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Sessanta Nove (SN) is an organized crime syndicate and business in Los Santos, founded in September 2021. SN runs one of the biggest weed operations in Los Santos. They also engage in various criminal activities such as banks heist, weapons trafficking, drugs trafficking, kidnapping, boosting and street racing.

Alongside its criminal activities, SN also maintains a high-end, luxurious clothing franchise.

  • As of April 19th/20th, 2022, Sessanta Nove is not consider as a gang from the Nopixel Spring Update. But will continue being a family and business, and try to be noticeable within the the server.

3.0 Server Events

One Strain to Rule Them All
Wayne Biggz (associated with Chang Gang), Street Team and GSF, joined forces to limit the amount of weed strains on the streets, a ruling which SN refuses to obey as their weed strains were requested to be abandoned.
February 6th, 2022, SN officially declines the offer, which resulting in bloodshed between GSF.
February 12th, SN comes to an agreement with Wayne, ST and GSF, that allows their weed strains to be whitelisted and ended the war between GSF.
We die, so what? We're here, lets go!
On April 9th, 2022, Right before the EU tsunami started, some of the SN Family (including Dub Blunt), were in a man hunt for Officer Carter, for an early incident that Blunt had made for no fault of his doing. Soon after finding and chasing Carter. Two members and Miguel Guerrero from the Vagos, were chasing down our family in a Caracara. Shooting toward them, popping their tires and pocket pinching Enzo Flynn, who ejected out of the truck. SN Family witnessing the whole thing unfolding, and started shooting and burning them down, while some of the members got all handies and pocket pinch some of their stuff, then Ocean Dump them down near Chumash Pire. The question on Blunt's mind is whether they remembered from the dump.
The Beginning of a Message
Few hours later, some of the Vagos members turned up into SN turf, looking around for SN member(s). Salvatore Corsaro was caught, and was taken hostage. They took him to a far way place, and asked "where is their chains" and "wanting their chains back". But the person who had the chain was asleep at the time.
While negotiating for Sal's life. Max Speed sent a image to one of the Vagos members showing that, they have the chain and proudly wearing it. The conversation changed from Sal, making him worried for his life, and took him to a dark basement. Carlitos Loco had a knife and cut off Sal's ears and stab him, and shoot fired, while having Blunt on the line hearing Sal being killed off. The Vagos dipped before the Police and Medical Crew showed up. Sal was unconscious and was taken straight to the Hospital. Sal ended up in the ICU. The Family showed up and were grieving. They were worried if Sal was dying, but wanted revenge for what the Vagos had done.


The Final Battle
Right before the war ended. SN requested one final battle to end the war, while negotiating with the Vice el Jefe. They've agreed with a Man Hunt, Shootout. As the deal was done, the weather change, and slowly turned grim and stormy, as the city went into full darkness. Both SN and Vagos were on lookout, but took sometime to find each other. SN spotted them at East Los Santos near the Industrial Buildings. While they were at war, battling it out. The Police intervene the situation, Both SN and Vagos left and agreed to ended it from there.
All Comes to a End
On April 18th, 2022, SN and Vagos have ended their war in good terms. Chains have been returned. While SN were showing off their Luxury Cars at the Barrio as a Home Welcoming BBQ. But one thing that SN and Vagos agreed upon, that they hate cops with vengeance. Soon after the Party ended. SN drove by to MRPD just to give them the finger as a salute and drove off.

Member Roster

Some people are relation or friends to SN Members, but are part of the gang itself.

Some people are relation or friends to SN Members, but not part of the gang itself.

Some people are connections with SN. but not part of the gang itself.

Sessanta Nove is an Italian high-end luxury fashion house based in Italy. Its product lines include clothing, footwear, and accessories, makeup, fragrances, cigars, rich coffee, and home decoration.

Sessanta Nove is located on Portola Drive, Rockford Hills Los Santos.

SN Magazine

Some of the members on this list, may contain members that were former of the family. We want to give some respect towards them for being part of the family.



  • Sessanta Nove was formed on NoPixel, but some of the members were on a different server, under a different name called The Money Mafia.
  • Unlike many other gangs or groups. Sessanta Nove do not have a color associated with them.
  • Sessanta Nove are a Shadow Group only towards the Police Department. The PD does not know, who is associated with Sessanta Nove.
  • Sessanta Nove does not have a leader as such, they class everyone as family. Even though Blunt is the Founder of the group.
  • Sessanta Nove was previous known as Pizza Parley as Business, while selling Pizza's and Italian Food.
  • Sessanta Nove will be taxing people that rob the Jewelry Store. The person that's unlucky and is the hostage, will get the shoes taken away.