Ft. Edna

Hard R's Madison Mission Ft. Kray Tor, Wrong Target

Kraytor, Siz vs Jewelry Store Short Chase Ft. Reporter

Hard R Mission, Ft. Speedy, Kraytor, Madison, Mission Success

Dias playing in his Mountain Habitat

Erin x Ziggy Problem Backstory Ft. Slim, Hilda

Pixerium and Gun Businessman Speedy

Dias vs Kraytor Banter, Ft. Invisible Old Man, Speedy, Cousin

42 Bonafide Water Drinker

(July 16, 2019)

1 | 2

OOC: Dirt King Top 5: Dias, Siz, Ziggy, Riggs, Kraytor

War Update: Buck, Ricky, Chips Saved Denzel from Purple, Koreans

Buck, Gladys Car Accident, Gomer Cutie Pie Hug

Gladys News, Crimelord Siz Supplies Gang War, Picture Girl

War Update: Saab, Brenda Water Date, Ft, Vinny, Chang, Buck

New Pockets, Lost Plastic, New Guns

Siz Films Dead Picture Girl (Jane) Ft. Gladys, Norman

Evil Crimelord Siz to New Strangers, Ft. Chicken Worm

Siz hears Honest Truck Driver Nathan "manslaughtered" Jane Ft. Cop

Siz, Nathan, Visits Jane in the Morgue, Rolls for Twitter #Corpse

A Thousand Miles Chase Ft. Invisible Siz in the Heck Realm, Dias, Ripley

Ghost Siz Snaps Dias and Ripley into the heck realm

Siz Trades Stolen Hot Car for a Cop Car, Ft. Zelda, "Alakazam"

2nd Thousand Miles Cop Car Chase and River Chase Ft. Dias, Svenson

Siz in an Interrogation Room Tells Alakazam Cop Car Deal Ft. Dias

Dias says Ziggy and Erin were banging update

New City Gun Rules and Stores Ft. Erin

Siz Hides Again Ft. Dias

Dias and The Long Last Dab Walk, Siz Cop Killer Records

The Ultimate Decision: Trust Dias, give Gun Back Deal vs Raid

The PD Gun Return Deal Ft. Dias, Erin

43 Bonifide Cop Killer

(July 17, 2019)


Saab Calls Siz for Prison Bus Break Backup Ft. Bogg, Kindle

The Z Team Banters and Plans their Bus Shootout

The Shootout Ft. Wild Local Drivers

The Prison Bus Rescue Mission Passed, Buddha, Ellie, Tony Saved

"Dab would be Proud" -Saab

Saab Gives Siz stolen pd guns, Siz drops it off Mother's

Erin has been awake since "yesterday"

Rasta Racer Roman Car Chop Update, Siz Dodges Tony Hostage Attempt

Siz plays the hangup game with Rasta

A wild Erin appears! Siz Car Crash

Vivi Update: Jacob Crush, Mia, Raccoon, Dark Web Affiliations

"Stevie's on a long vacation" -Vivi

Invisible Grimey Motherfucker's Brawler

Eastside Tyrone getting robbed and shot all the time Backstory

Siz ditches 'hot' clothes: Sonic, Baghead. Gets Orange Kenny Outfit

2nd Prison Bus Break Ft. Tyrone, Chang, Ramee. Save Tony Pt.2

Siz Saves Injured Sleeping Tyrone. The shootout aftermath

\_ean Prison Bois, "Chang is Disappointed, puts hit on Siz" -Hard R

Not enough cops for a Siz solo jail break

Rated R Superstar Wants Siz to become the Zodiac Killer

Wyatt lives in a Wyoming Void Ft. Ricky

\_ean Prison Breakout Boys: Tony, Denzel, Ricky, Siz. Save Chang, Ramee

The Truck Job, Hackerman Siz, The Lost Fuse Box, Siz Shot Down. Failed Prison Break Attempt

44 Bonifide Orange Boy

(July 18, 2019)


OOC: Buddha reminds Siz of Dab

OOC: Lucky Kraytor saved by Siz Jailbreak

Orange Vanilla Brawler is Born, Burpy Erin Phone Call

Family's Children Reunion: JailBreaker Siz, Murderer Vivi, Love Triangle Erin

Erin Backstory: Kiki, Chips, Bikers Dangers

"Uhm...I have another PD Gun" Siz to Erin

"Dias wants to fuck you Siz" -Erin

"I like that Jacob's weird" -Vivi

Outfit: Goodbye Rejuvination Suit, New Orange Rep Suit

Siz plays Mario Maker 2 on his Brawler, Siz is not a Jugalo

New Gold, In Yellow Territory. Brawler's not yellow, it's Orange

Leanbois Empty Small Bank Heist, Ft. Jugalo Girl, Burger Negotiation

Tony Drives Clean getaway, Siz plays Mario Maker, Tony Music Beats

LeanBois Empty Big Bank Heist Double Date Hostage, Siz Cosby, Speech Impediment

BrokeBois Saab Convenience Store Heist, Brenda Loans Saab $25000

Tony with LeanBois in their LeanCar Escape, Monopoly Talk

Siz tries the Smelter Watches for Gold Bars

Siz Hires Stabbing Victim, Hank Dogstaff

BoviceWorld vs ClownTown, Siz Darkwebs Clown's Info, Ft. Ghost Car

Siz and the Clown's Graceful Fall from Grace into Bovice World

Siz Throws up in Bovice Underworld

Vivi's Guns in the Stash house, Wants to meet Bovice

Siz Tries to Corrupt Nathan Once Again, Nathan Wants to become Cop vs Bovice

ChainRobbing banks after another after another after another Ft. Not Mike, Nathan

Short Family Reunion Ft. Stevie, Vivi

45 Siz is Orange

(July 20, 2019)


Siz sounds different Ft. Tony, Brenda

Thomas, Edna's InJustice League

Crackdealer Siz 1000$ Beggar Donation, Ft. Nino, Ramee

Lawyer Erin vs Siz on Coke Connect Buyer, Ft. Underwear Talk

Jacob Stashhouse, Erin Neighbor, Load the Cocaine Siblings

Hangup Games vs Nino Ft. Lawyer Erin Tricks, Ramee

Load the Cocaine, Ft. Nino, Ramee, Fartgirl Erin

Chop Shop Lean Boi Turf, Ft. Crack Nino, Ramee, Eddie, Erin

High Nino High Jump, "Millionaire" Saab's Trade, Ft. Esther

Siz buys Hospital Chocolates and Flowers

Saab's Car got Orange Festival Upgrade by Siz

Siz Chill plays Mario Maker 2 in Leanbois Serious Drama

LeanBig Drug Deal, Ft. HardR, Speedy, Otto

Siz reps Tang Gang, LeanVagos seperates Tuner, Gomer's Gang

7 Bricks, Nino, $150,000, Leanbois, Speedy, Siz Buyout

Siz Fulfils Dab's Message: Load the Cocaine, Santa Siz

Raincoat, Sandals Siz. Coke Siblings Talk Coke Deal, Cuffed PeErin

Erin, Vivi's list, doesn't want to hang out with her, Takles Siz

Load the Cocaine Brick by Freaking Brick, Laylowbois

Dab has taught Siz well to help his friends in need sacrificing himself

Newb Squad: Uber Robber Siz, NightRobber Hank, Hostage Dwayne, Late Esther

Botch Robbers, Kind Hostage Ft. Hank, Siz, Dwayne

Botch Bank Round 2, Pepegas. Siz Joyrides Landed It and Deer

46 Tang Gang

(July 22, 2019)


Siz Finds Scuffed Tony in an Alley

Ghost Siz, Empty City, Full Hospital, Gun Heist Fallout

Ghost Siz Ft. Buck, Gomer. Snaps Uchiha to the Heck Realm

Hangup Games vs Saab, Nino. Siz plays Brawler Mario Maker

Master Jebaiter Nino, talks PeanutButter Gang War

Nino's New Info Crack Market, Family Business, Cookie Jars

Dundee Calls, War Update, Pingas Update, Bank Update

Coke Dealer Brenda Update Out of the Loop. Ft. Dundee

Zis visits DarkWeb, Coke Deal Ft. Nino. Peg Talk

Family Talk Siz, Dab, Mother Relationship. Nino, Peg Talk

LeanBois Gun Heist Went Poof Backstory

Car Chop Experience, Work for Free Pix Ft. Siz, Saab.

Purple Funeral Mario Maker Ft. Brenda, James, Gladys, Saab

Siz pisses on a Grave, Water Broken Nintendo Switch

Random Helicopter Landing, Car Landing Ft. Saab, Denzel

Siz Watches Porn Parodies Backstory, Lean Chase Ft.Leanbois

Leanbois Small Bank Heist Ft. Saab, Denzel

Danny Siz and Yam Jerry Parkour Ft. Eddie, AJ, Jacob, Mother

Lawyer Erin, Siz Pays Her. Siz Apologies. Prison Recon

Denzel's Lawyer vs Siz's Lawyer Months off Prison Charges

EMS Chris is now a Lawyer vs Sister Erin Lawyer

Hangup Games vs Jacob, Denzel Ft. Erin, Baby Shark

"Mob Boss" Allen calls for Brawler Payment Ft. Denzel

Siz Fu\_ker tells Tang Gang History, Lean, Vagos Alliliate

Siz asks Jacob about Vivi, Climbs a mountain with Brawler

Siz makes connections with Money, Knowledge is power

"Your Step Dab would be Proud" -Jacob to Yung Siz

Electronics Store Down, Jail Break Respect Up

Jacob Update: Leaderboards, DarkWeb, Nino, Store

Nino Chaveggs, Siz Avoids Brawler Fiery Death

Kraytor Teech 9 Gold Trade, Broken Brawler, Heavy Pistol

Dab's Apprentice, Jonathan Ryker JR. 911 Phone Number

Big Tuna, Little Tuna. Undercover JR PD Gun Plant Mission

Windsong asks about Missing Happy Clown via Tuna Ft. Jacob

JR vs Tuna PD Gun Mission, Crackhead Windsong

Scuffed Small Bank Heist Jr, Kraytor, FireFighter Hostage

Cop Shoots down Squad, Kraytor Dead, Hugger JR, Siz Escapes

Lawyer Erin on Case, Spinal Siz, Ft. Lucy EMS, Kraytor

"Why'd you fuck my sister?" -Siz to Ziggy about Erin

Alpha Ziggy, Husband, Brother in Law, Sister Fucker

Siz Sends Erin, Ziggy

47 Dang Tang Gang The Sequel

(July 23, 2019)


Leanbois Chewed Out JR, wants their respect

Siz is Yung Dab to JR, Gets Snapped
Hangup Games vs Denzel Ft. Ellie
Crack Dealer Siz thrown in Trash by Denzel Ft. Chips, Ellie
Leanbois Ft. Siz Controls the Drug Game Ft. Chips
Cop hits Hard R
Siz Changes the Hangup Games Ft. Hank, Denzel
Small Bank Hei--Scuffilitis Ft. Hank, New Timer
Scuffed Bank Heist Round 2 Ft. Hank, Phone Girl, Fuck Off'd Angel
Popped Tire Chase Ft. Sheperd, Spike Strips, Hank, Local Car
Jewel Store Heist Ft. Gomer, Otto, Mike, Zelda
Mike and Nathan Story comes full circle
Back to Mother's Hot Secret Base from Siz's First week
Suit and Sandals are for Portlanders - Mike
Top Organization Heists Ft. Otto, Mike, Gomer, Frankie
Zelda updates, Prisons, Guns, Family, War, Gold, Dias, Cops, Allen
Siz Smelts the gold, Mike, Otto, Siz Crackdealer Ft. Hank
Nathan and his Really Illegal Oxy Runs, Wants Bovice Reward
Lawyer Erin Defends Speedy, Catkiller Tuna
Parking God vs Otto's Group Ft. Tuna
Parking God Tazer Bet vs Mike
Copper's Trivia Questions Ft. Mike, Female Siz
Mike's Dice Rolls Ft. Nathan, "Steven"
Jewelry Store Heist Scuff Ft. Mike, Copper, Bobby
"Donovan's McNabee's" ID Conundrum Ft. Copper, Mike, Bobby
Siz vs Batons Ft. Soze, Copper, Bobby, Ziggy
Prison Breaker Siz Gets Stuck in the Jail Vents Ft. Copper
Siz "Escapes" Jail and Head Explodes

48 Orange Money Orange

(July 24, 2019)


OOC: Ziggy, Dias Joyrides the Brawler

Nino's Big Money Deals, Bricks, VG, Gold, Watches

OOC: Dab: Half a Brain. Siz, Half a Face

Siz Meets GrandDab Eugene, Mike Calls from the Past Heist

Jewelry Store Heist, Ft. Buck, "Donovan Mcnabby"

Siz 'Cries' for his Grandma before going to jail Ft. AJ

Siz and Nino Couldn't connect the right Codename in phone

Mike gets in another Car Crash

Siz Gets Payday Outfit, Gets Joyridden Brawler Tuned Ft. Mike

Nino Businessman Big W Transaction

Jewelry Store Heist Shootout Ft. ICU Mike, Black Brawler, Peter

Shootout Aftermath, Mike Shot First, Negotiation Lie Ft. Angel, AJ

Lawyer Erin On the Case, Van Transport Ft. Svenson, AJ, Wally

Siz Plays Mario Maker on Jail

Hunted Erin Detective Case

Jewelry Store Vulture Ft. Kraytor, Seex Gold Bar

Lawyer Erin, JewelStore Pro Kraytor, Badluck Siz Lays Low

Erin Pees in a Bottle

Siz wants Gold all Day, gets Golden Shower Instead

Kraytor Pays Gomer With Gold and No Dollars

Kraytor Gold Trade with Siz, Apprentice Betrayal Backstory

49 Gold or Something Nice

(July 25, 2019)


Speedy's Business Deals: Guns, Coke, Cash, RepoMan

Speedy: Leanbois x Vagos was too strong for big war
Leanbois, Ellie x Speedy Ft. Siz. Gun Show
All Out Gang Meeting
Prune Gang, Tang Gang, Vagos, Chang Gang, Leanbois and More!
Great Los Santos War 2 Is Coming -Red Masked Man
Gang Wars should have no Team Ups -Red Masked Man
Everybody Disappointed in the Meeting
Speedy's Gun Deal, Pocket Fixer Speedy
Make Me Proud - Speedy as he gives Siz 8 Class 2's for Free
Siz Quick Jewelry Store with Kraytor's Style
Jacob Robs a Guy, Stevie Cameo, Vivi Updates
Black Wearing Family Time Home Moving: Vivi, Erin, Siz, Stevie
Erin Dyed Hair Brown to hide, We're all Pink Talk, Porn Talk
Siz Quick Jewelry Store with Kraytor's Style Round 2 Ft. Payday
Family Home Finding, Jacob's New VPN System, Gold, Vivi Update
Otto Update, Gold Jewelry Stores, Mike ICU, Gold Rush
"Dutch" Greedy Jewelry Store Shootout Fail Round 3 Ft. Greed
That Famous Guy from that Thing is unmasked by Sheperd
Sheperd: 1 Gold Watch Win, Pocket Money, BadShot Siz, IceCream
Good Guy Assistant Assistant Assistant Colt Sheperd Hates Ripley
180 to 50 Months Deal, Prison Chips, HangUp Games Mk 2 vs Saab
LoanBoi Saab needs $20000, Saab meets Otto in a Bank with Siz
Saab Business Deal, Head Explodes, Car got kicked, Siz Hides
Siz Quick Jewelry Store with Kraytor's Style Round 4
Nathan Sends Siz Redemption Quotes
Jewelry Store Heist Ft. Keanu Jesus, Nathan, Bobby, Copper
Jesus take the Wheel Ft. Scuff Gomer Siz, Perkins
Jacob, Saab, Boe calls about Dee, Clown, Aztec looking for Siz
LoanBoi Saab needs more money, Sends Pix to wrong guy
Clown Message, PDM fires Saab, Jugallo licks Jacob, wants blood
Jose Aztec vs Saab, Gomer Siz Hostage Save, Wants Clown Hunt Out
Castor Tuna Must have Snitched on Siz, Clown Call Threat, Nathan
Saab Evades Cops, Bobby Valued his Life, Saab Head Explodes
Saab Road Rage Shootout, Naps inside Siz home, Clown Call
Clean Jewelry Heist Ft. Chang, Garret, Saab. LoanBoi Saab Watches
Saab buries his iconic yellow sunglasses
Nathan's Bad Day: Kidnapped, Clowns, Jesus, Cops Problem
JR has a split personality - Saab, Siz Pretend Robs Saab
OOC: Dee licks Jacob in front of Vivi

50 Tangerine Man

(July 26, 2019)


Dias' Brawler, Tazes Siz to call it Even from Past Shootout

Saab's Cheating RP Ft. Siz, Brenda
BlackJack Ft. Tim Ree, Mel, and more
Erin out of the Vivi Stash House, Buys own House
Siz and Erin talks things coming out in and out
Saab calls, gets "Cut" in an injury Ft. Brenda
Dark Web x Tang Gang Ft. Jacob, Zelda, Bulldozer
Jacob vs Zelda, New Silencer, Auction, Attachment, Zelda's HOA
$400K Denzel, Knuckle Penis Siz, 615 radio scuff gomer
Dab Radio, PDM Silencer Shots, Drove over Follower
LeanBois Clean Jewelry Heist
LeanBois Car Accident Hoi, Combat Log Hostage Ho
LeanHois Hoi Hostage Windsong Scuff Hoi Not Enough Cop
Free Passage Once again -Cop vs Hoi Bois
Denzel's 100 kid, Bionic Cock, Sports Grandad Bobby Brown
Denzel and Bobby Brown Family RP Ft. Siz's Switch Games
Denzel's Grandpa Takes Switch then Disappeared
DarkWeb Info: Auction, Jailbreak, Silencers
Can't do the Time, Don't Do the Crime Ft. Svenson, Stevie
-No Criminals, Cops have No Life -Svenson
Kraytor knows about Erin's pee on Siz
Stevie Time and Siz Head Explodes... Oh
Jewelry Store Heist with Kraytor Stolen Buggy
Jewelry Store Heist with Kraytor Stolen Buggy Rnd 2 Ft. Cop
EEEEYYYY Gomer, Kraytor Mountain MO, Old Grandpa Siz
Kraytor, Siz Winner POV Dance on Mountain View, Needs Money
Siz watches Cop Arrests, Ft. Bobby, Perkins, Baas
Kraytor Golden Trade, Golden Brawler, Kraytor Gomer Impression
Kraytor Watches old Blockbuster Movies, Kraytor x Brawler
EEEYYY Gomer Update: Gold, Free Fix, Chang Job
EEEYYY Gomer, Scuff Gomer Heist Ft. Bobby. Copper, Snow, Chips
Scuff Gomer gets Scuffed, Real Gomer wants Fair Chase
EEEYYY Big Gold Win for Kraytor, Gomer, Si

51 Orange Scented Stream

(July 27, 2019)


Neighbor Dias Meeting Update: Bovice, Swat Gear

Brokebois Leanstreet Friend Ft. Buddha, Ellie, Curtis, Saab

Siz vs Infected scuff Bus Ft. Snow, Ellie

Green Lean Street Ft. Ellie, Speedy Weed House Stash Guns

Siz Talks Silencer, Double Scuff Ellie, LeanHois Jewel Hoist

LeanHois Empty Big Heist Ft. Saab, Ellie, Car Door. Evicted

Talk about Something while Cops Watch, Ellie learns Fleeca

1/20 ScuffHois "Driver Saab" Crash Ft. Cole, Eyyyrin

Best Driver Saab, Smoker Arthur, Siz Ft. Dias and the Radio

PD. Perkins, Siz Teleports, Snapped Erin, Dias Love, Fired Saab

Kraytor Heist Style Problem, Green's Back Denzel, Informant JR

Fleeca Heist Hank, Siz, Hostage, vs Perkins, Scuff Barriers

52 Tang Me

(July 29, 2019)


Siz Back to Green Selling, Siz Ignores RP

Siz and a Dog, Siz meets Gazza and Best Driver Ryan

Scuff Gomer, Avril lover Ryan, Snapped Gazza Scuff Heist

Siz, Ryan Card Refund with Dias, Chase Begins, Ft. Ryan

"Best Drivers" Ryan vs Baas, Siz Jumps off, Ft. Flip Flops

Nino VG Hunt Smelting Watches, FT. Eugene

Vagos Arturo "Bones", Siz loses Big Green Ft. Arturo

Arturo don't need chump change for hire Yung Scab

Bodyguard Arturo TP off to Jail, then off to world

Nino Gold Trade, Porno Shoot Ft. Nino, Eugene, Dias, Mike

Scuff Dias and Siz on roof, Nino car with gold impounded

Siz tries to corrupt Nathan again, Ft. Gun, 6 Watches

Siz Litters Weed. "Brenda's Weeds" gets Flowers, Dojo Choi

Mike back from ICU, met Dab at security Prison

Mike vs Svenson Vendetta, No Strips, Free Passage Lie

Bike training Montage Ft. Arturo. Fast Horns Jump Orale

Nathan's Exciting Truck Job Offer Tries to UnCorrupt Siz

Mel Shootout Fallout, Mike Hires a Driver

The Driver Charles Johnson Ft. Vinny, Mike, Nathan

Siz Scuffs, Mike Stalls by teaching Nathan Golf

Charles Old Driver x Charles Baby Driver, Nathan, Scuff

8/20 Chance Scuff, Local Beat Up, Crack Accident, No Card

Small Bank Heist Ft. Mike, CJ, Hostage Nathan, vs AJ, Dias

Bloodhound vs Charles Chase, Siz Teleports in Prison Again

Siz tries to lower the Charge, Ft. Dias, AJ, Archer

Left Out Nathan asks about Siz's Life, Mike's Golf Caddy

Loan Weed Shark Siz, Saab New Home, Ft. Payne, Brenda

Saab's New Home Haggle, Siz misses Kraytours

Siz ERP with Brenda Test Seduction, Siz likes money ERP

Siz Wants 10% of LeanBois, BBC, Saab. Eddie's Race

Payne's Car vs Allen's Car, Eddie's Race, Jordan, Saab

Crash and Burn, Ft. Allen's Repo vs Ziggy Ft. Kraytor

Ziggy Mountain Chase Ft. Allen, Soze, Mariachis

Siz Escapes Prison Ft. Ziggy "Didn't Work Out Didn't it"

53 Tuesday Stream Best Stream

(July 30, 2019)


Siz Loan Shark Phone Sex with Saab Ft. Brenda

Loan Shark Siz Ft. Allen

Weed Fairy Siz Ft. Brenda, Brenda's Office

Siz Jumps off a Building Ft. Brenda, EMS Salutes

Coke Dealer Siz and Chips' 100$ Bills Ft. Freya

Gold Heist Update Ft. Saab, JR, Tommy

Saab needs money for Chips From Sugar Daddy Siz

Back to Weed Business Ft. Weed Mike, Saab

Uncle Al Saab Allowance for Chips

Saab Pays off Siz Debt via VGs, Courthouse Bathroom

Short Jewel Heist Ft. Saab, Adam Deal, Tuner Shop

Back to Weed Business Pt 2 Ft. Weed Mike, Denzel

Pre Tazer Tag: Gemini, Duel vs Brenda, Beggar Siz

Saab vs Gemini's Hatchet, Bobby, Gemini's Lockpick

Gladys, Norman R6 Tazer Tag 4v4: Siz, Judges, Saab

Tazer Tang Gang Ft Chang Gang (1-1), Saab KO's Siz

Blind Guy Jason, Saab can milk Siz Exploded Head

Siz witnesses a Raid Ft. Dias

Empty Heist Ft. Charles J, Gemini, Jason

Early Chang Gets the Gold, Scuff Heist, Weed Fairy

Siz Convenience Store wants FlashBang Ft. Dias, Soze

Siz survives a headshot from Soze, Brain Damage Arc

Siz Escapes Prison Again, "Gets Banned"

54 Tang is the Way

(July 31, 2019)

1 | 2

Ellie rolls 19/20 for Heists, LB had Group Therapy

LeanStreet Update: Ricky, Speedy, Buddha, Curtis

Speedy: Years in Jail, Gun Deals, Banks have Jackpot

Scuffbois Convoy, Buddha vs Car Fire, Shitlord Shootout

Green Selling, Ft. Shooter Local, Koreans, Saab's Home

ScuffHois Ft. Saab, Tony, Tori's First, 19/20 Heist

ScuffHois Rnd 2, Ft. Scraps, Sad Hostage, Dibs on Bank

Pixerium Cash In Ft. Saab Tommy Gun, Siz Shotgun

Saab Tommy Gun Test. ERP Saab. Ricky Denzel Taxers

Lean Street Taxes on "Siz's Canadian Strip Club Hunter"

LeanStreet Gang Local Shootout, Ricky ICU'd

Siz Sends Guns to Pier, Underwater Fight vs Archer

Wrong Man Wrong Crow Mask Ft. Angel, Dias, Archer

"Flashbang Me" -Siz, Siz dances in Jail Time Ft. Archer

Siz tries to rob Copper, Neighbor Happy Update

Kraytor calls in loud storm, Phone ERP with Kraytor

Kraytor Jewel Robbing Style Update, Kraytor to Matt Joe

Saab Gun Trade Ft. Brenda, Charles Race Cuck by Saab

Vagos vs Aztecs Ft. Braab, Siz Clucks in Green Radio

Neighbor Dias' Decorator, Weed Fairy Siz, Weed Waster Dias

Bigger Neighborhood Ft. Dias, Windsong, Clown, Herbert

Cop Hostage Dias w/ Charles, Ft. Bobby, Brawler Ziggy

2nd Bank Ft. Jose, CJ Crashed, Ft. Saab Clutch Save

55 Jail RP? Tang Boy

(August 1, 2019)


Siz No Warrants the Maskless Cop Kidnapping Bank Hiest

Erin: Houses, Speedy, JailBreak, Streamers
Siz, Erins talks: UberHaxorNova, Eviction, CowChop
Dias 1000$ Radio, Dias Knocks, Stealing Battle
Siz finally gets FlashBanged Ft. Dias, Gameboy
Burger Buying Ft. Dias, Dias Crashes, Ft. Baas
Baas $50,000 FlashBang Deal, Buddha Updates JialBreak
Siz wants to build Flashbang Tolerance
Erin "K", Siz learns GTA, Windsong $3000 Giveaway
Windsong Update: Clown is Vagos, Neighbor Kickout
Back to $200k, Allen gives $500, Blue Brawler
Siz and a Panto, Buck loses Dab's Lambo
Buck Talks MitchCon, Siz Crashes into Chang Gang
Windsong Tazer, Windsong 6 WeedHouses, Jason's Home
Julio's Panto/ Fistbump, Clowns vs Weedsong, Siz not Sexist
Windsong Wants Back In, Is in Clown Hunt, Tony's Gold
Tony and Tory remembers Siz's Trivia Bus
FireFighter Siz, Chips in Tony's Lambo, Dab's Lambo
Arthur's Big Job "Needs more Money", Allen's Lambo
Siz Meets 'Army' Brother Diz, Fireman Siz, "Bye Siz"
Diz shoots Siz, Fulkers in Lambos, Martha Fulker's Back
Meet the Fulkers: Martha, Diz. Big Brother Siz. Ft. Chips
Threeway Call Ft. Saab, Chips. Hellor Diz, and Martha
Group Therapy Session: Saab, Karen, Martha, Kizzy
Siz and Saab's Friendship Therapy Punch, Bald Siz
Martha's Scuff Horsemask, Diz Escapes Entire Cops
ChainRobber Fulkers, Ft. Bobby, Diz Knocks
"20/20" Pre Heist, Fulkers, Saab, Jason. Blows Up
4/20 Scuff Heist; Pro Driver Diz: Ft. Jason, Saab
Small Store Robbing, Diz makes Siz Swim

56 Late as Heck

(August 2, 2019)


Saab Update: Pixerium Guns have their IDs, Tang Car

Pix Cash Out Uzi, Dark Web VPN vs Gun ID's Ft. Saab.

Siz Car Radio, Chip's Crack Buddy, VPN Salesman

"19/20" Roll, Saab's Step Son Chips, Ft.Crackatha

"1/20" Tunak Tunak Fail Heist Ft. Saab, Hefty Hostage

"4/20" Numa Numa Empty Heist, Saab leaves for Uno

Siz Jams out in his Brawler, Siz kicks down a cop bike

Mob Boss Allen: Speedy v Raja, Pawn, Guns, VPN, Bank

Siz Panto for Allen VPN Trade, Down with the Red Lights

Kraytor: New Car Dreams, Siz Weeb Panto Chase

Kraytor, River Rat, Fulker family meets Kraytor

Siz Helps Flippy Vagos, Warrant Caught, Maskless Siz

Fulkers in Prison area, Martha finds a Class 2 "Exploit"

Siz in a Panto Blasting Music, Beer Crack Party Panto

Greens Made Siz Hit the Floor, Hangover Siz Ft. Denzel

Tang Gang Ooh Ahh ahh Drunk Siz blows up Ft. Denzel

Drunk Uber Driving Siz, Ipod, Beers vs Defibrillator

Nickelback Music Blasters Ft. Denzel, Adam

57 Early as Heck (kinda)

(August 3, 2019)


Erin: VG for Eddie's Race Entry Fee

Kevin Shaw Update: Lawyer Erin, Gambling

Siz Radio, Gladys Indie Music, Kelly, Cancer Money

BlackJack: Tim, Kevin, Boe and More! Shots Fired.

Siz and Tony Drive By Sound Payback Ft. Wonderwall

Tony Drifting with Music, Siz Pukes,

Cameraman Siz on Tony 'Banging Jessica' Video, Ft. Cops,

Tony kidnapped by Local Taxi, Tony Car vs Cop Car ERP

Siz drives Tony's Car Ft. Allen. Allen vs Tony Race

Tony asks what CowChop, Gold, Wool is, Tony vs Clarkson

Siz, Tony talks Pasts, Leanbois. Sad Heist Ft. Brazilian

Naruto Translator Hostage, Ft. AJ, ReinHarth, Nickelback

Nickelback Music Hostage Torture and Chase and Big Jump

Heist, Triple Cop Car + Heli Music, Chase Ft. Tony

Siz Pushups, Victims of Society Ft. Park Ranger Clarkson

Nino Deal: Gold, Coke, Guns, Eggs, Pinkies Ft. Diz

Diz's Pretzel Route, Erin Guy Problems, Saab loves Siz

Diz pushes Siz, Saab off a cliff, Saab hits Siz

Saab, Siz, Diz vs FailRP Trucker, Heist Ft. Diz, Saab

The Fulker Genes can Escape Jail, Diz gets 75, Siz 35

What is Creampie Ft. Saab, Dias Flashbang Ban Update

House Shopping Ft. Braab, Siz jumps again, Siz Beats Diz

Siz gives Diz Keys to the Brawler

58 Pepega Monday Full Force

(August 5, 2019)


Siz redecorated his home

Buck: People get raided with Class 2 only now

Chips in a Taxi Ft. Baas, Buck, Flippy, Beavers

gOld Heist Ft Buck, Gladys Hostage. Silent Robbery Ft. Baas

2nd Heist: Ft. Buck, Scuffed 3rd. 4th Empty

3 Cops and a Siz, Dias is back, Baas and Siz's Beer Panto

Siz and his ABCs, Party Panto, Flippy vs Snitch Tuna

Siz's Snitch Tuna Assassination in Trippy Room Ft. Flippy

"No, I think I got the right guy" -Siz as he kills Tuna

Windsong got Amnesia Ft. Chips, Erin, "You owe me 50k" -Siz

Chips got Step Dab's Face Tattoo, Erin, Nino house Raid Idea

Discussion: Fulker Family, Evolution, Movies Ft. Nino, Erin

CIO Erin, RP Raids Talk with Nino, Stash house is back

Discussion: Summer Initiative, Dreams, Gun Deals Ft. Erin

Saab Grab Gun Deal Ft.Erin, Brenda. Saab Doesn't Know Ft.Erin

Girls Night Uninvited Erin. Threesome, Sex Talk Ft. Brenda,

Strip Club ERP, Ft. Brenda, Chips. Kraytor Prank Call

Allen vs Cat. Allen: Thermite, Guns, Raids, Cards, Nino Gold

Saab: Movies, Vault. Speedy: Crab Fishing, Out of Jail.

Speedy: Music, Initiative, Raja, Tuna, Jizz 2nd in Command

Speedy doesn't know his Vagos, New Guns, Dias Shootout Panto

Kraytor's Warrant Expired, Speedy's Panto, Vagos Abdul

CriminalCon Talks, Siz Speedy tests LMG Guns vs Panto

Speedy vs Siz, How to Speak Vagos, Speedy New Stash House

Kraytor Weed to Gold, Robbing Tips, Debts

Dundee Grand Entrance, Raided, Debt, Injured, Bondi, Arthur

Dundee vs Gomer backstory, Gomer used Dundee, Stole Guns, War

Dundee hears Summer Initiative, Hates Sonya,'Dont trust Gomer"

59 Just a Tang Boy Doing Tang Things

(August 6, 2019)


Speedy: Mexico Gun Shipment, Future New Stash House

"Everyone is in Prison", "Raids are good for Business" -Speedy

OTT: Weed, Song, Thermite Expert. Ft. Jose

Jailed Grandab, Slim, Snake, Boe, Sonya, Ricky

Siz in Green Territory. VPN ad. Ft. Arthur, Lysol

Chang Gang asks How Jail Breaks Work

Siz in Arthur's Car vs Mountain Ft. Jordan, Nino

New Nino Electronics Deals.

Siz Not Allowed to Watch Jail Break from afar Ft. Soze

Siz Solo Fleeca Bank Jam x2, Convenience Store x2

Siz Teaches Cards, Banks Ft. Julio, Chips' Coke

Orange Siz, White Chips, Green Julio, Tang Brawler

House Tours: Julio, Chips, Sonya's Home, Electronics

60 No Apples Just Oranges

(August 7, 2019)


Siz practices Thermite, Operation Clean Sweep in Effect

Allen Owner of Sahara Industries vs Murder Kitty

Allen: Gun, Thermite, Cards, Storage, Potential, Mansion

Allen: Cribs, Future Tower, Pilot, Heli Tour, Kelly, Cars

Nathan on Crack

Chips: Brick Deal, Crack Collection, Chips Makes it Rain

Chips: Weed Fairy Brenda, Brenda's Bush, Fleeca Heist

Allen: New Car, Baseball Bat, Bulk Order, Car Pay, Deals

Buck: Heist Details, Rusty the Pizza Guy's Brother

Nino: Brick Doctor, Electronics, Burger Talk

Buck: CrimeCon, Speedy, Dundee. Minecraft, Season 1

BBC Export Escort Ft. Eddie, Saab, Buck. Siz Pranks

Kelly: Gladys War, Hotdogs, Family Problem, Chips

Braab Drama: Oxy, Chips Bush, Coke, Siz's FU Prank Gifts

Chips $20k, Saab Troubled Family, Troublemaker Siz

Braab ERP, Brenda gets Siz's Gift

Bank: Saab, Chips, Rusty. Ft. Ripley, Heil Hydra

Bank Round 2. Ft.'StoneCold', Sole Survivor Siz

Jail Group Ft. Saab, Chips, Cops, Brenda. Jason 100% Thermite

BCSO Bored Aggressive Not a Detective Anymore Dias

"Feed" RP Ft. Siz. There Goes Siz's Hero. Ft. Jr,

Kraytor Gold Deal, Explosion. Kraytor Tries Thermite

Speedy: Pablo, Pixerium, Cousin, Siz is Undercover, Red Skull

Vagos Gun Business Deal Ft. Sneaky Siz, Weed Deal gone wrong

Dee "injured" Siz "Witness"

Speedy: Raja, Vagos Snitch Fee, Dundee Chicken Job, Coke Gone

61 Just How Many

(August 8, 2019)


Siz learns Cops Have Darkweb. Vagos Stash House New Guns

Tuner Shop: Saab, Ellie, Curtis. Vagos New Gun, Gomer

Saab about Brenda's Oxy. Gomer; at Least She's Still Alive

Gun Show Ft. Baby Oil, Saab, Ellie, Curtis.

Nathan: Pink Color, Hostage Help Business Pitch, Redemptions

Nathan: Kelly Chain Gang, Rabies Rabbits, 10% Shares, Donation

Outfits: -Kraytor, -Watchdogs +Bearmask, +OrangeMask Ft. Cop

Windsong: Remembers, Weed. House Tour, Jesus Vagos Past

Saab tells Ramee about Siz's Thermite. Ripley: Banks, Heil Hydra.

Louis Cards and Electronics Trade. House Hunting Ft. Braab

Boe: Years in Parole, Sad Gomer, Jason v Thermite. Cards

Saab: Kayden's Gone. Boe Electronics, Not Raided, Snitches, Raja

Dr. Isaac in Coma, Braab's Suspect, Dr. Isaac's Burgers Stolen.

Vivi: Hostaged at the Multi 9's Heist, vs Ricky Vivi: Payne, Mother, Mask, Jacob, Evil Stevie, Daily Guns

Vivi: Erin Shot Nipple, Killed Tarot Reader was Siz Hero

Vivi: Erin Stash House, Home, Fixed Sunflower, Dee Anger

Copper drives the Brawler Ft. Vivi. Bobby Impounded $$$

Heil Hydra Reckless Driver Siz Ft. Vivi, Copper, Bobby.

Saab: Electronics Trade, Otto Hunt, Darkweb Plates

Brenda: Isaac's Stabbing, ICU Suspect and Witness

Braab talks to Cops about Walker, Ft. Copper, Bobby

Siz eats. Braab: Chips Family and Notes. Bike Warrant

62 Early Bird(August 9th, 2019) 1 2 Erin: New Gun Trade Prices, Sad Gnomer, Dr Isaac. Gnomes

Speedy: Throat Problems, New Guns, Gun Connect, El Gordo

Erin: Eating, Nipple Shot, CIO, Snow is father figure,

Eugene Grandab Drama Wedding Season 2 Starts

StripClub Party, Sandwich Gift, Speedy Dance, Gladys Dance

StripClub Party, Golden Shower, Erin Watches, Russian Techno

StripClub Party, Speedy Shootout, OTT Song, Speedy Drive Off

Siz Asks for More Electronics Around. Nopixel Trailer Watch.

Cop Chase Brawler Jump

EEEYYY Gomer: 100% Thermite too, No Driver, Bikers Ft. Mersion

Buck: Hot Mic Trust Gomer. Hostage Bondage Brenda.

Vault: Driver Buck, Maxy, 100% Thermite Jason. Hostage Brenda

Cop Baas, Sam Baases, Nino Called, Siz 'Combat Log', Trunk Cop

Hostage Brenda Left Alone. Vault Success. Weak Rewards

Buck: Sonya gone and sad Gomer, Hidden Garage, EYYY Gomer

Siz Warrant Chase and Run Ft. Buck, Baas. Jason Pickup

Nino's meeting delayed. Stuck with brawlers in the mountains.

Nino: Electronics, Gold. Coke Dealer, $80k Deal, Business hours

Nino: Nathan's Support Proposal. Stay Way from Sidewalk Ft. Erin

Heist: Gomer, Jason, Boe. Ft. Chips Hostage. UberHaxorNova Voice

Erin: Brenda's Jail Time and Baas. Slim Wife,

Orange Boat Ride: Ft. Harths, Erin, Vivi: Tuna, Store, VPNs.

Orange Boat Ride: Mother, Erin Falls Off, Siz Carries Zelda

Orange Boat Ride: Jacob, Erin Falls Off, Battleship Jumpoff

Battleship, Jets, Helis. Captain RP. Jacob Pushed, Vivi Song

Chang, Gomer, V to the Rescue. Zelda carries Siz. Family Jump Off

Nino wants Norman Info, Siz takes Norman's Plates pictures

Siz gives Zelda Dias' Flowers (: . Stay away from Norman

Mountain v Brawler, Ft. Zelda's Music. Ft. Erin, Kraytor

Echo Cave Demon Ft. Erin, Kraytor, Vivi, Zelda. Blood God

Siz pisses on Erin Revenge. Everyone kills each other permas

Everyone remembers the nightmare. Snitch Erin make Zelda sad.

Big Drama, Easy Solution. Ft. Zelda, Erin. Erin Car v Brawler

63 Time Served


Brawler sent to the heck realm, Ft. Dias.

Back to loading Cocaine Business Ft. Dom

Siz Pitches LS Lottos idea to Nino. Nathan Update

Saab: Vault Jackpot is 400 Gold, Brenda, Trades. Tang Color

Speedy Stash House Full

Saab Sends It. Racist 'Pizza Flame' Ft. Vivi. Warrant Expired.

Vivi: Jacob, New People, Dark Web Bovice.

Mel's Dead Cop Photo w 'Chips'. Ft. 'Mozzarella', Jason, Vivi

Siz changes Saab's Car color Ft. Ellie, Chickens, Brawler.

Penguin Vault Heist: Saab, Jason, Ellie. Ft. Steve. Vigilante.

Saab loses the gold, Ft. Tony, Ellie. Nino, Jason Threeway call.

Nino Mission EZ Clap MiniDab Siz. Bank Time, Ft. Julio, Rasta, Gomer

Tony Heists, Ft. Hostage Jason. Gomer Siz. Long Chase, Cop Tazered

"Dab was good at overwatch" -Tony. Mia Khalifa's earnings, Brawler v Mt Chilliad

Chicken Run Race Ft. Nino, Tony, Uchiha, Siri. Siz Dice Roll

Siz Pitches LS Lottos idea to Jacob. Ft. Vivi. "Erin sent to Banhamas"

Nathan: hunted by Greens, Hostage. Kraytor: Trade, Hunted. Tommy Gun

Kraytor: with Tommy Gun v Locals, Wanting money for buggy.

Siz sends a dump truck Ft. Chips, Garret, Chang.

64 Tang Life Roleplayer


Tony: Purple are Back, Siz wants LB Cars if they die.

Siz steals from Saab's Home in the past. "You Suck" -Siz's Note

Siz borrows Copper from Vagos Stash House.

Countdown Shootout: Gladys, Ramee, Mel. Card Trades Ft. Gio

Beggar Ft. Dias, Gio. Clean Fleeca Ft. Boe, Tired Hostage

Nino: Coffee talk. Boe: Russians Taxing, The Hostage, Brawlers

Nino Deal: Payne, Jacob's Lotto, Russian Taxing Chicken Runs

Siz "beats up" Nino in front of Payne.

Fleeca Ft. Boe, Glorp Hostage, Cop Hopping, AJ.

Suitcase Number Guess. Siz Surrenders.

Nathan: Gun Trade. Bobby Brown: No Aloe, All Coco Butter vs Acne.

'Hood Fella' -Nathan Ft. Brown. Nathan: Oxy Trade, Guns.

Vivi: Dee Hunt. Denzel: Train Problem, LB help, Baas, Dias

Buddha: Post Cop Shootout, Chase. Denzel vs Cop Car. 5 Year Jail

Hospital EMS mhm Ratings Bribe.

Denzel: Prison Jump. Brick Prices, Concussion Siz, Weiner killer.

Drunk Driving Denzel Ft. Bobby. Denzel: Jobs.

LeanChase Ft. Buddha, Denzel, Bobby Brown. Baas, Dias

Fleeca: Denzel, Bobby, Buddha. Boat Shootout

Hospital: Ooo Hurting. Gomer Siz. Saab Sister Torah Saved Denzel.

Denzel's New look Hairstyle. Buddha needs money. Parking Cop God.

Broke Sleepy Buddha, New look Denzel, Money Squeezer Siz. Car Test

Siz Buys Buddha's car, Tuner Chip to save Buddha from Debt.

Siz sends car Ft. Buddha. EEEYYY Gomer Car Payment. Ft. Baby Oil

Perkins Race Red Light Ft. Lucy.

Fleeca Heists: Flippy, Bones. Dias, Bobby, Ziggy. Scuff Gomer.

Price is Wrong Bank Robbery. Banana Peels. Siz rolls off hills.

Flippy finds Injured Siz: Oxy runs pay, Stole Charles Tuner

65 Yes. I still play other games.


Siz tests Subaru on offroad. Diz was on a car crash with Saab

Diz lockpicked bed handcuffs and escaped. 'Brenda was hostaged' -Saab

Chang Gang Big Race Ft. Saab, Diz. Saab Wins Ft. Siz. 1$ share.

Diz met Zelda, Dis on Siz's new car. Zelda: Diz bad driver

Mirror Park Neighborhood Watch Ft. Denzel, Robber

'Queen of Forum Drive', 'Mayor of Mirror Park' Torture vs Robber

OOC: Uno Ft. Saab, Tony, Thalia

OOC: Uno Rd2 Ft. Denzel, Irwin Dundee

OOC: Uno Rd3 Ft. Denzel, Dundee, Thalia

66 HOA Enforcer Tang Rep


Benny's Shootout Ft. Tony, Dee. Dee in Grandma's Home.

Vivi tortures Dee for licking Jacob, cuts tongue, Hatchet Kill.

Baby Oil Injured by Ramee Break Check.

Big Race: Gomer, Chips, Baby Oil, Chang Gang, Gladys etc.

Buddha's Car was Scuffed - Eddie. Big Race Rd2. Ft. Erin.

"This is really good offroad" - Siz before ejected Ft. Erin

"Racist Erin" Ft. Bobby Brown.

Allen: Many Meetings, Scuffed Car, Car Payment, Vault Heist Cut.

Saab: Scuffed Buddha Car, Races, Uno,

Car Shop: Allen, Richard, American Pin, Ashley, Murders.

Richard: Orange Gang, South Side, Crimefree, SBSO Plant Drugs.

Allen Heli Tour Poof: Richard, Nino, Judge, Reinhart

Lambo: Dab's Lambo, Greatest criminal Dab Past.

"Dab would have done 9/11" -Siz to Richard borrowing Dab's Lambo

Parking Cop God Chase. Buck: CrimCon, New Gang

Saab: Chips Locked Up 9s, Cop Stab, Ft. Saab, Allen, Erin

Siz's Shower Poop Question Ft. Allen, Richard, Hostage, Saab, Gomer.

Gomer, Saab Vault vs Allen Heli Decision. Siz Late to a Vault Heist.

Vault : Ft. Gomer, Saab, Cop Dias. Shittalk, Sex Step PornTalk.

Allen: HOA talk, Hank, Siz Sends It in Dab's Lambo.

Erin: Pinto Hunt, STDs Brenda UTI. Gomer: Erin, Flowers, Sonya, Dundee

Erin Talking Phone Sex, Dick Tattoo, Glorp: Ft. Boe, Gomer. Zelda

Fleeca: Gomer, Boe, Alistair. Rd.2. Foot Chase vs Soze

Shower Shit Question: Ft. Dias, Soze, Williams. EYYY PIGEEHH -Siz Radio

67 Taste The Tang


Speedy: Flippy. Subaru, Coke Connect. Stash House

Speedy: Baby Oil Repo'd Car, HoA, Coke Deal, Nature

Speedy; Coke Vagos Purpose, Curtis Tests Car

Siz Camos in Speedy's Car Ft. Mcree. Payne Car Crash

Vagos v LB Shootout: Flippy, Speedy, Ellie, Buddha

New Tuner Shop 1st Customer. RoofJump ft Nathan Car

Boe Firetruck vs Siz. Nathan's Plan Removed.

New Shop: Chawa, Boe, Curtis TOS. Gradab, Speedy

Rooftop party: Ft. OTT. Everyone Falls Off.

Erin: Biker wars, New Tuner, Competitive Deals,

Eddie Coke Deal. Rusty Special Bank Idea.

Denzel cuts woman's parts off. Ft. 'Curlie', "Ricky"

Apples - Ricky Leanbois Backstory. Dias $5k reward

Nathan finding 'Community Service'. Cop Jordan Chase

Erin: Jeremy's Journal reveal things, Vagos v QF

Erin: Needs Weapon Deals and Drug Deals. $10k loan

Charles' Long Overdue Bank Cut. Ft. Broke Chang Gang

Shower Question Ft. Chang Gang.

Mirror Park is HOA. Ft. Payne, Gomer, Denzel.

Gomer 3:16 Stunner. Siz Cop Hitter Records.

Siz Prius vs 3 Cops Chase. Ft. Zigggy, Dias, Williams

Siz Scuffed unmasked face. Ft. Williams.

New Prison Cafeteria. -Ice Cream, +Slushie. Ft. Dias

Fleeca Heist: Flippy. Ft. Soze, Gomer. Glorp

Subaru vs Gas Fire Ft. Ziggy. Sasquatch Punch vs Dias.

Raja: Gun Connect. 26+ hour sleepy Boe.

Nathan Gun Deal Ft. Gnome Siz. Kraytor Helping newbies.

Kraytor Knows Cars for Chopping for Thermite.

Kraytor Thermite Practice terrorism. Cards, Gold, Money

Kraytor Hot Mic, Shower Question.

68 Mirror Park HOA Gang

1 2

HOA Outfit. Decorated Stash House in Vivi's name.

Mirror Park Homes Entering.

LB Prison Pickup: Gang Wars, Ft. Denzel, Ellie

Crimelord v Warlord Punch Out.

Chips to the rescue: Erin, Gummy Worms.

Siz "Robbed" in a hospital. Ft. Saab, Choi

New "Ricky". Ft. Denzel, Saab. HOA Tax Ft. Rusty

Nathan: PD Gun Update. Saab's BBC Pitch to Nino

Denzel vs Siz on Chips Bricks Guy,

Nino: Siz Deals, HOA. Allen ICU, Raja Deal,

Manchester Pirate HOA, Car Shop Brenda. Car Accident

Saab "Best Driver" Ft. Ricky.

Saab, Ricky Fleeca Heist Ft. Greg, Dias, Soze

Fleeca Round 2 Ft. Head Explosions, Siz Escape Driver

Erin Car Crash, Racist Erin to Bobby Brown,

HOA on action Ft. Erin. Tarot Readers. Kraytor wants help

HOA on action Ft. Bank Robber. Kraytor Joins HOA.

HOA x Kraytor's Family. HOA Cop Chase. Soze vs Siz Chase

Mirror Park Citizens meet HOA. HOA $10 Tax. HOA meets Raja

Drunk Erin on Mirror Park. Drunk Man on Mirror Park and Vagos

Siz and How to get Vagos Trust Ft. Mario, Hilda, Bear

Tow Trucker wants lawsuit against 10$ HOA Tax. Tires Shot

Baby Oil: Big Money, Tuner Shop.

Siz buys 4-Door Subaru Ft. Baby Oil

69 HOA Takeover RP


Coke Connect Dom, Jamal, Darius

Coke Dealers: Peanut Butter, Sally, Song
HOA on the Job Ft. Rudi. Cop Chase
Coke Deal: HOA, Yellow Bus Chang vs Vagos War
Coke Dealers Shot by Chang
HOA on Job: Lawyer Summer Mersion
Siz lies about LB shooting at Coke Dealers
Wreckless Driving Siz Ft. Cops Lecture.
Nino Connect Joe Caine. Winery Reboot.
I've dabbled in Casual Terrorism - Siz to Joe
Joe Caine: Dab, Erin, Nathan, Clean Record.
Drug Dealers Told about Chang War, Hits Siz
New Car Upgraded Ft. Saab. Braab Private time Tazed
Clean Fleeca Heist Ft. Saab, Minnesota Lady
Saab 'Best Driver' Ft. High Siz. Reddit Incarnate
Saab 'Best Driver' 2. Nathan 100+ 'You know's
Nathan: HOA, Buddha Debt, Everyone get along, Races
HOA, Shower Question: Gladys, Mary. 60 Quack 10 Pix
Fleeca: Julio, Chips, Hostage Robbed. Chips Namedrop
Chips: Mountain, Coke Deal, Makes it rain, Crack Fairy
Chips: Julio CrackCon. HOA Kraytor on Action.vs News
HOA Mirror Park News Ft. Matt Joe, Steven Comprise
Aythan Tweets #Sponsored, Punched, Tax. Tarot Guy, Cop
News Guy Bad Tweets Revenge. Soze, Cops vs HOA.

70 HOA on duty. Justice Served.


Siz reads Weazel News article about HOA

Williams $1000 HOA payday

HOA vs people getting the times Race with Speedy round 1: lost

Race with Speedy round 2: switched cars, both crash, still lost

Curtis wants to buy guns from Siz for better prices

Speedy coke deal: 4 bricks, Speedy doesn't like HOA outfit

Speedy's Paleto stash house

Speedy: "friendship business", guns for coke, new gun prices

Zelda stabs Siz Ft. Denzel, Flippy & Friends

#BOVICEWORLD Samsquatch radio check in

HOA joins Demolition Derby, Siz Denzel double KO, HOA & Kelly winners

Siz tries to recruit Bobby Brown for HOA

Solo Fleeca Panto Planning & Preparation

Payne calls about HOA fees, Head-explosion interruption

Flippy: Speedy raided, potential Vagos snitch

Solo Fleeca Bank heist Ft. AJ, Soze, Kira

Siz escapes the middle cell, AJ in prison

71 HOA of Mirror Park Full Force

1 2

OOC: Soze HOA slander

Vault: Gomer, Daryl, Ft. Hostage Vivi knows it's Siz, Meow, Pizza

Driver Scuff Change, Shootout. Houdini Siz

Sur Lee Lawyer RP vs Cop Siz RP

Sur Lee Criminal RP vs Cop Siz RP.

Siz in Scuffed MRPD Twilight zone

Annabelle: Speedy Past, Brawler Paid Up. New Pantos.

Mirror park mystery caller: $10,000 or RIP Mirror Park

Mirror Park Davy. Scuffed 3 Panto Fleeca,

Denzel: Tony $10,000 Uno Debt, Ricky's Back

Cadet Richard, Tony slaps cops

Leanbois:Wrestling, Convience Stores, Save Tony Attempt

Scuffed Prison pt.2, Siz Breaks into Prison Ft. Zelda.

Leanbois: Ricky, war with purples, Wizard guns.

Accidental Quack. Leanbois Olivia Hostage, Stressed Siz, $20,000 Azteca Hit

LB: Oxy Run Robbery, Pancakes. Delivery Shootout. Robbery

Jacob, Zelda: Gold, HOA, Weapon Attachments.

Tony Doesn't want Copyright Music.

Zelda gives Siz Denzel's Pancakes.

Tony shootout, Triple Panto Scuff Heists

Denzel is Zelda's Godfather, rolling dice before heist Ft. cheap Denzel, Denzel's blessing

Vault: Tony, Denzel, Daryl, Ft. Russian Hostage

Denzel & Daryl shoot the Russian

Fleeca Ft. Tony, Denzel, Hostage Nathan

Russian Revenge on Denzel, Siz on phone

72 HOA Tang Gang


New Sheriff HOA Outfit.

HOA in Action Ft. DD, Tow Trucker. Ballas DD vs HOA
HOA w Cops Ft. Jordan, Williams: Happy
Summer Mersion HOA Mirror Park Discount #Sponsored.
Nathan: Task Force People's Union, Nino.
HOA: Mike. Saab Wants in, Gomer News Team, Lucy
HOA: Home Robbery, Copper. Mike: Calzone.
Vault: Gomer, Incel Saab. Cops AJ, Lauren. Dias
Gomer, Saab: Typing, Pixerium, BBC, Crack
Bad Driver Siz Ft. Gomer "Permas", Saab.
Nathan: Mike HOA. Swole Kelly vs Saab. Free Race
Saab: Brenda Engagement Plan, Braab Shirt. Vs Curlie
Saab: Windsong, HOA Tax. Gold, Smelting. Cereal, Tuner
Saab: Stolen Car vs Train, Car Crash, Check In,
Copper Shot. Siz Photos Deleted. Glorp Pics.
Saab Sister and Mike. Matt vs Saab Backstory
New HOA Outfits Ft. Saab, Mike. Greens Donate to Zelda
Race Ft. Saab. Cheater POV Win. Siz sends it. Ft. Mike

73 Gang RP

1 2

Daryl: JailBreak, David Sentenced to Death, Gnome Up

Daryl: Cops, Judge too powerful, Leonard Death, War

Bikers: Vivi, Erin, Tessa. Bruce. Tax. 100$

Nino: HOA, Nathan's Pitch, Vivi, Storage, Payment

Nino: Speedy Connect. Saab Bodyguard Camilla. Erin HOA.

Big Eddie Race: Saab, Erin, Nino, CJ, Gomer, Chips

Siz, Sun Moon Partner Race. Nitros. Shortcut. Huge Send

Sun Moon Ejected. Chips Competition Dealer.

Siz, Chips Partner Race. CPR Siz. Chips's Brick Mountain

2nd Place Finish. Kraytor: HOA, Erin explosion, Chips.

HOA: Lake Impound, Kraytor's Bifta Payment, Riggs

Erin: Greggy. HOA on Action Ft. Hippie Dom, Denzel.

HOA: Car "Imponding", Kraytor Launched. Happy Tax.

HOA Full Squad: Kraytor, Denzel, Erin Car Blower.

Cowboy HOAs. Denzel. Bobby's past partner, News Nerd

Weazel News: New Photo. HOA vs HIV Erin, Jason. Cops

Lawyer Chris: Denzel favor, Hippy wants to sue.

HOA Punishment vs Dom, Siz falls, Happy helps HOA.

HOA Victim Survives Train. HOA: Chang Gang.

HIV Erin vs Car Ft. Happy. Motor Impond.

HOA: Lauren. HOA vs Taxi Driver Ft. Happy. Taxi Impond

HOA: Prank Calls. HOA Erin, Shot Jason Walker Front of Cop

HOA: Kraytor shot up. HOA vs Taxi Man. H Omegalul A Revenge.

Recorded HOA Justice. Imponded Lake gets Full.

74 HOA Patrol
(August 29, 2019)

1 2

Stolen Car Loot, Fleeca: Julio, Chips, Mary's Prayer,

Siz Getaway Driver Combat Log, Scuff Escape, 50 Gold.
Kraytor: HOA blocking Gold Progress, Gold Trade, Guns
Kraytor: Pix Sticks. Vivi HOA Mayor. Boe buddy immunity.
HOA: Gladys, Mary, Tax, Convenience Store, Jerry Tax.
Julio, Chips Bank Share, WOW Classic Sub. Vivi HOA Outfit
Julio Flowers for Copper. Chips: Brick, Dollar Bills.
HOA: Barberhop Meeting Place. Eddie: Future Mirror Parker
Zeke: Tax, Straight Tight Lip Friends. Chips Cracking Up.
Shear Tax. Car Imponded. HOA Tax Evader Ft. Kraytor, Vivi
Zee Nanakaze Meets the Mayor of Mirror Park Ft. Happy
Diner Milkshake, Happy "on board" with HOA.
HOA: Kraytor, Happy, Denzel, Vivi, Trash Can Hitter.
HOA: Trucker TBag. Siz Car Robbed. Home Robbers.
HOA: Trial by Combat Victims. Stolen Car Returned.
HOA: Dam Headquarters. Penny Tax. Local vs Raven
Undercover Cop New Wed Raven. Kraytor vs Cops Hill Chase
HOA Cadet Happy Helps Kraytor. HOA new Outfits.
HOA: Detective Denzel, Cop Siz, Swat Kraytor. Mayor Vivi
HOA: Gazza: Dundee no longer MC, married Kayden, Taxed.
Gazza: Raided. Denzel: Purples are Dead. Vagos Taxed.
HOA: News Media. "Mirror Park lives in Harmony" -Siz
Executed David's friends Mark Jackson, Daryl and Tinker.
Ziggy meets HOA, Taxed. Cops on Azeroth. Mirror Park Railyard

75 HOA Man to the Rescue

(August 31, 2019)


HOA has an Intro. Tony sends /me Dick Pick, Saab HOA

Saab Broke up with Brenda. Denzel Shot Cops.

2x Fleeca: Tony, Tori, Saab. Incel Saab Wants Dates

Saab now has more money than Siz. Saab Siz ERP

Tony shot cops Warrant Backstory.

Gas Station: Shaggy, Leanbois, Chips.

Leanbois talk to their Lawyer about cop murder attempt

Windsong Hiding from Leanbois.

Cops Chase vs Brawler Hills vs Copper, Angel

Ripley: Brawler Joyrider Warrant. Chips and Apples Store

Denzel: Siz on his Will. Emily Stash House.

Tony: Reinhart Remembers Tony. Denzel robs Unconcious Guy.

Slim x Leanbois, Shaggy Shot. Leanbois Setting Windsong

"Store Robber" Luigi Ft. Ricky, Denzel, Slim.

Ricky wants Weed Queen Windsong Taxed. Tony: New Song.

Leanbois Denzel, Ricky vs Happy, Windsong Ft. Unknown.

Hospital Dog. Ripley Warrant Surrender. Luigi robs Denzel

Denzel Escapes Capture. Tony: Ricky Tortured

Kraytor: Happy Fired, Eddie Mirror Park. HOA 1000$ Taxer

Leanbois Cop Shootout. Flippy: Happy, Windsong Fight, Luigi

Leanbois Tony, Saab, Denzel: Ricky Tortured by Andrews

DarkWeb Gnome Up Plan to Torture Andrews.

Kraytor: Luigi Denzel TunerShop Backstory. Flippy stalks Luigi

HOA vs Luigi Chase. Flippy Save. Tbag: Parking Lot Bomber.

Arturo: Luigi Info. HOA: Denzel, Kraytor, Tbag. Ft. Chips

Kraytor Distracts Cops. Courthouse Shootout vs Luigi.

Leanbois vs Luigi Gun Loot. Imponded. Tweet Wars.

HOA: Dom Blown Up by 'Father of the Fire'.

Chips Brick Deal. Flippy: Stakeout, Snitch Abdul Gone

HOA: Horror Movie Filmer vs Kraytor. New Thermite Guy Johnny.

Chips new allowance from Step mom. Chips Brick Deal 2.

HOA: Azteca Violet Brick Plan Papi.

Speedy: vs Aztecas, Snitch Abdul in Cop Protection.

Kraytor: Lawyer Summer Rep HOA vs Lauren Lawsuit.

Speedy: Pix Tax, Uniform Approve, 3 Key Limit, Raids, Flippy Tax

Speedy: Race for Pix, NOS, Siz Drives over self.

Coke Dealers: HOA Siz, Coke Business Booming,

Speedy: Gun, Brick Deal x Coke Dealers.

76 🚨HOA Activated🚨

(September 2nd, 2019)


OOC: HOA newspaper in prison

3 way call Jacob, Zelda, Siz

HOA sued by Lauren Forcer, Siz & Denzel talk with Jerry, "Make HOA Official"

Zelda: Davey, Matt Rhodes

Siz & Zelda share plastic Ikea milkshakes

Jacob's not with ViVi, people don't want to pay HOA fee, Jerry wants to take ViVi on a date, Payne reveal

Siz eats a sandwich Ft. Denzel, Zelda, ViVi.

Denzel wants to come to Jacob meeting, Zelda wants to race

Jacob: 200 Gold Bars, Frustrated about city, Nervous about date

JR touches Siz's butt, ViVi scares Siz

Warlord Tony vs AJ Hunter, everyone defends Tony

Big race, Eddie Wins. Siz is Neutral.

Siz distracts Cops, Solo Jewellery store

Payne calls, wants to testify for HOA

Double Shotgun Wizard run, Siz talks feet with Tori, Tony is going through a phase

Double pull-over, Ft. Kraytor, Ripley, Zero.

Siz makes Calypso tweet about HOA, Vivi: Hunted by Zee & Tsury.

Siz meets McAfee & Chef, Green Gang Coke Connect, Green boys Stripper Car Wash

Clean Fleeca Ft. Flippy, Kraytor, Hostage Alex, Gomer gate-crash. Kraytor head pop.

Clean Fleeca 2 Ft Flippy, Kraytor.

Green Gang Coke Deal 2

Grocery Store Robberies Ft. Kraytor, Flippy, Twitter Battles #HOA

Siz & Heidi Reunion

Flippy kills Abdul for snitching Ft. Boe, Gomer.

Siz uploads Abdul footage to USB

77 🚨Mirror Park is Safe🚨

(September 4th, 2019)


Early Vault: Ft. Jason, Denzel, Hostage Switch, OxyHostage Danielle teleports, Cops Perkins, Ziggy

HOA Twitter Slander, Saab mad

Robbing stores Ft. Saab, Denzel, Jason, Get VDM'ed by Locals.

Cop Shootout, Siz & Denzel save Saab, then Jason, 2 stolen PD AR's

Clean Fleeca Ft. Saab Namedropped,Forgotten Denzel, Jason, 13k Hostage Mustafa

Fleeca 2 Ft. Saab, Denzel, Jason, Cop Ripley. Previous Mustafa failed revenge

Denzel asks Siz again about potentially becoming an LBA

Robbing stores 2 Ft. Denzel, Jason, Cop Shootout & Failed propane trap Ft. Cops Perkins, Winters, Steele. World explodes

Siz sees Yung Dab newspaper, Tang Gang & HOA Graffiti. Solo Store Spree & Sends it

Siz vs Perkins Musical RV

Mother calls Siz but is cucked by caller ID

Siz shot for robbing stores with a taser


(September 5th, 2019)

1 2

Kraytor: Luigi Kidnapped Kraytor, Saved by Ron Roberts, ViVi kidnapped

Denzel: New HOA Recruit Ryan Kindle, Recruitment Video/Clarkson Murder Video

ViVi: Kidnapped, Questioned about HOA, took Jacob Date Knife.

Ricky asks favour from HOA "no questions asked", Lawyer squad crash.

Fail Tsury Kidnapping Ft.Ricky, Denzel, Kraytor.

Nikolai Pogoski caught robbing MP, let go by Lauren Forcer

Baas wants to help HOA

Pogoski attacks MP, Kraytor Tazer takedown

Taunting Lauren Forcer, McCree handjob metaphors

HOA x PD meeting, Jack Cortair Mayor speech

Chips Brick Deal

Solomon Seerson caught killing & eating dogs in MP, thrown off the Dam

Chips Brick Payout, Step-Mom Kayden bath story

Kelly's friend trapped in Scarlett Winters' sex dungeon, Kraytor Rescue

Siz & McCree stake-out Ft. Gladys, Kelly

Clean Fleeca Ft. Kraytor, Denzel, Dee, Hostage Lenny

Late Fleeca 2 Ft Kraytor, Denzel, Dee, Hostage Solomon, Harmony peace offering

Robbing Stores Ft. Kraytor, Denzel, Dee, NVL Lenny shot.

Cop Chase, Siz Brake Check, Hot Mike takes over for Kraytor

Cop Chase 2, Liar Archer, Cop Shootout, Siz hides on roof

Kraytor sacrifices himself to the Lady of the Lake

Green Gang Brick Deal, Greens looking for Luigi

Copper & Snow: HOA, Pogoski, Solomon, Winters, Copper wants Siz to be an Officer, McEntyre's stolen car, Snow ride-along

Mickey Rivers: Pogoski, Solomon, Winters, Police Incompetent

Happy: Siz Apologises, Happy fired from HOA.

Zeke phantom blackjack hand

Dom: Sizzypoo, push coke faster, piss in Mansion, [VOD muted for post tsunami call, I think Dom wants to meet]

Violet: [VOD muted so idk, I assume asking if Azteca's want coke? I think she said "I'll think about it, not yet, we want guns"]

Dom: Sell to groups who want more, use HOA as a front, wants ammo for bricks, pistol test.

79 🚨GodBlessHOA🚨

(September 7th, 2019)

1 2

Allen: Shot in Mirror Park, wants to put out a hit.

BBC stealing materials Ft. Saab, Turbo, Denzel

Siz & Saab stuck in construction site, Saab steals the burger, Saab throws Siz off a building, Siz jumps

Allen: Russians threatened PDM, shot in PDM, then shot in Mirror Park same day, will support the HOA, wants to sponsor a car to the HOA

Saab arrested, failed rescue attempt

Allen gives the HOA a Granger

Chester kidnapping Ft. Siz, Saab, Denzel, Turbo

Cops vs LB on Lean Street, Tony Chase

Siz gives Denzel Rickyy's gun, Tony/LB Coke Deal, MyFreeHonkers/Twitch love, Nudist shootout

15k Card Deal with Tom Ryan, Vinewood houses good for cards

Mirror Park Speeder, 2x Tickets

Denzel: Riker, Forcer

MP shootout with Russian, Sewer search Ft. Denzel

Flippy: Looking for Russians

Vladimir taunts with tweet, Cops escort Forcer home, Reinhart threatens HOA

Russian shootout 2, Siz & Vladimir down, Denzel arrested

Siz asks Kraytor to sell Coke, Flippy: new Thermite guy

Wizard Weapon Drop, Misses MP Store robbery

Siz & Kraytor Vinewood stakeout, Misses MP Store robbery again

3rd time lucky catching MP Robbery, catching Davey Doherty, let go by Forcer (again), Siz gives Williams Robbery footage

Testing Boats & Jetskis in Mirror Park lake, Ballas dance party, Siz + Krayor burn.

80 🚨HOA Protect & Serve🚨

(September 8th, 2019)


Jerry: Robbed by Pogoski, Erin still testifying.

Tug boat deal with Sun Moon, Denzel sends Russian execution video, Barrio Battle Royale.

Dom: $200,000 bounty on Aztecas, Held up by Violet, asks Siz to relay the message to as many groups/gangs as possible

Siz tells LB about Azteca hit, then Prune Gang, then GSF.

Cop chase, Freeway jump escape, falls down mountain and dies

Siz tells Vagos about Azteca hit, Bones robbed by Pogoski

Siz, Denzel, Mike & Bones hunt Pogoski

Vault Ft. Denzel, Jason, Mike, Hostage Other Violet sings

Fleeca Ft. Denzel, Jason, Mike, Cop Jordan

Fleeca 2 Ft. Denzel, Jason, Mike, Cop shootout

HOA Patrols Ft. Denzel, Jason, Mike.

Tow truck driver malds as he struggles to retrieve his truck from the lady of the lake

Siz has to decide whether or not to impond a vehicle

Vinewood House Robber Hunting Ft. Denzel, Jason, Dee caught

HOA steal a security car, Siz goes to the Heck Realm

Selling Crack in Green Turf Ft. Denzel, Jason. Big E confrontation.

Convenience store Rob-A-Thon Ft. Denzel, Jason, Tony, Multiple cop chases, Journalist caught recording robbery, crims chase cops, Siz VDM'ed by a local, cop shootout

PD wipe Siz's pockets, Hedi sing-along ride

Maverick Shaw asks if Siz remembers him, Malton gives Siz a prostate exam

OOC: Shaw from Siz's first day, part of The Family

81 🚨HOA is Good🚨

(September 10th, 2019)


Failed Fleecas Ft. Curtis, Denzel, Kindle, Ambush prep instead.

Rob-A-Thon Ft. Curtis, Denzel, Kindle, trailer boat hijack, crash takes out Kindle & Curtis

Cop shootout Ft Angel, Cops win.

The TMNT Cop Ambush Ft. Curtis, Denzel, Kindle.

Saab surprise attack, sent to the heck realm.

Vagos: Azteca's Bounty, Bricks

Violet: Azteca's want Bricks

Mike Bricks Deal

Vagos: Allen robbed at gunpoint & shot by Russians

HOA Allen Rescue mission Ft. Denzel, Kindle, Chang Gang also looking for Russians

Siz tells Chang Gang about Azteca's Bounty, HOA miss Mirror Park store robbery.

Denzel Bricks Deal

Pirate Fleeca Ft. Kindle, Denzel Boat Escape, Hostage Vaughn, Dam wait-out with police, dice rolls, Stone Cold, Siz falls down a mountain and dies.

HOA Patrol Ft. Kindle, ViVi, Kraytor. HOA miss house robber, new Cadet Stanley, HOA photoshoot with Mickey Rivers & LSPD

HOA Meeting: ViVi doesn't want to be named/ publicly affiliated

HOA run into Zee again, she pays the $10 fee. HOA Taze Parking enforcer

Herbert and Happy don't pay $10, HOA Warrant, Herbert twitter slander

HOA stop the Vagos from robbing the Mirror Park convenience store, ends in shootout

82 🚨Chief HOA Overseer🚨

(September 11th, 2019)

1 2

Solo HOA Mirror Park stake-out, Siz watches QVC livestream.

Erin wants Coke, Chips wants crack.

Erin & Jerry meet with Siz about the Forcer Case, "Stake out Forcer's House"

Russians invade Mirror Park Ft. Erin, Jerry, Pogoski, Boris. Jerry blows up, ViVi's new cadet.

Siz and Vivi participate in a Faggio race through the cemetery Fred gets taken hostage during phone call HOA Animal control Fred Bodini is recruited Siz goes Scuba Diving Dom: 20 Bricks reward for relaying Azteca hit, Bounty is completed, Siz smokes crack Siz Saab cosplay, Darius 3-Star Uber, Private Jet Coke deal Ft. Darius, Dom, Pilot Jamal, Crash landing, Hospital Hangover Scenario Chips went to another Dealer, Siz explains ASMR to Vivi, Mike Coke deal, Azteca Coke Deal Tony FailRP/ERP, Ian Rob-A-Thon Ride-along Ft. Tony, Siz tells Ian about the Dab Deal, David Watcher Robbery, Tony recalls Dab's Bus Tour, Siz Curtis Cosplay Cop Chase Ft. Soze, Boat Escape, Tony NVL, top 10 anime betrayals Vago knows his rights, Siz & Tony test Oxygen Tanks, Crafting store Ft. Saab, Double D Vault Ft. Mike, Skinny Penis Tony, Incel Saab, Siz trunk ride, Skinny Penis Rap, Successful heist escape, low payout, Siz smokes crack again Rob-A-Thon Ft. Mike, Tony, Saab, Cop chase & crash, Siz smokes crack again (on purpose this time), Tony and Mike caught Speedy: Azteca's Bounty, Wants bricks, Has lots of weapons, wants to donate to police, stop selling so many bricks to other Vagos Siz is a bad friend, Speedy Coke Deal, "LB have brotherhood, Vagos is dictatorship"

83 🚨HOA Lifestyle Stream🚨

(September 12th, 2019)


Denzel: Looking for Russians & Ballas, Heavy & SNS Pistol S-tier

Dundee: Doesn't need Coke, needs guns, still Chief of BBMC

Scuffed Knuckle-Duster Teletubbies Rob-A-Thon Ft. Denzel, Dundee, Tony, Mountains Cop Chase

Teletubbies rob store robber, Cop Chase 2, Bridge jump, Siz pulls Tony through the wall, Tony kills Siz

Bus escape Fleeca Ft. Dundee, Denzel, 5 Hostages, 2 guns fall through the floor, Benny Hill prison bus chase.

HOA Patrols Ft. Denzel, Dundee, HOA Rob Oxy-Runner Ft. Denzel, T-Bag

HOA Meeting Ft. Denzel, Kraytor, T-Bag: Headquarters, Prison, Court Case, Promoting Cadets

Erin Coke Deal, Siz see's the Statue, Nino Coke Deal Ft. Ramee, Kindle

Hot Mike, Eddie in Mirror Park, Police search everyone

HOA crash Yacht Party Ft. Denzel, Kraytor, T-Bag

84 BL3 Fl4K Creator Code: Nova/Court RP

(September 14th, 2019)

1 2

Bovice introduces Siz to the new Bugstars employee

Siz invests in Darius Decorations, Erin leader of new Girl Gang "Sidechicks", Erin sets herself ablaze on Siz's yard

Siz Fulker and Matt Joe vs Lauren Forcer court case, HOA found guilty.

Payne: Vinewood, HOA House, HOA sale bonus

Copper: Denzel, DOJ, HOA

Siz, Kraytor, Denzel discuss future of HOA: Vinewood, HOA Base, Copper Talk, Dab's Philosophy, "We're criminals", no DOJ rules, no more working with police, Mental Anguish, potential recruits

Kraytor chased by Cops, Siz attempted rescue, scuffed car

Kraytor: Los Santos movie studio, Siz watches LS Ghost Squad.

Daryl: Wants to join HOA, Lauren is decorating Daryl's house, Russians, Allen situation, Kidnapped Raven, PD is corrupt.

Siz gives Kraytor more Bricks

85 Monday Day

(September 17th, 2019)

1 2

OG HOA Outfit gone, new Jacket HOA outfit.

Dex: Prune gang running from cops

Siz plan to slander Lauren, Kindle getting chased, Denzel vs Bruce

Court appeal, Adrienne West call, Predator Jerry, Jerry helps set up Herbert, Kindle kills Jerry, Saved by Arthur, Herbert watches

Cadet Ryan Kindle decapitates Herbert get promoted to Chief Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist

HOA give revived Herbert a lambo, Fred killed Solomon, Kindle wants to kill Ardson, Ian wants guns, Erin got arrested

HOA kidnap Lauren Forcer get squashed by PD then saved by Denzel

Jerry: Business as usual, blame Fake HOA, Kindle's past court story

Payne: Wants to hire HOA officially, Will increase size of keyrings, Hiring HOA as movers, expand to Canals, Jerry needs to make paperwork

HOA tours mansion for Vinewood expansion

Daryl: Bikers don't want to pay tax, threatened to shoot

Erin: Saab ICU, Wants to take down Forcer, HIV & HOA combine forces, Sonya

Daryl: Recruitment

Siz shoots at Herbert, Herbert shoots at Siz, Happy tells Gomer about getting shot by Siz, Herbert chase ends in flames

86 HOA = Crimefree Citizens

(September 18th, 2019)


Siz visits Mother's stash house

Jerry: Warrant only for Denzel, Apples in HOA?

Speedy: Forcer lives in the Barrio, "show her you're a big fish", wants Dom's bounty, Speedy vs QuickFix, thinks Lauren likes Siz, Sex Dungeon, get close to her to take her down, radio scanner, storage, warring with Russians & DDMC, wants Siz to get close to QF, Doesn't trust the Vagos, Ready to go to war with the whole city

Vivi: Court case, Kidnapping Forcer, HOA potential raids, Boomer Siz oldest sibling

Denzel: Warrant gone, Kindle's wife

Kindle's wife's bike impond, Oxy stash, Kindle drowns tarot card guy, Panto bumper cars, Mirror Park fight club

Ricky wants to rent MP Island, Violet bounty is off, Violet wants to share Siz

Siz Wizard runs, Kindle recon, officers want to "clap Jenn's cheeks"

HOA miss house robbery in Mirror Park cul-de-sac, Kindle teleports, Siz arrested, story corroboration ft. Kindle, Jerry, Kayden, Jerry vs Shepherd, Siz wants a Bench Trial

Denzel: Ricky MRPD plan

HOA look for Hooch in Paleto

Dom: Azteca Bounty, Dom had other messengers, GSF & Vagos tie for $100k each, Coke Feedback, Make sure there's enough for all Gangs, Keep inventory of bricks sold.

Payne: Contract sent, Coke addiction

Dom: Coke in Mirror Park pond

Convincing Happy to buy Coke, Happy $400k in bank

Siz Solo Rob-A-Thon, Jenn's Assumptions, Tow truck driver covers Siz, Kriz's story

OOC: Reacting to Koil's changes (Coke, Vault)


(September 19th, 2019)

1 2

Annabelle: Robbed by Buddah, Sidechicks, Taxing Fudge Lane, helping HOA

Jerry: Contract finished, waiting on Payne to sign

Gladys: Jetski Jousting, Private Numbers

Kindle: Tazers, Vinewood Robbers

Siz tells Speedy about Azteca's Bounty, Siz farts, Buddah & Speedy want to meet Dominique, Vagos & LB Coke Deal, Speedy wants to know about QuickFix, "Payne is good to work for", someone killed the K9 unit

Siz tries to figure out who the masked man is, Kindle killed the dog

Masked man gives VIP escort mission, nobody understands the mission, Siz farts again, Kindle causes nudist shootout, mission planning, Arturo's new car

Speedy's court case delayed, Siz farts again

Store Robbery Ft. Apples, Brocky Protage, Boat escape

White knight Diaz asks Siz to leave Forcer alone, Buck wants to fuck with the HOA, Mel vs T-Bag, Buck doesn't pay Fred the HOA fee, Brocky teaches how to make an intro.

Fleeca Ft. Apples, Kindle, Brocky, Saab hostage, Brocky crashes the boat.

Erin doesn't pick up for Diaz, Arthur visits in MRPD, Saab's upset, Genital warming devices, Saab replaced Siz, Arthur unbans Siz from the Vanilla Unicorn

Julio and Chips read Weazel News article, Chips Coke Deal, Jerry watched Chips sleep & licked his hands, Saab went to jail, Chips shows Siz & Julio The Mountain

Siz farting leads to cop chase, Arthur wants Siz to keep inventory of deliveries, Arthur $50k for Siz to stay away from crime, will hire HOA cadets as VU security

Vault Ft. Saab, Julio, Kraytor, Hostage Lequisha, Cops Diaz & Forcer, Saab goes down, scuffed exit, Siz getaway driver, Arthur & Gomer save Saab, Saab & Siz relationship counselling, Hedi gives Siz Ice-Cream, Julio says Copper is in ICU

Fred: Diaz, Dee, Bicycle tackling game for HOA event, VU opportunity

Julio HOA offer, Julio Gun connect.

88 Bless HOA Bless

(September 20th, 2019)


Fred: Taxed by Russians, Kidnap a Russian, Shot at by Ballas, stole their car

HOA vs Russian Docks Shootout Ft. Fred, Kindle, Manny.

Manny recruited into HOA, HOA Patrols Ft. Fred, Kindle, Manny.

Davey: Tried to get picked up by HOA twice

Herbert: Stole Jerry's spaghetti, Death threats, Mirror Park Predator

Zee calls about Spaghetti

Buck won't pay HOA fees, Goes to the Father of fire, Jerry says contract is almost signed, HOA crashes into Tinker, Buck steals Denzel's car, $40 car return deal, Hostage Kelly, Buck Disowns Siz.

HOA vs Prune Gang vs Cops at Gas Station, Buck calls: Bobby prisoner, $60 for freedom.

Cops don't want to help HOA, Gladys calls: $72 for Bobby.

HOA SWAT team rescue mission Ft. Denzel, Kindle. Siz catches snooping reporter Ray, Uchiha's wtiness, Hostage exchange with CG, world collapses, everyone's head explodes

Predator Watch Task Force in Mirror Park, Buck vs HOA car fight

Ivan calls about the Dark Web, Dark Web is dead.

Bovice Calls, wants to meet with Siz & Denzel

Bovice: Gave Copper a mission, wants to gather judges & attack them, "What would Dab do?", Needs Siz & Denzel to gather people & equipment, Bovice $20k+ kidnapping reward, push pistols

Siz & Denzel plan C4 bombing, Denzel gets sniffed, Siz meets with Mickey Rivers, give him information on Lauren Forcer, Siz asks Erin for C4, asks Erin to dress up as Lauren & T-Bag to dress as Dias.

89 HOA Works

(September 21st, 2019)

1 2

Arthur: VU opportunity gone, $25k for Big E, beef with Russians.

Erin: C4 purchase in process, Ballas, Lawyer for the Vanilla Unicorn

Tow truck Cop Chase, Invisible Forcer, Siz "escapes"

Bringing Jetski's to Mirror Park Ft. Annabelle, Sun Moon.

Siz joins Area 69 raid Ft. Gladys, ViVi, CG, and more. Siz Farts on the roast bus, Aliens stun everyone, Gladys steals the aliens, Siz falls, Rhodes calls Shaw

Submarine in Mirror Park Ft. Sun Moon, Vivi, Summer, Raja.

Gomer: Big E contract is on hold.

Sibling brainstorm Ft. Erin & Vivi, T-Bag. Millionaire Allen almost buys a boat, Siz gets T-Bag a job at Cluck'n'Bell, Allen wants HOA to be PDM Repo team, Loses $20k rolling with Chang, Siz asks Allen for C4, Allen's contact says $200k for C4.

Sibling Bonding Ft. Erin, Vivi. Kraytor payout.

Erin: Nora killed by Bovice. Erin Vs T-Bag argument

Siz Azteca Coke deal, Red Light stop, Nino small contract, Erin wants to deal with T-Bag, Siz says no.

Chips raided Ft. Erin, Julio, T-Bag, Kraytor. Erin thinks it's due to Bovice/Nora. No-Balls tweets. Julio wants to break Chips out or attack the snitch, Erin says Jean snitched. Denzel wants to kill Jean.

Exploring Tsunami changes Ft. Denzel, Julio

Julio: Chips showed Violet & Jean the Mountain, Jean called the police and caused Chips raid.

Vault Ft. Flippy, Julio, Kraytor, Hostage Josh, Happy Birthday singalong Negotiations, "Chips had more drugs than we've ever seen"

Julio: Pix for Fleeca Times, finding more handcuff escapes

Dundee: BBMC Million Dollar Race, Dundee's new car

Julio arrested during traffic stop, Chips gets 9's & phone records searched

Chips prison visit, plan to smuggle crack in to chips, Julio falls into the prison, Flippy dies, crack + radio + gun smuggled.

90 LookLookLookLook

(September 22nd, 2019)


LB shot up by Russians, Siz dumps his ID's, Monkey wants to join HOA, Eugene asks about the HOA

Denzel: T-Bag vs Erin, Monkey, Recruiting, Eugene. Siz squashes T-Bag v Erin beef.

Paleto Gold Run Ft. Denzel

Arthurt & Erin: Storage, HOA Vinewood, Arthur is Dad 2, Stan & Big-E.

Erin disappears, Arthur teaches Siz how to drive, Arthur gets run over, Siz crashes, Arthur talks about Vanilla Unicorn

JR: Fucked or Cucked, "show your dominance"

Emily looks like Erin, Mirror Park caller

Fucked Or Cucked Ft. JR, Mirror Park Predator, Brenda & More. Siz Wins!

Erin: Suspended as a Lawyer.

Mirror Park Predator Stakeout, Windsong: Herbert, Happy wants to sell house. Dias & Windsong wont to help Siz's sting operation.

Siz get's attacked by Multiple Personality Tom/Ashlynn Ft. Dias, Emily

Siz kills Man/Woman in "self-defense", Emily & Erin Alibi.

Grandma Ruby calls, Dies, Coroners office calls.

Arthur: "Turn yourself in" for Self Defence case

Gomer & Emily think Siz was prank-called, Siz turns himself in Ft. Arthur, Dias. QVC interrogation break, Elon Mack Lawyer saves the day.

JR hunted for Dick Pic, "Riker" Siz kills Darnell, $7k reward.

Daryl: HOA discounts, BBMC, Bikers

91 Hey

(September 24th, 2019)


Denzel: Bovice $50k PD Ambush Mission

Bovice $50k PD Ambush Mission Ft. Buddah, Curtis, Denzel. Demon's Shadow Siz falls off the roof.

Bovice $50k payout Ft. Bovice, Buddah, Curtis, Denzel

Denzel: Buddah sold C4 to Sun Moon, Buddah wants to join Bovice C4 mission.

Robbing new stores Ft. Denzel, Jason. Cop chase, Jason crashes & gets caught, Siz & Denzel escape

Siz Judges Fucked or Cucked 2 Ft. Kraytor, JR, Darius, Chang Gang, Season 1 Sexorcist & More. Siz fights Tanisha, Shootout interruption, Siz gets taken hostage, then shot.

Siz Enema & Prostate Exam Ft. Torah, Jordan Steele wants to catch the Mirror Park Predator, Supports the HOA.

HOA catch Siz shooter at prison Ft. Denzel, Kraytor, White Knight Shooter Harry Martinez

Martinez Tortured, then killed. Hit put out by Tanisha.

Mirror Park Speeder Bubby caught

Erin: Does C4 involve Bovice, C4 sources don't want to sell to Bovice, Tanisha Story, Alpha Siz, Attempted Murderer, Laquisha/Tanisha number, Dating Arthur

Denzel new car, CriminalCon talks, Siz calls Dick Colton, Only 3 walls Ft. Erin, Denzel, Kraytor

92 Roleplay HOA Guy

(September 25th, 2019)


OOC: Custom HOA Brawler

Kindle: Kidnapped Zee saying "Fuck the HOA", wants to slit her throat.

Ellie: LB want more Coke

Kindle: Ellie and Buddah robbed MP store, Zee said "Fuck the HOA", Threatened Kindle & Ellie with her Boss Arthur.

Kindle Breaks Zee's wrists.

Jerry: Wants Ander Destolle broken out of Parsons & killed, Mirror Park Predator fall guy, $10k reward, Tanisha

Denzel wants to kill the mime, Siz knocks on Pinto's door, Mime vs Pinto Patel

Arthur: Zee history, "At least let her still work, break her knees", Raise taxes, Southside connects, White Knights

Bruce: Nino deal, Zee, pays off Zee $500, Threatens Kindle

Kindle vs Bruce shootout, Kindle wins, Siz saves Bruce, Kindle shoots Zee.

Zee Pays $500, apologises for the inconvenience, doesn't want issues with HOA.

Kindle: Horse Semen to catch MP Predator

Siz asks Geno to kill someone, Geno joined DeathDealers MC, DDMC leader missing, GSF vs Vagos war over Oxy shop, Unlocking Meta, Geno semen donation, Crackhead semen donation, Asking Jerry & Officers for semen, Man kidnapped for semen then spills jar

Siz Drives Eddie's Truck Ft. Annabelle, JR & Annabelle donate semen

Maury DNA test in Mirror Park, Siz steals lots of semen Ft. Denzel, EMS Kindle, Geno

HOA teach Vivi what semen is, Kindle gets banned, HOA store semen in Meat Factory, HOA burn Geno alive

Crackhead threatens HOA, Denzel undercover mission

HOA Patrol Ft. Buddah 24h pass

Daryl: Stash car stolen by bikers, wants to start a war, looking for C4

Siz and Daryl held up by crackhead, Siz shot in the knee.

Payne needs HOA to clean out a house, Tsury says Fuck the HOA and Denzel gets shot at

Payne: Hobo's, House Fee's, HOA HQ contract, Southside house cleaning

HOA House Cleaning Ft. Payne, Daryl. Thermite, Weapons, Cards, got from house.

Denzel being stalked by crackhead, Vivi found and lost the crackhead

Buddah and Flippy chased by cops, Siz & Denzel rescue, LB vs Payne.

Siz crashes & dies, Torah won't give Siz another prostate exam, Siz teaches Archer how to clean his car.

Daryl: part of Black Betty, wants to join HOA but Sonya has an issue with it, Siz doesn't care if Daryl is both, Siz doesn't want to meet or work with Sonya, HOA Vinewood expansion might cause BB issues.

Denzel: Sonya, Otto, Daryl, Payne Deal

Lean Sac meeting Ft. Payne, Denzel, Gomer, Buddah, Speedy. Denzel kills Balla, meeting adjourned.

Maze Bank meeting Ft. Buddah, Denzel, Speedy, "Never work with Sonya or QF", "BB control coke sales in Vinewood, find BB Coke dealer and stop them"

Lean sac meeting 2 Ft. Payne, Denzel, Gomer, Sonya, Buddah, Speedy.

Speedy: Needs more coke, figured out QF problem, needs $50k

Lean street shootout Ft. Buddah, Denzel, Speedy, Siz & Denzel go down, Speedy & Buddah clutch

Speedy wants to set up Russian coke deal with Siz

93 Siz is Back

(October 1st, 2019)

1 2

OOC: Twitchon recap

HOA nightmare race course

Denzel, Curtis & Randy: fighting Ballas, Slim joined LB, Vagos at War

with GSF & Misfits.

Speedy: OTT didn't want to pay tax so war started, hides in Creampie Creations Tower

Bruce Greenwood calls Siz, Hangup games

Bruce: Wants to be the best lawyer, HOA co-lawyer, Siz $10k & starter pack, house tour

Siz drinks alcohol, Denzel squashed HOA vs Russians beef, Siz gets flipped off, Bruce Los Santos tour

Siz signs the Payne contract, DoJ and PD trying to find ways to shut down HOA, Randy & Curtis bring Siz a gift, Randy shoots a Russian, OTT raided.

Vault + PD Ambush Ft. Chang, Curtis, Randy. Siz 2x Kills, $10k ceasefire deal with PD, helicopter escape.

Geno bought a house in MP, T-Bag in DeathDealers, Bruce wants to strip, Kraytor got busted with Coke

Denzel: Bovice said Kraytor got 9's

Kraytor: Doesn't have the 9's

Bruce gives Siz a lap-dance, Denzel signs the HOA contract

Kraytor Bovice story, Gunnar fired from HOA, HOA listen in on Chang Gang radio, Bobby kidnapped, Kraytor signs HOA contract, Kraytor deposits $25k to bank of Siz

Flippy: Vault, Fleeca's, 500 Pixerium.

Vault Ft. Flippy, Kraytor, Scuffed Escape, Siz's head explodes

Stores Fail Ft. Flippy, Kraytor, Flippy & Kraytor hit Jewellery store instead, Siz watches, tries to save Flippy but gets caught.

New Prison Mugshot Ft. Rhodes

Rhodes bullies Siz, short chase, Siz escapes

Siz Brawler vs Kraytor Buggy Mountain Cop Chases: Kraytor crashes, Siz wins Ft. Jewellery store robbery.

Daryl "meeting" Ft. Gomer, Daryl, Tinker: Sonya getting shot by Denzel, BB help rob houses in Vinewood, Vinewood coke, Siz doesn't trust Sonya, How HOA handle conflict, opinions on HOA after being associated with other groups (LB), Big E & Russians kidnapped Gomer

Siz see's his new Mugshot.

94 Not a Master Roleplayer

(October 2nd, 2019)


Fred: Lauren speeding, called police, arrested Fred, signed HOA contract, Investigation on HOA

Denzel: Sonya will try to push HOA out of Vinewood, Doesn't trust Daryl

HOA try to stop a chase through MP, then patrol Vinewood, find downed Abdul.

95 What IS the HOA??

(October 4th, 2019)


Vivi: wants to torture Kiki for hurting Erin & Tessa

Siz gets a prostate exam (again)

Vivi: shot by OTT, Russians wear all white, Tupac + Davey + Mel attempted to take her hostage

HOA Patrol Ft. Denzel: Catching people robbing houses in Vinewood.

Vinewood Convenience store Ft. Ripley, Apples: Ripley likes HOA in Vinewood, Candy caught twice, Apples shoots Candy.

Dom meeting: needs Pix, Bricks break down into 2x as much now, new Brick price - $6k and 5 pix each, $110k for 15 bricks first deal.

Darius & Dom garbage men coke drop

Kindle: CIA mission, HOA contract, CrimCon, Silencers

Forcer & white knight Dias Taser battle Ft. Kindle, Denzel

Ripley rescues HOA Ft. Reinhardt, Denzel, Jerry, "Any outfits or badges = arrest"

OOC: Uno Ft. Denzel, Saab, Vivi

Denzel vs Windsong beef

T-Bag: Zee told DDMC that HOA are bad, DDMC asked T-Bag to leave HOA or be an inside man

Denzel hired Turbo as HOA ghostbuster, HOA ghost hunting mission, Denzel tries to buy Zee's house.

Boris: Apologises for disrespect, HOA and Russians beef squashed, asks about the HOA, Jerry blesses HOA weapons

HOA Vinewood patrols Ft. Denzel, T-Bag, Turbo: Faberge Egg, Starry Night thief, HOA stop drunk driver, LSPD loses him, Vinewood house robber found with XS condoms and Romance novel, HOA miss MP robbery.

Everyone texts Siz for coke

96 Siz and the VIP Mission

(October 5th, 2019)


VIP Escort Mission Prep Ft. Speedy, Kindle, Arturo

VIP Escort Mission Ft. Speedy, Kindle, Arturo: Siz 1 kill, HOA x Vagos lose, LB win.

HOA Vinewood Patrols Ft. Kindle, Day Pass Bones, Fred.

Ryan: Wants a coke brick, HOA being investigated by private investigators, coke is for Bovice, has 400 pix

Mike is on the run, Bruce & Erin call, Mike Brick deal

Race Ft. LeanBois, Erin, Vivi, Fred, Bruce, Mike, and more

HOA Vinewood Patrol Ft. Fred: 1st robber lost, 2nd robber Rango caught., Siz get's arrested, Tribble lets him go

Jerry paid to let Chips out on bail, Saab wants to kill Jean, Kayden has the police report, Prune Gang want to kill Jean , Eugene wants to join HOA, Jean was trying to bang Chips

Fire Extinguishers stop fires Ft. Saab, Erin, Kindle

Satanist Scuffed Vault Ft. Saab, Kindle, First Time Erin, Long Car Chase, Boat/Heli chase, Angel Jebaits, another car chase, Saab crashes, Siz steals a car & escapes, saves Erin, Kindle arrested & in hospital, Siz imponds a police car.

Tsury threatened Vivi, Alpha Siz get's hung up on by Tsury, Kindle is paralyzed, Siblings discuss what to do with Tsury & Zee,

97 Siz was Sick.

(October 7th, 2019)

1 2

Everyone can hear Siz, OTT called Speedy a snitch, OTT wants to edit a clip of Speedy to ruin his rep, Kelly vs Speedy, People think of HOA as a meme, Speedy Loan + Bricks + Pix deals

LB: LB vs Misfits, Buddah wants to fuck Erin, LB Bricks deal

Buck wants a HOA day pass, Ellie is pregnant with Ramee's twins, Balla pulls up on Siz, saved by LB

Siz tells Fred about Zee/Tsury, Buck is broke

Denzel: Vivi/Zee situation, Daryl is completely HOA, Bovice Story, HOA officially moved to PDM Repo, Siz shows Denzel the Misfits stash house, Buck thinks he's getting kicked out of Prune Gang, Buck meets Huck, Siz watches Ramee x Ellie tape

Siz asks Zeke about Tsury, QuickFix won't get involved, Huck & Buck get HOA day passes, Buck helped form the Misfits, Gladys blows up Siz's car, Gladys fired from PDM, Chang gang jumps Gladys

HOA Vinewood Patrol Ft. Denzel, Buck, Huck: Cops pull up on HOA & don't believe them, miss 3 house robberies, Mike caught robbing houses & get's let go, OTT caught, let go, HOA detained after catching car thief, Jerry saves the day, Buck arrested

Jerry: "Everyone is getting raided"

New HOA outfits Ft. Denzel, Buck, Huck

HOA look for Zee, Meet with Arthur to discuss Tsury/Zee, doesn't care what happens to them, WWE made Arthur sad, Arthur Fires Zee & Tsury.

Huck hired as HOA cadet, HOA mess with Zee's Diner menu's

Tony needs advice, wants to start a business, HOA partnership, wants to film a commercial

Erin: Arthur warning, Pinto raided, Violet raided

T-Bag promoted to Sheriff of the Hills

HOA Vinewood Patrols Ft. Squad 1 - Siz, T-Bag, Huck & Squad 2 - Denzel, Kraytor, Stanley.

HOA meeting, Denzel gives Siz Dias' gun, Erin wants coke, Erin has Zee & Tsury's addresses, Erin wants coke for Sonya

HOA look for Zee Ft. Kraytor, T-Bag, Denzel, Trash talker tries to stab Siz, Erin Brick Deal

HOA Vinewood Patrol Ft. Kraytor, T-Bag, Denzel. Ryan sends Siz 100 pix, Sonya caught robbing houses, Black Betty Confrontation, Gomer threatens to snitch to Payne, Raja calls about Tsury

Raja meeting: "Thought the situation was dead months ago", not going to get QuickFix involved, might fire Tsury, "Sonya will be back for revenge", "Sonya is impossible to work with"

Denzel: Gomer is a snake, Sonya story, Siz's relationship with Gomer, Yung Dab legacy

Dias chase, Siz beat down by cops, Kraytor vs Dias trial by combat, Siz jailed, Bobby Smith doesn't believe in Payne's contract.

98 Just pay the HOA $10

(October 8th, 2019)

1 2

Speedy call: Siz teaches Speedy how to break down Coke, asks about Tsury, Speedy snitch rumours, flu remedies, impressed by HOA, Speedy working with Sonya

HOA Clothes Shopping Ft. Denzel

Johnny Turner meeting: Attachments connect, price list, wants to reach out to LB, Daryl left BB to deal with Bikers, QF doesn't like Sonya, QF won't get involved with Tsury, Tony joins & also thinks prices are too high, People tried to come after Raja

Tony: Tours & Business ideas, working with HOA, Siz donates $10, then $25,000, Zee/Tsury, Zee is Tony's website manager

Nino Meeting Ft. Tony: Nino doesn't invest in Tony's business,playing with props, materials payout

Tony jumps from the car, G-FUEL #AD

Arthur: Staking out MRPD, VU Manifest job on hold indefinitely, impressed by HOA, "Dab would be proud", "Look after Erin", has been given a 'job' by Raven, if he fails then firing squad, "Gomer will no longer white-knight for Sonya", Arthur will give VU to Erin, Erin will try to kill someone after, Siz needs to pull her back, Arthur leaves

Tony buys shots, Mike arrested story, Ellie's twins are a scam, Jerry fights Abdul, Denzel tells Jerry about PD wanting another contract, Chang Gang killed Kermit for Bovice, Denzel fights a veteran, Siz & Denzel find a couple buying a house in MP, Siz & McCree discuss HOA codes

HOA Vinewood Patrol Ft. Denzel, Tony: Tony HOA rap, self snitch caught

Payne meeting Ft. Payne, Jerry, Denzel, Tony: Jerry got Ellie pregnant, HOA give valuables to Payne, Tony's business pitch to Payne, Jerry was gunned down by Sonya, Sonya is not a Payne associate, Siz gets the HOA HQ keys, Gomer tried to snitch to Payne, Payne doesn't care what HOA does with the items

Siz & Denzel meet the neighbours, Zelda see's the HOA HQ

Depressed Erin: "We might never see him [Arthur] again", Can't get the C4 anymore, Arthur's 'job' was to get Bovice, Raven knows that Arthur is 'The Doctor', Erin wants Raja dead for telling Raven that Arthur is 'The Doctor', Erin was picked up by Dias after watching a Judge get kidnapped and asked about Arthur, Siz thinks PD is manipulating everyone into turning on eachother

Zelda tased then ran over by the mime, Chang also wants to kill the mime, HOA look for the mime,Erin needs to go meet Raja, mime shot up Chang, Denzel gets swiped off the side of the HOA mobile

Erin: Raja got shot on Arthur's behalf by Dundees

HOA get asked for HOA tax, Siz tells sketch artist Tallie & Raja about Glorp

Raja meeting Ft. Erin, Raja: Raven followed Erin & Arthur after they left MRPD, Raven was watching to get a lead on Bovice, Raven threatened Raja, "Bring me Bovice or we will knock down your entire empire", Raja nearly got kidnapped twice, first by Funny Man, sent by Arthur, then by BBMC, big PDM shootout between BBMC and QF, BBMC sent by Arthur, Raja believes Raven has nothing & is trying to make everyone panic, Raja confirmed to Raven that Arthur is 'The Doctor', Erin blames Raja, Siz & Raja blame PD.

Denzel has 2 LMG's, Erin & Siz argue in the car, Siz meets Anto, Violet raided, Denzel beats up his neighbour

Meeting Recap Ft. Denzel, Erin, Zelda: Talking Toolbox, Zelda's Dad is Raven, Clowns vs Mimes, "Prepare for the reality in which Arthur doesn't live", Raja's Story Recap, BBMC members' betrayal

Julio calls to sell PD equipment, Julio stole a cop car, Sovereign citizen killed Abdul & Jordan Steele, HOA & Erin & Zelda take Sovereign citizen to Grandma's, Zelda asks if Siz doesn't tell people about her dad's

Allen: Siz & Zelda added to Repo job, Erin dressed like Arthur

HOA go to the Vagos party in the Barrio, Julio's makeover, Misfits war ended then restarted, Mike & Flippy ask if Siz was told not to sell to them, Pix, Mike wants to cut a deal to rob Vinewood houses, Sonya asks the Vagos to sell weed, Julio brings Dias' ID, Denzel is allergic to fire extiguinshers, Julio selling ID's to Vagos, HOA see aftermath of Vagos drive-by, Davey caught, Jordan Steele wants HOA to protect his impound yard, Raven likes HOA outfits, Raven gives Siz the Dad talk, Raven gave Zelda 'The talk'

Denzel: Arthur is a dead man regardless, whoever turns in Bovice is the 'ultimate snitch'

HOA watch a Vagos initiation, Siz & Denzel get their kicks in, Siz fits into Vagos meeting, Siz shoots a taxi driver & activates his PTSD, Speedy is the last Vagos working in PDM, Erin wants a brick, Erin is racist, Speedy asks if Erin is single, someone stole Siz's car

Erin: Arthur's alive, he has Bovice, Siz is out of work, Erin mad at Siz, "relationships with people are more important than money", Siz asks about Erin & Arthur's relationship, Arthur is not Erin's dad, carrying out Dab's legacy,

99 Living the HOA dream.

(October 10th, 2019)


Tow truck driver that Denzel killed is Mike's stash house owner, Vagos believe that Bovice set them up, Siz asks Tony & Flippy about their car payments, Bovice paid $30k to Vagos to kidnap a Judge, but cops showed up, Siz tells Mike + Flippy + Tony that Bovice is gone, Bovice treated every other group differently to Vagos.

Misfits tried to get Ellie, Siz buys a heavy pistol for $4, Siz checks Ellie's car payments

Testing Tony's custom Jetski races Ft. Saab, Ellie, Tony

Turbo moves out of Saab's house, Turbo has another mission, Siz repo's Saab's car, T-Bag was harassing Nino and Nino wants him killed, Brenda's car is already repossessed, Siz dies by blimp

Nino: T-Bag causing problems, Mother's back, has a future job for Siz, Zee, Bovice/Arthur/Raja situation & Erin's involvement, snitches, Raja's journal story, Bovice, Emotions, Nino loans job for Siz.

Denzel: "T-Bag will always listen to me, he needs to learn to listen to you"

Happy Erin saw Arthur, Bovice situation still hasn't changed, Erin still wants to kill Raja

Buck shot by Jordan Steele, wants to kill Steele, Buck shoots Siz for trying to repo his car, calls to apologise

Denzel is the worst driver, Kraytor & T-Bag get HOA HQ keys, Payne vs Zelda, Repo cars, T-Bag's HOA patrol problems

Siz vs Ziggy Brawler face-off, Round 1 Siz, Round 2 Ziggy, Siz tries to repo Ziggy's Brawler, Ziggy pays it last second

Herbert: Wants to move to MP, Happy & Windsong cause beef everywhere, Siz's roommate, wants to be part of HOA

100 Resident HOA/Repo man

(October 11th, 2019)

1 2

OOC: HOA Patrol - Daryl & Kraytor caught OTT, killed him

Annabelle needs a favour, Siz helps Annabelle with a repo job, then tries to repo OTT's car, get's shot at by Misfits

Annabelle: Misfits looking for Siz, Hutch asking questions

Siz helps man stuck on bike, Davey spreading rumours about HOA, Siz watches LB vs Misfits shootout on Lean Street, Buddah: "Mother was in town and asked about you"

Hunting Misfits Ft. Denzel, Tony: Courthouse shootout, Siz & Tony lose, Denzel in his head, Saab is blonde, "Curtis shot Tony in the chest", Curtis vs Tony story explained, Curtis left LB, "know your place", Siz wants Curtis in HOA, Denzel says no

Saab takes Siz hostage to rob a store, fails.

Jewellery store Ft. Saab, Easy getaway

Saab knows what they say about promises

MRPD Delivery mission Ft. Saab, Turbo, Braab T-Shirts

Siz shows Saab & Turbo the HOA HQ, Siz finds OTT's ID in the stash

Turbo finds Saab's wallet in the trash, Turbo asks GSF for drugs

Turbo car parts mission Ft. Turbo, Buck, Saab

Buck: Dundee kicked out of BBMC

Erin: Arthur is alive, Bovice is alive

Allen is trying to sell Dab's lambo

BCSO Truck mission Ft. Buck, Saab, Eddie: Siz steals Forcer's car, Siz vs trunk

Tony wants to look for Zee, Allen: extra $5k a week if Siz throws OTT's car in the river every time he see's it

Azteca's coke deal, Eddie $10k payout

Siz kidnaps Raphael in MP, Raphael is Michael D. Ickham, ordered by 'Incursion' to hassle HOA, Raphael was the guy who tried to stab Siz, Siz blows up Raphael, Siz finds the evidence, hides the body from EMS Ft. Mike, Flippy

Flippy Pix deal, Mike & Flippy want to patrol Vinewood to look for Misfits

Siz enters $25k PDM dune buggy race, Siz finishes

[VOD Muted, but Siz talks to Allen after the race, they make a deal for Siz to buy Dab's lambo. $150k down & $20k every Friday. Idk if they spoke about anything else]

Allen: Doesn't trust Arthur at all, is worried about Erin

Siz buys Dab's Lambo Ft. Allen

Denzel: Group trying to rob HOA members in Vinewood

Siz has a moment with Dab's Lambo, "I did it, yo!", Dab's message

Flippy: Tsury, LB crashed Tsury's wedding

Siz & Denzel show Flippy & Mike the HOA HQ

HOA x Vagos Vinewood Patrol Ft. Mike, Flippy, Denzel: Misfits VDM, but OTT still caught.

Misfits drive by HOA x Vagos while leaving Grandmas, HOA offer OTT to Misfits as $20k ransom, OTT calls Denzel, Mike, Flippy & Speedy Snitches, OTT dead & combat logs, Baby Oil vs HOA on radio

Dimitri was asked by Tsury to kill HOA and send proof, will set up Tsury for HOA

HOA Traffic stop Ft. Espinoz, Ziggy

Dimtri: Tsury has put a $20k bounty on Siz's head

HOA Vinewood Patrols Ft. Denzel, Flippy, Mike: Schmegal caught, let go, Karl Johnny caught waiting for HOA, is let go & paid to inform HOA about who asked him to watch HOA,

HOA watch a man commit 2x VDM

Siz tells Raja about Tsury's $20k hit, Raja tries to squash Tsury vs HOA beef

Vault Ft. Mike, Flippy, Denzel, Kifflom Hostages, Siz converts to Kifflom, Easy cop chase, Siz goes to grandpa's

Sleepy HOA Patrols Ft. Denzel, Flippy, Mike: Bobby Schmegal tweet, HOA vs Misfits Vinewood shootout, Siz + Denzel + Flippy down, Mike clutch save, Flippy & Denzel caught, "Now it's war" - Misfit,

101 New Emotes for You

(October 13th, 2019)


OOC: HOA allowed to use scanners in patrols as long as they have scanner items in inventory, no more HOA day passes

Siz meets Luther, Fake HOA shot at Daryl

Siz meets with Boris for Coke Deals, Boris doesn't believe that Siz is the connect, 2 Brick deal, Boris appraises Siz's vodka

Sayid Mitra's citywide $30k radio challenge, Randy needs money, Nino bribes Siz

Luther HOA interview interrupted by $30k radio challenge, Luther wants to be HOA HR

HOA Patrols Ft. Denzel, Luther: Sonya escapes, Vinewood shootout, stubborn Mark is looking for a meth lab

Crippled Kindle HOA HQ tour, Yung Siz outfit created & Dab lambo restored

Ramee wants to do a bus tour and rob everyone

Yung Siz x Dom coke meeting Ft. Woods family

HOA number 1 fan is back, still pays off Buck's $30

Ramee: Bus tour plan changed, wants to raid karaoke, Siz lets Randy drive the Lambo

Karaoke robbery Ft. Ramee, Randy, Big D: Plan fails instantly, Ramee malds

Randy wants to make money, Siz shows Randy HOA HQ

Siz Fulker & Randy Bullet - Art Dealers: Trying to sell Starry Night

Herbert asks about the Mayor of Mirror Park, Soze finds where Siz's stash house is, Darius vs Randy fight, Raja still being targeted, Tsury said he didn't set $20k bounty, and that the bounty was set by DDMC, Raja offers $125k for Starry Night

Pinto gives HOA a tip, Denzel in hospital, set up by Pinto & shot by Sonya, Pinto gives his side of the story.

HOA Meeting Ft. Denzel, Huck, Daryl, Flippy: Flippy inducted as HOA cadet, Misfits, Black Betty, Daryl's alliances, Hutch pretends to be HOA, Bikers, Rango put hit out on Siz, Rango is permanently in Banhamas

HOA Patrols Ft. Daryl, Denzel, Huck: Rockford stakeout, Sonya tried to shoot Denzel, HOA capture, Sonya calls HOA snitches so Denzel shoots her, Denzel arrested, Julio caught, brought along with HOA, Russian caught, Russian thrown into lake, Julio robbed, Daryl explains HOA vs Russians/Ballas, Denzel vs Sonya prison brawl, Sonya threatens HOA, Rhodes wants to help HOA, Julio tazed by KKK, Rhodes vs Denzel stand-off, then Rhodes vs Denzel fight

Daryl: Tinker says Gomer and Sonya are no longer Black Betty, BB won't get involved against HOA.

OOC: Sonya vs Denzel prison fight

102 Pls Stop Robbing Houses

(October 15th, 2019)


OOC:No news job when robbing houses, OTT's HOA Diss track, Sonya cries to Payne

Chips won in court, Siz vs Gomer confrontation, Buck doesn't like Sonya, Sonya tried to kill Nino, Buck asks about Coke, Buck has 2 empty stash houses, Buck wants to join HOA

Vivi: Someone wanted to use the Dark Web to hire someone to kill Dias, stash house

HOA Patrols Ft. Buck, Fred: Buck's business idea's, El Tesso, Chips stuck in MP lake, Manny's back in town, HOA x LSPD work together, HOA catch Raphael, threatens HOA, killed by Fred

Saab new house in MP, wants to join HOA

Payne: Sonya cried in front of him, "Fuck her", Misfits robbing Vinewood, Payne will move Eugene next door to OTT to annoy them out of the neighbourhood, Payne loved Dab, has a MP house for HOA to clean

Fred & Manny clear the house out, Raphael took took the pix out of Siz's trunk

HOA set up android Rob Watson to get a new spine for Kindle, Rob brainwashes Manny, Dr Agnes transplants Rob's robot spine into Kindle, Kindle can walk again, Dr Agnes transplants Rob's robot big Toe into Siz, Siz shoots Rob, Agnes slices Manny, Rob doesn't die.

Raphael advertises Pixie sticks on twitter, HOA find a local in their HQ, Siz & Kraytor look for Raphael, HOA chase Raphael, confirms he took pixie sticks from trunk & sold them, Kraytor botched execution

Flippy shoots Siz in the Barrio, Denzel has a warrant, Denzel vs Allen $30k roll

OG HOA Meeting Ft. Denzel, Kraytor: Jerry didn't submit evidence for Ricky's court case, Heavy Pistols, "Dab would be proud of you" - Denzel

Denzel plays Erin's Box Game, Speedy Bricks deal, Speedy shows off his new gun, $100k for limited Deagle

HOA Patrol - SBS Special Ft. Denzel, Kraytor: Marcus Griffin caught, 2 Misfits caught trying to scare OTT

Siz & the clown mime, HOA try to set up Zee, "Do whatever you want to Tsury, QuickFix doesn't care anymore" - Zeke, HOA repo Zee's car.

103 House Protection Services

(October 16th, 2019)


Curtis: Luther, Tang Gang

Gladys asks about Dog Fuckers & MP Predator

Curtis: Crime-free, taking contracts

Ellie: LB too broke for coke

Erin wants to go to family therapy, Siz talks to BabyOil, Saab is a bad friend, BabyOil is better than the misfits & BabyOil sad story

Erin: Arthur missing, fired from Harmony, Sonya

Saab's car ransom

HOA Patrol Ft. Fred, Buck, Erin: Siz fails a jump twice, BBMC/FallenMC/QF discussion, Payne asks HOA to deal with Cassie Cupcakes, no house robberies

LB coke deal, HOA being followed by clowns, Dee tweets a picture of a dead cat, then a picture of 4 dead pigs, then a rabbit, then a deer

Fred was told not to trust Siz by Dee, Dee named her hatchet 'Tusk', ls looking for Siz, sent by Zee

Siz & Fred chase the clowns, kindap them, Siz's head explodes

Frederick Bodini murders Dee Mented, Queen of Forum Drive stabs Ivan Tickles, and bodies get dumped outside of Zee's Diner.

Siz asks Zelda about a spare stash house, Chips calls about a hunter in MP, hunter asks about the SBS Park Rangers, Dee Mented permas, Buck's car got repo'd

HOA Solo Patrol: Sarah caught, Lance cuts her loose

Gold Runs Ft. Zelda, Fred: Remembering Siz's first job with Dab, Fred get's Zelda's number

Siz moves everything from Vivi's house to Zelda's apartment, Siz & Zelda fistbump in front of Fred, Siz let's Zelda drive the Lambo, Siz & Zelda family trees, Zelda talks about Mother's old plan to kill Siz

Denzel: Johnny Fahrenheit back in town, Fahrenheit is a CI for Dias & used to be in love with Sonya, List of names being investigated by police: Siz, Kraytor, Denzel, Saab, Tony, Curtis, etc., Dias wants info on LB and Bovice

Raven doesn't want Zelda to drive the Lambo, Denzel is proud of his goddaughter

HOA Patrol Ft. Denzel, Daryl: Sarah caught again, robbed & let go

HOA Grapeland calls Siz to investigate the MP/Vinewood HOA

104 When you see it

(October 17th, 2019)


Misfits Siz wants to test the HOA (Fred, Huck, Daryl, Kraytor), Breaks into the HOA HQ, plan fails due to scuff

HOA try Ian's Escape Room Ft. Kraytor, Daryl, Fred: Interrupted by head pops

Tony is no longer poor, wants to buy a house in Mirror Park

HOA finish Ian's Escape Room

105 House Robberies Must End.

(October 18th, 2019)


Buck: Coke, Greens, Guns

HOA caught Sonya robbing houses again, Azteca's Coke deal, Siz makes Eugene pay on his car

Dom meeting: FBI coming after Dom, GSF, will give large supply while he goes dark, $115k and 100 Pix for 15 bricks

Violet wants a boyfriend, Yung Siz outfit again

Dom's coke drop off, Dom is proud of Siz, Dom wants to buy the Faberge Egg, Dom flies out of the state

Tony got a mansion in Vinewood, made $400k from gambling

Denzel: Sonya caught robbing houses twice last night, OTT says there's no beef with HOA

Ramee tries to sell Siz a romance novel, Tony uses Alexa in the HOA HQ, Siz & Buck shoot a porno, Jacob spotted for the first time in months

Payne unhappy that Mike is HOA, Judges & Police aware that Vagos & HOA are affiliated

HOA on Coke Ft. Buck, Tony, Denzel: Shooting up Zee's Diner, everyone fights in the car, Tony shows everyone Zelda's cave, HOA too late to a robbery, Cops catch robber, HOA vs Forcer stand-off

Criminals can only gamble now, Tony ERP EMS, Tony fights a tow tuck driver

Siz, Tony & Denzel plan a Jewellery Store motorbike escape, Bird Detective is looking for Denzel

Mason Beaks vs Tony argument

Mason Beaks: Asked to investigate Denzel by Raphael, also hunting Bovice

Mason Beaks Execution

Denzel Bricks Deal, Denzel offers a random to roll for Siz's car, Tony loses, Siz runs

Happy & Windsong hired Merryweather Security to see if anyone is staking out their house

HOA Patrol Ft. Denzel, Tony, Daryl: Mason Beaks tweets, Vinewood coffee sellers, HOA kill coffee sellers

106 Siz Man

(October 19th, 2019)


HOA Patrol Ft. Huck: Huck wants to kill someone, asks about Dab, people think HOA are terrorists, HOA sexy calendar, Buck picked up, Buck's WWE business idea, Siz baits a cop chase and head instantly explodes

Buck bricks deal, cop chase 2, Siz escapes, Shepherd calls Siz to meet in MP

Shepherd: Car chase, HOA doing a good job, someone looking for HOA & threatened police

Azteca's brick deal, Perkins drives the lambo, Perkins thinks the HOA is a terrorist organisation

Nino meeting: Hookers vs Jumpers, Coke, Job Opportunities, Nino haggles for prices, Art

Mike Skunt: Arrested for allegedly helping Bovice while with Gomer, suspects a rat

Nino has a buyer for the Egg, Nino brick deal, #HOA on Twitter

Chips brick deal, Payne calls & asks for HOA to become an official business, suggests a HOA southside, Siz & Chips do coke

HOA Patrol Ft. Kraytor: Giovanni caught, killed by Kraytor & imponded with his car

Jewellery Store Ft. Kraytor: Mountain chase, Air-1, Siz shot down by Williams, Prostate exam,Siz shoots Williams at Pillbox, someone puts a wiener in Siz's pockets, $10k fine

Ryan Carthus waits for Siz outside the prison

HOA Patrol Ft. Kraytor: Siz head pop lets another robber escape, Julio says alarms are broken, Siz & Julio breach a house full of locals, Police catch Raphael robbing houses

107 Late Stream. Hello

(October 20th, 2019)


OOC: Reaction to NoPixel community meeting

Huck RDM'ed, Fred wants to borrow the Lambo, Daryl killed Reid's husband, Huck killed fake HOA member, HOA look for Huck's RDM'er

Zelda: Dee Mented trail, trusting Fred, HOA Executions, Siz's Grand Plan, Coke, GSF, HOA Summer Camp

HOA Patrol Ft. Huck, Fred, Zelda: Nobody caught

Siz vs tow tuck driver, then tazes Lance, Bovice tried to kill Mickey Rivers, Siz is getting followed by Ryan Carthus, Davey calls to warn about Lance & LSPD looking into HOA, Ryan pays for Siz's car repair

HOA Meeting Ft. Daryl, Fred, Huck, Zelda, Denzel: Daryl ambushed multiple times by Fallen MC, Fallen MC working with Lost MC, Denzel is blonde

Gazz: is Lost MC, at war with BBMC, Reid vs Daryl is 'not a club thing', someone from Lost might have taken it upon themselves to attack Daryl

Julio: Southside houses pay out more, Jewellery store pays out more, all bank cards & MP5's have disappeared

Siz checks his stash: 3 MP5's & ~60 bank cards lost.

HOA Patrol Ft. Daryl, Fred, Huck: Siz hides from Lance, Sonya stabbed Daryl & Fred, then shot by Huck, Black Betty vs HOA hospital trash talk, "Dab would be ashamed" - Gomer

Daryl wants to ambush Black Betty in their HQ since he still has their keys, Black Betty vs HOA twitter, Daryl asks about Coke, Gomer isn't happy with Flippy for catching Sonya during HOA.

HOA meet up with Raven at the golf course

HOA Raid Black Betty HQ, steal their stuff Ft. Denzel, Daryl, Flippy

BB shoot up HOA: Daryl, Flippy & Denzel down, Siz stays inside, Daryl taken to Grandpa's, Denzel & Flippy robbed, Gomer + Sonya + Boe suspected shooters, BB wore Gnome masks.

Gomer texts Daryl, HOA ambush BB at their mansion, Siz crashes, caught by police, HOA vs BB in the Hospital

[VOD cuts out, but BB & HOA argue the whole time in Pillbox]

Everyone get's charged except Gomer, Cops want Siz to snitch

HOA talk to Boe in prison

Daryl bricks deal

108 HOA vs The World

(October 22nd, 2019)


Siz tells Jordan that he's the coke connect, asks Jordan about C4, Harmony bricks deal, Curtis back in LB, Siz tells Curtis & Flippy about the HOA terrorist plan, Siz tells Curtis about HOA vs BB

HOA solo patrol: Willaims $10k HOA donation, Siz baits another cop chase, no crime in Vinewood or Mirror Park (again)

Buck's Tow Gang idea, Siz tells Buck about BB vs HOA, meeting Huck's friend Sam, Buck gives Jobie advice about being in the city, Siz rides along with AJ Hunter, Ryan Carthus follows Siz again, Siz responds to a fight in Vinewood, Siz shows a real estate agent the place Kraytor wants to live in

HOA Patrol Ft. Buck, Sam: Jobie caught robbing houses, Denzel vs Sam, HOA at war with Ballas x Russians, ambushed Daryl while on patrol, HOA (Daryl, Flippy, Anto) shot Ballas x Russians in SS, Ryan calls - Someone is masturbating on Siz's house, Denzel executes Sam for a year long beef, "My chest man."

HOA Patrol new crew Ft. Buck, Daryl, Denzel: Daryl + Denzel + Boe all fall off the mountain and pass out, Siz finds cum stains on his house, Violet angry at HOA, HOA vs Serial Jizzer Charles McGruff

Denzel: Has C4, plans to use C4 against Big-E/Ballas, Ricky prison break attempt

Siz steals a firetruck to kill the Serial Jizzer, Siz & Daryl chase McGruff, Raphael texts again

McGruff caught, Siz helps him cum on Lauren Forcer's doorstep, HOA wash McGruff off with firetrucks

Man watched HOA execute McGruff, also gets executed himself

HOA Patrol Ft. Kraytor, Daryl: HOA find Damzel in Vinewood, Pillbox taser shootout

109 Explosive HOA Patrols

(October 24th, 2019)


Denzel talks about the Ricky protests, #RickyWorld, Denzel hires Dimitri for the HOA, Siz get's hit by a car going to his stash house

Siz asks Eugene for C4, Ellie breaks it down

Siz meets Brett Biggledoinks, GSF drive by on Lean Street, Siz becomes a temporary LeanBoi

Erin wants to be in a gang, Siz asks Erin about C4

Siz Saab cosplay, Hunting for GSF Ft. Ellie, Curtis, Brett: Eugene put out $10k hit on snitch EMS Chloe

LB vs GSF Round 1: Ellie down, Siz flips the bird, trip to Grandpa's

Siz VDM's solo bank robber Doug Canada, #SizSpecial, LB rob hooker Jupiter

Siz + Brett + Ellie kidnap Johnny Fahrenheit, let him roll for his life, is burnt alive

Brett wants to kill Zee, Siz + Ellie + Brett kidnap Zee at the VU, Brett RP checks Gunn, Zee tries to run and gets shot, Ellie's plan to get more house robbers in Vinewood: Spread rumours that Vinewood houses are very profitable

Siz tells Huck that Sam is dead, Jordan says you can get C4 at the Wizard, Siz + Huck + Ellie pick up Lenny & Donny and play Ellie's death game, Round 1 rap battle: Lenny wins, Round 2 knife fight: Lenny wins, Lenny rolls for the #SizSpecial

Ellie learns how to brainwash someone, Master Manipulator Mel joins the crew

Ellie + Huck + Mel + Siz dad gang brainwash Bryce into robbing houses "for Black Betty", Bryce breaks all his lockpicks

Bryce Brainwashing - Plan B: Bryce fights his 5th Dad Ziggy

Daryl: Gomer called asking where Sonya is, Sonya missing?

Ryan's car has guns mounted, Police escort to the airfield to test it , Siz gets shot, Shaw is Siz's brother

Julio: people coffee speedrun the front of Fleeca's for bank cards, shot Jerry with an AK, Siz asks Julio for C4

HOA patrol Ft. Daryl, Kraytor, Julio: Daryl meta unlocks Nino killing Sonya, Gomer knew and did nothing, Summer initiative. "Adrian" caught in Vinewood, let go by Kraytor, HOA try to trick Clarence into robbing a house, Daryl shoots a Russian

110 Outer Worlds Mostly Bad Karma

(October 25th, 2019)

1 Starts at 7:16

Siz's house in Mirror Park + HOA HQ get raided.

Siz's phone records searched

[VOD muted when Malton, Metzger & DA come back to talk to Siz, I assume they read out all of his charges, $26k fine & ~350 month time]

111 Bonus Super Sunday Stream

(October 28th, 2019)


Siz released from prison after the raid

Ducked by Jerry x2

Out of jail #GodblesstheHOA #fuckthepolice

Flippy, Raven, Julio, Jerry party at HOA HQ

Julio may get raided for Matilda Video

Siz to Jerry explains HOA raid, Dee Mented murder, serial jizzer, discuss a potential lawsuit

Call from a private number. Snake in max security?

Ivan Tickles' surprisingly clean record

Julio's AK Suppressors, Azteca's looking for Misfits, Misfits x BBMC

Recycling center blues, Katherine Kaspar offers spiritual readings

Siz recruits Steve En for his court case, Siz & Julio look for friendship bracelets, Siz finds Dee's hatchet in his Pink Cage apartment

Siz gets taken hostage by "Juan Carlos Hernandez"

Watermelon shitlording

Taken hostage again by "Juan Carlos Hernandez" and NotSteve for a Fleeca

Siz hit rock bottom, Guilt trips Lance, HOA Paid Advertisement

Azteca bricks deal, Mason Beaks tweets Denzel, Flippy bricks deal

Mike's incriminating text, Siz tries to clean up his phone records

Shitlording continued, Siz misses 2 MP robberies

Daryl had a gun pulled on him by Lauren Forcer

112 HOA Sidelines w/Siz

(October 30th, 2019)


Siz meets Brav O'Six, looking for Russian operatives, Ryan Carthus follows Siz

Mason Beaks was trying to get to Denzel through Ryan

Siz meets Pepe Silvia, tells Brett Biggledoinks about the raid, Brett vs GSF over

Siz meets Patrit "Meat", Meat chief of Recycling Enforcement Agency, Siz & Kaspar give Meat relationship advice, Fairy godmother Siz, Drunk driver Buck in the hospital

HOA Patrol Ft. Buck, Meat: Buck arrested for Ricky protest, Buck voice recognition, Meat sings for a date, Siz watches Meat's date go wrong, then it goes very right, Siz owes Allen $60k

Buck officially joins the HOA, Payne asks about Siz's raid, Siz Alt+F4's

Payne Meeting: Raid, Dee's Murder case, HOA vs BB, Siz's court appeal, Payne asks about Bovice, Ivan tweets Dee

Siz shows Payne Kraytor's place under the bridge, Huck pulled Payne over, Lance runs Brett over

Daryl & Fred bought a new HOA Mansion, Siz guilt trips Lance again

HOA Bike Patrol Ft. Huck: Siz tries to commit insurance fraud, Calypso $1000 scam, Diaz moving out of MP & wants to sell Siz his house, Raphael gave Huck $10k to kill Mason Beaks

Another private call from Snake? Mentioned Dab & "everyone is in danger"?

Huck talks about Mason Beaks tweets, meeting & threats, HOA beat up Beaks, Davey upset over Dee's death, Huck gets a video of Ivan with Dee's hatchet

Siz recruits an Alien sound-alike for his court case, Huck does his Siz impression, Pixie Plum asks HOA to not patrol around Parsons

Denzel: Raid, Dee, Mason Beaks, Erin friends with Gomer

Jax & Steve En want to open a coffee shop in MP, want to hire HOA as security, Nick Molini offers production company services to HOA

HOA get Julio's tasers & pistols, Arush's Tec-9 & Skorpion prices

Siz is "ran over" by Bobby Smith and sent into ICU.

Siz's 20 Emergency Contacts

113 Siz leaves ICU

(November 3rd, 2019)

1 2

Siz wakes up from ICU, realises Zelda's picture is missing, Jerry's getting married

Daryl vs Lost MC, Siz watches Eugene's raid, Arthur gave Erin his car, new HOA branch called JOA to guard jewellery store, Erin dating Flippy

Jerry: DOJ threatened Payne + Jerry + the HOA with raids, Ivan Tickles witness

Dias pays the HOA fee, Siz buys Dias' house, Lawrence Splainer goes through Siz's phone records, Eugene wants to be broken out of prison

Siz meets Dumbass & Carl Crimes, they need thermite to break Eugene out of prison, Flippy says QuickFix is the new thermite connect, Julio's loyalty rewards, Julio tells Siz how he went into ICU, OTT trying to move into the Southside again

Dias asks Siz for a Brawler chase "for old times sake", Siz is the King of the Dirt, Dias has a box, Dias mental breakdown?

Siz & Julio make their JOA outfits, Meat sings a HOA theme song

Siz confronts Erin about working with Gomer & Sonya, Erin wants to squash the beef between Gomer & everyone, Russians x Ballas pulled up on Denzel and Erin, Gomer's reputation

JOA security Ft. Meat, Julio, Huck, Stanley, Erin: Nobody shows up

Payne meeting: DA threatened to arrest Payne, Payne enlisting Murphy Braun & Kevin Shaw to represent Siz, Payne's Siz impression, transferring Dias' house to Stanley, Southside politics, Sitzerland

Siz stores Flippy's car in the HOA HQ, Meat hired as a HOA cadet

Ramee invites Siz to do the vault

Flippy, Randy & Ramee explain the new vault: Powerplant needs to be hit, new thermite, Local SWAT cops show up if thermite mistake

Powerplant attempt 1 Ft. Flippy, Ramee, Randy, Hostage Con: Tinker & Maddy caught in powerplant, Siz fire extinguisher save, Ramee fails first Thermite, local police shootout, thermite scuffs, cop chase & shootout, everyone escapes

Crafting table gone, Thermite from QF, Heavy Pistols from Bikers, Alpha Siz QF Thermite discount, Vulture Ramee

Powerplant attempt 2 Ft. Flippy, Ramee, Randy, Hostage Jaden: Hostage sings, Flippy gets 6 thermite boxes but shot down by cops, Siz & Randy shot down, Warlord Ramee clutch save

Vault attempt 1 Ft. Flippy, Ramee, Randy, HOA Commercial actor Hostage: Vault still powered

Vault crew look for other power boxes to turn off power to the vault

Powerplant attempt 3 Ft. Flippy, Ramee, Randy: Flippy fails 2nd thermite, everyone bails

Powerplant attempt 4 Ft. Flippy, Ramee, Randy: Ramee fails lots of thermite, Flippy & Randy finish thermite, only local cops show up

Vault attempt 2 Ft. Randy, Ramee, Flippy: Vault powered down, new Gruppe 6 cards needed, Shaggy provides black card, black card needed to get into Gruppe 6 van, Vault crew hit truck but interrupted by police, everyone escapes police chases

Daryl:aryl vs Lost MC, gun connect, no ways to make money

114 Project Sizterland + HOA

(November 4th, 2019)

1 2 3

Gladys is crime-free and wants to become a lawyer, Gladys and Vinny fight for Siz's attention, Gladys wants to sell all her illegal goods since she got expunged

Randy: Bank trucks hittable, Fleeca banks/vault theory, inked money bags

Payne told Denzel about HOA southside, Concussed Jerry, Siz looks at a house he wants to buy on the Southside, Siz watches the Misfits get raided again, Alpha Vagos 2nd in command Siz pulls rank on Flippy, Siz's 15% Payne coupon, Herbert wants to live with Siz

Siz cleans out a Southside house, $12.5k for 10 bottles of alcohol, then buys the house for $25k

Flippy: Raja's SNS deal, Wants to be the first to rob the vault with Mike + Siz, Paleto bank can be robbed with green gruppe 6 cards

Juanilla interested in HOA, Mike & Flippy make it rain on Siz, Dom is back in town, Siz tells Kraytor & Huck about the Gruppe 6 truck

Kraytor tried to test Fred & Daryl, they were too distracted with "poon", Dom calls for a coke drop, $150k for 15 bricks deal, Kraytor & Huck found a bank truck, Flippy finds another bank truck, bank truck #1 payout: $2k, 4 marked bills.

Nobody has enough cards for bank truck #2

HOA store robberies Ft. Kraytor, Huck, Daryl: Scuffed Siz, Arush got 1 card in 15 stores, Vagos vs NVL'er hiding in MRPD, Siz gets a black card

Siz finds a bank truck, Daryl says PD get an alert when the back door is opened, HOA + Julio open bank truck, cucked by tsunami, truck #2 payout: $3k, 16 marked bills

HOA x Vagos x Julio discuss bank trucks, everyone steals Julio's AK

Flippy: Nobody wants OTT in the southside, Mike dressed up as OTT and killed Andrews, then killed OTT and planted Andrews' PD weapons

Daryl shot Reid & Ryan again, Anto suggests HOA stop coke pushers in Vinewood

HOA + Julio store robberies Ft. Daryl, Huck, Julio: Cop chase, Daryl break check = escape, Cop chase 2, Daryl escapes again,Siz hits Huck with the #SizSpecial

Front of Fleeca robberies Ft. Huck, Julio: Siz & Huck distract cops, Julio robs registers, Siz crashes, Julio hits a cop with the #SizSpecial, Julio talked his way out of all charges, Huck caught


Horse Owners Association

(November 6th, 2019)


Siz goes to visit Flippy & Mike in jail, cop chase, crash into a Ricky, [VOD Muted but Siz runs into some Ricky's & a priest idk what they talk about]

Flippy caught & arrested

OOC: RDR2 RP Ft. Erin, Dias, Kraytor, Lauren Forcer, Dias, Kyle, etc.

116 Meta Unlocked

(November 7th, 2019)


OOC: Flippy gave meta unlocked, Siz 4 Bricks deal with Speedy

Flippy meta unlocked: Vagos Traphouse, Marked bills sold in traphouse, Fleeca cards only in trucks, Fleeca vault gives green G6 card

Siz warns Juanilla about Traphouse snoopers, Juanilla asks about Siz's origins with the Vagos

Fred: OTT and Misfits refused to pay MP $10 HOA fee, Chips' kidney got stolen, Bikers selling their house in MP

Russian Motya wants to meet with Siz, asks for coke, 1 Brick deal with Motya, Motya says Russians x Ballas hold pawn shop, pawn shop gives black g6 cards & new air-pressure lockpicks

Siz brings Payne to a coke deal, Azteca 2 Bricks deal, Siz cleans out another Payne house for $5k and "a favour"

Siz catches Hank Dogstaff trying to break into his southside house, Hank robbed by Siz then taken by cops, Siz & Payne ask Judge to stop Jerry being called up as a witness

LB miss Siz, Sovereign Citizen said you can get green G6 cards from Vinewood houses, Flippy wants to hit Paleto

Siz & Flippy meet with CG to exchange vault information, Ramee says Paleto is empty

Turbo: Vault opening requires a ritual of people with certain items in 5 positions, gives Siz the 5 collectible items

Siz tells Huck + Julio + Flippy about the Vault ritual, Zelda brings 2 inked sets, Zelda stabs Flippy

Siz meets Lil Loco, Los Santos rates Julio's looks

Jewellery Store Ft. Julio, Flippy, Hostage Adrian: Car disabled, Siz shoots & escapes, Flippy caught

Julio "officially" part of HOA

117 Vault?

(November 8th, 2019)


Flippy: CG don't want to bring "outsiders" in to their first vault attempt

Flippy wants to hit the vault with Lil Loco & Curtis

Powerplant Ft. Flippy, Curtis, Lil Loco: Siz vlogs, Local PD choppers, Flippy fails new thermite, Loco goes down, everyone escapes

Chang doppleganger, Keypad gone from Vagos traphouse, Saab thinks he can do the new thermite

Saab Thermite test Ft. Saab, Flippy: 1 thermite done then failed

Randy might get raided, Jason is back in town, Siz wants to test Jason on new thermite

Overconfident Jason Thermite test Ft. Jason, Saab, Flippy: instant fail, 100% success rate ended

Flippy gets chased during Powerplant prep, cop shootout, Flippy + Siz + Jason burn alive, Siz & Jason caught, Saab & Flippy rescue attempt

Siz gets a prostate exam in MRPD, PD get Siz's DNA, Siz rolls with Lauren for HOA Fees, Summer vs Jordan

Jewellery Store Smash 'n 'Grab Ft. Flippy, Jason

Powerplant test 2 Ft. Jason. Flippy, Daryl: Flippy & Jason still can't do the thermite, chased by Lauren Forcer

118 Eyes Always Open

(November 9th, 2019)


OOC: Dab reacts to the new thermite

Meat killed a Vinewood cocaine dealer, Fred & Meat executed Fake HOA robber

HOA Patrols Ft. Meat, Fred, Huck: Buffalo/Cindy caught, singing competition vs Meat, Meat wins, Buffalo dies, CG caught "fixing" MP store, Siz vlogs Vinewood store robbery, Wayne caught robbing house in Rockford, gets let go

Meat wants to try thermite, Tony wants to do a "big plan", Siz gifts Soze's camera to Zelda

Tony: Bank trucks, G6 cards, Vault,

Huck gets a Green G6 card robbing stores

Robbing Stores Ft. Saab, Tony: Every store is empty, cop chase, everyone escapes

Flippy explains the powerplant to Saab + Tony + Mike, Tony can't buy fire extinguishers, Siz's Paleto Gold run

Robbing Stores Ft. Huck, Meat, Daryl: All stores empty, front of fleeca intermission, stores empty again, Daryl picked up, HOA vs Jimmy Deany twitter war, cop chase, Daryl drives into a gas station, everyone arrested

Daryl escapes MRPD, Meat sings, Siz + Meat + Huck go to prison, HOA beat up Flippy in prison, Flippy beats up Siz in prison

Powerplant crew got caught

119 8 New Emotes POG

(November 10th, 2019)


Denzel holds down the new LB Traphouse, Apples kidnaps Doug Canada, Doug tortured by Denzel

Siz learns about decrypting to find "special" houses, Huck arrested by Ripley

Misfits robbing LB traphouse customers

Hunting Misfits Ft. Denzel, Arturo, Flippy: Misfits shootout, Siz chased by cops & escapes, everyone else arrested

Siz kidnaps Misfit 'Jason', gets Misfits radio channel, asks about Misfits

Denzel & Flippy taunt OTT over the radio, Siz wants to be in a Southside gang, Denzel & Flippy execute Jason in Vinewood

OTT rolls up on Siz, shoots Siz & runs, Bo Tucker asks for OTT's radio frequency & listens in to Flippy + Denzel argue with OTT, baits him into admitting crimes

Siz + Denzel + Flippy meet with OTT, OTT with Violet, trying to bait OTT into attacking while cops watch in the distance

Cops offering $30k for information on OTT, Huck + Fred + Meat looking for Tsury for not paying $10 HOA fee

Fleeca Ft. Flippy: Swedish Siz, Cop chase, HOA caught Tsury, Siz ID'd by flip-flops

Tsury: Bounty put on Siz's head by Rango, Issue with HOA is that they don't leave Zee alone

Siz executes Tsury in front of the police , Yung Siz

Siz & Flippy chased by cops, tunnel chase, Siz dumps the murder weapon, Fred & Huck failed rescue, Siz hides in Baas' car, shot down by Dias

Dias tries to get Siz to talk, Siz wants a lawyer, PD can't prove anything

Lawyer Ferst Temple: PD can't prove anything since there's no gun & no GSR, Tsury only witness claims it was Siz

Siz needs to appeal the charges, goes to jail.

Julio: 'special' houses info

HOA visit Siz in jail, Jewellery store doors can lock now, Fred cleared out HOA HQ

120 Rare Sunday Stream

(November 11th, 2019)

1 2

Siz asks Summer to take the Tsury murder case

Chips is paralyzed, Siz fucks with Dias during MP store robbery

HOA catch Doug Canada robbing houses, gets robbed & let go.

Siz explains Tsury case to Summer, Siz tells Summer about OTT's radio self snitching

Violet wants to join HOA, Siz offers $2k for Violet to shoot OTT, Bobby Schmegal is dead, Violet explains why she's not an Azteca anymore

Azteca bricks deal, asks about Violet

Siz asks Flippy about Violet, Purple G6 card needed to hit Jewellery store

Flippy + Mike + Lil Loco meet with Siz + Violet to discuss Violet's HOA potential

HOA meet with Vagos and LSPD to claim the OTT $30,000 bounty

Siz only gets paid if LSPD is allowed to ID Siz by his flip flops

Sovereign Citizen wants to vulture the pawn shop vultures

Vulture Gang Pawn Patrol Ft. Sovereign Citizen, Julio, Fred: Siz & Julio pulled over, saved by Sovereign shooting a cop, Huck replaces Sovereign

HOA Vulture Gang want to set up Mason Beaks

Summer wants to take Siz's case along with Adrienne West

Mason Beaks asks Vulture Gang to capture HOA, Vulture Gang 'kidnaps' Siz & hands him over to Mason Beaks, Beaks has 'beef' with Denzel, HOA turn on Beaks

Vulture Committee Pawn Patrol 2 Ft. Julio, Huck, Fred: Siz get's VDM'ed, Vulture Committee looks for VDM guy

HOA Vulture Gang Vinewood Patrol Ft. Julio, Huck, Fred: Tsury runs, then kidnapped, then blown up, All American Vulture Committee

Vulture Gang Pawn Patrol 3 Ft. Julio, Huck, Fred: VDM Guy chased but escapes 2x, Anto's prank goes wrong

Siz asks Raja about selling decryptors, Raja will help Siz if HOA lets QF employees rob houses, Raja asks about Tsury, Raja says you can use decryptors in different houses now, HOA Vulture Committee look for new decryptor spots

Daryl's Jackpot bank truck

Raja: 1 decryptor spot for houses, 1 decryptor spot for stores, decryptor spot locations

121 Vulture Committee Member

(November 12th, 2019)

1 2

Payne gives Siz a 15% off coupon, Denzel wants the HOA to look after the LB traphouse, Denzel doesn't want Violet in the HOA, Misfit Jason crashes into HOA x LB x Vagos, Denzel says Valuable Goods are back in the jewellery store

Siz shows Denzel + Lil Loco + Curtis the 2 decryptor spots

Store robbery Ft. Curtis, Denzel, Lil Loco, Misfit Jason hostage: Pinto taken hostage in the store, Loco got a purple card, Curtis & Denzel get chased, Curtis caught

Erin is broke, Siz shows Lil Loco his face

Jewellery store Ft. Lil Loco, Denzel, Mason: Lil Loco flirts with hostage, easy chase, 70+ gold bars payout

LB x HOA Dance party, Denzel Bricks Deal, Vivi stabs Stanley

Siz force permas Saab, HOA dance party

Cowboy Siz coke collection, HOA x Vagos mosh pit

HOA Patrol Ft. Daryl, Huck, Kraytor: Siz catches Maxy & Johnny, saved by Raja deal, Daryl blows up QuickFix, Daphne & Jacklyn caught, shot by HOA, Jacklyn is Daryl's cheating ex, Kraytor & Huck shot up by Fallen, Kraytor kidnapped, Scuffed Siz can't see the Fallen members, Fallen try to hide in QF, Siz imponds their car, Jake & Kai kidnapped Kraytor & shot Huck

HOA catch Kai, kidnap & execute him, Jake wants to trade places with Kai so HOA take Kai's body to Jake,then kidnap, torture, and kill Jake, Jake said someone in HOA leaks info

Someone (Lil Dub & someone else) took Julio hostage for MP store robbery & stole his car, caught by HOA, burned alive

Daryl: Tinker wants to set up a deal with the HOA, New guards in the Gruppe 6 Bank Trucks

122 Vinewood on Fire

(November 13th, 2019)


Siz + Emily Maw + Mason + Lil Loco + Saab + Chips watch Curtis + Tony + Flippy + Mike attempt the powerplant

Targeted Store Robberies Ft. Fred: Tucker chases, Siz crashes, everyone escapes

Vulture Boy Band coke pickup Ft. Fred, Lil Loco: Siz wins a Lambo

Violet mad that HOA won't accept her

American Vulture Committee Pawn Patrol Ft. Fred, Lil Loco, Huck: Loco macks on sorority girls, Fred macks harder, Siz makes Zee crash

AVC meets Summer's brother Richie, Denzel & Ricky try to sell Loco a person, Loco buys Kyle & makes him "pretty"

Dexx asks Vulture gang to stop Russians x Ballas from over-taxing pawn when GSF isn't around & keeping them away from the GSF traphouse

HOA Vulture Patrol Ft. Lil Loco, Fred, Huck

Daryl & Meat got shot up by Ballas x Russians during HOA Patrol, GSF think HOA have Gunn on a hitlist, Fallen MC are holding down the decryptor shack for houses

Julio gives SNS + Extended Mags, Siz tells QF about Fallen MC holding down the decryptor shack

HOA Vulture Patrol 2 Ft. Lil Loco, Julio

Siz talks to Maxy about Fallen holding down decryptor shack

123 #ProtectTheHut

(November 14th, 2019)


HOA ambushed by Russians, Daryl in ICU, Flippy got raided for powerplant attempts

Siz meets with Paddy, Fallen MC only taxed the decryptor hut to take it away from the Russians, Paddy prepared to give up the hut, meeting interrupted by Casey Valentine cop chase, Siz offers the Russians' coke to the Fallen MC

Fallen MC 2 bricks deal, Harmony 4 bricks deal, Siz becomes a millionaire, Azteca's 2 bricks deal - "$10k on top if you don't sell to Violet"

Siz watches HOA rob a Fleeca, Fred gets caught

HOA Limo Patrol Ft. Huck, Julio, T-Bag: Scuffed house alerts = no robberies, HOA call Perkins to check

Cops chase the Tang Limo, HOA shoot Perkins

HOA Paleto Gold Runs Ft. Huck, Kraytor, Julio, T-Bag

Mason Beaks wants to meet with HOA

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Kraytor, Drunk Hostage: Easy chase

Raphael has been following the HOA and listening to conversations, The glass God Raphael

124 New Siz. Scuffed Siz

(November 19th, 2019)


Siz wears his new clothes

Russians still try to ambush HOA, Misfits attacked Julio & Fred, HOA shot up Russians in MP & gave them to GSF, Vagos vs CG

HOA Patrols Ft. Anto, Fred: Fallen MC disbanded

Loco: Chang Gang shot up Vagos during a Paleto bank job

Payne: Someone from the HOA kidnapped a Judge, Jerry fired

Siz meets the Judges to do good PR, falls into BoviceWorld, Judges ask Siz to write HOA SOP's

Jimmy Deany asks if Siz's face is ok, loses his potential job with Payne Real Estate

CG wants to buy a Green G6 Card for $35k, Chang offers to train the HOA for a discount on the G6 Card, Vagos roll up on CG in the Dojo

Flippy says random people are trying to set up the HOA

HOA wiped the PD, Daryl tried to take a Judge hostage, HOA find the new store in MP, Raphael asks about Anto

Jordan explains the new player stores, CG G6 card deal

HOA turn Raphael against Mason Beaks, Raphael 'infiltrated' the Vagos

HOA Patrol Ft. T-Bag, Kraytor, Fred: the HOA find Waldo

125 Sizzy Wizzy

(November 20th, 2019)


LB show off their new cars, LB x Vagos bully Siz

Luther wants to bring Mikey Mersion into HOA, HOA x GSF open a bank truck

HOA Patrols Ft. Meat, Fred: Fred & Meat shootout with Russian, Karl Johnny caught, Siz argues with Russian Ivan, Ivan trades for Karl, Siz lets Ivan go

Otto, Dom & Darius want the money Siz owes, threaten him with LMG's, $150k owed & $50k late fee, Otto wants Siz to be alpha

15 brick coke pickup & $150k payment, Siz sells all pix to Dom for $20k

Paleto Bank Robbery Ft. Ramee, Chang, Wayne: Ramee fails thermite, Hostage Carmella's head pops, Chang fails hacking

Tim Lee & Jim Lee try to take Gomer hostage, Johnny Fahrenheit asks Cowboy Siz to high noon

3x Fleeca Robbery Ft. Chang, Wayne, Pablo

HOA try to pull a prank on Siz, Arturo stopped a Vinewood house robber

Daryl jumped by Lil W and Taco, then HOA jumped them.

Siz & Daryl do Oxy runs, Siz makes Julio wear the Dunce hat

HOA Patrol Ft. Julio, Daryl

126 Vulture Hunts Vulture

(November 21st, 2019)


HOA Patrol Ft. Luther: Russian stakeout interrupted by head pop

HOA Patrol Ft. Fred, Huck, Meat: Anto & Wayne looking for Flippy/Vagos, HOA find a G6 Bank Truck, nobody has black cards

Tsury ignores HOA & runs, gets shot

Siz gets the HOA Brawler, Apples caught robbing MP store, Eddie drowns the HOA Brawler twice

Siz gets arrested trying to help BBC, explores the new prison

Lil Loco old lady disguise, 2 bricks deal, Harmony 4 bricks deal, Siz pays his $100k debt to Allen

Siz walks Adrienne & Raja through the Tsury execution, Raja fired Tsury, Raja buys Valuable Goods

Daryl & Julio caught Raphael acting as fake HOA, Allen 4 bricks deal

Allen: [VOD muted for start of conversation], Raja is the other Coke dealer, Allen got spooked by Raja keeping a list of who he deals with, Allen wants to create an Avengers-like team to do jobs

Scooter shopping with Allen, Raja offering 50% off on HOA Brawler repairs, Huck Best Cadet

Siz talks to Boris in Benny's, Saab scams Siz

HOA smash Happy's car, HOA Brawler vs Perkins' BCSO truck, Kraytor vs Happy shootout, Happy slanders Siz on twitter, Sybil asks about renting out MP lake

127 HOA Brawler Hunts

(November 22nd, 2019)

1 2

Russians shot Daryl, Daryl & Reid squashed beef (kind of), Speedy wants to rent the HOA to put hits on people

HOA watch Vagos vs CG shootout, Wayne rolled up on Vagos, Siz grills Anto

PD Ambush set-up Ft. Flippy, Buddha, Curtis: Curtis falls off a building

Speedy 6 bricks deal, Alpha Siz corrects Happy's housemate

Jewellery Store Ft. Curtis, Flippy, Hostage Carmella

PD Ambush Ft. Curtis, Flippy, Buddha: Siz kills 2, downed by Angel, everyone arrested

Siz watches Red's mental breakdown vs Jordan, Larry offers to be HOA's permanent lawyer, HOA Brawler gets illegal upgrades

HOA Patrol Ft. Fred, Huck, Zelda, Erin: CG caught "robbing houses", Chang tests Fred

Payne wants to open a new store in Mirror Park, Payne meets Raphael, "Dab -n- Go" is born, Payne accidentally creates a traphouse in MP

Eddie tries to fix the Brawler, Ryan explains how to get traphouse codes from pawn, Raven drops Zelda off, Zelda test drives the HOA Brawler, Huck wants to be knighted in the HOA

Chang lectures Daryl about starting wars

Russians don't want to proceed with war against HOA, Russians have nothing to gain from war, Boris doesn't want to lose his coke connect, Siz doesn't let the war end

Vultures come to MP 'store', Judd shows Siz a whole new world

HOA Patrol Ft. Huck, Julio, Daryl: Pawn store stakeout to find Russians, no Russians found

Speedy sold a deagle to the Russians, "squeeze them by the balls" - Speedy to Siz

Siz & Julio catch a Russian speeding in MP, Siz tells the Russian that the Deagle will end the war, Russian gets shot

Siz shows Speedy his Vagos clothing

HOA Patrol Ft. Julio, Daryl, Meat

Summer: Ripley gave conflicting police report for Tsury execution trial

128 Head Popping Siz

(November 23rd, 2019)


Paleto Bank Robbery Ft. Eugene, Flippy: Everyone's head pops, car scuffs, tunnel chase & boat escape, #MakePaletoGreatAgain

Flippy 'accidentally' runs Siz over

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Flippy, Kindle, Lil W hostage: Purple card obtained

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Flippy, Kindle

Flippy leaks traphouse code, police didn't lock Jewellery Store doors

2x Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Flippy, Vagos JJ

HOA Patrol Ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor: HOA vs Happy shootout

Siz snitches on Happy to Raven, HOA find Windsong's Russian date Vlad TriPoloski, Vlad shot by HOA

Daryl & EU HOA shot up by Russians, Daryl sold Siz's coke to the Bikers, Bikers cut off from Raja's coke

Reporter gives Siz a video of Happy snitching on the HOA to police, HOA meet the HOA ad guy

HOA stage a stickup Ft. Russian Julio, HOA to the rescue

"Russian" shot at QF crew while robbing a bank truck in MP, HOA (Siz, Huck, Kraytor, Julio) vs "Russian" shootout, "Russian" 1v4's HOA, "Russian" was Daryl

HOA malding session, Russians told Ballas that HOA put a bounty on Ballas' heads, Daryl wears the dunce hat

129 Snitch Gang Member Siz

(November 24th, 2019)


PD Ambush Ft. Flippy, Curtis, Saab: Siz gets 2, PD wiped, nobody goes down

HOA take a group picture Ft. Kindle, Luther, Denzel, Stanley, Fred, Huck, Flippy, T-Bag

Siz & Flippy find TriPoloski, ask him to be a spy within the Russians for Siz

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Flippy: Denzel assists in obtaining hostage Samuel, Siz tells Samuel to join Misfits, Samuel's #AD

Fred shot by cop & paralyzed, Locals aren't buying anymore coke, Siz 2x Paleto gold runs

130 When you're EARLY. It's Early

(November 26th, 2019)


Misfits attempt to use Siz as hostage gets saved by local VDM, then exploded by Kiki

Denzel comes out of ICU & escapes police, Kindle kidnaps a Russian, Speedy's prisoner Abdul

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Curtis, Flippy, Speedy

Speedy suspicious of Anto around the Vagos Traphouse

Siz, Curtis, Kindle retaliate against Misfits.

OTT & Misfits wave white flag

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Flippy, Kindle, Curtis, Hostage Jobie: Siz forces Jobie to do crack, Kindle caught, everyone else escapes

Anto caught by Flippy & Curtis & Kindle trying to get the codes to Vagos Traphouse, gets tortured by Kindle

Anto Executed atop Chiliad :'(

Siz & Kindle & Flippy & Curtis kidnap 4 people for 'Jacob', 'Jacob' kidnapped Zee, Zee forced to stab 3 other hostages

Chips' new body, Randy & Ramee's naked wrestler questions, Emily teaches Chips about sex

Kindle & Flippy vs Chang Gang shootout

Kindle & Erin sell Erin's eggs, Herbert says Happy & Windsong hired someone to kill Siz

Siz tells Julio about Anto

131 Early Siz

(November 27th, 2019)


Flippy says Speedy is about to get raided, Curtis wants to break Buddha & Denzel out of prison after ICU'ing 2 cops, no more jobs in prison, jailbreak called off, Tony & Curtis want to send a message to Angel

[Muted conversation with Ryan Carthus]

HOA Patrol Ft. Flippy

OOC: Raid court case settled Out Of Court, all charges dropped

132 Streaming Early w/Siz on this Day

(November 28th, 2019)


Kindle's broken gun causes Siz to kill a Russian

HOA get shot up by Russians on the Docks: Manny down, Huck arrested

Erin asks for money for an LMG, Erin got raided

Manny & Huck interrogated by Forcer

HOA do a magic trick Ft. duplicate car

Anto is back in town & trying to remember what happened, Siz & Kindle tell Luther about Anto's betryal, Vagos caught Anto at the Vagos traphouse again, CG offered people money to attack Vagos, Flippy wants to ally with Ballas to attack GSF traphouse

HOA tell Denzel about Anto, Siz & Flippy & Kindle & Denzel kidnap Anto, Denzel cuts off Anto's pinky

Motya shoots at HOA in MP, gets dropped, HOA car shootout vs Police, Lifeinvader shootout, PD win [VOD muted so idk what was said when everyone was down], Fred & Huck shot by Ivan Tickles

HOA is considered a gang, Siz meets the DOC, Forcer beats Siz

Kindle's Bench Trial

Chang calls Siz about Anto, confirms that CG paid Anto to fuck with Vagos traphouse, CG want to retaliate against Vagos & Denzel for hurting Anto

Denzel talks to Chang, Siz testifies for Kindle

Siz enters into Coop Holidays expungement program

Siz watches the 2nd HOA commercial

133 Clean Up Crew New Gang

(November 30th, 2019)


Huck: Russians attempted a drive-by on Huck & Kraytor, Dias was killed by Denzel, Siz calls Huck the best cadet

Jerry explains that HOA got caught kidnapping someone, broken out before reaching MRPD and then caught again

Siz meets Dimitri, PD scrutinising HOA & LB, Fred dating Reinhardt, HOA x LB think about a plan to discredit PD or find out info about Denzel's case

Siz wants to remove gang affiliated members (Flippy & Mike) from the HOA

Fred: Ryan Carthus told somebody [Mervin] about the HOA & Mirror Park traphouse, HOA attempted to kidnap him [Mervin], crashed, shootout with PD, Vagos saved HOA from pillbox, HOA kidnapped [Mervin] again and executed him, but he was saved by James Tinklebottom

Dimitri's sex education, Siz asks Ryan Carthus about what happened

Ryan: [Mervin] was asking about Mirror Park, Ryan set him up with HOA, Ryan paid Vagos $15k to save HOA after they got arrested, Ryan shot the guy [Mervin]

Curtis is broke, Manny is a weapons dealer, Siz meets Santa Claus, Siz tells Chang that he's a coke dealer, Chang asks if Siz is a snitch & tells that Vagos were snitching, Manny 2 bricks deal

Siz and Denzel prison, Siz & Denzel vs Renee, Denzel expects to get death sentence or life in prison, Denzel tells Siz he loves him, Denzel is proud of who Siz has become, Renee steals Siz's car

1st day of expungement program: Ride along with Copper, Snow, and Raven

Payne is worried about doing business with Denzel after Dias's murder, Payne wants Siz and Gomer to squash their beef

Raphael wants to take over the Southside, offers Siz $80k to help

Siz smuggles phone and radio to Denzel in prison

134 Siz cleans his record

(December 3rd, 2019)


Jerry: PD/DOJ don't have any evidence on Denzel

Police found phone & radio that Siz smuggled to Denzel, Siz no longer allowed to work with PD during expungement program

Siz Speech 100 vs Coop Speech 100, Siz watches Erin get fired as a Lawyer

2nd day of expungement program: Volunteer work at the hospital desk with Brenda

Siz fights Lil Erf, Erin fights Slim, HOA intervention for Fred's poon brain

Siz visits Denzel in Prison, Denzel's interview with Tuong, Denzel & Fred are going to smuggle things with CP

Siz meets Brian Knight, Ducky defends Siz from PD

Erin gave Bovice her phone in prison

Siz asks Julio about the events of the Melvin day, Siz questions why Ryan Carthus has so much involvement in the HOA, Vagos took the Dias murder weapon when saving Denzel

Denzel wants to plead guilty, Denzel took care of Renee, Denzel wants everyone to call Forcer & taunt her

Siz cop chase, Zelda's excuse to Coop, Coop chokes on ramen, Coop searches Siz

Siz EMS ride-along with MJ, LB take Ripley hostage

Denzel: Copper, Snow & someone else burnt Taco's dad alive in the prison

Siz see's Dee's twin sister - Tor Mented, Siz stabs Todd

135 Siz & DoC Training Later

(December 4th, 2019)

1 2

Tupac asks about Siz's face, McClane blows up Siz's moped, Moped strikes again

Siz + Dom + Jamal celebrate their business relationship, Siz's weekly coke allowance up to 20 bricks, Dom 20 brick dropoff

Ryan Carthus picked up Mervin again, Ryan claims that Zee told Mervin everything about Mirror Park & the HOA, Siz tells the HOA that he doesn't trust Ryan, Jordan Steele hinted to Julio that the HOA messes with Forcer, Fred chopped up Ivan Tickles

Paddy 2 bricks deal, Jordan Walker 4 bricks deal

Denzel doesn't like Ryan Carthus

HOA Taco Stand: Siz stabs a scammer, HOA fight Todd, Siz meets Huck's daughter Lily, HOA vs LaBarre, Ravi calls Siz, Ramee scammed Jamal out of $40k & puts $100k bounty on Ramee's head, Old man beats Erin & steals the HOA Taco truck

Azteca's 6 bricks deal, Antonio says Violet is snitching to the cops

HOA go to the de-dickening, Siz stabs Herbert, HOA test their faggio IED's, Julio blows up, Fred tries to blow up Zee's food trucks, Siz & Fred blow up, Julio kicks Siz, then blows him up again

136 DoC Wes Runs the Yard

(December 5th, 2019)


Siz Tsury Execution Court Case: found Not Guilty of Attempted Murder, Guilty of Battery & Kidnapping & Resisting Arrest

Denzel's plea deal is life with possibility of parole after 60 years, Denzel's spirit visits Siz

Erin got engaged to Arthur, Tony's 'used car' sale, Siz tells Curtis about Jamal's $100k Ramee Bounty, Siz buys Curtis' old car

Allen: explains his "Avengers" group to Curtis, wants the team to practice together often, discussing possible members, Curtis suggests Flippy & Mike, Allen wants to fund the missions & asks for equipment needed

Allen 4 bricks deal, Soze tries to slide in Siz's DM's

137 CivSiz

(December 9th, 2019)


Speedy x LB shoot at Siz, LB are at war with GSF, Speedy 6 bricks deal

Siz x Speedy x LB visit Denzel in prison, LB try to convince Denzel to break out

Siz wants to have a Taco truck in prison, BabyOil left the Misfits, new HOA HQ is full of weed plants

Siz's Taco truck in prison, Davey is Lauren's brother

Siz goes to Denzel's court hearing, Fred wants to get his record expunged, Everyone goes to visit Denzel in prison, Turbo thinks the PD is trying to get something from Denzel

Siz explains the SouthSide beef to Coop, Siz & Coop witness a shootout, Siz buys a taxi

Siz see's Mother for the first time in months, Mother runs a taxi company, Coop suggests Siz rides with Mother for his next expungement day

Mother gives Siz & LaBarre & Chloe a tour of Rooster Cab Co.

Vagos lost their traphouse to CG, Gomer fighting Vagos alongside CG

Siz x Vagos x LB meeting about GSF/CG War, Buddha doesn't trust Anto, CP stabbed Forcer after Denzel's hearing

Ivan Tickles kidnapped Vivi, Fred stabs Tickles after Tor Mented attacked him

Siz asks Ziggy & Riggs how they feel about Dias' death, Siz tells Erin that Mother's back in town

138 CivSiz the Remake

(December 10th, 2019)


OOC: Gun Decay introduced

Siz gets a tour of the renovated Pillbox, Wayne explains all the Southside wars, Daryl was holding down a traphouse with Gomer, Dom reduces the price of coke for Siz to $9k a brick, Vinny doesn't trust Siz

Elf Dom's coke dropoff, Jamal didn't ask Dom about the Ramee bounty, Dom wants to own the VU and run a black market auction out of it

Siz sells LB guns, Mother & Ellie introduce Siz to RCC, Mother ignores Vivi

Rooster Cab Company's fundraiser, Judd's concert, Siz watches Buddha vs GSF

Siz & HOA beta test Ian's citywide puzzle

139 The Final Expungement?

(December 11th, 2019)


Buck returns to the state (again), Siz explains the southside situation to Huck & Fred, Huck tells Siz about Daryl's involvement in the southside/traphouses, Mete & Erin tortured Zee, Daryl bought an HOA Brawler

Buck Stanton reimburses Siz $26k for Tsury Attempted Murder, Russians attacked QuickFix, DC dead, Summer suggests Siz gets a business license & an official HOA HQ

Chang Gang ask for dirt on OTT for Lil Erf's diss track, Siz & Ramee compare collectibles

Daryl blew up a tanker at the prison, Azteca's involved in southside war, BabyOil wants to join the HOA, Eddie 4 bricks deal, Siz gives Vivi a PD Camera

Leland's "new" dice game 'Shits', Siz & Mel start a block party, Siz see's Zee for the first time after the court case

Kraytor wants to engage in large-scale terrorism, Siz joins Leah as EMS ridealong, Kraytor's plan to blow up 4 cops with an oil tanker, Julio says Sonya is back in the city

140 Video Game Awards

(December 13th, 2019)


Siz asks Snow about flight school, Snow can't teach Siz but can only certify, Siz asks Raven about his relationship problems

Siz steals a Helicopter & starts to learn to fly, Allen wants to teach the entire "Avengers" group how to fly, Allen wants Jordan Walker to be another shadow figure in the group & Harmony JJ to be the 4th man in the crew, Allen 4 bricks deal

OOC: "Siz" learns to fly & 4 hour flight practice

141 Siz Terroristic Prep

(December 14th, 2019)


Siz joins a Storage Wars auction, Bondi Boys killed Maverick Shaw

Luther hired Mikey Mersion into HOA, Kraytor suggested that HOA becomes a front for "Crimson Boomers" terrorist group, HOA dance party

HOA Crimson Boomer outfits, HOA training day 1 - house breaching & driving

Someone sold BabyOil a $12k coke brick, Bovice calls Siz for a visit

Bovice: doesn't remember what happened the night he went to prison, warns Siz about trusting people, asks Siz to move G6 cards on the outside, Bovice has Molotovs in prison, Bovice wants Siz to bring him money in prison

HOA practice dropping people out of helicopters

The Crimson Boomers kidnap Mason Beaks, drop him outside of MRPD

Buck Stanton visits the HOA HQ, Fred kicks Malton's bike, HOA vulture gang yoinks a PD AR, Siz vs Julio business deals with Angels of Death MC

Siz ERP revives Huck

142 Siz Terror

(December 16th, 2019)


OOC: Crimson Boomer Manifesto

Siz explains Bovice's plan to Saab & Denzel, Siz wants to drop cash filled bodies out of a helicopter into prison for Denzel

Siz gets bullied by Flippy & Buddha & Curtis & Eugene

Luther hired Violet Van Housen into HOA, Crimson Boomer Manifesto video

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Fred, Meat: HOA vs AOD standoff

HOA Patrol Ft. Huck, Fred, Meat: HOA vs Windsong

Crimson Boomers kidnap food truck driver, make him read the Crimson Boomers manifesto, then execute him

Julio curb stomped Copper's dog, Siz vs Zee arguement

Crimson Boomers Heli drop Ft. Siz pings the hostage, Julio misses the target , Siz & Kraytor kidnap someone else and drop him in front of Zee's truck

143 Siz Special

(December 18th, 2019)


Daryl explains himself after defending the traphouse & rolling with Gomer, Siz & Luther ask Daryl to find a way to prove his loyalty to the HOA

Buddha 2 Bricks deal, Curtis 3 Bricks deal, HOA have a shootout with the AOD

Grandma Chips is dating Buddha, asks Siz & Curtis for relationship advice

Fred, Daryl, Mete, and Vivi chase Jacob, Siz calls them off.

AOD don't want to talk to HOA

Fleeca Bank Robbery Ft. Fred, Meat, Daryl: Everybody's head pops

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Fred, Meat, Daryl

Targeted Store Robbery 2 Ft. Fred, Meat

Siz meets Mary Mushkin

HOA practice using Faggio's as mobile IED's... goes as expected

Siz and Wednesday Mushkin reunite after 5 months, Wednesday's wine gift

Siz hires Wednesday+Mary Mushkin to stab Lance Malton for the Crimson Boomers

Perkins vs Siz trial by combat on the roof of Pillbox

144 Explosive RP

(December 19th, 2019)


Flippy: Gun deal, 3 Bricks deal, Buddha raided, not at war with CG

Bank Truck & PD Ambush Ft. Flippy, Curtis, Saab: Gold card secured, Siz kills 2 then goes down

Siz x Flippy x Saab get rolled on by Azteca's, Flippy goes down, Ripley Kidnapped

Someone calls to threaten Siz for "killing" Windsong's "baby", Siz offers 5k for number, Vincent Rizzo identified

Siz finds out that Boba is his brother, Siz picks up Vincent, Executes Vincent in front of police, gets downed but picked up by Fred & Julio, police chase Crimson Boomers, Julio worst driver gets everyone caught

Siz magic trick, Ripley chases Siz onto the top of MRPD, Siz falls off the roof, Siz speaks to Kindle in the vents

Siz, Fred & Julio given the 9's/held until trial

145 Siz Prison Time = 9999

(December 20th, 2019)


Siz prison outfit

Fred: West is trying to drop the terrorism charge, Siz finds inmate who will trade for cards/molly's, Lifer Marcus gave Fred ass meth

Siz & Fred beat up Flippy, Siz brushes his dick across Flippy's cheek

Huck is planning to keep doing terrorism while Siz is in prison

West is trying to get a bail hearing for Siz

Denzel bullies Siz in prison, Denzel shaves Siz's head, Siz tells Denzel about the Crimson Boomers

Denzel teaches Siz about the prison economy & secret stashes, Siz teaches Fred how to play Shits

Wednesday will continue to perform hits for the Crimson Boomers, Denzel wants to try to get early parole

Prison Riot ft. Denzel, Eugene, Mel: DOC Huxley hostage, negotiations go wrong, Soze cleans up

Chang Gang visits Siz in prison, offer to break Siz out for the Romance Novel & Faberge Egg

Siz teaches Shits to Denzel & Huxley, "Penelop" Ellie and "Earl" CP bring a "food delivery", Siz watches Bovice vs Kelly, Siz sneaks out of prison, Siz & Denzel beat Sonya for hitting Huxley, Siz poops in Bovice's toilet

Wednesday: Crimson Boomers want to plant a note on Siz to make him seem like a pawn & organising stabbings of all the officers involved

QF crew visit Siz, Jason is back in the state, Bovice introduces Siz to prison & makes him hold his pocket

Siz's brother Kermy Fulker visits in prison, Vincent Rizzo wants to apply for DOC, Ripley visits Siz in prison, Happy & Windsong mock Siz in prison

Bovice takes Siz to the showers, helps Siz out of cuffs & makes him smoke meth

Prison Riot ft. Denzel, Julio, Dundee: Bovice stashes everyone's stuff, Siz steals a prison bus, Bovice's lockpick got taken

Bovice gives Siz toilet wine, Bovice wants all the heads of big groups to end up in prison to cause a massive breakout

Zelda visits Siz in prison, Siz asks Zelda to contact Dom & push his coke while Siz is in prison.

146 Jail Time Hard Time

(December 22nd, 2019)


Julio picked up a phone during a prison riot, Huck and Daryl visit Siz in prison

Huck & Daryl: CB kidnapped and executed a police officer, CB will offer bounties to people if they dress in CB outfits and commit crimes, Daryl might have a C4 connect

Siz meets the new DOC cadets, HOA x Bovice haze the new DOC

Stacey Doyle smuggles Siz a phone & radio into prison, Siz meets lifer Marcus, Bovice wants Siz to be the only HOA member to have a prison stash, GSF asked Marcus to hurt Denzel

Bovice smuggles Meth out of prison through Daryl, Wednesday officially part of the HOA, Siz & Marcus talk wrestling while getting ass lockpicks

Summer doubts Siz will get bail, Zee brings her food truck to prison & gets beat by Siz

Siz gets a prison stash, then finds stashes near the gate, plans to fill it with meth & do a 'fake' jailbreak to smuggle meth outside of the prison

Stacey & Torah talk about female hygiene while Siz is broken, Siz asks the shower question

147 Out on Bail RP

(December 23rd, 2019)


Siz tells Curtis about prison stashes & tells him his plan about the meth heist

Siz is released on bail, gets followed by Air-1, Flippy's weed mansion

Dom coke pickup, Siz suggests Zelda as a replacement coke connect while he is in prison to Dom, Dom offers Siz cash when he's in prison

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Curtis, Mary, Flippy: Motorbike chase, Siz almost gets Mary caught, everyone escapes

Vinny wants to plant a gun on Siz, Siz shows Kermy the ropes, Mary threw Lauren's body onto Dias' grave

Siz & Kermy twin magic at a traffic stop, Mary is buying coke from QF, Siz sells Mary 3 bricks to push for him, then gives Kermy 1 brick to sell on the street to make money

Siz tells Raphael that he resolved the wars on the southside, Raphael pays Siz $20k, Siz perma's Raphael's bank account

Flippy 4 Bricks deal


(December 27th, 2019)

1 2

Meat forgot to record a CB execution, DA is pushing for 40 years & $150k against Siz, Misfits taxing cocaine sales in Vinewood, Luther got married, Luther 3 bricks deal, Fred asks CB to not execute Reinhart

Siz vs Dr Zephyr, HOA force Fred to go to therapy, Tony's sad monologue :(

Kermy shot Soze, Tony macks on Kermy, Siz & Tony open up to eachother, Tony livestreams in the bathroom

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Tony, Kermy

Mary 1 Brick deal, Kraytor simps over Wednesday

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Manny, Kermy, Kraytor

Siz gives Kermy keys to his house, Siz gives Zelda a present, Fred beats up BabyOil for sleeping with Reinhart

Siz watches the new CB video, Siz plans for CB to attack Siz & Julio while doing an interview, idea cucked by racist cameraman Teddy's paranoia, CB attack camera crew while Siz is in MRPD clearing his name

Siz and Julio are viciously attacked by Theodore "Teddy" Martin, whilst attempting to stop him from jumping from the roof of Legion Square bank. Causing Siz to be put into a Medically induced coma indefinitely... Powered by iSpeech.

149 Siz Resurrection

(February 1st, 2020)


Siz wakes up from ICU

Huck Meta Dump: Siz won the CB court case, Huck shot Teddy for shooting Siz, Huck adopted Fred, Denzel out of prison & restructured the HOA roster, HOA court, HOA want to make Mirror Park an independent state, Fred has Reinhart's house, HOA vs Misfits

Fred convinced Raphael that he's the leader of the Crimson Boomers

Mary shows Siz the new Drift School

Maskless Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Huck: Siz panics

Mcafee Meta Dump: CG & Top Shottas vs Misfits, Slim owns VU, GSF vs Aztecas

Zelda shows Siz her decorations of Raven's house

Erin Meta Dump: Erin shot Teddy, Erin shot Zee, Erin raided for 173 bags of coke, fired from all jobs, Countess of Los Santos, Mother is back in town, Erin is part of a new gang called SBS Angels

Maskless Store Robberies Ft. Julio, Huck, Kraytor

Siz tweets for a purple card, HOA Court for Fred vs Steve, Fred & Siz jump off the dam

Arturo's Tazer stash, Siz self snitches

Maskless Store Robbery 2 Ft. Julio, Huck, Kraytor

Siz steals Jobie's car for a job, Jobie chase

Maskless Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Huck, Kraytor

Maskless Fleeca Robbery Ft. Julio, Kraytor: Julio gets 4 Green G6 cards

Maskless Fleeca Robbery Ft. Julio, Kraytor: Siz confuses Kareem, Siz Circle andy, Siz crashes, Siz underground escape, Julio caught

150 Siz Day

(February 6th, 2020)


Siz buys the Ford F-150 Raptor, Allen says there're no more big guns in the city, Allen fired Erin from PDM, Allen warns Siz about Tuong, Allen 3 bricks deal, Dundee explains his court case, Allen sings Wonderwall

Siz reunites with Kevin Shaw, Siz & Allen & Shaw meet about opening a loanshark business, Shaw gives Siz keys to Dab's sex dungeon

Siz steals a bank truck & goes to Drift School, Mary teaches Siz how to drift, Mary asks Siz why she was dropped from the HOA

Maskless Siz & Flippy vulture a Jewellery Store Robbery from the SBS Angels

Siz stops a shootout between Vagos & Azteca's, Pablo asks about the HOA food truck business, Siz blows up, CG save Siz from police

Siz stabs a robot that put Kraytor into ICU

Paleto Robbery ft. Speedy, Flippy, VagosPablo: Flippy crashes, Siz shoots Raven & Davenport, everyone escapes

Siz calls Raven & blames Kermy, Raven & Bobby getting divorced

Siz gets chased by police, shot down by Rhodes

Siz new prison outfit

151 No Mask Sizn

(February 7th, 2020)


Siz visits LB in prison, Siz buys a tugboat

Testing Siz's tugboat bank truck plan Ft. Buck, Fred

Chang asks for a kiss, Ramee's art gallery

Testing Siz's tugboat bank truck plan Ft. Fred, Chang, Ramee

Julio blows up the tugboat, Siz pulls rank on Vagos JJ

Double Whammy Bank Truck & Fleeca Robbery Ft. Julio, Chips, Fred: SIz escapes, everyone else caught

Siz meets Jax, Julio calls from prison, Siz tells Tony about his robbery plans, Tony calls Saab out of the city

Siz visits Erin in prison, Erin caught moving her entire stash house & given 9's

Perkins' sad traffic stop Ft. Coke Gaming

Tony & Saab & Julio try to fix Siz's scuff ft. Default Dan

Tugboat Bank Truck Robbery Ft. Saab, Tony: 2 attempts fail, 3rd attempt success, Air-1 chase, Underground escape

152 Life on a Tugboat Sizn

(February 8th, 2020)


Fred shows off his HOA Brawler, Sun Moon explains his mid-life crisis, Siz & Julio & Fred dress as the HOA Navy

Testing Siz's NEW tugboat bank truck plan Ft. Fred, Julio, Huck, Kraytor

Siz gives Kraytor shock treatment, Flippy & VagosJJ helptry to tow the TugBoat, VagosJJ blows up

HOA fit an ambulance into the yacht, back to trying to tow the tug boat Ft. Daryl, Kraytor, Huck, Tony

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Daryl, Kraytor, Tony: 100k+ Jackpot, easy getaway

Bank Truck Robbery ft. Daryl, Kraytor, Tony: Daryl throws Siz off a bridge

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Kraytor, Tony: Siz stabs a runner, Lawyer hostage

Tony's been selling Siz's coke

Targeted Store Robbery 2 Ft. Kraytor, Tony: MJ hostage

Jewellery Store Robbery 2 Ft. Kraytor, Tony: Old timer fisher hostage, $50k+ jackpot again

Siz goes to the strip club Ft. Tony, Dundee, Slim

Siz & Tony go for a jog

153 Siz has an Idea

(February 11th, 2020)


Siz's EMS robbery plan preparation, Siz asks Flippy about selling plastic & weed, Coop became a police officer

Bank Truck Robbery & PD Shootout Ft. Curtis, Rico, Flippy

GSF want Zelda to sell cocaine for them for cheaper than Siz, Siz & Zelda meet with Dom for a coke dropoff, Dom 'handled' the person messing up the coke market, Siz & Zelda join the mile high club, Zelda falls out of the plane

Julio buys Fred's camera, Siz shows Zelda his tugboat

Yacht Bank Truck Robbery attempt Ft. Flippy, Rico, Mike: Flippy dumps a body, HOA & friends wait on the boat, plan cancelled due to lack of bank trucks

Paleto Bank Robbery Ft. Flippy, Rico, Mike

Mack asks for Mike's car, Vagos shoot Mack, Flippy implicates Siz in Mack's shooting to Copper

Yacht Bank Truck Robbery attempt 2 Ft. Flippy, Rico, Mike: Siz's boat capsizes, Siz & Mike get the truck on the yacht, yacht shootout vs PD, locals interrupt vulturing

154 4x Warrant Holder Siz

(February 12th, 2020)


Siz meets a wrestling promoter, Negan holds up Siz

Paleto Bank Robbery Ft. Flippy, Curtis, Saab: Siz namedrops Flippy, train escape fails, Flippy & Siz go down, Curtis & Saab failed rescue mission

Siz meets Lifer 56 in prison, Siz & Curtis beat up 56 to get his stash key, Siz wants to break back into prison to get a shank for Zelda's Valentines gift

Siz's new plan to steal Boba's EMS helicopter Ft. Mike, Flippy: Siz betrays Boba, Mike lands in the prison yard, Siz can't see the prison stashes, Mission failed

Siz starts his new weed operation in Dab's sex dungeon, Huck's Beyond Scared Straight plan to get the shank, Siz takes the stash key out of Huck's ass, HOA start NarcosSzn in Daryl's mansion

Flippy helped Marcus make a stash key, Marcus wants to help Siz get a shank, Siz can't get arrested, Julio stabs Perkins, Siz turns himself in, Marcus gives Siz a shank in prison

Siz watches Marcus smoke for the first time, Daryl has a broken bottle that he won't sell to Siz, Siz vs Daryl hunt for Copper to get the bottle, Siz wins

Daryl & Julio try to stop Siz from sailing away

155 Siz collects things

(February 13th, 2020)


Bovice & Marcus want Siz to be involved in the Meth Business, SBS Angels took Huck hostage, Siz applies for Sun Moon's Million Dollar Race

Zee thanks Siz for shooting her Ex Tsury, Siz kidnaps Erin & takes her to HOA Navy court, Claire plays her Kazoo

Siz goes Drunk Driving, Julio gets chased instead, Daryl rescues Siz, PD chase the tugboat, Siz saved by Daryl & Kraytor at Pillbox, drunk & pantless Siz steals Coyote's car

56 stabs Siz in prison, Daryl beats 56 and steals his shank, then Daryl stabs Siz & gets beat by 56, Siz & Daryl beat up a DOC and use his shotgun to shoot 56, Siz runs & hides long enough to outlast GSR

156 Benicio Del Sizoro

(February 14th, 2020)


Curtis & Flippy & Rico hustle Siz for collectables, Siz tells Marcus about 56, Ramee wants to open an art gallery & offers to work together with Siz, Siz spends all his money on collectables

Rushed Fleeca Robbery ft. Erin: Siz ID'd by flip-flops, Siz crashes & gets caught

Siz's prison locker has been cleaned out, Siz cleans out 56's prison locker

Siz sells a pet rock to Windsong, Julio scams Tony Montana, Dexx shows Siz his collectables collection

157 Siz Spends Money

(February 15th, 2020)


Coop offers Siz his 3 1/1 collectables, Someone cleared out Marcus' prison stash, Bovice wants to deal with 56, Siz looks for collectables around the city

Slim wants Siz to provide coke & Meth to the VU, Curtis beat up 56 for Marcus in prison, Siz watches Chang vs Coop

Slim shows Siz his underground fight pit & torture room, Mary 4 Bricks deal

HOA pirates crash the Valentines yacht party Ft. Julio, Kraytor, Huck, Fred, Jesus: Tug boat scuffs, Siz demands a ransom from Copper for 6 hostages, Siz manages to get 1200 plastic and Julio gets a date with Copper, Julio namedrops Siz, Siz turns in Julio so cops don't impound the tugboat

158 Siz | Ok(February 15th, 2020)


56 knows that Marcus set him up, Siz fronts Paddy 3 bricks to ask the Lost MC to sell him Pimp's Chalice

Siz watches Angels vs Saab, Denzel says he's not going to be around the HOA as much, Siz vs Ramee twitter ad wars

Failed Remote Island Bank Truck Robbery Attempt Ft. Flippy, Saab, Tony: Bank truck falls into the sea

Kayden dies, Dexx killed McAfee, Jordan 4 bricks deal, Siz speeding cop chase

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Tony

Ramee & Tony want to ditch Erin, Siz & Julio get lost in the jungle

Failed Jewellery Store Robbery Attempts Ft. Ramee, Erin, Tony: Everyone namedrops, Jewellery store remains closed

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Tony, Julio: Siz pocket wipes civillians while taking hostage, Siz tries meth

Siz tests Ass Meth with Tony & Julio, Stanley returns as "The White Demon", Siz & Julio harvest all their seeded weed strains

Paddy sells Snow's sex tape to Siz, Siz & Julio watch Jackie Snow's Sex Tape

159 Siz | Art & Drugs

February 18th, 2020)


Paddy: Sonya is attacking Lost MC, Paddy asks Siz if the HOA can look after the Lost MC in the HOA timezone, Sonya hired Vagos to fight Lost MC, Paddy offers Pimp Chalice as payment

Ramee sells Joe Caine some collectables, Joe Caine wants to buy Siz's dreamcatcher, Ramee messes with Siz/Coop collectables deal

PD's Siz manhunt, Juggalo Siz disguise

Siz gives Zelda her Valentine's Day present

Siz asks Flippy to stop the Vagos working for Sonya against the Bikers, Flippy explains Sonya vs Bikers beef, Claire cleans Siz's asshole

HOA sell all their weed to the Vagos, Siz undercuts Happy, HOA Narcos Szn continues

Siz sits in on Vagos meetings

Lost MC Clubhouse Bank Truck Robbery Ft. Speedy, Flippy, Mike

Siz joins Vagos meeting with JJ and Johnny Cassle, Sonya moved into the chop shop during JJ's hours, JJ wants the Vagos to betray Sonya

Speedy 3 bricks deal, Leslie Ling tells his HIV story, Leslie offers $300k for a hit on Sonya

Siz meets with Lost MC & Sonya, Lost MC agree to give Siz Pimp's Chalice if he injects Sonya with Leslie's diseases, and will give Young Dab's roll of cash if Siz further harasses Sonya, Siz tries to squash Lost MC & Vagos "beef"

Flippy says Vagos won't squash "beef" with Lost MC

160 Siz | No idea

(February 19th, 2020)


Siz meets Payne Gang, Leslie Ling gives Siz the 4 viruses (Swine flu, Leprosy, Ringworm and HIV) to inject into Sonya

#NoMaskSzn Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Flippy, Curtis, Claire: Curtis crashes, Curtis & Siz shoot, Claire saves Flippy, everyone escapes

#NoMaskSzn Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Curtis, Randy, Saab: Randy walks out, Curtis crashes (again), Tuner Shop rooftop shootout vs PD, Siz kills Francis, Conan kills Siz, Curtis & Randy & Saab save Siz

Siz goes to the Wu Chang event at the VU, Siz shoots Herbert for dissing the Siz & the HOA in his track

CG threaten to go to war with Siz over the VU Herbert shooting, Siz meets with CG, Chang wants Coop's Samurai Sword in order to make peace with Siz

Siz & Saab meet Turbo & talk about collectables, Turbo gives Siz a blue diamond, Siz & Saab are Turbo's bodyguards as Turbo collects mysterious vials, Turbo gives Siz Dab's platinum & gold records

Happy wants to squash the beef with Siz, Julio & Huck were approached by someone from the Dark Web asking about Crimson Boomers

161 Siz | Shooter Man

(February 20th, 2020)


Zelda confirms that the Dark Web is back, Siz & Zelda cop chase, Siz caught

Siz x Anto reunion, Julio wants to buy the Leanbois mansion

Huck was knighted by the Lady of the Lake, Jordan Steele kidnapped & beat Fred, Siz watches Vagos vs HOA gang war, Siz watches Coop get in trouble, Siz & Huck no balls Julio

Ian's Game Night Ft. Huck, Julio, Mete

162 Siz | No Mask. Only Warrants

(February 22nd, 2020)


OOC: Off-stream Siz did maskless bank trucks with Curtis & Mike, and kidnapped Coop for not selling Siz the sword

Siz visits Boba in the morgue after Boba dies

2x Fleeca Bank Robbery Ft. Stanley, Huck

Marcus: 56 has been taking from Bovice's prison stash & stealing other peoples' keys, tells Siz to beat up 56 any time he sees him

[VOD Muted] Siz crashes into Chang

Fleeca Bank Robbery Ft. Stanley, Buddha: Buddha crashes, shootout vs PD, everyone escapes

Siz & Stanley & Buddha play BlackJack

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Buddha, Chang: Chang crashes, shootout vs PD, Siz goes down, Raphael takes Siz's loot, everyone gets caught

Prison Riot Ft. Buddha, Tinker

Raphael returns Siz's belongings, Raphael explains his plans for the Crimson Boomers

Raphael shows Siz that he 'knows' how to fly

163 Siz | 0 Warrants. No Mask.

(February 23rd, 2020)

Julio throws a molotov at Curtis, Curtis & Flippy & Mike blow up Julio's car

Siz x Mike x Flippy x Curtis kidnap McCree, Mike shoots Conan, PD chase

Bank Truck Ft. Mike, Flippy, Curtis: Siz jumps off the roof, Mike head pop, everyone let go

Siz tests out NOS on the Brawler

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Kermy, Huck

Ballas try to tax Siz at the Store Decryption spot, Siz threatens to cut off the Coke and they let him in

2x Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Kraytor, Huck, Julio: Vlad calls Siz and tells him to pay the tax at the docks

Russians pull up on Siz and demand the tax, Police chase, Russians pull up on Siz again, Russians 2v4 HOA Shootout, Russians win

164 Siz | Farmer Man

(February 24th, 2020)

Turbo gives Siz & Ramee a job for a collectible, Payne gives Siz & HOA the keys to the old HQ, Payne worries about Siz being a snitch

Ripley stops CG & Siz, Chang stabs Ripley, Everyone explodes

Siz finds CG shooting PD & helps extract Ramee

OOC: Russians beef from previous stream was settled due to a Balla and a Russian character being played by the same streamer & being involved in the same conflict, Vlad kicked out from the Russians group.

Dom calls & offers Siz class 2 weapons

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Vinny, Chang, Ramee: Chang crashes, Siz caught, Siz tries to corrupt Torretti, Siz No-Balls'es Julio into molotov'ing everyone

Siz eavesdrops on Herbert in prison, Siz beats Herbert, Siz asks for Herbert's plastic/weed or Coop's sword to squash Herbert beef, Hippy Ziggy was offered a $10k bounty on Siz from Red

Toretti tells Siz that Sonya is coming into prison, HOA beat down DOC and take his guns, Julio digs out of prison, Sonya leaves while PD search for DOC's guns

Siz tries to escape from prison (even though he was free)

HOA move all their weed to the old HQ, Siz gives Vivi a shank as a gift

165 Siz | Do Not Nose Balls

(February 25h, 2020)

Speedy's weed business model, Vagos vs Ballas, Speedy wants to help the Azteca's grow, Speedy increases the price he pays for Siz's weed

Siz calls out McClane, Luther tells Siz about his "stab squad", McClane pissed on Siz's house, Siz vs McClane duel

Siz saves Flippy from cops, Siz & Flippy try to rescue Mike & Saab, shootout vs PD, everyone goes down

Mike burns Meat, Mike shoots Saab, BBC helps HOA move their weed to the barrio

Siz sends Mike to #BoviceWorld, Siz x Mike x Saab x Flippy look for a bank truck

Construction Site Bank Truck Robbery Ft. Flippy, Mike, Saab: Everyone goes down, cops win

Bobby asks Siz to look after Zelda after Talon threatened her

Siz incites a 1-man prison riot, gets stuffed in the evidence locker

166 Siz | In Need of Coke

(February 27th, 2020)

Riker sends Siz a code, Siz robs houses, Siz confronts Allen about the Herbert/VU incident, Allen benched Siz from "Allen's Angels"

Baas & Knight chase Siz, Siz shoots & goes down, Baas' coke drop, Kindle calls from the MRPD vents

Siz learns how to climb to the prison roof

Cop chase for speeding, Siz gets shot

Siz fucks & 'slimes' the PD evidence locker

Julio says Eugene has a new Draco

Jewellery Store Robbery & Helicopter Escape Ft. Julio, Huck, Kraytor

Siz gets kidnapped by the "new HOA" Rick Ranger, Rick has $25k bounty on Julio, HOA's SBS shines through & Rick stabs Siz

Siz checks out his new clothes,Siz goes undercover, Brian Knight asks Siz for the Riker code

Boris & Big E ask Siz about the issue at the docks, Boris & Big E offer 1 free brick for 10 free decryptions

HOA chase Siz, Vagos shoot Siz, HOA fight in Pillbox

Siz watches Vagos vs Ballas x Russians in the Barrio, Raja tells Siz what happened to Starry Night, Perkins asks Siz to snitch

Leslie Ling offers Siz collectable coins, Dr Mr Chow breaks his teeth on gold coins

Siz rides with Eddie during the LS Underground races, Siz checks out new FastLane, Slim made Summer the Jarl of Mirror Park, Summer asks about Mary getting kicked out of HOA & being labelled a snitch

Slim shows Siz his Draco, Slim asks Siz to move Draco's for him, Pimp Siz outfit

Siz shows Buck his Pimp Hand, Slim gives Siz keys to the VU

167 New Siz |

(February 28th, 2020)

Siz buys Coop's Katana for $40k, Siz avoids Coop, Siz gets Saab's Riker code

Grapeseed Bank Truck Robbery Ft. Flippy, Curtis, Saab: Nobody goes down

Siz sells Flippy & Saab a Draco each

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Flippy: Flippy crashes, Flippy caught, Local snitches on Siz, Siz escapes

Ramee asks if Siz gets coke from Dom, Dom was taken hostage by Chang Gang and discovered as the coke connect, Dom wants to take out CG's coke supplier or dry out the entire coke market since CG isn't taking him seriously, Dom 20 bricks deal, Dom says goodbye if he leaves, CG followed Dom to his meeting with Siz, CG reveal that Joe Caine is the secondary coke connect, CG don't think coke will be cut off & promise Siz that he'll still have coke, Siz offers CG meth

Jacob leaves Siz a note, Erin in ICU

Fleeca Bank Robbery Ft. Flippy, Hostage Julio: Flippy crashes, Siz ejects & downs, Chang & Karen try to save Siz, Chang crashes, Chang x Karen shootout vs PD, PD win

Siz vs AJ Hunter & Perkins cage match

168 Siz | The Lst Cokening

(February 29th, 2020)

Siz watches PD respond to a prison riot, Siz meets Kanye Mushkin & Gazpacho Prince, Siz leaves guns in a cop car for Toretti

Siz joins the races Ft. Mary, Saab, JJ, Jordan & Huck : Siz 4th

Racers watch Saab vs SunMoon

Race 2 Ft. Saab, JJ, Flippy, Curtis, Huck, SunMoon & more: SIz DNF to save SunMoon

Marcus says meth is going missing in the prison

Race 3 Ft. Saab, JJ, Ramee, Charles, Curtis, & more

Siz tries to go to prison, Soze has other plans

Huck introduces Siz to Bill, Siz tries to sue Soze

[VOD Muted while Siz is with Zelda & doing coke dropoffs] Mary 2 Bricks deal, Jordan 4 Bricks deal

Jacob says the Dark Web is active again, Jacob gives Siz gold, Azteca's 4 bricks deal

Drunk Jealous boyfriend Siz fights Toretti, Cop chase, HOA try to save Siz again, Siz goes to jail

Siz checks out the new Dark Web additions, The Reverend asks Siz to attack the Dundees, the Dundees have gone to war against the Dark Web

Siz blows up on a boat & ascends to immortality

169 Siz | All Supplies

(March 3rd, 2020)


Siz sells Curtis a Draco, Siz & Curtis discuss Meth pricing, Curtis macks on Siz's neighbour

Paddy 4 Bricks deal

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Curtis

Siz vultures Flippy's car, Francis & Toretti chase Siz with Flippy's stuff

Bank Truck Robbery Ft. Ellie, Flippy, Curtis: Siz vultures Francis' Black Belt after all cops go down

Julio says Kraytor traded 2 cars worth of weed for 8000 glass, Siz gives Chang the Katana, Kraytor weed trade was a prank, Siz goes with The Reverend to a meeting about the Dark Web, The Reverend says Snow has a VPN & access to the DW, The Reverend tells Siz a joke

Siz meets with The Reverend & Jacob about the Dark Web, Jacob wants Siz to get people to start the Dark Web quest

Siz & Fred ask a man why he's driving a Brawler, Siz & Fred act as West's paralegals

Daryl gives Siz a Machete as an apology

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Daryl, Huck: HOA vs Russian shootout

Vagos 4 Bricks Deal

HOA find "Denzel" and "Perkins", HOA kidnap "Denzel" Hugh

The Reverend asks Siz & the HOA to shoot Dundee

Siz & HOA kidnap Dundee for a meeting with Jacob, Jacob & Dundee reach a truce, Jacob gives Dundee the Dark Web quest

The Reverend kidnapped Dundee's group, Jacob wants Siz to help broker a trade for the VPN

Tupac offers Siz weapons

170 Siz | Dude

(March 4th, 2020)


OOC: Siz sold the last Draco to Buddha, Siz has a warrant

Mary shot LB, Siz tries to sell his Ford truck

Fleeca Bank Robbery Ft. Curtis, Fred, Huck

Siz x Curtis x Huck x Fred kidnap Sonya, take her to Slim's torture chamber, Siz infects Sonya with HIV & Swine Flu & Ringworm & Leprosy

Siz & Curtis burn their infected clothes & the torture room

Siz sells his Ford truck to Perkins, Siz gets chased for his warrant, car ejection escape

HOA kidnap someone, stuff them with cash & drop them out of a helicopter into the prison for Marcus

171 Siz | Disease Containment

(March 5th, 2020)


Siz & Curtis meet with the Lost MC, Sonya infected Reid with her diseases, Siz gets the Pimp Chalice

Coop wants $40k to show Siz his Faberge Egg, Coop says there a 3 Faberge Eggs and collecting all 3 leads to a 1/1 collectible

Ramee wants the Pimp Chalice, Ramee argues with Siz about collectables, Siz falls off the Dam

Reid infects everyone with HIV, Siz & Saab shower together

[Coop calls while VOD is muted, probaby chasing up the money Siz owes him], Siz falls off a building while planning a heist

Bank Truck Robbery Ft. Saab, Curtis, Rico: Siz gets lit up & tries to escape in the helicopter, everyone goes down

Rico dies

Siz 1-man prison riot, Siz hides in the prison, Siz shoots down Air-1, Siz vultures Mel's Lambo in prison, DOC tells Siz that Yung Dab is fine in Max Sec, HOA prison fight tournament, Siz watches the HOA prison riot, Siz spots a monkey outside of prison

172 Siz | Riot Man

(March 6th, 2020)


Speedy makes Siz transfer money to the Cartel, Speedy sold his traphouse to the Misfits, Speedy is the new big gun connect

Sun Moon gives Siz a ticket for the Million Dollar Race, Luther's EU HOA has been committing terrorism in the name of Mirror Park's independence

Siz asks Mack & LaBarre about the Joker Card killer, LB defend Siz vs Francis & Toretti

Siz x Curtis x Flippy shirtless skittle gang, Francis & Torretti molly Shirtless Skittle Gang after being set up by Ramee & Vinny, Chang threatens Siz for stealing Francis' Black Belt, Curtis shoots Toretti, Siz offers to fight Francis for the black belt, Buddha fears for war

Siz gets Tased & Stabbed during the fight, Francis & Toretti kidnap Flippy & Siz & Huck, Siz & Flippy & Huck chase Francis & Toretti, everyone blows up in the tunnels

Siz & Huck & Flippy try to shoot their way out of MRPD, Francis & Toretti come to prison, Siz & Huck & Flippy start a prison riot & wipe the PD

Flippy ejects Siz twice, HOA weed dropoff, Flippy knocks out Bayo & gets Siz arrested, Siz finds access to the prison watchtower

The Reverend uploaded Snow's Sex Tape onto the internet, Siz meets Fake Slim

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Flippy, Huck: Flippy crashes, Huck gets caught, Flippy & Siz vs PD shootout, Huck saved, $100k jackpot

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Flippy, Huck, Erin: Flippy crashes, Siz caught, Huck failed rescue attempt, PD vulture Siz, Bayo 'gives' Siz ibruprofen in MRPD

173 Siz | Hungry

(March 7th, 2020)


Siz watches Steele Security vs SBS Angels gunfight during Mirror Park store robbery

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Erin, Cassie, Violet van Housen

Flippy wants to sell Misfits traphouse to CG,Siz watches Angels vs Fred & Copperpot

HOA themed Paleto Robbery Ft. Flippy, Saab, Stanley

Saab lost his purple card, Siz & Saab & Stanley chop cars [VOD Muted during car chopping, then muted again during HOA & PD pre-tsunami battle royale]

Powerplant attempt 1 Ft.Flippy, Mike, Saab: Mike steals Air-1, Flippy head pop as soon as thermite starts, PD steal Air-1 back, everyone bails

PD Chase & shootout: Mike & Flippy go down, Siz gets Trina & Riggs & Perkins, Saab clutch 1v3 vs Davenport & Peter Frost & Raven, everyone escapes

Powerplant attempt 2 Ft. Flippy: Flippy fails thermite, Flippy & Siz bail

Powerplant attempt 3 Ft. Flippy, Mike, Saab: Flippy fails thermite again, everyone bails, short PD chase

Powerplant attempt 4 Ft. Flippy, Mike, Saab: eyes closed Flippy 2/6 but runs out of thermite, everyone bails

Siz goes to the bikers to buy thermite, Flippy & Mike shoot Reid, Flippy steals Rudi's bike

174 Siz | Shoot

(March 8th, 2020)


Wayne & Top Shottaz got their traphouse back from OTT, HarmonyJJ sells Siz thermite & tries to tune the HOA Brawler, SBS Angels killed DOC Huxley, HOA are making a drinking game out of Siz

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Huck, Stanley

Siz brings a hostage to a meeting with Payne, Payne is being interrogated because of the actions of the HOA, Payne wants to fire the HOA, Siz blames the EU HOA

HOA BurgerShot Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Stanley, Julio: Siz & Huck interview the robber, then Brian Knight, then Baas, then the robbers again, Siz & Huck try to save Julio & Stanley, Siz crashes, everyone caught [VOD Muted while Siz is arrested and put into MRPD]

HOA & Marcus & DOC Wolfhart play pictionary in prison

Siz & Flippy & Mike & Saab prepare for the vault attempt

Powerplant attempt Ft. Flippy, Mike, Saab: Flippy 5/6 thermite but shot by cops, Mike & Flippy & Saab downed, Siz downs Clarence & escapes

Siz asks Dundee for help with a breakout

Powerplant Crew Rescue attempt Ft. Dundee, Benji, Julio: Julio & Siz downed due to scuff, attempt fails.

Dundee escapes custody, attempts to save Benji & Siz & Julio, fails

175 Siz | 1 Mil Race

(March 9th, 2020)

Siz & Curtis partake in Day 1 of the Million Dollar Race - Scavenger Hunt challenge - Slim & Eugene win

Siz watches LB discuss how to deal with Mary, Siz watches PD raid LB's traphouse

OOC: Siz watches back the footage of the BurgerShot Jewellery Store robbery

Siz interrupts an LB meeting, Siz gets drunk, LB offer Siz to become LBA

Turbo rewards Siz for completing the BurgerShot robbery, Siz & Zelda get attacked by a zombie, Zelda charges LB a "Siz tax", Siz & Tony rap, Zelda pimps out Siz

HOA Bank Truck robbery Ft. Julio, Meat, Huck: Siz gets 2, everyone goes down, HOA get caught

176 Siz | 1 Mil Race Day 2

(March 10th, 2020)

Siz & Curtis partake in Day 2 of the Million Dollar Race - Car Race - Race gets postponed due to scuff

Eugene joined LB, Siz HOAir1 patrol, Slim shows Siz his AK

2x Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Fred: Mack shows Siz a picture of Siz & Huck in the heli

177 Siz | 1 Mil Race Day 3

(March 11th, 2020)

Siz & Curtis partake in Day 3 of the Million Dollar Race Qualifiers - Battle Royale - Ended early due to scuff - Saab & Mike win [After recount, whereas Sun Moon announced Randy & Brian Knight win in game]

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Saab, Flippy, VagosJJ

178 Siz | 1 Milo Race Day 5

(March 13th, 2020)

Siz & Curtis partake in Day 5 of the Million Dollar Race Qualifiers - Car Race & Challenges - Richard Dark & Edward Nygma win
179 Siz | 1 Milo Race Day 6

(March 14th, 2020)

Siz & Curtis partake in Day 6 of the Million Dollar Race Qualifiers - The Big Jebait Scavenger Hunt Challenge - Randy & Brian Knight win
180 Siz | Final Race on a Sunday

(March 15th, 2020)

Siz & Curtis partake in Day 7 of the Million Dollar Race Qualifiers - Triathlon Race - Kevin Shaw & Allen win
181 Siz | Back to Main Story

(March 16th, 2020)

Speedy says weed corner selling is back, Speedy sells Siz an AK & Scope

Siz & Speedy discuss Big E's death, the Coke business, The Cartel, and Siz possibly joining LB

Siz & Curtis try to save Saab & Buddha from cops, Siz & Curtis PD shootout, PD win

GSF want HOA to rob OTT if they see him selling weed

Siz goes to court due to Soze seizing Siz's cash during a race, PD doesn't show up to court, Siz wins

Fleeca Bank Robbery Ft. Saab, Denzel

Tyrone remembers Siz, Siz visits Big E's grave, HOA meet with GSF to bulk sell quarter ounces, HOA sell 5000 Q's for $200k

Fleeca Bank Robbery Ft. Julio, Huck, Kraytor

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Huck, Kraytor: Siz crashes, Siz & Huck escape, Kraytor & Julio caught

Siz & Huck kidnap Davenport, wait for Julio & Kraytor prison transport, Daryl tells Siz that PD stole Big-E's body from his grave

Siz & Huck & Daryl try to intercept Julio & Kraytor's prison transport, HOA vs PD shootout, PD win

Daryl takes Snow & Winchester hostage in the hospital, HOA get magdumped during escape

HOA find a new way to get to the prison roof

182 Siz | Prison Breaker

(March 17th, 2020)

Siz & Kanye plan to break out LB from a bench trial, Siz & Flippy & Curtis shootout vs PD, LB saved, Kanye goes missing

Siz & Curtis watch CG vs SSB, Siz watches Raphael negotiate with Flippy, HOA deliver their weed to Flippy

Everyone watches Big E get raided, Tyrone explains SSB vs ESB

Siz & Payne argue over the actions of EU HOA, the HOA move out of the old HQ & cuts ties with Payne

Fleeca Bank Robbery Ft. Saab, Julio, Huck: Saab crashes, Huck goes down, Saab caught, Siz & Julio save Huck, Tyrone saves Saab

Witch Doctor Babalu requests Siz's help to revive Huck

Dom returns to the city, Dom wants to take out the competing cocaine dealer, Dom says coke will start to expire, Siz asks Dom if joining the LB will interfere with his job in cocaine dealing, Dom 10 bricks deal

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor

The HOA look for hogs, Hogs of Anarchy is born


(March 18th, 2020)

Speedy 3 bricks deal, Sunmoon gives Siz his golden ticket for the Million Dollar Race due to winning the "Viewers choice" vote

Siz & Flippy discuss Siz becoming LBA, Coke game, Vault plan

184 Siz | HOA

(March 19th, 2020)

Siz & Flippy & Mike & Slim discuss & prepare their plan for the vault attempt

Poweplant Attempt Ft. Flippy, Mike, Slim: Flippy 4/6 thermite before fail, Slim & Mike ambush PD, crims wipe PD, Flippy finishes thermite, crims escape

Vault Robbery Ft. Flippy, Mike, Slim: $350k payout, car is disabled during chase, crims wipe PD with AK's, crims escape

Ripley stabbed Buddha in the hospital, Siz watches Buddha vs Mel

HOA lead police into the Southside, Siz hides, SS shoot police

Siz watches LB vs ESB Ft. Tony vs Tyrone fist fight

Siz asks Buddha about the LB vs Otto beef & joining LB

HOA plan out a bank truck role, Siz macks on a movie maker

Siz checks out the new updates to the city, LB x Vagos try to hold down the Taco Shop, Speedy explains how to do Green Runs from the Taco Shop

185 Siz | HOA Drinking Game

(March 20th, 2020)

Siz buys the Street Blazer ATV, Siz meets Curtis' uncle Marty, Marty & Curtis teach Siz how to mack

Siz tries macking on Bambii EMS, Reinhart, Balla Lil K

Siz establishes Coke connect with SSB via Lil K, 1 Brick deal

Siz resumes macking on AngelsViolet, Violet & Marty give Siz a makeover

Siz macks on Claire, Kendra, Fiona

VagosJJ apologises to Siz, Siz continues macking on Iris, Olga

Siz calls Kraytor as his champion to fight at garage Q, Kraytor loses

Siz vs Mel Lambo race - Siz wins twice, Siz watches LB vs CG argument, Siz meets with Luther to discuss the actions of EU HOA

HOA Drinking Game begins

Siz shoots Copperpot for jumping out of the trunk & talking trash

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Fred, Huck, Kraytor

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Fred, Huck, Kraytor: Siz baits police into the Southside, Siz & Kraytor caught, Andrews stabs Siz in MRPD

PD ask Siz to mend their relations with the SouthSide

Targeted Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Kraytor, Fred

HOA EMS Cosplay Bank Truck Robbery Ft. Huck, Kraytor, Fred: Drunk HOA EMS take the Vinewood jump in an ambulance, Fred caught, everyone else escapes

HOA attempt a prison transport breakout for Fred, everyone gets caught except Julio

Julio attempts a prison transport breakout for HOA, fails

Siz checks out his new clothes (including Creature Carl mask)

Speedy was stabbed by Gremlin, Speedy tells Siz he is always welcome to do green runs, Speedy teaches Siz how to do green runs & how to clean bands of cash

HOA get arrested, Siz x BBMC attempt a prison transport breakout, everyone gets caught

HOA vs BBMC cage fight in prison

Flippy talks about his issues with LB

186 Siz | Not Hungover

(March 22nd, 2020)

Siz watches CG tax LB for doing the Jewellery Store, CG kidnap Saab, Eugene keeps getting targeted by OTT in the SS

Siz goes car shopping with the HOA, Siz buys the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Siz finds Saab in the hospital, Siz calls Randy & Randy doesn't want Siz & HOA to get involved

CG chase Julio & Saab & Huck, CG gun down Julio & Saab, CG threatens anyone rolling with LB members

CG explain the start of the CG vs LB war & offer to give back Siz's weapons

HOA do taco shop runs, HOA catch Manny up on all the HOA arcs, everyone watches CG vs LB

Tyrone & Jack Cortair knock Siz out for telling Saab Taco's location, Siz offers Tyrone Coke, Tyrone wants Siz to front him bricks, Taco asks for a coke connect

Siz & Wayne look for people doing green runs, Siz & Wayne rob Mac of his bands and make him cancel his run, GSF beat Mac for not having permission to do green runs

Siz meets his brother Fiz, Fiz spends almost $10,000 on burgers, Fiz fights Perkins, PD steal Fiz's burgers, Fiz holds up Perkins in Mirror Park, PD shoot Fiz & Siz , Fiz dies, HOA vs PD shootout, everyone goes to prison

Siz figures out another way to get to the prison roof

187 Siz | Not War RP

(March 23rd, 2020)

OOC: Off-stream Siz paid Vagos, Pablo, Dexx, & everyone that worked at the Taco Shop. Siz also started cleaning Speedy's bands, Siz & Wayne were made managers of the Taco Shop

Siz makes runs at the Taco Shop

Jamal is the new broken gun connect

Gremlin & Killgore shoot Claire at the Taco Shop, Gremlin stabs Jamal, Siz shoots Gremlin

Gremlin & Killgore come back and say they want Siz's neck, HOA shoot them again

Flippy isn't involved in the CG/LB war anymore, Dexx introduces a $10k tax for the Taco Shop, Dexx wants to open a "hood" clothing store

HOA Soccer Team Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Kraytor, Huck, Julio

HOA shoot & rob Gremlin doing a green run, Siz watches Speedy gun down Gremlin after she returns to the Taco Shop

188 Siz & Tacos | Dabble in War RP

(March 24th, 2020)

Siz & Wayne put a $50k bet on the LB vs CG 6v6 battle

LB vs CG viewing party Ft. Wayne, OTT, Ellie - LB win

LB & CG decide to have Ellie vs Big D 1v1 to end the war

Siz watches Ellie vs Big D Ft. CG, LB, OTT - Big D wins

CG vs LB war terms were for Wayne to run the taco shop, Wayne offers Siz a partnership to manage the taco shop together

Siz does Taco shop runs, Siz pays the Frat Boy chefs in drugs, Julio gets shot up at the Taco Shop by Dixon Butts, Huck & Wayne shoot Dixon

HOA give an intervention to failed hostage-takers, Dixon stashed all his stuff *feeling* like Taco gang would catch him, Siz waits for Dixon at his apartment, HOA execute Dixon on the tug boat

HOA Jewelllery Store Robbery & Jetski escape Ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor: Kraytor forgets the plan, Julio & Huck caught

Siz gets run over by the Lunatix MC, Siz wants to go to war with the Lunatix MC, Siz meets the leader of the Ravagers, Siz & Kraytor watch a redneck rob a store

189 Siz | Taco Guy RP

(March 25th, 2020)

Tyrone tried to fire the Frat Boy cooks, Siz & Wayne deal with the SSB trying to do green runs, Wayne shows Siz a secret box which he thinks needs max rep to open, Kanye tells Siz that cocaine sells for cheaper on the streets, Siz gives the Frat Boys a brick of coke

Siz watches Julio vs Buddha, Gremlin threatens to blow up the taco shop, LB blow up Gremlin

Taco shop gang shoot undercover cops by accident, Julio gives the Frat Boys his house, Siz distracts Perkins during a robbery, Charles & Chang rob a taco delivery driver

Siz shows the HOA the "Word on the Street" box, Wayne asks Siz to run Wayne's band for him

Siz cleans his bands during taco runs

190 Siz | All Tacos RP

(March 26th, 2020)

Siz robs houses, Paddy offers Siz Molotovs, Siz & Ramee have a bidding war of Chang's painting

Buddha argues with Siz & Wayne about Taco Shop ownership, Buddha threatens Wayne, Siz mends relationships between Buddha and Wayne

LB opened the "Word on the Street" box, LB crafted a Revolver & Skorpion

Bryce framed the Frat Boys for drug trafficking & got them the 9's in prison

Wayne tells Siz that Allen is selling PDM, Siz & Wayne discuss giving Ian their bands to get him to max reputation as he doesn't go to prison

The Frat Boys ask Siz for weapons, Speedy asks Siz for a refund on his cocaine, Speedy tells Siz the Cartel doesn't want to make Siz a gun connect due to him already being a coke connect

Siz gifts Julio an AK, Siz tries to start beef between the Lunatix and the Ravagers

Siz's bank account reaches $2,000,000, Siz's rep reaches $10k for 10 bands, Siz opens the "Word on the Street" Box, Siz gifts Eddie a revolver, Siz gifts Kraytor a revolver, Siz & Julio test out the Skorpion

200 Siz | Weed Apocalypse RP

(March 28th, 2020)

Siz finds out all of his weed is falling apart, Siz shows Wayne the "Word on the Street" box

Siz & Wayne begin "Project Ian" - Ian starts doing green runs to increase his rep

Siz & Wayne explain "Project Ian" to Dexx, Dexx smokes himself out of existence

Siz shows Slim the "Word on the Street" box & gifts him a Revolver and Skorpion, Slim offers Siz materials to start distributing the guns.

Siz & Julio visit GSF DJ in the morgue

HOA Julio themed Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Kraytor, Ice

201 Siz | Project Ian RP

(March 29th, 2020)

Someone (Redd It, Mel & Bryce) kidnaps a Frat Boy cook, Siz calls LB, LB kill Redd It and save Frat cook

Siz goes to Slim's Fight Club event at the VU Ft. Slim, Erin, Vivi, Tyrone, Saab, monkeys & more

Siz calls out Saab in the fight pit, Siz wins

Siz macks on PD dispatch Sydney Bearmont

HOA watch ESB vs The Frat shootout

Siz & Julio & Wayne gift guns & drugs to The Frat

Pogg Dann claims Mirror Park, HOA shoot Pogg Dann

HOA plan to rob the jewellery store, PD chase HOA, HOA vs PD shootout, HOA go down & go to prison

HOA kidnap Pogg Dann & take him to "Pogg Island"

202 Siz | Monday RP

(March 31st, 2020)

Vagos KJ asked Ian about his rep, Allen hired by Wayne to help run the Taco shop, Allen & Wayne became CGA, Siz & Allen argue about Allen's involvement in the Taco shop

Siz & LB discuss Allen's involvement in the Taco shop, Buddha tells Siz small bands can be found from selling drugs & robbing stores

Gomer apologises to Siz, Siz & Wayne talk about Allen's involvement in the Taco shop

HOA use all their materials and make Revolvers & Skorpions

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Julio, Meat: Siz crashes, Siz & Huck escape, Julio & Meat caught.

Siz meets the Goths, HOA interrupt the Goth rave, HOA pit the Frat against the Goths, Siz watches HOA vs Frat rave off

Siz confronts KJ for asking about Ian's rep, Siz tells Flippy about Allen's involvement in the Taco Shop, Siz robs EMS for their Fire Extinguishers

Paleto Bank Robbery Ft. Flippy, Mike: Hostage talks about Mike's mom, Hostage gets executed by Flippy & Mike & Mason

Siz & Vagos troll HOA's Fleeca robbery, The Goths rob downed Siz after a car crash

Siz x Vagos find the Goths and molly 2 of them, then force the other two to wear colourful clothing

Flippy sets up a date between Frat Alex with Goth Ava

PD Chase & Shootout Ft. Flippy, Siz, Julio, Alex: Payne walks through the battle, [VOD mutes halfway through], PD gets wiped

Siz, Flippy & Julio fly to rescue Mario from a remote island
Vagos revive Mario with crack, Siz & Julio join the Vagos block party

203 Siz | Pog RP

(April 1st, 2020)

Ian tells Siz about the changes to the Taco shop, Siz & Dexx discuss money cleaning

Babalu offers Siz a Voodoo doll for finding him a collection of items, Mary blesses Siz's wine, Siz & Huck hunt for flowers, rabbits & birds

Mary & Gladys interview Siz, Siz macks on Sydney

Siz watches aftermath of Julio & Kraytor trying to save the Frat from PD

Siz & Huck find everything on Babalu's list, Babalu performs a ritual to make the Voodoo doll

Siz meets with Dom to discuss the changes to cocaine selling, discuss new cocaine prices & Siz's customers

Siz & Speedy gun deal, HOA weapons testing

The Los Santos Water Contamination, HOA vs Jewellery Store robbers standoff

HOA set up a Meat Factory Bank Truck robbery.

HOA Meat Factory Bank Truck Robbery Ft. Julio, Daryl, Kraytor: No cops show up, everyone escapes

204 Siz | Not Long RP

(April 2nd, 2020)

The Taco Shop gets a health inspection, Judge Aardson does coke

Gremlin threatens to blow up Siz's house, Siz & Kanye car shootout with Gremlin

Police chase Siz & Kanye & Saab, Kanye caught, Saab & Siz try to save Kanye

Siz gives Slim guns, Slim wants to make Siz a thermite connect

Siz & Officer Shepherd standoff while preparing for a bank truck

Shootout vs PD Ft. Wayne, GSF Wolfgang, Saab: PD Win

Siz crafts CG weapons, Siz gets Julio's Draco back from CG, Randy finishes his hit on Gremlin

Siz buys a Cliffhanger Motorcycle

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor: Cops drawn away by CG Bank Truck, Chang shoots Kraytor

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery 2 Ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor: HOA request PD Bike chase, Kraytor & Julio caught

HOA go to the Goth's techno rave, everyone blows up at the rave, Julio is almost arrested for his warrant, Siz tries to save Julio

Julio mows down Pogg Dan with an LMG, Siz duels Clarence

Siz & Kraytor check out the new HOA Biker vests, Siz checks out everyone's new cars

Eddie shows Siz his new Dodge Challenger Rally Raid

205 Siz | Hog RP(April 7th, 2020) Flippy wants to break Marcus out of prison, Siz & Kanye & Flippy & Wayne discuss Taco Shop & Band changes

Buddha 4 bricks deal, Buddha asks Siz to push C4 for him, Kanye 4 bricks deal

HOA show Toretti's HOA vest to the PD, Vinny offers Siz a warehouse

Fleeca Bank Robbery Ft. Julio, Saab, Kleb

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Saab, Kleb: crims request drunk PD chase, Saab head pop, crims escape

Store Robbery x2 Ft. Julio, Kleb, Frat Chris

Siz watches Julio kill Chris

Bank Truck Robbery Ft. Julio, Kleb, Chris: Tow truck driver snitches, Cops arrive before Crims start, Crims get instantly put down

Speedy attempts to break everyone out of prison, Chris sells out Kleb

Speedy embraces the HOA Biker Vest, PD chase Speedy in Mirror Park, HOA try to save Speedy from PD, HOA get shot down, everyone goes to prison

Siz buys his Dodge Challenger Rally Raid

206 Siz | Million Dollar Race Finale RP(April 8th, 2020) Siz & Curtis partake in the Million Dollar Race Finale - Scavenger Hunt Challenge - Saab & Mike win!
207 Siz | Hawg RP(April 9th, 2020) HOA & Kleb hunt for the tow truck driver who snitched on them, HOA & Kleb kidnap Hal Apenyo, Everyone flips a coin for Hal's life, Hal dies

HOA & Frat Boys get drunk

Drunk HOA Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Fred, Julio: Hostage designated driver, HOA get the hostage drunk, HOA go drink for drink with Pred & AJ Hunter, HOA crash, Drunk foot chase, Siz & Fred get saved by QF Claudia & LJ

Ian tells Siz that he only gets 10% of what he makes for Wayne at the Taco Shop

HOA prepare a cash drop for Marcus in prison, get interrupted by The Crow vigilante and 2 news reporters, HOA take them for the drop instead

OOC: Siz plays Valorant Ft. Flippy, Nino, Mike, Stanley

208 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Blinder than Blind(April 11th, 2020) Siz checks out the HOA's new Mirror Park Tavern
209 Monday Stream (April 12th?, 2020) Siz ruins a brick of cocaine trying to break it down [No real RP here, it's only 5 mins of GTA]
210 Siz | Back from Midgar RP

(April 15th, 2020)

Siz shows Curtis the HOA Tavern, Eugene wants to combine Cop Killa Records & Prune Tang Records to act as a cover for hitmen for businesses

Curtis wants to build a group with Siz & Flippy & Randy to do big jobs, starting with robbing the vault to impress Curtis' superiors

Flippy left the Vagos, Buddha 3 Bricks Deal, T-Bag is leaving the HOA to join Harry's Crew, Siz tells Ian that he should be getting paid more for running bands

Siz gives the HOA a mission to rob a house and find an AP

Chang calls Siz confronting him about talking to Ian about being underpaid, CG say Siz is a "shnake"

Siz & Wayne argue about Siz paying Ian more than Wayne, Wayne thinks Ian is getting too greedy, Ian doesn't stand up to Wayne

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Huck, Tony: Tony crashes, Julio shoots, Siz & Huck escape

CG try to steal Siz's car at Ian's game, Kleb 2 bricks deal, Zelda confronts Siz about who he''s been macking on in her absence

Siz asks Zelda if she can help him sell C4, Siz & Zelda meet with Dom and talk about the Coke market

Siz tells the HOA about the HOA Bulletin Board, Dundee Brick Deal

Speedy isn't holding a grudge against Flippy for leaving the Vagos, Speedy also sells C4, Speedy 2 Bricks deal, Kraytor 1 Brick Deal

HOA Southside House Robbery Mission Ft. Julio, Kraytor, Speedy: PD Chase, Siz crashes, Julio clutch 2nd car save, everyone escapes

Siz asks Payne to help lock up the Tavern & to be able to distill moonshine in the back room

211 Siz | HOA Bulletin Board RP
 (April 16th, 2020)
Curtis tells Siz that CG is not happy with Siz, Randy refuses to join Curtis' team if Siz is in it, Siz explains the CG/Wayne/Ian situation to Curtis, Erin tells Siz that Vivi is in ICU

Saab snitched to Zelda about Siz macking

Siz & Tony go to Pillbox and save Doug from the PD

Siz meets Harry, Harry wants to get rid of OTT, Harry asks LB to deal with OTT and LB refuse, Buddha stabs Ripley

PD shoot down Harry, LB x Siz try to save Harry, Buddha stabs Ripley again in Pillbox

Slim casting couch interview in the HOA Tavern, Slim asks Siz for a way to offload his guns, Slim wants to help Siz with the Tavern

HOA Bulletin Board Job: College Professor set up Ft. Julio, Huck, Kraytor: HOA get shot by PD after a chase, Clarence robs Siz

HOA hunt for Clarence

HOA vs PD shootout Ft. Julio, Kraytor, Huck: Julio Mollies himself, Siz kills 5 PD, HOA Lose shootout

Uncuffed Siz escapes Pillbox, Speedy saves Siz, Daryl saved Julio, Kraytor & Huck go to jail

212 Siz | HOA Bulletin Board RP
  (April 17th, 2020)
Flippy & Siz escape from the PD, Tony's Helicopter Tour, Siz jumps out of the heli, Tony's Private Jet Tour

Huck paid Michael Simone $350k for the Tavern, SIz & Tony escape from the PD, Tony crashes & kills Siz, then crashes again and kills himself, Jacob tells Siz that he's going to buy an electronics store, Fred says there are no more materials to create shotguns

HOA meet with Michael Simone & QuickFix to sign the deed to the tavern

The Narrator brings "monkeys" to the tavern, the HOA make the "monkeys" fight to the death

Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Fred, Julio, Kleb

HOA shoot Happy's cat & scoop it up in a bulldozer, HOA offer a bulldozer rodeo in the lake

Tactical Nuke drops in Los Santos

Siz checks out the new HOA Tavern updates, Dmitri returns to Los Santos

Siz jousts against Rhodes & wins twice, HOA team joust vs QuickFix & HOA win, Siz jousts against Daisy & Siz wins, Siz jousts against Summer & Summer wins

Siz & Julio turn themselves in to Rhodes

213 Siz | HOA Drinking Game RP

April 18th, 2020)

Vivi tells Siz that Ramee stabbed her & Vivi and put her in ICU over Coop's Faberge Egg

HOA Drinking Game Starts - HOA Purple Card Competition:

Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Julio: HOA escape with Huck's secret escape spot, Purple card obtained

HOA LMG Tow Truck Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Huck, Kraytor: HOA shootout vs PD, Siz's gun breaks, everyone else goes down, Siz escapes in a local taxi

Tyrone kills Siz's taxi driver, Tyrone tells Siz about his war with the Russians & starting war between the Vagos and Russians

Ava, Stanley and Kleb attempted to save captured HOA, Ava & Kraytor & Kleb caught, Julio and Huck freed

HOA flip their vehicle while attempting to intercept the prison transport, Brian shoots steam into Siz's eyes, Siz goes blind

Blind Siz attempts to start a riot

HOA Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Stanley, Julio: HOA call Taxi's to escape, Siz & Avon leave Stanley, Stanley caught

Kleb makes blind Siz rob a house, Siz gets attacked by a dog

HOA have a Sleepover

214 Siz | Not Hungover but Blind RP

(April 19th, 2020)

Ramee asks Siz about Luther & Ryan Parker, Allen asks Siz about VPN's

Blind Siz goes to San Andreas' Got Talent, Blind Siz tries to drive Flippy's car

Blind Siz takes a hostage, Flippy defends the Russians

Blind Siz Store Robbery Ft. Flippy, Huck: B-Von helps Huck escape, Siz & Flippy get trapped in the taxi, then the taxi runs out of gas

Siz meets top lawyer Benjamin Crane

HOA use a firetruck to flush out Siz's eyes, but blow out his eardrum

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Huck, Kleb: Siz does Julio's Bridge Jump, Julio caught, everyone else escapes

HOA Bulletin Board Job: Old Western Bank Truck Train Robbey Ft. Julio, Mete, Huck: HOA Revolver 1v1's vs PD: Brian beats Huck, Clarence beats Julio, Mete beats Draider, Siz beats Copper, Clarence beats Siz, Brian beats Mete, HOA lose & give up all the loot

Siz receives a video message from a "concerned Mirror Park citizen" to ruin the reputation of the "Totally Wireless Internet Cafe"

Brian Knight pays $5k to Siz to get promoted to a Trooper of the HOA, Siz demotes Kindle

Azteca's 4 Bricks deal

215 Siz | Some RP

(April 21st, 2020)

Siz checks out the updates to the Dark Web

OOC: Siz plays Valorant Ft. Curtis, Fiona, Denzel, Denzel, JJ, Stanley, Ian, Marcus, Rhodes and more!

216 Siz | HOA Odd Jobs RP

(April 22nd, 2020)

Jacob asks for Siz's electronics, Siz is invited to a car show sponsored by the Lunatix, Jacob returns Siz's shotguns

Mirror Park Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Julio, Huck: Siz goes down instantly, Flippy negotiates for freedom, Everyone escapes

Manny Brick Deal, Flippy 3 Bricks Deal

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Manny, Fred, Kraytor

Siz offers Raphael C4, Lunatix President Ash offers to invite the HOA to a biker meet up with the Lost and the Lunatix

Speedy owns the old Leanbois House, Speedy asks Siz for a $600k loan, Speedy shows Siz his Advanced Rifle, Speedy tells Siz about Coke resellers

217 Siz | HOA MC RP

(April 23rd, 2020)

Off Stream: Kraytor & Daryl blew up cars outside of the Lunatix HQ with Dundee, Kraytor & Daryl had a shootout with the Lunatix, Lunatix vs HOA war

HOA meet the Angels' assistant Alex, HOA hire Alex as the Tavern Monkey, Coop & Soze & Brian visit the Tavern

HOA go to Brian's birthday party, Siz sells Bo an engagement ring, CG hold up the party while Siz is gone, Siz watches CG rob everyone at the party, CG molotovs the party & injures Vivi & Zelda & Jacob

Jacob asks Siz to retaliate against CG, Siz doesn't want to retaliate

HOA 2x Store Robberies Ft. Julio, Huck, Kermy

Lunatix President Ash comes to the HOA Tavern to end the war, Ash suggests that the HOA and Lunatix end the war by having a bike jousting competition "Hogmania"

HOA Brian themed Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Kermy, Julio, Huck

Siz sells Raphael a stick of C4 for $60k

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Huck, Kraytor: Siz fights Ziggy, PD Mountain chase, everyone escapes

218 Siz | ?????? RP

(April 24th, 2020)

Siz & Flippy & Mikey Mersion & Curtis planned to break Marcus out of jail, 56 warned the DOC about the jailbreak so the crew decides to try the vault instead

Powerplant Attempt Ft. Curtis, Flippy, Mikey: Flippy fails 2nd box, Crims wipe PD, Flippy finishes the rest of the Powerplant boxes, crims escape

PD Heli follows crims after the powerplant, Mikey head pop causes Crims to fight PD at the vault entrance, Flippy goes down, PD hold the vault and crims decide to retreat

Curtis crashes the car and downs himself & Siz

Random store robbers drive past Vault crew crash, revive crew at grandmas

Vault crew take a hostage to re-hit the vault, Hostage tries to alert the police, Vault crew kill the hostage and get chased by PD again

Vault crew check the Jail doors to see if the powerplant is still down, Jail doors open

Vault crew try to take another hostage, hostages escape from Vault crew, Vault crew take another hostage and rob the Vault

PD breach the vault, everyone is arrested then let go (PD vault breach due to tsunami time)

OOC: Siz plays Valorant Ft. Flippy, Curtis, Fiona, JJ,

219 Siz | Hogs of Anarchy

(April 25th, 2020)

Off Stream: Erin told Siz that Ryan's Faberge Egg is with Slim, Siz told Buddha that he couldn't sell the C4

HOA Chain Robbery Bulletin Board Mission: Kleb & Julio are meant to be hostage delivery drivers while Huck & Siz rob stores, with delivery crew delivering hostages to the next store to be robbed: HOA rob 5 stores until PD get called away by a bank truck

HOA get a new Bulletin Board Job: undercover FIB Pawn shop agent Mission Ft. Huck, Julio, Manny: HOA Noire investigate the pawn shop and look for the undercover FIB agent, HOA Noire suspect Dan Faily & dress up Huck as a prostitute to try and trap Dan, but fail

Sara sells Siz a Cult necklace & Tooth necklace

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Daryl, Kraytor

HOA help Daryl practice thermite at the powerplant

HOA Paleto Bank Robbery Ft. Daryl, Julio, Kraytor

220 Siz | Car Award Winning RP

(April 26th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz won 1st place in the off-road section of the Harmony Car Show

Kanye wants to be Siz's coke middleman for the EU timezone, Tessa tells Siz about her being kidnapped and forced to drive around the powerplant, resulting in her getting shot by police

Kanye 5 Bricks deal

Marcus tells Siz about how the DOC reacts to the powerplant, Marcus asks Siz to kill 56 and snitch Kylie in prison, Siz buys a Limo

HOA Limousine Fleeca Robbery Bulletin Board Job: HOA need to rob 2 Fleeca banks using a limo, and then blow up the limo after they have successfully escaped from the Police Ft. Julio, Huck, Jesus

Someone farts in the limo, #NotMyAss, Siz reviews the evidence

The HOA takes the fart situation to HOA court Ft. HOA, Frat Boys, Ava - Siz is found guilty of farting, Siz escapes the punishment of HOA court and becomes a fugitive

Siz kidnaps Manny & asks him to convince Judge Kraytor to change his mind, then kidnaps Julio, Siz is put into the HOA Tavern cage & Kleb smells his ass to prove his innocence

Russian HOA attempt to rob Jewellery Store, get chased by PD, Kraytor and Julio get caught, Kleb escapes, Siz & Daryl attempt to rescue Kraytor and Julio, Siz is chased by Soze, Siz gets caught after foot chase

Siz finds 56 in prison & threatens him, HOA & ESB cause a prison riot

Siz meets with Dom, Dom confirms Siz and Raja to eachother as his two coke connects, Dom tells Siz that he is permanently leaving the city, Dom tells Siz to contact Otto Delmar or Joe Caine in order to continue pushing coke, Dom gives Siz and Raja 21 bricks each as a goodbye present

221 Siz | EU RP

(April 27th, 2020)

Siz tells Buddha that he's cut out of the coke game, Buddha is no longer the C4 connect, Kanye offers to help Siz fight Otto if Siz wants to

Flippy brings Boris to join the Marcus Jailbreak squad, Siz finds out that 56 threatened to tell the DOC about Marcus' jailbreak

Powerplant attempt ft. Flippy, Curtis, Boris: Siz & Curtis shoot down Air 1, Jailbreak crew wipe PD, Flippy completes Powerplant

Jailbreak attempt ft. Flippy, Curtis, Boris: DOC wipe Jailbreak squad, everyone goes to prison

Flippy & Siz attack the prison guards & execute 56 in his cells with a PD shotgun

HOA Noire Bulletin Board Act 2 Ft. Huck, Julio, Kermy: HOA look for Dan Faily but can't find him

HOA Babalu quests Ft. Julio, Huck, Kermy: HOA bring Babalu a live Mountain Cougar, then bring Babalu an object of medium importance, Babalu then makes the HOA do a scavenger hunt using clues in his house

HOA find a downed Blimp and attempt to use it in crime, HOA attempt to mount a Bank Truck on the Blimp ft. Daryl, Julio, Kraytor

HOA Blimp vs PD Air-1 mid-air battle, HOA go down and get arrested.

222 Siz | NA lul RP

(April 29th, 2020)

Siz watches Coop Holliday get stopped by the police, HOA rob an Oxy Runner in Garage Q

Siz gets a new Bulletin Board mission: HOA need to steal tankers of Oil and fill them from the both of oil fields and deliver them to the docks

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Julio, Kleb, Huck: Siz steals $6k from the Hostage Tim, Julio crashes in the tunnels, Siz hides but is found by Bo, Siz vs Bo shootout, Siz runs in Bo's truck, Siz car shootout vs PD, Siz gets shot down & caught, Siz finds out that Hostage Tim snitched

Siz gets 270 months in Jail due to a parole violation & outstanding warrant

Bovice returned to Gen. Pop. in prison, Marcus' prison stash was compromised, Bovice wants to get blackmail against the 2 new DOC guards & teach them to respect his prison rules, HOA rob prison guards & Bovice records a video of them doing meth in the prison showers, then HOA start a prison riot

Siz gives Manny his Skorpions to sell, Siz buys a rare collectable gold poker chip from LJ

Speedy tells Siz that he killed Pablo, Siz tells Speedy about being cut out of the coke game & Speedy tells Siz to stand up to Otto

HOA Paleto Robbery attempt Ft. Daryl, Julio, Kraytor: HOA take BBMC prospect hostage, Daryl runs out of thermite, HOA abandon the job

223 Siz | HOA (Possibly Blimp) RP (April 30th, 2020) Siz gets a new Bulletin Board Job: HOA need to lure the cops to the powerplant, then hide in their car trunks in order to thoroughly search them to steal their belongings

Payne tells Siz about the Payne Gang, Huck gets arrested at the tavern, Siz ramps his ATV into the prison

HOA unsuccesfuly attempt to steal a blimp from the sky Ft. Huck, Daryl, Kleb

HOA help Daryl practice thermite at the powerplant & steal a local cop car ft. Daryl, Huck, Kleb: HOA get chased by PD, HOA vs PD shootout, Siz escapes via taxi, everyone else gets caught

Siz finds out BabyJoker has left the Aztecas and joined the ESB

HOA Oil Theft Bulletin Board Job attempt 1 ft. Kraytor, Daryl, Huck: Daryl's head pops & is replaced by Saab, HOA complete the mission without any PD interference so decide to try the job again in the next tsunami

Speedy 4 Bricks deal

224 Siz | Oil Thief RP

(May 1st, 2020)

Siz executes snitch hostage TIm

Buddha tells Siz that Flippy killed his cousin Jax to leave the Vagos, Buddha talks about Tyrone being a snitch to PD, Buddha & Saab offer LB's help to fight Otto & Joe Caine to help Siz get his cocaine job back

Robbing Houses Ft. Kermy: Siz robs weed seller Brody

Tryone tells Siz that Brody was selling for ESB, Siz watches ESB beat up Brody

Robbing Houses Ft. Julio, Kermy

Bo Tucker asks Siz if the HOA can be protection for his wedding

Manny introduces the HOA to his new bitch EggRoll, Manny wants EggRoll to be the new HOA Mascot

Siz & Manny get crashed into by fake cop Marquise, HOA kidnap Marquise and make him 1v1 fight vs Eggroll at the maze, Marquise wins, Manny burns off EggRoll's eyebrows

HOA get internet at the tavern, Daryl vs Kleb argument, Siz buys antlers from Herbert, Bayo paints Siz's bike pink

PD attempt to arrest various HOA members due to Kleb/Daryl/Ava argument

Store Robbery Ft. Julio, BabyOil: BabyOil crashes, Siz & Julio escape on foot, then return to try save BabyOil, Siz & Julio win shootout vs PD, BabyOil arrested, Siz & Julio escape

HOA x BBMC find a blimp ft. Julio, Daryl, BBMC Shane-O, Dundee: Siz attempts to land a vehicle on the top of the blimp but is ultimately unsuccessful

Slim & Ryan Parker & Luther meet with Siz to discuss the Faberge Egg, Siz buys the Egg from Ryan for $87,000

225 Siz | Blimp/Narcos/Biker/Arteest (May 2nd, 2020) Robbing houses ft. Kleb, Kermy, Frat Chris

Erin asks Siz for Criminal Lessons, HOA get their internet repaired

Manny gives the HOA his sales pitch for the Tavern: Shares & Share prices, deliveries, opening hours, money laundering

Powerplant attempt Ft. Flippy, Olga, VagosJJ: Flippy & Olga get gunned down, Siz & JJ attempt to rescue but also get destroyed, everyone gets caught and goes to prison

Siz introduces Speedy to Raphael, Siz sells Raphael a C4, Siz teaches EggRoll how to be a criminal.

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Speedy, Julio, EggRoll

226 Siz |🎈Blimp🎈🌿Narcos🌿🛵Biker🛵🎨Arteest🎨

(May 3rd, 2020)

[some of the HOA & Tessa are at the tavern but the VOD is muted so idk if anything important was said]

HOA gets a new Bulletin Board job: PIsswasser Boss asks the HOA to rob at least 30 locals in Sandy Shores while driving Futo's, then take the cars to a designated address

HOA Local Robbing Bulletin Board Job ft. Manny, Julio, Huck: HOA slaughter the entire town & no cops show up

Pisswasser Boss is not satisfied, asks the HOA to rob locals on Vesspuchi Beach

HOA Local Robbing Bulleting Board Job Pt.2 ft. Manny, Julio, Huck: PD show up, locals get scared away, everyone escapes

Siz sells Manny 4 Bricks to have him push to other people

Jesus admits that he farted in the Limo

Siz gets a new Bulletin Board Job for the rest of the HOA: HOA need to dress as G6 employees, steal a G6 Bank truck and dumpster dive for rolls of cash, then rob the bank truck, while vlogging the entire thing

Siz gives the G6 Bulletin Board Job to Huck, Kermy, Mete and Jesus

Pogg Dan blows up the HOA's motorbikes, HOA request to press charges against Pogg

Siz saves a failed bank robber Piper, Piper meets Zelda, Zelda helps Siz mack on Piper, Siz & Zelda help Piper find her phone

Siz initiates Brian Knight into the HOA, Siz tells Zelda about Dom leaving the city and losing the coke connect

Huck & Jesus survived the bank truck job, Siz wins his bet against Juio

HOA Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Julio, EggRoll: EggRoll namedrops Siz, PD deploy spike strips, EggRoll crashes, Siz is caught by Espinoz & Bayo, Huck & Julio escape

227 Siz |💩Monday💩🌿Narcos🌿🛵Biker🛵🎨Arteest🎨

(May 5th, 2020)

[Siz meets up with Daryl and Julio at the tavern but the start of the VOD is muted so idk if anything important was said]

HOA dress as Star Wars characters for May 4th ft. Chewbacca Huck, Darth Vader Kermy, Juan Solo Julio & Yoda Siz

HOA Star Wars Porn Parody Fleeca Bank Robbery attempt ft. Julio, Huck, Kermy: HOA take Erin hostage and make her dress as Princess Leia, Julio brings the wrong card, HOA shoot their scene with deputy McCree, HOA leave

HOA Star Wars Porn Parody Store Robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Kermy

HOA Star Wars Porn Parody Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Kermy: HOA get chased in their Millenium Falcon RV, Julio attempts a bridge jump and blows up the RV, everyone gets arrested

Yoda Siz uses the force to control Baas' steering wheel, Baas drives off the pier, Siz & Huck are let go due to a bank truck happening at the same time

Raphael blew up MRPD with the C4 & is getting the 9's

Kraytor 2 Bricks deal, HOA meet Miguel at the Tavern, Mr Chang molotov's everyone at the Tavern, Payne gives Siz a ride, Daryl 1 Brick deal

HOA attempt to place a boat at the top of Mount Chilliad, blow up multiple times

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Julio, Kraytor

HOA Bank Truck Robbery ft. Daryl, Julio, Kraytor

228 Siz | 🏞️PARK SIDE🏞️ (May 7th, 2020) Siz shows the HOA the new HOA Complaint Jar in the Tavern

HOA Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Kermy

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Kermy

Siz & Flippy argue about who their accomplices, Siz wants to test if he can do a jailbreak from within the prison

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Kermy

Siz & Huck & Julio & Flippy find out that you can do the thermite in the prison without doing the Powerplant

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Julio: Julio crashes, Siz escapes & saves Huck, Julio and Kleb go to jail

Siz meets ex-AOD member Blaine, Blaine asks if the HOA is accepting prospects

Siz shows the Tavern to Bob Smith & Copper, Siz files an official report against Soze for pissing in the Tavern ice bucket

Double Bank Truck Robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Flippy: Huck goes down, everyone else kills all the cops and escape with Huck

HOA make EggRoll shoot Pogg Dann, HOA watch Vagos vs ESB in Mirror Park, Daryl suggests having Blaine and EggRoll go head to head


(May 8th, 2020)

Siz is arrested by Soze and Bayo for his warrant, Manny doesn't want Siz to bring Blaine into the HOA, Manny tells Siz that he sold coke to OTT as a thanks for saving him from CG, Siz & Manny talk about the coke & meth game, Manny suggests selling meth & coke but only accepting small notes as currency

HOA Store Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Manny

HOA get chased by Soze, Julio crashes, Julio shoots & goes down, Siz & Manny escape

Siz finds Anto downed by cops, HOA save Anto, Julio goes down & gets arrested

Daryl vs Mete HOA Court Case

2x HOA Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Julio, Kraytor: HOA find & rob news reporter Jerry Slime watching them & trash talks, Julio crashes, Siz shoots down Draider, Kraytor gets caught, everyone else escapes

HOA find Jerry Slime in Mirror Park, then shoot him down & dump him in the ocean

230 Donk Lean/ HOA Drinking Night

(May 9th, 2020)

[This VOD starts with Donk Lean, Siz RP begins at 1:45:00, where the HOA play a drinking game during RP]

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Kraytor, Daryl, Jesus

HOA get a new Bulletin Board job - HOA need to rob a bank truck on the Mirror Park island, but are only allowed to use melee weapons to dispatch the guards and responding PD

HOA Melee Bank Truck Bulletin Board job ft. Kraytor, Daryl, Kleb: HOA jump the responding PD and beat them down, then Siz & Kleb shave off Soze's moustache with a hatchet & escape

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Kleb, Kraytor

HOA plan to blow up Baas with C4 in the Tavern, Soze tweets a picture pissing in the Tavern (again), Siz plants a C4 in the Tavern, C4 is a dud and Baas survives

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kraytor, Manny

HOA question Kleb about his relationship with Huck's daughter Lily

Blaine follows Manny around, HOA read the complaints from the HOA complaints jar, Kraytor leaves halfway and gets into a "shootout", HOA go to save Kraytor but instead find out he was tricked, HOA then continue reading the complaints from the complaints jar

Julio accidentally kills a woman by blowing up his bike

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor

HOA run into the SSB Bike patrol

2x HOA Store Robbery ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor

HOA Bank Truck Robbery ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor: Huck & Julio go down, Siz & Kraytor get 1 then get sandwiched by PD, PD win, HOA go to jail

231 Siz | HOA Fella

(May 12th, 2020)

Siz gets a new beard, Manny tells Siz that the coke market is completely dry

HOA get a new Bulletin Board job - HOA need to rob convenience stores while dresses as BMX bikers, while also riding BMX bikes, the HOA also need to steal 136 Green Cows from the stores while they are being robbed, then take pictures & deliver the bikes to a specific address in Little Seoul

HOA BMX Bulletin Board Job ft. Julio, Huck, Jesus: HOA find out that you can't obtain Green Cow from the stores so demand the PD get GC's in exchange for the hostage, PD are unable to obtain the GC's and Baas asks Siz if he can deliver the GC's within 1 month, HOA all escape

HOA get a new Bulletin Board job - HOA need to rob the jewellery store, while also filming a Telenovela about Siz (who will be played by Jesus) being directed & filmed by Siz

HOA Telenovela Bulletin Board job ft. soundman Huck, fake Flippy Julio, fake Siz Jesus: PD agree to also be part of the shoot, PD crash during escape scene & HOA get away with the robbery

Siz films Chang Gang setting up a police car with C4, Tyrone tells Siz that CG were breaking out Chang from court

Siz officially inducts Kleb into the HOA

HOA Paleto Bank robbery ft. Daryl, Kleb, Huck: HOA disguise themselves as the Lunatix, HOA escape

West shows Siz her new HOA cut, Daryl is chased by PD for his warrant, HOA attempt to save him but fail, Daryl & Julio go to jail, PD then chase Kraytor for driving a stolen oxy car, PD shoot down Kraytor, Siz shoots down Mack & Davenport and saves Kraytor

Siz meets Olga's brother Vasily (aka V), Siz buys a C4 from Paddy

Siz spots the Lunatix getting a bank truck, Lunatix and Siz ram eachother in their cars and the Lunatix shoot at Siz, but then run away after shooting, HOA find a Lunatix member at the taco shop and shoot her down

HOA Paleto Bank robbery into Bank Truck Ambush ft. Julio, Daryl, Kraytor: HOA successfully rob Paleto Bank, then lead the PD to the Ranch, Siz & Kraytor go down, Daryl & Julio down 4 cops and decide to rescue Siz & Kraytor without hitting the truck

Dundee tells Siz that the Lunatix burnt down the HOA tavern, Juiio sees that the Lunatix have posted up on the rooftops near the HOA tavern, PD follow the HOA and get involved in the HOA vs Lunatix gunfigh

HOA vs PD Mirror Park gunfight: Siz goes down fighting Davenport, Daryl saves Siz & Julio & Kraytor after downing the rest of PD, HOA escape and survive

232 Siz | HOA Boy

(May 13th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz got into a shootout with Flippy, Curtis & Claire, Siz attempted to ambush the Lunatix with Daryl and Dundee but got shot down

Siz see's Buddha's new HOA vest, LB explain that they are hostile with Flippy, Curtis explains that he's hunting ESB members with Flippy

Siz meets with Joe Caine to discuss Siz's involvement in the Coke game, Joe Caine tells Siz that he's open to working with someone & that he trusts Siz since he trusted Dom

Tyrone tells Siz that ESB is at war with Harmony & is being hunted by Flippy, Siz tells Manny that he wants to make Manny one of his coke pushers

Store Robbery ft. Claire, Huck, Kleb

News reporter Gary Benson snitches to Soze about Siz, PD chase & catch Siz in Mirror Park, Siz & Soze fight in MRPD

HOA Bank Truck ft. Julio, Manny, Kleb: Julio & Kleb go down early, Siz & Manny hold out on the roof but get pushed & go down, PD win

Raja tells Siz that he also spoke to Joe Caine, Huck saved the loot from the bank truck, HOA start hunting for Lunatix, HOA shoot up Lunatix at their Vinewood base

HOA wingman for Daryl with new girl Ivy, Siz explains the HOA Lunatix war to Blaine, BabyOil asks Siz to repo Lunatix Leader Ash's car if he misses his payments

Ash calls Siz and asks to withdraw from the war and suggests Hogmania again, but Siz disagrees

Lunatix pull up to the Tavern while the HOA is away, HOA return and gun down the Lunatix on their hogs

Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Kraytor, Blaine: Blaine crashes, Meth-blind Siz shoots down Daryl, PD shoot down criminal crew, Siz & Daryl go to ICU while Kraytor & Blaine go to jail

233 Donk | Lean

(May 14th, 2020)

[This VOD starts with Donk Lean RP, Siz RP begins at 1:48:00]

Siz wakes up in ICU and is taken to jail

Huck & Stanley get arrested, Baas attempts to arrerst Siz, HOA vs PD firefight breaks out, meth-blind Siz shoots down Jesus then escapes

Coop gives Siz a free painting, Coop gave the third Faberge Egg to Ramee

Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kermy, Lily

Siz kidnaps Ash in front of Oxy, HOA blow up Ash and teach him about the Father of the Fire

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Kermy, Huck, Manny

Manny 5 bricks deal, HOA meet Pogg's son Lil Kev, Kev stabs Kermy & HOA shoot Kev, Siz kidnaps News reporter snitch Gary Benson, HOA blow up Gary

HOA Court sessions: West (represented by Raja) takes Daryl (represented by Kermy) to HOA court over repainting her car, the case is dropped due to Kermy tackling West, then Daryl & Kraytor (represented by Kraytor) take Siz (represented by Raja and West) to court over shooting them, the case is resolved with Siz being found guilty of shooting Daryl but not Kraytor

HOA watch Kermy mack on an EMS, Siz meets ex-AOD member Lexi, HOA discuss planning to hit the powerplant in the future & decide to hit Paleto as practice

HOA Paleto Bank robbery ft. Julio, Daryl, Kraytor: Julio crashes, HOA vs PD shootout, Siz gets 6 cops and escapes, Daryl also escapes, Kraytor & Julio get caught

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Julio, Daryl: Julio crashes, Locals shoot at PD, HOA vs PD shootout, PD win, HOA get arrested, Siz tries to help Julio break out of arrest in Hospital but Julio gets caught again, HOA go to jail

234 Siz | Team Killer for Hire (May 15th, 2020) HOA find News Gang outside the Tavern again, Copper complains about Julio to Siz, Julio asks to take Copper to HOA Court, SSB CJ pranks the HOA

Julio takes Copper to HOA Court to get an un-restraining order, HOA find Julio guilty and force him to follow the existing restraining order for the next 3 weeks

HOA Jewellery Store robbery ft. Kleb, EggRoll, Julio

Daryl is worried about hitting the vault, Siz suggests a new Gold Star leaderboard for the HOA in order to decide the HOA Vault Hitting squad

HOA Paleto Bank robbery attempt ft. Kraytor, Daryl, Manny: Daryl fails thermite, Manny crashes, Siz escapes & returns to save Daryl, Kraytor & Manny get arrested

EggRoll went crazy and got shot down by Kleb, Siz & Kleb shoot down a Lunatix in Mirror Park

Siz takes EggRoll to the prison to talk to Manny, Manny was testing EggRoll to see how long it would take for him to stand up for himself

235 Siz | Get Gold Stars

(May 16th, 2020)

Off-Stream: Siz joined Daryl and Kraytor to kill some Lunatix

Saab tells Siz that Kanye has been missing for 2 weeks, Vivi shows Siz her new HOA Jacket & asks Siz to do a job with him for her birthday, Turbo offers to help Siz with the HOA Tavern, Manny argues fashion with LB

Siz meets with Joe Caine, Joe tells Siz that he met with Raja who dropped Siz's name, Joe doesn't trust Raja due to Raja's blackbook, Joe tells Siz about Yung Dab's start in cocaine, Joe tells Siz that he gets the job over Raja & that Joe will start working with Siz soon

Anto tells Siz that he wants to put down 56 because 56 snitched on Anto to the PD, Siz asks Vinny to move his warehouse location

Vivi Birthday HOA Store Robbery ft. Vivi, Kleb, Blaine

Vivi Birthday HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Vivi, Kleb

Siz empties out his warehouse, Siz watches CG vs GSF, HOA explain CG vs GSF war to Siz

Siz tells Manny that Siz has taken Dom's old coke position, and Siz makes Manny one of his main pushers, Manny tells Siz that Manny was the person who discovered Raja's black book

[the next hour or so of RP is a massive HOA SBS situation that was partly retconned, it's pretty funny to watch but doesn't exist - includes the HOA wiping the PD, multiple PD chases, and a lot of malding]

Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Mike, Julio: Crims wipe the PD without going down & escape

Mike doesn't know that Flippy left the Vagos, HOA go to the PDM Fight Club, HOA Monkey Cesar returns to the tavern, Cesar overdoses on cocaine but is saved by EMS MJ & a second monkey, HOA Monkeys demand cocaine from Siz, HOA party with the monkeys

236 Siz | Visually Pleasing

(May 17th, 2020)

Joe Caine & Siz discuss Raja's place in the cocaine game, Joe gives Siz the keys to "Hot Dog Land" (the cocaine production plant), Joe tells Siz that his pushers are Vinny & Tyrone, Siz & Joe discuss the Cocaine economy, Siz & Joe agree to have their pushers sell cocaine for the same fixed price

Siz visits Huck in ICU, Siz & Kraytor steal Huck's body from ICU, Siz & Kraytor shootout vs PD, Siz & Kraytor go down & get arrested, Julio & Daryl attempt to save Siz & Kraytor but also both go down, Erin attempts to break Siz out of custody but gets caught, everyone goes to jail

Carl tells Siz that he's also at war with GSF, Manny was kidnapped by the Lunatix and told the Lunatix want to do hogmania again, Siz tells Manny that he can start pushing coke now & Manny asks about the logistics behind dealing coke

Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Daryl, Kraytor: PD rush all at once & wipe the robbery squad, everyone gets arrested

[VOD is muted for a little bit during a conversation between Clarence & Siz, but Siz gets an extra charge for matching bullet casings found at the scene of a HOA vs Lunatix fight]

Flippy is afraid of telling Mike that he left the Vagos because he thinks Mike will attack Speedy, Criminals start a prison riot, Siz & Flippy escape due to the help of some Lunatix

HOA Monkey Caesar returns & helps Siz do a drive by on Pogg Dan

237 Siz | Coke Man

(19th May, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz met with Kanye and told him about his new position in the cocaine game & made Kanye his second cocaine pusher, undercover Siz gave the HOA a coke mission & they failed, HOA shot down Sonya

Kleb tells Siz that Sonya shot down HOA in retaliation, Siz gives the HOA another chance at the coke mission

[VOD muted while Siz & Huck talk, but Huck tells Siz that Julio, Kleb & Jesus got caught, but they were let go so the mission was a success]

Undercover Siz pays the HOA their reward, HOA hunt for a Lunatix member that drove through Mirror Park, HOA shoot down LTX leader Ash in Vinewood, Siz attempts to save Randy & Vinny by shooting at police but goes down & gets arrested

Siz & Anto tell Bovice about 56 being a snitch, Siz asks Bovice & Marcus about the Meth operation in prison, Marcus wants to become a DOC officer, Bovice wants coke to dry up in order to increase demand for meth

Siz gets a ride from Perkins, Siz Funeral 10 Brick dropoff for Manny, Joe Caine wants to set up a money laundering scheme to clean rolls at the Vineyard, Joe & Siz want to create missions with cocaine as the reward on the Dark Web

Speedy tells Siz that OTT joined ESB, Siz tells Speedy about his new position in the coke game & his new pushers

Daryl shot down one of OTT's car choppers, Riggs shows Siz his Mirror Park house, Siz gives Perkins a ride

HOA store robbery x3 ft. Daryl, Blaine, Kraytor: HOA get stopped by PD as soon as they get their first hostage but talk their way out, first hostage tries to run away and gets shot down by Daryl, Kraytor crashes during PD chase after 3rd store, Blaine shoots, Siz & Daryl escape

Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Daryl: 30 min chase in the Raid, Siz & Daryl escape

PD bathe in Siz's pool, PD start another chase with the Raid, Siz escapes but completely wrecks his car to the point it's undrivable, Zeke does a mobile repair on the Raid until it gets to QuickFix, PD start chasing as soon as the Raid gets off the QF lot, Siz & Daryl get rammed & caught

238 Siz | Gold Star Worthy

(May 21st, 2020)

Turbo gives Siz a mission - Infiltrate PD dressed as delivery people, and access one of the computers to get the police schedule. Then, while dressed as members of La Rosa Roja cartel, kidnap and interrogate a police officer about the investigation into the Roja Rosa cartel, and leave a rose on their body

Turbo asks Siz about Siz's position in the cocaine game & wants to work with Siz to make missions with cocaine as a reward

Joe Caine found out & is worried that Bovice is looking for the cocaine pushers to dry out the coke market, but Siz calms him down and tells him that Siz is also involved in the meth market and will keep Joe safe, Joe agrees with Siz to try and help Bovice with his cashflow in order to control the meth market also

Siz Hobo 10 Brick dropoff for Kanye

HOA Turbo Mission - PD infiltration ft. Blaine, Huck, Julio

HOA Turbo Mission - Police officer kidnap ft. Blaine, Huck, Julio: HOA try to kidnap Perkins but are instantly spotted by DOC & a news reporter, HOA are pitted by police, Siz vs Draider shootout, Siz goes down, Julio tries to stay behind with hostage Perkins to allow the rest to escape, Blaine crashes and HOA is shot down and arrested

HOA discuss the GSF vs CG war and Lily's involvement in the war, and warns Huck & Kleb not to get involved, Siz & Julio watch Daryl & Trina's first date

Siz is pulled over by Baas in Mirror Park while looking for Lunatix, Lunatix pull up to ambush HOA, HOA vs Lunatix vs PD shootout, PD win, everyone gets arrested and goes to prison

Daryl 1 Brick deal, Lunatix Leader Ash calls Siz to try to resolve the war, offers Hogmania again

239 Siz | Hog Throttle

(May 22nd, 2020)

Siz & Manny discuss how Manny is adjusting to being a cocaine pusher, Siz & Flippy discuss the cocaine industry & how Siz will run the HOA Tavern, Flippy tells Siz that Vinny is selling bricks of cocaine for cheaper than Siz's pushers

Turbo Mission - Police Officer Kidnap ft. Julio, Flippy, Kleb: Cartel kidnap Sydney, take her to the ranch, then interrogate her & tell her that the Rosa Roja Cartel knows that the PD is investigating them & beat her & leave a rose on her body

Speedy tells Siz that Tyrone is selling bricks of cocaine for cheaper than Siz's pushers

Bank Truck robbery at the Vault ft. Flippy, Julio, Daryl: Crims vs PD shootout, the Crow also tries to intervene and gets shot down, Crims shoot down all the PD and escape

HOA monkeys shows off their HOA cuts, BabyOil tells Siz that the Lunatix paid for their car, HOA photoshoot with the HOA monkeys

Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, EggRoll, TO

240 Siz | Sells Coke

(May 23rd, 2020)

PD arrest Julio while he has 30 bags of cocaine on him, HOA guide in his prison transport at the prison, HOA visit Julio in prison, Marcus tells Siz that he's allowed to give Marcus $5k a day for commissary, Siz meets Flippy's older sister Juanita

Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Flippy, Huck, Julio

Flippy's family overrun the HOA Tavern, Siz calls Perkins to get them out, PD vs Flippy's family, Flippy's family dies in the tavern after being shot down by the police

GSF does a drive-by on Mel at the HOA Tavern, Siz stress eats, HOA meet Moonshine distiller Nick, The HOA meet the HOA fangirls in the Tavern, HOA give Perkins a Couch interview

HOA play one of Ian's games - HOA members must vote for 2 other members of the group, one as a random vote and one as a predicted winner of the round, the member with the most random votes is the winner and those who predict the correct winner, score a point

HOA visit Lily in ICU while still playing Ian's game [VOD mutes partway through], Siz & Kraytor both win

HOA are worried about Russians taxing the docks again, Siz goes to the docks and tells the Russians that Siz will try to get cocaine to the Russians if they let him use the docks decryption spot tax-free

HOA split into 2 groups - Siz, Stanley, Julio & Kleb go hunt Lunatix, while Daryl, Blaine, Zelda go to rob a store

HOA Store Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Stanley

Paddy wants to fill a Colombian drug mule with cocaine & asks Siz for help, HOA find a blimp and decide to rob Paleto bank and use a blimp to escape

HOA Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Daryl, Stanley, Kleb: No police response so HOA don't use the blimp to escape

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Kleb, Stanley: HOA escape in the blimp

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Daryl, Stanley, Kleb: Fleeca is scuffed & no police response, HOA don't use the blimp to escape

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Kleb, Stanley: Siz crashes, Siz grabs Kleb in another car but PD shoot out their tires & pit them, Stanley lands the blimp to try to save Siz but is caught himself, Kleb is put down, Siz & Daryl shootout vs PD to save Kleb, all three escape

241 Siz | Court Case

(May 24th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz was asked to do a vault with Flippy & Eugene & Curtis

Siz & the HOA go to their court case against Pogg Dan, Siz & Pogg Dan get shamed by everyone in the courtroom, Pogg punches Siz, Lil Kev fights Pogg, HOA win the case and are granted $16k, half of Pogg's beer stock and joint custody of Lil Kev, HOA Victory march to the Mirror Park Lake [VOD Muted for part of it], Siz baptises Lil Kev in the lake, Kev stabs Pogg

Manny macks on Piper & Riley

Payne is a new manager of the Vanilla Unicorn & asks Siz how much he wants to be involved with the VU, Payne knows about Siz's new cocaine promotion, Payne tells Siz that Payne is in charge of warehouses, Payne wants to run events in the VU, Siz shows Payne the location for his new warehouse

HOA find The Crow spying on the HOA Tavern, HOA make Lil Kev overdose on drugs, Kev reveals that Dundee put a $10k bounty on his head

Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Julio, Daryl: Siz kills 2 cops, everyone escapes without wiping all of the PD

242 Sunday Bonus Siz | Vault? (May 25th, 2020) Siz meets with Curtis, Flippy & Eugene and they prepare for a vault robbery attempt

Powerplant Attempt ft. Flippy, Curtis, Eugene: Flippy hits 3 thermite spots before PD arrive, Vault squad kill most of the cops and finish the thermite, successfully hitting the powerplant

Cops roll up on Vault squad while they are preparing to hit the vault, Siz & Flippy are chased by PD and shot down, Curtis & Eugene attempt to rescue them at the hospital but are unsuccessful

Siz tries to escape MRPD, then haggles his charges with Brenda, is put down in MRPD with a flashlight, has his skull cracked & undergoes an operation

Curtis, Harry, Eugene & Balla CJ attempt to break Siz out during the prison transport but are shot down

[VOD mutes for beginning of Siz's prison sentence]

Siz tells Marcus that he is the coke connect & asks if he could try to bankroll the meth operation without having Bovice come after cocaine pushers, and have his own cocaine pushers push meth too

Siz & Marcus tell Bovice about Siz's plans for Meth, Siz talks to Manny and tells him to start seeing how interested people would be in buying meth

243 Siz | Coke Dropoff

(May 26th, 2020)

Siz, Kleb & Huck plan out the HOA vault attempt, Kleb tells Siz that ESB BJ was stalking him & hunting his home address, Siz watches CG kidnap Lily on the QF lot, Fred tries to save Lily on the QF lot and gets shot down by CG

Officer Shepherd asks the HOA for help with an "adult dancer" in Vinewood, HOA watch "Mike Danger" dance to prove that he's legit, HOA & Shepherd don't believe Mike Danger, Siz coerces a confession out of Mike and get him arrested

HOA Bank Truck Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Blaine: Siz falls off the roof, everyone gets shot down & arrested

Siz is hit with a hot gun charge from a previous bank truck & calls in Crane to argue it, Baas then makes the link from the hot gun to the PD AR that Siz stole from the same bank truck

Lunatix Leader Ash is in jail for the 9's for drug trafficking, Pogg Dann tries to blow up the tavern again

Siz Postman 15 Brick Delivery for Manny

HOA Plan for the Vault attempt, Flippy teaches the thermite processes to Daryl

HOA Plan for the Vault attempt - Daryl will attempt the Powerplant thermite, when he messes up he will escape and Siz & Kleb will hit a bank truck on the other side of the map in order to draw the PD to the furthest point from the Powerplant, giving Daryl & Kleb the most time to do the thermite without PD interference

HOA Powerplant attempt ft. Daryl, Kleb, Kraytor: Daryl fails after the first thermite node, Siz & Kleb hit the bank truck but no PD respond, HOA vs PD shootout at the powerplant, Daryl & Kraytor go down, Siz & Kleb save them and escape

HOA want to attempt the Powerplant again but the thermite nodes are scuffed so they leave it

244 Siz Vault

(May 27th, 2020)

Siz gets ready to hit the vault with Speedy, Mario & Flippy

Powerplant attempt ft. Flippy, Speedy, Mario: Flippy hits 5/6 thermite before making a mistake, Vault crew vs PD shootout, Vault crew go down & get arrested

Vault crew isn't charged with hiting the powerplant & Flippy is allowed to keep his thermite, crew decide to try the vault again tomorrow

245 Siz | Coke Dropper

(May 28th, 2020)

Buddha shot down Flippy, Manny & HarmonyJJ ask Siz to join Los Santos Underground racing scene

Siz & Manny Local Taxi 15 Bricks dropoff for Kanye

Kanye tells Siz that Vinny is selling bricks for $18k & that Tyrone is selling more than 4 bricks to a group, Siz tells Kanye to start feeling out the interest in Meth & explains his business plan with Bovice to control the meth market

GSF OG Chef calls Siz, Chef asks Siz to rob the Fleeca Bank in Harmony, shoot out all the cameras and kidnap the bank teller, then kill him & make it look like an accident

Chef Fleeca Mission ft. Flippy: no PD respond, bank teller gets kidnapped, Siz & Flippy get the bank teller drunk and lead him onto one of the beach fire pits, and burn him alive

Siz & Flippy look at bank truck robbery spots, HOA watch a local beat up a man who was robbing houses in Mirror Park

Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Manny, Daryl: PD vs Crims shootout, PD win, everyone gets arrested

[VOD mutes while the Bank Truck crew are being processed]

Siz introduces Manny to Marcus, Siz & Marcus teach Manny how to get around the prison, Marcus gives Siz & Manny their first Meth shipment

Siz, Flippy, Mario & Speedy prepare to try to hit the Vault again

Powerplant attempt ft. Flippy, Mario, Speedy: Flippy hits every thermite node perfectly, vault crew escapes without alerting the PD at all

Vault Robbery ft. Flippy, Speedy, Mario: Siz stays with the Heli, PD almost shoot down the Heli, Air 1 chases the Vault crew Heli Vault crew land on Mount Chilliad and try to shoot down Air 1, Vault crew escape from the PD

The Lost MC tell Siz about the Highwayman Cody Speedwagon robbing people on the highway

Speedy gives the HOA a mission to gather 500 Aluminium for the cartel for $40k

Speedy asks Siz for a $500k loan, Siz takes Speedy's Mercedes AMG GT63S as collateral, Payne sells Siz 500+ Pixerium sticks and other items from houses he's foreclosed

246 Siz | HOA Drinking Night

(May 30th, 2020)

Off Stream: Julio & Blaine nearly caused a war against ESB by causing trouble with Sonya, but conflict was resolved and Julio & Sonya agree to swap houses

Siz & Kraytor discuss a Reservoir Dogs heist, where 4 people try to rob the Jewellery Store and 1 of the 4 people are a rat who will try to sabotage the job, the HOA must then shoot who they suspect the rat is if they manage to escape

Buddha & Saab vs Flippy shootout at the HOA Tavern parking

HOA take a big group photo with the HOA Monkeys at the Tavern, Siz meets Flippy's nephew John Carl Hernandez

HOA Store Robbery ft. Huck, Julio, Vivi

[VOD Mutes when half of the server head-pops]

Pogg Dann vs HOA on twitter, undercover Daryl taunts the HOA, SIz & Crane discuss taking Pogg Dann to court again

Paleto Robbery ft. Flippy, Vivi, John Carl: First hostage tries to run away and gets shot down, Next hostage is BBMC employee Cory, Siz convinces Cory to quit BBMC & Siz tells Saab, Paleto crew leave the hostage at Paleto for Saab to get him

Siz argues with Buddha & Saab about respect & about Buddha vs Flippy

HOA Open the Complaint Jar in the Tavern, Vivi sings for the HOA

Zelda gives Siz Bobby's PD MP5 for their anniversary

Reservoir Dogs HOA Heist ft. Siz, Julio, Huck, Kraytor: Vivi & Zelda pick the rat, Kraytor crashes & causes Siz & Julio to go down, Huck gets caught with the haul, only Kraytor escapes

Kraytor & Stanley gun down a cop with an LMG in MP, Julio & Daryl get questioned about it & Daryl gets his belongings taken by PD

Kraytor, Huck, Daryl & Kleb go to fight the PD to get Daryl's things back, Siz & Julio & Stanley watch them get gunned down

Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Julio, Stanley: Siz crashes, Stanley shoots & gets shot down, Siz guns down Baas, Siz & Julio escape

247 Siz | Drink Night Recovery

(May 31st, 2020)

Azteca Tom Ryan calls Siz & asks for coke, HOA discuss Blaine being upset due to being shouted at for almost starting war with ESB, Blaine doesn't accept blame for the situation with Sonya, Adrienne West talks to the HOA about their court cases for the Hot Guns and their next court case against Pogg Dann

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Blaine

Two HOA Groups race for the jewellery store, HOA meet with financial advisor Alexandra to try to help Stanley save money

HOA Bank Truck ft. Daryl, Stanley, Julio: Siz falls off the roof and gets shot down, Daryl & Stanley manage to get Siz and Julio, HOA & PD call it a draw due to Stanley headpop

Kraytor hosts a party in the Tavern, Flippy pays Siz $100k for their successful vault heist

HOA Paleto Bank Robbery & Ambush ft. Daryl, Kraytor, Stanley: Siz shoots down 2 cops before going down, PD wins shootout & HOA is arrested

248 Siz | Birthday Man

(June 2nd, 2020)

[VOD Mutes at the start, but the HOA wish Siz (Nova) a happy birthday while dressed as old Siz arcs & the HOA Monkey gifts Siz some Moonshine & a collectable DVD]

Curtis finds Siz's warehouse, Siz farts in the car

HOA Store Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Huck: HOA plan for an ambush but PD doesn't respond

HOA Bank Truck Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Huck: No PD respond so HOA just leave

Randy & Ramee shot down Julio for making a roadblock while they were racing & then threw Blaine off a bridge

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Huck: PD sings Happy Birthday to Siz, HOA shootout vs PD, HOA lose but Kleb escapes

DOC Garcia shoots Siz 30 times for his birthday, Bovice returns to save Siz, Marcus shows Siz his new DOC outfit, HOA visit Siz in prison while dressed in past Siz arcs , Daryl gives Siz Labarre's ID as a birthday present

Blaine burns Huck alive, HOA steal Huck from the hospital and throw his body into the MP Lake to save him, Siz runs over the Lady of the Lake, the Lady of the Lake saves Huck but his soul switches with Blaine's

HOA watch ESB vs LB shootout, HOA get stuck in the Military Airbase

Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Kraytor, Stanley: Siz & Flippy push the waiting cops, robber squad wipe PD & escape

Boris calls Siz in an effort to mend their relationship with a special deal for Molly's

249 Siz | Video Gaming

(June 6th, 2020)

Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Flippy, Claire, Violet: Nino calls Siz in the middle of the Job, Claire puts Siz in time-out, Flippy crashes, Siz runs & escapes

Siz watches Claire fight a local, Siz & Flippy watch the HOA do a jewellery store robbery & try to escape in a shuttle bus

Siz & Nino meet, Siz tells Nino about his new position in the Cocaine industry, Nino asks Siz about the materials market, Nino asks Siz about his future plans & tells Siz that he has potential, Nino offers Siz an opportunity to move hardware, Siz shows Nino the Tavern

Speedy tells Siz that he's getting more weapons from the cartel, Siz returns Speedy's Mercedes AMG GT63S as Speedy returns Siz's $500k loan, Speedy was hired as a part-time manager at the VU & wanted to help Payne run the underground fight club, Payne left the VU

Marcus worked out the shelf life of Meth, Stanley blows up everyone at the tavern

HOA Bank Truck Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Stanley: HOA vs PD shootout, Stanley falls off the roof, HOA wipe the PD and manage to escape

The HOA find Kraytor looking like the Lady of the Lake & they think that his body is the vessel for the Lady of the Lake

Jesus wants to make a spanish-speaking crew with Flippy and Julio

Paleto Bank Robbery & Ambush ft. Flippy, Julio, Kleb: Flippy & Kleb rob Paleto bank while Siz & Julio wait to ambush, PD predict the plan and don't get ambushed, robber squad just escape

250 Siz | Hot Gun Holder

(June 9th, 2020)

Siz watches escape tutorials on YouTube, Coop announces that he will quit being a Judge, Siz shows Flippy a hidden hedge & his new coke office, GSJ Andrew tells Siz that Mother stole money from the VU and disappeared, Andrew asks Siz for coke, Anto asks Siz for meth

HOA Hidden Hedge Bank Truck robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Stanley: HOA rob two bank trucks then hide in the hedge while wearing Ghillie suits, HOA hide from the cops and wait them out, then escape after the PD leaves

Siz suggests the HOA do a Resident Evil 4 themed robbery, where 3 members dress as Leon and 1 member dresses as Ashley, and the Leon's escort the Ashley throughout the entire job without her doing anything

2x HOA Resident Evil 4 Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Leons Julio, Huck & Stanley

HOA get into a chase with PD when cops think they took Ashley Siz hostage, Julio vs PD shootout, Siz escapes

OOC: HOA & friends play Minecraft together for the rest of the VOD

251 Siz | Coke Drop Off

(June 11th, 2020)

Siz Military 15 Bricks coke dropoff for Kanye, Siz asks Kanye to reach out to GSF, Siz also gives Kanye 10 meth to start dealing alongisde coke

HOA watch the PD respond to a MP Store Robbery

HOA Hidden Hedge Bank Truck robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Jesus: HOA shoot at Air 1, HOA attempt to hide in the hedge but are sniffed out by Ripley's K9 unit, Siz runs away but falls off a cliff & goes down, Kleb & Julio get caught but Jesus escapes

OOC: HOA & friends play Minecraft together for the rest of the VOD

252 Siz til Jail?

(June 12th, 2020)

HOA argue with Flippy, Claire & Olga for taking Blaine on a job

HOA watch Flippy's crew do their firefighter themed jewellery store robbery, then HOA chase Flippy's crew & have a destruction derby with their cars

Blaine offers to sell Siz his 1/4 Rat Bike for $500k, Ridley offers Siz a mission to bring an orange ball from the roof of a building in Sandy Shores to the Mirror Park Lake

HOA Store Robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Kleb: Julio brings an LMG, The safe in the back scuffs, HOA decide to run on foot, HOA shoot down 2 cops and escape, Julio shoots at Bayo from inside the HOA escape van, PD vs HOA shootout, HOA go down

Siz & Huck try to run from the hospital, Siz tells Raven that he's a grandfather

OOC: HOA & friends play Minecraft together for the rest of the VOD

253 Siz | GTA

(June 16th, 2020)

Kraytor texts Siz saying ESB BJ has declared war on the HOA, HOA Store Robbery ft. Julio, Huck: Baas gives Siz $78k for not being able to provide the 136 Green Cows from a previous job, Siz manages to escape, Baas calls Siz and offers Double or Nothing

HOA stash the money then get into another chase, Siz crashes, Julio shoots, Siz drives away & tries the bridge jump, Siz & Julio shootout vs PD and both go down, Huck comes back to save Siz & Julio and gets shot down, Siz uncuffs Huck in the hospital and tries to allow him to escape but he gets caught again

Bovice & Marcus ask Siz to increase the price of meth, Bovice knows that Stanton tried to put a hit out on Bovice, Bovice is going to testify in court against Stanton & try to use that opportunity to escape if Stanton isn't sent to jail

HOA are approached by the Crow's evil villain brother - the Vulture, and asks the HOA to join his evil committee

Kraytor explains why ESB BJ wants to war with the HOA, Kleb asked Lily to marry him and got turned down, the Lady of the Lake has turned EggRoll into a woman, HOA give Kleb advice & Siz gives Kleb a bunch of green things to gift Lily

HOA try to help Kleb fix his relationship with Lily, Siz gives them a Limo and tugboat ride, Kleb proposes to Lily again and she says yes

Huck throws Blaine out of a helicopter

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Julio, Blaine: HOA have a helicopter out as bait & run away on foot, Blaine & Siz drive away, Blaine crashes & Siz is beat down and arrested, Blaine is also arrested, Huck & Julio escape

OOC: HOA & friends play Minecraft together for the rest of the VOD

254 The Siz Way

(June 17th, 2020)

Blaine explains a heist plan to Siz: Blaine wants to do a jewellery store robbery, then bait all the police into one of the tunnels in the city, trap them in the tunnel using a bank truck and molotov all the trapped police officers, giving the crim squad time to rob the bank truck

Jesus & Kermy explain their heist plan to Siz: Jesus wants to steal water from grocery stores and then get Kraytor/the Lady of the Lake to bless one of the bottles of water, and also gather Jesus' new Spanish speaking squad Los Bandaleros in order to increase their reputation

House Robbing ft. Kermy

4x HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Blaine, Kermy, Kleb: Blaine escapes PD once, then crashes & causes everyone to run on foot, Siz & Kermy escape

Julio "learns" how to fly, Kleb vultures Olga's car, Flippy & Olga wipe HOA, Flippy argues with Julio

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Stanley, Julio, Kleb

OOC: HOA & friends play Minecraft for the rest of the VOD

255 Siz is Wanted

(June 18th, 2020)

Siz watches Flippy's gang rob the MP store & chases them down through the city, Siz meets Lady of the Lake follower Naomi

Solo Siz Store Robbery

Mirror Park Bank Truck robbery ft. Blaine, Kermy, Siz, Naomi: Siz & Naomi instantly go down to the truck security guards, Blaine gets chased while trying to take them to grandma's, Blaine escapes and helps Siz & Naomi

HOA discuss how nobody know who Naomi is & the Julio vs Flippy argument, Kraytor tells Siz that Daryl is "healing" in the lake

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Kermy, Julio, Blaine: HOA shoot at news reporters recording the bank robbery, PD chase is interrupted by street racers so HOA escape

Siz & Manny meet, Siz tells Manny to look into selling GSF coke, Manny suggests that Siz goes after Joe Caine & takes over the entire coke market

Julio offers that the HOA buy out the Angels and incorporate them as the HO-Angels

HOA visit EggRoll in the hospital, EggRoll has become a woman due to the Lady of the Lake, EggRoll tells the HOA that Naomi stabbed him & put him in ICU

256 EU Siz

(June 19th, 2020)

Siz meets with Claire in and offers to buy out the Angels

Bank Truck Robbery ft. Curtis, Eugene, Denzel: only 2 cops show up so LB x Siz put them down then escape

Siz rides along with Curtis during races

Siz lends Dab's Lambo, HOA have a meeting about Siz wanting to buy out the Angels, Huck tells Siz that Violet shot Lily during the CG vs GSF war and doesn't want to bring the Angels into the HOA, Huck threatens to leave the HOA if Violet is brought into the HOA, Julio defines Incels, Claire clarifies that Violet got involved against GSF for no real reason, Siz plays a tune on Claire's Kazoo

Siz tells Joe about his agreement with Bovice & the Coke/Meth packages, Siz tells Joe that Vinny & Tyrone aren't following the rules of the cocaine economy that Siz & Joe set in place, Siz offers to handle Joe's meetings with Vinny & Tyrone when Joe isn't in town, Siz gives Joe a therapy session, Siz & Joe set up a car shopping date to get Siz a high-end coke vehicle, Siz helps Joe with the branding of his new gambling venture at the winery

Vinny gets mad at Siz for Payne outing himself to Siz, Joe tells Vinny that Siz is the other cocaine connection, Siz & Vinny squash their beef from the LB vs CG war, Siz shows the HOA Tavern to Joe Caine

257 Siz Vault

(June 21st, 2020)

Siz joins Curtis, Mike & Flippy for a vault attempt

Powerplant attempt Ft. Curtis, Flippy, Mike: Flippy sets off the powerplant alarm after hitting 5 thermite nodes, Vault squad try to kidnap a police officer to draw the rest of the force away from the PP, Vault squad vs PD shootout, Vault squad goes down, everyone gets arrested & goes to jail

Siz finds his birthday hat, Siz becomes a magician in prison

258 Siz HOA | Monday of Pepega

(June 23rd, 2020)

Marcus tells Siz that Bovice wants to increase the price of meth to 750 a baggie, Siz meets with Manny who tells him that people won't buy for more than 400 a baggie, Siz tells Manny about the outcome of his meetings with Joe & Vinny

Sasquatch Siz 15 Brick dropoff for Manny

Siz (disguised as Donkey Kong) tells the HOA that he got robbed by Donkey Kong for cocaine, Siz asks the HOA to find Donkey Kong while dressed as Mario Kart characters, HOA chase Donkey Kong throughout the city, Huck catches Donkey Kong Siz & earns 2.5 cocaine bricks

Siz watches Kleb's Father's Day gift for Julio

DK Siz is arrested by Malton & Brenda, Kleb & Julio shootout vs PD to save Siz, HOA escape with Siz

HOA Store Robbery ft. Kleb, EggRoll, Julio: Kleb crashes, everyone runs on foot, Siz steals a cop car & saves Julio, everyone escapes

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Kleb, EggRoll, Julio

259 Siz HOA

(June 25th, 2020)

Sayid Mitra offers to develop a website for the HOA, Jesus tells Siz that new gang Marabunta Grande is operating in & around Mirror Park, HOA tell Siz that Kleb is a "sleeper agent" for Thomas Dwayne / The Narrator

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Huck, Stanley, Blaine

Siz finds out that Blaine wasn't allowed to jobs with the HOA without doing a job with Pogg Dann as a punishment given by Kraytor, HOA have an intervention for Blaine, Flippy explains that he's at war with the KJ from the Vagos

Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Flippy, Stanley, Kleb

Manny keeps bringing hang-arounds to the HOA, Siz reunites with Boe Jangles

OOC: HOA and friends play Minecraft for the rest of the VOD

260 Siz HOA or HOA MC

(June 26th, 2020)

Store Robbery ft. Blaine

Benji tells Siz that he left BBMC & joined the Vagos, Dundee left BBMC and went solo, Siz & Julio try to buy a bank truck off Mike Block, Mike Block was shot down & robbed by Tyrone so Siz & Julio take him to Grandma's, Siz & Julio 'help' Mike Block rob the Taco Shop

HOA Bank Truck ft. Julio, Blaine: HOA try to hide under the water of the MP Lake after opening the bank truck, PD impound the truck and then find Siz, HOA vs PD shootout, HOA go down and all get arrested

OOC: HOA and friends play Minecraft for the rest of the VOD

261 HOA Drinking Night | Buying Stocks Low

(June 28th, 2020)

HOA tell Siz about Steele Security attacking them at robberies, HOA plan an ambush in retaliation against Steele Security

Siz & HOA watch Kraytor, Daryl, Jesus & Kleb ambush Steele Security, then rob the jewellery store

Siz see's Copperpot recording the HOA so kidnaps her, shoots her down & robs her

Blaine comes up with a job idea for Jesus' birthday: the HOA need to rob the jewellery store, then Jeus needs to run away on foot with all the loot, while the other 3 members of the robber squad need to block the police officers from being able to arrest Jesus

Siz meets with the Angels to discuss buying their IP, the Angels decline Siz's offer but offer an Angels x HOA alliance

Siz meets with Tyrone to discuss Tyrone's cocaine distribution, Tyrone tells Siz that Joe gives Tyrone 40 bricks a week, Siz & Tyrone agree on 18 bricks until Siz talks to Joe

Siz Farmer 18 Bricks dropoff for Tyrone, Siz makes Tyrone chase a cow that has "ate" Siz's cocaine

The HOA open the HOA Complaint Jar in the Tavern, Complaint Jar opening is interrupted by Kraytor shooting Manny & Julio shooting Kraytor, HOA attempt to continue reading the complaints in the Jar but are interrupted again by Kraytor returning to shoot down Julio, then Siz shoots down Kraytor, and then the HOA are finally able to finish reading the complaints from the Jar

HOA do Jesus' Birthday Job ft. Vivi, Blaine, Jesus: Siz, Blaine & Vivi use station-wagons to block the PD cars to stop them from chasing Jesus, Espinoz starts shooting, Siz vs PD shotoout, Siz goes down & Jesus is also caught

Stanley tells Siz that Kraytor let someone stab Stanley, Siz argues with Kraytor for allowing non-HOA members to stab Stanley & for shooting Julio & Manny

Siz meets with Kraytor to discuss the state of the HOA & Kraytor's relationships with the rest of the HOA members

262 SIZ HOA | Stock Buying

(June 30th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz finds out that Curtis left LB, Denzel tells Siz that LB x Lot Q are going to war against SSB

Frat Chris tells Siz that Lot Q won't go to war with the HOA, HOA try to get a Pillbox doctor to cum on Siz's ribs, West dropped the second case against Pogg Dann, DOC officer harrasses Siz

The HOA look for women to hire into the HOA, HOA meet Lot Q worker Evie & Siz offers peace with Lot Q if the HOA can have Evie in the HOA, HOA put out a radio ad looking for women, Lot Q Louis offers to trade Evie for Blaine & Siz accepts

HOA discuss ideas on how to free Kraytor from the Lady of the Lake, HOA tell Blaine about the Lot Q trade deal, Blaine leaves the HOA and rejects the deal

Flippy tells Siz about Flippy potentially being raided, Flippy shooting LB & Curtis leaving LB, Mario & Raul left the Vagos

HOA dump cars filled with spicy burritos into the Mirror Park Lake to drain the Lady of the Lake of her power so she releases Kraytor, PD arrest Kleb, HOA vs PD shootout to free Kleb, HOA go down and all get arrested

Siz & Kleb hide in the back of the hospital after breaking out of cuffs [VOD mutes during this], Flippy & Claire help Siz & Kleb escape

HOA meet to discuss the Lot Q trade deal, Kraytor & Manny ask Siz to reconsider the trade deal & tell Siz that they disagree with the trade deal, Siz argues with the HOA for suddenly changing their minds at the last moment

HOA make a deal with the Lady of the Lake to get Old Kraytor 90% of the time and get New Kraytor 10% of the time

HOA Bank Truck robbery ft. Kraytor, Stanley, Julio: HOA use a bank truck as a decoy above-ground, then rob another bank truck in the subway tunnel directly below, allowing the HOA to escape without a shootout

HOA Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Daryl, Kraytor, Stanley: HOA find the Paleto doors open, so enter without using thermite and just steal from the safety deposit boxes in the back

Paddy tells Siz that he was the one acting as Jackie Snow in Snow's sex tape, Paddy asks Siz to get the HOA to make their own version of Snow's sex tape in order to draw suspicion away from Paddy being the initial actor

HOA get Daryl to practice the thermite nodes at the PowerPlant, Daryl hits 4/6 thermite nodes silently before the PD respond, PD Chase the HOA, Siz crashes, everyone runs, Kraytor is arrested, Siz gets another car and escapes, Stanley saves Daryl, Siz crashes again, Daryl saves Siz, Siz & Daryl shootout vs PD, Siz goes down but Daryl saves him and escapes

263 Siz HOA | Denying All RP

(July 1st, 2020)

HOA discuss the fall-out due to Blaine's departure, Jesus becomes Spanish High Command in the HOA, Erin shows Siz her new car & tells him about her millionaire status

Siz recieves a bulletin board mission to steal equipment from the Job Centre, then rob a store or Fleeca bank in order to make it look like the Job Centre wasn't the sole target, then lose the police and deliver the stolen Job Centre equipment to a designated warehouse

Cheddar asks Siz to testify against Coop as part of a lawsuit

HOA Bulletin Board Job Centre Robbery ft. Kermy, Kleb, Julio: HOA steal equipment from the Job center, then rob a Fleeca Bank, PD chase the HOA, Siz flips the dumptruck & traps Julio and Kleb inside, Siz escapes, then returns to steal the truck back and takes it to the warehouse

HOA hire Tig to sing at the HOA Tavern, Stanley & Siz pay for the "90 Day Special", HOA meet Johnny trying to mack on Evie

HOA Rob Julio's houses, HOA confront "teacher" Nash looking for his "students"

Flippy suggests hitting the powerplant with the HOA & having himself & Daryl hit thermite at the same time

Siz finds the Azteca's have returned to the city, Flippy x HOA plan their Vault heist

Powerplant attempt ft. Flippy, Daryl, Stanley: Flippy messes up the first thermite node while Daryl hits one succesfully, Air-1 chase Siz & Flippy, Siz & Flippy return to hit their thermite node, PD vs Vault squad shootout, Stanley & Daryl go down & are captured by the PD, Siz & Flippy capture Clarence and use him to bait the PD into pushing out to fight, Siz & Flippy wipe the PD, finish the Powerplant thermite and get Daryl & Stanley to safety

Daryl's head pops so Vault squad attempt the vault robbery without him

Vault Robbery ft. Flippy, Stanley: PD Chase the vault squad, Siz calls Arturo and tell him to gear up in case anything happens, Flippy crashes, everyone runs, Stanley is caught but Flippy & Siz escape, Siz x Flippy x Arturo decide to save Stanley & shoot at the PD while Arturo grabs Stanley, everyone escapes.

264 Siz HOA | Daily Vaults w/ Flippy Exclusively

(July 2nd, 2020)

Ellie & Buddha ask Siz about cocaine, Siz asks Buddha about Curtis leaving LB & that Saab shot Curtis

Siz asks Curtis what led to him leaving LB, Siz meets Curtis' new friend DEzekeil, Siz watches CG vs PD shootout

Store Robbery ft. Curtis, DEzekiel, Mario Le-Pipe

Curtis tells Siz that Cheddar is a woman due to the Lady of the Lake

Siz, Curtis, DEzekeil & Mario spend hours trying to find a bank truck, then attempt to rob a store but every store is robbed, then attempt to rob a Fleeca bank but every one is robbed

Blaine requests to meet with Siz to discuss why he was upset at the Lot Q trade and about the HOA's issues with Blaine, Siz tells Blaine that he needs to be his own person and try to mend the bridges he burned with the HOA if he wants to come back

HOA tells Siz that EggRoll swapped genders with Cheddar, Brian was asking the HOA about Raphael's motivations, Siz tells the HOA to distance themselves from Raphael

[The next 2 hours of RP are of Larry Cul-De-Sac, Siz RP continues at 10:00:00]

HOA tell Siz about their battles with Larry Cul-De-Sac, Siz tells Raven that he hasn't seen Zelda & Lil Kev in weeks and worries that they've run away and left Siz

HOA try to exile the homeless from Mirror Park, HOA force Solomon Seerson to eat another dog & record it to use as leverage, Rudi warns Siz that war with the Hobo's will bring Dirty Mike back

265 Siz HOA | A New Arc?

(July 7th, 2020)

HOA tell Siz that Pogg has taken Lil Kev captive and asked for a $400k ransom, Jesus asks Siz for help opening some new businesses, HOA tell Siz about their 1 on 1 conversations with Blaine & say that he told them he won't rejoin

Siz tries to rescue Eugene from the roof of a skyscraper but crashes and blows himself up

Lot Q Louis tells Siz that Blaine keeps visiting Lot Q

Siz talks to Huck & discusses taking over Jordan Steele's Season 1 of becoming Tow Truck Drivers, due to Steele Security being the HOA's Season 1

Siz & Zelda Cannibal Island 21 bricks dropoff for Tyrone, Zelda eats The Crow & kills him

Siz tells the HOA that they are rebranding to the HOA - Haulers of Automobiles as tow truck drivers

Siz tells the HOA about Paddy's mission to make a fake Snow Sex Tape, The Crow's son (the new Crow) tells Kermy that he's investigating the HOA for the death of his father

The HOA film a Porno with "Chips" and "Snow"

Tig gathers lots of people at the Tavern, Kraytor introduces the HOA to Ant/Andi, HOA watch Blaine get stabbed

Siz protects Ant from being hit on, the HOA start their first day of Towing

Paddy tells Siz that Border Control requested he doesn't distribute the Snow Sex Tape, Brie mentions that ESB might kick her out for becoming a woman

Brie & Kraytor tell Siz their plan for the Pirate Jewellery Store: Brie wants to put a boat on the back of a tow truck and throw it underwater, when the rest of the squad hit the Jewellery store, then drive into the sea, while Brie unhooks the boat from the tow truck and it rises from the bottom of the sea, allowing the rest of the squad to get on the boat and escape

Siz buys a Dinka Marquis sail boat

Pirate Jewellery Store robbery ft. Anto, Kraytor, Brie: Brie releases the Kraken, Pirate Squad vs PD boat shootout, Siz gets a car and everyone escapes

266 Siz HOA | Very Good Roleplay Man

(July 8th, 2020)

Siz & Vinny talk about their feelings towards the late Boe Jangles

Siz buys a Shitzu Suntrap in order to set up Vinny's coke drop

Siz & Zelda underwater mermaid 18 Bricks dropoff for Vinny (mermaid Zelda drowns underwater and the boat with the bricks is stuck so Siz just delivers his coke to Vinny)

Siz joins the rest of the HOA with HOA towing, Siz runs over Carl

Siz tows Matt Rhodes' police car, Stanley holds Rhodes at gunpoint, Kermy is chased by PD, HOA try to save Kermy, Siz crashes, everyone runs, Siz gets another car to try to save Kermy and Stanley, everyone goes down and is caught

Siz & Stanley listen to Vale get yelled at by Baas in MRPD

Marcus gives Siz a shipment of Meth, Marcus & Bovice want Siz to hit the powerplant in order to get the DOC to pull out lethal weapons, so Marcus & Bovice can attack the DOC and steal their lethals

Siz kidnaps Pogg Dann, HOA find out that Pogg stabbed Evie's brother Louis, Evie stabs Pogg with the knife he used to stab Louis and Siz burns Pogg alive

HOA Store Robbery ft. Stanley, Kleb, Huck: HOA take Vinny's girlfriend, Mona, hostage

Siz, the HOA, Ziggy, Judd and the rest of the city reminisce about & honour Boe Jangles/ blue622

267 Siz HOA | Building Coke Empire

(July 11th, 2020)

Siz meets with LB and tells them about the Blaine trade

Siz Tow Truck Driver 12 Brick dropoff for Kanye

Siz & Ian discuss Ian hosting some illegal game nights for Siz to sponsor and have Coke as a prize for some gangs, Tyrone asks Siz for more cocaine

HOA spend the day towing cars, Huck gets run over & saved by Saint Joseph, Saint Joseph asks Siz to pay his car payment in return, HOA help Frat Chris tow cars and bodies down from Mount Chilliad after a pledge event, HOA try to buy back a Lamborghini that was stolen from the lot, HOA start a tow war with BBC

Lily & Kraytor have a theory that the LotL is turning people's hair blue to create an army to war against the Father of the Fire, and that Blaine is an agent of the FotF

HOA confront Kraytor for dressing Ant up as Ava

Siz tells Paddy that Heavy Pistols are dry during NA Tsunami

HOA Store Robbery ft. Kraytor, Kleb

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Kraytor, Kleb

The Lost's Catherine Scratch meets with Siz to tell him that she can contact him directly for Heavies, and gives Siz a list of middlemen for Heavy pistols if she can't get in town

268 Siz HOA | Sizney Worldwide

(July 12th, 2020)

Kermy bought Siz a shipment of Heavy Pistols, Siz suggests to Paddy to hire members of the HOA as middlemen for the Lost MC

Kermy explains his plan to have a Dummy cop car at the jewellery store, and "pretend" to arrest the HOA after they rob the jewellery store and help them to escape

Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Kermy: Kermy crashes, HOA vs PD shootout, Kermy & Kleb go down while Huck & Siz escape, Siz returns to try and save Kermy but gets shot down

Claire uncuffs the caught Jewellery robbery squad in the hospital, Kleb escapes, Siz gets caught again

DA Larry Callow tells Siz that he'll take the case for HOA vs Pogg Dann & for Julio's Hot Gun case

Siz suggests to Huck that Siz buys the movie theatre and have a weekly showing of a HOA blooper reel, Siz asks Brian Knight if they could have a cameraman record them for their blooper reels

The HOA watch the Lady of the Lake perform miracles for citizens of Los Santos, Lily asks the LotL about the Father of the Fire, LotL tells the HOA that they need to appease the FotF in order to prevent the destruction of the HOA

HOA meet with Blaine to ask him why he burned Huck at the prison a few weeks ago, Blaine says he was told by "someone" & that he regards the LoTL as a witch

Bobby Brown asks the HOA if he can advertise & sell his Cocoa Butter at the Tavern

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Kleb, Kraytor, Huck

The HOA return and find Kraytor's bike on fire in the Tavern

269 Siz HOA | Sizney | Coke Day

(July 14th, 2020)

Off Stream: Paddy told Siz that they haven't had cocaine in a while, The Lost gave the HOA a spot to be a Heavy Pistol connect

Siz & Kleb hospital 21 bricks dropoff for Tyrone

Siz, Huck & Kleb alien 18 bricks dropoff for Vinny

HOAlien Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb: HOAliens try to communicate with the PD, HOAliens get escorted away in a spaceship

HOAliens Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb

HOAliens take submarines down to find their UFO

Siz argues with BBC CEO Leah about owning 10% of BBC, Siz goes to PDM to look for a "tank"

Kleb asks Siz if the FotF is truly evil, EggRoll was found burned alive by Kraytor, Kraytor asks Siz for 2 bricks to sell, HOA are approached by 2 Hobo's and asked how they're bringing cocaine into the city, HOA find out that the hobo's were hired by Dan Dinkum to investigate the HOA coke supply & that Dan Dinkum put a hit on the HOA for $11k to Dundee

HOA hunt for Dan Dinkum, HOA chase Dan Dinkum & shoot him down

HOA interrogate Dan Dinkum & find out that Shane-O and the taco shop manager Ruby have been spreading rumours about the HOA having lots of coke, and that Dank Dinkum was hunting for coke due to Shane-O being desperately broke & Tyrone being dry of coke

HOA kidnap Kraytor's new girl that he's hanging out with & shave her head bald

HOA meet with Shane-O who tells them that Shane-O wasn't hurting for money & that Tyrone isn't dry for coke

270 Siz RP HOA

(July 17th, 2020)

OOC: Manny won't be able to get into the city very often so Siz will have to find a replacement coke pusher

Siz calls Saab to debate his 10% ownership of BBC, Siz watches CG kidnap Saab at the Tuner Shop

4x HOA Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Julio: HOA take Cassie hostage & ask her about the Angels stocks, HOA watch someone attempt to hit a prison transport, Eugene explains the start of the 2nd CG vs LB war, HOA ask Siz about Warehouses

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Julio: Soze pisses at the Tavern during negotiations

HOA steal a Jewellery Store Robbery from GSF

Kleb asks Siz to fly a plane for his bachelor party, Siz crashes in the street outside the Taco Shop, then Julio learns to fly & finds a UFO in the sky, Julio crashes into the UFO & crash lands into the sea

271 Wedding

(July 18th, 2020)

Siz wakes up to find that someone is robbing Kleb and Lily's wedding, so he goes back to sleep

[No real RP happens here, only 3 minutes of the VOD is GTA]

272 Siz Returns from Japan

(July 22nd, 2020)

Siz returns from Japan and for the sake of his honour, forsakes his usage of guns and gives them all to the HOA

HOA tell Siz that they shot down the Angels for robbing the MP store, HOA had a shootout with the Blocks

Sun Moon offers to blackmail any of the HOA's frienemies, Jesus tells Siz that 4T kidnapped Ant, Siz gives the HOA a haiku

The HOA dress as honourable Japanese swordsmen, Siz has a duel with PD Casey Valentine, HOA tell eachother haiku's

HOA Honourable Duel 24 bricks dropoff for Tyrone

HOA Samurai are challenged by Blaine, Siz duels Blaine, Blaine defeats Siz, Blaine then defeats Huck in a duel, then Stanley, then Julio, then Kleb, but is defeated by Casey Valentine

HOA continue dueling with various people in the city

HOA Samurai Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Stanley, Kermy, Julio [VOD cuts out and Nova disconnects from the server due to his power cutting out]

Siz & the HOA continue to duel citizens of Los Santos to train to defeat Blaine

HOA vs ESB Samurai battles, Siz wins the HOA Battle Royale, Ant challenges 4T to a duel and wins, Siz rematches Blaine after poisoning his blade, and loses again, Kleb defeats Blaine and regains the HOA's honour, HOA battle against the PD, HOA 5v5 battle vs ESB

Ant asks the HOA advice about Kraytor confessing his feelings to her, HOA Samurai battle Jewellery Store Robbers for taking the Store Robbery from the HOA

Siz blows ups his Jeep, HOA ride the blown up Jeep to Harmony and blow it up again, Siz battles Flippy, then Lauren Forcer

HOA interview Ant in the Tavern, HOA pretend to kidnap Ant to scare Kraytor, a friend of the Snowman asks for Siz's number to give him another mission

HOA meet the Marabunte Grande, Vlad shoots at HOA, the Snowman's friend asks Siz to kidnap someone to send a message to Lauren Forcer, HOA chase Vlad & Anto after they rob the jewellery store, Julio practices thermite

273 Sizney Productions

(July 23rd, 2020)

Pogg Dan asks for a deal with Siz to try to work at Horny's, Pogg tells Siz that he ate Lil Kev

Siz, Stanley, Kleb and Eugene play Ian's murder mystery game Siz gives the Resevoir Dogs Jewellery Store robbery to the Angels & to Jesus, Stanley, EggRoll, and Kleb of the HOA

Siz makes Pogg Dan & his brother Jogg Dan eat eachother

Ant asks Siz to borrow his limo so she can take Kraytor on a date, HOA ridicule her and make her storm off, Siz listens to the rest of the HOA try to make Ant feel better, Mike Block rolls on the HOA while they listen to Tig sing, Siz watches HOA vs Blocks vs PD shootout, then Siz watches the HOA fail to save Stanley from the PD, HOA find out that Blaine put a hit on the HOA with Mike Block

Siz is taken kidnapped by "Bazzy" and "Jobbi" because Kleb robbed "Bazzy", "Bazzy" asks Siz to get Kleb to return the stolen goods, Kleb denies robbing "Bazzy" and doesn't know anything about it

Siz is taken hostage by Flippy & Olga for a jewellery store robbery, Siz meets Julio's brother Dante & offers him a job at the Tavern

HOA find "Bazzy" and Julio guns him down with an AK, Siz watches EggRoll gun down Blaine, Julio & Kleb found out that "Bazzy" was actually Jazzy, Lily says Jazzy is affiliated with ESB

Kraytor tells the HOA that the Lost MC argued with the LoTL & Rudi paid a hobo to shit in the Tavern, Kraytor & the Lost came to an agreement have a Hogmania in order to squash the beef

2x HOA Store Robbery ft. Kraytor, Daryl, Dante

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Kraytor, Daryl, Dante: Dante crashes & goes down, Siz distracts the PD to allow Kraytor to escape with the loot, Kraytorreturns & saves Siz, Siz goes back to save Dante but PD took him away, Daryl saves Siz after he crashes, Kraytor shoots at PD and allows Siz & Daryl to escape

Siz & Daryl go to check for Kraytor at Pillbox, PD chase again, Siz crashes, Daryl & Siz run, Siz jumps into random guy Nick's car who drives Siz away

Siz confronts Taco Store Manager Ruby at the Tavern about Dan Dinkum, Ruby denies knowing anything about Dan Dinkum's rumours, Shane-O tells Siz that Tyrone mentioned the HOA getting lots of cocaine to Dan Dinkum

Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Daryl, Kraytor, EggRoll: Soze shits in the escape car, Daryl is pitted by Soze & Snow, everyone runs, Daryl gets another car and rescues Siz, Daryl & Siz take LSD, Daryl crashes after attempting the bridge jump, Daryl takes his ATV and escapes, EggRoll saves Siz, EggRoll crashes, Siz & EggRoll get caught, Daryl is also caught and meets with Siz in MRPD

274 Siz | Hogmania?

(July 24th, 2020)

Cheddar gets shot by Mike Block's blind son Holden D. Block, Mike Block carries out half of the hit against Siz, Siz puts a hit out on Blaine

HOA House Robberies ft. EggRoll, Julio, Kermy

Siz interviews potential cameraman Chris for the Sizney theatre movies

[HOA leave the server due to TokoVOIP continuously crashing]

OOC: HOA and friends play Minecraft

275 Mild RP without the RP

(July 26th, 2020)

Siz is shot down by Jazzy as revenge for being gunned down by the HOA

GSF meet with Siz to discuss their plan to kill off the business of the Taco Shop by cleaning money through the VU instead

Siz tells the HOA about being shot down by Jazzy & tells them that Jazzy is targeting the HOA, Siz forgets his honour and carries guns again

Flippy tells Siz that Eugene agreed to do a vault robbery with them & Curtis, but Curtis wants to tell LB after to cause conflict between LB and Eugene

HOA hunt for Jazzy in the Southside, HOA shoot down Jazzy and "his boy" Jermaine

OOC: HOA and friends play Pummel Party & Fall Guys

276 Monday Kinda RP with the RP

(July 28th, 2020)

Off Stream: Julio started a war with the Angels

Flippy tells Siz that Julio caused the war with the Angels, Flippy created a new group with the rest of the ex-Vagos members, HOA explain that the Angels war was started by the groups putting hits on eachother with Mike Block

HOA discuss what terms would be for the Angels war, HOA decide on taking Blaine if they win, and offering any member of the HOA (except Siz) to the Angels for a month

Claire decline the HOA's terms

HOA stop a group from robbing the Mirror Park store, Tyrone tells Siz that he bought Grove Street from LB, Siz asks Tyrone why Dan Dinkum was asking about the HOA getting cocaine

Claire suggests that the winner of the Angels v HOA war takes control of the losing gang for 1 month

Siz is kidnapped and used as a hostage by the Angels

Siz, Kleb, Kermy & Ant Morgue 21 bricks dropoff for Tyrone

Siz is chased by PD while he has Tyrone's cocaine money on him but is saved by Kleb

OOC: Siz & Friends play Escape From Tarkov for the rest of the VOD

277 Coke Fiend Returns

(August 4th, 2020)

OOC: PD are able to buy Heavy Pistols in their armory for $250, Shotguns are allowed to be used again

Siz meets with Curtis and discusses what Curtis has been doing since leaving LB

Siz & Flippy discuss who will replace Manny as Siz's cocaine pusher, Siz wants to give the opportunity to Huck & Kleb, Flippy recommends Mario

Flippy tells Siz that he doesn't want to work with Curtis as much due to their disagreements in leadership positions during jobs, Flippy explains Curtis vs LB beef, Flippy wants to make a job crew later on in the night & do jobs for Allen

Julio tells Siz that he was crippled by the Angels, Erin was fired from the Angels after 1 day of being brought back

Paddy is angry that the Heavy Pistol market is dead due to PD having Heavy's

Siz fights Soze & gets shot by Toretti

Saab tells Siz that BBC owns Fastlane, Saab explains that Red & Sun Moon sold too many cars from Fastlane off the books & no more Fastlane cars can't be sold anymore, Saab explains that stealing Heavy Pistols from police officers wont incur a PD weapon charge

Siz & Saab attempt to rob Paleto Bank but Saab fails the 2nd thermite door, Saab tries to buy thermite from Flippy but Flippy asks to come with

Saab shows Siz the new underground Fastlane garage, Saab & Flippy race to Paleto Bank, Saab takes Ant hostage, Flippy hides in Paleto while Saab & Siz rob Paleto Bank, Saab fails the 2nd thermite door, Claire & Flippy come out of hiding in Paleto and give Saab thermite, Saab finishes opening the doors

Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Saab, Flippy, Claire: Saab refuses to be in a car with Flippy, Siz & Saab leave the Paleto Bank Robbery to Claire & Flippy, everyone escapes

Siz meets with Kleb & Huck, Siz explains the issues with the Heavy Pistols market, Siz tells Kleb & Huck about his position in the cocaine market and offers them Manny's spot in cocaine distribution

Siz, Huck & Kleb Thanos Soul Stone 21 brick dropoff for Tyrone

Siz gives Kleb & Huck 12 bricks for their first dropoff

West puts a $20k hit on Jerry Slime, so the HOA look for him

OOC: Siz, the HOA and friends play Fall Guys

278 Siz then something who knows what i don't

(August 9th, 2020)

Kraytor brings Siz a PD 9mm pistol, Siz stabs Pogg Dan in PDM

Siz buys the Benefactor Dubsta 6x6 truck from PDM

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Kermy, Huck, Frat Chris

Siz launches his car into Parsons and gets the HOA stuck in there, Kleb falls out of the car when Siz launches his car back out so the HOA go back in to save him

Tony upgrades Siz's Dubsta, Siz punches Soze in the nose, Soze shits on Siz, Marcus asks Siz to kill someone who disrespected him in prison

Siz asks Tony about his opinion on the Curtis vs LB beef, Siz & Tony & Tori try putting a car on top of a submarine

Flippy tells Siz that Dundee & Vlad blew up the Lost MC compound, so the Lost can't produce anymore Heavy Pistols

Huck tells Siz about his & Kleb's cocaine selling, Huck tells Siz that Chang Gang asked the Lunatix to go to war with the HOA again

OOC: Siz, HOA and Friends go off to play Fall Guys and Rust before coming back to GTARP to do a vault with Flippy, Eugene, Curtis

Powerplant attempt & Vault robbery ft. Eugene, Curtis, Flippy: Siz waits with the helicopter while Flippy hits the powerplant silently, Siz plays Solitaire on his phone while the rest of the crew robs the Vault, PD shoot Siz's heli so they can't take off, Vault crew vs PD shootout, Vault crew manages to sneak away & escape

Vinny tells Siz that one of Joe & Otto's old contacts is back in town & wants to meet with Siz, Siz meets with Sahara's Johnny Cassle who asks for an update with the changes for cocaine, Cassle asks Siz for a weekly cocaine drop at the same prices he would get from Joe, Cassle explains he wants the cocaine as rewards for jobs and promises future opportunities for Siz & the HOA

279 Rust Wipe, then Coke, then Wipe again

(August 10th, 2020)

OOC: VOD starts with Siz, the HOA & friends playing Rust

HOA tell Siz that Ant has been doing jobs with The Angels, Siz crashes a plane behind the Mirror Park Dam, Ant tells Siz that she doesn't want to join the Angels and loves the HOA Siz gets a package from Dom when he returns from East-Side West-Side Philly, Dom tells Siz that he's proud and that Siz has surpassed Dom

Siz listens in on Malton questioning Ant

Siz 12 bricks coke dropoff for Kleb & Huck

Ant collects blood from the HOA to try and bring Kraytor back from the Lady of the Lake

Siz, Kleb & Huck fight Toretti & Copper so Siz can steal a Taser, Siz & Flippy test if locals are scuffed when tasing them after selling cocaine to them, Siz returns Toretti's Taser

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Julio, Kermy, Huck

Julio & Huck get chased by police, Siz goes to save Julio, both get caught and arrested, Siz pays for parole and is allowed to walk away

280 Coke Mission and 9s

(August 12th, 2020)

Siz sets up Chang Gang's coke mission: Siz stages a crashed plane in the Vinewood lake, and remains in the plane with 33 bricks of cocaine on his person, CG and the Police will both be alerted to the plane crash, and CG will have to defend the plane from the PD, otherwise risk losing the entire cocaine shipment and sending Siz to prison for drug trafficking

CG arrive, obtain the cocaine but the PD arrive as CG are about to leave, PD vs CG shootout, CG escape with the cocaine and Siz is taken in for questioning by the PD, Siz sneaks out of the hospital to avoid being questioned by Brian Knight

Siz, Kleb & Huck southside house robbery 21 brick dropoff for Tyrone

Tyrone tells Siz about his wars against LB,GSF and SSB, Kleb & Frat Alex argue about Kleb joining the HOA

OOC: Siz, the HOA & friends play Among Us & Town of Salem

281 HOA Drinking + Anniversary + 9s

(August 15th, 2020)

For the HOA's first birthday, Siz makes the HOA play 'Hot Potato' with a brick of cocaine, and they can only pass the brick along to someone else if they do a job

HOA begin their drinking night, Kleb is the first person to hold the Hot Potato Brick, HOA obtain Felon Tusk's Cybertruck for their job

HOA Store Robbery ft. Fred, Julio, Kleb: Fred jumps out of the truck, Kleb crashes, everyone but Fred runs, Siz saves Julio, everyone escapes

HOA re-roll for the Hot Potato Brick & Ant loses, Siz fakes a bird watching permit in order to trick the Rent-A-Cops guarding the Jewellery Store, Siz is arrested by the Rent-A-Cop, DRL free's Siz & Lily, Siz calls Brian who lets the HOA free

Denzel returns to the HOA to celebrate the HOA 1 year anniversary, HOA roll for the next person to take the Hot Potato Brick & Kermy loses

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Stanley, Kleb, Julio

Kermy, Huck, Denzel & Kraytor escaped their job, so the HOA re-roll for the Hot Potato Brick & Siz loses, Denzel suggests that if the Hot Potato holder gets arrested with the brick, then the prison break team need to also have a brick of cocaine on them

HOA admit their crimes to Rhodes on the HOA radio, Manny puts a $40k bounty on Stanley's head

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Jesus, Vivi, Stanley: Siz is searched by Forcer & Rhodes, Vivi crashes, Stanley shoots, Siz escapes while everyone else is caught

HOA re-roll for the Hot Potato Brick & Manny loses, Denzel & Manny double or nothing roll & Denzel ends up with both bricks

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Denzel, Manny, Julio: HOA shoot at running hostage, Manny crashes, Siz & Julio shoot down the PD, Siz & Julio save Manny

Kindle returns, Speedy asks for a $500k loan, Speedy tells Siz about KJ's raid

HOA open the complaint jar in the Tavern

Ant steps away from doing crime, Ant bought Tequila-la, The HOA monkeys gives Siz a bank box & Siz has to figure out how to open it, The Reverend gives a Dark Web quest to Ant & Kraytor

282 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(August 19th, 2020)

OOC: VOD Starts with Nova playing Rust with friends

Siz checks out the new additions to his wardrobe

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Kraytor, Huck, Kleb: SIz crashes, everyone runs, Kraytor gets caught, Siz saves Huck & they get into another chase

HOA plan to hit Kraytor's prison transport by creating a blockade of cars at the prison front gates & hiding in the car trunks, Siz & Julio take Clarence & Draider hostage, SIz & Julio attempt to negotiate for Kraytor's freedom, HOA vs PD Shootout, PD win & arrest the HOA members

OOC: Siz, the HOA and friends play Among Us for the rest of the VOD

283 HOA Siz Winning the War

(August 21st, 2020)

HOA tell Siz that the HOA lost the war against the Angels & Julio begins his transfer to the Angels

Siz drunk-texts the HOA, Huck & Kleb console Siz at the beach, V brings Siz a physical therapist to help Siz deal with his issues, Siz asks Lily what it's like to lose a war, Raphael guides Siz to make him feel better, Siz argues with Kleb, Siz stress eats & gives Tig keys to deliver food to his home

Siz finds out that Ant & Kraytor broke up, Siz watches Raphael try to attack a DOC guard

Siz finds out that Azteca Leader Jose left the Azteca's and joined the ESB, Siz meets "Space Viking" Ex-OTT employee Douglas

284 HOA Siz Coke Stuff

(August 22nd, 2020)

Siz store robbery 21 bricks dropoff for Tyrone

Tyrone tells Siz about ESB, LB, and Vagos getting raided, Tyrone was found with 60 guns in his house and didn't get the 9's

Dante explains his plan to rob 2 Fleeca banks disguised as Gruppe 6 workers & transfer all the loot up to Paleto, Siz watches HOA do Dante's Fleeca Bank plan, but get no police response

Siz dresses as a Gruppe 6 worker to trick the HOA, then dresses as HOAPD to arrest Dante for being a fake Gruppe 6 worker, HOA go to HOA Court to 'prosecute' Dante

Siz tests the Brawler's capability to do the bridge jump, Siz & Flippy are approached by the DEA investigating the drug trade in the city, Siz gives Manny a brick to plant on a random person

Kraytor asks the HOA to take part in a Beauty and the Beast themed date for Ant

285 HOA Siz Eats

(August 23rd, 2020)

Siz meets with Vinny & Cassle to give Cassle his first cocaine shipment, Cassle brings Siz 2 LMG's as a gift

Siz asks Claire for advice on dealing with being the worst gang in the city

Kermy gives the HOA a mission to solve 3 riddles to obtain 3 loot drops, then dropoff the loot dressed in different disguises each time

Siz, Kleb, Kraytor & Huck complete Kermy's mission, Siz buys a Submarine, SIz shops for getaway cars & buys a Benefactor Glendale and an Enus Super Diamond, Siz argues with BBC employee's over not receiving an employee discount, Kleb tells Siz that Zeke quit from QuickFix, Siz taunts Douglas with his Taco Truck

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends go play Fall Guys for the rest of the VOD

286 The Man with The Coke

(August 25th, 2020)

The HOA find cryptic notes in the Tavern & call Brian Knight to help understand them, Brian Knight offers for the PD to go hard against the HOA, Claire has amnesia, the HOA hire Claire into the HOA, Brian offers 5x jail times & fines if the HOA are arrested, HOA discuss the fact that they're poor and can't afford paying 5x fines so agree upon 3x, Siz meets with Larry Callow & Officer Malton to discuss a contract for the 3x consequences

Siz drops off 12 bricks for Kleb & Huck

Siz & Flippy plan to hit the vault with Huck and Claire

Kraytor told Huck that ESB Viper tried to set up Kraytor with the PD during a Heavy Pistol dropoff, Ant broke up with Kraytor & he told her not to hang out with HOA anymore

Powerplant Attempt ft. Claire, Huck, Flippy: Flippy hits 4/6 thermite nodes before making a mistake but manages to finish & escape before the PD arrive

Vault crew discuss their plan for the vault escape: Claire will stay with 2 submarines, while Siz, Huck & Flippy will rob the vault, then escape on motorcycles, diving into the sea after driving off the pier, and escaping in the submarines

Vault robbery ft. Flippy, Huck, Claire: Flippy realises he missed a powerplant thermite node, Flippy & Huck go to the powerplant and find the thermite nodes have reset, so Flippy hits all 6 nodes silently, then return and rob the vault, PD blow up the submarine as the Vault crew tries to swim out to it, Siz & Huck get back to the shore and drive away on the motorcycles, Flippy gets a car to save Siz & Huck but they get into another chase, Vault squad get to the tunnels and meet with Claire, Vault squad vs PD shootout, Vault squad win & manage to escape

Ant explains her relationship issues with Kraytor and that she broke up with Kraytor, and Kraytor told her she's no longer allowed to hang out with the HOA, Siz tells Ant that he disagrees with Kraytor and that Ant is part of the HOA now

Siz recieves a food crate delivery

Kraytor tells Siz that he's being followed by David Watcher, Siz listens to Ant & Kraytor argue and tells them to sort it out so it's not awkward in the HOA, Kleb gets drunk because he wasn't included in the vault job, Kleb tells Siz that people are flipping bricks in the southside

Siz argues with BBC Employees and tells them he will try to overthrow Leah as BBC CEO & asks BBC Mechanics to start recognizing him as a BBC Manager

Siz threatens MP Store robbers with an LMG, Siz & Flippy are chased by PD, Flippy crashes, Siz runs, Flippy gets shot down while Siz moves his illegal goods out of his house

287 Siz Super Roleplay

(August 26th, 2020)

Siz meets John Colton, John tells Siz that Buck is dead, Siz pays a BBC Employee to complain about how Siz is being treated by Leah

HOA celebrate Julio's birthday, Julio gets stabbed by Meth-high Chips, Julio knocks out Johnny Deadman, Johnny Deadman gets beat up by Kleb, Huck & Lily, Siz & Kleb follow Manny, Conan Clarkson tells the HOA stories of being kidnapped by Manny, "Strawberry" comes to the Tavern and asks for drugs & ends up getting taken hostage by the HOA

HOA Store Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Huck

Kleb bullies Kermy, Huck isn't recognised by EMS & called HOA B-Squad, Ripley tweets out warrants

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends play Among Us and Fall Guys for the rest of the VOD

288 Siz Jail Time x3

(August 27th, 2020)

Siz checks out the new HOA vests for Kleb, Kermy, Stanley & Ant

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Kraytor: Kraytor crashes, everyone runs & escapes

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Kraytor

The HOA go to Camp Pogwarts, Siz ignores Huck to get food, The HOA chase Siz to check how much food he has, the HOA trick Siz into an intervention to stop him eating

HOA ask Daryl if he can pay for his house, Siz compliments Lily, HOA make Daryl sign the x3 contract

HOA attempt a Paleto Bank Robbery but Daryl fails the first thermite door and burns alive, then the HOA get chased by police as they try to escape, Julio leaves the car but everyone escapes

Julio tells Siz that Alexandra Moroz sold Julio a Russian Exclusive car and Julio is worried about the Russians causing problems over it

289 Siz x3 x3 x3 x3 x3

(August 28th, 2020)

Siz sets up a meeting with Olga to discuss Julio's car, PD try to arrest Siz but he's saved by Olga & Flippy, Siz and Julio meet with Olga and Flippy to see whether the Russians will cause issues with Julio over his Russian Exclusive car, Olga offers to either buy Julio's car or the HOA offer to give Olga an HOA Brawler to ease tensions

Siz asks Fiona to complain about Leah at BBC, Siz & Julio oversee the car trade between Alexandra & Olga after Alexandra bought Julio's car back

Siz steals 40 Gold Bars from Dante, Siz visits Kermy in the ICU

PD pull up to the Tavern and frisk everyone present & look for people with warrants, PD arrest Lily with 60 weed quarters on her, Siz watches the PD stake out Lily's MP house, Siz moves all of the HOA's illegal goods to the warehouse

Siz & Kraytor give Kleb & Ant their HOA cuts, HOA & GSF visit Lily in prison and plan what they will do next, Siz & Julio watch more GSF members get raided

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends play Fall Guys for the rest of the VOD

290 Siz x3 Hardmode Way of Life

(August 29th, 2020)

Otto texts Siz & Siz meets with Otto, Otto tells Siz that Tyrone is in trouble & asks Siz to stop supplying ESB with cocaine due to them having too many eyes on them, and suggests Siz dries up the cocaine supply to the entire city in order to lower suspicions, Otto thinks that ESB will snitch on Siz if anything happens

HOA discuss EggRoll speaking badly about Lily, Kraytor tells Siz that The Lost MC will provide the HOA with Advanced Lockpicks, Siz is chased by PD to try and serve his warrant, Chief Bobby puts a $20k arrest bounty on Siz, Julio tries to betray Siz & leaks his location, Siz attempts to take Julio to HOA Court but is intercepted by PD & Air1

Siz gives Manny the Raid so he can drive it around as bait, Siz gets his Jeep but is chased again by PD, Manny rams Rhodes and draws attention away from Siz, allowing him to escape

Siz gets in another chase & ends up crashing, Siz shoots and gets shot down by PD, Kraytor attacks Rhodes with a machete in the hospital, allowing Siz to run back to his crashed Raid, repair it and drive away

Siz berates the HOA for not helping him escape, Siz offers the HOA $50k if they shoot down Chief Bobby, HOA plan an ambush where Siz robs the Mirror Park Gas Station, and the rest of the HOA shoot at the responding police officers

HOA Store Robbery & PD Ambush ft. Kleb, Julio, Huck: Siz robs the MP Store, the rest of the HOA set up to ambush the PD but there is no response

2x HOA Store Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Huck

Julio calls Chief Bobby and tells him he has Siz, Julio shoots down Bobby Smith, Siz leaves Julio and escapes, Julio gets attacked by a mountain lion but is picked up by Olga

Siz is chased again by Rhodes, Siz is tazed off his ATV and runs on foot, Julio saves Siz & they both escape

291 Siz x3 Hardmode End of LIne

(August 30th, 2020)

Siz meets with Curtis, Nino and Cassle, Siz mentions that Curtis benched him from the A-team, the meeting is interrupted by Cassle shooting a mountain lion & the PD response, Curtis attempts to save Siz but crashes & Siz is caught

Malton tells Siz that the Taco shop has been shut down

Siz goes to a bench trial & is represented by Crane, drunk Nino is called to the stand as a witness for Siz, Siz is sentenced to 480 months and $36k fine

Marcus tells Siz that he wants to plan a jailbreak, Siz & Tyrone start a prison riot, Tyrone tells Siz that he attempted to break Siz out before he went to jail

Siz tells Tyrone that Otto is cutting Tyrone out of coke, Siz tells Tyrone about Viper setting up Kraytor, Siz finds out that Ricky is dead

Flippy gets GSF Miguel, Kleb & Julio together to do a jailbreak for Siz, Siz gets a radio and phone from Marcus, Flippy hits the powerplant silently, Siz finds out that EggRoll died mid-prison break, Flippy picks up Siz in a helicopter and allows Siz to escape the prison, Siz is chased by PD & shot down, Siz is hidden in a garage by PD while prison break crew attempt to break out Marcus, Prison break crew get Marcus but can't find Siz so everyone escapes

Flippy gets back up at Grandma's, Prison Break crew return to fight the PD and save Siz

HOA tell Siz how EggRoll died, Siz commends the HOA for breaking him out

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends play Among Us for the rest of the VOD

292 Siz x3 Free for Now

(September 2nd, 2020)

OOC: Weed farm reintroduced & Oxy spot moved out of the Southside & Recycling centre opened again

Off Stream: Curtis told Siz that LB is having problems with Tony and Eugene

Police stake out Siz's house, Kleb tells Siz there's a new bank card available at the prison, Siz discusses the effect of the new Oxy store on the cocaine industry with Kleb & Huck, Siz introduces Kanye to Kleb & Huck, Siz tells Kanye that ESB was cut out, Kanye tells Siz that locals don't pay as much for cocaine on the streets

Jacob tells Siz that he is the part-owner of the Recycling centre, Jacob wants Ant to be a saleswoman for the Digital Den opening in Mirror Park, Jacob wants to start crafting phones and other tech, Siz & Jacob face eachother in a video game

Siz argues with Saab about not being recognised as a 20% owner of BBC

Siz 12 brick dropoff for Kanye

Julio tells Siz that Chang Gang & ESB & Tony & Eugene are kidnapping people to work at the weed farm including HOA members, Siz is almost arrested due to Kanye riding the top of his vehicle, Siz is saved by Kleb & Huck

Siz visits the new Recycling Centre and talks about it with Windsong, Happy & Jacob

Marcus asks Siz if he can find him a job, Manny suggests being involved in the cocaine industry again by giving away small quantities of cocaine to newer people to drive more customers towards Huck & Kleb, Siz suggests using Tequila-la to distribute more cocaine

Brian Knight tells Siz that he's investigating the Weed Farm and investigating the HOA's involvement, Raphael tells Siz about being kidnapped alongside Jesus & Stanley & Bunnie to go to work on the Weed Farm

The HOA interview a cameraman at the Tavern, Raphael gives Siz a ride, Daryl tells Siz that Shane-O thinks Siz fucked him over with Tyrone, Siz argues with Daryl & steals Daryl's car

Siz & Daryl argue about whether Daryl is committed to helping the HOA and backing up Siz, Daryl establishes that he will prioritise the HOA over Shane-O & expresses feeling left out of the HOA group activities

OOC: Siz, the HOA & friends play Among Us for the rest of the VOD

293 Siz x3 Wanted Status Unknown

(September 3rd, 2020)

Siz finds out that Jesus was in the ICU, Siz asks Bunnie about the HOA members being kidnapped by the Changaloa Cartel to work on the weed farm, Kleb tells Siz that Julio is slacking with Heavy Pistol sales, Siz asks Jesus about the Cartel kidnapping

Siz & Flippy discuss the new Blue bank cards & how they could be used to rob the vault, Flippy tells Siz that LB might kick out Eugene

HOA Noir investigate the Changaloa Cartel kidnappings, CG tell Siz that Tony might leave LB

HOA Noir find the new Crow investigating the HOA Tavern looking for who killed his father, the original Crow.

HOA Noir get caught in a carnado & Siz destroys the PD's cars, Siz becomes a mutant & the HOA Noir enlist Raphael's help to help Siz control his power, until Siz's powers disappear

Siz meets with Tony to discuss the problems within LB, Tony explains that the ESB War made him realise he didn't want to live the gang life anymore and that Tony & Eugene disagreed with Buddha & Saab on how to move forward with LB

Siz 12 brick dropoff for Huck & Kleb

Speedy wants to join the HOA 3x contract, Speedy talks about the ESB war, KJ in prison for the 9's, Speedy explains what he wants to do with the weed farm, Speedy sells Siz 4 Draco's, Siz shows Speedy his food deliveries

Speedy ended the ESB War, Siz & Speedy discuss the inner LB conflict, Siz buys Speedy's Mercedes AMG GT63, Speedy tells Siz that he's getting a big shipment of Crack cocaine in the future

Tyrone tells Siz that he stole $150k worth of product from the Lost MC, Flippy tells Siz that he clapped the Lunatix

294 Siz | All Coke

(September 8th, 2020)

Off Stream: Eugene kicked out of LB, Flippy & Siz & the Lost MC were suggested a new form of currency for cocaine and Heavy's

OOC: Nova plans to change the procedure for obtaining Coke & Crack in order to make it a longer process and increase the risk

Siz finds out that the PD have stopped enforcing the x3 rule & that he no longer has a warrant for the jailbreak, Pinzone tells Siz that Vale was fired

Siz meets with Kleb & Huck & Manny to discuss Siz's plans for cocaine, Kleb tells Siz that people are making more money per brick at a faster rate due to the new Oxy store & cocaine changes

Siz wants to create cocaine labs all over Los Santos and have people manufacture large quantities of crack & cocaine, then transport all of that product to the docks to allow Siz to sell the product off-shore

Siz & Kleb & Huck & Manny discuss who from the HOA should be involved in Siz's cocaine production idea & who in the HOA should be more involved with selling Heavy Pistols, Kleb tells Siz that Olga is no longer part of the Russians

HOA have a group meeting - Julio tells the HOA about the Russians vs Olga beef, Julio is demoted from selling Heavy Pistols and replaced by Stanley & Jesus, Kleb tells the HOA that Ant refuses to lie about illegal activities and doesn't want to own the HOA's stash houses

Siz explains the cocaine production & transport idea to Julio and Kraytor, Erin tells Siz that she was kicked out of the Angels again, Siz asks Zeke to buy the transport vehicles for the HOA to use as part of their cocaine operation

Siz finds out that Dundee snitched on the Lost MC's gun business, Siz & Julio buy the equipment needed for Siz's mass cocaine production operation

Dundee offers to sell Siz his 1/3 Holden car for $763k in order to pay off his court fees to the Lost MC, and Dundee will buy it back in the future for $1.5 million, Dundee tells Siz that there are other weapon connects in the city, Siz & Dundee renegotiate for Siz to buy Dundee's 1/1 Nissan Patrol instead

Siz meets with the Reverend - The Reverend tells Siz that the Dark Web has returned, The DW needs Siz to provide them with cocaine that they can sell on the DW, Siz sells the Reverend 6 bricks

Cassle wants to buy Dundee's Holden, Cassle offers a deal with Dundee where Siz & Cassle each pay $380k for each car, and get the cars paid back for $480k each

Siz eavesdrops on Cassle & Payne's meeting, Dundee offers Siz a contract for his 1/1, Siz waits for Dundee to get his contract written by a lawyer

Siz, Cassle & Payne have a joint meeting: Siz tells Payne that he wants to buy the theatre & explains his plans for the Sizney movie production, Siz explains his idea of expanding Cocaine production to Payne & Cassle, Payne explains that he is now legally immune for the warehouses, Payne asks how much Siz & Cassle trust Tyrone, Payne & Cassle help Siz finalise details on his cocaine plan, Payne tells Siz to be aware of being investigated by the PD, Siz & Cassle & Payne check out ESB's Grove Street gas station, Siz chokes on a walnut & is saved by Payne

Tyrone calls Siz and asks to be reinstated as a cocaine pusher & to connect him with one of the other pushers

Cassle tells Siz that Curtis didn't sign off on Siz for the A-team

Siz buys 20% ownership of Raphael's milk business

Siz meets with the Lost MC who explain the start of the Lost MC vs Dundee conflict, The Lost ask Siz if he thinks Dundee knows that the HOA are middlemen for The Lost, The Lost suggest that the HOA get another trusted person to start picking up the Heavy Pistol dead drops to avoid suspicion, The Lost ask Siz to hold off on buying Dundee's cars in order to possibly liquidate his assets and sell it for cheaper than Dundee would, Raphael sells his milk to the Lost MC hangarounds

295 Siz | Hungry Man

(September 9th, 2020)

Off Stream: The LeanBois all left the city due to their internal conflict and Buddha being banned

Siz finds texts from Denzel & Saab apologising and telling him that they'll miss him, Kanye tells Siz that the LeanBois have all left the city and gone to Mexico, Siz & Kanye wear red to remember LB

Kanye was asked by Erin to be involved in cocaine pushing, Claire tells Siz that Garage Q's Louis is dead, Kanye tells Siz that Denzel blew up Lauren Forcer before LB left, Kanye hints that LB killed Louis

Olga explains why she left the Russians, Payne told Ant that fishing has returned, HOA look for the fishing spots & any clues on the Taco Shop "meat", Siz finds the spot where Louis died, Kermy stands up his date

Siz tells Marcus that he no longer has a warrant for his arrest

2x Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Raphael, Kleb, Huck

The HOA experience Raphael's driving, Siz tries to teach Raphael how to do a drive-by

OOC: Siz, the HOA and friends play Among Us for the rest of the VOD

296 Siz | FEED

(September 10th, 2020)

Siz meets with CG and they discuss the changes to the cocaine prices, HOA discuss who they will choose as their middleman for the Lost MC Heavy dropoffs

Siz scares away Mirror Park store robbers, Siz finds out that Sun Moon & The Vixens were robbing the MP store

HOA Store Robbery ft. Kleb, Dan, Bunnie

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Kleb, Julio, Stanley: Siz complains to Brian Knight about the PD not enforcing the x3 contract, HOA renegotiate the terms of the x3 contract with Brian & Bayo, Julio crashes, everyone runs, Siz gets shot down & arrested, HOA try to save Siz by shooting the PD but also get shot down and arrested, Bayo scares Siz, Siz has 2 hot guns on his possession & Bayo sets up a raid on Siz's possessions, Siz calls a lawyer to contest the charges, Siz blames the weapons on Blaine & EggRoll when being interrogated

Manny tells Siz that he worked out the new profit margins for cocaine selling & helps Siz work out a new price for bricks, Manny tells Siz that PD are investigating the new oxy spot, Zeke says he won't handle any money for the HOA if he works as their Heavy Pistols pickup man, Siz tells the HOA about the potential new currency for cocaine & Heavy's

Huck & Kleb ask for another shipment, Huck tells Siz that KJ was hoarding the entire Vagos cocaine supply

Siz 6 bricks dropoff for Kleb & Huck

The HOA was given a mission to steal 20 non-local cars on a list including Siz's 1/1 Raid, Siz & Julio ask Hal for $10k to tell him who hurt his friend

Cassle asks Siz if the Lost MC are trustworthy & to supply the Lost MC with guns from Cassle, Cassle asks Siz who the Watchers are, Cassle tells Siz that he is having conflict with the Watchers, Cassle tells Siz that Curtis put Siz on the C-Team

Siz 6 brick dropoff for The Reverend, The Reverend reminds Siz how to get back into the Dark Web

Siz tells Speedy about KJ harboring the Vagos' brick shipments, Speedy tells Siz to make sure KJ is cut out of cocaine purchases,

Store Robbery ft. Raphael, Doug, Speedy

Flippy tells Siz that Cassle & JJ went to jail, Siz explains his plan for cocaine production to Flippy and Mario, Mario explains the Weed Farm operation to Siz

Siz & Speedy confront KJ for hoarding the Vagos cocaine supply

Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Flippy, Mario, Raphael: Raphael crashes, everyone runs, Bank robbery crew vs PD shootout, Crims win and escape

Siz & Flippy rob weed farmers, Miguel expresses to Siz that he doesn't enjoy being part of GSF and the Southside, Miguel tells Siz that GSF is struggling with their VU deal

297 Siz | Coke Drop

(September 11th, 2020)

Siz, Huck & Kleb 20 brick house robbery dropoff for Vinny, Siz's animals attack CG, CG vs PD shootout, CG had Huck in their trunk

Siz, Huck & Kleb LB Movie Premiere 16 bricks dropoff for Kanye

Siz tells Kleb about the Vagos KJ meeting, Siz & Kleb discuss the GSF internal conflict, Raphael gives Tig advice with her food, Siz hires Dan Faily into the HOA FBI

Siz watches the HOA try and fail to rob the Jewellery store, then try and fail to chase the people that actually robbed the Jewellery store

Siz finds out that Raphael rents his house from Scarlett Winters & stashes his Draco in her garage, Dundee tweets about buying weapons from the Lost MC, Paddy tells Siz that the Lost MC are already trying to seize Dundee's assets and will sell Dundee's 1/1 car to Siz

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Julio, Stanley, Kraytor

Siz fights Julio, Siz pays a hobo to piss on Julio, Speedy plans to buy Dundee's car and resell it, Siz & Speedy argue and Speedy says he will buy Dundee's car - ruining Siz & The Lost MC's plans of seizing Dundee's assets

Siz listens in on Dundee & Speedy negotiations, Siz & Flippy try to convince Speedy that his deal with Dundee is not beneficial, Reid offers Speedy $100k to walk away from the deal with Dundee, Siz stops Doug from buying Dundee's car

Payne meets with Siz to show him that his new warehouse location doesn't work due to it being underwater

Siz watches ESB Viper shootout vs Dundee

Paleto Bank Robbery & Ambush ft. Flippy, Miguel, Ex Vagos Deejay: Siz & Deejay leave to set up the ambush, Flippy & Miguel get pushed in Paleto Bank, Siz & Deejay return, Crims vs PD shootout, PD win and everyone gets arrested

298 Siz | Late Night

(September 12th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz & Flippy tried to stop everyone from buying Dundee's car, a judge gave Dundee an extension on his court payments & gave Dundee a payment plan to pay back the Lost MC, Taco bought Dundee's car

HOA watch a bike race, Siz & Huck try to replicate Siz's carnado powers, Siz & Huck get robbed by Omar Litle, Manny tells Siz that Omar has been chain robbing Oxy runners & wants to "clean up the drug game", HOA look for Omar, HOA find Omar after he's banked Siz & Huck's guns, Omar gives back Siz & Huck's belongings, then they force him to take meth as punishment

HOA offer Julio for $45k to shoot Perkins at a traffic stop, Julio pulls a gun on Perkins and the HOA retract their offer, HOA watch Julio get shot by PD, Bayo & Copper give Doug contradicting orders, HOA watch PD chase Kraytor

Siz's car floats away, HOA have an intervention for Julio in prison

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends play Among Us for the rest of the VOD

299 Siz | Yes

(September 15th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz got sent the contract for an HOA Cameraman

Siz looks for a new warehouse location for the cocaine production operation, Diz returns to visit Siz

Siz 12 bricks dropoff for Huck & Kleb

HOA Jewellery Store robbery ft. Kraytor, Doug, Bunnie

HOA Chase MP Store Robbers, HOA kidnap one of the robbers and interrogate him, HOA call the MP Store hostage and use him to confirm the identity of the robber, HOA confirm the name of the robber "Damien" and identify another robber over the radio "Aiden", HOA find out that Damien is dating a Lunatix member "Abigail", HOA get Raphael to milk Damien

HOA Jewellery Store robbery ft. Kraytor, Julio, Doug

Eddie gives Siz permission to sell the Russians a HOA Brawler, Siz tells Eddie about BBC owning FastLane, Siz tells Eddie that LB is gone

Siz & Julio look for new warehouse locations

300 Siz | SUPER late

(September 16th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz lent the RX7 and Dab's Lambo to Payne, Payne installed a new Warehouse for Siz's cocaine operation

Kleb tells Siz that Huck had an amnesia episode due to too much drug usage, Siz shows the HOA the new warehouse

HOA look for more cocaine kitchen locations

HOA undergo the first day of the Cocaine Production operation ft. Kraytor, Huck, Kleb: Siz hires Con, Viktor & Billy to break down with the cocaine, Viktor & Billy both mess up and waste 2 bricks, HOA watch the vehicle get pulled over by PD

Siz 10 brick dropoff for The Reverend

The Reverend explains the conflict between the Dark Web and Sahara, Siz recommends Marcus to the Reverend as a Digital Den employee & Rev offers him a spot as a Watcher

Payne gives Siz the access code for the Big House, Siz tells Payne about the coke operation first run, Siz checks the news and finds that Viktor, Billy, and Con all got sent to prison for the 9's

Siz helps ViVi buy another house in Mirror Park, Siz shows the HOA the interior of the Big House

301 Siz | Giver of 9s

(September 17th, 2020)

Siz tells Marcus that The Reverend wants Marcus to prove himself to the Watchers

ESB rob the MP store & tried to bait HOA into shooting them, Siz argues with Viper over robbing the store who trash talks the HOA, Jack tells Siz that ESB will back Viper no matter what

Siz, Julio & Manny discuss better ways to draw people into the cocaine operation, Siz tells Daryl about the cocaine operation, Viper taunts the HOA at the Tuner Shop

Siz tells Flippy about the first day of the cocaine operation, Siz explains the potential conflict with ESB to Flippy & Flippy explains why he gunned down the ESB gas station workers, Flippy tells Siz that his group might go to war with GSF for Miguel

Siz explains the coke operation procedure to Flippy, Viper kidnapped Kraytor and gave him $5k

Day 2 of the cocaine operation ft. Flippy, Mario, Julio: Siz hires cameraman Paul Roxy, Belle, and Daniel Torretti, Belle knows Julio, The Lost MC interrupt the operation but are convinced to leave by Siz, Flippy warns that cops are posted up on the highway, Siz & Julio see the car pulled over by cops, Belle talks her way out of the stop, PD arrive at the dropoff location and the transfer car is used as bait to entrap Siz & co., Crim group return to take all of the product and run, Crim group see Paul and Daniel in MRPD talking to the police & Flippy enters MRPD, Crim group find Belle after and interrogate her, Belle says that Daniel was the main snitch, Crim group then find Daniel and Paul and interrogate them, Paul confirms that Daniel was the main snitch, Paul is allowed to walk, Daniel identifies Flippy from being in MRPD, Crim group stab & burn Daniel

Siz tells Payne about day 2 of the cocaine operation & about the potential HOA vs ESB conflict, Payne tells Siz that he also hates Viper and wants to blow him up with C4

Siz & Julio help Flippy pick up a gun shipment

302 Siz | Paying Bills

(September 19th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz spoke to Tyrone who doesn't want a war to start between the HOA and ESB, Siz is told that crack cocaine is flooding the city again by Cassle

Siz tells the HOA about day 2 of the coke operation, Siz asks Manny, Huck, and Kleb about the influx of crack cocaine

The HOA take Fiona as an HOA hangaround, Fiona tells Siz that she's being hunted by GSF due to being friends with Miguel, Manny tests out his thermite abilities

Siz wants to remove the "gang" MDT tag for the HOA, Baas asks Siz to not commit any felonies for 3 days in order to remove the Gang affiliation for the HOA & Malton asks the HOA to do community outreach or get a press article praising the HOA or get the HOA publicly recognised as a religion

The HOA and friends meet in the Tavern and all apologise to each other, Dante asks Siz if he can prove himself to the HOA in order to join

OOC: at 8:25:00 of the VOD, Siz plays Among Us with HOA & friends

303 Siz | Coke on Monday

(September 22nd, 2020)

Kanye tells Siz that people are trying to sell him bricks & crack, and Claire told Kanye that she can get coke cheaper than Siz's prices, Siz lets Kanye buy the $10 HOA BattlePass

Siz finds out that Vinny was given the 9's, Siz visits Vinny in prison who tells Siz that he's being charged with 2 counts of Murder

Huck tells Siz that the Vagos and Doug Canada are the suppliers for Crack

Siz 18 bricks dropoff for Kanye

Siz, Manny, Kleb & Huck discuss the crack influx in the city & wonder if people are getting bricks from another source rather than Siz, Manny suggests revitalising the EU HOA with Luther, Fiona, and Mary

Marcus tells Siz that he was tasked by the Lost MC to find Vlad & Dundee's stashes, Siz watches Kleb argue with Wolfgang Cole

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Doug, Kleb, Stanley

HOA are seen by police while trying to get a hostage for another Fleeca robbery, Doug crashes, everyone runs, Doug saves Siz, everyone escapes

Bayo pulls Siz over for speeding & takes his motorbike to the PD, HOA & Flippy try to get Siz's bike back

Flippy explains his conflict with the Russians, Flippy says that Hydra vs GSF is over as they compromised with GSF carving "Families" into Miguels back, Flippy tells Siz that the Reverend cocaine has been selling for below Siz's prices

Siz buys Blaine's 1/3 Ratbike for $250k

Dundee & Vlad shootout vs Flippy, Siz, Mike & Stanley, Siz goes down but Dundee & Vlad lose

Flippy tells Siz that Con was released from prison

Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Flippy, Mike, Stanley

Mike watches ESB shoot down & rob Speedy, Mike & Flippy rob Dundee

Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Flippy, Mike, Stanley: Flippy crashes, Bank crew vs PD shootout, Stanley goes down, Bank crew save Stanley and escape

Bank Crew watch ESB vs Vagos shootout, Siz & Flippy try to rob Vlad and he falls off a cliff

Powerplant attempt ft. Stanley, Flippy, Mike: Flippy silently hits 6/6 of the thermite nodes, and leave the powerplant before the police are alerted

Vault Robbery ft. Flippy, Stanley, Mike: Mike is set up to shoot down Air-1, rest of the vault crew get in Mike's heli and fly away, everyone escapes

304 Siz | Something Criminal

(September 23rd, 2020)

Siz tells the HOA about shooting down Vlad & Dundee, Russians tried to tax Ant at Tequila-la, Olga got a new house in Mirror Park

The HOA confront Baas to remove the gang tag from their MDT, Olga buys the HOA Battle Pass

Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Julio, Miguel, Olga: Julio almost escapes with the Bridge Jump, Julio crashes, everyone runs, Siz & Olga escape, Julio & Miguel get caught

HOA disguise as firefighters in order to convince the EMS to give them a fire extinguisher

HOA Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Stanley, Daryl, Bunnie

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends play Among Us for the rest of the VOD

305 Siz | Purchase HOA Battlepass $10

(September 24th, 2020)

Siz asks Soze to remove the Gang tag from the HOA in the MDT, Soze agrees

Siz asks Claire who sold her cocaine, Claire doesn't want to tell Siz but eventually says it was Curtis

HOA store robbery draft picks: Fiona picks Huck, Siz, and Jesus, Kleb picks Raphael, Stanley, and Dante

HOA groups fight over taking Kermy's girlfriend hostage

HOA Store Robbery ft. Huck, Fiona, Jesus: Siz crashes, everyone runs, everyone gets caught

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends play Among Us while the NP Server is down

HOA offer to help Ridley as he is the only officer in the city due to the PD not being able to get on the train, Julio, Raphael, and Kleb hit the prison transport carrying Siz, Fiona, Stanley, Huck, and Jesus & gun down Ridley and free everyone

HOA act as PD and apprehend "criminals", HOAPD shoot down forest creature in Paleto, Bayo acts as HOAPD's dispatcher, HOAPD apprehend suspect pissing in the Mirror Park Lake

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends play Among Us

Siz gives Flippy 9 bricks in order to oversee another day of the coke operation

306 Siz | Friday Night

(September 26th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz met with Curtis & Cassle and asked them who introduced more cocaine into the city, and Curtis was very secretive on where the influx of cocaine came from, causing Siz to lose trust & faith in Curtis. Cassle told Siz that Otto was the source of the new cocaine

Siz attends HOA Court and watches Julio, Olga, Miguel and, Fiona attempt to sue Stanley

Siz confronts a group of cultists who are watching over HOA court, Cultists kidnap Miguel and Olga

Vinny asks Siz to clear up the coke prices, Vinny asks Siz for more bricks per drop

Miguel delivers Siz to the cultists, the cultists kidnap the entire HOA, Ant tells Siz that 56 has plans to kill all of the HOA members

Manny told Ant about the Big House and showed her the location, Ant tells Siz that she's being targeted by a group of serial killers, including Chastity Dawes and Alexandra Moroz, because she testified against serial killer Jasper Saxon in court

Siz & Ant tell the rest of the HOA that Ant knows about the Big House, Ant talks about all of the serial killers that are after her

HOA dress Manny as punishment for telling Ant about the Big House

Siz confronts Baas for not properly protecting Ant from serial killers & for making her testify in court, Baas removes the Gang tag from the HOA's MDT profiles

Siz 6 brick dropoff for Huck

HOA find out that Chastity Dawes has died, Ant meets with Alexandra Moroz & Siz follows, Siz confronts Alexandra Moroz at the Tavern

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends play Among Us for the rest of the VOD

307 Siz | Coke w/ the boys

(September 29th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz met with Nino, who offered Siz a spot to push class 2 weapons

HOA discuss a punishment for Meat since he's been recruiting for EU HOA without permission from high ranking HOA members, Siz asks the HOA if they want to be a connect for Class 2's & they accept

Flippy tells Siz that Hydra Gang did a coke operation, who took Doug and Raphael as part of their cutters

Siz, Julio, Kleb & Huck volunteer to be EMS since there are no EMS on duty

HOA EMS help assist injured people all over the city, until EMS Patty comes on duty

Huck & Kleb tell Siz that people have been complaining that they're getting robbed while selling cocaine on the streets & complaining about it to Huck & Kleb, Siz tells them he doesn't care & it's not the HOA's responsibility to ensure people don't get robbed

HOA Court - Kermy & the HOA sue Meat for hiring people into the HOA without authority, Mete is found guilty and sentenced to 4 days of community service & can't wear his HOA cut for 30 days

OOC: Siz, some HOA members, and friends play Left 4 Dead 2

308 Siz | Cokain

(September 30th, 2020)

Siz circus sasquatches cocaine dropoff for Vinny, Vinny gets to pick a sasquatch which determines how many bricks he gets, Vinny wins 30 bricks

Siz & the circus s tour sasquatches the city, Siz picks up Trooper Soze in the truck with the sasquatches, Siz attempts the bridge jump and kills everyone in the back of the truck

The HOA see a state announcement that 10 criminals escaped Bolingbroke Prison, including Jasper Saxon who was trying to kill Ant

The Russians told Julio that they want his car back

HOA Store robbery ft. Stanley, Huck

Siz 12 brick dropoff for Huck & Kleb

HOA Jewellery Store robbery ft. Fiona, Doug, Raphael: Everyone escapes, Siz gets chased for speeding while dropping off his class 2, Siz crashes, Doug & Fiona pick up Siz, Doug crashes, everyone runs, Siz is caught & arrested

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends play Among Us for the rest of the VOD

309 Siz | Wednesday

(October 1st, 2020)

HOA Store robbery ft. Stanley, Jesus, Bunnie: Stanley crashes, everyone runs, Siz knocks out 2 officers with brass knuckles, everyone escapes

HOA complain about Hydra Gang buying a lot of houses in Mirror Park, HOA argue with real estate agent Claudia who says Julio has been giving all the potential houses to Flippy & Hydra Gang, Julio gave Copper keys to his house & she confiscated all of Dante's illegal goods from the house

HOA Jewellery Store robbery ft. Stanley, Huck, Kleb

The HOA watch Manny & Kraytor argue about Manny showing Ant the Big House & Manny not believing in the Lady of the Lake, the HOA try to convince Matt Rhodes to sell one of his MP Houses to them

HOA Jewellery Store robbery ft. Kermy, Kraytor, Doug

310 Games.

(October 13th, 2020)

Fiona gives Siz an info dump since he's been gone: HOA might go to war with ESB, Adrienne West died, HOA at war with The Nerds, Payne might be dead, ESB robbed the MP Store & kidnapped Bunnie and Doug & shot down Kraytor and Bunnie and Doug, Stanley stopped selling guns to ESB & ESB threatened to just rob HOA whenever they see them in order to get guns, Siz decides to just completely ignore the existence of all ESB members except Cheddar, ESB & Vagos are at war again, Mike Block & 4T killed Adrienne West

Huck & Kleb give Siz an info dump: Russians asked for cocaine but will only deal with Manny, Julio sold his Chub car to the Russians

Vinny & Cassle info dump on Siz: Vinny tells Siz to empty out his warehouses due to Payne possibly being dead, Vinny asks for more cocaine in order to supply the AU timezone, Nino tells Cassle that he accepts Nino's offer to push Class 2 weapons

Siz 30 brick dropoff for Vinny, 21 brick dropoff for Huck & Kleb

Siz asks Manny why the Russians only want to work with the HOA through Manny & not the rest of the HOA members

Siz looks at the slideshow presentation the HOA made for Siz about the MP store being robbed

The HOA take Julio to HOA Court for giving up houses to Hydra Gang instead of to other HOA members & giving Copper keys to his house & selling the Chub back to the Russians, Julio is found guilty and sentenced to 1 month of wearing a new mask chosen by the HOA & for the HOA to take his arms

Julio & Manny take Lily hostage in protest of his sentencing, then get chased by police, Julio & Manny try to gun down Siz with a PD AR & get beat down by Siz, Daryl saves Julio from the PD

Siz meets with the Reverend, Siz tells the Reverend about the new cocaine selling price

HOA Civil War ensues with the HOA fighting each other and shooting each other, Siz & Kermy take Julio & offer him parole

Siz 15 brick dropoff for the Reverend

OOC: Siz, the HOA, and friends play Among Us for the rest of the VOD

311 He's Back and He's FAT

(November 3rd, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz finds out that the entire Lost MC went to prison for the 9's for gun trafficking, Dr Maniac "joined" the HOA from the HOA Arizona division, Hydra Gang & Vagos are at war

Siz returns to the city having gained weight, Siz crashes his car & Frank Williams reacts to Siz's new appearance

[VOD Muted while Siz is being treated at the hospital, but Dan Faily reacts to Siz being fat, Julio has been telling doctors that he's the new head of the HOA]

Various citizens of the city react to Siz gaining weight, HOA react to Siz's weight gain, Jesus speaks English

Siz asks the HOA how they've been doing business with the Lost MC after they were in prison for the 9's, Zelda returns to the city and sees Siz's weight gain

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Doug, Stanley, Kleb: Stanley crashes, everyone runs, Doug gets caught, everyone else escapes

Violet told Julio that the Baby Vagos want to shoot Fiona for hanging out with Miguel, Jesus says the Hobos want to go to war with the HOA

Siz tries to fight Cadet Aaron Byson, PD shoot Kleb, Julio gets caught trying to save Kleb, Siz knocks out Ridley, Doug knocks out Divine, Siz & Doug escape and see DOC bringing Julio & Kleb into prison, Siz & Doug knock out Lorenzo & Malton at the prison but Malton shoots down Siz, the HOA visit Julio & Kleb in prison, PD catch Siz at the prison

Siz tells the PD that Flippy tapped out of the HOA 3x contract, Raphael signs up for 9x

Jesus tells Siz that the Reeces Pieces crew demanded the HOA to stop wearing orange as they're trying to claim it as their gang colour, HOA are getting Davenport investigated for him handing over a MP Store Robber to the HOA

Doug brings Siz a Mobility Mobile, Siz suggests that the HOA open up a temp agency and assign jobs to people in the city

Speedy argues with the HOA and says Douglas was part of the Vagos crew that kidnapped Miguel and started the Hydra vs Vagos war, Siz brings up the Baby Vagos robbing the MP Store and threatening to shoot up the HOA, Speedy clears up issue with Douglas and gives the HOA free reign to punish the Baby Vagos for robbing the MP Store

Reeces Pieces MC "Remnants" come to the HOA Tavern and apologise for starting conflict with the HOA over the colour orange, Manny told Douglas & Fiona about the HOA selling cocaine, Manny told Kleb that he feels like the HOA is divided between Siz & Kraytor

Siz 12 brick dropoff for Kleb

312 Large Loaded Man RP

(November 3rd, 2020)

[VOD mutes at start of stream due to Siz's intro, idk if anything was said or not]

Vinny & GSF react to Siz's new weight, HOA Monkey gives Siz a new Mobility Scooter, Angels react to Siz's new weight

Vinny tells Siz that Payne is alive, Siz 36 brick dropoff for Vinny, Vinny suggests the Lunatix as a potential coke pusher for AU, Vinny shows Joe & Otto's warehouse to Siz

HOA start their Job Centre Temp Agency, Siz & Ant interview BBC employee & give him a job review, HOA interview Pinzone & ask him about his relationship with Ant, then interview BCSO Mina, Mina drops Siz on his head, Siz & Ant swap scooters

Siz meets DOC Marco Holliday, PD ask Siz to take Metzger to HOA Court for trying to make Brian & Mina sleep together

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Stanley, Kraytor, Kleb: Kleb crashes, everyone runs, Kleb & Kraytor escape, Stanley is shot down and arrested, Siz is caught but convinces Brian that he was a hostage, Siz knocks out Byson and gets shot down, Siz is allowed to leave

Kraytor tells Siz that Manny gave Raphael a cut & told Raphael that he's part of the HOA

[VOD Muted while Siz falls off a bridge with his mobility scooter & goes down, then is saved by Raphael calling the EMS]

313 Oversized Load RP

(November 5th, 2020)

Siz gives Doug his Cliffhanger motorcycle, Cassle reacts to Siz's weight change, Siz meets Cassle's driver Miles, Miles' tires keep popping while Siz rides in his car

Siz talks to Cassle about needing another cocaine pusher for AU hours, Cassle asks Siz if Siz is the main cocaine connect, Cassle tells Siz he wants to get Siz moving class 2 weapons soon, Cassle asks Siz for 50 bricks to distribute as crack, Cassle wants Miles and Allen to be his crack distributors, Cassle tells Siz that Cassle is Allen's boss, Siz tells Cassle that GSF has been double-dipping with buying cocaine, Cassle offers the Russians as Siz's AU cocaine connect

HOA tell Siz that Huck is dead after being run over by news reporter Ron Otterman

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Doug, Fiona, Julio

Pinzone gives Siz a Tuner Chip, Manny shows Siz that Raphael lied to Kraytor about Manny giving him a HOA cut

HOA Store Robbery ft. Doug, Fiona, Julio: Doug loses the cops, Jerry calls Siz and asks where they are, HOA & PD meet again at Benny's and continue the chase, Doug crashes, Siz walks away from Wrangler until Julio picks him up, Julio crashes, Siz gets beat up by Wrangler and arrested

[The rest of the VOD is Nova playing his new PI character, Barry Briddle]

314 Big Siz

(November 24th, 2020)

Off Stream: Doug left the HOA and joined the BBMC, Doug has been trying to start a war against the HOA, but gave Siz's bike back to Flippy, Saab returned to the city and didn't know where to go after LB left, Saab was offered to join CG and Siz offered Saab a spot in the HOA

Siz talks to the HOA about potential war against Dundee & BBMC, Siz wants to wait for Dundee to rebuild BBMC fully before going to war with them

Flippy reacts to Siz's weight gain, Flipy & Miguel tell Siz that Dundee's new BBMC has 10 members and are ready for war

Siz trades his Subaru WRX Sedan for Miguel's Nissan GT-R R34 Skyline

Siz tells Cassle about Saab returning, Siz tells Cassle about Doug leaving the HOA, Cassle asks Siz about the HOA hierarchy, ESB Gas station workers try to steal Siz's car & get their shoes stolen by Miles

Siz 20 brick dropoff for Cassle, Cassle 4 Draco & 4 AK & 8 Electronic kit dropoff for Siz

Siz watches Kleb, Kermy, Julio and Miguel rob a bank truck at the Mirror Park Tavern

Siz asks Kleb to come up with packages to sell combos of Class 2 weapons, Class 1 weapons, drugs and bank robbery tools

HOA interview potential employees for the Mirror Park Gas Station

Ziggy Flint asks Siz for cocaine, Siz gives Ziggy & Windsong a brick of cocaine in exchange for future weed & LSD

Siz meets with Dundee to explain the issue the HOA has with Doug leaving and the way he left, Siz asks Dundee why he wants to stick his neck out for Doug, Siz puts out his offer to to fight to Dundee who agrees

Bank Truck Robbery ft. Daryl, Flippy, Miguel: Crim squad shootout vs PD, Crim squad vs PD standoff and crim squad escape

Speedy asks Siz about Doug & the HOA, Siz 6 brick dropoff for Speedy

Powerplant attempt ft. Flippy, Daryl, Julio: Flippy silently completes all 6 thermite nodes and the vault crew escapes

Vault crew are seen by police while stealing a car, Flippy escapes but vault crew get shot down by BBMC due to Flippy wearing a BBMC vest & get all their guns taken away by PD

Vault robbery ft. Julio, Daryl, Flippy: Siz hides in the upstairs of the bank, Flippy gives Siz all the loot and escapes with the rest of the crew, Siz hides while PD clear out the vault & leaves when PD leave, Flippy crashes, Julio headpop, Flippy & Daryl vs PD shootout, Julio saves Daryl but Flippy gets shot down & arrested

315 Meaty Siz

(November 25th, 2020)

Kermy tells Siz that the DOJ asked the HOA to take over all bench trials for the coming weekend, and if the HOA impresses the DOJ then they will make HOA Court a monthly occurence

Dante asks Siz for money to pay HOA Gas Station employees, Dante got a liquor license to make the HOA Tavern operational

HOA show Siz the Electric Chair, Kermy was dumped by his girlfriend

HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Stanley, Kermy, Julio

HOA stake out the BBMC's Billabong, Siz finds out Mona married Cookie Jack

Siz is chased by PD for his warrant, but is saved by Stanley

Siz, Daryl & Stanley get trapped in Ziggy Flint's protest, PD catch Ziggy & Windsong robbing Siz's house, Siz & Daryl get chased for their warrants & get saved by Flippy

Siz discovers he has keys to the Winery

Bank Truck Robbery ft. Daryl, Julio, Flippy: Crim group vs PD holdout at the Winery, Julio gets shot down, Crocodile Steve & Daryl run Flippy over, Siz 1v2 and wins, Siz agrees with last officer to get the rest of the crim squad and escape, Siz saves Flippy & Julio, then they all return and find Daryl

Siz & Flippy give gold to the Lost MC, Siz finds out that Rudi & Reed are in jail for the 9's, Erin reacts to Siz's weight change

316 Beefy Siz

(November 28th, 2020)

Off Stream/OOC: Cassle was perma-banned from the city and Siz's connection to Sahara is now through Curtis & JJ, Vivi wants to leave the city for good & gave her bike to Siz, Huck fought Doug in prison and took Doug's eyes, Manny & Kindle got sent to jail for the 9's for terrorism

The HOA see Vivi off as she leaves the city, Siz blows up Stanley

Jesus tells Siz that the Lunatix have a new leader & a bunch of members left, HOA meet and discuss the guns & tools packages that the HOA will sell

HOA Store Robbery ft. Fiona, Huck, Jesus

Dr Maniac tells Siz the HOA Phoenix leader "Kliz" is dead and tells the HOA that Kraytor is a snitch, Dr Maniac tells the HOA that Officer Divine is corrupt and a mole for HOA Phoenix, Dr Maniac makes the HOA go around the in a circle and reflect on the best crimes they committed that week

HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Fiona, Jesus, Kleb: Fiona crashes, everyone runs, Siz is caught, rest of the bank crew shoot the PD, Dr Maniac saves Siz, Fiona & Kleb escape but Jesus is shot down and arrested

Ant tells Siz that HOA members are coming to her and saying they feel a divide within the HOA, Manny told Ant that he's not sure if he wants to be in the HOA anymore, Ant tells Siz that multiple HOA members have issues with eachother and don't want to bring it up to the group

Siz calls a HOA meeting to let everyone air out their grievances about internal conflicts & Huck attacking Doug in prison

HOA Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Julio, Daryl, Stanley: Siz waits with the Tug Boat, the rest of the crew gets on the Tug boat & PD chase in the sea, HOA vs PD ocean shootout, PD hot drop the heli onto the Tug and blow everyone up, Siz, Stanley & Julio all get arrested whereas Daryl is lost at sea and escapes

317 Heavyset Siz

(November 29th, 2020)

Siz joins the HOA for DOJ Approved city-wide HOA Court, Siz & Taco have a big boy-off

Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Miguel, Fiona, Raphael: Siz takes a butler hostage, Crim squad negotiate for the butlers freedom with the butler's owner

Store Robbery ft. Miguel, Fiona, Raphael: Raphael escapes to the 5th dimension, Fiona crashes, Siz steals Ant's ATV and escapes, Fiona & Miguel shootout vs PD so Siz returns to try and help, Miguel & Fiona escape but Siz ends up getting caught

PD make Siz & Byson repair Casanova's car in order to be allowed a HOA Court Bench Trial, Siz is sentenced to "write Byson a 2 page apology letter"

Siz recieves a shipment of 10 AK's & 10 Draco's, HOA check out the Weed Farm and learn to roll joints with weed farm weed

318 Plump Siz

(November 30th, 2020)

OOC/Off Stream: BBMC war postponed due to Dundee being banned from Twitch

Fiona tells Siz that Daryl was spotted outside the Big House by ESB, HOA clear out the Big House

Siz is arrested after doing an Oxy Run, Siz meets with Manny, Kindle & Cheddar in prison, Manny & Kindle tell Siz that CG is about to break them out of jail

2x HOA Store Robbery ft. Stanley, Kermy, Kleb

Siz asks ex-BBMC members about about Dundee

Chet Manley offers Siz MJ's 1/4 Corvette, Siz buys the Corvette for $1.2 million, Siz & Julio shootout vs PD and get arrested

OOC: Siz, Julio, Saab, and Kermy play Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies for the rest of the VOD

319 Wide Siz

(December 1st, 2020)

Siz meets with the PD when they ask him about Manny & Kindle's jailbreak, Siz makes Fiona fix all of his cars as punishment for not reacting to Daryl being spotted at the Big House

HOA meet and discuss how they will deal with Manny being on the run & Manny's attitude to the HOA

OOC: The rest of the VOD is comprised of Nova playing Barry Briddle, then COD:Black Ops CW Zombies with Julio, Miguel, and Kermy

320 Bulky Siz

(December 3rd, 2020)

Daryl tells Siz that members of the HOA have made an agreement with Copper to form the HOACID to help with investigations, Siz & Curtis meet to discuss how many Class 2 weapons the HOA should get

Fiona tells Siz that the HOA hired disguised Manny & Kindle to work at the MP Gas Station, Ant told the HOA she doesn't want to harbour terrorists in the Gas Station

Siz steals 3 vests from Toretti and beats him down with a flashlight, Luther takes Siz's car and HOA watch Toretti chase Luther

OOC: The rest of the VOD is Nova playing Barry Briddle, then COD:BOCW Zombies with Julio, Kermy, and Saab

321 Huge Siz

(December 4th, 2020)

HOA tell Siz that Snake Gang are at war with ESB, Vinny paid Huck for his last coke drop, Stanley tries to set up Julio to get arrested, Wrangler arrests Kleb then fights Siz, Wrangler steals Siz's cookie, Divine steals Siz's Cluck'n'Bell

Siz returns to MRPD to fight Wrangler for his cookie, Siz gets beat down by the entire PD, Siz, Julio & Kleb all get arrested

Wrangler tells DOC that Siz has been infected with Asbestos and sprays Siz down in prison, Stanley & Huck get Siz's cookie back

Eugene tells Siz that CG have gone to war with ESB due to OTT and Vinny arguing over materials

Siz puts a bounty on Divine's head, Dr Maniac gets the HOA to buy a hooker, everyone roasts Sai Carter for not getting the hit on Divine done, Siz & Dr. Maniac look for hitmen to kill Divine

HOA Store Robbery ft. Stanley, Kleb, Julio: Siz crashes, Stanley runs, Siz, Julio & Kleb vs PD shootout, Siz & Kleb go down but Julio saves everyone

HOA get spotted on the way back to Mirror Park and get chased, HOA get pitted, HOA vs PD shootout, HOA go down

Soze offers Siz a plea deal for no time and no fine, as long as he consents to a search at any time for the next 2 hours and is not allowed to have any food on him during his parole

Tony reacts to Siz being fat, Tony tells Siz that he wants to recreate the Corleone Syndicate, Tony tells Siz he's a coke pusher but wont tell Siz who provides him, Tony takes Siz & Julio on a flight, Tony teaches Julio how to pilot a plane

322 Chubby Siz

(December 6th, 2020)

Off Stream: Siz was part of a former-LB member meeting with Tony, Saab & Curtis, Turbo asked Siz to help him set up future missions, Payne returned Siz's cars

Saab asks Siz to scare Leah with an AK, Saab tries to squash the beef between Siz and Leah, BBC show Siz the BBC warehouse

Siz joins Saab in a race with Curtis, Fiona, Miles, and more

The Angels tell Siz that they're at war with the Arab Mafia

OOC: The rest of the VOD is Nova playing Barry Briddle

323 Hungry Siz

(December 8th, 2020)

Off Stream: ESB robbed Fiona for being friends with Miguel because Miguel robbed Jack's wife Mona while she was with ESB, ESB threatened to continuously rob Fiona

Siz joins Tony, Flippy & Demarcus to do a bank truck robbery in Paleto, where Siz pretends to have been selling gold in Paleto & the other three act as bank truck guards who've been shot down, but no cops show up so everyone just escapes

Flippy tells Siz that Sahara is also at war with ESB & that Curtis and JJ are hunting because ESB kidnapped Nino

Tony expresses his concerns to Siz about bringing back the Corleone Syndicate with new people in the city

Siz asks Curtis about the Sahara vs ESB conflict, Siz meets with Flippy, Curtis, JJ, Tony, Allen, and HOA members to discuss the war with ESB

Saab & Tony tell Siz that they'll help the HOA if they fight ESB, Saab tells Siz that Nino offered Saab a spot in Sahara and that he accepted

While Siz is meeting with Saab, Ant tells Siz that ESB shot and robbed Curtis and JJ, and held up Colorado, Julio and Tony in front of the HOA Tavern, Siz warns Ant that if the HOA go to war with ESB, the HOA civilians will get caught up

Saab & Siz get ready to hunt for ESB with Tony & Julio

[The hunting crew will be referred to as Tang Gang from now as the crews all ride in orange cars]

Tang Gang roll on Salim from the Arab Mafia and shoot him down, Tang Gang kidnap ESB Novah, Tyrone calls Siz and threatens to clap HOA

Tang Gang interrogate Novah and she tells them she's sitting out of the war, Vinny vouches for Novah so Tang Gang let her go

Tang Gang meet with Nino who tells them about how he got kidnapped by ESB, Nino says the only way ESB can surrender is if they give up the entire Grove Street Cul-De-Sac

Chang Gang blow up ESB at the Grove Street Gas Station with everyone present, Siz sits on Tyrone's face

Saab leaves the hunting group to chill with Nino, Olga joins the Tang Gang hunting party

Tang Gang shoot down another Arab Mafia group, Tang Gang tell oxy runners to stop selling their oxy to ESB members

Chang Gang put 50k bounty on Mona's head, Tang Gang roll up on ESB & Mona, Tang Gang give up Mona to CG and claim the $50k bounty

Arab Mafia rolled on MP Gas station workers and told them they're looking for HOA, HOA find Arab Mafia after they were shot down by CG

324 Humpty Dumpty Siz

(December 9th, 2020)

Off Stream: DRL & Stanley & the HOA Monkeys fought ESB & Arab Mafia through the night, Dundee texted Stanley and wanted to start the BBMC vs HOA war

HOA have a war meeting with Tony, Saab, Colorado, and Nino, HOA discuss dropping out of the 3x contract during the war, Ant suggests legally buying the Grove Street gas station in order to push ESB & Arab Mafia out

Tony, Saab, Julio, and Siz go out hunting for ESB & Arab Mafia

Tang Gang watch ESB vs CG from the top of the Mega Mall, Tang Gang watch ESB hide in their houses, Tang Gang kidnap a ESB informant & supplier & Nino turns him against OTT & Tyrone

Tang Gang kidnap Tyrone's wife Olivia, Tang Gang bring Fiona to Olivia to give her a chance to get revenge, Tang Gang ask Olivia why she's with Tyrone, Tang Gang call Tyrone and tell him to save Olivia but he doesn't care to save her, Fiona refuses to stoop to ESB's level and burn Olivia alive, Tang Gang make Olivia walk back to the city

Tang Gang meet up with the rest of the HOA, Ant tells everyone that she officially bought the Grove Street gas station

Saab tells Siz that Novah left ESB and joined CGA

Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Saab, Tony, Julio

Lost MC tell Siz that they're holding down the chop shop against ESB & OTT's crew, Julio finds a bank truck so Tang Gang hunt for Arab Mafia with the bank truck, PD try to stop Julio and confiscate the truck

Tang Gang pull up on Cheddar and tell him they want him to leave ESB

Tang Gang rob a bank truck in the Grove Street Cul-De-Sac, Siz & Saab paint their car purple and pretend to have a war with Tony's orange car

Someone stole Tony's 1/1 car, Tang Gang get ESB's radio and hear Mona and Olivia talking to each other, Tang Gang pull up on Mona & Basim at the Grove Street gas station, Tang Gang kidnap Mona & Basim, Siz argues with Mona over the Gas Station & shoots her down, Siz tells Basim that everyone will leave the Arab Mafia alone if they stop helping ESB

Olivia shows up to the Tavern & Tang Gang confront her for being on a radio with ESB, Basim tells Siz & Saab that he wasn't involved in shooting

Siz talks to ESB Jose who tells Siz that Tyrone & Jack got deported and requests a 7 day ceasefire, Siz refuses & requests Jose leaves ESB, Jose refuses and gets kidnapped by Flippy & Miguel

Tony worries that he won't be able to grow organic relationships in the Corleone Syndicate, Tony asks if he can roll with HOA more often, Kleb talks to ESB Gas Station chef Raymond who told kleb that Basim is supplying ESB with guns and drugs

Tang Gang follow Mona as she leaves the hospital, Tang Gang watch Stanley, Kleb, Daryl, and Fiona roll on Mona, Tang Gang listen to Fiona argue with Mona, Tang Gang watch Fiona stab Mona

Julio goes to sleep and is replaced by Stanley

Tang Gang search for ESB in the Cul-De-Sac, ESB Chodie pings Saab to the observatory, Tang Gang shoot down Chodie and Gazpacho, Siz asks Chodie why he won't leave ESB

Tang Gang roll on ESB on Grove Street & shoot them down

Tang Gang meet with Speedy, Speedy & Tony argue about Tony shooting down Vagos during the Vagos vs CG war

325 Colossal Siz

(December 15th, 2020)

HOA fill in Siz about the war effort while Siz was gone, ESB robbed Fiona & Ant, ESB said HOA only jumped into the war because Chang Gang were at war with them, ESB asked for the Grove Street Gas Station back in order to stop fighting HOA

Saab asks the HOA to join him to meet with OTT, OTT tells Saab that he wants to squash some of the conflicts before Tyrone returns, OTT & Siz clarify why ESB and HOA are at war, OTT says he will leave ESB if Tyrone doesn't try to reason with HOA when he returns

HOA fried Douglas and destroyed his vocal chords for robbing a Mirror Park Gas Station worker

Mike left the Vagos, Siz asks Brie what she's been doing to clear her relations with everyone in the city, Kleb tells everyone he's getting divorced from Lily

Siz tells Flippy about his meeting with OTT, Mike says he doesn't see any way the war could end unless ESB disbands, Siz & Dante talk about having Dante running the Tavern front operations

Siz 12 brick dropoff for Kleb, cops circle Mirror Park looking for Brie, Brie stabs Siz to be forgiven by Flippy

Siz tells that he's worries ESB will end the war with the other gangs to target HOA, Flippy tells Siz that he won't leave the war until ESB leaves HOA alone

BBMC ambush HOA & Flippy at the Mirror Park Store, Flippy goes down but is saved by Julio & Kleb, BBMC get shot down by PD, HOA + Flippy escape

HOA + Flippy scout out the Billabong, HOA + Flippy kidnap a BBMC member and thrown him out of a helicopter into the prison

Siz, Kleb, Flippy & Julio all fight eachother to be #21 on 4T's friend list, 4T hosts a 4T Tourney to give the HOA members a chance to get #27 on her friend list, Flippy wins

Siz & Flippy & Kleb turn in Julio for his warrant, Flippy tells Siz that Dundee is going to try and turn Brie in

326 Sizeable Siz

(December 16th, 2020)

Off Stream/OOC: Tyrone & most ESB members were permanently banned from the server

Siz asks the HOA what they want to do with the ESB war since most ESB members are gone & they discuss the potential BBMC war after Dundee ambushed the HOA

Brie got caught by the cops and arrested, HOA watch Cadet Byson get promoted to a full officer

Brie asks Siz to do a "reverse jailbreak" in order to bring officer Divine into the prison to allow Brie to torture him

Siz meets with Curtis after Sahara met with Sonya, Siz tells Curtis about BBMC ambush, Curtis tells Siz not to worry about ESB because he thinks they will give up, Nino tells Siz that Sonya left ESB & OTT is on the way out

Siz & HOA 40 brick church dropoff for Saab & Nino, Nino confesses his sins

Siz gets locked in a surgery room, HOA members & Mike bite chunks out of Siz, Dr Agnes and Dr Janetty give Siz a new hamster in his kidney which makes him skinny again, gives him +3 fire resistance in exchange for + Hunger, and makes him attracted to everyone except Stanley

Siz hits on everyone, Siz tells Flippy about Brie's reverse jailbreak plan, Stanley puts Siz in the Mirror Park Lake to try and put him back to normal, Siz offers $50k to kisss anyone, Siz makes out with Mel

HOA take Siz to the Father of the Fire's cave and force feed him to make him fat again, HOA burn Siz & call Dr Agnes and Dr Janetty to replace Siz's hamster and return him to normal, with no recollection of what happened since he arrived at the hospital

HOA & Flippy meet with Dundee & the BBMC to discuss war terms for their upcoming war, HOA vs BBMC war begins

HOA attack the Billabong with Siz on his tug boat and Stanley, Julio & Kleb on the streets, HOA vs BBMC gunfight, Siz pushes into the Billabong and BBMC take the tugboat, HOA get all BBMC down, HOA escape while PD shoots at them

HOA set up Taco trucks in Mirror Park as a defense to BBMC, HOA Monkey gives Siz a snowball, Siz tweets for BBMC and lots of randoms arrive, HOA vs BBMC shootout, PD chase away BBMC from Mirror Park before anyone goes down.

BBMC get their own Taco Trucks, resulting in a 4v4 taco truck shootout, HOA win the shootout and escape

327 Enormous Siz

(December 17th, 2020)

Nino tells Siz that OTT left ESB and the remaining ESB members are giving up the Grove Street Cul-De-Sac to Chang Gang, Siz asks Nino to reach out to the BBMC for class 2 weapons, Nino wants to create a black-market Bazaar to sell illegal goods, Nino tells Siz that Sahara is less concerned in being discreet, Nino is a certified lawyer

Brie got broken out of prison by Chang Gang, Ramee calls Siz about the bounty on Divine, Siz tells Gomer about the BBMC war

Deadeye Drew woke up and tried to convince Sonya, OTT, and Jack to stay in ESB, Siz meets with Deadeye who tells Siz there are only 2 ESB members left and he will take over ESB and run the way it was when ESB was first formed, Drew asks for one last chance for ESB

Stanley suggests an Among Us themed Jewellery store, where there are 4 hostages and everyone is dressed like an astronaut, and the responding officers pick 4 people to eject from the jewellery store to free and chase the other 4

HOA Among Us Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Stanley, Fiona, Kleb: Ripley & Divine vote out a hostage, then Stanley, then Fiona, everyone does their tasks & 2 hostages get killed, Ripley & Divine vote for the last hostage, Siz & Kleb win as impostors and escape

Doug attacked Kraytor, Cheddar got arrested again, Flippy & Chang Gang attempt to hit the prison transport for Cheddar, HOA & friends do a smut book reading that Kraytor commissioned about Julio & Copper

Siz & Ant question BBMC hangaround Azza, Azza knocks out Julio, HOA knock out Azza

328 Garganutan Siz

(December 18th, 2020)

Kleb tells Siz that Deadeye Drew died, Siz meets with Nino & Flippy who tell Siz that Nino killed Deadeye, Nino was called and threatened by Cheddar for killing Deadeye, Nino tells Siz that Sonya and OTT left ESB, Nino gives Siz a list of all ESB members in order to eradicate ESB, Siz offers to try and mend relationships between Cheddar and Nino

Flippy tells Siz that he broke up with Olga and is dating Erin, Siz turns himself in to Soze to escape Flippy, Flippy is arrested to join Siz but Siz is let go.

Siz & Flippy talk to Brie, Siz convinces Brie to try and talk to Nino and squash the beef

Siz accidentally hits Kleb with brass knuckles and gives him amnesia, Kleb is 'adopted' by Dio Ivanov and convinced he's a Russian

Siz is approached by Christmas Gang leader Emma Burd to work with the HOA, Siz finds out Douglas is in Christmas Gang, Christmas Gang declares war on the HOA

Siz is approached by "Roberto" from HOA Phoenix who asks Siz for cocaine, Siz sits on Kleb's head to bring his memory back, Siz rams Dio's car, Dio steals Siz's car after someone steals Dio's car

HOA kidnap Emma & leave her with Kermy while they set up to burn down the Christmas Tree in Legion Square, Kermy lets Emma escape, HOA capture Douglas and burn him with the Christmas tree

Siz argues with Arab Mafia Basim about his involvement in the ESB war, Julio & Hobos had a shootout at the Tavern

Lana calls Siz & tells him she's kidnapped Dundee and offers him to Siz, HOA watch Lana & 4T shoot & torture Dundee

Dundee tells Siz that Lana tortured him because he mentally tortured her for killing Boe Tucker

HOA (Siz, Julio, Stanley, Kleb) & BBMC have a 4v4 boat battle, HOA shoot down all 4 BBMC members and escape
"HOA Phoenix" return to the Tavern and ask Siz for more cocaine, Siz suggests a fight against BBMC at the powerplant, after both groups hit 1 thermite node in order to attract the PD, Siz texts Flippy to prepare to hit the prison transport after the HOA's inevitable capture

HOA (Siz, Luther, Julio, Stanley) vs BBMC Powerplant shootout, PD shoot everyone down, everyone gets arrested, Flippy & Snake Gang hit the transport bus and shoot down the PD, saving the HOA.

Tony tells Siz that BabyOil Tommy joined the Corleone Syndicate, Dundee offers his 4x4 Nissan Patrol if the HOA continue and win the war.x

328 Flabby Siz

(December 19th, 2020)

Siz & Julio meet with Nino, Curtis and Saab in order to pick up their Class 2 weapons shipment, Siz & Julio move their guns and drugs back into the Big House

Siz meets with Mr. K who tells Siz that Wu-Chang Records will be selling drugs with their CD's and mixtapes, Mr. K asks Siz for a supply of cocaine

Siz & Stanley become "first day Andy's"

HOA watch Lana shoot Mike Block outside the HOA Tavern

HOA set up a 1v1 knife fight between Douglas and Bunnie in the Mirror Park Lake, Bunnie wins, Bunnie & Doug agree to a best of 3, Doug wins round 2 and round 3

OOC: The rest of the VOD is Siz playing Back 4 Blood with Julio, Stanley, and Kleb

329 Paunchy Siz

(December 22nd, 2020)

OOC: Dundee's PC stopped working so the BBMC war is on hold

Ant tells Siz that she convinced the DOJ to rename the Billabong to New New Zealand, HOA (without Stanley being awake) tell Siz that Stanley might have showed Raphael the Big House & Raphael had previously snitched on Stanley & Julio being gun salesmen, HOA discuss privacy within the HOA and people managing their own responsibilities, Lost MC are at war with the BBMC, Ant no longer owns the Grove Street Gas Station

Siz gives the 1/3 Ratbike to Kraytor, HOA have another meeting after Stanley wakes up in order to clear up the Big House situation, Stanley confirms that he showed Raphael the Big House, Stanley also tells Siz that he was using the Big House while Siz told everyone to not use it

Siz argues with Hal over not getting a FastLane discount despite owning 20% of BBC, Siz offers Hal $500k if he kills Leah

Siz meets with Dexx to discuss the future of the VU and the potential partnership between the HOA Tavern and the VU, Dexx asks Siz for cocaine & tells Siz that Lana is looking to buy C4

HOA meet with BBMC to decide what happens with the war, Doug & Casho ask Siz to wait a couple days to see if Dundee can return to the city, Kraytor and Doug set up a 1v1 hatchet battle on bikes

Hobos tried to rob the MP store, Siz & Kermy get a helicopter to watch Kraytor vs Doug and end up getting chased by PD Air-1 but escape, Kraytor & Doug draw in round 1 of the hatchet battle, Kraytor wins round 2

HOA Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Daryl, Jesus, Kraytor: HOA escape in a bus until they reach a tunnel, then block the tunnel off with the bus and run to their motorbikes in order to escape, Siz & Jesus escape while Daryl & Kraytor get caught by PD

330 Obese Siz

(December 23rd, 2020)

HOA Christmas themed Jewellery Store robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Kermy: HOA attempt to escape in their "sleigh" plane and blow up due to scuff, PD allow the HOA Christmas squad to perform a skit outside MRPD to avoid prison

HOA try to stake out the Hobo camp after the Hobo's have been harrassing MP store workers

HOA (Julio, Kleb, Kermy, Ant, Siz) pretend to be doctors and ask Oxy runners if they have prescriptions, CG tell the HOA that the Oxy runners are grinding for Anto & not to mess with them

HOA are told that the Hobos keep rolling on Blanden at the Mirror Park gas station, HOA run into 3 ex-Lunatix members who explain the Lunatix have mostly broken up, HOA meet with BBMC after Dundee wakes up & they confirm the war is still on, HOA roll on the hobo camp to tell them to leave Blanden alone

HOA threaten Blanden for being part of Christmas Gang & hanging out with BBMC, HOA argue with the Hobo leader to keep the hobos away from Mirror Park and Blanden, HOA find out that ex-ESB Chodie joined the Hobo's

HOA (Siz, Julio, Kleb, Jesus) wait for BBMC to roll on Mirror Park, HOA vs BBMC shootout, HOA win but Julio is caught, while Siz, Kleb and Jesus escape

Julio calls Siz from prison and tells him that a reporter recorded the entire HOA vs BBMC gunfight and provided the footage to the police

HOA suggest a "capture the OG" fight against BBMC, where each group will take the other group's leader as hostage for a store robbery, and each crew can only fight the other after they successfully rob their store and "save" their leader.

HOA ( Siz, Kleb, Jesus, Daryl) vs BBMC "Capture the OG" fight in Sandy Shores, but the PD respond to the BBMC/Siz store, Lost MC takes Officer Garcia hostage & kidnap Dundee from the HOA store, Siz watches BBMC vs Lost MC vs PD shootout, HOA kidnapped the reporter "Iris" who recorded the earlier HOA vs BBMC gunfight

HOA interrogate Iris and tell her to stop recording HOA gunfights

HOA and BBMC both escaped from the 3 way firefight so they retry "Capture the OG" on the 2 Great Ocean Highway stores,

Siz goes down but HOA win

HOA meet with the Lost MC and they discuss the Lost MC vs BBMC gunfight, Lost MC offer support to the HOA against the BBM

Siz meets Raphael for the first time since Miguel turned his brain to mush, Siz questions Raphael on the location of the Big House & him snitching to the cops about Stanley, HOA discuss their ability to keep secrets and not letting non-HOA members knowing about their operation & decide on a new HOA radio that only HOA members know about

331 XXL Siz

(December 24th, 2020)

Huck tells Siz that FIona leaked the new HOA radio to Miguel, Huck stripped Stanley of his Heavy Pistol selling duties

Eddie's associate Dimitri meets with Siz to ask Siz to offer a job where Siz needs to organise a 24 man team to intercept a shipment of illegal goods, but Siz has to buy in for $4 million.

Store Robbery ft. Kermy: HOA take Lot T fratboy Nico hostage

HOA introduce Nico to T-O and ask if Nico is Kleb's long lost brother, Siz, Kermy, and Ant discuss Ant's businesses

Siz & Saab meet, Saab tells Siz that Saab will be dealing directly with Siz to pick up cocaine for Sahara because one of Allen or Miles was fired, Saab tells Siz that Sahara is only rich through selling cocaine and guns aren't profitable, Siz asks Saab to get Siz a better discount at Fastlane, Siz tells Saab about Dimitri's job offer

Kleb tells Siz that Miles is offering GSF 10 Bricks a week, Siz & Kleb talk about Kleb's life problems, Siz tells NA HOA about Stanley being removed from Heavy Pistol selling & Fiona leaking the new radio to Miguel, HOA create a new "business" radio only for the HOA members who push illegal goods

BBMC ask Siz for a Christmas ceasefire in the war

Siz & Kraytor discuss having a HOA science fair where each HOA member comes up with a new direction for the HOA and see who comes up with the best ideas

HOA Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Julio, Daryl, TO: Siz dresses as a polar bear and the rest of the members act as his handlers, with polar bear Siz holding out in Paleto bank, Clarence dresses as a lady bear and tries to seduce the polar bear, PD and handlers 'restrain' the polar bear and allow the crew to leave

Polar Bear Siz goes on a rampage and attacks his handlers & the PD, PD and HOA Handlers eventually subdue Polar Bear Siz and leave Siz in the Tavern cage, Polar Bear Siz escapes with his handlers and eventually takes a tugboat to sail away

332 WE BACK Bulging Siz

(December 29th, 2020)

Off Stream: The Lost MC Compound was raided by police and they were all arrested for the 9's, and the PD obtained a list of the Lost MC's middlemen, Siz wants to pay someone to take the fall as the coke connect to take suspicion off of himself, Garage T and Garage Q unified to hold down the Dollar Pillz oxy store

Ant is trying to get Mirror Park to become a Gated Community, Siz wants to have a day-to-day operation at the Vineyard in order to draw suspicion away from the HOA

Ant gives the HOA their Christmas Presents, Ant asks Siz if she should run for Mayor, Ant asks Siz if the HOA would break her out if she was arrested for the 9's

Siz tests out delivery jobs at the Vineyard, Siz finds out that he's been demoted in the VU by Slim, Siz argues with Hal for not accepting his Fastlane discount that was gifted to Siz by Ant

Scarlett Winters asks the HOA to find Jasper Saxon, and she will offer the HOA her house in Mirror Park if they find him, HOA ask Dr. Jannetty for help with staging Ant's death to get Jasper Saxon to visit Ant in the morgue

HOA get Ant to crash into a boat and "blow up" and she "dies", HOA and the rest of the city "mourn" Ant whie the HOA wait for Jasper to show up to the morgue, but they don't see him, Jasper texts Ant knowing it's a set-up

Dundee offers BBMC vs HOA "save the Biker" battle, where the HOA will kidnap a 5th BBMC member and the other 4 BBMC members will have to fight the HOA to save him

Julio gets told that Cash Flash & Jerry Slime are talking trash about the HOA

HOA meet with Ryan Parker and Cat from the Lost MC, who tell Siz that every service the Lost MC provided is gone, Cat tells Siz that the Lost MC are going to take the fall for Heavy Pistols and cover for the middlemen, Cat tells Siz that they're planning a jailbreak for the Lost MC members that are in prison

HOA (Siz, Luther, Stanley, Julio) vs BBMC "save the Biker" battle at the winery, PD intervene and shoot down everyone except Siz, who they arrest but let everyone go as thanks for having an "organised" war

Vagos tell Siz that they're considering breaking the Lost MC out of prison, Dundee tells Siz that he's going to counter-sue the Lost MC

Siz suggests a "juggernaut" battle to the BBMC, where each group will fight to try to get a class 2 weapon in a dumpster between the two groups, to then use the class 2 to win the fight

HOA watch BBMC vs Vagos gunfight in the barrio

333 AU Siz

(December 30th, 2020)

Off Stream: Nino convinced Flippy and the Vagos not to break the Lost MC out of jail, Jordan Walker offered $2 million for anyone who breaks out the Lost MC, Sun Moon and Harvey got sent to prison for the 9's and confirmed the Lost MC's middleman list, PD put a $20k bounty on Jasper Saxon

PD ask Siz about Jasper Saxon & why the HOA want to capture him

HOA (Siz, Kleb, Stanley, Kraytor) vs BBMC Paleto Juggernaught battle, HOA win, Kraytor escapes but everyone else is shot down and arrested

Flippy's crew try to break the HOA and BBMC members out of the prison transport but fail and escape

Siz meets with Rudi in prison, Rudi tells Siz that Siz's name is not on the Lost MC middleman list, Siz & Rudi argue about the fallout of the Lost MC getting caught, Siz decides to stop doing business with the Lost MC and stop selling them cocaine

Jasper kidnapped Ant while the HOA members were in prison

Speedy tells Siz that he wants to take the Vagos to war against the BBMC, Speedy offers to hide the HOA Heavy middlemen's money in the VU account to make the Lost MC's list seem less credible

334 Back to NA Siz

(December 31st, 2020)

Kleb tells Siz that the bounty on Jasper Saxon has increased to $200k, Siz argues with PD for letting Ant get kidnapped by Jasper again, Julio proposed to Copper and he got shot down

Siz calls Vinny and offers a $500k reward for rescuing Ant from Jasper, Mickey Rivers tells Siz he saw Jasper and Ant being transported to Pillbox, Siz & Kleb shoot Jasper while he's incapacitated after he slit Ant's throat

Siz & Kleb get arrested and try to argue with PD to get a murder charge for shooting Jasper, Siz & Kleb have a bench trial in the police station, Siz & Kleb get charged for 2nd Degree Murder, Siz runs out of MRPD and escapes

Siz tells Flippy about killing Jasper & meeting the Lost MC in prison

Siz & Flippy meet with Dmitri to discuss the $4 million mission, Dmitri brings Siz an assault SMG in good faith, Flippy tells Siz that Miguel wants to kill Raphael for telling Fiona to sit on his face

Stanley & Fiona shot down Blaine & Lexi from the Angels

Siz meets with Turbo who shows Siz that Denzel has returned, Denzel tells Siz that he murdered Apples' wife August before he left, Denzel apologises to Siz for drifting away, Denzel tells Siz that he needs help repaying a debt in Colombia, Denzel asks Siz for cocaine in order to repay the debt or for Siz to help steal Denzel's money from the vault, Denzel tells Siz that he killed Ricky & that's why he had to shoot down Apples & August, Denzel tells Siz that he's having conflict with Saab, Denzel wants Siz to rob the vault to get his money back and use that money for $500k worth of cocaine, and to then help Denzel & Turbo ship the cocaine out of the city

Dom returns to the city and meets with Siz, Siz tells Dom about the Lost MC and the heat they've brought onto Siz, Siz suggests that Dom does a dummy cocaine shipment and purposefully gets caught to take the fall for Siz while Siz ships out Denzel's cocaine to Colombia, Dom accepts as long as Siz promises to break Dom out when "the time is right"

Siz & Julio try to eavesdrop on Kraytor & Ant's conversation, Bayo follows Siz & Julio, Zeke asks Siz to break out Harvey and the Lost MC

335 New Years Siz

(January 1st, 2021)

HOA take part in a city-wide race, but quit midway

[The VOD is mostly comprised of Siz and the HOA members playing Banned Theft Auto, hopping between RP servers and being shitlords]

336 2021 Siz

(January 2nd, 2021)

Siz & Julio collect a weapons shipment from Sahara, Nino tells Siz that OTT wants to restart the Ballas

Siz, Ant, and Jesus join Julio for an ESB Pirate themed weapons drop for the Vagos

Lorenzo calls Siz to save him after he gets stuck in a swimming pool in Mirror Park, Jacob asks Siz if Ant can distribute VPN's throughout the city, Jacob asks Siz for cocaine to sell on the Dark Web, Siz teaches Ant how to use a VPN

Miguel explains why he was sent to prison for the 9's, Siz meets with Turbo who explains that there's another cartel moving cocaine around the city, Siz & Turbo stake out trailers belonging to the other cartel, Siz tells Turbo about the plan to have Dom take the fall for cocaine, Siz & Flippy & Turbo discuss the plan to get Dom to take the fall as the cocaine kingpin - Turbo names the plan "Operation Thunder Hawk"

Siz, Turbo, and Dom meet to discuss "Operation Thunder Hawk", Siz & Turbo plan to give Dom the "Big House" as a makeshift lab to make the plan more believable

Siz & Turbo meet with Denzel and explain "Operation Thunder Hawk"

Siz, Flippy, Mike, and Miguel gear up to hit the vault, Flippy hits the powerplant thermite nodes silently

Vault Robbery ft. Flippy, Mike, Miguel: Crims escape in a heli but get spotted after they change, Crims vs PD shootout, Crims escape

337 Canned Siz

(Jan 5th 2021)

HOA tell Siz that Stanley almost got raided, Harvey took a plea deal with the DA and was shanked in prison

Kleb got married to Jessie Juggs, but Jessie and Lily planned to ruin Klebs life and take all of his money

HOA get trapped in the Tavern, Siz makes Blanden and a frat boy have a flirting competition over Swan DeLur

Stanley stabs Hades and Raphael, Miguel gets arrested for violating his parole, HOA & Douglas set up a prison transport break but Miguel gets released

Stanley pulls an AK out in front of Bayo, Siz, Flippy, and Daryl try to save Stanley but everyone gets arrested except Daryl, Stanley gets raided

Siz, Flippy, Daryl, and Miguel set up to rob the vault, Flippy shows Siz the ambush set-up in his house, Flippy silently hits all the thermite nodes in the powerplant

Vault Robbery ft. Flippy, Daryl, Miguel: Vault crew set up an ambush in Flippy's house, PD push Flippy's house and down all the criminals, everyone gets arrested

Vagos attempt to break out the vault squad during the prison transport but are unsuccessful

338 Inflated Siz

(Jan 6th 2021)

HOA have a meeting to discuss EU-NA relations, HOA were offered $10k to kill Thomas Dwayne, Ant suggests the HOA hire Blanden as a EU-NA messenger and scribe, Siz suggests they create the HOB team with the dopplegangers that work in the gas station

HOA War squad: Siz, Julio, Kleb, Stanley

HOA vs BBMC Southside War battle - each member is driving a tuner car that they are only allowed to drive in reverse, with AP Pistols that they aren't allowed to stop shooting until they have to reload, HOA win

HOA vs BBMC Lumberyard battle - Each team has 2 vintage pistols and 2 SNS pistols, they need to fight but are only allowed to look through their eyes, BBMC win

HOA Morale is low, Hades gives a pep talk, Siz guns down two hobos for insulting him, Stanley switches out for Hades

HOA vs BBMC Yacht battle - The yacht is divided into 3 decks, with BBMC vs HOA 1v1's happening on the top and bottom decks, with a 2v2 happening in the middle deck, with winners allowed to help the other fights, HOA Win

339 Ginormous Siz

(Jan 7th 2021)

Ant gave Mike Block community service at the HOA Gas Station, Stanley gave Mike Block a pistol to shoot Hades, causing Ant to be investigated by the PD

Siz confronts Baas for saying Ant is a serial killer, Baas deletes Siz's warrant for murdering Jasper Saxon

HOA meet with Stanley to punish him for getting Mike Block to shoot Hades, HOA swap Stanley and Hades indefinitely

OOC: The rest of the VOD is Siz, The HOA, and friends playing Rust

340 Siz Court then Stuff

(Jan 21st 2021)

Siz & The HOA go to court against Baas & The PD for removing Siz's 2nd degree Murder charge from his record, Siz is found guilty of 1st degree murder & is sentenced to 20 months prison

Siz finds Marcus in prison, who tells Siz that he was arrested again for life

OOC: The rest of the VOD is Siz playing the GTAV Story Mode

341 I'm in a race I guess

(Jan 28th 2021)

Siz & Saab partake in Day 3 of the Ten Million Dollar Race, which is a scavenger hunt race, Siz & Saab come third, Chet & MJ win
342 Siz Fulker NoPixel 3.0 Launch?

(Feb 5th 2021)

Siz returns from vacation to find that due to the GNE stock crash, he has lost all of his money and assets (apart from the tavern) including his cocaine business, warehouses, and vehicles

Siz runs into Alabaster Slim, who doesn't remember Siz at all, Slim and Ramee bully Siz, Siz reunites with Cheddar

Siz, Speedy, and Slim almost get robbed by Mike Block, Siz reunites with Gomer

Siz & Slim rob officer Henri King for $100, Siz tries to escape and blows up,[VOD mutes while Siz and King talk in MRPD]

Siz reunites with Manny and Fiona, Siz explains the HOA Tavern roles to the HOA members and they explore money-making methods

Siz reunites with Kraytor who doesn't remember the other HOA members, Siz reunites with Julio and Erin, HOA get gun licenses

Siz & Julio do store delivery jobs to try and find fruit, Siz and Julio reunite with Jesus and Kleb, HOA get chased by Angel for crashing into Eugene

Babalu tells the HOA that the fruit stalls are only open for a short time period, Siz is assaulted by Baas at a court case, Siz reunites with Claire, Monkey Alex, Anto, and Wayne.

HOA force Toretti to remember them, HOA manage to buy scuffed fruit, HOA make their first drinks at the Tavern

Siz reunites with Tony and Tori, Flippy returns to the tavern, HOA sell drinks to the public.

HOA discuss memory issues with Tony, Huck doesn't remember anyone, Siz starts the first Moonshine brew

Siz "hunts" animals with his car

Speedy remembers Siz but not the rest of the HOA, Hydra gang buy drinks at the Tavern, Dexx reunites with the HOA

Siz and Flippy steal a taxi, Abdul chases Siz & Flippy

343 Siz Fulker & Barry Briddle NoPixel 3.0 Day 2 Struggle

(Feb 6th 2021)

Siz's Moonshine gets ruined, Siz tells random delivery drivers about his former cocaine business

Curtis and Luther reunite with Siz and the HOA, Siz meets the CleanBois, Cheddar started wars with the Lost MC and Vanilla Unicorn, Buddha forgot Siz

Siz gives Lenny Hawk a gun, then gets run over and goes to the ICU

[The rest of the VOD is Nova playing Barry Briddle]

344 Siz&Barry No Pixel 3.0 Sunday Special

(Feb 7th 2021)

HOA found out that Huck's amnesia is caused due to his head being full of water, Erin tells Siz that she can craft Radios at the Digital Den

Siz finds out that the price of fruit has decreased, making it easier to create drinks at the Tavern, Stanley & Cheddar found the Chop-List

Siz reunites with Saab and Denzel, Siz finally brews the first bottle of Moonshine, HOA kill a patron with Absinthe, Ant wants to run for Mayor

Jesus tells Siz that Mother is back in the city, GSF practice robbing a bank, Siz meets Johnny Silverhand

Siz & Kermy try drinking Absinthe, HOA go fishing, Nino tells Siz that he's running for Mayor

[OOC: The rest of the VOD is Nova playing Barry Briddle]

345 Siz and Shine No Pixel 3.0

(Feb 8th 2021)

Erin pours a bottle of piss on Siz, Siz learns about fishing and hunting from Flippy & Miguel, Siz sells Absinthe to Erin, Flippy and Miguel

Flippy tells Siz that Bands are worth $300 each, Siz & Flippy find lockpicks, Karen Siz tries to buy bags from BurgerShot

Siz reunites with Zelda, Siz sells Top Shelf Absinthe to the judges

[VOD Mutes while Siz talks to Flippy and Ken-sama]

HOA Tavern opens for the first time, "VIP" Customer offers Siz something "more illegal" than Moonshine

Manny finds the fence for stolen goods, Siz gives Top Shelf to the Cleanbois, Buddha tells Siz that he's opening a competing establishment

[VOD Mutes while everyone hangs out in front of the Tavern ft. Charlie White and Chuck Colton]

Siz trades info with the Angels - Siz tells them how to buy fruit, Alex teaches Siz how to clean bands of notes

Baas punches Siz in the face, HOA try to sue the PD, HOA settle with Bobby Smith out of court by getting $10k from the PD and getting a liquor license for free

HOA find F̶r̶e̶d̶ Mete in the ICU, HOA try to go hunting

[VOD Mutes during the hunting trip, then the server crashes]

346 Siz and ???? No Pixel 3.0

(Feb 10th 2021)

Siz meets with Saab, Julio tells Siz that he shot Speedy and the Cleanbois, the VIP tavern customer smokes Meth in the tavern, Siz tells Saab about cleaning bands at the VU & about the Chop Shop, Erin tells Siz that someone is leaking the information about radios

VIP asks Siz to sell Meth for him, VIP teaches Siz how to sell Meth in the southside, Siz & Saab follow and kill the VIP to get the key to the Meth Lab

Siz & Saab look for the Meth Lab, Saab finds the new Fight Pit

[VOD Mutes while Siz & Saab continue searching, then the rest of the VOD is Nova playing Barry Briddle]

347 Siz & Briddle No Pixel 3.0

(Feb 11th 2021)

Flippy & The Angels ask Siz if he knows the "Boss Man" to get house robbery locations

The HOA meet Dean Watson, the owner of the BurgerShot and The Casino, Dean tells Siz that the Rooster's Rest is opening soon, Jesus found a container with a false floor that leads to a locked door

HOA vote for Ant in the mayoral election, Cheddar shows Siz the Crypt, Manny gives Siz a $5k loan, Julio & Cheddar tell Siz about "The Boss" and how to rob houses, Siz figures out how to rob stores, Siz & Julio first store robbery

Siz, Julio & Hades figure out store robberies

Siz & Julio find that the house robbery "Boss" has moved

[The rest of the VOD is Siz & Julio looking for "The Boss" but they don't find him, then Nova plays Barry Briddle for the rest of the night]

348 Siz & his Dora RP No Pixel 3.0

(Feb 12th 2021)

Julio & Cheddar tell Siz about the house robberies, Saab introduces Siz to the Roosters Rest nerd employees & shows the HOA the Roosters Rest

Saab shows Siz another shipping container with a sliding desk, Siz & Saab experiment with selling Meth on the southside, Siz & Saab find the Meth Lab

[The VOD mutes while Siz & Saab discuss who to bring in for the meth operation (worst timing lol) and the meth cooking process]

Siz & Saab bring in Denzel to the meth operation, Saab & Denzel try to convince Siz to bring Nino in as the fourth member of their meth crew

Siz, Manny, and Ant discuss the future of the Tavern

Siz and Kermy discuss a new angle for the Tavern and decide to create the HOA Liquid Library

[The rest of the VOD is Nova playing Barry Briddle, until Barry ICU's and Siz comes back very briefly to check the Tavern bank account]

Flippy shows Siz the new Fence location

349 Siz Sells

(Feb 14th 2021)

Off-Stream: Siz tried to cook a batch of meth and instantly failed

Siz, Miguel, and Flippy try to figure out how to rob the safe in a store

Siz explains the Meth cooking process to Saab & they discuss finding 2 more cooks

[Nova ends stream to allow Siz and Saab to attempt an off-stream meth cook so Saab sees the process]

350 Toh & Art

(Feb 16th 2021)

[VOD starts with Nova playing Toh Biggles Fitzcharles, Siz RP starts at around 2:10:00]

Off Stream: Siz & Saab did more off stream meth cooks, Siz & Saab brought Manny into the Meth operation, Siz is told that laptops are required to hack into Fleeca Banks

Siz goes hunting with Kermy, Julio, and Fiona

Siz goes fishing with Kermy, Julio, Kleb, and Fiona

Siz reunites with Jacob, who gives him a VPN

Siz drinks Moonshine for the first time, Siz finds out that Moonshine now makes you more productive & get paid more in jobs, Siz & Kraytor discuss how to sell Moonshine

[The rest of the VOD is Nova playing Barry Briddle]

351 Siz Shined Shelf

(Feb 18th 2021)

Off Stream: The HOA decide to pretend to be an Amish Mormon religious organisation in order to avoid taxes

Flippy teaches Siz about the new Fleeca hacking process, Flippy tells Siz that he wants to go clean and work at Ramee's Gallery

Julio tells Siz that the Moonshine makes you get paid more for jobs than Roosters Rest Tea does, Siz offers Moonshine to Flippy

Kleb & Kermy found out that the Burgershot CEO owns the Casino, Siz meets with Dean and Otto to discuss a partnership between the Tavern and the Casino

Gomer convinces Dean to hire Siz & 2 HOA members for the Casino, Siz gives Otto some Moonshine

Siz offers Moonshine to the Vagos and Chang Gang

HOA Fishing trip ends with reporters slandering Ant

Nino explains how he lost his fortune, Siz & Nino discuss changes in the city and potential future moves

Siz tells Nino that he can make meth, Siz wants Nino to distribute meth

352 Siz @ Casino

(Feb 19th 2021)

Siz, Kleb, and Cheddar serve drinks at the grand opening of the Casino, Tony offers Oxy to Siz

Dean tries to rip off the HOA, but after negotiations pays $45k in exchange for a date with Ant to get a tax break

Dean files a false police report against Siz, Siz dumps moonshine in Kiki's car while running from police

Buddha gives Siz business advice, Siz explains the Dean dispute to Manny and Saab

Siz explains his conversation with Nino to Denzel, Saab, and Manny

Siz & Nino meet and talk about Siz's meth operation, Nino offers to protect Siz from meth competition,

353 Siz Scoping

(Feb 20th 2021)

Siz & the HOA plan for the Tavern expansion

Siz meets with Turbo and shows him moonshine, Turbo wants to help Siz distribute Moonshine and Absinthe

Siz & Turbo discuss Siz's conflict with Dean

Turbo asks Siz to keep track of the Casino layout, Turbo & Siz worry about Saab's connection to Dean

Dean asked Saab to marry Ant in order to lower his taxes

[The rest of the VOD is Nova playing Barry Briddle]



Address Status Owned by
Niland Avenue 3 Has Access/Has Keys Kray Tor
21 West Mirror Park Drive Owned Property Siz Fulker


Address Status Owned by
21 West Mirror Park Drive Owned Property Siz Fulker
1 Amarillo Vista Removed Keys Victoria "Vivi" Veine
1 Carson Avenue Apt #4 Has Access/Has Keys Griselda "Zelda" Harth
2 Carson Avenue Apt #2 Has Access/Has Keys Griselda "Zelda" Harth
Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club Has Access/Has Keys Alabaster Slim
Forum Drive 3/Apt #2 Removed Keys Kevin Shaw
20 Grove Street Removed Keys Al Saab
10 Jamestown Street Removed Keys Speedy/Vagos
16 Jamestown Street Removed Keys Speedy/Vagos
1 Procopio Drive Removed Keys Evita "Mother" Nimm
25 North Sheldon Avenue Removed Keys Matthew Payne
17 Roy Lowenstein Blvd. Owned Property Siz Fulker
Dab-n-Go Removed by Matthew Payne Siz Fulker
Tier 1 Mirror Park Warehouse Accessible by keypad Siz Fulker
15 Didion Drive Removed Keys Daryl Dixon
4 East Mirror Park Drive Removed Keys Kaleb Rush
Tier 2 "Big House" Warehouse Accessible by keypad Siz Fulker
Tier 1 Vinewood/Tuner Shop Warehouse Accessible by keypad Otto Delmar
2 East Mirror Park Drive Has Access/ Has Keys Raphael Kristof


Owned Vehicles (3.0)
Bürgerfahrzeug Surfer (Beater)
Brute Pony
Coil Brawler
Jack Sheepe Lawn Mower
Ford F-150 Raptor
Coil Savanna
Western Gargoyle
Maxwell Vagrant
Annis Savestra
Owned Vehicles (2.0)
2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Sedan - Traded
Subaru Impreza WRX STI Hatchback
Coil Brawler - Modified into Custom HOA Brawler
Custom HOA Coil Brawler
Lamborghini Aventador Roadster
Mazda RX-7 w/ Rocket Bunny Aero Kit
2x Principe Faggio 1x Repossesed
3x Benefactor Panto
2x MTL Flatbed
Vapid Taxi Cab
Übermacht Zion
BMX Bicycle
2x Brute Taco Van
2018 Ford F-150 Raptor - SOLD
Buckingham Tug
Speedophile Seashark
Weazel News Bravado Rumpo
Nagasaki Street Blazer
2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
Albany Emperor (Beater)
Western Motorcycle Company Cliffhanger
2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 (Rally Raid) 1/1
Albany Stretch
Vapid Dominator GTX - Returned
Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S
Dinka Marquis
Shitzu Suntrap
Benefactor Dubsta 6x6
Benefactor Glendale
Enus Super Diamond
Western Rat Bike - Gifted
Custom Segway (Mobility Scooter)
2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
2013 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stringray Z06
Dinka Double T

Dice Rolls

''1/2 - Good karma, 2/2 - Bad karma''
Windsong 1/2
Boe Jangles at Pillbox 2/2
Picking Mother over Dab 1/2
A local outside meat factory 2/2
Ryan Kindle 1/2
Charles Johnson 1/2
Melbert Rickenbacker(x2) 2/2
Tony Corleone inside Benny's 2/2
Local DJ 2/2
Some deer by a river 2/2
Raja Bahadur 2/2
Ravi the scammer 2/2
Maximillion's car 2/2
Alabaster Slim (Pimp) 1/2
Jayne Smyth 2/2
‘Inponding’ a vehicle 1/2
Getting some diseases 2/2

(2 was No)

HOA prison transport 2/2
Brew Swaine 1/2
Job 4th: Blaine (1) or Eggroll (2) 1/2
Badmouthing Flippy on Twatter 2/2

(2 was No)

Sources of Income

                               ----3.0 Sources of Income----
  • After the great economic collapse after the 3.0 phone update, he lost all of his funds, vehicles, and properties so he had to take any opportunity to find work. In his desperation for cash, Siz took up various odd-jobs ranging from convenience store deliveries and sanitation work, to fishing and hunting. All of which initially earned Siz a minimal amount of money. However, a month later Siz saw that delivery jobs and hunting earned him the most profit and began to regularly partake in them as apart of his routine. He eventually stopped partaking in this line of work once he began his meth operation.
  • The bulk of his early income was through the Mirror Park Tavern. As the owner, he is in charge of business account and so earns income through the sale of the tavern's products, most especially through the sale of the illegally made moonshine-derived absinthe that the business markets as Top Shelf for $250 per bottle. Top Shelf, while not itself illegal, is illegal to manufacture as its precursor is moonshine that's made on-site in a backroom still. Although, due to a clause in his home loan contract, Siz was unable to transfer any of the Tavern profits into his personal account until he paid off his loan. (However, by the time he paid off his loan business at the Tavern had significantly stagnated, in addition to him finding better sources of income.) The Tavern also began producing poisoned items, which Siz began selling to customers via the Grand Senora Cartel for a short time.
  • Gambling at the casino also became a significant source of early income, with Siz occasionally indulging himself at the high-roller tables (with varying results). Though, he has instances where he devolves into a degenerate gambler if he is at the casino for prolonged periods of time, in addition to being extremely suceptible to peer pressure to continue gambling (leading to several instances where he lost his entire winnings).
  • After months of research and development, he was finally able to make methamphetamine into a significant source of income (his highest meth purity being 100%). He initially set up a deal with the Vagos to push his penguin strain of meth onto the streets, however that fell apart when the Lost MC were essentially giving the Vagos free methamphetamine (the Vagos paid for the cost of the meth cook, $12,000 at the time). He moved on to The Families where he supplied them with meth upon request. He then funneled the money into the Lost and Found at Dean World where it was laundered and then deposited into his bank accounts without suspicion.
  • Unlike in 2.0, heisting has yet to actually be a form of income for Siz as he is rarely able to participate in heists (and when he did the profits were often small or he was caught by the police).
  • After his return to crime, Siz also returned to scamming individuals such as police officers and lawyers for cash. He did this by either: playing the victim if he was involved in an incident with them or simply lied about his economic situation.
  • On 6/21/21 he got a job at Ottos Autos as a mechanic where he was also paid $50,000 by Marlo Stanfield to squash their beef. Beyond that initial payment, he only earned a few thousand dollars at the job before being fired on 7/24/21 (due to his conflicts with another employee).
                               ----2.0 Sources of Income----
  • Early on in his time in the city Siz often robbed houses at night where he usually found lots of cash and various items/weapons. However, Siz eventually stopped regularly burglarizing due to: the increased amount of hostile gang activity on Grove Street, the fact that mansions did not pay out decently for the amount of time it took to burgle one, and overall boredom with the act of burglary in itself.
  • Chopping cars used to be done at least once per tsunami since it gave out decent amounts of Pixerium and crafting materials for the priority chops. Siz later moved on to better sources of income and simply bought any materials he needed.
  • Historically, Siz robbed a Fleeca bank at least once a day with various accomplices (or even by himself if he was feeling particularly adventurous). This used to be one of his primary sources of income and a favorite activity of his. However, for a time after the formation of the HOA Siz abstained from Fleeca bank robberies as he was engrossed by his HOA duties, in addition to the difficulty of bank robbing increasing after the banks upgraded their security systems, now requiring certain cards for certain times of the day. Although, by the winter of 2019 Siz began to return to bank robberies (although not nearly as much as before the bank's security upgrade). He eventually shifted to jewelry store robberies as his primary form of easily doable, high-reward crime, as Flecca banks began to pay out less when compared to the jewelry store.
  • Siz took up convenience store robberies as a secondary source of income during the hours when Fleeca banks are closed. Siz could make upwards of $20,000 in robbery stints he called "robathons" where he continuously robbed stores until he was either caught or the Fleeca banks opened up. Siz stopped partaking in these "robathons" when the convenience stores upgraded their cash register locks, which made the process of robbing a store take too long to be viable. Instead, convenience stores were robbed purely for the chance to obtain a purple keycard, which was required to rob the jewelry store.
  • Siz used to grow his own weed in his single-story home and sold them himself, he later upgraded to a large grow operation in a HOA mansion (allowing for a larger amount of plants to be grown at once). The operation started with five male and 10 female seeds. Historically this was his primary source of income, although the implementation of a hard cap on the amount of weed that could be corner sold during any one day made this avenue of income significantly less viable (as UberHaxorNova would have to login and make it to the sell location(s) right after each tsunami before anyone else did [as the sell limit per street was only 50 quarter ounces per tsunami, a limit that was quickly reached within minutes]). So rather than corner selling the weed quarters individually, Siz bulk sold entire weed ounces to the Vagos for a large lump sum of cash for use in their trap-houses. After the trap houses closed down, Siz exclusively sold the quarter ounces in Taco Shop "green runs", making over one million dollars getting though just his personal stockpile of quarters, although changes to the shop's operation eliminated the ease involved in the selling of ounces, as it became a much more time consuming process. As a result of that and other issues with those he was working with to manage the shop, he voluntarily departed the Taco Shop entirely after stepping back for a few weeks. As a result of the Taco Shop, Siz ran out of quarter ounces for the first time since he began growing weed for Speedy.
  • Now and again Siz conducted Oxy and pawnshop runs as passive sources of income while he drove around San Andreas. Siz eventually stopped both due to: them being overall low revenue sources and boredom with the repetitiveness of the tasks involved with each (as they were both simple delivery jobs).
  • Siz briefly entered the world of weapons dealing and had accumulated a large stockpile of various weapons which he used to distribute in batch orders. By 2020 he had left that line of work and reverted to mainly stockpiling weapons for personal use.
  • Siz used to sell bricks of cocaine to the other citizens of Los Santos at an average of $16,000 each. At first, Siz obtained bricks by purchasing several of them for $150,000, but he eventually got into contact with Dominique Woods, a cocaine distributor who used to regularly supply Siz with bricks of cocaine weekly. Joe Caine appointed Siz to the position Dominique Woods held after he returned back to his home town of East Side/West Side Philly. As a result he no longer sold bricks directly to prospective consumers, but instead sold bricks to his two hand-picked pushers who then supplied the state (much as Dom had done to him and his other pusher). This was one of his primary forms of income for most of 2.0. He also briefly introduced Zelda to this line of work to help maintain the distribution of cocaine in the state in the event of his absence, something which she had to do during his month long coma in January of 2020.
  • Siz used to occasionally sell baggies of crack he obtained from The Wizard to locals on the south side for a decent profit. When the Wizard shut down Siz reverted to keeping the crack he had for use as an aid in evading the police (as breaking down the cocaine bricks he received into crack was less profitable and more time consuming than if he were to just sell them as is).
  • Siz used to be into business with Nino Chavez, who gave him various "quests" for him to complete for large cash rewards.
  • During the HOA's first two seasons Siz collected a $10 tax for his HOA duties and tended to confiscate items and cash from people found burglarizing households in Mirror Park and Vinewood.
  • Siz also occasionally did heists for the City-Bank Vault, but only if he had a team with a person who could skillfully use thermite. By the end of 2.0 this task had become extremely difficult due to the amount of steps involved coupled with the chance for a lackluster payout.
  • Much like his historical focus on Flecca bank robberies, Siz often robbed the Vangelico Fine Jewelry store with a crew for gold bars and gold watches where he made a decent profit (depending on their luck and ability to escape the police with the loot). The store also used to stock large amounts of valuable goods (an item Siz focused on acquiring early in his jewelry store robbery forays).
  • Siz also occasionally robbed bank trucks, the moment they first began transporting cash around the city he jumped at the opportunity to rob one just to see what he could find. Due to his already stable flow of money from drug sales this activity was mostly recreational, as the income from this type of job was minimal. Near the final year of 2.0 Siz began attempting overly complicated, unique, and/or just plain silly ways to do bank truck robberies in an attempt to break up the monotony of the act.
  • When given the chance, Siz also scammed individuals such as police officers for cash. He did this by either playing the victim if he was involved in an incident with them or simply lied about his economic situation. Although after he became a millionaire this became more difficult to do against police officers (especially if the officer he was targeting had recently checked the Siz's bank account). By the end of 2.0 his most common form of cash scamming involved asking the officer processing him for "money to change in prison" (in 2020 the prison had fluctuated between charging inmates for clothing and handing them out for free, which contributed to officers not being aware of the actual policy and simply handing out cash to ensure their suspect could change into prison attire). A variation on this scam was also asking multiple officers for "clothing money", where Siz simply restarted the scam with a new officer who wasn't aware he had already been given cash.


Fun Facts & Misc. Information

  • Siz was only meant to be a test character at first.
  • Siz likes being chased by Detective Ziggy Buggs so he can say "eat my dirt, motherfucker."
  • Siz's Brawler has been hotwired twice by his uncle Dundee.
  • In 2.0, Siz's Mirror Park home at 21 West Mirror Park Drive was decorated by his ex-girlfriend Windsong and later his adopted sister Vivi.
  • Pre-3.0, his ID listed his age as 45; Siz got this corrected to his actual age of 26 after the 3.0 phone update. But before this correction, Siz had to explain to those who asked about his fake ID and was (and to some degree still is) not completely certain on when he was born and didn't really seem to care. When speaking with Jacob, he lamented being a millennial and claimed that he's a boomer at heart. With John Riker, he claimed to be too young to be an uncle. As a result the ages he's claimed to be has varied greatly (depending on whom he spoke to). To date when asked Siz has claimed to be: 14, 23.5, 24, 26, 35, 46, 47, 57, and that he had forgotten his age entirely. OOC UberHaxorNova explained that due to Siz being originally intended as a test character, he didn't give thought as to what a reasonable birthdate would be and simply entered in a date to fill the field at the time (when the 3.0 update released he took this opportunity to finally establish Siz's true birthdate).
  • Siz has been robbed by an unarmed mime and later rammed him with his Brawler.
  • Siz has been robbed by a scammer with a wrench and later rammed him with his Brawler, twice.
  • Siz has voices in his head that he used to periodically scream at.
  • Despite having a bed, Siz slept on the bathroom floor.
  • Despite being constantly compared to Two-Face, Siz's favorite super-villain is actually The Ventriloquist and Scarface.
  • Siz has only experienced a small handful of erections, with Windsong being the cause of his first erection.
  • Early on in his time in the state, Siz occasionally indulged in public masturbation (often to simply observe the reactions of those around him).
  • Due to growing up homeless, Siz sometimes eats garbage.
  • Rumor has it that Siz's real birthday is on June 1st as both Deputy Dias and Ravi the Scammer wished him a Happy Birthday on that day. This is a not-so-subtle nod to UberHaxorNova's actual birthday being on that date.
  • Occasionally in 2019 Siz used to listen to various Disney/90's songs he replayed in his head (Whenever UberHaxorNova went AFK or entered a chase he sometimes put on a playlist of Disney or 90's music until he returned/the chase ended.)
  • Siz's voice in the early episodes was just UberHaxorNova's normal voice. Over time it became a "Kermit + Morty (esk)" voice which, while starting at quite a high pitch, had progressively lowered in tone towards the voice we hear today.
  • Siz burglarized his neighbors multiple times.
  • Siz picked up his sister Martha from the airport in a stolen police cruiser, she had arrived in Los Santos from a vacation in the Bahamas. The same day she left the state and returned to the Bahamas after failing to replicate Siz's persona, much to the confusion of Siz.
  • Siz stated to Speedy that he mostly watches Christmas or holiday movies.
  • Siz has shopped for jeans at PacSun ever since he was 12.
  • Siz enjoys the Mario Maker game series, going as far as to have installed a Nintendo Switch in the passenger seat of his Brawler and even went to MarioCon in Japan to celebrate the franchise. When waiting on something, Siz could sometimes be seen occupying himself with the Switch he has on his person (often attempting to beat one of his endless run records). This practice was abandoned by the end of 2019.
  • Siz was the first civilian to come into possession of PD grade weapons, which he obtained by downing Officer Dias (Although he returned them to him a short while later to avoid having himself and his friends get raided.)
  • Siz didn't like to be the first one to hang up in a phone call and usually waited for the person on the other end to hang up, prolonging the call with an awkward silence or giving the excuse that he's driving (often to the annoyance of the person he was speaking to) Although, after a while, the people of Los Santos caught on to his shtick and would often outlast Siz by flat out telling him they would not hang up first or by simply ignoring him until he was forced to hang up.
  • In 2.0 Siz was the last person in the state to be escorted to prison by a police officer. (The ability to escort an officer while having your profile picture taken was patched after the next tsunami, but returned after the 3.0 phone update.)
  • Siz believes the Pillbox Hill Medical Center is actually a scam due to the exorbitant amount of money they charge for healing his injuries, in addition to the poor bedside manner he's experienced as a patient in the hospital.
  • Siz is in his own one man gang (called the "🍊 Tang Gang 🍊") that reps the color orange as a homage to his close affiliation with both the Vagos (who rep yellow) and the Leanbois (who rep red).
  • Siz had a habit of taking people he's just met to join him in robbing banks, just as Yung Dab did to him.
  • Siz enjoys watching parody porn.
  • Siz got Hank Dogstaff addicted to crack cocaine.
  • Siz's Brawler has been stolen and joyrode off-road by Ziggy Buggs while he was on duty, who was quite impressed by its off-road performance. Although, as with all vehicles driven by Ziggy he eventually lost it in an accident as he crashed Siz's Brawler into the Land Act Reservoir.
  • Siz used to wear an American flag pin on all his disguises in remembrance of the September 11th attacks.
  • Siz wears Flip Flops in most of his outfits.
  • Gladiator (2000) is one of Siz's favorite movies.
  • Despite the government "snapping" over 1,200 of his plastic, Siz never attempted to get restitution (when the new inventory system was implemented there was a bug that caused some items in any inventory you accessed for the first time to "fall out" onto the floor, this occurred with UberHaxorNova's plastic and before he noticed the server restarted [deleting over 1,200 plastic that fell onto the ground out of his house inventory]; UberHaxorNova did create a forum post reporting the issue, but he did not upload the correct clips showing what occurred [causing Koil to believe they were simply stolen], and when he was given the correct clip to upload five days after creating the post he did not upload it to his report in a timely manner [after waiting an additional two days to upload the clip he found that the post had been deleted as it had been more than a week since the report was last updated]).
  • Siz's favorite type of food is teriyaki.
  • Siz had refined his ability to enter and exit "Bovice's World" at will from Mission Row, allowing him to pull off spectacular jailbreaks. In response they fortified the construction of their cells, eliminating Siz's ability to enter Bovice World from within.
  • While employed at Clucking Bell Farms, Siz only did one job for them (which was under the pretense of a four man race). This pronounced inactivity resulted in him being fired during a purge of inactive employees in late August to early September of 2019.
  • Before the purchase of his first property the GO Postal Boxville truck was one of the vehicles Siz had stolen the most as there always was one parked very close to the Pink Cage.
  • Siz's favorite kind of soda is ginger ale as he claims it "helps his tummy."
  • UberHaxorNova is a canonical streamer and YouTuber in the NoPixel universe, although Siz thinks that UberHaxorNova is an irrelevant, piece of shit broadcaster with no charm.
  • Siz was one of the first criminals to experience the effects of a flashbang.
  • Siz has some form of alopecia, a medical condition preventing the ability to grow hair. He claims the condition apparently covers his whole body (minus the top of his head), and that he's "smooth all over".
  • About four months after coming to the state, Siz began whispering to police officers the titular phrase, "Hail Hydra." It is unknown whether it was merely meant to confuse the police or if he and the officers he spoke to are actually members of Hydra. He stopped the practice within a few weeks, assumedly after growing tired of the bit.
  • When Siz first learned how to link his phone to his car stereo he had been a boombox of sorts, blasting random music to the denizens of Los Santos while driving about.
  • If Siz shits before going to shower he doesn't wipe but uses the shower water to clean his ass as a sort of aerial bidet.
  • Siz was the first customer for the Tuner Shop after it moved locations on 8/17/2019.
  • Siz used to patrol Mirror Park and Vinewood as the Chief of the HOA (Home Owners Association), staking out criminals and taxing residents and visitors a $10 fee.
  • Siz enjoys his meat well-done.
  • Siz's favorite cereal is Reese's Puffs.
  • Siz enjoys Starburst Confectioneries and prefers sweets over salty snacks like potato chips.
  • Siz managed to kidnap a random person from the yellow pages in less than one minute after beginning the search, a record time in the state.
  • Siz's first gun in the state was an SNS pistol he received from Yung Dab, a gun he still has to this day.
  • Siz is afraid of heights.
  • Siz has stolen and joyrode in every single police motor vehicle except for the: police van, NOOSE Truck, police Granger, unmarked Schafter (he's never stolen one, but he has driven one back to MRPD for the police), and the prison bus.
  • Siz often refers to the police he sees as "policia", a habit he picked up from Speedy. Siz also often refers to a pistol as a "pistola" for the same reason.
  • Siz only washes one hand and uses the other to turn the faucet.
  • Siz has been taken hostage six times, once where a kidnapping gone wrong resulted in Siz being briefly held hostage against the police. In this case, his kidnapper shot Siz down after the police refused to stop following him (Shortly after this he was shot down by the police and apprehended on the scene.) The second kidnapping was a chance encounter with a person who was hired to kill Julio Thomas; he took Siz hostage due to a prior beef with the HOA and as a bargaining chip to get at Julio. This resulted in Siz being stabbed after the HOA couldn't properly negotiate nor organize a rescue.

The third, fourth, and fifth kidnappings all occurred on the same day in the road in front of Pillbox Medical Center, with all ending in his safe release. The third kidnappers interrogated Siz concerning a prior robbery of themselves that they claimed a member of the HOA committed (demanding their goods and cash be returned); the fourth and fifth kidnappings were by Juan Carlos Hernandez's crew for the day (the fourth was to use Siz as a Jewelry store hostage and the fifth was done in jest, of which resulted in Siz's release at the Horny's Restaurant parking lot in Mirror Park). His sixth time being kidnapped by his adoptive grandmother Claire for a jewelry store in retaliation for the HOA kidnapping every member of the Angels, including her, for various reasons.

  • Siz was banned from the Vanilla Unicorn from 4/28/19 to 9/19/19, a period of almost six months.
  • Siz has an extreme distaste for EA and their development of the WWE 2K series since 2014 and harbored this opinion since he was invited to play-test 2K15 (where he was told a game function present in previous iterations of the series was removed because they "don't do it anymore").
  • Like his Step-Dab before him, Siz never carried his own ID on him and actively threw out any and all IDs of his that the police forced him to purchase. Siz abandoned this practice after the 3.0 economy crash and now retains his ID to avoid incurring unneeded fines.
  • Siz was the winner of Fucked or Cucked (a dating gameshow) where he simply pocketed the $22,000 cash reward rather than actually going on a date with the woman the other contestants were competing for (as he was already in a relationship with Griselda Harth).
  • In an attempt to frame someone other than Jerry as the Mirror Park Predator, Siz, Kindle, and a friend they picked up went around Los Santos collecting semen from as many people as they could.
  • Siz's kink is the feed fetish.
  • Siz hates White-knights.
  • Siz occasionally watches the QVC live stream in his downtime; he finds their enthusiastic infomercial style sales tactics for a myriad of mundane and/or odd products entertaining to watch.
  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport employed him (along with most of the HOA) as reposessors, and Siz's first successful repossession was on Saab's Sentinel.
  • Siz has a cybernetic prosthetic big toe that he received on 10/15/19.
  • Siz was raided by the police for the first time on 10/25/19 when they raided both his personal residence in Mirror Park and the HOA headquarters in Vinewood. This resulted in a 355 month jail sentence and a $26,000 fine.
  • Siz's first time in the ICU was on 10/29/19 and it lasted until 11/2/19. He was ran over by a police cruiser driven by Bobby Smith (with Olivia Copper as a passenger); Siz was riding a bike and had a sliver of health before he veered into the path of the police car. Siz's favorite EMS, Hedi Saurus, went back on-duty just to take care of Siz, even though she was in her casual attire. Siz had a list of 20+ Emergency Contacts, with Hedi (and her ice cream) being one of them (despite not having her number at the time).
  • Siz became a millionaire for the first time on 11/13/19 after receiving a $5,000 paycheck at the LifeInvader building (which was also the location where Siz received his very first amounts of money in the state, back when the building was still branded as Facebook).
  • Siz first accumulated more than two million dollars in his bank account on 3/28/20.
  • Siz first accumulated more than three million dollars in his bank account on 7/10/20.
  • Siz first accumulated more than four million dollars in his bank account on 8/11/20
  • In late October-November of 2019 Siz developed a special vehicular maneuver called the "Siz Special". Despite the name, the maneuver itself is simply a euphemism for common vehicular manslaughter (This was something Siz had been known to do for months accidentally whenever a person exited the vehicle he was driving before he fully stopped the car, as Siz often briefly stops/slows down at a location before adjusting his parking or moving slightly closer to the destination.) The name for the maneuver developed from his friends, it all started mainly from Curtis, Ellie & Brett who observed/were the victim of this phenomenon and the name has stuck ever since.
  • On 11/28/19 Siz testified in court for the first time. He was a witness called by Ryan Kindle.
  • Midway through 2.0, Siz said if he had to pick one gang to side with that it would be the Lean Bois because he saw/knew them the most and they all treated him like family (even though he is second in command of the Vagos he rarely got to interact with any of their members besides Speedy and Flippy, making the relationship with the gang much more distant to him.)
  • Siz is the most loyal to Yung Dab . Speedy would be second and Saab, Denzel, Kray-Tor, then Vivi and Zelda would be tied for third.
  • Siz is able to fly helicopters since December 14th, 2019 after training in another county.
  • Siz was held until trial for the first time on December 18th, 2019 pending his trial for an act of terrorism he committed the day before. On 1/14/20 his case was dropped due to the lengthy period it took to organize the trial as his parole would’ve been longer than his sentence, if he was ever found guilty.
  • While in prison on 12/19/19 pending his trial, Siz shaved his head and went bald.
  • Siz was admitted into ICU for a second time and fell into a coma on December 28th, 2019 after seven bullets missed his vest. He and Julio were shot by Theodore Martin while attempting to talk him out of committing suicide off the top of Legion Square bank. He awoke on January 31st, 2020 after being in a coma for one month and three days.
  • After his exit from the ICU on January 31st, 2020, Siz decided to forgo the use of a disguise in his criminal activity. At first it was due to rustiness in his criminal skills as a result of his long coma, but it evolved into a belief that a disguise is "unreliable" and not worth the effort to use in a crime. Therefore, Siz now commits crimes brazenly, with no regard to concealing his identity or guilt. He now relies solely on his own or his team's evasion skills to evade incarceration. Although occasionally this belief is ignored entirely in occasions when he does not want a warrant and/or his accomplices request a disguise.
  • Siz was admitted to the ICU for a third time on 2/6/21 after being clipped by a truck shortly after being warned about being runover on the road. He awoke from ICU a day later.
  • Siz's preferred wine is a rosé.
  • The PD got Siz's DNA on record during an impromptu prostate exam, during which they scrapped off a sample from a mushroom shaped growth on the interior of Siz's colon.
  • His girlfriend, Zelda, has been often mistaken as a sister of his, mostly due to his name being a corruption of "Sis Fucker" as well as his somewhat frivolous relationship with her. Ironically, according to Kiwo (who plays Mother), she intended to bring the Harths under her umbrella before she ultimately abandoned them with her first extended disappearance. Zelda has also been mistaken as Siz's daughter due to his insistence that he's older than he is (telling Raven and others that he's 47 years old), and how much younger she looks in comparison to him with his mustache and bald head. But when Siz wears his “College Dropout/Drug Mule” outfit he looks closer to Zelda’s age even to the point where Saab pokes fun at Siz calling him “his son”.
  • Siz is able to consume hundreds of bottles of alcohol without suffering alcohol poisoning; he cites his "iron liver" for such a high tolerance. He once reached an astonishingly high 5,000 BAC level after Officer Sam Baas did a breathalyzer test on him, meaning 5,000 percent of his blood was alcohol (A feat that defies the laws of biology and physics.)
  • In the summer of 2019 Siz started purchasing and collecting rarities and oddities from people across the state. He was hoping to partner with Ramee to open up a museum to display them and hopefully auction them off. Although, this never occurred and after a year and a half of sitting in storage all his collectibles were seized by the state on the release of the 3.0 phone update.
  • Siz is the first ever person to have stolen Vladimir Raven’s (Ex chief of police and his father in law) PD AR.
  • Siz started a new trend called, "No Mask SZN", where criminals would commit crimes without masks. He has committed various crimes without one and has since persuaded other people such as Curtis, Flippy, Mike Wadum, etc to follow suit. Although occasionally he will wear a disguise, but not disguise his voice in an attempt to differentiate.
  • In November of 2019 Siz began wearing a fake mustache. At first it was simply part of a disguise for crime, but it later evolved into apart of his normal attire that he wore to boost his confidence. A similar situation occurred with the wig he currently wears, of which he began wearing in late January of 2020.
  • Siz once fucked evidence he found in the PD's evidence room. When questioned on how he ruined said evidence he stated that he "deposited slime" all over the evidence, further clarifying to arresting officer Mike Bayo that is was "slime" and not cum.
  • Siz has consistently described his penis as small and "knuckle shaped", however he has yet to reveal it to anyone.
  • Siz was the last person Rico Ferarez † spoke to before he passed away on March 4th, 2020, after doing a bank trunk heist along with Curtis and Saab. His last words were “Just go” to Siz after he failed to get in the helicopter Siz was flying, allowing the PD time to open fire on the helicopter (Of which mortally injured Siz, allowing for his subsequent arrest after the now uncontrolled helicopter crashed into the street below.)
  • On March 19th, 2020 Mike Wadum, Siz Fulker, Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez, and Alabaster Slim successfully managed to complete the Vault Bank Heist, making them the second group in the state to attempt and complete it.
  • He was able to successfully receive the phone numbers of Kym Johnson, Emily Reinhart, Violet van Housen, and Fiona Stewart within one hour after receiving "macking" training from adoptive uncle, Marty Swoleroid.
  • Siz has started to mack on PD Dispatcher, Sydney Bearmont every time he sees her. He is unaware that she is dating Officer Casey Valentine, who is also trying to get at Zelda!
  • On April 6, 2020 Siz was made a C4 Pusher by Lang Buddha as he found him the most trustworthy and discrete person to sell the product. Siz would only give one person C4, never following up with Buddha for further C4 due to a significant lack of demand. Additionally, Vinny Pistone sold him a warehouse on the very same day after he was deemed worthy by him and his associates.
  • On 4/18/2020 Siz was temporarily blinded after Brian Knight shot a steam pipe which scalded the eyes and face of Siz. Lydia Vale tried to administer first-aid to help recover his eyesight, but it did not help; about two hours later Siz claimed to have been a "master" at braille while operating the ATM near his Mirror Park home. He regained sight on 4/19/2020 after the HOA sprayed him down with a fire truck, he also developed tinnitus in the process.
  • Siz used to walk with a sad demeanor, but has since started becoming more brave in his stance, dropping his signature walk. At first this was as a method to accelerate his ability to clean cash bands, but he has since retained his bravado despite his departure from the Taco Shop.
  • Siz is the first and only person in the state who has managed to steal a blimp and use it in a crime. He attempted to do a bank truck heist on top of it with other HOA members, however this clearly was not possible. The endeavor ended when Siz attempted to land his blimp onto another blimp midair in an effort to evade the chasing police officers, causing an explosion that destroyed both blimps. Since then, he has successfully used a Blimp to escape a Jewelry Store Robbery alongside members of the HOA.
  • Siz sends Zelda various pictures of his feet while wearing differing pairs of flip-flops. His favorite pair is the black and white ones.
  • Siz has been walking and running everywhere with flip-flops to the point where the soles of his feet have been completely calloused over. He claims that if he steps on a nail it won't penetrate through the skin.
  • Siz was infected with syphilis on 5/5/20 after a doctor that treated his fall injuries (attained after an accident on Mt. Chilliad) claimed that infection with the disease was the only way to treat said injuries, despite syphilis not having any healing properties whatsoever.
  • On May 15th, 2020 Siz took over Dom's old cocaine distribution position with the approval of Joe Caine and on May 16th, he was given keys to the cocaine production factory by Joe Caine.
  • Siz owns two chimpanzees named Chimp Caesar and Mighty Joe that he purchased as apart of the updated furnishings for his HOA tavern. They replaced a python that was in a terrarium on a table that occupied the space where their cage now resides.
  • Siz once played a tune on his adoptive grandmother's vaginal kazoo, after which he immediately ran to a nearby convenience store to wash out his mouth of her vaginal fluids.
  • On 7/21/20, after a week-long escapade in Japan, Siz vowed to not use any more firearms and instead use only melee weapons, citing his desire to "remain honorable".
  • Siz was the first person in the state to open a Bank Box. One was given to him by Chimp Caesar in front of his house, which he eventually figured out how to open using an air pressure lockpick.
  • Julio Thomas pissed in Siz's mouth while he was downed on 9/11/20.
  • Siz first accumulated more than five million dollars in his bank account on 11/3/20.
  • From November 2020 to 3/12/21, Siz was so overweight that him alone could pop vehicle tires (which on average are rated to support 800 pounds past the weight of the vehicle itself). Tire failure occured at random intervals on the tire closest to wherever Siz was sitting.
  • Despite weighing enough to pop car tires, he was fully capable of walking or even partaking in short sprints if motivated (demonstrating bone and muscle strength well in excess of any other recorded human being); although his stamina was still that of a typical obese person.
  • On 12/15/20, after being knocked out by several people in a surgery room in Pillbox, Siz's kidneys were stolen and replaced with special hamsters by Dr. Agnes. These hamsters were supposed to be that of "fire resistance" and "gluttony", the latter of which was mistakenly swapped for a "sluttony" hamster by Dr. Agnes during the procedure. At the same time Dr.Agnes also removed large amounts of fat and grafted lizard skin onto him to repair damage caused by Julio Thomas biting chunks out of Siz's body while he was downed mere minutes beforehand. The "sluttony" hamster caused Siz to flirt with nearly everyone he saw (except for Stanley Wilkinson) while the "fire resistance" hamster turned his hair bright orange. Two hours later Siz had the "sluttony" hamster removed in a procedure done at the Altar of the Father of the Fire, after which he reverted to his obese self (seemingly also losing his fire resistance, despite that hamster not being removed.)
  • Siz was almost charged with "improper handling of a corpse" after shooting serial killer Jasper Saxon's corpse, instead managing to upgrade said charge to second-degree murder. After being told that a miscommunication in the PD caused them to delete the crime from his record, Siz took them to court on 1/20/21 and ended up being charged with first-degree murder after he made a determined argument for the DOJ to recognize his supposed "murder" of Jasper, with Judge Coyote sentencing him to only 20 months in jail. Despite this ruling, Judge Coyote failed to actually add the charge to Siz's MDT, thus invalidating his entire endeavor. This made him the first person in San Andreas history to be: legally recognized for murdering a person who was already deceased (a paradox in itself), purposely argue that his charges be upped to that of murder, and actually completely avoid the results of a court case being reflected on his criminal record.
  • Siz's first phone contact in 3.0 was Alabaster Slim.
  • Siz's phone background is Zelda’s head on a banana.
  • Siz broke his nose on 2/9/21 after Officer Sam Baas punched him in the face.
  • Siz became a cannibal on 3/5/21 after eating a human meat burger Julio Thomas prepared.
  • Siz's first vehicle of 3.0 was a BF Surfer that he bought second-hand off of Jesus on 3/11/21.
  • Siz managed to re-buy his 2.0 home at 21 West Mirror Park Drive on 4/8/21.
  • In 3.0 Siz first went to jail on 4/16/21 after a burglary gone wrong (although he only got a tooth in the apartment they charged him of burglarizing).
  • On 8/31/21 Siz asked members of the HoA if they could hear his farts from outside the Mirror Park Tavern.
  • Siz participated in his first race of 3.0 on 9/23/21, a B-class race where he placed second in his Vagrant.
  • Siz got his first official pilot's license on 9/29/21.
  • Since mid October of 2021 Siz claimed that he urinates in his own mouth. His reasoning for doing so was to avoid waste and "save his own minerals", thusfar he's suffered little to no ill effects for doing so.


  • “Hi, this is Siz.”
  • "hi"
  • “:)
  • “ok
  • “Boom, bitch
  • “Oh, jeez...”
  • "Goddamnit."
  • “I own 10% of...”
  • "It's fine/We're fine"
  • "Wanna see something cool?"
  • "I was beaten within an inch of my life!"
  • "hehe"
  • "I fell off the top of a parking structure."
  • "It's just a scar."
  • *Clears throat*
  • *Blows raspberry*
  • "I need MY Kevin!"
  • "Fucking Canadians..."
  • "uuhhh"
  • "Yepyepyep"
  • "Oh wow"
  • "Pshhh"
  • "ERIN!"
  • "What's up"
  • "Yessir"
  • "Flash me"
  • "Where's my money?"
  • "It's just my demeanor."
  • "All things considering..."
  • "Hail Hydra"
  • "This is the HOA!"
  • "HOA, bitch!"
  • "Eyyyyy Mamacita! Get in the fucking car!"
  • *Burps*
  • "LookLookLook..."
  • "Don't cum in my cup holder"
  • "I'm down for whatever."
  • "It's really up to you, you can do whatever you want."
  • "That's what I was told."
  • "Who dat"
  • "What's goin' on?"
  • "It's built Ford Tough."
  • "I was in a coma/the ICU!”
  • "I got shot by a racist..."
  • “I don't understand.”
  • "Toretti! I'm..."
  • "I'm hungry!”
  • "Hell yeah."
  • "That's my sister/mother/girlfriend! What the fuck!"
  • "Nice..."
  • "You Mackin'?"
  • "The Shadow will Overtake the Demon."
  • ”Oh ma gah!”
  • "Aaaaack!"
  • "You rushin' with the Russians?!"
  • "Filthy/Smelly Russians. I don't like them! They stink!"
  • "Come ride my hawg!"
  • "My man!"
  • "Me..." *while pointing at self*
  • "I have (changed), and you haven't. That's the problem."
  • "The relenting dick of fate is in our asses"
  • "I don't play chess, I'm too stupid for that."
  • "Say hello to my FUCKING MONKEY!"
  • "You think this is too much? / I think this is too much. / This is too much..."
  • "Hey, you wanna see a trick?"
  • "Fuck your clipboards, go back to Office Max!"
  • "Huh!?"
  • "Unbelievable..."
  • "...Disgusting individual."
  • "He hasn't gone in for the suckle yet."
  • "Yes I have F.A.T., Fatigue After Tension."
  • "I think you ran over..."
  • "Grandma you're looking stacked!"
  • "Do you want a bottle of our Top Shelf? It will literally knock you on your ass."
  • "I used to have five million dollars and I was a cocaine kingpin!"
  • "I'm down bad."
  • "You ever heard of dick cheese?"
  • "It actually has an anime vagina."
  • "My cum pile!"
  • "Shut up!"
  • "You wanna eat my ass?"
  • "That dog literally has a horsecock!"
  • "Now you're thinking with boxes!"
  • "And I have two balls that I'm gonna slap your forehead with."
  • "I'm gonna to slap your mom in the face with my dick."
  • "I will take your prize possession fish and I will stick its lips on my dick."
  • "You pussy!"

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