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Sherry Paie is a character role-played by Roxmiral.


Sherry Paie is a receptionist at the Pillbox Medical Center. She also works as a supervisor at Burger Shot.


Enigmatic and mysterious, much of Sherry’s early life is unknown. The pieces she has alluded to indicate she is much older than she appears and may not be from earth. Sherry nonetheless considers herself a human and insists she was once entrusted by ancient Egyptians and is in regular communication with aliens. Though she talks in a robotic, monotone voice, moves stiffly and seems to have computerised logic-based responses in her interactions, suggesting she may be a cyborg.


Hard to read and at times mischievous, Sherry has been known to have a wry sense of humour and enjoys a friendly ribbing with her friends, especially when she turns the banter into literal interpretation, sexual innuendo or horror stories. She also has a tendency to become aggressive to those who present a constant disrespectful attitude to her and will use her trusty weapon named Sherry Poppa when her patience is pushed to the limit.


Burger Shot

Sherry hung around the Burger Shot for weeks, expressing interest in the drive-through position. Eventually she was hired by Ken-sama on the day of the Fry Gate scandal. She quickly learned the ropes through training under Burger Shot employee Valentina Hops. Like a cyborg, Sherry grinded through her work hours and eventually bonded with the Assistant General Manager Shelly Smith. Shelly saw her dedication to the company with her ideas and reports, eventually promoting her as her assistant.

Olivia Anarky (The Mirror Park Tavern Ghost)

Recruited by Robert Spowylamywanowski to become a ghost for his ghost hunting business, Sherry dressed as a ghost bride and was named Olivia Anarky. Kyle Brovloski joined in wearing an alien suit, and then set themselves as ghosts of Mirror Park Tavern, where Robert conducted his conspiracy. As "Olivia" succeeded spooking the people at the Tavern parking lot, Deputy Barry Briddle felt brave and attempted to attack the ghost. Sherry, panicked, bonked him in retaliation and ended him instead. A cop chase ensued but Sherry and the gang escaped. "Olivia Anarky" hasn't visited the Mirror Park Tavern ever since, but few sightings of her ghost has been seen near the Burger Shot pier.

The Sherry Con (Sherrypocalypse/Sherona Virus)

Before Burger Shot could start a 'Fingle Con' costume event, Fingle Dan left the crew to do other things. This gave Sherry an idea to do a 'Sherry Con' instead, together with Oki Doki, Shelly, Maximilian Delicious, and Jeffrey Price. From what was a normal themed event for the day, it went south as Sherry went all in with the gimmick and brainwashed people around Burger Shot to become her. But just as Shelly and Jeff broke off from the spell, Linda Maridan and Oki fell under.

"We are Sherries. Lower your mental shields and surrender your mind. We will add your biology and personal distinctiveness to our own. Your body will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

Sherry and her new Sherries soon invaded and unleashed the 'Sherona Virus' at the Dean's World, multiplying more Sherries at an alarming rate. It caused Twatter hysteria, police chatter, and even gun fire around the pier, mostly shot in self-defense around Burger Shot and where it was a safe haven from the virus.

The spread of virus went to a halt when Fingle Dan arrived on the pier and sent off a good amount of Sherries into the water, successfully drowning the original Sherry. After police sorted the last of the Sherries who caused trouble, the Sherries visited an unconscious "Sherry prime" at the hospital and found themselves released from Sherry's control. The Sherries will return, wink wink.


Sherry rides a wine-coloured, fast Issi Classic car as her daily transport. She also possesses a pink custom moped which has been modded with many mirrors and antennas. She owns a Green and Pink-rimmed Bogg bike which she sometimes finds herself injured riding it.

Sherry has a routine where she listens to a German song and flips people off while riding around the city. Unfortunately, people don't understand her routine and this offended Bryce and Erica, who ran her down with her car.


  • "Cuh!"
  • "Exactly, cuh!"
  • "I'm not lying"
  • "What can I say?"
  • "I have only 90 dollars to my name"
  • "Wow!
  • "How dare you!"
  • "Uwuuuuuu"
  • "Deedadeedeedadadada..." *more Morse code*
  • "What did the chicken say to another chicken? That cock is big!" (Sherry's original joke ™)


  • Sherry has been around since the Neolithic period when she was left by her alien family by mistake on a Safari to Earth.
  • She was once known as Sherry Lee, before altering her last name to Paie in unknown circumstances.
  • She had a personal box where she puts her victims' body parts. She gave the box to Valentina and hasn't owned one since.
  • She loves to investigate and was once part of the detective team "Cindy and Paie" with Cindy Lou.
  • When she commits terrorism she likes to call it "Sherrorism".
  • Sherry was one of the first people to cultivate a relationship with Bench Guy.
  • After beating them in a paintball match, Sherry is called the "Vagos Clapper" and is potentially included to be a prospect for the gang.
  • Sherry has a harem of 12 men or so that she invited for a hot tub... very soon.


Played By: Roxmiral
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