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Selena Martinez is a character role-played by PinkTrilobite.

Background Information

Selena is currently a prospect of the Vagos. She became a prospect on 10/20/2021. She is a self proclaimed almost smartest Vagos since she finished the 10th grade.

Selena Martinez is a Mexican-American from El Paso, Texas. Growing up in El Paso she had a very traumatic childhood. Her father left the family at an early age leaving Selena with her hard to appease mother. As a young child she was kidnapped and was later being found and returned to her mother.

While still a child, her bruja aunt who hated her mother because she had feelings for Selena's father. Selena and her sister were cursed by her aunt, resulting in cannibalistic cravings. Selena's first victim was her uncle who got his hand bitten off while giving her food at a family fiesta. These cravings can be hard to control at times, but Selena tries to keep the whole cannibal thing on the down low. She has told a few trusted individuals with the information but that is not public knowledge at the moment.

Selena tortured animals as a child but regrets doing that. She is now an avid animal lover and a vegan (other than being a cannibal here and there).

Selena stayed in school through the 10th grade, but didn't learn much because she was quite the pothead in High School.

Selena has an eyedrop tattoo marking her first murder. She was dating someone who turned out to be a baby daddy to another woman. When that woman attacked, Selena responded by chopping off a few of her fingers. Selena then shot the responding officer and got away scot-free.

Father Arc

Selena believes her biological father is in Los Santos. She is looking for any leads that may point her to her father.

Potential candidates

  1. Tony Andrews - Claims to have many children. When asked if he slept with any big booty latinas, he paused before answering no. Potentially lying to cover his tracks. Tends to run away when presented with the question.
  2. Fingle Dan - Known for spreading his sauce all over. It is possible he spread his sauce in a pool while Selena's mother was in the pool. Needs further verification.
  3. Chino Gonzalez - Since he is bald, Selena is pretty sure he isn't her father. Her mother isn't into bald guys.
  4. Mr. Kebun - He is old
  5. Jack Cortair - A caller identified that her father may be a cookie. Other Vagos confirmed that Selena does kind of taste like a cookie.


Selena loves LARPing and is great at voices, partially due to her love of Anime. She sometimes uses the voices to get out of trouble (sometimes they just get her into trouble). Selena also has a big place in her heart for animals and hopes to own a chicken someday soon.

Known voices

  1. Mexican - Normal speaking voice
  2. Ara ara - This voice is a seductive, deep voice, often used to get out of trouble or to try to convince people to do her bidding. While it doesn't always work, it usually makes people wanting more...
  3. Ash/Naruto - When she wants to catch them all or wants to become the next hokage.
  4. Country - Typically used when performing robberies
  5. Uwu - Typically makes people really uncomfortable
  6. Crazy - When she needs to sound like your psychopath ex-gf...


  • "I wouldn't do this but I am an idiot"
  • "Oh no!"
  • "Si si si"


  • Selena is missing most of her kidneys. The reason is unknown but the best guess is probably alcohol.
  • Selena suffered a pepega concussion. She often uses this as a justification for why she does some of the things she does.
  • When Selena is bored, she will often cold call people in the yellow pages. Sometimes she tries to scam the person into giving her money. Other times she just wants company.