Sergei Sazkalijovich is a character role-played by ImmortalHD.

About Edit

Sergei Saskaljovich came to Los Santos from Russia in hopes to become a better man after his past with the KGB. However, soon as he arrived, he was arrested for "kidnapping" his friend Fransisco even though he really just shoved him in his trunk so he wouldn't scare customers. Sergei became a taxi driver as a way to make money to send back to Russia for his wife and kids. He became pretty good at his job claiming he was the number one taxi driver in the world.

Life as a taxi driver was not easy, mainly because his prices were cheap and he was prone to crashing. Customers felt bad for paying for such low prices, that they would tip him extra. He bought a car and attempted to start Uber. However, he went back to his cab and spent a lot of money on upgrades and customization.

Unfortunately, over time, Sergei became caught up in the life of crime and was soon tagged as violent by the LSPD and BCSO. He also began selling drugs on the streets and actively carried illegal guns.

Family Edit

Sergei's wife Vika, still resides in Russia. His son Vasily, came to Los Santos to find Sergei. Unfortunately, the two have not yet met. His daughter Olga, eventually moved to Los Santos as well after finding college boring.

Vasily is the youngest of the children. Sergei tells people that Vasily is seven years old and spends all his hard-earned taxi money on Fortnite V-Bucks. However, Vasily is actually 19 years old. The reason for this age confusion is from Sergei never actually being around for his childhood. Sergei worked so many long days that he and Vasily never truly got to have a good relationship. Vasily moved to Los Santos to find his father and confront Sergei on all the family problems that have generated over the years.

Olga is the eldest of the two. While Sergei tells everyone she is 19, she is now in her early 30s. Sergei has not been back to Russia in years, therefore does not know that she now has a husband and 2 kids of her own with a third on the way. She is very smart and works for a bank in Russia.

Relationships Edit

Bogg Dann Edit

Bogg was Sergei's taxi nemesis, and the two were always at each other's throats regarding who the better taxi driver was. Despite the rivalry, the two did seem to genuinely care for one another, to some degree. They had a therapy session with Kizzy Neveah once, and though it looked like the two were able to vent out their frustrations with one another, they were immediately at each other's throats again once they left the premises. Still, that therapy might've helped some, because when Sergei's life was threatened, Bogg refused to leave his side, vowing to protect him. In the end, however, Bogg was shot multiple times, and Sergei got kidnapped. The two haven't seen each other since.

Judd Lincoln Edit

Judd is Sergei's his best friend. The two were able to hit it off pretty quickly, and the duo enjoyed going on adventures around the city. Both of them cared for each other quite a bit. There was one time Judd and Sergei were traversing Mount Chilliad in Judd's truck, which eventually lost traction and careened down the side of the mountain. Judd was sent flying through his windshield, and Sergei spent most of his time trying to locate his friend before bleeding out. Judd was also the first person Sergei talked to following the Jacob Harth incident. While talking to him, it was clear that Judd valued Sergei's life over everything else, as his advice was to move on and to forget revenge, saying Jacob was simply too powerful of a foe for Sergei to face. While Sergei's been MIA, Judd's helped look after his son, Vasily, in his place. Even now, he's still fiercely protective of Sergei, threatening to kill anyone who talks badly about the old taxi driver.

Jacob Harth Edit

Sergei and Jacob's relationship is purely antagonistic. While riding around with Bogg and Dab, the trio spotted a black car on the side of the road, with the engine running but no one inside. Upon closer inspection, they found that the trunk was completely filled with guns and other dangerous items. Sergei was in the middle of hot-wiring the car when the Leanbois showed up and pointed weapons at Dab and Bogg. They were explaining that the car didn't belong to them, it belonged to someone much worse, when Sergei managed to finish hot-wiring and fled the scene. Unfortunately, the Leanbois ended up taking Dab hostage in return for the car. The two parties met up again and made the trade, and all seemed to be well. However, later on in the evening, Bogg not only admitted to stealing a lighter from the car, but he also mentioned Sergei's name to the Leanbois. Hearing this information, Jacob gave the order to kidnap Sergei, which the Leanbois did. His original plan of burning Sergei didn't end up working (due to Jacob's lack of a lighter) so eventually, Jacob pulled out a gun and finished the job. Or, at least, he thought he did. Unbeknownst to him, Sergei, equipped with his extensive KGB training, was able to survive the shots, and quickly went into hiding. After consulting with Judd, Sergei began to slowly let go of his ideas of revenge, though he certainly isn't on good terms with Jacob.

Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred Edit

Sergei and Yung Dab were good friends, though Sergei never did any big crimes with him. The biggest thing the two did together was a mission by Iroquois Pliskin, and afterwards, Dab completely left him stranded on a beach. Despite that, Sergei still considers him a pal. According to him, Sergei's children are big fans of Dab's music.

Quotes Edit

  • "I tell you dis"
  • "Sergei know dis my friend"
  • "i suk your brick you big brick"
  • "Suck my brick you brick"
  • "Sergei number one taxi driver"
  • "ECH"
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