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Shelly "Targaryen" Smith is a character role-played by rlly.

General Description

Shelly is the owner of Burger Shot and one of its six original employees. She is also an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #411.


After many months of dealing with the daily chaos at Burger Shot from its very first day, Shelly climbed up the ladder and got promoted by Dean Watson to CEO of the company; she is now even the owner. This is a role which she managed to achieve after weeks of constantly struggling to improve herself when tasked with growing a backbone by the previous Burger Shot CEO Cassie Cupcakes. Of course, this was also due to her own personal desire to be able to stand up to Robert after the Truth Circle incident and its aftermath. Following that, Shelly had undergone some drastic changes in character, to the point where she begun to lead her own cult, the IBS, and even had contacts with serial killers and other sorts of criminals. She has since decided to reform her life; after spending time in Parsons, she got an expungement and joined the LSPD.

The Gloryon Saga

During one chaotic as usual Burger Shot day, Shelly and Ken-sama got kidnapped by the undercover James Marco St. Marco and Guy Jones, who then proceeded to bring the two before the gnome god Kevin (who is really just a garden gnome). Pretending to speak as Kevin's proxy, James Marco told the pair to get married in less than 24 hours or else the world would end.

After being picked up and returning back to Burger Shot, she once again met with James Marco St. Marco (this time not disguised), who had the idea of a speed dating event after being told the story by Shelly and Ken-sama. Having already embarked on a quest with Gloryon in the past, which ended up being more of a date, Shelly immediately called him to inform him of the events and to ask him to come to Burger Shot to resolve the issue. Hearing the news, Gloryon then rushed to Burger Shot as if his life depended on it. With the assistance of Annie May, who gave him a diamond and a rimjob to form a makeshift ring, he then proposed to her, a proposal which she immediately accepted. They were even looking forward to having a "Red Wedding", an idea Shelly was fascinated with due to her obsession with the Game of Thrones TV series.

The engagement was of course not without its issues. Sheldon Jones, after already having a rough week due to the Truth Circle incident, was told the news by Shelly. Due to him being in love with Shelly and in combination with everything else that was happening to him, Sheldon shared a few final words with Shelly before quitting Burger Shot and taking a plane to Vice City. Unfortunately for their relationship, Shelly deemed Gloryon to be an absentee fiancée, noting the lack of times he hung out with her or even attempted to have a talk. Having had enough of that, and combined with the fact that Gloryon is affiliated with the Rooster's Rest, enemies of the IBS, Shelly began getting into a relationship with Jeffrey Price instead. With all of these factors adding up, it was only a matter of time that a breakup would happen, and so it did. In fact, the breakup turned out to be quite bloody, as Shelly threatened that none of his Rooster family but him would be safe; hearing that, Gloryon got out of the car and shot her on the spot. Shelly then sought revenge against Gloryon together with Jeffrey, whom she got engaged to shortly after. Shelly, Jeffrey, and Glue Guy kidnapped Gloryon and flew him on a deserted island, where Shelly stabbed him with a knife. Shelly proceeded to spend the next few days undercover as "Melisandre Maleficent" in order to hide from the Roosters' rage. She then had "Melisandre" die a fake death at a Hubcap Jones moshpit and pretended that she returned from a vacation in Hawaii with Jeffrey after the heat died down.

Growing a backbone

Shelly's original assignment as Assistant to the General Manager in Burger Shot did not come without its own little catch. More specifically, Shelly was given the task of going on training adventures with X and Robert by Cassie Cupcake in order to grow a backbone so that she could handle managing the daily chaotic occurrences at Burger Shot.

Having often been accused of being too kind or weak, Shelly slowly came on board with the idea and started to stand up to Robert's antics as well as chaos at the Burger Shot slightly more often. In fact, after some words of encouragement by her co-worker and friend Oki Doki, she even thought of possibly going along with X's crazy plan to rob a bank as training for Shelly.

Despite X's departure from the city, Shelly still displayed signs of wanting to continue her training. She was even convinced by her co-worker and aspiring crimelord Pilbis Shonley to join him on a house robbery, though since it was her first time she only took on the role of lookout. That being said, Shelly became a bit more hesitant to engage in criminal activity ever since she found out she was an owner of the Split Sides Comedy Club, not wanting to jeopardize her position as a rising businesswoman.

However, this hesitation faded away once her self-esteem got an overwhelming boost due to her statues as well as her increasing faith in the Great Burger in the Sky; Shelly decided to take no disrespect from anyone whatsoever. She even grew up the courage to talk back to Robert Spowylamywanowski, whereas old Shelly would have just cowered and taken any ridicule he might have thrown towards her. Not only that, she began getting her hands a bit dirty, along with her loyal followers. After being informed by Cassie Cupcake that the infamous Lang Buddha blew up her moped, she took a crew of her most loyal followers and blew up his own expensive car when it was parked outside Rooster's Rest. When he came to confront her at Burger Shot, she told him to bring it on, and that she was not afraid of him. She has since become the CEO of Burger Shot and is no longer one to be pushed around.

On the 7 of July 2021, the aforementioned planned bank robbery with X even came into fruition, despite the risk factor of Shelly losing her newly acquired 20% of Burger Shot as per her contract. Shelly attempted to steal from the Great Vault along with X, Oki Doki, and Linda Maridan. Although Shelly and Oki got caught, Linda and X managed to get away with the money. In spite of the bragging rights she managed to acquire because of this, Dean Watson wasn't too happy with her commiting such a felony after her promotion to CEO. He told her that she would not be keeping her position if she kept getting involved in such activities and proceeded to even give her a raise in order to convince her to stay clean.

Shelly vs Cornwood

One fateful night, as Shelly was standing by a telephone booth ready to anonymously prank cell her arch-nemesis Balducci, she was brutally rammed into by a police cruiser driven by officer Cletus Cornwood, with officer T.J. Mack as a co-driver. This resulted in the brutal mangling of Shelly's legs as well as nervous damage to her arm; as described by Fingle Dan, her arm now looked like sausage links. To make matters worse, Cornwood accused her of jaywalking when the incident happened.

Being emotionally distraught and unable to even work and manage anywhere near her normal efficiency at Burger Shot, she decided to contact XPlain Law LLP and prepare a lawsuit against Cornwood and the PD for their negligence and the damages they caused. Adding to her humiliation, when she visited MRPD to check if they even filed a police report for running her over, she found out that they hadn't. On top of that, a group of officers laughed at her and Patrick Downing accused her of lying, grabbed her wheelchair and pushed her down the flight of stairs outside MRPD.

All of this resulted in some rough days for Shelly. She spent most of her time facing off against a new primary villain during that time, namely the ever-present threat of doors and steps. Though she often came out victorious during those struggles due to her persistence and a lot of help from her at the time Ass to Ass Sherry Paie, it was never without a lot of effort.

Tensions rose once again with Cornwood when he came to visit the Burger Shot after his promotion to Captain. Shelly, having already removed a few people from the roster for not showing up to work, fired Cornwood on the spot. The devastated Cornwood then got drunk and lumbered around his old home, while Trooper Tony Andrews accused Shelly of being a scammer due to her no longer being in a wheelchair. However, Shelly still had the medical records to prove her injuries, so all that remained in regards to that was to settle everything in court.

Eventually, due to the constant delays happening to the trial between the two, Shelly moved on past her grudge for Cornwood. She is now more than OK with him working back at Burger Shot and she agreed to drop all charges in exchange for a pair of binoculars.

International Burger Society

The IBS has its origins deeply intertwined with Shelly's slowly increasing ego. After having statues erected in her likeness in Burger Shot as well as toys made of her that spread throughout the entire city, Shelly's idea of herself grew exponentially. The idea of the Burger Queen and the Great Burger in the Sky kept growing in her head, to the point where she began viewing herself as the physical manifestation of their will in the realm of mortals.

All of this resulted in an escalation of Shelly's activities regarding the matter, to the point where she began asking for offerings to her statues, praying to them constantly, and even snackrificing people to them whenever she could. As a natural conclusion to this, she eventually began leaning towards the idea of a cult, an idea which she eventually decided to transform into a reality along with Scruffy Doodle, a business clown who shares her love for burgers. The International Burger Society was thus formed.

After finding a location for their headquarters, they started scouting out potential candidates for their cult by offering them sacred ketchup packets and judging the manner in which they make use of those packets; promising candidates were promised a part in something bigger, something far greater than themselves. The IBS then proceeded to commit actual murder for their snackrifices, with Shelly stating that she felt more powerful after each one.

International Burger Society's Official Prayer:

Our Burger Goddess, who art in ketchup, flame broiled be thy name.

Thy lettuce and bun, Thy rimjob and gun, the snackrifice has begun.

May the ketchup flow like the blood from the Bleeder.

Long live the Burger Queen!

Descent into darkness

Following the foundation of the IBS aswell as Shelly's rapidly increasing idea of herself, Shelly slowly but surely began displaying increasing ruthlessness and foolhardiness when it came to dealing with her rivals and enemies. This rise in violent tendencies reached a boiling point on the 28th of May, 2021, when Shelly took part in Robert Spowylamywanowski's scheme to commit a toy heist at the Rooster's Rest.

This was a heist that Shelly was more than willing to take part in due to her intense rivalry with Lang Buddha as well as her desire to take revenge for the toy heist Buddha himself committed at Burger Shot a week prior. Unfortunately for Shelly and her crew, which was comprised of her, Robert Spowylamywanowski, Jeffrey Price and Kyle Brovloski, the heist ended up in complete failure. After taking around 20 hostages comprised of customers who kept entering the Rooster's Rest, the situation grew out of control and the crew had to evacuate the building while keeping one hostage, Peener Pogue. Jeffrey Price, who remained behind, was took by surprise when Officer Sam Baas breached the building, and ended up firing at him. This complicated the situation for the remaining crew; the police immediately started opening fire despite the hostage, due to the fact that one of their own was shot. Seeing that they were out of options, Shelly took it upon herself to gun down the hostage and subsequently fire at the responding officers. Of course, this didn't end well for the crew as they were vastly outnumbered by the police, and they all got gunned down.

Shelly spent a long time in prison due to the incident, time which changed her perspective on the world. The day after she got out of prison, she proved herself to be much less hesitant to use deadly means against her enemies and she became much more open to the idea of working with forces of questionable morality. She even invited Alberl Jonie, a serial killer that goes by the nickname "The Tower", into the society, hoping to make use of his skills against enemies of herself and the IBS such as Lang Buddha. As if that wasn't enough, she also schemed with ex-terrorist and suitor Jeffrey Price to kill her own fiancée, Gloryon, not only due to him neglecting her but also for the sake of the IBS, since he is a part of the Rooster's Rest.

On the 10th of June 2021 she even performed the first murder-snackrifice for the IBS, having Jeffrey Price stab Fred Mossberg after the latter was made to kneel before her and chant the Society's prayer. She had new aspirations, to take over Burger Shot and eventually Los Santos with Jeffrey at her side at the top of the IBS.

The Fall and Rise of the Burger Queen

As the Cerberus corporation began to involve itself more in matters concerning Burger Shot, so too did Shelly Smith's career at her beloved restaurant and home begin to reach its end. Her chaotic nature was inevitably going to be an element that contrasted the corporate structure of the three headed beast controlled by Dean Watson, Leslie Lingberg, and of course Shelly's archnemesis, Lang Buddha.

Following the disastrous end of Shelly Smith and Raymond Romanov's arranged wedding, which was an attempt to create an alliance between Rooster's Rest and Burger Shot, Shelly took it upon herself to exact revenge for the shooting of Jeffrey Price, in which Ray was involved. Finding Kitty Dream, Ray's ex and the CEO of his company Betta Life outside of Rooster's Rest one night, she decided to kidnap and execute her. Shelly made her call Ray and tell him that she was going to get hurt and that it would be his fault before immediately shooting her in the head. Unfortunately for Shelly, she did not know exactly how many friends Kitty had in the city; this event ignited a chain reaction that would culminate in the burning of some her last bridges in the city.

A mere three hours after Kitty's execution, Shelly herself was kidnapped by Kitty's boyfriend, Octavio "Goofy" Stenberg, as well as his allies and Ray himself. For retribution, Goofy stabbed her multiple times, riddled her with bullet holes, and finally lit her on fire, permanently scarring her face. As if that wasn't enough, Shelly came out of the ICU to find that loyal employees had quit Burger Shot over her actions against Kitty, with even Oki Doki deciding to set out on her own path and Jeffrey Price joining the LSPD. Finally, an assortment of Cerberus members including Dean Watson, Lang Buddha and Cassie Cupcake took her to a beach and made her choose between death or staying at Parson's for rehab; she chose the latter.

Feeling devastated by the weight of her own mistakes, Shelly received the final blow to her Burger Shot career when she found out that, as one of the heads of Cerberus, Lang Buddha would be receiving a portion of Burger Shot's profits. Unable to deal with making money for her archnemesis, on top of everything else that had happened, Shelly did something few would have ever expected; the Burger Queen decided to quit Burger Shot.

However, this was not to be the end of Shelly's future at Burger Shot; Leslie Lingberg presented her with a final offer of 3 million and the Comedy Club in exchange for full ownership of the restaurant, an offer which she accepted. After a week of hard effort together with the rest of the ex-Burger Shot employees as well as a generous donation of 500k from Dean Watson himself, she obtained the full amount and finally became what she always dreamed off; the owner of Burger Shot.



Moses Glick

Shelly's adopted son, he and Shelly formed an inseparable bond from his very first moments at Burger Shot. Moses transformed from being dressed up as an Oompa Loompa to being adopted by Shelly and consequently becoming the Burger Prince of the IBS, below only the Burger Queen and the Burger King. Although he went through a phase where he hated Shelly due to her sending him to a farm with a psychopath serial killer, he eventually forgave her when Shelly provided him with his favorite object as a gift: a human finger, provided by Joseph Yorinobu.

Jeffrey Price

Shelly's ex-husband and previous second in command of the IBS. After inciting a Burger Shot coup, the two finally split up and got a divorce, leaving their long history of murder and chaos behind.

Cassie Cupcake

This ruthless businesswoman that is now the CEO of Burger Shot has ended up showing a somewhat softer side towards Shelly. Constantly offering Shelly advice and helping her run the Burger Shot, she may be even be seen as Shelly's greatest mentor on the path of being a businesswoman. After many weeks of receiving her guidance in regards to managing a business and growing a backbone, Shelly began surprising even Cassie herself with the bravery and even foolhardiness of some of her actions. Cassie is one of Shelly's main sources of communication and cooperation with Cerberus.

Oki Doki

A longtime coworker and a Team Leader at Burger Shot, she developed a close friendship with Shelly over their suspicion of Rob during the Truth Circle Incident as well as due to the fact that they are both hard workers, holding down the fort longer than most others. Although Oki has been delving deeper and deeper into the criminal underbelly of Los Santos, she remains friends with Shelly, and Shelly still supports her despite Oki's "felonious activities". Oki has always stood by Shelly's side, and she was even willing to kill for her when Shelly asked for help in assassinating her ex-fiancée, Gloryon.

Kenneth Foreman

Yet another longtime coworker, Ken-sama shares the same passion with Shelly for actually managing and improving the Burger Shot business. Knowing that he would be one of the best fits for the role, Shelly immediately gave him her old position of Assistant to the General Manager as soon as she got promoted to CEO.

Hooker Block (Laura Gapes)

Despite being a Block, Hooker has been one of Shelly's most trusted allies ever since they got forced to faux-marry at gunpoint by Mike Block. Hooker proved to be one an good friend as well as an extremely useful resource for Shelly; she was willing to supply Shelly with guns, to pin murders on people for her, and was even ready to gun down Randy Wrangler when he was investigating Shelly.

Sherry Paie

Sherry and Shelly used to be the closest of friends, and they are still quite close to each other; even during their conflict, they described themselves as best frenemies. Being one of the most promising employees at Burger Shot, Shelly instantly recognized Sherry's potential and offered her the position of Ass to Ass GM, knowing that she would do a tremendous job at it with her terrorizing stature and flawless work ethic. When working together to manage the company and share their thoughts on their often different shifts, this incredible management duo was excellent at running operations smoothly. Shelly and Sherry have become very close friends after their time spent working together, and she often hangs out with Shelly as they embark on various adventures such as "Local Kicking". However, as the two started hanging out with each other less and less, their relationship deteriorated and mistrust took its place. This escalated on the 2nd of August 2021, when Shelly ultimately fired Shelly and the two went to war against each other. That being said, they decided to put aside their conflict on the 28th of August 2021, when they finally hugged it out.

Robert Spowylamywanowski

Shelly's old nemesis and rival, the General Manager of Burger Shot. Both Shelly and Rob were part of the original team of six employees that started up Burger Shot, and Shelly felt that he had been constantly stepping on her toes on her ascension up the Burger Throne. She knew about his involvement behind the human meat situation before even the Truth Circle Incident due to Ai Musori spilling the truth to her, and she mistrusted him for a while ever since that incident. Shelly believes that she would be a better General Manager but she understands that he is a powerful man with many connections; she is therefore taking her time, waiting to snatch any opportunity that may present itself. They have lately decided to put their differences aside for the sake of Burger Shot and common enemies, with Rob appreciating how much more ruthless Shelly has become. The two worked together on the Rooster's Rest toy heist, Rob supplied her with an Uzi to be used in executing her ex-fiancée, Gloryon, and they both conspired in throwing Pilbis Shonley off the top of Maze Bank Tower. After Robert returned from his month long vacation to Poland, Shelly promoted him to COO, hoping to once again revitalize the late night shift at Burger Shot in which she is usually not present.

Olivia Harvey

Shelly and Olivia proved to be quite the dynamic duo after their adventures in solving the mystery behind the Cipher Killer, Alberl Jonie. Although Shelly had to fire Olivia from the Burger Shot due to the manner in which she asked for a job at Rooster's Rest from Lang Buddha during his meeting with Shelly herself, they still remained friends, and Olivia was sent on a task to find a finger for Shelly in order to prove her loyalty and get her job back at Burger Shot. Olivia has since been rehired at Burger Shot by Shelly and they continue to be a dynamic detective duo.

Alberl Jonie

"The Tower", a lunatic who got involved with Shelly after she and Olivia Harvey came across his cryptic ciphers all over town and took it upon themselves to begin solving them. After making more and more progress towards the truth, they duo ended up cornering him, at which point Shelly shot him in the knee and Olivia later pushed him down a waterfall and shot him down. Alberl was fascinated by Shelly after this, being eerily happy that she was the one to set this up. Alberl managed to survive due to the duo calling an ambulance for him, and although his intentions were unknown at first he has since teamed up with Shelly and joined the IBS.

Scruffy Doodle

A promising employee at Burger Shot, Shelly bonded with him over their mutual love of the unique combination of business and burgers. This relationship did not just stop there; Shelly enticed Scruffy with the idea of something much, much greater, and thus he became one of the founding members of the IBS. He is now the Hand of the Queen, and one of the most proactive members of the society when it comes to scouting members and converting them.

Cece Beyond

Yet another of Shelly's acquaintances through Burger Shot, they used to often hangout together and go on various adventures at nighttime. Shelly and her got a matching dragon tattoo on their backs. Although Cece has passed away, a memorabilia of her still remains with Shelly's son Moses, her old car with the license plate "CECE".

Sheldon Jones

One of Shelly's first friends in the city. She worked with him at the Burger Shot since day one and continues to hang out with him even after him quitting. They are now both owners of the Split Sides Comedy Club. When Sheldon later began feeling unsure about his purpose in Burger Shot, Shelly grabbed that opportunity to entice him to join something greater, and thus had him join the IBS.

Ai Musori

An old friend of Shelly's, who worked together with her at the very opening of Burger Shot. She trusted Shelly enough to let her and Sheldon know about Robert Spowylamywanowski harvesting of human meat, before the Truth Circle that led to the Truth Circle Incident even opened. They don't meet as often ever since Ai quit the Burger Shot, and it is possible that their relationship may not remain as friendly as it used to due to Shelly's intense dislike for the Rooster's Rest.


Lang Buddha

Shelly's archnemesis, a constant enemy of Shelly's throughout her stay in the city and the catalyst for her departure from Burger Shot. Although Lang and Shelly's relationship has always been strenuous due to the intense early rivalry between their respective restaurants as well as the condescending manner in which Buddha always talked to Shelly, it only truly exploded after Buddha blew up Shelly's scooter on accident. Cassie Cupcake ended up revealing the culprit as Buddha to Shelly, and after he blew up another bike at Burger Shot the following day, she decided that she had enough. She and the IBS ended up setting his expensive Bentley on fire, which led to him confronting her inside Burger Shot and her telling him to bring it on. Their rivalry reached a boiling when Lang, Dean, and the rest of Cerberus decided to send Shelly to Parsons; not only did the rehab center do nothing for Shelly, it made her hatred for Lang burn to such a point that she decided to even quit Burger Shot instead of giving him any share of its profits.

Gloryon (Burt Beans)

Shelly's ex-fiancée. Having been fond of Shelly for quite some time, things kicked off between them after embarking on a Romeo and Juliet type of date, accompanied by Fingle Dan. Their personalities being seemingly quite matching, they got engaged after the incident with the gnome god Kevin. Although Shelly was looking forward to hanging out with him and eventually having a Red Wedding after their engagement, she has since seemingly started losing interest in him when she realised he barely even attempts to hang out with her or even call her. With him being absentee, Shelly's new relationship with Jeffrey Price, and the fact that the IBS and Shelly are wholly against the Rooster's Rest, Shelly and Gloryon broke up. Their breakup turned out quite bloody, as Shelly threatened that none of his Rooster family but him would be safe; hearing that, Gloryon got out of the car and shot her on the spot. She has since taken revenge on him by flying him to an island and stabbing him, an incident which also reignited the Burger Shot vs Rooster's Rest feud.

Pilbis Shonley

An ex-employee at Burger Shot, tensions rose between him and Shelly after she demoted him to the fart role and eventually ended up firing him after making him quit during a confrontation with him and Cassie Cupcake. Although the tensions between them often only consist of verbal insults, they sometimes escalate to extreme situations such as Pilbis shooting Shelly or Shelly conspiring with Robert to throw Pilbis off a building.

Cindy Tipton

An acquaintance of Shelly, Cindy got a bit too close to uncovering the truth behind Shelly and her IBS cult, something which she implied straight to Shelly's face. Although she seemed to have dropped it for a while, Shelly did not forget; she proceeded to snackrifice Cindy while making sure to threaten her to not to go digging up for more info on the IBS. A few days later, she tried to convince Cindy that Taylor Briggs was behind the snackrifice; she then proceeded to force Cindy to jump off the dam at gunpoint.

Antonio Balducci

This bald menace is constantly seeking out ways to get discounts as well as to sue the Burger Shot over fake bicycle accidents and other similar fabricated injuries on the property. He is known to have a weakness when it comes to his love for ketchup. Shelly eventually plans to sacrifice him to the Burger Gods, having already achieved part of that plan by spilling ketchup and mustard all over him as he lay unconscious.

Four Tee

A known troublemaker on Burger Shot property, committing so many acts of violence against the employees that Shelly ended up banning her from the premises in response. Although the ban has since been lifted and Shelly is no longer on the list of Four Tee's enemies, Four Tee still ends up being a menace to Burger Shot and Shelly quite often due to her devotion to her friends.

Maxine Feral

The founder of the Fat Earth Society. She used to put monetary rewards for crimes at Burger Shot or to even commit such hits herself or with her fellow Fat Earthers. She even stabbed Shelly herself, making her a very dangerous individual.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Unified Police Department

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetLSPD.png Hired to the LSPD; Badge #523 March 21st, 2022
Temporarily Solo Certified for 72 Hours April 18th, 2022
Solo Cadet SoloCadetLSPD.png Solo Certified; Badge #604 April 22nd, 2022
Officer OfficerLSPD.png Promoted to Officer; Badge #411 July 25th, 2022


  • "Have a burgertastic/shellytastic day!"
  • "The Burger Queen demands a snackrifice!"
  • "I am Burger Shot!"
  • "Son of a bun!"
  • "The Burger Queen never forgets!"


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