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Siz Fulker is a character role-played by UberHaxorNova.

Siz Fulker is a crime-lord, domestic terrorist, weapons and narcotics trafficker, racketeer, loan officer, and former security officer who is associated with multiple gangs and organizations in San Andreas. He is the founder and leader of the 🍊 Tang Gang 🍊 and the HOA (Homeowners Association/Hogs of Anarchy). He is also the owner of the Mirror Park Tavern.

Siz is a very irrational, impulsive, and yet passive man. However, when first settling into the state he was consistently ridiculed for his prominent facial scar, causing him to also become: timid, helpless, dependent, and insecure.

Until, after meeting a wide range of people such as Mother and Yung Dab (as well as experiencing many different scenarios throughout his time in the state), Siz gradually grew into an assertive, comfortable, and independent person in his own right.


On the surface, Siz is shown to be rather dim-witted when interacting with other people. However, he is a relatively fast learner and can soak in a lot of information that people give him, often using this to his advantage later.

Because of this, Siz is usually quite apathetic to strangers and often only helps someone to get something in return. Despite this, Siz does care deeply for his close friends and is quite willing to do what he can to help them (even if it doesn't directly benefit him in any way).

Siz has a history of being very chaotic as he often makes decisions on a whim, not showing concern about his criminal record. Siz also actively sought out trouble with cops should a favorable opportunity arise and has no interest in reforming to become a "better citizen". Although, since the 3.0 phone update he toned back this otherwise reckless attitude towards the police (at first due to fear of going into severe debt due to a lack of funds to pay off fines and later because of the real possibility of losing his criminal connections should he be investigated).

Siz also tends to exaggerate experiences such as saying, "I was beaten within an inch of my life" as well as giving very child-like or generally poor explanations of experiences (sometimes intentionally just to see how people react). Siz is also very temperamental, as he gets angry at the smallest of things, whether it be from his life in the city; his friends; or the HOA. Despite being somewhat reserved, Siz does a very good job of disguising himself when he goes into hiding, often taking up a brand new persona.

The aforementioned treatment towards Siz early in his time in the state caused him to be easily influenced (often following the requests of anyone who asked). However, this blind obedience had the unexpected result of him becoming close with many different influential organizations and individuals in San Andreas such as Mother and Yung Dab. Siz's personality also evolved from his interactions with these entities, with him picking up their (mostly bad) traits and characteristics. Because of Siz's experiences he gained a strong sense of self and can now even be seen leading others in his own endeavors (e.g. The HOA or heists).

After Dab's lockup and Mother's disappearance, Siz found himself leading what remained of The Family in addition to founding and growing his own group, the HOA. This in turn, led him to be more responsible for the sake of protecting his peers and maintaining his connections. And while this newfound responsibility didn't deter Siz from partaking in criminal activity, for a time it did force him to act less brashly when it came to crime (as it gave him a meaningful motivation to escape, whereas before getting caught was more or less of a minor personal inconvenience). Although in 2020, this largely took a turn in the complete opposite direction due to: the HOA giving up any real hope of maintaining a legal façade, the total lack of activities to do in the state aside from crime, and an increasingly apathetic and ineffective police force. And so, Siz was emboldened to up the ante and/or uniqueness of the crimes he committed (which he often did in the form of self-imposed handicaps or special conditions that made the execution of the crime unique and/or aided in the police's ability to pursue him for an arrest [e.g. easy identification for a warrant]) in order to elicit some kind of consequence upon himself to shake up the monotony of his daily criminal life. Siz dropped this behavior after the release of the 3.0 phone update in 2021 due to: the subsequent economic collapse that decimated his bank account (thus restricting his ability to be flippant in regards to evading the police for several months while he regained his wealth), the police becoming more effective overall, and crime in general becoming much more difficult to actually commit.

Of all the people he has met, Yung Dab imprinted on Siz the most. Siz actively tries to carry on his legacy as a terrorist and criminal, with the majority of Siz's decisions and motivations stemming from Dab's influence on him.

General Description

Siz is a muscular man with a large red scar covering the right side of his face. He used to be very uncomfortable when others looked at his scar since it tended to be a point of ridicule/shocking. However, after months of exposure most of the residents of San Andreas got used to Siz's face. (And when Siz does encounter a harsh newcomer, he now easily brushes off their comments as he's both: repeatedly heard practically every possible insult pertaining to his face and largely grown in self-confidence due to his supportive friends and own grand accomplishments.) The scar was originally a birthmark that was healed through a rejuvenation suit, however, it reappeared after an incident where Siz jumped off of a parking structure and the right side of his head impacted the pavement. This occurred due to a arguement between Steven "Stevie" Mathis and Windsong, he jumped off the top of the parking structure they were all on to keep from having to make a hard choice. Siz's treatment regarding his face caused him to be initially timid and unstable, an example of this instability was Siz's prominent use of random chance to resolve heavy decisions. Early on this used to be done through a coin flip, however, Siz later switched to using a D2 die.

After being kidnapped by some goons that threw him out of The Vanilla Unicorn in Canada, Siz lost a big toe and suffered third-degree burns across his entire body, having to then undergo recovery in a rejuvenation suit which also restored his face back to normal condition before regaining the scar in the parking structure incident described in the previous paragraph (it took nearly eight months before Siz happened upon a replacement toe, installed by Agnes Ranbough).

Ever since that incident, his "evil" half began to overtake his "good" half, causing him to become involved in many more criminal acts than before and allowing for his modern day persona to begin developing. Nowadays, Siz doesn't debate himself on what actions he should take and his previously iconic die roll has long since vanished.

Historically, he was mainly affiliated with: Evita "Mother" Nimm as one of her "children", one of Mother's other "children" Steven "Stevie" Mathis, and his ex-girlfriend Georgina "Windsong" Williams. Nowadays Siz is much more independent and connected as he (in addition to the businesses and gangs he runs) is associated with: Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana as second in command of the Vagos gang, Al Saab as his close friend and a former ally of the Leanbois, architect of Dark Web Jacob L. Harth as one of his longtime/trusted associates, the terrorist and rapper Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred (whom Siz refers to as "Step Dab") as a Gnome and his surrogate step-son, and is covertly associated with the serial killer Bovice Wilkinson as his trusted assistant and harborer. Other associates of Siz are/have been: his current girlfriend Griselda "Zelda" Harth, Buck† and Gomer Colton, his surrogate step-sisters (also Mother's "children") Victoria "Vivi" Veine and Erin Cox, Matt Joe (now called Kray Tor since the 3.0 phone update), Denzel Williams, Nino Chavez (estranged after the 3.0 phone update), Tony Corleone (estranged after the 3.0 phone update), Allen Widemann (came into conflict in mid 2020 and later estranged after the 3.0 phone update), Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez, and his lawyer and "best friend" Kevin Shaw (virtually vanished after Yung Dab was imprisoned in 2019 and didn't return until several weeks after Dab was broken out in 2021). With Yung Dab, Buck Colton†, Al Saab, Denzel, Tony Corleone, Speedy, Matt Joe, Jacob L. Harth, Juan Carlos Hernandez, and Griselda Harth being among those he counts as close friends.

Furthermore, for the majority the time he's been in the state Siz was regularly proportioned at a healthy weight. However, Siz first appeared obese on 11/2/20 after spending the prior two weeks mainly cooped up in his home playing video games. Although, Siz refused to acknowledge his rather large increase in weight and created a variety of excuses to explain his mass or reinterpret statements regarding his obesity. An initial prominent excuse was that he was, "suffering from muscle fatigue" (commonly interpreting the adjective "fat" as the acronym: Fatigue After Tension [F.A.T.]), when explaining his appearance. Siz lost this weight by 4/6/21.

Several months later (in preparation to fight James Arsenal in a boxing match) he began taking steroids from Garry Roche and trained with Bovice Wilkison twice; through this he managed to get yoked on 8/13/21.

Played By: UberHaxorNova
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