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Siobhan Fitzpatrick is a character role-played by DivaJilly.

"I love justice, lad."


Siobhan was born and raised in county Kerry, Ireland, she moved to Los Santos recently and is pursuing a career as a lawyer, though right now she works as a paralegal, primarily working with James Anthony. The two of them along with Rocky Topps often perform impromptu makeovers when they "Queer Eye" for someone new to the city or looking for a new look. She helped take notes for the notorious Infinity Killer trial during James Anthony's interviews of Finn Harlowe during trial prep and has advocated for the appeal of Malcolm Meddle since Day 1.

Notable Cases

Victoria Veine

Victoria Veine was accused of seven counts of Murder 1. The evidence against her was fairly conclusive, but Siobhan felt that an affirmative defense of Insanity was warranted given ViVi's mental state. Unable to find a suitable expert witness, Siobhan had no choice but to force a mistrial by entering the defense and then calling ViVi to the stand. The mistrial gave Siobhan more time to gather expert testimonials with her paralegal/co-counsel Monty Smith. With this evidence, ViVi was found unfit to stand trial and remanded to Bolingbroke to undergo routine psychiatric care until such time as she could stand trial. ViVi later plead guilty in exchange for time served and was released from prison.

Malcolm Meddle

The case where Tim Collins decimated the vaguery of Loitering to the extent of unconstitutionality. Siobhan assisted in bringing this case to trial in one of her first cases as a paralegal. Malcolm finally got justice.

People Vs Otto Delmar

In the civil side of the trial, Siobhan was approached by Paige Green to assist Ferst Temple in defending the state as every other attorney in the city was conflicted out of assisting. The exigent cause ruling decimated their prepared defense, so the best they could do was ensure due process was met. Siobhan learned the importance of affirmative defenses in civil trials this day.

Elizabeth Byrne

Having been sketched about by Lizzie due to Siobhan's friendship with Bunny, Siobhan was hesitant to take this case on. Her bleeding heart however did prove true when even the DOC officer who had testified against her at her bail hearing spoke in Lizzie's favor at her trial. Siobhan succeeded, and Lizzie was finally released.

People V Jean Paul et al

Siobhan took the case to supervise a junior attorney looking to make their mark. At the last second, the junior attorney pulled out, leaving Siobhan no choice but to rely on her preferred method of fighting a terrorism charge: constitutionality. With little opportunity to speak to her state assigned clients, she crafted a defense to capture the essence of the constitutional question she wanted to raise. The lads were found not guilty.

Jocelyn & Josiah Wayne & Rick Locke

Siobhan's first clients to believe in her as attorney and their serial killer twisted family. Siobhan did her best with the information she had. After setting precedent for illegal towing cases in a civil suit, she had no reason to suspect the innocent couple was capable of much, much more until it was too late. Josiah died at the skate park during his incarceration, and Jocelyn was looking to be found not guilty until the review of her damning confession under Miranda tilted the case towards guilty. Jocelyn remains in prison with no possibility of parole.

People Vs Mickey S

Siobhan was aghast at the violation of rights that occurred and called Mickey a goddamn American hero and said he should be given a medal when asked what she thought. At the end of the bench trial, Wrangler walked out during the charges being read, leading then-Judge Stanton to drop all the charges against Mickey.


Since coming to Los Santos, Siobhan has had a handful of potential suitors, she's exchanged many texts with Dr. Tsury Nanakaze, however they hadn't yet gone on a date by the point that she ended up in the hospital and treated by him while on a date with another guy, Rocky Topps. Rocky and Siobhan have been flirting ever since they met, but it took a challenge during a game of Among Us for them to actually go on a date.

Siobhan has also flirted a little bit with Dr. Noah Drake, who initiated flirting with her after falling in love with her Irish accent. He said, "He could look at her forever and listen to her even longer," while giving Siobhan an X-ray for a hairline fracture in her right ulna.

Siobhan took on an intern, Monty Smith when she was investigating the serial killer known as The Tower. The two of them bonded quickly, and when Monty received his bar license he assisted in Siobhan's defense of Victoria Veine. It was during this case that they encountered the Dark Smiley and Siobhan's throat was cut. Monty rushed her to the hospital and stayed by her side the whole time. After they left the hospital, Siobhan didn't feel safe at Alta Street so Monty offered her refuge at his house.

Siobhan started to see Monty in an entirely new way after this experience, and when he was accused of being an accessory to Enzo Calabrese's murder she stood by him and even suggested they get married so she could properly see him in prison. Siobhan organized an impromptu wedding the first night of Monty's release from Bolingbroke to house arrest in the hopes they could remain together. This did not work. Since his release from house arrest they had been more open about telling people they were married. Then Monty adopted a daughter without telling Siobhan who found out only to discover she was also dead. When Monty passed away suddenly weeks later, she went through a period of mourning before working through her emotions. She has enjoyed being single but considered changing her monogamish ways for Sam McEntyre. Siobhan saw a jealous side that spooked her when Sam yelled out during an expungement. Heartbroken, Siobhan tried to meet up with Sam to have the talk in person, but the timing never lined up. Siobhan Jonas-Swifted her with a break-up text to cover her cowardly heart, and promptly began flirting again. She had her sights set on a judge seat when an unexpected heroic rescue interrupted her tunnel vision. Serge Cross.


  • Siobhan's da' owns a pig farm, 300 pigs strong
  • Fifteen boys from the village where Siobhan grew up went missing when she was a teenager after she had a house party.