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Sebastian Ableton is a character role-played by FairKingTobi.


Sebastian is a flirtatious sociopath who often plays stupid. He leans heavily into the role of 'Himbo' in order to manipulate the outcome of certain situations to his advantage, or to just outright annoy people for entertainment. Sebastian is a raging alcoholic who has since replaced it with an unhealthy loan addiction instead. He is 1 of 6 Owners of Los Santos's first gay bar & night club, Pitchers. He also founded The Neon Tigers MC and is currently the President.

Current Vehicles owned:

  • 2015 Widebody Boss Mustang
  • Ninja ZX10R
  • Hakuchou Drag
  • Gargoyle

Total Crippling Loan Debt:

  • $6,115,967.00 as of 7/21/2022


After Sebastian's sister left home, he had came out to their religious parents as gay. This prompted numerous therapy sessions and lengthy rants, which ultimately ended up with them sending him to a gay conversion camp in Seeley Lake, Montana. Shortly afterwards, both their parents died horribly in a car crash. When news of this reached Sebastian, he ran away and lived on the streets where he met his now deceased boyfriend, Mick.

They lived happily for almost 7 years until the night Mick had convinced Sebastian to try meth with him. Sebastian had fallen asleep after taking the drugs, while Mick had OD'd right next to him without his knowledge. The sudden death of his partner is what sparked his hatred for Meth and Oxy, as those were Mick's drugs of choice. After Mick had passed, Sebastian made his way to Los Santos as the memories started to become overwhelming.

Sebastian has done everything in his power to stay away from drugs of all kinds, which is what has led to his alcohol problem in times of stress. So far the only time he's resorted to drinking has been during his relationship with Jerry Mané, which reminded him far too much of his deceased boyfriend Mick due to similarities in drug abuse.

On February 24th, 2022, Sebastian officially became a hang-around for the Lost MC after having a conversation with Catherine Scratch-Patrickson. On April 11th, 2022, Sebastian talked with Cat and ended up backing out as a hang-around in order to start his own MC.

On April 14th, 2022, Sebastian couldn't take the one sided relationship with Sean Deane after he became Deputy Mayor, and essentially became a completely different person overnight. This prompted Sebastian to tell Sean to have a nice life, as Sean said he couldn't provide the basic bare bones of a relationship, which was a simple text or 5m conversation asking how their days were going. To Sebastian, Deputy Mayor Sean Deane was not who he started dating 6 months prior, he was a coward and a snake in the end. Just another boyfriend to end a relationship because of lies and 'stress'.

On May 3rd, 2022, Sebastian had a meeting with 'The Chemist' alongside a representative from Chang Gang, Mandem, & HoA. During this meeting, it was established that those 4 individuals would be the sole distributors of Pills / LSD / & Metamorphine within the city. Thereby solidifying Sebastian's place within the Party Drug scene as one of it's main distributors with a direct line to the source.

Played By: FairKingTobi
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