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Background and Description
Seano showed an extreme aptitude for the physical sciences in his early schooling years with a particular emphasis on the biological and chemistry disciplines. Whether it was growing bacterial cultures out of beef stock and sterilised water or using nitric acid to make crude forms of nitro-glycerine it didn't matter. His skill with the Sciences and his exceedingly good grades coming out of a regional town schooling system were exceptional enough that he began to dream of making it big in the city. To escape the life of relative boredom and repetitiveness of the country town he had called home for the better part of 14 years. But alas, life in the country towns is not that simple, people are as much a product of their environments as they are of their genetics. In his formative schooling years, Seano had made friends like any other teenager would given the small communities and need for social interaction. However, the types of friends Seano fell into were not as gifted in academia nor as strongly principled as Seano when it came to their idea of having fun nor their desire to obtain money. They also had dreams of living the high life they so often saw from their coastal peers. Initially resistant to the pranks and small harmless activities that the group conducted. Peer pressure proved more effective on Seano than he could have imagined, over time, pranks turned to shoplifting chocolates, shoplifting chocolates turned to pickpocketing locals and stealing wallets. For the first time in his life, Seano experienced money that could make a difference in his quality of living. A life of petty crime paid well enough that Seano could suddenly afford the smaller things in life that most people take for granted. A flat screen TV here, a new fold out couch there and enough cash to buy a runnable car by the time he was 16. The adrenaline and money was addictive and it wasn't long before Seano was hooked to the life he could live by few small acts of indecency.

By the time the kids had established themselves, there was a clear totem pole within the group. Despite being effectively kids, Seano sat in the middle of the groups social tiers with a large and brazen kid by the name of Deano emerging as the clear director of the groups day to day activities and after dark "fun". It wasn't long before the kids became young adults and their ambitions grew, and by extension their desire to get more cash. Deano was the most ardent of the push for bigger and better things, and as the defacto leader of the group very few questioned his opinion which had been forged by years of experience leading the ragtag group of friends through petty crimes without ever being caught or otherwise punished. Deano had heard around the town from some locals that the local corner store owner was due to transfer his quarterly earnings to the local bank branch for processing overnight. Considering it was the largest cornerstore within 100km it was a considerable amount of money for the still burgeoning group of ambitious crew. Deano did the scoping and the planning, the local store owner was well liked in the community and had been a big part of most of the kids lives as they picked up bread, milk and other supplies for their parents throughout their younger years. The store owner was never quiet about how he moved his cash and how much of a hassle it was to store the cash in the staging area out back before the security team from Gruppe Sech could pick it up in the morning. This made him a community favourite but also a fool. Deano's plan was about as complex as you could expect from a bunch of young adults with brazen plans for their criminal enterprise. It was a simply devised smash and grab with little to no contigencies. Having grown up to be hyper critical and somewhat overly logical, Seano had immediately flagged that their may be better options for removing the store owner from the occasion that didn't require an armed hold up. Seano knew that a combination of hyper chilled Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) and Acetone would create a sufficient enough amount of chloroform that it could be evaporated into the ventilation system after hours. Thus knocking out the store owner without his knowledge of what is happening and creating a perfect situation for a seamless getaway. However, Deano was not accustomed to the more nuanced sides of Seano's calculated plan and deemed it overly complicated for what they were trying to achieve and was dismissed entirely in favour of the original Smash and Grab hold up. Having always been part of the group as a means to stay connected and keep his friends he has had since primary school, Seano didn't question the decision and begrudgingly agreed to the original plan after a lot of pushing from other members of the "friends" circle. That night, after the minimalistic prep work of acquiring Deano's dad's old hunting rifle for the purposes of keeping the store owner controlled and some masks to hide their identities, the group parked outside the corner store right as the closing procedure was being enacted. Deano was quick to spring the plan into action and after rushing the store via the un-reinforced windows they gained control of the situation fairly quickly. Seano lingered in the back and was instructed to locate the cash staging area out back before confirming with another member who would begin packing. However, what the inexperienced heist team didn't count on was the relative hero complex of the store owner and his inability to afford the loss of over 3 months of revenue. It was a little-known fact that the store owner kept a long barrel break neck shotgun under his counter for the very rare occasion that a situation like this should ever arise. As Deano took a moment to turn around to issue instructions the store owner pulled the shotgun and began to shout down for Deano to drop the weapon. Seano was walking back through the cold room storage out back to witness the sheer panic of Deano as he realised the store owner had the drop on him. As the flight or fight response kicked in, Deano instinctively in a wave of panic left off a round from the rifle pointed directly at the clerk. Seano turned to see the terrifying sight of the man he had known for over 15 years since he could remember anything at all collapse to the ground with the full weight of his frame. The sight of the man, who he considered a daily part of his life since a child, bleeding out in front of him onto the floor proved too traumatic for even the adrenaline of the heist itself to counteract. He had just been complicit in a murder, and worse yet it was all for barely enough money to buy a high end truck. The crew of friends immediately recognised the weight of their actions and all thoughts of the money disappeared from their mind. Reverting to a baseline response of the inexperienced, the crew immediately exited the store and dispersed as quickly as they could into the long grass fields that the town backed onto. Seano was the last out of the store as his eyes couldn't help but linger on the impact of his actions.

With little to no physical evidence other than the rifling on the bullet used to kill the shopkeeper, the police had no real leads in a store with no CCTV cameras and direct access to wide open spaces to escape. The investigation quickly went dead, as did the friendship of the people involved in the fateful night. After multiple nights of haunted sleep and a moral dilemma, Seano grappled with his love for the adrenaline and the money that came with a criminal lifestyle but also the clear possibility of violent outcomes. The result for Seano was two active decisions 1) So long as he could avoid it and his own life wasn't threatened, he would avoid the harm of other innocent human beings wherever possible no matter where his life took him and 2) The life of crime in the small town was not worth the moral and psycological damage that he incurred for what was essentially pocket change for the coastal elite. Seano quickly turned his life around and packed his things before moving to the Coastal city of Sydney Australia to pursue his gift for the Sciences. Quickly graduating top of his class in both a biology and organic chemistry double major, Seano established an esteemed academic career that saw him in specialty roles consulting on everything from unique virus/bacterials strains and optimisation of chemical compounds including medications, illicit drugs, industrial chemicals and a wide variety of sub specialties that he was versed in but had not mastered yet. By this point, Seano was living the life his grandfather had always encouraged him to pursue. The words spoken on the porch all those years ago rung true and for the time being he thought he felt content. Alas, history has a way of catching up with us even if we think we can outrun it.

One night, there was a sudden knock on the door of Seano's house. Upon answering Seano was greeted by a face he thought he would never have seen again. Deano. The former member of the fledgling criminals had taken the opposite path of Seano and had become the primary ring leader for organised crime in the rural NSW areas. Deano was quick to inject that it was not hard to find Seano after his research had made him semi famous within the university circles due to his rural and dis-advantaged upbringing and relatively informal way of speaking. Deano made it immediately clear that he had an offer for Seano that was well paid and non-optional. The job was to optimise the chemical purity of their drug labs to ensure a higher drug efficacy so they could use more filler in their product for more take home profit. Their childhood relationship made the discussion semi amicable. Seano resisted the temptation to jump back into the world of crime despite the money associated with it and the highs he missed from his childhood years. The result was Deano revealing that he had an original phone video of the heist from so many years ago showing Seano putting his mask on in the same frame as the weapon whose rifling could be matched to the now cold case shooting. Seano was left with no other option but to accept the option despite his protests about the difficulty in improving chemical purity in unclean drug lab conditions that typically plagued criminal enterprises. Nonetheless, Seano's gift for the natural sciences lend itself to a highly successful project with the drugs never having been purer and the profits having never been hired. True to his word, Deano paid Seano his portion of the project profits as agreed in the original offer. Seano quickly realised his itch for the money associated with crime had never truly disappeared. His adrenaline and excitement immediately returned as well as his immediate anxiety around the nature of violence that occurs working in that sort of space. Seano quickly recognised that he would never be free while Deano held the video of his crimes from many years ago. He would be forced into situations he wasn't comfortable with and much like that night, have no input into the planning of potentially dangerous activities where innocent people could get hurt. That night, he used nearly every cent he had earned from the project to book a black market travel plan to Los Santos to escape Deano and the Jurisdiction of the Australian Federal Police so the video could never be used against him. The choice of Los Santos was a logical one, the rivalry between gangs such as the enterprising Cleanbois and the local PD provided the perfect logical situation for Seano to use his unique skillset to make the money he always dreamed of as a child. Whether it is acting as a criminal concierge for chemical optimisation or providing expert witness testimony for the police. Seano had a spent a lifetime playing both side of the moral spectrum from criminal to academic. He hedged his bets that he could balance those plates better than anyone else in Los Santos.

The only step left was.... where to start?

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