Sinister Souls MC

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The Sinister Souls MC is a 1% Motorcycle Club operating out of their owned Club House in East Vinewood, Mirror Park Blvd (old QuickFix) in Los Santos.

Rules and Punishments

# Commandments Punishments
1. The club shall come first, before any outsiders including blood. TBD
2. We shall forgive, but not forget. TBD
3. Thou shall not hold secrets from the club. $10,000 + Beating
4. Thou will respectfully uphold the chain of command. $1,000 + Beating
5. We shall not leave our brothers and sisters behind, "(nemo resideo)". $5,000 + Beating
6. Thou shall not covet thy brothers or sisters, Old Lady. Beating
7. Thou shall speak up when necessary and refrain from holding thy tongue. $1,000 + Beating
8. We shall show respect for all properties belonging to the club. Repair Costs + Beating
9. Respect shall be given only when respect is due. TBD
10. Loyalty will be upheld before all else. TBD
11. There shall be no betrayal or desertion of the patch without consequence. Minimum $100k - Death

Rules can and will be updated at any point if deemed necessary, not all rule breaks will be treated with the same punishment depending the situation.


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