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Seraphina Vayne is a character role-played by Hedisaurus


Seraphina Vayne is a killer who had turned herself in after a series of heinous acts committed against EMS workers on the 21st November 2020. Getting the name, The EMS Killer. She would lure out EMS by calling in claiming to need their services only to stab them one they arrived and tried to help her.

She claimed that she was doing that in order to get revenge for the murder of her parents whom she believed passed away at the hands of the EMS.


Lily Pond was the lead officer on this case since she had stubbled upon it first, knowing about the case more than the others. And responded to other scenes with similar scenarios, building a case file on the killings. When Vayne walked through Mission Row to hand herself in it was Pond who saw her and arrested her. Vayne was found with the murder weapon in her possession. After bein taken to an interrogation room she was given an held until trial under the charges Attempted Murder of a Gov Employee x1 and Murder of a Government Employee x2. And sent up to Bolingbrook Penitentiary.

The DA's office ruled it a mistrial due to evidence not being filed. The case was subsequently dropped.

Played By: Hedisaurus
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