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Shirley Lemons is a character role-played by RayforRachel.


Shirley Elizabeth Abigail Lemons is a cheerful, law-abiding citizen of Los Santos, who enjoys going on adventures with her husband Steven Hayes in the great outdoors. She enjoys exploring the whole island, but especially likes exploring the mountains. She is hardly ever away from Steven, and most times they can be found together frolicking around the city or deep in the woods. She is easily recognizable by her overalls and her bright red hair. Most times she is positive and easily excitable, and is known for her kindness and sincerity.

Shirley owns a orange Duneloader named Clementine, and has the license plate DARLIN. She also owns an orange Mesa Safari, nicknamed BeepJeep, with the license plate LEMNHAYS. Contrary to the color of her vehicles, Shirley is not part of SASAR, but has many friends that are.

Shirley owns two pets, a shepherd named Winnie the Pooch, and a chicken, gifted to her by her friends at The Green Agricultural Company as an engagement present, named Dorothy.

Shirley co-owns and operates LemonHayes, a seasonal business, which originally ran out of the booths at Dean World, created and run together with Steven.

Steven and Shirley own a house in Paleto together, and many days you can see decorations on the mailbox that Shirley has placed for the day.


Shirley grew up on a peach tree farm somewhere in Georgia with her father, mother, and two older brothers. At a young age, her mother passed away due to sickness, leaving a huge hole in her heart. But still, she had a happy upbringing, constantly surrounded by her loving family and spending a lot of time helping with the farm. She has mentioned to Steven that she was picked on at school because of her red hair, being teased and called "carrot head".

After the encouragement of her father to move away, she moved to Los Santos, where she worked as a tow truck driver. That is how she met Steven Hayes, and went with him on a Rooster's Rest "date". Unfortunately, soon after her cow Bessie got pregnant, and she moved back to the farm for 4 months.  As of July 13, 2021, Shirley Lemons returned to Los Santos, and reunited with Steven.

She grew up to be very sheltered and naïve due to her family being over protective of her. Even so, her life in Los Santos has toughened her up, and she is no longer as trusting as before. She values the relationship her father had with her mother, and strives to have a relationship similar to theirs with her husband Steven. Shirley mentions from time to time that her biggest role model is her mom, and that in the future she would like to be as good a mother as she was.


  • "Was it all a dream?!"
  • "I'm scoopin' what you're poopin'"
  • (While going through a tunnel) "Beep beep beep"
  • "Stayven Hayes!"
  • "You're lah-ing!"


Romantic Relationship

  • Steven Hayes - Both Steven and Shirley were unable to fit in when moving to Los Santos, and both bonded because of this. Both were each other's first and only friends for a long time. However, due to her cow Bessie becoming pregnant, Shirley had to leave and lost contact. Steven began to believe Shirley was his girlfriend (due to a "date" at the Rooster's Rest) and claimed she was when she was not. When returning to Los Santos once again, Shirley heard that they were supposedly "dating" at some point from Bryce Miller. This made the relationship awkward as Steven was dating, and Shirley openly admitted she had romantic feelings for him but was not going to act upon them. On August 4th, 2021, the two began dating after he broke up with his then-girlfriend, Rory Borealis. On January 26th, 2022, they were officially married and are now husband and wife.


  • Posy Florian - Posy was one of the first people Shirley ran into upon her return to Los Santos, and after meeting up with Steven and going to Burger Shot with him, she found out that Posy was one of his closest friends. Posy is shocked after learning that Shirley is indeed a real person and not someone Steven made up. Once Steven and Shirley started dating, and Shirley became a target of the Smiley serial killer Kenneth Jesperson, Posy and Shirley started to talk more, and quickly became friends. Shirley trusts Posy a lot, and knows that she will always look out for Steven and her. She loves Posy very much, and even chose her to be the one to walk her down the isle and officiate their wedding.
  • Clara Mellow - Clara and Shirley met through Steven once they started dating. They clicked right away and became fast friends. Shirley appreciated how Clara was willing to stand up for Steven and her, and how nice and chill she was. They bonded over their mutual love of romance and poetry, and they spent a lot of time together. They frequently confide in each other about the problems in their lives, and Clara became someone she trusts deeply. Shirley chose Clara to be the maid of honor at their wedding.
  • Bryce Miller - Bryce and Shirley have had a turbulent friendship. In the beginning, when he figured out that she was the woman Steven was pretending to date all this time, he tried to get them together, even though Steven was dating Rory Borealis at the time. Constantly putting them in uncomfortable situations together, he even planned to make Steven jealous by fake dating Shirley. After they finally ended up together, he helped Steven propose and was the best man at their wedding. Still, he is known to stir the pot and use manipulative tactics to create drama and rifts between them. Even so, Shirley sees the good in him, and sees him like a lovable, but slightly annoying, older brother.
  • Fresh Juice - Fresh is Shirley's boss and good friend at the Green Agricultural Company, who hired Shirley randomly as she was walking on the pier due to her accent and overalls. The two found they had something in common as they both had a cow with the same name, which began their friendship. Fresh (for the most part) has been the one to show Shirley how things work in Los Santos.
  • Kiki Pendragon - Kiki was one of Shirley's first friends in the city. They worked the GAC booth together, and went out fishing from time to time. Shirley and Kiki care deeply about each other, and have been there supporting each other's love, work, and every day life. Kiki was also a huge help during the LemonHayes wedding, and gave a very emotional speech at the reception. Although they can't always see each other, Shirley considers her one of her closest friends.
  • Finn Brennan - At first, when they met at Maldini's, Shirley really liked Finn, but had her reservations about him becoming Steven's PA (and in turn becoming Lucas 2.0). Once Steven decided not to hire him and instead become friends with Finn, Shirley started to spend more time with him, enjoying his positivity and overall kindness towards people. Shirley has grown very attached to Finn, and considers him to be her "younger brother". She is always willing to give him advice, and is willing to stand up to anyone who bullies or hurts him.
  • Honey Dew - Shirley met Honey when she started working at Maldini's, and they bonded over both being southern. Honey was Lemon Acers' best customer, constantly coming to the booth and asking for hundreds of sweet teas. They also bond about how crazy the city and their friends are around them. They have many similarities, like having two brothers and having a love of sweet tea.


  • Kenneth Jesperson - Shirley became involved with the Smileys the moment she started dating Steven. She quickly entered Mr. Smiley's radar, and ended up getting kidnapped and carved in the Grapeseed basement due to being part of Steven's circle of friends.
  • Lucas Spade - Lucas and Shirley were once good friends, but this changed when Steven returned to Burger Shot after quitting. After Lucas learned of this, he called Steven and became heated, and they both exchanged harsh words. Lucas ended up texting Steven hurtful statements, which Shirley did not appreciate. This, and the events which lead up to Posy and Lucas' broken friendship, are the reasons Shirley does not like Lucas and prefers to stay away, not even willing to utter his name.
  • Kyle Pred - Shirley is not a fan of bullies, and Kyle is the epitome of a bully. She was always kind to him, but became heated when Kyle decided to talk down Steven and call him names. Kyle also gave her the first ticket she ever got, a jaywalking ticket. He tends to interject on situations he is not welcome in, and tries his hardest to insult LemonHayes whenever he sees them. Shirley will avoid him like the plague, not willing to give him the time of day as she believes he doesn't deserve it.