Shelly "Targaryen" Smith is a character role-played by rlly. She is one of the five original Burger Shot employees along with Kevin Whipaloo, Robert Spowylamywanowski, Sheldon Jones and Ai Musori.


After weeks of dealing with the daily chaos of Burger Shot, she became an Assistant to the General Manager (or, as she prefers, Assistant General Manager), a role in which she is constantly struggling to improve after being tasked with growing a backbone by the Burger Shot CEO Cassie Cupcakes. Of course, this is also due to her own personal desire to be able to stand up to Robert after the Truth Circle incident and its aftermath.

Engagement to Gloryon

During one chaotic as usual Burger Shot day, Shelly and Ken-sama got kidnapped by the undercover James Marco St. Marco and Guy Jones, who then proceeded to bring the two before the gnome god Kevin (who is really just a garden gnome). Pretending to speak as Kevin's proxy, James Marco told the pair to get married in less than 24 hours or else the world would end.

After being picked up and returning back to Burger Shot, she once again met with James Marco St. Marco (this time not disguised), who had the idea of a speed dating event after being told the story by Shelly and Ken-sama. Having already embarked on a quest with Gloryon in the past, which ended up being more of a date, Shelly immediatelly called him to inform him of the events and to ask him to come to Burger Shot to resolve the issue. Hearing the news, Gloryon then rushed to Burger Shot as if his life depended on it. With the assistance of Annie May, who gave him a diamond and a rimjob to form a makeshit ring, he then proposed to her, a proposal which she immediately accepted. They are now looking forward to having a "Red Wedding", an idea Shelly was fascinated with due to her obsession with the Game of Thrones TV series.

The engagement was of course not without its issues. Sheldon Jones, after already having a rough week due to the Truth Circle incident, was told the news by Shelly. Due to him being in love with Shelly and in combination with everything else that was happening to him, Sheldon shared a few final words with Shelly before quitting Burger Shot and taking a plane to Vice City.

Becoming a "badass"

Shelly's assignment as Assistant to the General Manager in Burger Shot did not come without its own little catch. More specifically, Shelly was given the task of going on training adventures with X and Robert by Cassie Cupcakes in order to grow a backbone so that she could handle managing the daily chaotic occurences at Burger Shot.

Having often been accused of being too kind or weak, Shelly slowly came on board with the idea and started to stand up to Roberts' antics as well as chaos at the Burger Shot slightly more often. In fact, after some words of encouragement by her co-worker and friend Oki Doki, she even thought of possibly going along with X's crazy plan to rob a bank as training for Shelly.

Despite X's departure from the city, Shelly still displayed signs of wanting to continue her training. She was even convinced by her co-worker and aspiring crimelord Pilbis Shonley to join him on a house robbery, though since it was her first time she only took on the role of lookout. That being said, Shelly became a bit more hesitant to engage in criminal activity ever since she found out she was an owner of the Split Sides Comedy Club, not wanting to jeopardize her position as a rising businesswoman.

Shelly vs Cornwood

One fateful night, as Shelly was standing by a telephone booth ready to anonymously prank cell her arch-nemesis Balducci, she was brutally rammed into by a police cruiser driven by officer Cletus Cornwood, with officer T.J. Mack as a co-driver. This resulted in the brutal mangling of Shelly's legs as well as nervous damage to her arm; as described by Fingle Dan, her arm now looked like sausage links. To make matters worse, Cornwood accused her of jaywalking when the incident happened.

Being emotionally distraught and unable to even work and manage anywhere near her normal efficiency at Burger Shot, she decided to contact XPlain Law LLP and prepare a lawsuit against Cornwood and the PD for their neglicence and the damages they caused. Adding to her humiliation, when she visited MRPD to check if they even filed a police report for running her over, she found out that they hadn't. On top of that, a group of officers laughed at her and Patrick Downing accused her of lying, grabbed her wheelchair and pushed her down the flight of stairs outside MRPD.

All of this resulted in some rough days for Shelly. She spent most of her time facing off against a new primary villain during that time, namely the ever-present threat of doors and steps. Though she often came out victorious during those struggles due to her persistence and a lot of help from her Ass to Ass Sherry Paie, it was never without a lot of effort.



  • Sherry Paie: One of the most promising employees at Burger Shot, Shelly instantly recognized her potential and offered her the position of Ass to Ass GM, knowing that she would do a tremendous job at it with her terrorizing stature and flawless work ethic. They have since become very close friends, and she often hangs out with Shelly as they embark on various adventures such as "Local Kicking".
  • Cassie Cupcakes: This ruthless businesswoman that is now the CEO of Burger Shot has ended up showing a somewhat softer side towards Shelly. Constantly offering Shelly advice and helping her run the Burger Shot, she may be even be seen as Shelly's greatest mentor on the path of being a businesswoman.
  • Cece Beyond: Yet another of Shelly's acquaintances through Burger Shot, they often hangout together and go on various adventures at nighttime. Shelly and her got a matching dragon tatoo on their backs.
  • Sheldon Jones: One of Shelly's first friends in the city. She worked with him at the Burger Shot since day one and continues to hang out with him even after him quitting. They are now both owners of the Split Sides Comedy Club.
  • Ai Musori: Yet another of Shelly's closest friends, also working with her since the opening of Burger Shot. She trusted Shelly enough to let her and Sheldon know about Robert Spowylamywanowski's harvesting of human meat, before the Truth Circle that led to the Truth Circle Incident even opened. Although they don't meet as often ever since Ai Musori quit the Burger Shot, they still have talks and offer advice to each other from time to time.
  • Oki Doki: A longtime coworker and a Team Leader at Burger Shot, she developed a close friendship with Shelly over their suspicion of Rob during the Truth Circle Incident as well as due to the fact that they are both hard workers, holding down the fort longer than most others. Although Oki has been delving deeper and deeper into the criminal underbelly of Los Santos, she remains friends with Shelly, and Shelly still supports her despite Oki's "felonious activities".


  • Cletus Cornwood: Terror incarnate, he brutally ran over Shelly as she was making a call on a sidewalk payphone, utterly mangling her legs to the point where they ended up looking like soggy french fries. He later accused Shelly of jaywalking instead of being on the sidewalk. Having had enough, Shelly decided to enlist the help of the Splainer law firm and sue him and the PD for all the damages this incident caused.
  • Antonio Balducci: Shelly's arch-nemesis, this bald menace is constantly seeking out ways to get discounts as well as to sue the Burger Shot over fake bicycle accidents and other similar fabricated injuries on the property. He is known to have a weakness when it comes to his love for ketchup. Shelly eventually plans to sacrifice him to the Burger Gods, having already achieved part of that plan by spilling ketchup and mustard all over him as he lay unconscious.
  • Four Tee: Four Tee is a known troublemaker on Burger Shot property, commiting so many acts of violence against the employees that Shelly ended up banning her from the premises in response. Although the ban has since been lifted, Four Tee does not forget or forgive easily, and Shelly remains on Four Tee's list of enemies.
  • Maxine Feral: The founder of the Fat Earth Society, Burger Shot's longest standing enemies. She often puts monetary rewards for hits on Burger Shot, and often commits such hits herself or with her fellow Fat Earthers. She even stabbed Shelly herself, making her a very dangerous individual.

Romantic Interests/Suitors

  • Burt Beans (Gloryon): Shelly's fiancée and her primary suitor. Having been fond of Shelly for quite some time, things kicked off between them after embarking on a Romeo and Juliet type of date, accompanied by Fingle Dan. Their personalities being seemingly quite matching, they got engaged after the incident with the gnome god Kevin. Shelly is looking forward to having a Red Wedding with him eventually.
  • Sheldon Jones: Sheldon has always had a crush on Shelly, though his tardiness in revealing those feelings ended up screwing him over. When he found out Shelly got engaged to Gloryon, Sheldon was so heartbroken that he took the first plane to Vice City. Although he has returned to Los Santos, he has as of yet expressed no interest in pursuing a relationship once again.
  • Jeffrey Price: Having also decided to pursue a relationship with Shelly, Jeffrey challenged Gloryon to a Mak'gora, an honorary duel in the orcish tradition. Unfortunately for Jeffrey, that did not work out in his favor, as he got beat up quite easily by Gloryon and his brass knuckles in front of a crowd of people at the Rooster's Rest. However, this does not seem to be the end for Jeffrey's pursuit. Shelly herself, seemingly having fun stirring the pot, offered Jeffrey to try again in another duel, this time on her wedding day. Whether this is all part of a scheme to create a Red Wedding or simply an in the spur of the moment decision remains to be seen.
  • Pilbis Shonley: Before the kindling of Shelly's relationship with Gloryon, she was quite taken by Pilbis Shonley's alter ego, Floyd Dreamer, as she liked his bad boy attitude. Although Floyd dropped the relationship with Shelly over a dramatic phonecall, Pilbis has been hinting that Floyd Dreamer may yet reappear as a potential suitor.


  • "Have a burgertastic day!"
  • "I'm dying..."
  • "Ow... ow..."


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