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Shecky Betterman was a shitty redheaded bully who wanted your lunch money. He was role-played by spicybackpain.


Imagine a time when life was simple, bowl hair cuts, socks with sandals and riding on a bike, that’s every kid back in the 80s but now relived in modern times, you‘d always had a bully in class that always looked pissed all the time and would literally the phrase “taking candy from a baby” to seriously, that’s basically who Shecky is.

Shecky is your typical elementary school bully except this time around he never grew up, he is basically an 8yr old bully trapped in a puny mans body. He is sexist and his weapon of choice is his “big mouth.” He started off life in the city by being a life coach. Shecky‘s favourite type of music was 90’s hip hop, especially Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio, as he used that song after he made a successful insult to somebody.

Spicy originally planned Shecky to be a perma character for one stream, but it ended up being scuffed so he has to do it in two parts.


Shecky has a bowl cut hairstyle and his hair color is ginger, like hotter than actual GINGER ginger. He has a look even a mother wouldn’t love and a resting bitch face that tops even the best bitches in Los Santos. With his mushroom tipped nose to his angry ANGRY eyes, pre-puberty type skin with scattered freckles and his pouty scowl, you can tell just by looking at him that something ain’t right with him.

He is very slender in build but at-least he rocks wearing pants up to his chest and socks with sandals, well done Shecky you asshole!


After spending most of his life riding around on his bike, waging wars on Twatter, and pissing off most of Los Santos, Shecky ate bullets through his body and met a fiery demise in front of the Courthouse at the hands of Gremlin, who wanted to use him as a hostage but by using his big mouth as a weapon it resulted in his death.


  • ”Ya think your betta than me!”
  • “MY DAD OWNS (insert place name here.)”
  • ”I’m/I was banging your dad/mom.”

Played By: spicybackpain
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