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Seoul Argo is a character role-played by alexhasg2g.


Seoul is a bratty mean girl, but she tries to hide her true feelings behind a kind and inviting façade. Unintentionally, she sometimes sees people that she wouldn't normally associate with as equals and excuses their horrible taste in style or fashion. She usually has good intentions when meeting someone new, but if they start on the wrong foot, she is known to talk her shit. She is quick to forgive in most circumstances, so most of her feuds are short-lived.

Background Information

Seoul Argo was conceived in Seoul, South Korea, during a series of one night stands that her mother had worldwide. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, on September 2nd, 1998. She would never meet her father, as she was sent to the United States with her now-deceased mother, Edna Argo, shortly after their birth since her father was drafted to the military. She grew up in the Bronx in a cracked out motel with her half-sisters Paris, London, and Salem. Seoul was a girl born into a dysfunctional family, with her mother cracked out and never home; she had to take care of her younger siblings London and Salem. Seoul and Paris had a strong bond growing up; she would often shoplift with Paris to get groceries and other necessities. She worked at the Bean Machine while going to school for the next couple of years because she didn't want to be a part of the sketchy lifestyle that her mother had lived in, and Paris started to pick up.

At 18, her mother was shot dead by local gangbangers for stealing some of their cocaine supply. The sisters were devastated but knew deep down that their mother would face something like this. Afraid of their mother's issues coming onto them, they scrounged up the money to move to Los Santos to start a new life, but sometimes things won't always change.


Seoul is usually always wearing something inventive and is a trendsetter in terms of Los Santos fashion. She has long black hair and heavy makeup.


Paris Argo


  • Paris and Seoul are very close sisters. They can always be found getting up to their silly antics together, whether it be organizing random small events, being interns at various jobs, or even slight crime. They always tell each other everything with full blunt honesty. Of course they sometimes disagree on things and argue as sisters do, but at the end of the day they work it out.

London Argo


  • London and Seoul are close, but their relationship is much more shallow than theirs with Paris. Seoul is the middle child, and London is the youngest, so when they are together, they are most likely causing trouble and instigating fights with other people in the city. They are both more secretive with their lives and don't hang out alone too often, if not with Paris.

Konnie Klein


  • Seoul and Konnie met on the Pier from a misleading ad that Seoul had put out on the Yellow Pages. They both survived a traumatic experience when they got their pinkies cut off by associating with Evie Quinn.
  • They have not hung out much since, but their kindness to each other has not been forgotten.

Evie Quinn


  • Seoul and Evie met on the Pier the same day that Seoul met Konnie. That same night, she was kidnapped by two members of the Grove Street Family who mistook her for a close friend of Evie's. In order to escape from this situation, Seoul blamed Evie for getting her involved in the mess and the kidnappers forced Seoul to stab Evie in the throat.
  • Since the incident, the two have had multiple feuds over text messages and Twitter.

Lana Valentine


  • Lana and Seoul first met outside of Integrity when Seoul asked to touch Lana's hair. They have interacted a couple more times before becoming friends, but they were all under tense and uncomfortable circumstances. The two playfully fight all of the time and are continually gossiping. When they are together, the insults won't stop coming.

Love Life

Chad Chet

(Ex-Love Interest)

  • Seoul and Chad were partnered up on Party Hardy's love boat, where Seoul gave Chad his first kiss. The two went on to almost win the competition in the last round. For a while, Seoul and Chad spent time trying to form a romantic relationship, but over time they drifted apart.
  • Chad has taken a romantic interest in Seoul's half sister Paris, who was present for many of Chad and Seoul's dates.
  • The two have agreed to just be friends.

Major Events

Seoul vs. Evie
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